Sunday, October 31, 2010


Update: According to Andrew Horne on facebook Kentucky Leadership Council is an Independent Expenditure PAC filed with the FEC. The funding is disclosed to the FEC. It is not a non-partisan 527 it is a democratic pac. Apparently they are continuing with the "aqua buddha" message mentality from Jack Conway's campaign.

Yep you read it right folks. Former candidate Andrew Horne is apparently running negative robocalls and a campaign against Rand Paul. Using his supposed business Kentucky Leadership Council, though I did not find a listing for it at the Secretary of State's Office, it would appear that Horne himself has no problems lying or going negative against anyone.

I find that sadly normal for Democratic hacks but at the same time I find it offensive coming from someone like Horne. Has this guy completely lost any integrity for the sake of future backing from the party for his own gain? I mean a retired Lt. Colonel sinking to this level?

Apparently Horne's Kentucky leadership Council sent out a robocall attacking Rand Paul on his religious faith. I guess when aqua buddha didn't work they had to go a different route. This time Conway denies any knowledge. We shall see.

In the meantime Horne is also sending out robocalls reportedly received today saying Rand Paul wants to legalize meth labs.

How pathetically desperate can Conway be to accept this kind of help? Why is he not standing up denouncing this type of behavior? Is he involved with this? Personally I think so but cannot prove it at this time. So why is Jack allowing this?

Simply because Conway himself led the way in negative campaigning and has proven just why he is not fit to be Senator. He has run one of the worst Senate campaigns I have ever witnessed and that is saying something. Of course that is what happens when you continually use recycled party hacks like Mark Riddle. Apparently his hack groupies like Horne have decided to forego any integrity or truth in advertising whatsoever as well.

It is these type of people that make us sick of politcs in general and politicians as well.

We the people deserve better and I will continue to out those like Horne who play this asinine game. Here is one story you can read: Bluegrass Pundit: Demo Dirty Tricks: Robo-Call Claims Rand Paul Supports Legalizing Meth Labs

By the way the proof is in the details here: Kentucky Leadership Council Outside Spending OpenSecrets

Here is one more by Roger Alford of the AP: Religious undercurrent runs through US Senate race - Times Union

How low does one go to get elected to office? Apparently very low. It is reflective of what they will do once elected and we can ill afford to have disasters like Conway or Horne elected to any office. Remember when Conway loses Tuesday this is one reason why.

Remember when Horne decides to find another office to run for he isn't deserving either. There will be more on Horne when he makes that decision I assure you.

Haven't we had enough of these people yet?

Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Fairness campaign has went crazy trying to push Greg Fischer for Mayor openly while behind the scenes admitting that Heiner is not the monster they are trying to portray him to be. What gives? Many throughout the community believe in fairness, myself included, but how can you promote fairness for anything when you are the one promoting separatism?

It is bad enough we have to continually listen to Greg Fischer's lies throughout this campaign. We have to watch mainstream like the CJ play the spin game and even hide relevant info on Fischer or ignore it altogether but the truth always outs itself eventually.

But then we have to absorb a group that promotes "fairness" but is not fair in that promotion itself.

Greg Fischer has received the endorsement of the Fairness group yet he has shied away from any acknowledgement of them. His website does not show them as endorsing him, though that will change quickly I am sure now that he is behind in the polls, and he has never stood up publicly acknowledging them.

"Fair" enough, but to continue attacking Hal Heiner like he is against the gays and will destroy the fairness ordinance itself is nonsense. Heiner has went on record stating he would support the fairness ordinance in existence never saying one time he would work against it.

If the fairness campaign wants to be taken seriously they most certainly should practice what they preach. It is an insult to any intelligent voter to think anything is fair about the way these guys are promoting Greg Fischer.

Normally I would not post an article attacking a group in general but in this case I feel obligated. On Tuesday we will make our voice be heard through our vote for a new Louisville. One for the first time in better than 25 years will not include Abramson, unless of course Fischer pulls off the upset.

We can only hope not.

This election will be paramount to the future of Louisville. Do we move forward, move backward, or remain the same. This issue goes beyond the single minded politics of many special interests groups. It goes to the heart of where we as a community together will be.

The fact that many throughout the community are playing these divisive politics, that Democrats and their special interests are well known for in our community, is an insult to the intelligence of those of us who know we can do and be so much better than we have for the last 25 years.

While the fairness organization is publicly chastising Heiner they have not been shy about privately praising him.

That in itself is unacceptable. To do so for someone like Fischer who doesn't even acknowledge your existence is another good example of the flawed logic.

For more I will link to my friend Curt Morrison Louisville Courant: Greg Fischer NOT for mayor. You should check out what this openly gay blogger has to say about Greg Fischer. I concur with him.

I for one am looking to Tuesday with great anticipation.

For what it's worth to my readers consider this my official endorsement of Hal Heiner for Mayor.

I prefer to move forward not backward myself.

Friday, October 29, 2010


This is the 3rd and final part of my election predictions. Happy reading!

COUNTY JUDGE EXECUTIVE: Insert name here...... Seriously no duties, no pay, no responsibility.

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS: Again County Commissioners have no responsibility, no job, and no pay but I will be casting my vote in "C" District for my friend Bob Heuglin.

CORONER: If you like business as usual such as insider deals and no competition then vote for Barbara Weakley Jones. This Department needs a serious investigation and house cleaning but Chapman just isn't strong enough to win it.

Jones by 5.

SOIL AND WATER DISTRICT SUPERVISORS: A supposed "non partisan" race is generally pretty partisan. But in this race you get to choose 3 with the top three vote getters serving. Paul Holliger is a definite to consider as he has, on behalf of the group STOP IT, really held the fire to those in power like MSD. He would be a natural for this position. I also believe Pat Thurman, who is retired and an activist would do a great job as well. My 3rd pick? Jim Rovenski a young professional who stays involved in the issues and has a bright future ahead of him.

Holliger, Rovenski, and Thurman should get the nod.

CONSTABLE 3RD MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: This is the only Constable race I will weigh in on and primarily because of the players. David Whitlock spends a small fortune buying signs for a job that only pays $100 a month and one has to wonder why. Based on the history of Whitlock it is a wonder he can even be considered. Convicted of felony theft (later expunged after a diversion program) you would think he would stay out of something like this. Of course he doesn't. Why would he want this particular job so much? Maybe he is still in the business and needs the cover. I wouldn't know but it is an interesting contrast.

In the meantime Red Thompson is as good as it gets. A family man, experienced law enforcement, integrity, you name it he fits the bill.

Unfortunately for a race like this name recognition usually wins and Whitlock has bought a ton of it with sign placement legal and illegal.

Whitlock by 8.


I am only covering a couple of Judges races listed below. Feel free to chime in with other races in the comments section.

Mason Trenaman. Though Trenaman is a sitting Judge incumbent right now he is the Judge in a differnet division than this one he seeks. In this race experience matters. While Stephanie Burke has an impressive resume Trenaman should have the edge based on experience. I believe the voters will vote his way.

Trenaman by 5.

DISTRICT COURT JUDGE - 30TH DISTRICT-3RD DIVISION provides us with an interesting twist. Incumbent Claude Prather is well recognized and is rated well by the latest bar survey. Newcomer Sandra McLaughlin has been in practice less than 10 years and has a shady legal past.

McLaughlin actually attacked a juror when the jury ruled against her in one of her cases. This in addition to some people she aligns herself with, and who are working for her in the Southend, is a real concern to many including me.

Judges must have an even temperament and be above reproach. Ms. McLauglin falls well short in both categories in my opinion. I trust the people to re elect Prather.

Prather by 7.

That's it for what I am covering folks. Chime in to all 3 parts and comment. Let me know what you think.



This has got to be one of the most obvious attack pieces yet by the CJ against Republican candidates. How else can you explain such an asinine article as this one on Hal Heiner: Hal Heiner did not tell C-J of first marriage, divorce during interviews The Courier-Journal.

CJ are you serious? This is the best you have on Hal Heiner? If so you fall far short of real journalism.

Hal Heiner is an upstanding man period. The favorite son for Mayor with the CJ is Greg Fischer. If you want a story then go there. Fischer has lied continuously about everything and anything you can think of including his lie about inventing an ice machine, lied about awards he says he has received, and so many other things it defies logic that you could endorse him in the first place.

Additionally, Greg Fischer's son was arrested a couple of weeks ago for drug possession (marijuana I am told) and that has been swept under the rug. Where is the mainstream in that story? It certainly is a stronger one than that of Heiner and a divorce from 35 years ago. And did I mention his ex wife is dead? How would that make the family feel?

No Hal did not volunteer the information but what politician ever volunteers information about their personal lives? Hell how many of you readers volunteer information on your personal life to the world at large?

I would bet not many.

So let's recap a bit.

Heiner does not volunteer he had a previous marriage from 35 years ago.

Greg Fischer lies about everything he has ever done today.

Greg Fischer gets away from disclosing his personal life including his son being arrested for marijuana.

His son is the focus of the accident involving Fischer's 2009 Cadillac. By the way he has a court date on November 22.

Scheduled Events

Scheduled Events

(notice one is for something from 2009)

Fischer's son also got caught in a mini scandal when he stole Jim King's yard signs and was stupid enough to take them to King Southern Bank and get caught. King should have brought charges bt I digress.

Fischer gets caught making deals with Jackie Green that are being investigated now.

Heiner is head and shoulders above the fray of Greg Fischer.

Why isn't the CJ?

Vote Heiner and help send a message to the CJ and the others in this town who just don't get that we don't want or need another idiot for Mayor.

Any questions?

Thursday, October 28, 2010


It will be along day folks for me so here are a couple of quick updates and questions I have that need answering.

First, Michael Lewis the independent candidate for District 35 State House as you know was ruled ineligible by Judge Mary Shaw who stated his signature requirement was not met. There are problems with this ruling. For starters Judge Shaw incorrectly said that even had Lewis verified the 6 signatures in question he would still fall one short. She gave him credit for 93 signatures. The problem?

Judge Shaw was given proof of seven (7) signatures not six and that would give Lewis 100 needed to qualify. Additionally, Judge Shaw made the distinction that 3 of those that were challenged did not register in the District to vote until October 4. Fair enough, BUT according to the law Judge Shaw used in her opinion, the law states that those who signed must be able to vote for the candidate in the election cycle they are in. Judge Shaw apparently did not make a distinction or pay attention to that in her ruling.

October 4, 2010 was the cut off for registering to vote and be eligible to vote in this general election. This would mean that whether they signed the petition before they were registered or not is irrelevant. The law does not make that distinction and say they must be registered AND qualified to vote at the time of signing.

It should be appealed and it should be won.

Secondly, as you know Jack Conway has been in the hot seat over the investigations into his brother Matt Conway's alleged drug deals. For the record Conway has never been prosecuted or charged with any illegal drug dealings but that is not the issue. Jack has been under scrutiny for possibly involving himself into this in order to squash it. We will know soon enough either way.

In the meantime County Attorney Mike O'Connell has refused to prosecute Matt Conway for a Class A misdemeanor which brings into question his involvement. Conway admitted lying to the public integrity unit when asked, under oath, if he was tipped off about the investigation.

Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel took no action against employee Conway but with the admission of the lie the County Attorney has an obligation here. Why has he not done his job once again?

My opinion is politics based on my experience dealing with his office and that is unacceptable.

One more reason to vote for Michael R. Wilson and get rid of one more part of this machine.

Finally Democrat Jeff Donohue, who was ruled ineligible in his District 37 State House race as well based on an admitted illegal signature, has decided to appeal the decision by using the I didn't know strategy. It is an asinine thing to do and he will lose based on the precedent the Kentucky Court of Appeals made in the Gail Powers case in District 44. Remember these shenanigans should he ever attempt to run for office again.

See you soon!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Just received word that Democrat Jeff Donahue, candidate for State House Rep in District 37, has been ruled ineligible because of an illegal signature on his ballot. The signature was that of former Deputy Mayor Rick Johnstone's son Neil. Judge Fred Cowan made the decision about half an hour ago.

This is huge as I outlined what I believed were the options for the party here: Louisville News and Politics: STATE HOUSE DISTRICT 37:DEMS AND JEFF DONAHUE ARE MAKING THIS INTERESTING. After realizing that we the people are not that stupid they decided to do the right thing. Of course the law was clear anyway making it easier to do so.

As you may recall District 44 Republican candidate Gail Powers was disqualified for the same exact reason weeks ago which made this case very interesting since it was clear Donohue was ineligible yet continued to fight.

Donohue was the union's favorite son and had endorsements galore. Wonder what they think of their pick now? Let's see if the y try to appeal it and delay it longer.

Hopefully, the unions will start opening their eyes to outsiders to the traditional Democrat candidate no matter what and start focusing on the candidate's themselves. With so many Republican members in labor today it is beyond belief when you see the traditional endorsement list by many unions today.

I make one exception to that. The Teamster's during this election have went against the grain and actually endorsed some Republicans in this election including Republican Brian Simpson running against Democratic hack Larry Clark.

They are leading the way hopefully the others catch up.

Additionally I have to report that the case against Michael Lewis, filed by former Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Moore, has been resolved. Lewis was found ineligible as well. I am awaiting word on whether it will be appealed. It should be. There are many questions to be asked and answered regarding the law in this case and I hope Lewis follows through.

Feedback throughout the 37th District says Lewis was primed to make one helluva showing against Wayne and that is why they needed to disqualify him.

Why did no Republican run in this race? From what I gather speaking to residents in the District they don't like Wayne.

Interesting indeed.

In the meantime it would appear that Republican Wade Hurt wins District 37 unopposed at this point as does Jim Wayne in District 35.

Stay tuned..........

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I admit I couldn't resist this post. The Democrats STILL after all this time have me on their email and regular mailing lists. They apparently do not update voter rolls. I generally ignore the gee vote for democrat at all costs mailers I get but this one was too funny.

Is Jack Conway having problems getting enough Kentuckians to work on his campaign? read the following email I received from his campaign:

Dear Edward,

It's amazing how far you've helped us get.

As an active supporter of this campaign, you're a big part of the reason we took our first lead in the polls this week.

But did you know there's another crucially important thing you can do to help Jack beat Rand Paul?

We have volunteers coming into the Louisville area from all over Kentucky and even out of state to help get-out-the-vote during our final push. It is critical for our efforts that we turn out our supporters here in Louisville.

Please join us and volunteer to help our get-out-the-vote efforts.

Since many volunteers are traveling and donating their time, we're trying to match them up with local supporters who can provide them with a place to sleep.

If you have a spare room -- or even a comfortable couch -- where we can put up a volunteer for anywhere from a single night to a week between now and election day, please click here to let us know right away.

I've heard from a few people who have put up a volunteer already, and they've all told me how much they enjoyed connecting with a fellow supporter for a few days.

We do our very best to accommodate requests for specific gender, smoking, or other preferences, and our friendly staff will never be further than a phone call away, so please let us know if you can spare a room.

Thank you,

Jonathan Drobis
Campaign Manager

Paid For By Conway For Senate
Conway for US Senate • P.O. Box 6168 • Louisville, KY 40206

Dang guys quit advertising desperation would you?


This second part will deal with the Louisville Mayoral race, Metro Council races, and of course a couple of Judgeships. Have fun.

LOUISVILLE METRO MAYOR: This will undoubtedly be a close race but offers the first real chance for a Republican Mayor in decades. Democratic candidate Greg Fischer wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in anything. He has continually lied about his background and even recently got caught possibly breaking the law with his insider deal with Independent (and I use that term loosely) Jackie Green's withdrawal and subsequent endorsement. Fischer has not led the way on any issue instead letting Hal Heiner present the issues then Greg Fischer tries to claim them as his own.

Republican Hal Heiner on the other hand has campaigned above board, led the way on the issues, and clearly will be a great leader. The problem? Though Hal is picking up some Democratic voters, Democrats have gotten so used to being screwed by the Jerry Abramson Democratic machine it is a way of life they may not want to give up.

Independent Jerry Mills is a nut who runs every time, and Nimbus Couzins is no better.

The Democratic "hate any Republican" mentality will get Fischer the base but I am banking on the cross over Democratic voters who actually pay attention to the issues and the candidates.

Heiner by 3.


DISTRICT 5 Is a race between incumbent Cheri Bryant Hamilton and newcomer Danny Moore. Ms. Hamilton has proven to be partisan in many ways but offers more in substance then her opponent. In this case experience matters and Ms. Hamilton is well liked by her constituents overall.

Hamilton by 10.

DISTRICT 6 is one race I have written about extensively. With the passing of the late George Unseld this seat is open for election midterm with Democrat David James, Independent and incumbent Deonte Hollowell, republican first time challenger Candace Jaworski, and write in candidate Democrat Ken Herndon. I have written so much on this race you can peruse the site for the articles.

Bottom line is that Deonte Hollowell was appointed as a compromise candidate and it is hard for any independent to win any seat, Ken Herndon has been playing the crying victim card for far too long and at one time he would have been a contender but he has apparently blown any chance within the party to be effective. This leaves Republican challenger Candace Jaworski and Democrat David James as the rest.

In my opinion, the games Herndon has been playing behind the scenes has hurt him and gives James the clear lead as a Democrat. Folks are sick of the negative and this race has had its share but history and results matter. James is a retired LMPD officer with 13 years narcotics experience in a District with high crime and that is a good fit for District 6.

A Republican has no shot in this District in any way so the front runner is James.

James by 7.

DISTRICT 9 features what many think will be a close race myself included. Incumbent Tina Ward Pugh has shown herself to be a major partisan player and people are sick of the District needs not extending past Frankfort Ave. Republican Patrick Duerr brings name recognition within the predominantly catholic community in this District and will be a real challenge.

I think this race is too close to call but will go out on a limb and say Duerr by 2.

DISTRICT 13 under Democrat Vicki Welch has been poorly represented for some time. Welch has some serious issues in regards to even knowing what her job entails and the half truths and untruths she continually lays out. She has been proven to abuse her authority in public events in this election and still cannot identify her votes about MSD. By now that one issue alone should be known as well as the back of her hand thanks to public scrutiny but Welch does what the party tells her to and that is the problem.

In the meantime Welch has a familiar opponent in Republican Renay Davis. Davis is known to be fearless and many believe that is what the District needs. I concur.

Though Welch will have the base as usual I believe after such a close contest the last election Davis may finally be in a position to win.

Davis by 3 in another close race.

DISTRICT 15 is no contest. Marianne Butler defeats Jody Harral handily.

Butler by 12.

DISTRICT 17 should be an interesting race. William Chen is facing off against incumbent Glenn Stuckel. Unfortunately for Mr. Chen, Stuckel has not ruffled many feathers and should win easily.

Stuckel by 10.

DISTRICT 19 is a no brainer. Republican Jerry Miller has the credentials and the life experience to represent the District fairly. Newcomer Democrat Justin Chelft describes himself as a successful entrepreneur but at his age there needs to be more. We need proof of successes. With no public record to fall back on and no proof offered we cannot take his word for it.

If Chelft stays involved and may have a political future but this year in this race isn't his time. Especially in a predominantly Republican District.

Miller by 15.

DISTRICT 23 James Peden and John Summers. You would be hard pressed to find any negatives about incumbent James Peden and for good reason.

Peden by 15.

DISTRICT 25 Doug Hawkins and David Yates will present a contrasting picture. Yates has union backing (big surprise) predominantly because the majority of his legal experience is as a former UAW attorney where the focus was on bankruptcy and making out wills. Not much there. His biggest claim to fame legally was earlier this year when he pled his client former EMT Tammy Brewer, who killed her patient in a crash because she was under the influence of methadone, to a sentence of 10 years.

On the other side Hawkins has been portrayed by mainstream as some sort of nut who jumps the gun at every turn. The problem is Hawkins has always had the support of his constituents. The mainstream may not like the high profile way in which Hawkins gets things done but the people of his District most certainly do.

Hawkins will win by 7.

Ok I have to do one Judicial race now with the rest to come.

DISTRICT COURT JUDGE DIVISION 16 Katie King versus James Green. What can be said? Everyone is expecting an all out attack piece from me on Katie. Sorry to disappoint. Katie has been a train wreck and you can read throughout this website for all things Katie you want to find BUT that does not allow me to attack for attack's sake.

My problem with Judge King has always been how she got the job. The fact that that investigation is still ongoing after al lthis time should be a concern to many. With that being said however who is her opponent?

James Green is a former Judge who fell on hard times since 2002. An admitted recovering alcoholic for over 2 years, by the way I find it very commendable he takes responsibility for his actions, and personal problems due to a nasty divorce does not a good candidate make.

County Attorney Mike O'Connell should be blamed for the lack of quality candidates to run in these races thanks to his asinine rule requiring them to quit their job to run.

In the meantime for the most part all reports about Katie on the bench have been positive with many stating she is doing a good job.

That simply cannot be overcome by a weak candidate in James Green.

King wins reelection by 8.

Part 3 will involve other races including the rest of the judicial and more State races. Stay tuned!


As you know the General election is held on Tuesday November 2, 2010. Normally I would do my predictions all at once but thanks to this crazy schedule I now have I decided to do them a piece at a time. Without further ado here you go!

US SENATE: In the race for US Senate what can I say? Rand Paul has made some gaffes that have upset some and deservedly so. Jack Conway on the other hand has flat out lied and even wasted tons of money on campaign ads doing what? Attacking Paul on an idiotic college prank from 30 years ago. You don't have to do much more to show that you are either A) incompetent, or B) scared. Additionally, thanks to the recent article concerning a drug investigation that involves Jack's brother Matt, and Jack's potential involvement in it, there could be more trouble for him. In the case of Paul versus Conway both have problems, but Conway will make it a close race simply because of his Democratic base.

I still predict Rand Paul wins by 3.

US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DISTRICT 3: This race is a contrast between the two major party candidates. Todd Lally who has proven time and again he is in over his head and John Yarmuth who is consistently accused of being Pelosi light. While there are detractors from both sides the advantage is clearly John Yarmuth's primarily because Todd still doesn't get it. He still cannot and has not laid out a definitive plan on the talking points he tries to use. He has opted instead to use traditional Republican attacks which have been proven false. Less taxes for small business, smaller government are great talking points but we are well beyond these talking points and looking for specifics on how he will accomplish these things. Lally can't tell us because he has never owned a business nor has any business experience. He has never written a paycheck nor worried about benefits.

Yarmuth in the meantime has proven very knowledgeable and whether you agree with his stance on issues or not, in many cases I don't, at least he is forthcoming and open about them and that endears him to the base.

There are two others in the race. Ed Martin has probably the best ideas and plans. I know because I have spoken with him about them several times, but Martin has never really tried to get them out effectively. Without an aggressive front he has no chance.

Independent Mike Hansen? He is way out of step with mainstream and one has to wonder why he is even running.

Yarmuth wins easily by 15 or better.

STATE REP DISTRICT 28: No contest here at all. Brewer lost to Miller by over 20 points last election and I can't see him getting any closer regardless of anti incumbent backlash. Brewer is completely out of touch with reality and knows absolutely nothing about government nor cares about anything other than towing the Frank Simon ultra right wing christian conservative movement. His biggest claim to fame is lobbying on behalf of Frank Simon in Frankfort against gay marriage and for the pro lifers. The God, Gays, Guns, and abortion crowd will be proud but those issues have nothing to do with the day to day job.

Miller is a very likeable guy, personally I even like him, but Miller does have some problems. Most notably his continued lack of production, failing education, and generally towing the party line. However in this case it would be a plus compared to his opponent.

Miller by 25.

STATE HOUSE DISTRICT 35 features longtime incumbent Jim Wayne squaring off against newcomer Independent Michael Lewis. Lewis you may recall took his fight for independents to Frankfort with CNN in tow. Lewis was solely responsible for outing former Gov Juliann Carroll's idiotic remarks about independents on the National stage.

I kind of liked this matchup already but then ex Democratic Chair Jennifer Moore decided she was worried about competition from an unknown independent in her quest to keep the seat with Jim Wayne in it. She made this a race to watch.

Hopefully the voters can see the writing on the wall in regards to Jim Wayne but I doubt it. The testis whether the voters are sick of Jim Wayne and vote for an outsider. No Republican had the guts to step up and that is telling in itself.

Wayne wins by 10.

STATE HOUSE DISTRICT 37: Former Chair of the State Democratic Party Jennifer Moore has interjected herself as the "party attorney" and handpicked some races to fight against any ballot contender. Her idiocy may have backfired as the Dems want to keep District 37 seat formerly held by Ron Weston. Since Moore started down that road many started looking at other races as well and found that Democratic candidate Jeff Donahue will be proven to be ineligible for the ballot thereby giving the race to Republican Wade Hurt.

But this race will be interesting because of the timing of when Donahue is officially declared ineligible. Stay tuned on this one as it will continue on after November 2.

PVA: While the rest of the Country is discounting home values because of deflation in the market values the current PVA Tony Lindauer has chosen to raise them in most cases. Additionally, Lindauer has proven to be a disappointment wasting time and money trying to run our jobs out of town as evidenced by the fight against Ford on the property values. A known Democrat insider one has to wonder why Lindauer is forcing these policies at a time when many know that he is wrong.

Ford was proven right in their assessment when Lindauer tried to double it. Additionally, Lindauer has let thousands of dollars leave our tax base by illegally allowing improper homestead exemptions for those that don't qualify.

Republican Corey Koellner has an extensive background that would finally give us someone credible in the office that would not be a political hack. Unfortunately the Dems won't let every race lose and Lindauer has a heckuva insider advantage here.

Lindauer by 5.

COUNTY ATTORNEY: This race pits a newcomer in Michael R. Wilson against Abramson appointed Democrat Mike O'Connell. To say I think Mike O'Connell needs to go would be an understatement. He has abused his office in my opinion and has hurt choices in Judge elections by not allowing anyone that is a current Assistant DA to run in these elections without giving up their job first. This of course means many qualified candidates cannot run. What would happen if they lose? They would be unemployed and most cannot afford that risk. This backwards thinking is why we have those on the bench with no real competition (think Katie King and her opponent in James Green). Additionally, O'Connell has been fighting in court against the charitable gamers in regards to the cost of the smoking ban.

Guess who opposed O'Connell at the Supreme Court?

Michael R. Wilson. And O'Connell lost.

In a perfect world Wilson has the advantage because he has already proven himself smarter than O'Connell by beating him at the Supreme Court, but this isn't a perfect world, and the Democratic base don't bother with that reality.

Wilson would bring integrity back to the office but the Democrats just can't lose every seat.

O'Connell by 4.

COUNTY CLERK: The laughingstock of elections is at it again. Jack Wood is a joke, has always been a joke, and makes deals with anyone he thinks will benefit him. He even tried to use his daughter in the last election for Metro Council District 14 because he got beat in the primary. The joke is that he thinks after all his troubles in his hometown (nope it isn't Louisville), the idiotic shenanigans he has pulled in PRP, and his general egotistical nature will ever allow him to be elected again.

Wood makes Gilles Melloche look good and that is saying something.

In the meantime Bobbie Holsclaw has done a fair job and deserves reelection.

Holsclaw by 30.

SHERIFF: This would ordinarily be a race except for the players involved. Mike Roberts is a little known name outside his personal household and has no relevant experience to bring to the table. He has virtually no chance accordingly. Independent Don Fitzgerald has plenty to offer. Founder of the Pro Se Louisville group, and a tireless victims advocate, there is little doubt he would do a good job if elected. Fitzgerald brings knowledge of the law and integrity to the table.

The problem is he is an independent. The job may be mainly administrative but people still believe the Sheriff should have a law enforcement background. Besides Sheriff Aubrey has the backing of most of the local law enforcement agencies and that will carry the vote easily.

Sheriff Aubrey has plenty of support and wins this one by 10.

More to come folks. Stay tuned.........


The headline speaks for itself. Current AG and Democratic Senate candidate Jack Conway may have been involved in trying to cover up an investigation into alleged drug dealing by his brother Assistant Commonwealth's attorney Matt Conway.

Read the CJ article here:
LMPD probes detectives who tipped off prosecutor under investigation The Courier-Journal

A mess to be sure but many questions need answers and Jack Conway has not stepped up and answered them. Interesting that he would continue to attack Rand Paul about not answering questions about his college "aqua buddha" days from 30 years ago yet finds it relevant to ignore questions about potential drug possession and trafficking in his own life today.

That is a serious problem as well but that is up to the voter.

In the meantime I have been critical of Jack Conway for not doing his job in the Jim King case and I am convinced that it is because of politics. This case is the same thing. Politics. With that said however, I was also critical of Jack during the King case for what I felt was leaving his brother under the bus since Matt was quoted as leaving the King campaign because of ethical concerns in the CJ last year.

Part of that was due to the investigation into the Ken Herndon anti gay flier.

So for me do I still accuse Jack of throwing his brother to the wolves after it now appears he was potentially trying to protect him?

Yep. He got involved in this mess because it would hurt him and his Senate chances. He did not have that problem in the other case so Jack is proving to be as selfish as I thought.

In the meantime it seems one of the biggest problems in this whole mess could be the Conway's attorney Bart Adams. Anonymous sources have told me that Adams was the one that suggested Matt lie about being tipped off. I have to say at this point this is unsubstantiated but if proven true raises some serious concerns.

Additionally, I am also told that the divorce Matt went through in late 2007 and early 2008 was a messy one. The info I am being told is that his ex wife had a substance abuse problem with prescription drugs and Matt tried his best to help her until she finally got caught having an affair with the person purported to be her dealer.

At this point the person alleged to be her dealer was upset about the terms of the divorce or possibly being outed by Conway so he initiated the charges against Matt Conway.

Confused yet? I am also being told that this alleged dealer has a current warrant out for his arrest in Louisville today. I am working on collaboration now.

Dave Stengel, as everyone knows I have no love lost for him either, cleared Conway in the drug charges though admitted it was a boneheaded thing for Matt to do to lie about being tipped off.
I agree he should not have lied.

I have not seen the evidence admittedly but from all accounts Conway was cleared of drug charges so the lie was definitely a boneheaded thing to do that could cost Matt his job and most certainly has cost him his reputation.

I do have a problem with Jack getting involved and trying to cover his own butt. This from the CJ:

When police interviewed Russ on March 10, he said Adams had called him two or three weeks earlier and told him that Jack Conway wanted to know if police were working on a case involving his brother. Russ said he replied to Adams he couldn’t discuss the matter.

After that conversation, Russ said, Adams called him back two or three more times, saying, “Don’t worry about it, everything’s OK.”

This certainly makes it appear that Jack was trying to use influence whether true or not and that is unacceptable. I wonder how Adam's was able to make the statement that everything was "ok." Additionally, I believe this statement by Adams is even more troubling:

Adams declined to comment in detail, saying: “After the election, I’ll talk to you about anything. I’ve represented Matt from the beginning. The allegations were baseless. I can’t believe police went as far as they did.”

If the allegations were baseless and you can prove that the case went too far then it would seem you would out it right now not wait until after an election. Waiting until after the election makes it appear there is something to hide that would hurt Jack's chances at winning the Senate seat.

I have never met Matt Conway, never spoken with him, nor exchanged any emails. In fact I don't know Matt Conway at all but one thing is sure.

They say karma is a bitch. Thanks to the asinine way Bart Adams is playing this case, and Jack Conway's reluctance to set the record straight until after the election is very telling.

Jack Conway now has his own "aqua buddha" moment and not from 30 years ago.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


As everyone knows by now Republican Gail Powers was disqualified from the ballot in her race against Joni Jenkins in State House District 44 because one of her signatures (her mom's) was disqualified because she did not live in District 44. This decision was upheld by the Court of Appeals in Judges Combs, Nickell, and Stumbo.

They stood with Judge Irv Maze who made the initial ruling disqualifying Ms. Powers. That leads us to District 37 and Democrat Jeff Donahue.

I did a story on this situation 2 weeks ago here: Louisville News and Politics: STATE HOUSE 37TH DISTRICT HEATING UP and the matter is still not resolved.

Though the law is clear cut and has survived the appeals process, as evidenced by Gail Powers case #2010-CA-001875-1, the Donahue camp and the Democrats just will not let this go. In fact they requested a deposition from Paul Holliger the independent who brought about the charges on Friday.

Why is this interesting?

For starters I spoke with Mr. Holliger and was fascinated with the line of questioning. The lawyer representing Donahue was none other than Pete Karem brother of Dave Karem. Gee I wonder if politics is the reason behind this one? Sarcasm purely intended.

But at the rate these guys get paid by the hour for depos one would think they would stick to the issues at hand wouldn't they? Apparently not. They did ask the usual questions such as "why did you choose to pursue this case" at which point Holliger told them exactly what he told me as I quoted in my previous article above.

Big surprise. They then asked if he was working on behalf of Republican Wade Hurt and Holliger denied this. In fact there is no evidence whatsoever that Holliger is working for Hurt but it was an obvious question. But then things got weird.

Karem then wanted to know the names of Holliger's children. Anyone want to tell me what that has to do with the case?

Then amazingly they switched questioning towards something unforeseen.

They asked if Holliger knew Paul Hosse. Which Holliger does. They then asked if he followed Hosse's blog. Which Holliger does. Then they wanted to know if Hosse had ever written anything about this case essentially trying to make it appear that Paul Hosse had something to do with this.

Are you serious?

I couldn't believe it myself.

For starters Paul Hosse has his own blog here: Another Opinion. Never has Hosse written about or alluded to this story or case whatsoever. In fact I was the one who initially raised the question on my website here.

Hosse has worked previously on behalf of the Democratic Party years ago and at some point there was some contention so Hosse left. Why in the world would they bother with Hosse at this point who has had absolutely nothing to do with this story? Who knows but I would bet it has something to do with Dave Karem and an old grudge.

Hosse if you are reading this give me a call or make a statement I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

In the meantime why is Donahue fighting this when the law has just been clearly established against him and through the appeals process as well?

One thing comes to mind. Politics.

The reasoning is simple. Delay this case until AFTER the election. The logic is clear.

If they can keep this from being settled until after Nov 2 then Donahue remains a candidate legally. IF Donahue loses the vote in this election then nothing will be done. IF he wins the popular vote then we have a problem.

If Wade Hurt loses the popular vote to Donahue, who will be declared ineligible I assure you, then the Democratic party can force a special election and submit a new candidate. Ron Weston perhaps? Probably not Ron as he left for a reason I will divulge in time.....

If Donahue wins the election and is disqualified who picks his replacement? The Democratic party. See where I am going?

If Donahue is ineligible prior to the vote on November 2 then the Dems lose this seat period.

They cannot replace him on the ballot and Wade Hurt wins by default giving the Republicans this seat.

By delaying justice to muddy the field they force a special election and can work to keep the House seat. There is precedent and law backing this theory up. The case of Dana Seum Stephenson and Virginia Woodward is exactly the same. Stephenson won the popular vote but then was declared ineligible. Woodward thought she would have the seat by default and then a special election was forced because she didn't win the actual election.

This is the same horse and the Democrats have been waiting for an excuse to play this game against the Republicans since that case.

Bottom line is this.

Elect Wade Hurt and eliminate this garbage way of politics. In 2 years the Dems can try again.

With the illegal electioneering by Democrat Greg Fischer between him and Jackie Green, the consistent problems in District 6 thanks to Ken Herndon, the whole King fiasco over the last couple of years, and now this pathetic attempt to circumvent the law by the Democrats and Jeff Donahue.

Isn't it time to force someone to clean up their house?

I for one am sick of these politics and the way they continue screwing we the people. The Democratic machine is proving itself to be an egotistical bunch of idiots who think they are above the law. Help me clean it up by sending a message to them.

Vote Wade Hurt in District 37 and vote Hal Heiner for Mayor.

In the meantime pay attention to what I have outlined here. If Donahue does not get declared ineligible by Nov 2 or he does not voluntarily withdraw, get ready for the special election scenario I outlined. It is what both parties do best. Fight for a seat they have no right to. That seat is ours and we deserve better than these asinine political party power plays.

Remember you heard it here first folks.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Time to do some quick updates as there is so much going on election day cannot come soon enough. Speaking of which I will have my annual election predictions up next week so stay tuned.

Michael Lewis, independent candidate for State House District 35, was in Court last week over the nuisance suit former Chair of the State Democratic Party Jennifer Moore solicited. He was given until last Friday to take in certified copies of the signatures in question on his ballot petition. Lewis did as instructed and they STILL have not ruled. No surprise there. It is hard for a Democratic Judge to make a ruling on any election case. Independent candidate for Governor Gatewood Galbraith is the defense attorney for Lewis and has presented some incredible arguments to date.

Lewis will win and the voters will have a choice against the incompetent incumbent Democrat Jim Wayne.

Speaking of rulings why is it that Democratic candidate Jeff Donohue, running in District 37 has not been found to be an ineligible candidate yet? The courts ruled against Gail Powers in her bid to unseat Joni Jenkins because of an illegal signature on her petition (by her mom no less) yet Donohue has the same exact problem and still has not been ruled against. There is a deposition scheduled for this morning at 10:30 am.

This case is a no brainer yet the Dems do not want to lose that seat currently held by Democrat Ron Weston. It will be interesting to see if justice is served in this case.

Democrat Mayoral candidate Greg Fischer continues to open mouth insert foot in the scandal regarding his illegal deal with former Mayoral candidate Jackie Green. Now he is accusing Hal Heiner of making a deal with Tyler Allen while using the Dems favorite puppet Tom Owens to do so.

Anyone with half a brain knows Heiner does not work that way. They also realize Tom Owens is an idiot who holds no weight whatsoever. Fischer is now playing the victim card? Really? Do him and Ken Herndon in District 6 use the same campaign manager?

Speaking of Ken Herndon as you know by now Metro Council District 6 has been heating up for some time thanks in large part to the victim card Ken Herndon continually uses. How many times can one guy cry foul anyway? Last week he was openly spreading lies about me and my articles while working closely with California Jets President Tammy Hawkins to do so. Of course this is blatantly against the law and called electioneering since Hawkins supposedly represents the Jets and they are non profit.

Since then I have done plenty of research on the program and in particular Hawkins herself. The findings are astounding and include 2 drug arrests for cocaine. The second in 2002 resulted in a 5 year supervised probation which would normally put someone in jail if they broke probation. In the case of Ms. Hawkins she had several other offenses during the probation period including aggravated assault and many others. And still was not put in jail.

How many people can say that? It is appalling believe me.

She is currently involved in 2 ongoing cases concerning assault as well that will be in court in March. No surprise to me considering how she handled the stories I did but I have a serious question here to raise.

Who in their right mind would allow someone like Tammy Hawkins, a felony cocaine drug abuser, someone who clearly thinks she is above the law, and assaults others at will around children? Especially in a leadership role?

Why is write in Ken Herndon so close to her? This is more troubling than I can write about.

There are many questions to be raised here but someone needs to get on the ball. Hawkins should not be entrusted with children or their organizations. She must be stopped before one of them gets hurt in my opinion.

Finally I am getting a ton of email asking why I have not been on the "attack" against Katie King lately since she is up for reelection. Well quite frankly folks I have never had any personal grudge or attack mind towards Katie or Jim King for that matter.

My fight has always been because of illegality in this case and that fight continues today. Katie should not be on the bench accordingly but to arbitrarily attack just for the sake of doing so crosses a line I don't cross. I find it personally insulting that the Kentucky State Police are STILL "investigating" this case and the fact that Katie is still a sitting Judge at this time.

However, there is not much I can do beyond what I already have to date. I will continue fighting for justice but I will not do it with a personal grudge. In the meantime can someone please explain to me how in the heck she has such weak competition?

That's it for now. Don't forget the election predictions are coming soon so keep reading and as always thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It is beyond insulting that Greg Fischer of all people try to portray Hal Heiner as being less than truthful on anything much less this issue of Fischer buying Green's endorsement. By law he did just that and quite frankly it will not be swept under the rug. It is interesting that the local GOP has shied away from this forcing the State GOP to get involved by requesting an investigation by AG Jack Conway's office.

Doubtful Conway will appoint a special prosecutor any time soon with the election less than 2 weeks away but we shall see.

Why a special prosecutor? Because Jack is a Greg Fischer fan and has donated to his campaign thus creating a serious conflict of interest. But hey that doesn't matter in many cases when it comes to Conway who thinks a college prank from 30 years ago is the most important issue in his own race for Senate.

For the record GOP I said by Friday if no suit was filed I would file it. I don't expect you to have the guts to do it and I am prepared to and will.

Even if Conway were to appoint a special prosecutor how many have faith an invetsigation will be done in a timely manner? It took years to get Steve Henry's investigation done and the King case looks like it will take years as well. Democratic politics as usual.

Has the Democratic Party really become the Dimocratic party many of us tease about them being for real? You bet and this case proves it even more.

Fischer is denying he approached Green with an offer even AFTER Green publicized he did. Of course Green is now saying he has memory problems. No the only problem Green has is not memory in something this significant but his problem is his own stupidity by overestimating just how powerful he thinks he is. After whining about no media attention throughout this whole campaign Jackie Green finally gave mainstream a reason to report about him.

He hoped they would so he could force Fischer to do his bidding. That isn't forgetful that is calculating. Green is a liar in my opinion.

Of course why wouldn't he overestimate? Fischer gives him credibility by making an illegal deal for what. A dozen votes from Green fanatics due to his own fear of losing this election.

Joe Arnold has a great story on this here:
Emails reveal endorsement negotiations between Fischer, Green Louisville Blogs News .... Interesting to see Fischer quoted as talking about truth.

Here is a guy who continually lies about inventing an ice dispenser, lies about supposed awards he has been given, and so many other things I could write a book. The bottom line is Fischer lies every time he opens his mouth proving it is a way of life for him. Fischer would not know thetruth if it bit him.

The real problem is that Green is too stupid to know when to shut up and quit. Green felt he could put Fischer on the defensive by releasing emails to his staff and the media forcing Greg to do his bidding. Know what? It worked. Greg did his bidding.

Fischer was so pissed after the Green release of documents that he made the deal in hopes that the issue would go away so close to election day.

Check this from Arnold:

On Friday night, just two hours after Green released an e-mail to his staff and the media that disclosed his demands for his endorsement, Green announced that he was backing Fischer. It came after a WHAS11 News story featured an interview with Green disclosing that endorsement negotiations were underway, that "documents" had been exchanged, and that Fischer's inclusion of public transit during a mayoral debate that day was a signal that Fischer had adjusted his priorities as a result of his interchange with Green.

Green's statements on WHAS11 infuriated Fischer's team who issued a moratorium to Green that either he endorse that night or lose any standing with Fischer.

Green said Poynter told him, "We’re ready to pull the plug on this."

In an e-mail from Green to Fischer campaign spokesman Chris Poynter at 6:07pm Friday. Green requests that the words "significant input" be added to a sentence in the news release regarding Green's role in determining who will lead Fischer's Office of Sustainability. At 6:38pm, the endorsement is announced with Green to provide "significant input" to help structure that office.

Fischer is an idiot and a lying, illegal one at that. Fischer has proven once again that he will do anything to get elected and why is that? Fischer has no great desire to serve the public. He has never shown any inclination to do anything that he doesn't benefit from.

No Fischer is in this for the special interests he will gain from if elected. Why do millionaire's want an office that pays them a pittance of what they make outside of it?

So they can make more. Fischer is locked at the hip with River Fields and a whole host of other special interests he will benefit from in more ways than we can count.

Think I am wrong? Do a background check on elected officials.

Think about how many people get elected to office and come out with a lot more money than what they entered with. Think that is coincidence? No that is why many want the job. Not all, but for most it is not an altruistic desire to "give back" to the people. At least not without a tithe paid to the politician.

Of course now Green just jeopardized the tithe he was paid for the endorsement because of his own idiocy and playing power politics without knowing how. In short, his own arrogance and ego screwed him. Thank God.

Green is even now destroying what little future he had left by making asinine statements like this one:

Green confirmed that he sent the e-mail, but said the accuracy of his account of the meeting was questionable because he has a poor memory.

"I haven’t the slightest idea," Green said, "I might even have been off base. That might have been our team raising that issue. Ask anybody who knows me what I remember about dates times and specifics. I am a generalist. But the details I lose all the time. I don’t remember my wife’s birthday. I don’t remember my daughter’s birthday."

Translation? "I overplayed my hand by using the media to pressure Greg and Greg is pissed. I better backtrack to save myself once again." Telling the whole world you are incompetent and can't remember anything after trying to run for office? Gee Jackie wonder if you will be stupid enough to run for any office ever again since you just said you can't deal in specifics.

It seems I recall you being specific on my radio show about neighborhood developments etc.

No Jackie it isn't because you can't remember specifics. It is the selective memory process when you get caught and is as old as any story by anyone committing a crime. Some call it jailhouse pallor. You know lie to cover your butt. It isn't that you can't remember you just overplayed your hand by standing in traffic and thinking it would stop for you. When you play in traffic there is a chance you will be hit.

Jackie you bitched, moaned, and groaned for months begging for media. YOU played the victim card and now got the attention you have been craving.

One question.

How does it feel?


For some time now I have been watching with amusement at the tactics of Jack Conway in this election. I have been severely disappointed by him in the last few years and this campaign has made me understand just exactly why.

The pretty silver spoon boy has no substance.

Once upon a time a few years ago I was a fan of Jack Conway admittedly. I thought he had a lot to offer and could be a good elected official but then I had to start this whole investigative thing I do today and quite frankly Jack couldn't hold a candle to many.

Insider deals on energy he has benefited from, rumors abound about him and his personal life, and so many other things someone should write a book. Don't worry it won't be me. Yet anyway.

This campaign has been a stark contrast to what one would expect from Jack based on previous races. No Jack has never been the altar boy everyone thinks he is but he could sell himself as one until now.

Take this idiotic commercial against Rand Paul and the whole "aqua buddha" idiocy Conway is trying to make stick like it matters 30 years later. A little research goes a long way and shows Jack is desperate or stupid by using this ill advised campaign strategy.

Check this out for example:
Conway ‘Lying’ About ‘Aqua Buddha’?

It is very telling because it contrasts everything Conway is trying to claim. First, the article states this:

Those allegations stem from a GQ story published in August. A former classmate of Paul’s at Baylor — speaking anonymously — told a reporter that 30 years ago Paul and a friend tied her hands, asked her to smoke marijuana and then took her to a creek where they blindfolded her and told her to worship an "Aqua Buddha" as her God. Several media outlets repeated the GQ story, calling Paul a kidnapper. But it now appears that the incident was just a weird prank, not a kidnapping, at least according to the woman involved. Still speaking anonymously, she told the Washington Post that she was merely being "hazed" by her friends.

The whole anonymous thing is a real concern. No one has named the accuser yet everyone has run with the story. Does the media have no responsibility to prove a story of such magnitude?

Think about it.

I have gotten several "anonymous" tips with information accusing Jack Conway of being bi sexual, using cocaine, and a whole host of other things. Does that make them true when there is no proof offered? Do I have a responsibility to write about anonymous things if I cannot substantiate them?

One reason I have never wrote about these charges is because no proof has been offered. Yet anyway. Why would I discredit someone based on anonymous info that cannot be verified?

That is the biggest thing that concerns me with these charges.

Secondly, Conway has continually used the lie that Paul's college group the NoZe Brotherhood (weird name I know but hey this is Baylor) was banned and making the inference that Paul was somehow involved.

This is a lie as well based on this from the article:

Politico also reports that the group was indeed formally banned at one point by Baylor on grounds of "sacrilege." But that happened two years before Paul arrived. "They had ‘made fun of not only the Baptist religion, but Christianity and Christ,’ " Baylor President Herbert Reynolds told the student newspaper, The Lariat, according to Politico.

Two years before Paul arrived? Jack couldn't get the facts straight before he went down this road? If he couldn't get the facts straight, and he is a lawyer at that, then what can we expect from him as a Senator?

Conway has become so desperate, as has the whole Democratic party, out of fear of backlash because of Obama and the Democratic Congress and it is becoming apparent to many. To focus an ad campaign spending thousands of dollars of other people's money on something as asinine as this is incredible.

Wonder what his campaign donors are thinking. Seriously I can picture them drinking their morning coffee, reading the newspaper with the CJ article about this ad, then hearing it on the radio. I can picture them saying out loud "damn I helped pay for this idiocy?"

I know I most certainly would react similar and I know many are reacting that way.

If the best Conway can do is use a report about an incident from 30 years ago based on testimony from someone "anonymous" to use against Rand Paul he is in more trouble than he thinks.

Based on my experience in trying to deal with is office on several issues it is no surprise at all. Jack has always been a Democratic Party machine hack and this new way of campaigning for him is very telling in proof.

I, for one, will be glad when he is gone and I hope he stays out of politics from this point forward (I won't hold my breath as I know better) until he at least learns how to be a man and respect those of us that vote.

Dream world? Perhaps but one can dream in this Country at least until the government tells us we can't.

In the meantime ignore the idiocy of these tactics and vote against them.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Update: Thomas McAdam over at the City Hall examiner has posted an article claiming he was the first to report this story on Friday night at 7:30 pm while I first reported it on Saturday morning. I missed the story and he is correct. My apologies. In the meantime McAdam needs to retract his comments regarding me and the Deonte Hollowell situation as he is still pursuing lies.

For a little blogger who is insignificant I sure do break a lot of stories every other media outlet jumps on. By the way boys it is time to give some credit where it is due as I do you. But hey that isn't this story.

On Saturday I broke the story that the deal between Jackie Green and Greg Fischer was an illegal one. You can read it here: Louisville News and Politics: GREG FISCHER AND JACKIE GREEN VIOLATE LAW.

Well today everyone from Jake over at the ville voice and LEO have stated the same thing. Interestingly enough no mention of me was mentioned. As usual but that is ok. I always work above board and will continue to.

In the meantime, as I stated Saturday I will file the suit myself if no one else has the guts and so far no one in the local GOP has stepped up to the plate so here is another story. IF the suit is not filed by Friday by someone I will be filing it myself with media in tow.

It is time to rid ourselves of these back door deals and folks like Greg Fischer who condone it. There already is a copy of a written agreement between Fischer and Green proving the charges. Green was stupid enough to send it out and let people know.

Is it any wonder why he is not smart enough to be Mayor? Green felt this would vindicate his efforts in his issues yet was not smart enough to know this was a blatant illegal act. Fischer of course just assumes, as Abramson always has, that he is above the law so no biggie.

It is my hope that Fischer gets beat so badly in this election at this point that he hides from public view forever. Seriously we are sick of politicians who will lie, cheat, and steal to get elected for their own gain and Fischer proves that he is one and the same.

I have been somewhat critical of Hal to a degree for not being more aggressive in outing Fischer's idiocy but now I see I may have been wrong in that assessment.

I mean how can Hal do any more damage to Fischer than Fischer does to himself every time he opens his mouth?

Stay tuned this will get much worse. I just hope a few people can do their own stories now or at least give credit where credit is due since they ask for that all the time. I won't hold my breath.

This is the official Heiner press release on the story:

Government Department Offered for Political Endorsement

LOUISVILLE, KY – Just fifteen days before the election Greg Fischer is giving us a sneak peek into how his administration would operate. In order to get his political opponent, Jackie Green, out of the race, he entered into written negotiations to turn over the power and authority of a new government agency in exchange for political support.

“On Friday my opponent sent a clear message to the community about how he plans to run the mayor’s office,” stated Hal Heiner. “Negotiating the makeup of governmental departments behind closed doors in an attempt to secure an endorsement is the same old politics that has kept Louisville behind for so long. I’ve spent 7 years on the Metro Council fighting for open government and was able to crack open the door on transparency with the passage of As mayor I will continue to fight for the taxpayers and let the sun shine in. Today I call on Greg Fischer to release all documents drafted between the Fischer and Green campaigns so that the public can see exactly what they’re paying for. We should never forget government exists to serve the people, not the self interest of a political campaign”

Until next time folks!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


The story on District 6 endorsements claimed by Ken Herndon continues. I was not planning on having to deal with this situation anymore but as usual Herndon, and/or his supporters, decided to start spreading lies and falsehoods making it necessary to continue.

That has been the basic problem with his campaign as I told him last week when he requested a one on one "off the record" meeting with me.

I won't divulge the content of that meeting as I agreed to an off the record one. I gave my word and it won't change. With that said I will protect my name and integrity from malicious lies by Herndon and/or his supporters.

Funnily enough they continue to rant about how I as a "blogger" am insignificant. Fair enough, I won't argue, but you sure are wasting a lot of time lying about me to protect yourself aren't you?

Guess what guys? If that was true you wouldn't be out there lying. If that was true I wouldn't have listened to Tammy Hawkins cuss me out making a sailor proud last night. In short, if I was insignificant I would be ignored.

You give me more credibility every time you use my name so thanks in a sense for that. But I digress. You guys want to go down this road then we shall. Many thought personal attacks would shut me up and they were all wrong. They will continue to be wrong. Including you guys.

Apparently, LaTonya Hawkins AKA "Tammy" Hawkins, President of the Jets, has now started lying in public stating I told her I was with the Courier Journal when I spoke with her.

Of course that is a lie by Ms. Hawkins. I even gave my website address to her so she could research who I was, properly spelled my name so she could google it if she wanted. Clearly this mess she has created is caused by her lying and playing the candidates off each other. At least in my opinion anyway. That is the problem with lying and playing games. Eventually you get caught in them.

Personally the truth is so much more intriguing than lies that's why I deal in reality.

Hawkins is continuing to state the letter with her signature is a forgery. That is easy enough to verify, but I wonder if she is possibly suggesting that the other signatures on the letter she signed, it is not a forgery, may have been forged as well. It will be interesting to see if ShaWonda Washington and Ron Mitchell say their names were forged as well.

ShaWonda Washington, the VP of the Jets called me as well asking me to pull the story while Tammy was screaming and cussing me out in the background, quite funny really, until she pulled the phone from Ms Washington anyway. I told Ms. Washington I would not pull the story anymore than any other news outlet such as the Courier or WLKY would.

Why would I? I presented a question, supplied the evidence and the rest is history. They continue to force the issue by libelouos and/or slanderous behavior not me.

Besides here is a crash course for you guys on Internet. Once it is online it has a great potential of being there forever. Even if I did pull the story, which I would never consider anyway, google would still show it as a cache and I can't pull that. So no matter what it is there to stay.

To continue lying with the aid of those such as Kent Wilkerson, who held a fundraiser for Ken Herndon, is well libelous. I guess we may let the courts decide that one. Ms. Hawkins is familiar with the court system I assure you as you will see in a later article.

By the way Ms. Hawkins why have you not publicly written a statement or commented on this site with your opinion and stance on this issue? Why continue lying and hurting your credibility when the truth is outed?

Perhaps because she cannot.

In the meantime the real loser here is the California Jets. The Jets deserve an ADULT to lead their youth organization as it it truly is a bright spot amid all the problems in the 6th District, however, Ken Herndon may have just caused them to lose their non profit status.

A non profit CANNOT endorse ANY political candidate or make contributions to them. Essentially it is called electioneering and forbidden by law.

This is the link to the Secretary of State's office on the Jets showing they are non profit.

Considering the shenanigans going on perhaps there should be an audit of the books done as well.

According to the mailer Ken Herndon has publicized (copied here on my last article) Louisville News and Politics: DISTRICT 6 GETS EVEN WEIRDER: IS KEN HERNDON LYING?, and according to Ken's facebook page where he post a picture of him with the Jets and makes the statement: Here's Kenneth Alan Herndon receiving the endorsement from the California Jets. Picture compliments of Tammy Makeitrain, President of the Jets.

Well Ken just jeopardized funding for the kids and he knows better.

He is accusing others of insider deals and this is one that just cannot be ignored at this point. Knowing that a nonprofit cannot endorse candidates and then openly trying to portray that you received the endorsement from one is a serious problem.

This has to be pursued now guys. You left me no choice.

I have challenged David James as you guys had hoped, posted Thomas McAdam on the Deonte Hollowell story, and the Herndon folks are still spreading lies.

The time for games are over in District 6. George Unseld represented that District with integrity. Whether I agreed with his politics or not the next person in that seat has some big shoes to fill.

This political game using a kids organization is an insult to the legacy of George Unseld.

You guys want to spread lies and deceit? No problem.

I will deal with truth as always. And this much is true. You screwed up and just jeopardized the kids. That will not be tolerated. The kids don't deserve it.

You can thank Ken Herndon and LaTonya AKA "Tammy" Hawkins for that.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Thanks to the stories I have been publishing lately about Metro Council District 6 this race is heating up. As everyone knows by now Councilman George Unseld's untimely passing left a huge void in the Council and whoever wins that seat has big shoes to fill both figuratively and literally.

In the interim Independent candidate, and current Councilman Deonte Hollowell, was chosen as a compromise candidate to fill the Council seat until the general election on November 2. Many people were surprised by this announcement to be sure but no one was more surprised than Democrat Ken Herndon who had actively lobbied for the seat and believed he was the heir apparent. Many in the community agreed. To an extent.

But then Ken Herndon was bypassed by the Democratic party in favor of nominating David James to be the nominee on behalf of the party for the November election. Got all that yet?

Ken decided he didn't like that outcome either so he filed to run as a write in candidate which is perfectly legal.

But there are problems now.

It seems behind the scenes the Democratic party is imploding over this whole mess. Judy Greene is working for Ken Herndon behind the scenes regardless of her public statements that she would support the party nominee. State Democratic Party treasurer, and current Metro Councilman David Tandy, is working on behalf of Independent Deonte Hollowell against the by laws of the Democratic party, and David James is being attacked from many fronts and accused of being a Jim King insider.

A whole lot of negative to be sure but honestly I have not seen the negative come from David James or Deonte Hollowell.

With so much going on one would think we were voting for President but I digress.

Their is a point of contention going on behind the scenes that has now spilled out to the public thanks to who? Yep Ken Herndon.

Ken has not been shy about doing anything and everything he can to get this seat, including challenging the entire Democratic Party itself, yet there is questionable behavior from Ken Herndon at this point and these questions need answers.

It involves a youth program called the California Jets who are well known throughout District 6 and whether they are endorsing anyone to fill George Unseld's shoes.

Ken Herndon is passing around literature claiming that he has a whole host of supporters including the backing of the California Jets youth league Board. He includes a letter with a list of names that include Jets President Latanya Hawkins and it looks authentic right?

The problem?

This letter from the Jets clearly sent AFTER the ballot had been decided.

It is interesting that Herndon would use the first letter and display the name of Ms. Hawkins on behalf of the Jets as supporting his write in candidacy. Ms. Hawkins has denied, on behalf of the Jets, endorsing anyone in this race. The second letter clearly states as much and includes her signature as President of the Jets.

Ms. Hawkins told me herself that "we are not endorsing anyone in this race. The only thing we ask is that whoever wins fulfills the commitments Councilman Unseld held dear and follows in his footsteps."

When I alerted Ms. Hawkins to the fact that Ken Herndon was using this letter publicly and showing that the Jets do indeed endorse him she had no knowledge of it. I believe her. Who would not remember letting someone use their name publicly like this?

She told me that the Jets DID back Ken Herndon during the special vote session of the Council, when they were seeking to replace the late Councilman Unseld, because at that time he was the only one they knew in the District that was running. The Council chose differently and that was the extent of the involvement of the Jets.

This was prior to any nominating process or candidates on the ballot for November.

Since the first letter clearly uses an attack on David James (who was not a candidate during the special vote), shows Ken Herndon as a write in candidate (he wasn't since he was waiting on the nominating process by the Democratic Party), then the Jets clearly could not have made the endorsement Herndon claims they did.

Folks that is a major problem with integrity by Ken Herndon.

To imply someone has endorsed you when the evidence shows they haven't is a huge problem for many. It is also a sad testament once again to the depths a candidate would go to get elected.

Think about it. The California Jets are a youth organization and their football team is a bright spot for the community. How can they answer this?

Do they publicly state that Ken Herndon lied when he could possibly be their next Councilman and they will need help from his discretionary fund to help the kids?

Do they say they support Ken Herndon as a write in only to see him lose on election day and then have to face David James or Deonte Hollowell and ask for money?

This is the "back them into a corner strategy" but a strategy I don't accept.

The Jets are a youth league and there are kids involved. To make a blatant misrepresentation of the facts that will affect this program, one way or the other when all is said and done, makes a mockery of integrity and character in elections.

Quite honestly it is a slap in the face to the late George Unseld as well.

This is a matter of truth in advertising by someone who publicly seeks our confidence and vote.

I am not impressed by Herndon's antics in many ways but have remained silent. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because of the negative attacks against him in 2008 that were beyond belief. Ken has been using this as a catalyst for some time now and has been playing the victim card this whole campaign. Fair enough how he campaigns is his business.

This case is different. You do not misrepresent kids or the groups that represent them.

To do so is telling.

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