Sunday, May 31, 2009


How to get reelected without trying: Rumor has it that Abramson will NOT run for reelection in 2010. True? Who knows. Could it be that this is just a ploy to get more Dems into the race thus splitting the vote to gain the nomination in the primary due to his recent negative coverage? AHHHH straight from the Bob Henderson reelection campaign booklet huh. My, how the mighty have fallen.......

Wayside Shrewd business move or payback? With all the recent criticism in regard to Wayside Christian Mission one has to wonder where the real truth lies. Rumors have abounded for years about possible gambling problems by Tim Moseley none of which have been confirmed to date. And what exactly is the relationship between Gus Goldsmith and the Mosely's anyway Getting a Late Start . Who knows but one thing is for sure. According to property records the Moseley's spend their property taxes in Indiana and not Louisville. Why reside in Indiana if you truly care about Louisville? Are there no homeless there for exploitation? What salaries are paid through Wayside for this great public service to the Moseley's?

Follow the money it always tells............

Planning and design: We all know by now that JAVANON essentially gets to keep the building built in violation, or at the very least, against what was implicitly agreed to. Secret meetings, read here Secret of Secret Meeting Revealed agreed to by none other than Charles Cash, Bill Schreck's right hand man, and Schreck himself. We have to wonder when will we finally say enough is enough and rid ourselves of these political cronies in Cash and Schreck. These two clowns are not apparently smart enough to be dog catchers and that is saying a lot considering the amount of trouble that office is in as well.

Let's not forget Michael Gordon and the Tucker House. Originally fined over $700,000 for knowingly destroying a historic building, depending on your perspective of course, finally downgraded to about $65,000 to restore what he was already going to restore anyway. And, oh by the way, what money is leftover will go into some sort of historic preservation fund or something like that.

Don't we just love to see how much we all get along? Of course we would get along better if the idiots at Zoning would apply the rules equally across the board and quit harassing homeowners for the $100 fines while allowing these idiots to prosper at will.

Perhaps if we added up all the investigations in Abramson's government and put the pieces together we would finally see the fallacies and paybacks we pay for to his cronyism and pathetic leadership.

Hopefully we smarten up enough soon.

Your thoughts?

Saturday, May 30, 2009


The MyViewMatters radio show is now here! Episode 1 from May 28, 2009 is now uploaded. Sorry for taking so long but I never claimed to be a tech guy lol. Anyway, the first 25 seconds or so are a bit choppy and I will correct that on the next segment.

For now please listen and you can now contact myself or Ed Martin direct at for comments or suggestions. We would like to hear from you!

Also do not forget that this Thursday June 4 at 7 pm on WKJK 1080 am Gatewood Galbraith will be live in the studio! Please check out his website at

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Friday, May 29, 2009


The inaugural MyViewMatters radio show was well received according to the feedback we have received. My thanks to all who tuned in to listen. We are trying to figure out how to get the show on this site. As soon as I do we will post them weekly for your listening pleasure.

In the meantime for those who tuned in thanks for your time we sincerely appreciate it. And thanks as well go out to the callers. Not a bad show for our first and we look forward to providing a voice for us all well into the future. In the meantime be sure to tune in next week when our guest will be Gatewood Galbraith.

Gatewood is always good to listen to and has a book out as well.

Titled The Last Free Man in America make plans to read it when you can.

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Give us a call.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This article is a few days late due to lack of time to write. Abramson, as we now know, vetoed the latest labor ordinance by the Metro Council. Is anyone surprised?

In 2006 during the arena talks a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) was asked to be included. Ultimately it was not. I was the only one to stand up for labor in this regard.

With the latest safety problems and concrete collapse on the arena one has to wonder if using local skilled labor could have helped avoid this. Would local labor have taken more pride in doing things the right way and safest way since they live in this community?

Who knows.

I do know this much. I cannot fathom how any union, or anyone in labor, can back Abramson for anything even as dog catcher in any future race. He continues to prove time and time again that he does not care about labor or local jobs.

I read the LEO article today and their take on it. You can view it here: Live or let die? Louisville's Alt-Weekly LEO Weekly

Great article and many things jumped out at me when I read it.

From LEO's article:

In a letter to Metro Council, the mayor stated the labor standards ordinance that passed last week would put Louisville at a serious disadvantage with competitor cities and create obstacles to job growth. Abramson, who’d been in budget meetings most of the day, further suggested the city bill would impose unnecessary mandates on private investors that receive public funding.

Um Mr. Mayor, and I use the term loosely, what disadvantage would that be? It only affects those doing work in excess of $500,000. Could it be it would hurt your in pocket buddies at Cordish?

I mean a living wage made by locals would be spent where? In the local community, by wow you guessed it, local employees. Spending by locals in the local community also creates secondary jobs as well. And since you yourself state that most of our tax revenue comes from employee taxes, isn't this a far better approach than using your out of towners to line your pockets and take our money with them?

Or perhaps you could continue running local business out of business like perhaps City Block by unfair competitive advantages you give to out of towners like Cordish.

He goes further to state this:

"“The last thing we need is an impediment or hurdle or an obstacle placed in front of opportunities for investment by businesses and the creation of jobs,” he said during a press conference announcing the veto. "

So can we expect your resignation anytime soon? YOU are the biggest obstacle to Louisville and have been for quite some time. It is NOT labor costs as you like to suggest. That is a tax write off for business.

Your pay to play schemes and excess taxation are what causes business to stay away from here. NOT fair wages and jobs for local citizens.

When pressed about what specific language in the bill prompted the veto, the mayor only repeated the same talking points, saying the ordinance would put Louisville at a disadvantage in these tough economic times. Abramson reiterated that job creation should be the first priority for Metro government.

If job creation is the first priority then why are you outsourcing local jobs? This has been a pattern of behavior and a trend for years now.

It must stop.

Charity begins at home. YOUR charitable giving to folks like Cordish and out of town companies, when we have perfectly qualified employers here, are the root of the problem.

And finally this quote from Billy Parsons:

“I feel like after the veto this ordinance should die and go away,” says Billy Parsons, chief executive officer of Associated Builders and Contractors of Kentuckiana Inc., an association representing more than 200 Louisville-area contractors, adding he supports the mayor’s veto.

“You can amend it until the cows come home, but by then no one would want the ordinance.”
Regardless of Metro Council’s intentions, Parsons says it’s a mistake to legislate how companies operate and hire workers during a deepening recession.

“They were going in a direction they had no business in and the mayor was pretty firm in his resolution,” he says. “You cannot, through mandate of an ordinance, control how we play the game.”

When did Billy Parsons get to choose the direction Louisville should go in? That is why we elect representatives. On another note is Parsons saying we do not have the right to enforce mandates by the Council if the veto is overridden? Is he stating publicly that they will play the game anyway they want regardless? That is the norm here sadly and one thing that must stop.

The Associated Builders and Contractors of Kentuckiana made much money during the boom of the 90's at the expense of some low wages for labor. I really do not think they are the greatest people to get quotes from myself.

And for the record Mr. Parsons this is not a board game though you guys are great at playing it.

This game is the game of life and the futures of many depend on how we take care of our own.

While you guys play the game people starve to death, lose their homes, and die in the cold.

This game needs a new set of rules. It starts with new leadership.


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Friday, May 22, 2009


It is official! The My View Matters radio show launches on Thursday May 28 at 7 PM on WKJK 1080 AM.

Ever wonder what would happen if you put a Democrat who is a former Ford/UAW worker, and one time candidate for Louisville the same room with a business owner, former lifelong Republican turned Conservative Libertarian, and one time candidate for US Congress?

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If you are a Candidate for office and are being shut out of the media call us. We have been there and we plan on getting as many candidates on the show as possible. This includes ALL candidates for office. We believe in equality in media coverage for all candidates to get that message out.

The show will air each Thursday at 7 PM on WKJK 1080 AM so tune in and find out what is going on. It should be fun and informative and if nothing else you will certainly get your chance for your views to be heard.

Hence the name MyViewMatters.

We certainly will do our best not to bore you lol.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I feel compelled to clarify some of the allegations against the King's I have initiated through the KREF. Why you may ask? Simply, in my opinion they are now doing nothing more than using delay tactics to stall the conclusion of this case.

Below are some highlights from the official complaint I filed with the KREF in February. Hopefully for some of you it will give you some idea of why this has become so important to the integrity of elections.

After filing an initial complaint with the Judicial Conduct Commission (JCC), and receiving a non response in this regard from them
Louisville News and Politics: KING UPDATES AND MORE! , I was ready to let it go and figured they would have the power to keep a real investigation from being done. After being bombarded with email from loyal readers asking me to continue, and some giving me basic information I could start with, I decided to do a bit more research on the King's.

Once I started researching it became more and more obvious to me that there was probable cause to believe that the election violations went beyond simple unethical behavior and into the possibility of criminal intent.

In a Judge's race, if in no other, I would expect candidates to be above illegality since we empower them to enforce the law against those who commit illegal acts. I therefore expect the standards to be higher for candidates in this office than any other. I also believe in the biblical saying of "judge not lest ye be judged."

While it may not mean much to many people in the case of our legal system it means everything.

With that in mind here is a short sample of some of the original allegations in the complaint. Since all can be obtained through normal open records request laying them out is not a problem I am worried about.

The Katie King Campaign for District Judge was operated entirely by financially interested family members and business associates. Each loan submitted by Respondent Katie King to her Campaign Committee was addressed to and from King Southern Bank, the depository bank of the Committee, which is owned and operated by her father and campaign treasurer, Jim King.

Furthermore, the dubious mortgage instrument dated October 27, 2008 was prepared by Raymond J. Naber Jr., a member of Gold-King Title Services LLC., of which Katie King is a founding member.

The Campaign Committee also employed the King family operated CPA firm for campaign bookkeeping and financial recording purposes.

Multiple treasurers resigned from Katie King’s campaign, all within two weeks prior and one day subsequent to this financing, including Matthew Conway and Jim King. The $209,000 in financing was made available by King Southern Bank nearly one week before the election on November 4, 2008. Five weeks thereafter, Respondents refused to disclose this and other information through retained legal counsel. This public lack of comments, if you will, coupled with the unavailability of bank records and other financial documents, made a formal inquiry necessary.

Although the note and mortgage were signed and secured by Katie King personally, the loan proceeds were deposited into the campaign account directly to and from the location of King Southern Bank at 3400 Dutchmans Lane.

The consistent policy behind conditionally excluding bank loans from contribution limits has been summarized best by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission. In an advisory opinion, that state’s commission affirmed that a “mortgage loan,” when made in the ordinary course of business “is not a contribution because it is an arm’s length commercial transaction with no intent or opportunity that any portion of the loan proceeds will become a contribution or exert undue influence” Advisory Opinion No 01-2003.

In other words, a bank loan made in the ordinary course of business has the sole purpose of making profit for the lending institution.

In this particular case though Jim King’s position as father to judicial candidate Katie King, treasurer of her campaign, chairman, president and CEO of King Southern Bank, and president and CEO of the campaign’s accounting firm, King & Company, PSC, establishes that this loan was not conducted by two unrelated parties bargaining at arm’s length.

In short the King family operated lending institution purposely extended financing with the knowledge that the funds would be deposited in an account for the payment of campaign expenses.

As a partisan elected official, past Louisville Metro Council President, 2004 Chairman of the Kentucky Bankers Association and member of its Board of Directors, Jim King is uniquely positioned to understand the specter of undue influence. The decision of Jim and Katie to ignore campaign finance law in this regard shows their collective disrespect for the integrity of public office.

The nature and timing of this financing arrangement suggests that Katie King would not have qualified for the terms without her relational ties, both family and employment, acting as registered agent of process for both the lending institution and its parent holding company.

Because of the close family and financial relationship each shares with the other, their conduct in this matter establishes a pattern of knowing, blatant disregard for campaign finance regulation promulgated under 32 KAR 2:180(2)(c). Because of this the October 27, 2008 loan fails to be classified as such under KRS 121.015(7)(b), and should be considered an illegal corporate contribution under KRS 121.025 and 121.150(21).

Furthermore, this illegal contribution subjects all parties to civil and criminal penalties under KRS 121.990(1-2), and the possible revocation of King Southern Bank’s corporate charter and forfeiture of its authority to conduct business in Kentucky under KRS 121.990(2).
The obfuscatory remarks of Respondent Kathryn King on December 12, 2008 also call into question the method by which the October 27, 2008 second mortgage or refinancing agreement was obtained. When provided the opportunity to explain how she obtained the $194,000, Katie King, in her public refusal to comment, did not reveal this mortgage existed.

Katie King’s statement that the campaign funds originated from her “personal accounts” does not comport with documentary evidence. KRS 121.150(12) would prohibit the transfer of funds into Katie King’s campaign account by a person acting as a disguised intermediary for another, including her father. If the prior unreleased mortgage was paid down substantially to allow later financing, where did the money come from to pay it down and when was it accomplished? This question is very relevant to the process.

We also still do not know whether the similarly reported loans totaling $50,700 that Katie King made to her campaign during the primary election were obtained through secured financing as well.

If Katie King knowingly accepted funds from her dad Jim King for the purpose of augmenting her campaign’s account balance and facilitating financing, then each would have acted in contravention of KRS 121.150(12).

Furthermore, these contributions would have exceeded the $1,000 limit stated in KRS 121.150(6). IF Katie King is found guilty of knowingly accepting such an illicit distribution of funds from her Dad Metro Councilman Jim King as passed through his lending institution, her judicial office would be declared vacant pursuant to KRS 121.999(7) and both individuals would be subject to criminal prosecution.

This is just a sample of some of the things in the complaint I have asked to investigate.

Jim King and his legal team have even alluded to an email they received from the KREF last summer saying that he could indeed gift money to his daughter legally. After receiving the emails through the Kentucky Open Records Act I have included them with this article for your review.

No where does the KREF give permission for King to do so. This is a blatant mischaracterization by King to try to make people believe he had justification for going forward with his plans to get Katie a Judgeship. In my opinion anyway.

A couple other quotes for you.

On November 5, 2008 when interviewed by Ben Jackey of WLKY news Katie King stated, “[w]ho’s to say, you know, what, how far he went, you know, I think it just depends on somebody’s opinion, I mean, I think that, um, I think he’s just an overzealous father” [WLKY-TV 32 Broadcast].

On December 12, 2008 even Joe Terry, a former chairman of the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance stated that if a parent gave a large gift to a child after he or she filed for office, “that would stink to me” and might be considered an illegal contribution.”

He now is employed by King as part of his legal staff.

Sarah Jackson, executive director of the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, said that the agency would consider the “timing and the intent of a personal donation from a family member” in deciding whether it should be subject of an inquiry.
Bottom line? Simply this. Whether Katie King and Jim King robbed the judiciary blind, there is sufficient evidence in the mountain of misgivings stated in the complaint to subject this to further investigation.

And We The People are entitled to know if our Judges are above the law.
Your thoughts?


As all of you know by now Jim King was given an ultimatum by the KREF. Submit documentation they requested, along with sworn statements and documentation of personal money gifts to Katie from Jim during her campaign, by May 15 or be subject to further investigation.

I guess King's attorneys Sheryl Snyder and Joe Terry either decided they could forego that or delay the request further. They waited until late Friday May 15 to inform the KREF that they would overnite bank deposits etc, but needed an extension until June 12 for the sworn statements concerning the personal money gifts from Jim to Katie.

This was reported by WLKY by Andy Alcock in their online version here: Judge's Attorneys Request Extension In Campaign Finance Probe - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville. Why the online version and not on air?

That is a whole other story.

In the meantime logic tells you that if you give a family member money or gifts, especially since you know the law regarding campaign finance, you certainly are not going to need 4 months, (original complaint filed in February at which time King responded he believed he could give Katie unlimited amounts of money),to figure out where the money came from and how you gave it to the family member. Yet this is what we are being force fed.

King's accounting group to my knowledge did all the accounting work for Katie's campaign, the bank account was with King Southern Bank to my knowledge, and Jim King was the acting Campaign Treasurer for one week which happened to coincide with when a lot of the money being questioned, including the mortgage loan outlined previously, came into play.

So with this in mind is it really feasible to believe it takes an additional month to gather information concerning the personal financial gift side of this? The KREF requested this info on April 30 and allowed 15 days to gather it. Plenty of time since all the documentation of the campaign and King's finances are ALL in house without a need to go to extremes gathering information from outside sources. Or so it would seem.

How foolish or gullible do they think we are? That is the sad thing. You have arguably one of the best constitutional attorneys in Snyder, and one of the best election campaign finance attorneys in Terry, for the State of Kentucky representing the King's on one side. Then you have one irate citizen, and former candidate for Mayor on the other in me, and this is the best they can do?

In my opinion, either King is pulling these strings against the advice of his attorney's or Snyder and Terry are overrated at best.

I personally do not believe Sheryl Snyder or Joe Terry are overrated. You do not get a reputation of being one of the best by sitting around. They do however have the responsibility in representing their clients wishes, legally and ethically, to the best of their ability. Perhaps this is the only thing they can do. Maybe their hands are tied. Maybe not. Who knows.

I do know tis this could have been done in a week but since the delay tactics have taken place it has forced me to look deeper ecery time I look at this and the deeper I look the worse it becomes. Seriously.

I know I would not want to be the ones representing King right now but I sure wish I had the money he is spending on them in my pocket. I work for free they are getting good money lol.

I have many attorney friends among others so they will not take this personally but every time I get into this case, daily these days, I am reminded of an old joke:

What is the difference between a lawyer and a carp in the river?

One feeds off the scum at the bottom the other is a fish.

Your thoughts?

Friday, May 8, 2009


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is the case I wonder how many words were spoken when the FOP paid to have these banners flown over Churchill Downs on Derby day. While the world was watching, and believe me from the phone calls Abramson staffers made they were watching too, the FOP showed the Mayor they would do what it takes to stand up for safety and the people of our community.

I say good job guys. While we continue to short change our safety personnel, police, fire, and EMS, the Mayor continues pouring money into Cordish group.
All this at the expense of those we rely on for our safety well being.

One great example of how our illustrious never ending tax money was spent for Derby? It seems that Cordish Group split the $150,000 fee to get Paris Hilton to show up for their party.

Oh and that paid for 30 minutes of her time there.

Pretty pathetic isn't it? We give Cordish yet another monetary gift to hire a no talent bimbo to show up at a party that no one cares who she is?

Well most of us anyway.

Do we need even more from this Mayor to show just how pathetic it is getting here?

I am sure the Council could have spent that money wiser and I do not have much faith in those rubber stamps as most of you know.

Enjoy the pics and thanks FOP.


For some time now when discussing the plight of the Big 3 automakers it has become the norm to compare them with Toyota. I have never understood the comparison since Toyota wages and benefits are essentially almost identical to the Big 3.

The Big 3 have more legacy costs with retirees but there are many reasons why this exists with the biggest reason being the Big 3 actually have been in business long enough to have retirees.

Not to mention the Big 3 have always understood the importance of taking care of those who take care of you.

I could give examples of people who have been hurt on the job at Toyota and left to the wayside by the company but we will ignore that for now.

If we are going to compare how great Toyota is to the Big 3 and how great their cars are etc then I have one question:

Why did Toyota post the biggest net loss in their history for the first quarter of this year. The loss is a staggering $7.7 billion.

This loss exceeds the loss by GM.

Interesting to say the least. Toyota blames the loss on poor US sales and poor Europe sales.

Sound familiar?

It would indeed appear that the union wages and benefits are not the problem and would bolster the case that perhaps the unionized Big 3 have not been wrong all along as many suggest.

Have there been mistakes made? Of course there have. But the one constant is a simple one.

Even Toyota depends on the American dollar and consumer to survive.

Sales are down because the economy is in shambles. Those are the facts. It is not because of union wages or benefits. Toyota's cost comparable to US brands and they get a better bargain with subsidized health care etc that American workers do not enjoy.

So for those who continue comparing Toyota to the Big 3 and the union workers in America? I say hogwash.

According to many consumer reports the American automobile is comparable to even Toyota for quality and price.

Fix the American economy and become the world's manufacturing leader again. Lead the way by eliminating the so called free trade agreements and shipping our jobs overseas.

Apparently even Toyota depends on it.


You know I get my fair share of naysayers. Probably deservedly so. This ongoing story is one example of why.

I have been called, threatened, harassed, and even followed. So be it. I do not live in fear. The one constant by the 1% who decide to stand up for King is simple. They continue to say I do not know what I am talking about and have no idea what I am saying or doing.

Fair enough I guess. To question one's intelligence as the crux of your argument is the biggest sign of the lack of knowledge by the questioner. In short if I am wrong prove it with facts not rhetoric.

Actually forget that. Keep it coming you make me feel smarter all the time.

In the meantime to answer these critics who continue to challenge my slant in regards to the King dynasty wannabe, here is the latest letter from the KREF.

Within the letter the KREF clearly states that the Kings have NOT answered the allegations and now are requesting relevant financial documents in this regard, as well as, telling both Jim King and Katie King they want a sworn document under oath supplied as well.
Am I right or wrong? That is up to the KREF and the federal authorities, who are investigating as well, to decide.
This much I do know. It is now on record by at least one of the investigating authorities that my FACTS have not been disputed or answered.
Interesting arguments from the 1% who have none.


Many of you may recall a story last year by Dick Irby in regards to a historical building being gutted and redone by Michael Gordon. You can veiw it here: ONLY ON FOX: Fox 41's Dick Irby, photographer Dave White attacked - FOX41 News, weather, sports, local, Louisville,Southern I....

The story continues today with Michael Gordon going to court to try to get out of a hearing on May 21 with the Board of Zoning in regards to his abuse of what was agreed on and his fines that currently sit around $700,000. The interesting thing is that the fines are so high and there has been talk of razing the building.

When you consider Michael Gordon could be in for some serious legal trouble we then must consider JAVANON and the debacle with Ali Ahmadi. Mr. Ahmadi has apparently gotten away with blatant violations in the building of the JAVANON Soccer club as has been reported throughout this site. Louisville News and Politics: JAVANON REVISITED.

The biggest difference in these cases appears to be that JAVANON has gotten away with violating the intent of agreements and Michael Gordon will not.

Of course JAVANON is for kids and Michael Gordon is for profit. But either way the rules are the same without consideration of purpose and that is the problem I have with this whole dog and pony show called Zoning.

I honestly have no problem with Michael Gordon going out of business when the building is razed. (Like that will really happen anyway). I do, however, have a problem with JAVANON being allowed to continue without following the same rules.

What were the fines were JAVANON? Why is there such a difference in the way each is handled? Is there a difference here that makes sense when you put the kids aside?

Each "business" did what they wanted without regard to what was agreed upon. Both did it out of their own arrogance. Both knew better and did what they wanted anyway. Each presented one plan and did another. The group that beneifts is irrelevant since rules are supposed to be equal.


Because they could. It really is that simple.

Without the diligence of folks like Dick Irby at FOX41 and a host of local bloggers, myself included, we would still not have accountability. At the very least these problems would continue without oversight.

This is the problem.

Zoning has no clue, or are so arrogant, as to decide to pick and choose what is acceptable for one is not for the other. A blanket set of rules should apply equally across the board and in these instances many do not believe they do.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in complaints and notoriety to the shortcomings of this Department.

Bill Schreck, Charles Cash, and the leadership team need to go. Let's include Abramson in this group that needs to go as well.

Time to clean house so we can fix it.

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