Sunday, June 26, 2011


On Friday New York's Senate passed the gay marriage bill on a close vote of 33-29. Of course predictably both sides of this non issue are screaming. The left is screaming thank you New York, while the right is screaming this is wrong because God said so. Make of it what you will but the facts are straight forward enough. New York had a decision to make and those elected by their constituents made it. They had a right to do so and the people of New York can vote them out of office if they want to at the next election.

Welcome to America folks. Why this concerns anyone outside of New York is beyond me. It was and is a State decision to be made and that respects the states rights. For that alone we should be grateful.

I will side with New York for many reasons.

Firstly because they are by far the largest state to date to exercise their state rights. Kudos to them.

Secondly I continue to get sick of the self righteous ultra right wingers continuing to play the WWJD game. They continue to hide behind God and use the same old garbage arguments that it's against God and the bible and blah blah blah.

Let me tell you this folks. I am a Christian that believes in God. I pray daily. Never do I pray that one segment of our people will be persecuted because of their personal choices. Quite the opposite.

Our Declaration of Independence states:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Nowhere does it state that this only applies to those who believe as I do and do as I say.
For those who continue playing the God card it may behoove you to know that though we are a Nation who believes in God, we also are a Nation who believed religion should be separate from governance.

In short you can't have it both ways folks. The same rights that allow you to act the way you do are also the same rights that allow those who disagree with you the same respect.

All men are created equal.
In the debates of the Constitutional Convention, religion did not get a lot of sound bites. It should be noted that without exception, the Framers were Christian or, at the very least, deists (generally, deists believe in a single god who set the universe on its course and then stepped back to watch; some deists believe their deity is the same God of Judeo-Christian tradition, some do not).

There were no Jews or Muslims, no Hindus or atheists, and only two Roman Catholics. There were members of more than a half-dozen sects of the Protestant side of Christianity, though.

Disagreements about style and method of worship between them were nearly as vast and incongruous as any seen today between, say, Jews and Muslims, such that the Framers wanted to ensure that no one sect could ever seize control of a government and start a theocracy.
Constitutional Topic: The Constitution and Religion - The U.S. Constitution Online -

Interesting that the framers wanted to ensure that no one sect could ever create a theocracy and yet that is the one thing these ultra right wingers continue wanting to do.

Does the gay community have a so called right to get married?

Depends on how you look at it. The religious right continues stating that it is not a right no more so than marriage is a right. Sorry folks that doesn't pass muster.

I personally believe marriage is a religious thing and therefore the state should not engage in marrying anyone. BUT if we are to allow a set of criteria to allow the joining of two individuals as a state then we must also allow this to be regardless of sex.

Religious sectarians who continue to cry marriage is between one man and one woman continue to seek laws stating such. That in itself is unconstitutional if they clearly maintain that marriage itself is not a right. You have to love hypocrisy by the wingers.

So then we come down to equality or rights. There is no argument that married couples receive some favor in taxation and other areas because of this marriage. That creates an inequality.

All men are created equal.

Therein lies the rub. In the interest of equality if I choose to marry then I get an unequal benefit for that choice. That is not what we are about in America.

In a speech to the House by James Madison he stated:

The civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of religious belief or worship, nor shall any national religion be established, nor shall the full and equal rights of conscience be in any manner, or on any pretext, infringed.

In the case of gay marriage are we not perhaps infringing on those civil rights?

I do not approve of the gay lifestyle, I am a married man of 27 years, but I live in a nation of tolerance and individual freedom. Therefore it is not my right to judge any person who may be gay by denying them the same basic rights I myself enjoy as a married man.

I also continue to see the same rhetoric spoken by many of these right wingers, many of whom I know on a personal level about God and the bible while they are themselves ignoring HIS word.

Premarital sex? Against the bible folks. Divorce? Oops. Smoking, drinking, using the lord's name in vain. These are the easy ones we can judge if we wanted. There are so many other things that it defies logic how any of them could use the bible in their defense, unless they themselves wanted to be judged accordingly.

We can do that if they want. Many local folks are writing about how wrong this is and living a sinful life. I can out that if they want but why? They have the right to pursue happiness as much as I do. If living that life, or lie if you will, makes them happy then who am I to judge.

Judge not lest ye be judged.

Thankfully we live in America where we are free to pursue happiness as long as we don't infringe on others equal rights. Whether I would approve or disapprove of someone's lifestyle is not the question here. Equality under the laws is.

I would suggest for those bible thumpers who continue to publicly use this scheme to look within and heal themselves before they cast stones at others.

I would suggest they play the WWJD game in their own lives before they judge others.

Just sayin'.


As many of you are no doubt aware by now the official charges against Judy Green were read into the record at Thursday's Metro Council meeting. What was alarming was the fact that they allowed Green to ramble for over 15 minutes about the charges. This is not the way the process works folks. This clearly allowed Green to misuse her position to try and sway some to prejudge the case.

Of course her rambling included many falsehoods as usual by design. This of course is to play into the hands of those few supporters who choose to judge based on race instead of facts. No biggie.

The evidence is clear and Green is a crook. The transcripts of the case she keeps trying to adhere to prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

In the meantime my email to each Councilmember is below for your review. It is important to correct this mistake by the Council so the integrity of the process is equalized for future court review.

Yep there will be future court proceedings, all on our tax dime I might add, since Judy has stated she will appeal the ruling by the ethics commission which means her attorney's will be paid for that appeal with our money once again.

I will let you know their response. Happy reading.


I am alarmed at the state of events at the last Metro Council meeting on June 23, 2011 at which Judy Green was allowed to "try" her case before the Council in an inappropriate setting. Since this meeting was not the official hearing to address the charges before her by allowing Ms. Green to state her position and ramble for 15 minutes about the case and herself was wrong.

This creates the perception that once again Ms. Green was given unfair privilege based on her position with the Council. Never mind that the "facts" she cites from the transcripts are full of lies as well. The integrity of the entire Metro Council is now in question because of this blunder.

Seems Ms. Green would rather hide behind lies than truth. Since this was televised on MetroTV, and available to the entire City to view, anyone could clearly be misled by this blatant attempt by Ms. Green to circumvent the official process. By not allowing equal time, or a dissenting voice to respond and counteract these serious misrepresentations, one can reasonably infer and conclude that Ms. green was in fact innocent of all charges and pre judge this case accordingly.

I believe it would only be fair to allow equal time at the next Metro Council meeting for Ray Barker, who brought about the Green Clean team charges, and myself, who brought about the 100 Black Men grant charges. This would help level the playing field in the court of public opinion and right the wrong of the entire Council for allowing this misstep. The stakes are high in this situation as the entire Council is essentially on trial as well and the integrity of the entire Council itself is at stake.

Simply put? To ensure the process is not tainted, as it now appears to be, equal time should be given to Mr. Barker and myself prior to the official hearings on the removal of Ms. Green in order to balance the scale so to speak. It is important to allow this equal time to be put in the record for future reference since this case undoubtedly will not go away for some time and future courts will decide on the legality of it.

I am requesting that opportunity. Denying me would raise the question of ethical behavior by the entire Council itself for allowing Ms. Green an unfair opportunity in the quest for justice in this case.

Let this email serve as an official request for equal time to address the Council on Ms. Green's charges to dispute her reckless interpretation of the hearings itself.

That will be justice. I await your response.

Thanks for your time.

Ed Springston
(502)742-8519 Office
(502)417-5383 Cell
7707 Trillium Drive
Louisville, KY 40258

Saturday, June 25, 2011


David Jones going after River Fields? Check this one out. Woah: David Jones Hits River Fields Pretty Hard. One question. Why now?

More good use of tax dollars.....What would you say if an agency funded by your City tax dollars spent our money rewarding the Metro Council for what else? Funding them. And we wonder why we have no faith in these clowns. Yep our own IPL, read throughout this site for their incompetency, decided to give a plaque to the Metro Council thanking them for funding laptop stands for their vehicles. LAPTOP STANDS required thanking the Council who funds these clowns anyway? Seriously?

The story that just won't go away...Yep Judy Green the story that lives! Seems the Council allowed Green 15 minutes of Council time to whine and cry about how mistreated she was and how all the charges against her were falsified. Seriously.
Judy Green calls misconduct case 'unfair,' defends her actions in Metro Council meeting The Courier-Journal courier-journ...

Now the racist at WLOU are trying to get petitions signed to save Judy Green from the lynching. Not my words folks. Theirs. Seriously what a bunch of idiots. To continue playing a race card from the 50's should be an insult to anyone who lived through those turbulent times and helped lead the way towards equality. One can only hope that the majority in this community, both white and black, understand that graft, greed, and corruption are wrong for anyone to do regardless of skin color. Green needs to go away. If she truly cared about the "kids" and the community she would not continue playing this divisionist game.

She would set a better example. Period. Of course that won't happen so stay tuned for more idiocy from this clown.

Since Green received 15 minutes of time regarding this case, though it was not before the Metro Council as an evidentiary hearing, I feel it only right and fair to allow equal time for Ray Barker and myself to get our 15 minutes apiece explaining the factual truth. You know just to make sure there is an equal playing field within the system of justice right?

This 15 minutes was definitely out of order and clearly showed that the Council does not understand their obligations in an ongoing case like Green's. Of course this is exactly what Green is hoping for.

Use the emotional argument rather than the facts of the case to further her agenda, and those of the idiots like Charles Elliot, Mattie Jones, Denise Bentley, Gracie Lewis, and others.

And to think there just may be 10 people in the community who actually think Green is right because they honestly have no clue.

Oh well.

Give me and Barker equal time Metro Council on Metro TV and let us set the record straight.

I won't hold my breath.......

Friday, June 17, 2011


Wow who would have thought that this story would still be going on! Thanks to Judy Green, and the advice she continues getting from the likes of Denise Bentley I am told, this circus is reaching new heights. Of course anyone with half a brain could have predicted this type of behavior.

Green has been playing the race card almost since the beginning of this months ago but some are actually just now seeing it Charges of racism starting to appear in defense of Councilwoman Judy Green [The Arena] Better late than never I guess.

Others have been following all along and realized from the onset that Green's only hope is to taint the process and pray for help in the legal system. Even MaDonna Flood gets that much WFPL News King Denies Intimidating Green.

Oh wait headline reads King denies intimidating Green. Say it isn't so!

Phillip Bailey and Thom McAdam have actually written some great pieces here even if Thom is late to the game he makes sense.

The facts are that Green is the one who has tried the intimidation trick and it didn't work. She thought she could play the race card against Barbara Shanklin, Phillip Bailey, and a host of others. It backfired.

She thought she could threaten them and Jim King with supposed info hiding behind the old 2 year old mentality of "they did it too." It backfired.

Now she must go after the person responsible for doing the job of impeaching Green.

The Metro Council president who just happens to be Jim King.

What is so fascinating is that she actually believes this will work. After listening to Bentley lay out the game and lining up a few quacks like Charles Elliot, Denise Bentley, Mattie Jones, and Gracie Lewis she believes she really can get away with this.

Of course having an inept, or corrupt Commonwealth Attorney such as Dave Stengel certainly helps her play this game. After all of the criminal information brought forth during the investigation Green should already be on trial facing years behind bars.

Credit card theft, identity theft, bribery, and the list goes on and on.

Testimony to that effect from her own office personnel. Andrea Jackson, Melody Hill, well you get the gist.

Yet compromised, corrupt, inept, choose any or all of those three, Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel decided there was no criminal charges forthcoming.

And before anyone cries Stengel had a "special" prosecutor he still has the obligation. Of course just as easily having Judy Green's daughter work in his office certainly didn't hurt Green either. After her racist comments one wonders how she can still be an attorney working for us when she clearly has a racist slant in her dealings with the public.

Hey Jessica here is a newsflash. ALL are equal under the law.

I loved the way Green handpicked yet another reporter from mainstream, at WLKY this time, to report the gathering last night at Elliot's place. I would say Reverend Elliot, but there is no Reverend in this equation. Strong words eh?

Well I challenge you to prove what is Christian about this man Elliot. Seriously.

Reports of an underground "gentleman's club," falsely representing a defunct organization, owing at least $16,000 to the City of Louisville for years on a lien, and now saying thievery is acceptable behavior by anyone, including elected leaders. Birds of a feather anyone?

That is the reality of the racist card being played right now against the good people of District 1 and the good citizens of our City at large. The only color involved in this is Green. Not the Councilperson but the color of money. She took it unlawfully in more ways than one and should be held acocuntable as anyone else would. Anyone who listens to hearsay and not look at the facts themselves are the problem.

I ask myself is Elliot himself has actually read all of the investigative report, 500+ pages to be exact, the actual testimony at the hearing, or anything else rather than a newspaper. I also wonder if he would stand as tall for say someone like Rick Blackwell, Bob Henderson, Stuart Benson, or Kelly Downard if they were in this position.

The answer is a clear one and that answer is no. Hey Rev?

Thou shalt not steal is one of the big 10 there.

You should restudy the basics of your bible. Perhaps you should also check out the basics like thou shalt not bear false witness, or thou shalt not covet. If you want to be a man of God then most certainly the onus is upon you to lead by example.

What message are you sending to the chioldren in our community now. Stealing is acceptable as long as you are elected? Do you tell them that during services?

No, instead you choose to try and involve your pulpit in politics and not God.

A religious leader would take the righteous road. You can forgive Green all you want, stand around and sing kumbayah to your heart's content, but it doesn't absolve her of her responsibility. By you involving yourself in the process to manipulate judgement quite frankly is an insult to real religious leaders in any community or any church. It also doesn't absolve you of your responsibility in this situation.

There is someting called penance perhaps you have heard of it during your bible studies?

I keep asking myself WWJD?

I wonder what He thinks of you trying to compare Judy Green to Jesus Christ in your comments?

I know I know. Judge not lest ye be judged. Tomato tomahto.

Of course James Green supposedly has been "quietly" sitting back and now decides to get involved. Why, he even witnessed Jim King's phone call with Judy! He stated it loudly so it must be true!

Hearsay anyone?

Of course James Green, if he listened at all, heard one side of a conversation so how in the hell could he ever testify he heard anything King had to say? Of course we also must listen to the messenger as well right?

Considering Green lost his law license for theft (sound familiar) one would tend to believe his credibility is not trustworthy either. He did take an oath to obey the laws when he was admitted to the bar. So legally speaking he hasn't proven he is trustworthy either.

Face reality folks. Jim King has gotten plenty of negative attention in his own right, primarily from me and my charges against him, so with that said how in the hell could he even begin to make a statement on this case in February before any hearing or evidence was presented?

My charges against Green were not even filed then.

Ray Barker? What in the world can he gain from this. Seriously, if Barker himself, or anyone else, thinks he would get appointed to fill the seat until a new election is held doesn't live in the real world either. Barker is now what most people refer to as damaged goods politically speaking.

No Ray did what he has always done. Stood up for the kids. And he is paying a price for his role in this.His character is under constant attack, his orals and values questioned. And yep even his ethics are under review.

All for standing up to do the right thing. And that is one reason we as a society fail. We punish those who stand up and do the right thing. Even when they are proven right we as a society tend to award the crooks and hurt the righteous.

I could write a book on what it has cost me to stand up for this community. Hell I am damaged goods because I stand up. No one invests in controversy or controversial figures. Such is life. I'm not crying just stating the obvious. I have pretty thick skin but others do not.

Anyone who would believe the lies of "King is behind this" certainly has no clue what they speak of. It simply defies logic.

Read this site and ask yourself how close you think me and King are. Or Ray Barker and King are. Trust me it isn't very. What is telling is that Bentley is involved and has been from the outset.

The same Denise Bentley who hates Jim King and still has not backed up any charges she made prior to her pulling her "book" off the shelf before one copy was ever delivered. This is the same Denise Bentley who is advising her good friend Judy Green. Quite honestly it is the same power game Bentley is known for. It is the biggest reason Denise paid a price for it and no longer wields the power she once had.

Is it any wonder that Green has now switched gears to focus on Jim King in his role as Metro Council President? Credibility anyone?

Lest anyone try again to accuse me of having a personal bias, the public record speaks for itself.

James Green was even granted a $100,000 forgivable loan by Jerry Abramson in March of 2007 to clean up the old Perkins Chrysler building on Dixie.

He never accomplished that so what happened to the money?

While a few like Charles Elliot, Judy Green, James Green, Denise Bentley, Mattie Jones, and Gracie Lewis, continue relying on these ridiculous tactics that divide the community based on lies and misinformation, which allows them to feel like they have some power to stroke their own egos, most of us live in the real world and deal with the reality inherent within.

The reality is that those mentioned above have lied, cheated, stolen, and connived one time to many and it is now time to stand up and accept the consequences.

Cheating, and stealing may be a way of life we became accustomed to over the years with Abramson, and some before him, today the future is looking brighter thanks to this case and more to come.

Character is when one does the right thing when no one is looking. It demands integrity in and of one's self, honesty, and a moral compass to guide you. None of which apply in this case or these people.

I will leave you with this:

Pronunciation: 'blas-f&-mE
Function: noun
: the crime of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God or a religion and its doctrines and writings

And to think they would use the church for this type of behavior.

Sorry Elliot you just failed religion 101.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


A longtime critic of the CJ myself I have to admit that maybe just maybe there is a glimmer of some sort of hope that they are finally doing their job. And maybe not. The CJ's Dan Klepal today had a story on the spending habits of the Metro Council and none of it was shocking but it is good to finally see mainstream get involved in the fight for accountability.

You can read the article in question here:
Louisville Metro Council sticks taxpayers with $110,000 tab for food purchases The Courier-Journal

While some would argue what's wrong with this the majority will argue the truth. Simply the Council members, primarily the Democratic majority like to spend our money as their own reelection slush fund. There can be no other way to present it.

According to the CJ Council members, primarily Democrats spend lavishly with OUR tax money to buy votes by using our tax money to pay for meals at their obligated events. Yes obligated. A council member is obligated to meet with their constituents and address their concerns but in an ethical financially responsible way.

There is nothing ethical about some of these expenditures.

Anyone who thinks different doesn't understand the responsibility of the job which these folks have been elected to.

Many questions arise from this atrocity with our tax dollars. Take for example this from the article:

Council members have bought food from any number of suppliers, but none more than Kroger, where about $51,000 in taxpayer money has been spent since fiscal 2007-08.

According to business manager Tracy Gaines,
"..the grocery chain no longer issues credit cards for new council members, citing late payments because of lost receipts or documentation being turned in late by council offices.

“Kroger has complained frequently about concerns over late payments.

But council members who already had cards can still use them."

So now equality is gone as well from the Council. If you are a council member prior to Kroger stopping these cards keep doing what you are doing. A new council member does not have an equal footing. This inequality is just one example of what is wrong with this Council and the mindset of Council Democrats.

Another interesting fact? Anyone who refuses to believe that these Council members are not using this as their personal slush fund to gain political favor think again.

Another top vendor is Clarence Yancey, a western Louisville political activist who routinely passes out handbills to voters with the names of the politicians he supports.

Unseld, Green, Tandy and Cheri Bryant Hamilton have had Yancey cater events, paying his company more than $7,000 in the past 31/2 years.

I have outlined Yancey in previous articles but I will make this clear. If you want help in the West End districts you better help Yancey. You do that by paying him with seemingly legit expenses. One thing not mentioned in the article online is the picture that appears in the print edition clearly showing Yancey next to David Tandy wearing a David Tandy shirt.

No symbolism there is there?

But Yancey said his politics have nothing to do with the catering work he gets from council members.

Riiiiight. And pigs fly south for the winter.

Take another example from former Councilman Deonte Hollowell who spent nearly $7,000 on food in the short amount of time he was on the Council. What did he say about it

“I was told it was something Unseld did,” Hollowell said of the food purchases.

That is unacceptable for all of us or should be. This statement is alarming in the fact that we are to believe that this is the way it has always been done so that makes it okay. I agree with Hollowel that yep it probably has always been done this way. Look no further than Abramson to see how the game is laid out then played by the hacks.
It doesn't, however, make it right or excuse the behavior of those in office.

So here is the deal. Each Council member gets paid over $42,000 a year. For PART TIME work. I won't even delve into the LA's at this point though some will be mentioned in future articles eh Marty Meyer and David Yates?

The real question is why is there no accountability for the spending of ALL of our tax dollars? To Tandy, Green, Hamilton, and the rest? The money you spend is ALL of ours not just your District. You have a fiduciary responsibility to each tax paying citizen of this Metro for spending our money fairly and ethically.

You have a part time job that pays more than most full time jobs in Louisville and should be taking care of each of us accordingly.

I want a check written to each taxpaying citizen in Louisville written right now to reimburse us for what you guys spend on yourselves.

I won't hold my breath but I do have a solution as I have presented before.

Get rid of the Kroger cards and all of the $205,000 annual monies given to Council members each year to use as they wish. Many will argue that that isn't allowed but when you can move monies from any of 3 accounts at will, or carry the balance over to the next year creating a nest egg, well it does matter.

Doing so will save we the taxpayers $5.3 million per year. How far will that go to eliminating furloughs and balancing the budget?

For those who will whine that the Council must have some funds I will meet you halfway.

Give the Council a General fund of 10% of that total. This equates to $533,000 per year. But there is a caveat.

Every expenditure MUST be voted on by the entire Council. Period. Then we have a full accounting of our monies to All of the taxpaying citizens of our community. The Council will also have a reasonable resource to draw from for legitimate expenditures.

Seems logical doesn't it?

For the Council members who say they need these funds because sometimes the process takes too long or doesn't allow for some expenditures their particular districts may need?

Do your job and fix the process.

It is long past time to allow these flimsy excuses by Council members and politicians who get caught abusing the public trust. Change the process and the guidelines to make it fairer and more accountable for all of us.

Maybe that means paying yourselves $20,000 a year for part time work or making the issue of a Council member a full time job and earn the $42,000 plus we pay you. It is good enough for the majority of us that rely on you then it should be good enough for you as well.

Doing so would eliminate the need for some of the overpaid LA's in your offices thus saving us even more money. It most certainly would eliminate that whole concept recently used by Judy Green of plausible deniability when she fraudulently blamed her former LA for her troubles.

But of course none of this will happen if we the people don't stand together and demand it.

You know where I stand, what say ye?

Saturday, June 11, 2011


The ethics commission has recommended the removal of Judy Green from the Metro Council for ethical violations regarding her Green Clean team, and undoubtedly will recommend the same thing again at their next hearing when they address the illegal grant funding by Green to the 100 Black Men organization.

Well done Ethics commission.

I have had reservations about any so called ethics commission in Louisville for some time now admittedly. In my opinion to date the commission has been non responsive and refused to do their job for this community. This case has given me new hope that we can begin anew the fight to hold our elected leaders accountable.

Many throughout this community have voiced the opinion that Green needs to go, while many elected leaders have been fearful of actually removing her. Why would they be scared?

There are many reasons of course but the main one is the fact that many of these Democratic majority elected leaders rely on the same back door dealings that Green does to get elected and stay elected. They rely on the same divisionist tactics as Green to serve their own personal agendas and ego trips.

Take for example a story from WFPL's Phillip Bailey on June 8 two days prior to the announcement:
WFPL News Fischer Hopes Ethics Charges “Work Out” for Green

From Mayor Fischer in the article.

“I’ve known her for several years and she’s a nice person and tries to do the best job everyday,” he said. “And let’s hope this works out okay for her.”

State finance records show the mayor’s father, George, and sister, Lynne, who worked on his campaign, both contributed to Green’s re-election bid against Ray Barker, Sr., who filed the first complaint against the councilwoman.

So why is this interesting? For many reasons actually.

As sources have told us over and over money talks in the West End in elections. "Seed" money is a common way for those like Clarence Yancey and Denise Bentley to "help" get someone elected. I can only tell you what I have been told. Make of it what you will.

I do, however, believe there is some substance to these allegation as sources are many not just one.

Sources also tell me that this was the reason for the falling out between Bentley and Jim King. Bentley wanted $70,000 to spread around and King said no. True or not? You be the judge. It is beyond interesting that Bentley supposedly wrote a "tell all" book on King that suddenly vanished after an investigation began. No proof was ever offered by her and no allegations substantiated from her about the charges she brought forth from that overnight venture. Credibility?

So why would Fischer go on the record for Green hoping everything works out for her? Well we know from Phillip Bailey's story that Fischer's family has financially supported Green's campaign efforts so is that the reason?

We know from the streets, though no one will go on record for fear of retaliation, that votes can be bought for cash in some places. Is that the reason?

Additionally, Fischer stated he would not get involved unless asked to do so. Going so far as to make this statement as well:

“I’m concerned anytime there’s an allegation in the community from anybody that things are not working as they should be regardless if it’s Metro Council, if it’s the mayor or anybody,” Fischer said. “The important thing is we have a process like we have right now to investigate those things, let everybody have their fair say on what happens, don’t pre-judge people and then live with the outcome of that.”

Mr. Mayor there is no prejudgement any longer. The ethics commission has made it quite clear what they believe should happen and now the Metro Council will decide what avenue to pursue.

Now we will see who is sincere about changes in this community and who are not.

The onus of course is on the Democrats of the Council, and/or the Mayor himself, to do the will of the commission and the community. They have the majority and they can choose whether to remove Judy Green or allow her to keep her job. It really is that simple.

Will they remove Green against her will even if they are fearful of revenge from her by outing what most already know?

Will they cower in fear and allow her to save her job?

Who knows but we do know that for the removal process to move forward would take 5 metro council members signatures, OR the Mayor himself can file the complaint.

If the Mayor is serious about changing Louisville then his mission is clear. Based on the ethics commission findings HE should initiate the complaint himself. After all he was elected on this openness, transparency, and change thing right?

From the looks of it Mayor Fischer will not be doing this and that raises suspicion of his intent to clean up the mess he was left with from Abramson. Democratic politics as usual?

We will now see just who the real players are and who is sincere in the efforts to bring accountability to Louisville elected leaders.

Metro Council, Mayor Fischer, are you guys up to the challenge?

Saturday, June 4, 2011


The Green debacle keeps getting funnier. As I reported last time Green has decided rather than face the charges of ethical violations with the public she chooses to play the race card. She even has her own daughter Jessica, who works with the Commonwealth's Attorney office on our tax dime, play the card for her The Greens Continue To Ridiculously Cry Racism
That should be a problem for us all. Someone working on the public dime spewing racism.
And it gets worse. After denying a meeting with some "Pastors" that happened last week then of course a "debate" was scheduled by American Slave, Inc, make of the name what you will, between Ray Barker and Judy Green, neither showed up.

After reportedly being involved in setting this up, or agreeing to appear, thanks to public involvement Green opted not to and says now her husband James will speak for her in the future. As for Barker? He didn't show either. Though he wanted to he listened to advice from others who told him the truth.

This was nothing more than an attempt to divide the community at his expense so the Green camp could claim this was all politics thus dividing the community further rather than own up to her ethical violations. Good move for Ray for not being scammed into it.

At the meeting from reports I have been given, Mattie Jones, we remember her don't we, tried to defend Green against the charges and claimed that every child that participated in the Green Clean team got paid. Of course that didn't sit well as reportedly at least one parent stood up and reported their child was not paid.

After initially ignoring the comment, Jones finally relented and said well mistakes were made and tried to justify Judy Green once again.

Finally Dereck Barber of American Slave, Inc interviewed with FOX41 you can see it here
Judy Green's district ponders what's next - Louisville News Kentucky Indiana News Weather Sports.

Of course there is the usual from wannabe divisionist Mattie Jones "There are certain things we're not satisfied with in the process, and we're here to see if others feel like we feel,"

The process is fine Mattie Jones. Your intent to continue defying logic in favor of slanting for your own gain is not.

Interesting to note that once again the charges themselves are being ignored. Barber even comments:

"Some people feel Mr. Ray Barker threw her under the bus, other people feel it was necessary," said organizer Dereck Barber. "We need to hash those issues out amongst our people, and figure out where we collectively stand."

This is exactly what is wrong with Green and her supporters in the District.

Our people? Those like Barber and Green need a reminder that "our people" are collectively ALL of the tax paying citizens of Louisville that Green represents in addition to her District. The money that she spends is not hers it is OURS.
Last I saw that money came from each of us black and white. Everyone uses it regardless of skin color. And for that reason alone we deserve accountability for our monies spent.

If I give my child a $20 bill to go to the store and get a can of green beans for dinner, would I not expect a receipt and change? I certainly expect an accounting of that money. It really is that simple a concept.

The fact that those such as Judy Green feel entitled to my money without that simple understanding shows the intent of the person regardless of their skin color.

For those like Barber and Jones who continually keep the African American community divided for their over inflated self serving interest and ego should be an insult to ALL of us who demand accountability from our elected leaders regardless of race.

The real insult is the fact that we continue to allow these narrow minded racist individuals a forum to pursue such a narrow agenda such as racism.

It is time to move away from this mindset that holds us back from being what we as a community can be and begin moving forward towards the community most of the good citizens want us to be. A community that embraces all without regard to skin color. A community that demands accountability from each of our elected members towards that endeavor.

That really isn't such a hard concept to get to in the 21st century, is it?

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