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JEFFERSON COUNTY (Louisville), Ky Constable Whitlock has been known for years

There have been reports on Constable David Whitlock and his associations for years, which begs the question: How in the world was this guy ever allowed to be eligible to participate in an election?

You are all familiar with the story by now. Whitlock is shopping at a Wal Mart, a supposed employee tells him he witnessed Tammy Ortiz shoplifting, and Whitlock pursues. By the way Wal Mart has stated that Whitlock IS NOT an employee of their store.

That basically is the gist of where this all started. Ortiz attorney John M. Doyle says there is more to the story. He says Ortiz did not steal anything, had Wal Mart bags and her purse on her when a stranger at the door tried to grab her stuff.

Enter Whitlock who proceeds based on hearsay, not witnessing anything himself, to try and force Ortiz out of her car resulting in her trying to speed away, so he then opens fire.

Pretty good summary except that even isn't the beginning of the story.

History of David Whitlock

Louisville News of course outed the history of Whitlock leading up to these shootings yesterday. Complete with details of prior ADMITTED criminal behavior by Whitlock himself. The Ed Springston Show aired an episode last night detailing these events and joined by the original Detective, Robert Chapman, investigating Whitlock

A history of theft with basically everyone we know about him working for at the time to now this. According to a WHAS 11 story from 2009 Whitlock is described even then as a wannabe by Lt. Col. Carl Yates of LMPD.

He has for years tried to force legitimate law offices to provide him with free services and credibility. None will. The Sheriff's Office and LMPD have refused to allow Whitlock access to their radio channels or use of the county's e-warrant system, despite Whitlock's protests.

"I don't think any professional law enforcement agency is going to perpetuate something we feel is unprofessional. So we are not going to cooperate," explains Lt. Col. Yates.

Because the county received complaints about Whitlock's aggressive enforcement, the Metro Council took away his right to use blue lights and sirens.

Yet in a video news report showing Whitlock's car, he clearly has blue lights, of the visor kind, in his car even now. They were turned on during the interview.

Some of his current and former leaders on his self made "staff" include Brent Choates. A convicted felon convicted of stealing approximately $10,000 of satellite equipment from the National Guard. In 2009 during the WHAS 11 investigation Choates was listed as Detective Sergeant of the Internal Affairs Division and is even a state director of the Kentucky Constable's Association, an organization in which Whitlock serves as executive director.

Whitlock claims to know the law in regards to his duties yet self Deputized a convicted felon?

From his own list of duties at his website:

A person convicted of or under indictment for a crime involving moral turpitude is also ineligible for the position of deputy (KRS 61.300). Constables are liable for all acts and omissions of their deputies and may remove them by filing a written direction with the county judge/executive or by the mayor in a consolidated local government (KRS 70.320).


A mirage to promote self importance

The Kentucky Constable Association is by and large part of the Whitlock effort to create an image of self importance. The address goes straight to his office, he is Executive Director, and Mike Stephens, his so called Deputy Lt Colonel, is Professional Standards Director.

Professional Standards Director? There will be more on this in a later article.

And yet LMPD actually is scared to go against this guy and this organization. By using poor statements of he drew his "service weapon," it was not an issued service weapon of any kind it was his personal one, while explaining events on the tv news coverage, they make it appear he is legit and this is a normal police investigation into one of their own.

Is this the best LMPD spokesperson Dwight Mitchell can do? Seriously?

In 2007 WAVE3 had a report on Whitlock that included this

In January of 2007, we talked with Whitlock when serious questions came up in Metro Council about his work.

Whitlock was carrying a gun, pulling people over for traffic violations, was driving a car with flashing lights, and hiring deputies.

All of that was considered unusual for Constables in the Metro, and with little formal training in law enforcement.

Think about it

For those few friends he has shown how to use the internet and are now trying to defend him, I must say to the law abiding citizens of our City. In my opinion Whitlock should be charged. Period.

He was not an identified officer of the law, he did not witness ANY shoplifting whatsoever, admits he was not "on duty" at the time, and went after Tammy Ortiz based on hearsay from someone else.

There can be no question of this at all. The record is clear.

He violated every legitimate protocol from any official police officer who has been trained in law enforcement. David Whitlock has never received that official training. Failing at that as he has done in so many other ways.

With that mindset should every police officer just randomly attack people because someone said they did something? With that logic, perhaps I should just walk up to any officer anywhere and tell them I just saw someone do something and send them on their way.

No that is not the way our system of Government works. Thank God.

The way I see it the only justice in this situation would be the removal by impeachment of David Whitlock and perhaps finally send him to jail where he should have already been.

See you next time.

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  1. David Whitlock seems to be always in trouble. He used to be my boss at a Sonic Drive-In that used to be in La Grange,KY and he worked for others as well and was accused of stealing things. Plus he set his car on fire and tried to get money from it. He doesn't need to be any public figure at all and should be fired.


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