Thursday, July 29, 2010


My apologies to you the reader for light posting this week. As many of you know my son is getting married tomorrow (Friday) and to say the least it has been an amazingly busy week preparing for the event. In the meantime here are some things for you to look over and get ready for next week!

GREG FISCHER: If there is any doubt Fischer is the typical tax lover we have become used to check this YouTube video out. Fischer favors the library tax, an Arts tax, and doesn't know squat about marijuana. YouTube - Greg Fischer on Taxes

WORST KEPT SECRET GOES TO..: This is no surprise but worthy of checking out. Local businessman Phil Moffett of Charter Schools fame announced his intent to run for Governor today with running mate Rep. Mike Harmon of Junction City. Businessman, lawmaker announce GOP slate for governor The Courier-Journal

MYVIEWMATTERS RADIO SHOW: Your wishes have come true folks. Tonight I will not be in studio and miss the first show since our inception. Dang wedding rehearsals. Partner Ed Martin will be hosting the show with in studio guest co host Dave Toborowski. Slated to be on air is David Adams who is heading up the Phil Moffett campaign for Governor.

FINALLY: As many of you know the MyViewMatters Radio Show has been self funded since its inception in May 2009. My partner Ed Martin and myself created the show to bring a local talk format back to the local area. We cover everything from local to State and National politics.

We have proven ourselves to be non partisan, though we admit freely we have a conservative slant, and have opened our show to anyone and everyone from all political walks of life and/or political party.

We have had Democrats, Republicans,Libertarians, independents you name it they have appeared on the show. We have had new candidates and elected leaders.

For over a year we have paid for the show out of pocket, which hasn't been easy to do for a couple of working stiffs, but we decided in the beginning to try and do a show with minimal ads so we could focus on issues relevant to all of us in the community today. We have accomplished that and more. Unfortunately Corporate Clear Channel cut off our funding plan at the knees.

We have doubled our listening audience each and every quarter for over a year, who else can say that, and now compete with just about everybody. Our numbers total 10's of thousands each and every week. Our podcast with partners KY Grassroots radio claims 45,000 a week alone.

So what led to this problem?

Clear Channel, owners of WKJK the station we buy our air time from, denied us the right to air political commercials that would have funded the show for a year which hurt our bottom line. In short we did not actively pursue outside ads because we relied on the political ads.

Clear Channel told us unequivocally we could sell any ads we wanted only to then tell us in April, after we sold thousands in political ads, that we could not do political ads.

Obviously this created a problem because the funding we relied upon, and had in hand, could not be used thus creating a financial nightmare.

We are working guys like the majority of us, not rich ones, and we spent our money for over a year. We sacrificed money for the family and ourselves to make this happen gladly, and willingly, hoping it would help engage the local community again. We have been very successful at that according to all the numbers and we are very proud to lead the way.

After sacrificing our money, and having skin in the game, to then be denied the opportunity to replenish so we could continue was a blow we did not expect nor could we have anticipated.Since we had relied on political ads for funding that we were led to believe would be ok, we now must have immediate sales, or at the very least donations, to keep running until we can get a sales staff in action.

We need your help now until the sales staff is in place.

With the campaign season upon us and the work we do bringing issues and politicians to light for us all we need funding. If you could commit an ongoing donation of $10 a month from each member of this group funding would be in place to continue. If each of you made a one time donation of $10 that would keep the show on air for a month allowing us the time necessary to get a sales team in place.

We are doing our best and we know times are tough. We fight those times beside each of you everyday as well, but as we have said from the beginning all of us must stand together and make our voices heard. I hope you can help us meet this challenge.

If you can make a donation please do so today at the paypal link above or snail mail at

PO BOX 58128

If that is inconvenient please let me know. Call me at (502)417-5383 and I will gladly pick up your donation. In the meantime if you have any sales experience, are a business owner, or know one that advertises, let me know. We have great rates. Call me at the number above or write to us at

Thanks for all your help and dedication throughout this time. We hope to continue bringing you the news that is important.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Greg Fischer has hired a new campaign manager by the name of Christopher J. Bizzacco out of Providence, Rhode Island. This is very interesting to me to say the least. Quite frankly I wonder why Fischer had to hire a lifelong Rhode Island resident who has been involved with some shady dealings with the Providence, Rhode Island Mayor as his Chief of Staff.

Greg Fischer names campaign chief in his bid for Louisville mayor The Courier-Journal

According to the CJ: Bizzacco worked in Cicilline’s office for five years as deputy chief of staff and chief of staff. During that tenure, he was drawn into a Rhode Island state police investigation of two $75,000 checks with insufficient funds written by the mayor’s brother, John Cicilline, to the city of Providence to settle a tax debt.

Even veteran Democrat strategist Danny Briscoe, who has much experience running campaigns in Kentucky was quoted as saying the hire "was unusual and unnecessary." Briscoe went on to state “It makes you wonder if things are OK” in the Fischer campaign."

I agree. Chris Poynter was recently hired by Fischer from Abramson's staff, and now Greg went to Rhode Island to get another staffer. Both seem to be in the Abramson mode and Bizzacco comes from one of the most ultra liberal states in the union from the Northeast.

Whether that is indicative of anything or not on where Greg plans to lead us if elected is your decision to make, however, Bizzacco does not make me feel good about where Greg is headed.

To go out of state to hire someone who has never had ties outside the Northeast, and does not know one thing about Louisville, its people, or its culture seems like a last gasp of air for a failing campaign to me. No doubt Fischer will get the votes of the "vote Dems at all cost" mentality of people, as there is no doubt Heiner will get some of the same from the Repub side as well, it seems like a long shot bet that he believes this will instill voters to get to the polls.

Bizzacco brings some of his own baggage to the table too. He was involved in an apparent check kiting scheme involving two $75,000 checks with the brother of Mayor Cicilline in Providence. Bizzacco says he alerted the Mayor to the problem denying any involvement beyond that yet according to this, Fired Providence tax collecter alleges corruption Rhode Island news The Providence Journal, Bizzacco stated he informed Cicilline of the problem and then (Bizzacco)was instructed to take care of it.

I want to know how that was handled I think it is important.

Also consider this article: Anchor Rising: UPDATED - RE: Same as the old Boss?

In 2005, while Bizzacco was Deputy Chief of Staff, City workers received a 1.5% increase in salary. Bizzacco received 37% increase in salary. Does that seem like a problem to anyone?

While Mayor Cicilline was passing out raises to staffers other questions come to mind. The Mayor was able to give raises based on the Rhode Island Foundation, at least in regards to then Chief of Administration John Simmons, but the real red flag is GTECH.

Does the name GTECH sound familiar to anyone here? GTECH is involved with Steve Beshear, Jerry Abramson, Greg Fischer, and a whole host of other Democrats. It may not seem like such a problem to anyone but it does to me.

With the Governor and the current Mayor in bed with GTECH, what does it say when Fischer brings in an outsider who has ties to GTECH as well? Read this on the Rhode Island Foundation: Anchor Rising: Same as the old Boss?.

It appears that GTECH is contributing to the fund and that fund is being used in part for increased pay of government officials. Considering that Donald R. Sweitzer, a senior VP at GTECH in 2005, is a Democratic fundraiser, well all kinds of alarms go off.

How does this come back to Bizzacco? Simply this. There is no way he did not know about this nor could deny a conflict of interest based on this. Let folks make of the situation on the bad checks from his Mayor boss brother what they will. Either he did do something to "take care of it" as he was told to do or he didn't.

To see GTECH's name come up so often in regards to the administration and pay of administration officials he was involved with is a concern. It looks like more of the same and not open transparent at all.

While many of us have seen first hand the patronage by Abramson to the Cordish Group here in Louisville I hope many understand that GTECH is the Cordish Group of the State currently.

I will continue to look into this. I am not saying Bizzacco is crooked as hell....yet anyway, but I am saying he needs serious scrutiny. Fischer could not do a better search?

The fact Fischer hired him with some of these unanswered problems makes me see visions of more of the same as Abramson if elected. It tells me his decision making ability leaves a lot to be desired.

Stay tuned............

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Metro employee Eric Garrett as you may recall was indefinitely suspended for bringing to light major problems within the Public Works Department has now been shafted even further. You can read the original story here: Louisville News and Politics: METRO TIPLINE LEADS TO UNEMPLOYMENT WHEN USED .

Apparently the Abramson regime just does not get it. Well they do they just don't care. They are arrogant enough to think they can do anything they want. Sound familiar? According to a letter sent to Mr. Garrett by Public Works he will not be allowed to return to work until AFTER a psychiatric exam is performed. Anyone else have problems with this?

How can metro demand a psych exam based on an employee whistleblower charges?

Very simple. It is all because Mr. Garrett exposed the problems with Abramson's claim to fame with Energy Star. The charges leveled by Mr. Garrett put in jeopardy Abramson's rep and golden federal money. That can not happen as Abramson depends on that money to manipulate his shortcomings. But hey I digress. Read the links above for more.

In the meantime this is the letter Mr. Garrett received:


So because Mr. Garrett stood up against the machine they create a phony charge.

In February 2010, Garrett contacted the Louisville Metro Ethics tip-line to report supervisory and financial mismanagement in the department, the lawsuit says. After making the complaint, Garrett met with officials from the city's departments of Internal Audit and Human Resources. Sidebottom said his client also met with Metro Council member Hal Heiner.

About a week later, Garrett was notified by a Public Works manager that a complaint had been made against him by another employee of the department. Sidebottom said Garrett was suspended without any further information about the alleged incident.Yet according to Attorney Shane Sidebottom the complaint against Garrett was that he was "being mean" to another employee. He said a third employee has testified to Human Resources that Garrett did nothing wrong during the incident, but the suspension has not been rescinded.

The fact is the request for a psych exam is pure retaliation against Mr. Garrett who used the whistleblower laws and is being punished for it.

Whistleblower laws were put into effect to protect employees from retaliation when outing corruption, illegality, etc yet every time seemingly it is used retaliation is automatic within the Abramson regime.

Sarah Lynne Cunningham was among the first to be retaliated against and Eric Garrett is the latest. While everyone touts openness and transparency today, including Abramson, nothing could be further from the truth of their intent based on the actions of this regime.

The sad part is that there are dozens of folks within Metro who are so fearful of losing their jobs they will not come forward. I know I have spoken with many off the record at their request.

The actions of the Abramson gestapo once again led to a lawsuit. Which of course it always does. How many millions has Abramson cost us in lawsuits? This time it is a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit filed today by Mr. Garrett with his attorney Shane Sidebottom.

From the CJ, City worker who filed whistleblower lawsuit seeks order barring psychiatric evaluation The Courier-Jo... : The lawyer for a public works employee who filed a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit against Louisville Metro government asked Thursday for a court order barring the city from demanding a psychiatric evaluation in order for the employee to return to work.

His lawyer’s request for the order, which was filed in Jefferson Circuit Court, says the city has no right to demand a psychiatric evaluation in this case. According to the filing, the city’s personnel policy allows it to ask for a physician’s exam before an employee returns from medical leave (makes sense right this is usually required from most employers)— but Garrett is returning from a suspension, not medical leave.

“Basically, what they’re saying is the government reserves the right to order any employee to undergo a psychiatric evaluation,” said Shane Sidebottom, who is Garrett’s attorney. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Mr. Sidebottom is not alone most I have spoken with have never seen anything like it either. As a former management person, and as a former employer, I can assure you this type situation did not occur because I knew legally it was unacceptable and I would pay for it.

Abramson does too. In fact he frequently pays for lawsuits with our money, but only after his attorney buddies get paid. As a supposed attorney, and yes I mean supposed because he never accomplished anything when he was supposedly practicing, you would think he would know this too. He does but does not care as long as his cronies get theirs.

This is by design to punish Mr. Garrett permanently for standing up for what is right. He loses either way. If Garrett does not comply they will use it as a basis of termination which will hurt his work record. If he does comply he is labeled someone with a psych problem on his medical and personnel records which will screw him for any possible advancement within his career field with the City.

The problem is the City has actually succeeded to a degree in limiting Mr. Garrett's opportunities within Metro or in the private sector. Thanks to the publicity surrounding this case because of the inept Abramson administration there is now a public record in the media of this. Anyone looking to hire Mr. Garrett today could easily find out he is now labeled a "whistleblower" and many will not take a chance on a person who has proven they will out problems.

I will be following this case closely and update as necessary. In the meantime pay attention because Abramson is screwing us all again. For you other Metro employees with info to share call me I will help you.


As most know there is another independent in this race for Louisville Metro Mayor by the name of Jackie Green. Jackie has made headlines lately for being left out of debates as a candidate and not receiving equal time. Well as usual MyViewMatters Radio stepped up to the plate to fill that void.

Another first! We are the first to give Mr. Green radio air time!

While Jackie is gaining attention because of his stance on the Ohio River Bridges Project, and his support for alternate transportation such as light rail, I asked Jackie prior to the show if we could limit speaking about those issues solely. We wanted to touch on them but contrary to mainstream media who has tried to make this a single issue for Jackie Green, much as they did with Tyler Allen and 8664, I wanted to ensure people knew more about Jackie besides this one issue.

I have to admit Jackie readily agreed to expand the show into what has previously been ignored by mainstream. So in the interest of trying to let our listeners hear from all candidates, and NOT allow them to be labeled as single issue ones (yes most candidates do bring something else to the table than a single issue), here you go.

Topics we discussed were neighborhoods, education, economy and yes lightly on transportation.

Listen in below.


I could not help but do this quick update video from RealClear politics. Apparently Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate Harry Reid praises Democrats for the auto bailout for saving among others.........Ford Motor Company.

Listen for yourself: RealClearPolitics - Video - Harry Reid: Auto Bailout Probably Saved Ford

As anyone and everyone knows Ford was the lone auto company that DID NOT take a government bailout. They opted instead to do what was right. They stood on their own mortgaged the business for all it was worth and are now reaping the benefits.

While Chrysler and GM were eating at the government trough Ford took responsibility and all the risks for the problems they had.

If it wasn't so blatantly obvious that once again Democrat leadership is trying to take responsibility for something they had nothing to do with it would be almost criminal. How many people will believe the LIEberal machine led by Reid because of this statement and vote based on erroneous lies and rhetoric?

Let me state clearly here there are many good Democrats that don't follow this asinine type of bait and switch. But since Reid is the Majority Leader you would think facts would be relevant here would you not?

Ford survived by shrinking the Company into a lean mean machine led by Alan Mulally. They created new products that people wanted to buy. They survived because labor and management worked together and shared equally in the pain. Ford leaders to their credit came clean with labor and asked for help. They stepped up to the plate saving Ford billions in the long run and accepting that they would suffer equally for the greater good.

No big surprise there by labor.

How Reid can make such an asinine false accusation is beyond me.

Your thoughts?


MYVIEWMATTERS RADIO SHOW: Tune in tonight at 6 on WKJK 1080 AM for the MyViewMatters Radio Show with in studio guest Independent Mayoral candidate Jackie Green. As you know Mr. Green has been fighting the mainstream for an equal voice and as usual we at MVM offer one to ALL candidates. Listen in live call in number is (502)571-1080.

RAND PAUL UPDATES: Rassmussen has released another poll on the US Senate race between Rand Paul and Jack Conway that shows Paul leading by 6% over Conway. The poll was conducted on July 21 and stays consistent with what has been reported since January. Check it out here Election 2010: Kentucky Senate - Rasmussen Reports™

SPEAKING OF RAND PAUL: The CJ has yet another story on Paul this time concerning farm subsidies check it out here Rand Paul says farm subsidy stand won’t hurt him The Courier-Journal

OBAMA ADMINISTRATION HAS MAJOR PROBLEMS: Remember the story of Shirley Sherrod the USDA worker who made incendiary racist remarks in a video about a white farmer? Yep I touched on this story as part of a bigger article about racism Louisville News and Politics: RACISM IS ALIVE AND WELL. Turns out Ms. Sherrod was quoted out of context to a degree. In the speech she was using this personal example of a day of epiphany of sorts when she realized that poor had no boundaries between black and white and uplifted herself out of a racist attitude.

The Obama administration demanded an immediate resignation without an investigation.

We find now that the incident she refers to occurred 24 years ago and by all accounts since then she is no racist. I apologize to anyone who read my article who were hoodwinked by this story. Based on available info at the time the story was legit. I must also add this though.

Though the incident was 24 years ago, and in no way reflects who Ms. Sherrod is today, it is still interesting to hear the laughter from the audience who heard her bragging about not doing her best for a white farmer opting instead to pass him off to "one of his own." All before hearing where she was headed.

Though Ms. Sherrod is clearly not that person today the speech was made to that audience today and they clearly enjoyed thinking that she had done this today. While I applaud Ms. Sherrod for overcoming the idiocy of racism I have serious doubts about just how far we have come when the audience clearly enjoyed thinking she was.

CALIPARI JUST LEARNED WHAT IT MEANS TO BE BIG BLUE: Sometimes I just can't help myself doing an occassional story on this. UK Coach John Calipari had scheduled a fund raiser for Gov. Steve Beshear and his UL sidekick Jerry Abramson on August 11 at his ome. He has now cancelled the event Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari cancels fund-raiser for Governor Steve Beshear The Courier-Jo... The official reason by Calipari, who announced the cancellation on his facebook page of all places, "the governor's event planned for August 11 - along with other charitable functions scheduled for our home - have been canceled after realizing the full plate of both professional and pressing, personal matters I will be tending to in the next couple of months. "

I kind of like him inferring the Beshear fundraising event as a charitable one myself.

Uh yep Coach we believe that you didn't know about these so called pressing matters over the next couple of months in advance. It defies logic for someone who does so many events that this was just an oversight.

Just taking a shot in the dark here, but since there are so many rumors about beloved UK alumni Richie Farmer possibly being in the race against Beshear, one can't help but wonder that perhaps the Big Blue faithful pressured him to stick to coaching and stay out of politics.

Have a great day folks listen in tonight!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It has been awhile since I updated you on the gambling situation in regards to Churchill Downs. Months ago KEEP made a deal with Greg Stumbo, who is putting together a run for Governor, that would essentially use the plan elements of bypassing legislation to get gambling at Churchill Downs.

The reason? So Stumbo could get the credit for "saving" the horse industry by taking the blueprint for someone else's work. Nothing new there with Stumbo. In fact you can read articles throughout this website where I outlined most of it. How is Larry Clark involved?

Clark first planted the seed for what they are trying to do now with the instant racing games that are common in Arkansas.

Patrick Neely, leader of KEEP and errand boy for ex- Governor Brereton Jones, the real power behind KEEP, and a horseman as well, called last year to set up a meeting to discuss how charities and KEEP could co-exist. You can read about it here: Louisville News and Politics: CATCHING UP: FRANKFORT, JIM KING, ETC, ETC.

He wanted us to show him a plan that would allow both to co exist and wanted us to do the work for him. We did it all. Once it was done they reviewed it then started playing games with Clark and Stumbo using our plan in their efforts to defeat charities.

We were more than happy to work together to benefit charities and horsemen in Kentucky. We never complained about the countless hours spent researching the laws and restructuring the laws in a way that would allow all to succeed. At the same time we were adding $100's of millions of dollars to the State, millions to the horse industry, and making sure Charities survived.

It was a worthy effort then, as it is now, to ensure the future would be a better one for all involved. All at our expense not one bit of help from KEEP, who approved the plan then balked when they found a way to use the idea for their own selfish gain. No help whatsoever from anyone in Government except Senator Perry Clark who worked with us diligently. A special mention must go to the LRC for their hard work in helping us.

In short we had skin in the game. Brereton Jones and Patrick Neely of KEEP didn't. Noting new as that is how they operate. Let someone else do the work then manipulate it for your own gain. Sure makes it easy for them huh?

You can also read most of the articles I have done on this here: Louisville News and Politics: Search results for charitable gaming

I spent months writing and rewriting SB 222 sponsored by Senator Perry Clark, based on a verbal agreement with Neely of KEEP, Kaven Rumpel representing the Kentucky Charitable Gaming Association, and Bart Atkins, President of D.A.D.S.

Of course the plan all along for KEEP was to make sure KEEP got their money at all expenses with no regard whatsoever to those charities they are trying to put out of business. We felt this time would be different though because they sought us out. I admit I was very hopeful for the first time that finally opposite sides could actually work together given the grave situation everyone is in.

Sadly, for once I took an honest chance and as usual from these idiots was left to be disappointed.

The gimmick instant games that Stumbo is trying to take credit for now would essentially require no legislation but reg changes only which can be done without a major fuss by the House and Senate. And of course it incorporates the basic blueprint plan myself and Kaven Rumpel organized and wrote for the betterment of all.

KEEP has proven once again, as has Stumbo, and Larry Clark, that they are corrupt, and will do anything illegal or unethical to get what they want.

In this case they have screwed up.

Greg Stumbo? Larry Clark? Patrick Neely? Brereton Jones? Read carefully.

You were all told keep things on the up and we would as well. We worked our butts off in an honest open manner to ensure all could be provided for. Against our better judgement we entrusted you guys to follow through. That in itself was a major step for Charitable Gaming after all the problems you have created by buying Reps with your lobby money. We readily extended the olive branch.

You chose to do otherwise. The lies and deception you have employed have proven once again that you cannot be trusted to represent the best interests of the PEOPLE of our Commonwealth.

You chose to go down this road and play this game?

I promised then I would not let you guys destroy the charities or attempt to hurt them further back in November 2009. I meant it then and I mean it now.

Get ready.

You haven't seen anything yet.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Apparently mockery is the sincerest form of flattery or so I'm told. Take the following for example from Steve Magruder's facebook page: "Steve Magruder I have just created a new list titled 'Louisville News&Politics' using TweetDeck,"

What else can be said? Plenty of course.

Louisville News and Politics has been a name I have used for years and primarily over 2 years ago began the website Louisville News and Politics. This name is a recognized for many in politics, and those who keep up with them, not only here in Louisville but across the State as well. In fact some of my readers are worldwide and Federal government entities as well.

States across the Nation follow my MSD stories and other ones I put myself on the line for such as the political corruption of Councilman Jim King and the illegal financing of daughter Judge Katie King. Why? Because these stories are similar across the Nation and many have similar problems and look for answers. I happily give them.

For some soldiers abroad they visit my site to see what is happening on the local, state, and national political front because I do not sugar coat it. I just tell it like it is. Is this perhaps the reasoning behind Magruder using my name? To capitalize for his own name recognition off of mine?

Who knows. I certainly don't since Magruder never even so much as gave a courtesy call or wrote to ask me what I would think of this obvious attempt at recognition and credibility for himself.

While many have been trying to silence me for some time, including some of Magruder's associates, I guess they think infiltrating my name will get the job done they cannot do any other way. Rest assured I will continue doing what I do for as long as I want to.

Anyone following Louisville News and Politics knows this. Because of this apparent attempt to discredit or capitalize on my name I must write this article and make sure you the reader know this twitter account is not from me.

The Louisville News and Politics twitter account is NOT from me, my staff, or anyone involved with the Louisville News and Politics, MyViewMatters Radio Show, or MVM Media Group in any way.

We do not condone any remarks made by anyone who follows this twitter page or Steve Magruder in any way shape, or form.

We vehemently oppose Magruder or anyone else using the name we have made relevant for years in a way that is not APPROVED by nor sought from anyone associated with Louisville News and Politics, MyViewMatters Radio, or MVM Media Group.

Trust that in the event we were to ever make such an alliance to use our known name willingly it will be in writing and broadcast for all to see.

The truth in this case must be known so as not to damage our reputation by anything those like Magruder would attempt to publicly state.


By now everyone has heard of the New Black Panthers and their statements to kill "crackas" and their babies. Never mind these fools have never suffered from racism in America nor were they brought here against their will as slaves.

As you know in November 2008 Black Panthers decided to keep whites from being allowed to vote in Philadelphia, DEROY MURDOCK: New Black Panther activists' cases dropped by courts » Abilene Reporter News, using statements such as “Cracker, you are about to be ruled by a black man,” one of the New Black Panthers told a white voter. They taunted others as “white devils.” A black couple serving as GOP poll watchers felt endangered when the Panthers called them “race traitors.”

Two members of the New Black Panther Party, King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson, stood within 15 feet of this polling station dressed in military-style black jackets, black berets and black combat boots. Shabazz wielded a two-foot-long night stick.

At an April 23, 2010 U.S. Civil Rights Commission hearing, Chris Hill, an eyewitness, explained under oath that he spoke with the male Republican pollster inside the precinct. “He was definitely shook up,” Hill testified. “And he told me that he was called a race traitor by Mr. Shabazz... and that he was threatened if he stepped outside of the building, there would be hell to pay.”

And yet the Obama administration refused to prosecute this case.

We are now told daily by mainstream media that the TEA Party is a racist organization though approximately 18% of TEA partiers are African American. The myth was pursued so much by the liberal mainstream media that the NAACP jumped on board with a resolution telling the TEA Party to denounce racism.

That was obviously an easy thing for the TEA party to do since no evidence exist to prove they are racist.

Now comes this video from Obama US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Georgia Director Shirley Sherrod addressing the NAACP:

This is just one more pathetic example of racism in Government. The above concerning the New Black Panthers and the administration not taking appropriate action, and now this from a Government employee admitting to screwing over a poor farmer facing bankruptcy because he was white and she could.

I, for one, am sick of the whole racist angle mainstream media uses to keep us apart and the Government uses for even more control.

Do not think for one second I am letting other racists off the hook like the KKK because they are yet another hate group. I spend a considerable amount of time in political circles with elected leaders and employees of such.

Racism exists in many forms and crosses all boundaries.

You would be amazed at just how racist many are. Black and White.

While the NAACP did not denounce the New Black Panther Party members and their criminality, and using racism at the election booth, NAACP Senior Vice President Hilary Shelton immediately denounced the statements by Sherrod.

Thank you Mr. Shelton maybe someone in the NAACP still has some integrity left. One can only hope.

Racism exists because of weak minded shallow individuals who cannot take responsibility for their own actions and repercussions in life. It is not a "black and white" issue. When one of us Americans suffer we all do.

When we allow our own Government led by the President of the United States to allow this type of behavior and way of thinking we have a serious problem.

Racism only benefits those who wish to divide us and currently it would seem that the administration itself is the divider. There is not one of us left alive today who was brought here against their will into slavery. As a matter of fact NO ONE IS MAKING ANYONE STAY HERE against their will either. At least the last time I checked anyway.

To continue using the divisive tactics that separate should be an affront to us all.

Each of us, regardless of race, have an obligation and a duty to be the best we can be in this world so the future of our children and our grandchildren etc can be one that is prosperous, safe, and secure in the American way of life.

I will no longer sit idly by and be accused of being a racist because I am "whitey." I have harmed no one because of skin color or ethnicity. Folks like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, locally Louis Coleman, and now the New Black Panther Party, the KKK, and the Obama administration itself, have always prospered by selling us this garbage dividing us for their own gain.

How many of us today have profited from racism?

Mainstream media and elected officials have.

It is time for us to say no more.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


According to this Independent Jackie Green displeased with lack of mayoral debate invitations The Courier-Journal Jackie Green is not happy. Who could blame him right? A candidate for the City's top job and no one will give him a voice? Fair or unfair?

For myself I brought into question candidate Green's complaint last week because he was not an official candidate at the time of the Home Builder's Association forum. Until you are official you cannot expect to be invited. If you are not an official candidate you are someone with an opinion nothing more nothing less and it is a waste of time for any forum. We all have opinions but not all of us get heard.

That changed last week when Jackie Green finally filed his official candidate paperwork.

Now that Jackie Green is an official candidate he is still being ignored and that for me is a problem.

I ran as an independent candidate for Mayor in 2006. I know firsthand the exclusionary practices of many groups to discount and not allow ALL voices to be heard. What do they have to fear?

According to the CJ Green didn't receive invitations to participate in either of the first two mayoral forums since Republican Hal Heiner and Democrat Greg Fischer won their primary elections in May.

In my opinion he had no right to be included then since he had not filed the candidate paperwork to officially be on the ballot. So where are we now?

Let's look at the HBA. Charles Kavanaugh, executive vice president of the Homebuilders Association, said Green's platform of preserving farms and fields while funneling development to already built-up areas doesn't fit with his organization.

"From our standpoint, we went with the two mainstream candidates in what we view as a transformational election," Kavanaugh said.

So the object is to just allow mainstream candidates to debate? Doesn't sound reasonable to most. In fact when speaking with some members of the HBA, anonymously of course, they had no problem allowing Green a voice. Once I pointed out that Green was not technically a candidate at that time they assumed that was why the HBA didn't include him. Kavanaugh didn't even tell them the truth.

Now that Green is officially on the ballot that would change right? Wrong.

Green will be included in a debate Wednesday at Bellarmine University, but a luncheon next month sponsored by the Greater Louisville Hotel and Lodging Association features only Heiner and Fischer. Michael Howerton, president of the association, said his group has scheduled Green separately in October after The Courier-Journal asked about Green's exclusion.

But Green called his stand-alone invitation "unacceptable."

"The audience needs to see all three side by side to compare," he said.

I agree and speaking from experience just how much attention will the stand alone invite get in October just before the election when the major candidates won't even be there? Absolutely none.

You would think that the Greater Louisville Hotel and Lodging Association surely would want to hear from all candidates would you not? Again nope.

Here is what Hal Heiner had to say: "If there is a candidate and they are pursuing the office by trying to put forward ideas and meeting people in the community ... I just think voters have a right to hear" their vision."

Heiner gets it. Fischer? Nope not at all he is still dancing.

"We don't really insert ourselves into what their forum is," Fischer said. "I'm more than happy to participate with Jackie when he is at an event."

Greg it's hard to be at events when people like you don't mind when event staff excludes a candidate.

In 2006 I experienced first hand the exclusionary tactics and was only allowed to participate in two debates myself. The first at Meyzeek Middle School sponsored by the NAACP and mediated by Raoul Cunningham.

The second was the WLKY televised debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters and moderated by John Boel.

Interesting enough according to news reports at the time I won the debates and kicked Abramson's butt. You would think that would have sent a sign that independents are not all crackpots, and those outside the two party system should at least be able to hear all candidates and ideas. I mean hell it's not like we are hijacking them and keeping them from voting for their candidate of choice. So what is to fear?

Everything if you are a party machine candidate. Someone might actually be able to stand up and call you a liar and back it with proof like I did with Abramson in 2006. Jerry is a machine and Fischer wants to be Abramson.

Abramson had the power to overcome his fallacies being brought to light by an unknown like me. Fischer does not. I have to admit I loved seeing Jerry get red faced when he couldn't refute my claims but I digress.

The local NAACP and the League of Women Voters have proven to be the only ones with the fortitude to allow equal access to all in favor of the public getting as much info as they can from their candidates. Props to both of them for being progressive and forward thinking in this regard.

Jackie Green was heard in quite a few forums during the primary which made no sense to me at all, so what gives now that he is officially on the ballot?

It is time to quit shoving independent candidates to the rear and allow equality. Ask Senator Jimmy Higdon if independents are important. They elected him to the Senate earlier this year though he was outspent by the party machine.

Will Jackie Green win? I don't think he has a chance in hell myself.

BUT he does deserve the opportunity to prove me wrong. We deserve to hear from all candidates who put it on the line. See you in studio on Thursday Mr. Green.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


The biggest issue in this year's Mayoral election seems to be one most would not think would be. While we are suffering with rampant unemployment, denigrated neighborhoods, high crime rates, under reported crimes, and so many other things the bridges debate rages on.

With Tyler Allen of 8664 fame as part of the primary process we knew the issue of transportation would be addressed, and rightfully so, as part of the overall Mayoral election picture. What is interesting is now that the primaries are over the Ohio River Bridges Project seems to still be the biggest topic of the day.

I have said from the beginning this project was all about the money and not necessarily just the money needed to build it. This is about money the politicians can rape, ponder, and pillage for their own gain. Louisville News and Politics: OHIO RIVER BRIDGES PROJECT: YEP IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

The Courier had a story on Friday addressing the use of tolls which would total $6 per trip if the bridge were used. Tolls could fund more than half of Ohio River Bridges cost The Courier-Journal. This is exactly what is wrong with the planners of this monstrosity. In an economy we are suffering from, what genius would think people could afford to pay $6 per trip to cross a bridge. What about the workers who commute to Indiana every day to work who will be forced into this. It may not seem like much but when we are all struggling trying to make ends meet that extra $30 per week is enormous. And that is the problem.

Additionally, why in the world are we still focused on redoing spaghetti junction when the East End bridge has not been built, though there were many photo ops with Abramson and Anne Northup touting construction starting, and just as important, why are we still ignoring a Southwest bridge that was promised when the Snyder was built but has been ignored since!

From the beginning of these discussions one thing became clear. Mayoral candidate, and Abramson lover, Greg Fischer loves the idea of tolls. Think of me what you will but Fischer has from the beginning not been credible in taking a stand against tolls though he now says $6 is too high. The problem is he has never stated he would not support tolls and until pushed into a corner he would not even say he favored an East End bridge first.

This is a transparent effort to hide his true feelings on this issue alone. Considering his relationship with the East End River Fields obstructionist folks I would not trust him for dog catcher right now.

Compare that with Mayoral candidate Hal Heiner who has stated from the beginning he would agree to an east end bridge first. He has been consistent in this statement from the beginning of the issue. He additionally followed up with a statement on Friday as well:

“This afternoon the Louisville Southern Indiana Bridges Authority submitted a report to the regional planning agency with estimated tolls of $6 per trip. This would represent one of Louisville’s largest tax increases and I will not support this rate. While we realize this is a preliminary number, I urge the authority to work diligently to reduce this rate. If $6 per trip is the only way the authority can build 2 bridges, then I believe we need to reduce the scope of the project by breaking it into more manageable phases with the east end bridge being the first phase of a multi phase project. While I believe I-65 and Spaghetti Junction will ultimately have to be addressed, I find a $6 trip financially irresponsible and a burden Louisvillians will not accept.”

Nothing like hearing common sense from a politician huh. For the record I agree with Hal.

And for those who ask, Independent candidate Jackie Green has generally favored scrapping the whole plan leaning more towards investing in light rail or other alternatives to bridges.

Independent Nimbus Couzins? Who knows. My feeling is he is still studying the stars to see what they tell him to think.

Bottom line is simple. A leader looks at all options and makes an informed decision. With that in mind Hal Heiner clearly appears to be the best candidate in this situation.

Just sayin'

Thursday, July 15, 2010


MyViewMatters Radio Show tonight was with in studio guest co host KY Grassroots Radio's own Clint Hardy. We talked about everything from the Tea Party to racism, and illegal immigrants. We spoke about MSD, Greg Fischer, Charlie Miller, and Bob Henderson.

In fact, we covered a lot of ground. Listen in below.


MYVIEWMATTERS RADIO: Quick reminder to listen in to WKJK 1080 AM tonight at 6 pm for the MyViewMatters Radio Show. Call in number as usual is (502)571-1080. We want to hear from you no topic off limits!

BP OIL SPILL HAS MORE VICTIMS: It isn't just the sea life folks suffering, animals on shore are being abandoned at alarming rates thanks to BP putting everyone on the coast essentially out of work. Oil Spill: Gulf Pets Abandoned As Owners Can No Longer Afford To Care For Their Animals (VIDEO)

EVEN MORE ON BP: Warning this is an alarming article on just how bad things really are or could get in the Gulf and why. The Oil Drum Deepwater Oil Spill - A Longer Term Problem, Personnel - and Open Thread 2

MORE REASONS NOT TO TRUST UNCLE SAM: According to this post the Government withheld info from the 9/11 commission. Gee is anyone surprised? Justice Department withheld evidence from 9/11 panel

IN THE WHITE HOUSE IS ALIVE AND WELL: How anyone can justify dropping charges in this case is beyond me. Especially when you consider the statement by former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams who testified, “I was told by Voting Section management that cases are not going to be brought against black defendants on the benefit of white victims.” DEROY MURDOCK: New Black Panther activists' cases dropped by courts » Abilene Reporter News

Monday, July 12, 2010


So what do our local Democrats have in common besides party affiliation? Their belief that they can misuse our tax money for their benefit whenever they want.

In April I did a story on Democrat Vickie Welch and Mike O'Connell for misusing our tax funds as their personal reelection slush fund and apparently the Dems still have not gotten the message. Throughout this site you will see article after article about Councilman Bob Henderson and his ethics violations that Metro will not do anything about since he is a Dem and part of the Abramson rubberstamp regime.

Once again Henderson and the Dems in the South End think they can do whatever they want. This weekend they used our tax money once again as their personal slush fund for the Farnsley Moremen Ice Cream Social event.

I received several calls on Monday asking me why Henderson, Charlie Miller, and Mayoral candidate Greg Fisher were allowed to give a political speech at this event since it was open to the public and NOT advertised as a Democratic rally. It was supposed to be a gathering for the locals to socialize not a political event.

For the record if a candidate was there passing out literature or speaking one on one with those in attendance I can understand that, but to allow any party the right to hijack the event and make it a political rally is a misuse of our public funds and our public trust once again.

For the Democrats here in Louisville it is a way of life and this is one example of how they manipulate elections.

Sorry not with my tax money.

Look at the following as advertised:

Metro Parks Newsroom

Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing to host "Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social" July 11
Wednesday June 30, 2010

There isn’t a better or more refreshing treat on a hot summer day than an ice cream cone.

The staff at Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing discovered this fact nine years ago, when they hosted their first-ever "Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social." The perennial favorite is back again this year, and will be hosted on the grounds of the historic home on Sunday, July 11, from 1-5 p.m.

"Every year, we’re able to make this event better and we’re looking forward to having the public out to the Ice Cream Social again on July 11," said Patti Linn, site manager. "It’s a fun event, and perfect for the entire family."

Ehrler’s will be providing ice cream concessions featuring great flavors familiar to local residents. Food vending will be provided by the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association and will include ribeye steak sandwiches, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, French fries and more.

Live music from the MacDaddies and Josh and Holly will take place from 1-5 p.m., and children will be sure to enjoy games, miniature train rides and a farm animal petting zoo. Other activities will include discounted tours of the Farnsley-Moremen House, pony rides and horse-drawn carriage rides. Featured events will include an ice cream eating contest at 3 p.m., with awards going to fastest eater, messiest eater and neatest eater.

Admission to the event is free. Some of the activities will require the purchase of a ticket (train rides, carriage rides, pony rides and tours of the historic home).

The Ice Cream Social is made possible by Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing, Inc., Metro Parks and Councilman Bob Henderson (D-14). Please call 935-6809 for more details.

By allowing this to happen the Farnsley Moremen folks have just violated their non profit 501(C) status as well by illegally allowing this to happen. The people of PRP and Valley Station are used to these shenagians form the moron Henderson but this will not be allowed any longer.

$4000 or OUR money was appropriated for this event. The request was made by Bob Henderson on behalf of the 501(C) Farnsley Moremen organization and passed on June 3, 2010.

Appropriations, NDF’s & CIF’s Committee Meeting Minutes Thursday, June 3, 2010 5:10 PM. Third Floor, City Hall

Status: In-Committee
Committee: Appropriations, NDFs and CIFs
Primary Sponsor: Robert Henderson
Motion to approve made by Doug Hawkins and seconded by Judy Green.

By voice vote, the item was Approved.

Farnsley Moremen should lose their non profit status immediately for allowing this. Henderson, Fisher, and Miller should all face penalties. But of course that will not happen either. There will be an ethics complaint filed against Henderson and Miller. There will also be a challenge made against Farsnley Moremen and their status.

We will see what becomes of it but now you know. Remember it in November.


BREAKING NEWS: According to sources Chairman of the Board for MSD Barbara Wheatley just resigned effective immediately. No reason was given. Additionally, instead of the board following protocol, or MSD executive Director Bud Shardein taking control of the meeting apparently MSD attorney, and longtime co hort to the abuse and possible illegal actions by MSD, Larry Zielke took over and elected a new Chairman and Vice Chair.

You can read more about Zielke here: Louisville News and Politics: MSD SET UP THE PLAN FOR "FEES" 10 YEARS AGO OR LONGER

Stay tuned for more as I get it.........

Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's a good thing we have the Internet these days. Seriously. Otherwise how would anyone get the truth or what it means anymore? Take the CJ's latest on Rand Paul and his opposition to farm subsidies Joseph Gerth Rand Paul's stand on farm subsidies, drug program raises concerns The Courier-Journal.

Let's define subsidy. Webster's defines subsidy as: a grant or gift of money as:

a : a sum of money formerly granted by the British Parliament to the crown and raised by special taxation
b : money granted by one state to another
c : a grant by a government to a private person or company to assist an enterprise deemed advantageous to the public

According to the article by Joe Gerth, Rand is accused of being against farm subsidies period. Of course in keeping with States issues of keeping their own money this would not be unexpected to a degree. Rand has been on record, and it is even mentioned in Gerth's article, that he wants to focus on waste in the farm subsidy program and on subsidies that go to farmers who earn more than $2million a year, instead of taking aim at the family farmers who rely on subsidies to stay in business.

You see this actually makes a lot of sense for several reasons the most prominent being that the subsidy program is not going to the family farms it was intended to help.

Just 10% of America's largest and richest farms collect almost three-fourths of federal farm subsidies. This means that the other 90% get shafted essentially.

Corporate farms are this 10% and they get most of the money. In fact the family farms get very little if any at all. From 1995-2009 the largest and wealthiest top 10 percent of farm program recipients received an average total payment over 15 years of $445,127 per recipient. The bottom 80 percent of farmers received an average total payment of just $8,682 per recipient.

According to EWG EWG Farm Subsidy Database, in 2009, a full 60 percent of farm subsidies flowed to States represented by Senators serving on the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. Nice tie in huh?

Congressional Districts represented on the House Committee on Agriculture received 37 percent of all farm subsidies that year. Members representing four out of the top five Districts in terms of farm subsidies serve on the House Agriculture Committee. Is it any wonder it is an uphill climb to reform farm subsidies?

Ten states, Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, California, South Dakota and Missouri, accounted for 56 percent of total subsidies in 2009.

Cut it any way you like but the numbers don't add up to being an equal process. And therein lies the problem and Rand may be right. Farming subsidies were designed to protect the small farmer with the family business from losing their um "asset" in hard times but through the years it has gotten to be a free money end game for corporate farms to enhance their bottom lines.

How so? By paying corporate owners for nothing more than owning land labeled for farming.

This is designed to stabilize prices and keeps farmers from going broke through excessively low prices. The only problem is that most of the money does not go to the farmer but to the corporation that bought the land cheap. They get the free money to enhance their bottom line for profits.

We aren't talking pennies here. Washington paid out a quarter of a trillion dollars in federal farm subsidies between 1995 and 2009.

It gets better.

As the farm policy debate raged throughout 2007 and 2008, corn growers made a point of saying that the farm legislation they were focused on would be coming out of the energy committees. Sure enough, the resulting 2007 energy bill mandated American drivers to put 15 billion gallons of corn ethanol in their tanks every year by 2015, with accompanying tax breaks to gasoline blenders that already approximate the $5 billion spent each year on automatic direct payments. Since not even those government props have been sufficient to maintain profitability, the corn ethanol industry has been laying siege to Capitol Hill and the White House to increase the mix of ethanol in gasoline by 50 percent. Next will come a demand to expand the 15 billion gallon annual mandate to 20 billion gallons or more of corn ethanol.

All designed to force us to pay more subsidies to corporate farms.

Bottom line is this. Not everything is as simple as the mainstream would lead us to believe.

Is Paul against ALL farm subsidies? I don't know but the fact he will visit the issue should lead to better accountability to the self serving corporate interests and that can't be too bad can it?

Saturday, July 10, 2010


You know with this whole Obama plan to sue States over their rights and his obvious willingness to destroy America through socialism I can't help but wonder why ore do not stand up against this type of thing. Take this article for example:

Thieves could go free while victim faces jail time - KDVR

I am just in awe of just what this says to the American people. What the hell is going on.

According to the story 82-year-old Robert Wallace said in February that he looked out his window and saw two men hooking his flatbed trailer up to their pickup. He yelled at them to stop, but they sped away, stealing his trailer. He told police he fired two shots at the pickup.

Minutes later, police say 32-year-old Damacio Torres dropped 28-year-old Alvaro Cardona off at a hospital emergency room with a gunshot wound to the face.

The Jefferson County DA's office said that neither Torres nor Cardona have been charged with anything at this point, even though Torres confessed to the crime. However, the homeowner, Wallace is facing twelve felony counts, including four counts of attempted first degree murder. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Yes you are reading correctly. Though Torres confessed to the crime HE IS NOT BEING CHARGED with anything while the 82 year old man is facing felony counts including 4 counts of attempted murder.

Of course I am trying to figure out how he gets 4 counts of attempted murder with only 2 criminals involved. Funny math huh.

More importantly read this:

Sources say Torres and Cardona are believed to be in the country illegally and both have an arrest record. Cardona's record includes public fighting and numerous traffic offenses like driving without a license or insurance. Torres's record includes agricultural trespassing as well as a 2005 arrest for aggravated motor vehicle theft for which he was given a plea bargain to a lesser crime. Sources say Torres is also under investigation for being part of a major auto theft ring.

Anyone care to explain how we can have two people possibly here illegally with a multiple count rap sheet, shot while committing yet another crime, suspected involvement in a major auto theft ring, and they will face no penalties but the guy who stood up to stop them will?

Does anyone doubt that this kind of continued behavior by our own Government will ultimately lead to an armed revolution? Yep that sounds like a nutjob but revolution is good. Seriously. This site is one example of revolution, albeit a peaceful one based on trying to get people involved and thinking about what America and our future has in store.

Nothing wrong with that BUT when we continue to go down the path that criminals in general, and non citizen ones even worse, have more rights than their intended victims then we set ourselves up for a non peaceful revolution.

And that should not happen in today's America. It is time We the People took our Contry back. We must stand together to eliminate the threat to us even when that threat is from within.

Unfortunately the leaders of our Country apparently disagree.....


Never mind that Larry Clark is an imbecile and has been for years. Never mind that Clark lies about his 100% voting record. Never mind that Clark has stood in the way of progress in Kentucky for years if he does not personally benefit from it. Yep Larry we know about certain deals and certain bars that are "rumored" to have happened.

The one thing Clark has always relied on is the support and money by labor in Louisville. It has always been one point of contention for many throughout the community that labor has typically always supported the Democratic candidate no matter what.

This year marks a milestone for labor in Louisville and a big problem for Larry Clark. Republican Brian Simpson is Clark's opponent in November and represents a new breed of Republican candidate.

Why so?

Because Brian is not just a Republican he is also a union worker, supporter, and advocate. This creates a major problem for Clark as he has consistently turned his back on organized labor in recent years believeing he can do what he wants regardless of his base.

Take the following for example:

Larry Clark has continued going down a path that hurts working families in Kentucky and that is finally being recognized. Clark should have gotten the message during the primary when the Teamsters endorsed Brian Simpson for both the primary AND the general election.

This terminology is important because Clark was told in no uncertain terms that they were done with him. Instead Clark's typical ego led him to believe that the Teamster's would "get over it" and he would be fine in the General.

Sorry Larry you need to get over yourself. IN fact WHAS Joe Arnold did a story on this Teamsters say Clark lied, endorsing Republican instead Louisville Blogs News for Lou...

What did Clark do? Decided to act like it was a personal thing between him and Teamster President Fred Zuckerman. Sorry Larry in this case it was you against the working families of Kentucky as usual.

Zuckerman states that no incumbent should take union support for granted. I agree. But not only did Zuckerman make the statement he also sent a scathing reply to Clark in response to his letter seeking support:

This should bode well for Brian Simpson and working families in Kentucky. I certainly hope I am part of the crowd singing "hey hey hey goodbye" to Clark in November.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Tonight's show focused mainly on local issues since our guest co host was none other than former Alderwoman and former Council person Denise Bentley. Of course we didn't agree on everything so things got a little heated at one point but I have to say I enjoyed the show.

We covered everything from the Ohio river bridges project to the Mayoral election. Check it out below!


MYVIEWMATTERS RADIO SHOW: MyViewMatters Radio show is live on air tonight at 6 following the Sean Hannity show on WKJK 1080 AM. Listen in live and call in at (502)571-1080. Guest co host tonight is Denise Bentley.

RICK PITINO/KAREN SYPHER: For those of you who are not sick of this story yet (I most certainly am) the Courier did a piece today outlining the Prosecution's plan against Sypher. Rick Pitino extortion trial strategy unveiled by prosecutors The Courier-Journal. The most interesting part is that they will allow documented testimony from a case involving Sypher from 2009 by her now deceased ex boss. Interesting in that the case was settled out of court and obviously there can be no cross examination of the ex boss.

Wonder when they will allow the testimony of those ex girlfriends of Pitino's who were sexually harassed including a rumored payoff to an administrative assistant at UK in a case that is rumored to have lasted 4 years. Would that not also go to character? Time will tell.

CONWAY COMES OUT OF HIDING FOR A NIGHT: Rand Paul and Jack Conway exchange barbs The Courier-Journal. About the only ting I got from this was that Rand Paul actually stood on substance and Jack stood on party loyalty. While Paul stressed his themes of a balanced federal budget and term limits to eliminate the problem of "career politicians," Conway said he wants to "take back for Democrats the seat of former Democratic Sen. Wendell Ford" by replacing Republican Sen. Jim Bunning, who is retiring.

Uh Jack that seat belongs to the people of Kentucky and never Wendell Ford. This same old tired party line dogma illustrates just exactly why Conway does not need to be elected.

OBAMA SUING ARIZONA: Louisville News and Politics: OBAMA AND BIG BROTHER NOW SUING ARIZONA. What happened to states rights? If the feds won't do their job doesn't the state have the right to protect its citizens? One more abuse of power in this case in my opinion. Of course it is easy to do since Obama is spending our money.

Until next time..............

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I read an article in the LEO today by Steve Shaw concerning the ORBP and found some things fascinating. You can read it here: Bridge to division Louisville's Alt-Weekly LEO Weekly. What was interesting wasn't the content as we have known for some time the majority wants an East End Bridge first. No what was interesting were the comments by Bridges Authority Executive Director Steve Shultz.

According to Shultz "dividing the project “is not on the table for us right now""

When asked if he would follow up with state sponsors and federal highways about possibly dividing the project up his answer was?

“I’m not going to make it part of our normal work stream because we’re trying to fund the bridges project as it’s been defined for us.”

Herein lies my problem. Who defines the project and why are they not addressing this issue as the public has made clear this is their wont. One more example of those being in power circumventing the will of the people in my opinion.

Here is one more interesting tidbit: The authority is expected to vote on a financial plan after November’s election. Big surprise huh? Don't do anything that would upset the elections for fear of, oh I don't know maybe, being held accountable?

The primary factor to this whole project is not necessarily about traffic congestion being relieved but about how the City, and the inherent cronies within, can profit from it through the abuse of tolling. Make no mistake they will toll until they bleed us dry which is why they are so reluctant to downsize and use common sense for this project. They want to get their money and not worry about us necessarily.

Of course never mind that the locals who are struggling will hurt the most from this asinine idea.

With the expansion of Fort Knox for example, Radcliffe will be an area that will see tremendous growth and opportunity leading us into another problem. Lost revenue.

Currently Radcliffe is used by the area surrounding Ft Knox as basically a drive through to get to Louisville. When they expand, what will be the incentive for those who currently drive through Radcliffe to get to Louisville to continue that tradition and spend their money here?

Well we have one thing I have been advocating for years. Fulfilling the promise of the Gene Snyder to the Southwest.

By building a SW bridge the Dixie highway corridor can expand and create an atmosphere conducive to those in the Ft Knox area to continue driving here and spending money. With the addition of the SW bridge making it slightly easier to get to Indiana, and the big draw there gambling, developing an entertainment corridor in the Dixie area makes sense. It will create an incentive for these folks to continue spending here thus making money.

Based on my research we can build both the East end bridge and the SW bridge and completely fulfill the promise we were made for the Gene Snyder for less than $1 billion and would require no tolls.

Funny how no one wants to focus on that........

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


OK has anyone else had enough? Obama has decided to use our taxpayer money to sue Arizona over their decision on illegal immigration. What else do we need this nut job to do? Justice files lawsuit against Arizona immigration law - Washington Times

Arizona has a serious problem with border security and now Obama is trying to usurp their attempt at helping correct it. Obama is hiding behind federal law, a law that has clearly not been adhered to or effective, in trying to shut down Arizona.

The government is seeking an injunction to delay the July 29 implementation of the law until the case is resolved. It ultimately wants the law declared invalid.

government contends that the Arizona law violates the supremacy clause of the Constitution, a legal theory that says federal laws override state laws. It is already illegal under federal law to be in the country illegally, but Arizona is the first state to make it a state crime and add its own punishment and enforcement tactics.

President Obama last week in a major address on the controversy called the state's new rules "unenforceable," and the lawsuit had been expected for some time. The decision comes as the president is calling on Congress to pass a broad immigration bill that would legalize illegal immigrants, but the push has been resisted by lawmakers who say Mr. Obama needs to first worry about border security.

The Government, in this case Supreme being Obama who ran for President, as part of his platform, on comprehensive immigration reform, has decided that he knows what is best for individual states and their rights.

The tenth Amendment states that the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Of course the Obamamites will say that federal law usurps the states rights and to a degree they may be correct but what about this. If the federal law is not enforced, creating duress and a financial burden on the State itself, do States not have the power and/or authority to correct the problem on behalf of its people? Perhaps Arizona should counter sue the Government, and Obama himself, for failure to do their job?

The decision comes as the president is calling on Congress to pass a broad immigration bill that would legalize illegal immigrants, but the push has been resisted by lawmakers who say Mr. Obama needs to first worry about border security.

Gee any political motive here by Obama and the insider Democratic machine? You bet.

Gov. Jan Brewer's spokesman called the decision to sue "a terribly bad decision."

"Arizona obviously has a terrible border security crisis that needs to be addressed, so Gov. Brewer has repeatedly said she would have preferred the resources and attention of the federal government would be focused on that crisis rather than this," spokesman Paul Senseman said.

That would make too much sense. Actually spending money correcting a problem instead of spending it aiding and abetting the problem? Gee is that an un American sentiment or what? Sarcasm purely intended.

Republican Sens. Jon Kyl and John McCain of Arizona also lashed out at the administration's decision, saying "the American people must wonder whether the Obama Administration is really committed to securing the border when it sues a state that is simply trying to protect its people by enforcing immigration law."

Well said. It would appear that the Obama agenda will leave no stone unturned including suing a State for doing nothing more than protecting its people. And of course on OUR DIME at that.

Keep up the fight Arizona many of us are with you.

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