Monday, December 14, 2009


This is a sad day for labor when they endorse someone like King for anything. Apparently the board who made this decision is not aware that King has been found GUILTY of violating the law. Why else would they support him? Perhaps we need to seek the deals that were made. I will answer their reasons below.

According to the news release by Larry Hujo with the Millwrights/Carpenter union:

We chose Jim because he supports issues important to working of families.

We trust him to:

Work to increase transparency in local government.

Yet he could not be transparent in answering charges against him for election fraud instead lawyering up to hide the facts wasting additional government resources and time. Where has his transparency plan for Louisville Metro Government been at? Not a very good sign of his willingness.

Provide local jobs for local workers through responsible economic development.

As current Councilman and past President of the Metro Council where has he been in discussions about local job creation? He has instead opted to vote YES on every budget Abramson has put before him and has done literally nothing to help create jobs or provide any alternative plan whatsoever. Labor has consistently been let down under this administration and the Council members involved including Jim King who as Metro Council President accomplished nothing for labor.

Support apprenticeship programs that provide quality jobs for our future workforce.

As evidenced by what? Read above and you will see what he has done for labor. He has never spent one minute of any day supporting or helping push an apprenticeship program for labor.

Continue to advocate for issues that are important to the labor community, as shown by his 100% pro-labor voting record on the Metro Council, and his strong voice in support of issues which improve the quality of life for our working families.

Pro labor voting record? What votes has he enhanced the labor movement with? Nowhere is there any evidence of King taking the lead and working on any pro labor movements. He postures well but accomplishes nothing.

I am saddened by the endorsement of this labor group. King has done nothing to further labor along though he has had the power to do so. Remember Abramson has promised everything to labor as well and not followed through.

King has followed Abramson's lead throughout. He has proven a willingness to do anything and everything for personal gain and not for labor. He has had the time and the opportunity to force labor to the forefront and has not. Abramson submitted a budget that allowed for layoffs, so called unpaid furlough days, and other things that have affected and downsized labor throughout this community. King voted YES every time and did not propose one single alternative to protect these labor jobs thus enabling Abramson once again to downsize labor.

Why is now any different?

It is not different. Anyone who pays attention to labor throughout this City knows this which makes this endorsement even more incredulous.

When will the few who make these selections wake up and represent the majority of the labor constituents and realize that this is why labor does not move forward.

Until some labor group stands up and says we are tired of being sold out through lies and deception nothing will change.

Make candidates for office EARN an endorsement especially ones who are running for re election. Incumbents have a record that can be proven or disproved. In this case where is the proof anything has been done by King?

As a proud union member myself, I fully respect the hard work of labor throughout our community.

With that being said I cannot continue to keep quiet when I see these type endorsements for anyone who has proven time and again that nothing else matters but their own arrogance, ego, and power.

I am sure the rank and file realize the many misgivings in this stated endorsement and will vote accordingly.


  1. It hurts not only the image of unions, but the rank and file too.

  2. I agree 100% Ed....The days of having a "D" besides you name and being a proven pro-labor candidate are over with. With all the anti-labor votes and added lies, when will Louisville's local labor unions wake up to the real world out there.

  3. In the past, I've been a strong union supporter. What I seen in Louisville is that the union is more interested in getting the funds and doing nothing in a lot of cases for the rank and file. Unions used to work for the rank and file membership to ensure safe working conditions, fair pay, good benefits, and respect.

    What I see today after being a member of the International Association of Machinsts and the Sheet Metal Workers, is a lack of backbone on the part of the local union membership. After figuring that I was giving 50 dollars of pay every month for people who weren't willing to break their backs, I eventually found another job. Granted that I don't always like the nonunion environment and the employee at will status but I'm finding that the local are more interested in political games and supporting guys in power that aren't looking out for our best interests.

    The last two union jobs I worked were at local facilities that were less than decent and frankly there were enough dangers with flooding and water issues at one of them to have OSHA come in and shut things down. The union didn't want to rock the boat. Seeing that welding equipment, press brake equipment, and all kinds of other industrial machinery was in a place that flooded every time it rained and obvious was swamped in August with mud all over the floors for quite some time. Not a safe environment at all. I've did welding work and know the importance of safety. Plus 10 years of automotive manufacturing with 2 and 3 ton brake presses.

    One has to question, where is the union when we have these issues, etc. I worked a few years in a non union plant and it was cleaner, more organized, and generally safer than either of the two unionized facilities. Just my opinion but someone from the unions need to get off their rear and start looking out for their people


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