Thursday, November 8, 2012

Progress vs. preservation turns into an ugly ordeal - News, Weather & Sports

Progress vs. preservation turns into an ugly ordeal
Here is a great story on the Landmarks Commission. They are a powerful, secretive and unsupervised group of community leaders with their own agendas. There is absolutely zero oversight from the Metro Council or Mayor's Office but they have the power to stop construction, assess penalties and order restorations. Essentially the Commission is Judge, Jury and Executioner rolled into one well hidden group.
Did you know that they have declared 80 different structures landmarks just as the properties were being purchased?
So why would the Commission jam up projects? Ask the former owner of Ginny's Dinner who the Commission targeted and eventually drove into bankruptcy.....

Follow the Money.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Judge Charlie Cunningham screws up the 37th State Senate District race

Louisville, KY - The 37th District Kentucky State Senate Race just got even worse. At issue is whether Republican candidate Chris Thieneman meets the residency requirement to run for the seat. In May of this year Thieneman was proven eligible by the courts and went on to win the Republican primary. I should know I filed the challenge myself.

This should have ended the issue.

It didn't thanks to the typical shenanigans of one Jennifer Moore of the Democratic Party.

Rich white ANTIFA scores again

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