Thursday, March 31, 2011


When you deal with corruption in elected officials as it seems I am doing just about everyday these days I am oft reminded of an old saying.

Justice delayed is justice denied. In the case of Judy Green these words continue ringing true.

For starters the case against the Green Clean team should have been heard today. This case was previously postponed and the arguments today were clearly by design to delay the hearing once again. There has been ample time to investigate this case and it should have been heard.

For those that would argue that the case should be consolidated I agree wholeheartedly, however, the cases cannot be consolidated into one according to the Metro Ethics laws so that was an argument that had no merit. The Chairperson Jonathon Ricketts didn't even know that and fumbled with a way to make a motion to delay finally deciding on using the words "and/or" consolidate by the next hearing date.

The most telling part of the day was Ricketts allowing Green's attorney to speak ad nauseum and denying equal opportunity to myself or Ray Barker to address the motions at hand. He even went so far as to "admonish" myself and Mr. Barker for speaking with the news.

Guess what Ricketts? I love free speech and I fully intend to use it. Sorry about your luck.

Clearly it was a display by Ricketts to favor Green and her attorney Wicker who actually tried to use the poor me argument. Wicker actually stated that it wasn't fair for his client to have to endure the constant media negativity as they have no way to respond. Wicker grow a pair and quit whining. You have had every opportunity to respond and have undoubtedly tried to use the media to Green's advantage whenever they see fit.

Remember Green's teary eyed statements on local news about "I haven't done anything wrong?" Green always talks to the media when it suits her and her attorney is a hypocrite for even trying that argument. No it should have been an insult to the intelligence of everyone there and the citizens of Louisville who continue having to deal with this idiocy.

Additionally, there are other questions to be answered. One being how can Ricketts himself not recuse from this case? I have reported a couple of stories on Jonathon Ricketts negatively on this website . Clearly this is a conflict of interest for him and he should recuse.

Additionally, Kent Wicker, Green's attorney, is a former Assistant US Attorney who worked closely with? You guessed it the investigator the ethics commission hired to investigate the charges. there are ethics problems galore within this case ironically in the ethics commission itself.

I don't know about you but it is time to clean house across the board.

Your thoughts?

Saturday, March 19, 2011


The following article has been amended to reflect the current job of Dave Vogel who works for Louisville Water and not MSD. My apologies.

You know I have been following the Department of Public Works for some time since the whole retaliation firing of employee Eric Garrett over his whistle blowing case. Garrett of course got his job back with back pay and to my knowledge still has an ongoing suit against them. We had hoped Greg Fischer would take serious his words of auditing each department and get us some accountability and transparency.

As I first mentioned back in early December
Louisville News and Politics: GREG FISCHER: MEET THE NEW BOSS, SAME AS THE OLD BOSS...... I just don't believe that will happen.

Why would I? Ted Pullen who heads the Department of Public Works, and his little Hitleresque sidekick Betty Younis, have proven over and over they cannot do their job and quite frankly should have been removed long ago.

Now thanks to an alert reader we have even more information on Ted Pullen and an immediate conflict with his job at the Department of Public Works. One that once again is at the very least unethical, and in my opinion illegal.

Ted Pullen is a VP with the Corradino Group in Louisville. Corradino of course has received well over $2 million since 2008. Want the proof?

Supplier Diversity for Prime Contractors
Floyds Fork / North County Watershed Area
The Corradino Group
200 S. Fifth St., Suite 300N
Louisville, KY 40202
voice: 502/587-7221
fax: 502/587-2636
M/WBE Contact: Ted Pullen

Corradino does public works engineering that includes water and drainage issues. Of course that would also include not only the Department of Public Works but MSD as well. We have written enough about MSD and researched enough to write a book on the problems there.

Corradino received $101,817.96 in 2008 from our taxes. In 2009 they received a mere $64,881.04. Then they finally got what they wanted because that amount went up drastically in 2010 to a whopping $1,639,421.31!

To date in 2011 they have received $603,187.44.

All with the Department of Public Works Director, AND Corradino employee Ted Pullen, ok'ing it.

Fischer of course has started an investigation but how effective can that be? His choice to do the review?

Dave Vogel from the Louisville Water Company. The fox is guarding the hen house folks and if Fischer does not correct these atrocities he is aiding and abetting. Another mayoral appointee. Just one more reason we need outsiders like the feds to come in here.

The story now switches to the contractual agreement with Johnson Control. As many know from our previous work, Pullen and Betty Younis pushed for Johnson Control to get a multi-million dollar energy efficiency contract with the City. Eric Garrett tried to expose this as impossible to maintain with the then current staffing levels. This is what ultimately led to the whistle blower charges and the subsequent retaliatory termination of Garrett.

Presumably under this contract Johnson Control apparently does not have to follow Louisville Metro policies and procedure for hiring contractors who will do work for the city. Simply put they can give the work to whoever they want to, or based on recent stories like the current Judy Green one, whoever they are told to give the work to. Yep another way to take it out the front and slide it in the back pocket.

And we the taxpayer pay for it all.

In the meantime stay tuned this story is just getting started............

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Many believe the answer is yes. We are now getting to see firsthand just how business has always been conducted in Louisville under the watch, or nonwatch, of former Mayor Jerry Abramson and his personal gestapo.

While many have been asking questions for years about the Abramson regime we are now finally getting mainstream involved. Of course this only proves once again what many have always believed, and that is that Abramson enjoyed cover by mainstream media until now that he is out of office.

But I digress.

According to the CJ the former Department of Neighborhoods run by Abramson appointee Melissa Mershon was found guilty of forging 37 invoices and costing us $368,660. all done to hide money from the Metro Council.

So what does Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel do?

Absolutely nothing as usual. Stengel and his office needs to be investigated period. Since Jack Conway won't do it then the feds need to be involved. There is no other option.

According to the investigation, Mershon wanted to empty the Neighborhoods Department budget before the end of the 2008 and 2009 fiscal years, so the money would not be returned to the city's general fund where it could then be used for other operations.

So Stengel sees nothing criminal in this? It defies logic and is a slap in the face to each of us.

Stacy Greive, economic crimes chief for Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Stengel's office, said she didn't seek indictments in the case because she could not prove intent to commit a crime.

Forgery is a crime. Misuse of taxpayer money is a crime. How in the world we continue to listen to these asinine excuses is beyond many of us. I say that the Commonwealth's attorney, and in this case Stacy Greive should be charged by the feds with aiding and abetting a crime. It is logical.

These actions were done to deceive the taxpayers of this community that fund the department so yeah it was done for someones benefit.

Did Mershon benefit? You bet. So did Carole Butler a name long associated with the Democratic party in Louisville. Butler received $14,900 for a book she never wrote or published. Only AFTER the story came out did Butler return the money and resign. Did it take getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar to force this?

Accepting the money for work not completed is criminal. Butler returning the money after the fact does not negate that criminal action. Period. Let's not forget that Carole Butler was also on the payroll for $85,000 a year. PART TIME.

No we have some serious problems within this gestapo that have been covered up for many years by Abramson and his friends in the local DNC. That is the problem. It appears that gestapo has friends in teh legal system as well. We have had enough of this haven't we?

Allowing the pathetic actions of non Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel to continue is yet another example of a problem. Allowing Jack Conway, who often brags about being the "top cop" in the Commonwealth, to do absolutely nothing about these problems is another. He is responsible as well in aiding and abetting.

Meanwhile, there will be more uncovered in future days and none of it good I am sure. The US Department of Justice needs to get ready for documentation and charges to be brought. As a taxpayer I have standing to do so and look forward to the challenge.

Kudos to CJ reporter Dan Klepal for this story. It is nice to see the CJ editorial staff finally allowing him to do what he does best. In the meantime I have a question.

How can Judy Green be found guilty of anything through the ethics commission either?

Seriously. If we can continue allowing this type of behavior from elected officials and tehir appointees then where do we even begin to gain accountability.

Hopefully, we shall see soon from the US DOJ. Stay tuned..............

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It would seem not. On Monday Governor Steve Beshear decided to go on a two-day, nine-city trip around the state to urge Kentuckians to stand against Williams' “political gamesmanship” that Beshear said could result in “devastating” cuts in Medicaid rates paid to health care providers. (CJ)

“The citizens of this state should be outraged — as I am — that Sen. David Williams has once again allowed petty politics to overrule the needs of the people,” Beshear said in a news release.

In a word. Wow.

Steve Beshear is now proving once again that he will flirt with the law in regards to electioneering. As many have pointed out the Governor cannot campaign on the taxpayer money and yet his biggest talking point is that Senator David Williams is using petty politics at the expense of the people.

Physician heal thyself.

The facts are that the Governor submitted a plan in November short on evidence and high on rhetoric. He wants to steal, yep I said steal, over $165 million from medicaid out of next year's budget to balance this year's shortfall. His plan relies on replacing the money with a new managed care program he is developing.

Does anyone remember Beshear's involvement with Kentucky Central Life? Sorry folks his experience doesn't lead me to believe he can pull it off especially with no outside analysts backing up his plan.

Once again a shortsighted approach from someone who cannot be trusted anyway.

Politics? The only one playing that game right now is Beshear because those that will suffer can least afford to.

On the flipside, Williams accused Beshear of “campaigning at taxpayer expense,” and he challenged the governor to a public debate over Medicaid as soon as it could be arranged on Kentucky Educational Television.

Under its revised proposal, the Senate would cut funding to all programs except schools and universities by 0.316 percent this year, and by 1.58 percent to all areas in 2011-12 — except schools, which would be cut by 0.65 percent.

The problem?

Senator Williams did not submit the alternate proposal until 3 days before the end of the regular session. In response Governor Beshear announced a special session before the regular session even ended!

Confused yet? Don't be it's an election year for Governor. It was purely political for Beshear to announce a special session before the current one even ended thus negating any last minute hopes of reaching a compromise. Why would anyone compromise so late knowing that a special session had already been called?

In Williams defense though the Senate also will file legislation proposing no pay for lawmakers in the current special session and barring pay in future special sessions unless lawmakers justify their pay and vote to approve it.

Of course the House leaders of both parties showed no interest in Williams' no-pay proposal.

Personally I like Williams plan overall. It allows for across the board cuts that we badly need in Kentucky. Cuts that are so minimal they will not hurt much in the long run versus a dream by Beshear who has proven not to be very effective meddling in healthcare to begin with.

In the meantime a special session is now underway and at a cost of $63,000+ per day it would seem none really understand the budget to begin with.

Your thoughts?

Monday, March 14, 2011


Seems there may be even more to the Judy Green scandal developing. I have received several calls alluding to a house in Park DuValle that is supposedly owned by Judy in someone else’s name that she is renting out and profiting from. It is being researched now and if proven true could be a serious deal that will involve the feds since Park DuValle received federal funds. If anyone has an address let me know. I am working on that one now. Stay tuned.

It is also being reported to me that some of the kids, that worked on the Green Team that began this mess, still have not been paid while many were paid for one week ($60) though they completed the program and were due additional funds. I have calls out to several parents and am awaiting confirmation on that one as well.

Finally, Curtis Reynolds whom I have been asking about and mentioned in previous posts has an interesting background of his own particularly in regards to who he finances with on his properties. That will be aired later this week. Reynolds as you know lent the Green’s $20,000 and is at the center of allegations that even Judy Green admitted to about using employees to deliver cash to him on occasion.

Currently Reynolds has cash flow problems of his own as several of his properties are now in foreclosure as of 2/28/2011.

Finally, I outed many of the charges relating to Green now last December. Louisville News and Politics: CASE AGAINST COUNCILWOMAN JUDY GREEN IS HEATING UP or thsi one a day later complete with case file numbers Louisville News and Politics: JUDY GREEN STORY RAISING MANY RED FLAGS. The questions I have been asking also involve the welfare of the foster children and adopted ones. Just how much has Judy Green benefitted from them financially?
One thing I did not out was just how the Greens’ benefitted financially from the 11 adopted children Green alludes to having.

Green brags about having 11 adopted children with special needs. While this normally would seem to be a good thing, especially to me since I work with special needs children and have a Godson with special needs, it appears that they may have been adopted for money as well.

What many do not know is that when you adopt a special needs child you receive tax breaks and incentives in many cases. You also receive social security checks for each child as well. This of course adds up to even more money for the Greens’.

So what does all this mean?

It means the Greens' have made one hell of a living off of our tax money. It also means that there are even more red flags to check out. Who knows how deep this story will go, or where it will end, but one thing is for sure. There continue to be more questions than answers in regards to the Greens'.

Stay tuned I will keep you posted.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Judy Green and St Stephen Baptist what gives: It is becoming quite clear that Judy Green is surrounded by the folks at St. Stephen Baptist Church and no one can tell us why. Kevin Cosby do you care to chime in?

From softball interviews by Renee Murphy of WHAS11 and Stephan Johnson of FOX41, who DID NOT disclose their personal relationships with Ms. Green through the Church, to having Machika Smyzer, formerly of St Stephen Baptist installed as her new LA, one thing is sure. St. Stephens is political and the fact that they are now involved heavily in our government should be a major red flag.

Additionally, Green keeps trying to play the race card but fails at it miserably. From accuisng anyone who is African American to somehow be wrong in questioning her is an insult to the integrity of the African American commuity itself. How can you play the race card when YOU are the one attacking the African American community? Why does Cosby feel the need to surround and protect a crook like Green at the expense of the Church? It defies logic and St. Stephens needs to get as far away from this as possible.

Wisconsin Repubs do what they want: Wisconsin GOP has stripped the public workers of their bargaining rights. Wisconsin GOP Strips Public Workers' Bargaining Rights Remember to thank the Democrats for that. Seriously. We elect these clowns to do a job and when they don't like the responsibility that goes with that they leave town. AND STILL GET PAID. there should be a law that allows we the people to fire them immediately for job abandonment.

Indiana is following the lead: Yep Indiana Democratic lawmakers left town as well. Daily Kos: UPDATE: Daniels Opposes Bill, Indiana House Democrats Leave State in Protest Is this what we are coming to? We elect people to represent us and work for our best interests and when they lose they take their ball and go home.

When the going gets tough the tough get going. An old saying to be sure but apparently the idiots in elected office have misinterpreted this saying. Badly.

How many of us would still have a job if we abandoned it? None of us would, so why should it be any different in the public sector? Especially an elected official who promised to uphold our Constitution and laws? It is time for a mass protest by we the people but not to save the unions as the media is making this issue about.

No the real story, and the real reason we need to protest and organize, is to save Democracy itself.

An elected official who can abandon his job, continue getting paid, and have the audacity to believe he is doing the right thing, should be an alarming testament to just why they should not be in office in the first place. We simply cannot allow this trend to continue in our America.

Throw them all out, freeze government spending at the current level, give the Governor limited emergency powers ONLY for the use of natural emergencies and disaster issues, then hold a special election in 60 days. Disqualify any sitting congressman who abandoned their job for being considered for the seat and disqualify them from running for office permanently or at least 12 years.

Additionally, since these traitors who ran from their elected duties can actually be arrested, which is why they hide in states that have Democratic governors like Kentucky for example, pass federal legislation that will hold those State governors accountable for aiding and abetting in a crime. Make it a felony so we can rid ourselves of them too.

After all if you aren't part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

Time to send a message now and let them know this behavior is unacceptable.

MyViewMatters Radio: For all these stories and more tune into the MyViewMatters Radio Show each weeknight Monday-Friday from 7-8 pm. These stories and so much more are discussed live on air. Check us out at

Until next time.........

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Man oh man who would ever have guessed this Judy Green story would still be going on today. So much has been uncovered and more will be just wait for it. In the meantime I love how stories I unleashed in December are now being claimed as "new" news by others today. It isn't even worth giving them free hits on their sites anymore by outing them.

This one of course refers to the $100,000 forgivable loan that was approved by the Green's but no one has confirmed that they received it yet. I reported on this one in December. Yep another first for Louisville News. Additionally, Judy Green received a subrogation from a lien against her by the feds reported last week on the MyViewMatters Radio Show. That one is being investigated as we speak.

Yep another first.

Speaking of MyViewMatters Radio check out last night's show here. Eddie Woods of the LIFE Institute is the guy accused by Judy Green of mishandling the Green Clean team project even though the LMPD Public Integrity Unit said it was run by Judy and James Green. Eddie Woods was on the show last night here:
MyViewMatters Radio Show 3/8/2011 - MyViewMatters Internet Radio Blog Talk Radio.

Woods denies any involvement and I believe him. Much thanks to Mr. Woods who literally lays his life on the line to work with troubled youth and he gets treated like this by Green?

To my knowledge this is the first on air interview with Mr. Woods in this whole ordeal.

Yep another first.

We sure are racking them up aren't we? The time is now for mainstream, and others, to start giving credit where it is due. But I digress.

Today once again there is more to add to this Green mess of a story.

Metro Council President Jim King has asked for the Ethics Commission to expand its hearing this month on councilwoman Judy Green and for a city audit review of all Neighborhood Development Fund grants over $5,000 over the past two years.
Council head calls for discretionary fund issue to be added to Judy Green hearing The Courier-Journal

I agree with King. In his role as Metro Council President it is only right that he would seek this avenue. No question. King said he thinks it is important for all allegations against Green to be dealt with as soon as possible.

“It’s important to wrap both up simultaneously … and we shouldn't leave that to chance,” King said in an interview. “My belief is it would be appropriate for the committee to communicate with the Ethics Commission to confirm the complaint has been amended” to include the new allegations.

“If it hasn’t … the committee should take necessary steps to amend the complaint itself.”

We must get rid of Judy Green once and for all and this would help keep other charges from coming up later. Get it out there, deal with it, and move on.

Here is another first I posted on facebook last night on behalf of Louisville News.

According to sources, I am being told that Judy Green's Legislative Aide, Andrea Jackson, has been demoted to a lesser position behind the scenes. Though Green's web page is not reflecting the change I am being told that St. Stephen Baptist has once again come to her aid by installing one of their own staff to work through this thus subrogating Andrea Jackson. I will out the name later today after verification. We are working on that now.

If so it is one more example of the St Stephen gang getting involved in something they should not be. Just how deep does St. Stephen's Kevin Cosby's reach go? We will find out at Louisville News but based on some reports I have been getting it will astound you.

Softball interviews by St. Stephen's chosen ones, and Judy Green friends, Renee Murphy over at WHAS11 and Stephan Johnson at FOX41, to now St. Stephen rumoredly "loaning" one of their staffers to aid Judy Green in her Metro office.

Hmm so much for separation of Church and State huh?

In the meantime get ready for it folks this is the story that just will not die.

Stay tuned.......

Sunday, March 6, 2011


It keeps getting better doesn't it? How a train wreck criminal like Judy Green is still in office defies logic. The Courier Journal today ran yet another story against Councilwoman Green concerning the 100 Black Men organization Metro councilwoman Judy Green implicated in rerouting of grant money The Courier-Journal

Any questions?

Admittedly I knew this story was coming on Thursday and I could have ran a story that circumvented the CJ and screwed them on the "exclusive." But why do that?

Dan Klepal did good work on this story and should have gotten the credit. While others continue to take credit for "scoops" they did not have, CJ and LEO time to start giving credit where it is due, I am the one who outed the Green's tax liens, lawsuits, and other problems including their foster parenting back in December. Check this out Louisville News and Politics: CASE AGAINST COUNCILWOMAN JUDY GREEN IS HEATING UP, or this one Louisville News and Politics: JUDY GREEN STORY RAISING MANY RED FLAGS.

All with no credit given by LEO or the CJ. Yep Louisville News was the first to bring about this discussion and the first as well to mention Curtis Reynolds.

Scoops? We had the scoops they try to take credit for. Not much ethical about journalism it would appear either right CJ, LEO, and others? But enough about that. You can do the timeline and verify yourself at this point.

The story today is Judy Green once again being unethical and illegal in her dealings. And what makes it all the more interesting is the way she is reacting. According to Jake over at thevillevoice (see I always give credit where it is due)
Judy Green’s Having A Good Time These Days, there was an altercation between Green and Phillip Bailey, formerly of LEO now at WFPL,

"...lost her bananas on Phillip Bailey in the lobby of the radio station this evening. Hollering, clamoring, threatening, calling him scum.

Tons of witnesses.

That’s on top of attacking him on-air for having the audacity to write about her because she’s black (the nerve of Phillip!)… because, you know, the man is keeping her ass down. "

Imagine calling a black man scum for writing a disparaging story about a black elected official.

Green's own actions are color blind regardless of the reporter. It is a story of greed and corruption that is found throughout our history and truly is color blind. The only color in this case that needs to be mentioned is Green. The color of money, not necessarily Judy's last name.

Never mind that Phillip Bailey is an African American as well and going off on him like he was keeping her down should be an insult to the African American community. But look a little deeper if you will.

“It was made clear upfront that some of the money would be redirected … and that (Green's office) would tell us where to redirect it,” Rob Jordan, president of 100 Black Men, said in an interview last week.

The arrangement also was confirmed to the newspaper by Charles Alexander III, who is the treasurer of 100 Black Men and Green's political campaigns.

“We were just trying to expedite the process,” he said.

Rob Jordan President of 100 black men, also African American, and Charles Alexander III, her own political campaign treasurer, made the same statements. How can it be that the African Americans are now the "man" trying to keep her down?

The color of "green" is not exclusive to the African American community. The white community has a long list of those who are illegal and unethical like Judy Green as well. Black or white is not the issue here.

The color green is.

These charges are from leaders in the African American community themselves. Not because Judy is black but because she is misusing the green.

Perhaps Judy Green's own racist attitude is to blame here. I mean it is becoming quite apparent by her actions and words that she is racist, in my opinion anyway. No perhaps we can not allow Judy Green and anyone like her to try and make racism the story in this case.

This case is about greed, corruption, and criminal behavior by an elected official period. It does not matter if Judy Green is white or black. Her OWN actions brought forth these problems and the responsibility is hers and hers alone.

For years there is a history by the Green's of possible theft and it is public record. From the disbarment of her husband, who voluntarily gave up his law license to avoid prosecution for what I have been told is theft charges, to the mismanaging of our tax money, to identity theft and credit card fraud, these choices were Judy Green's alone. It really isn't and never will be a racist black or white thing. It is a Green thing. Period.

While others did not focus on the credit card fraud, we at Louisville News and MyViewMatters radio did. Proof? Check out this story done once again before anyone else decided to focus on the credit cards Louisville News and Politics: WHAT'S NEXT CAN JUDY GREEN GET AWAY WITH MURDER TOO?.

Check out the MyViewMatters radio show here Last week we spent hours on this story.

No Judy Green this is your color problem not the African American community. The color of green.

Unless of course you want to include Renee Murphy of WHAS11 or Stephan Johnson at FOX41 for giving you the softball interviews without disclosing the fact that you are friends through your church St. Stephen Baptist. Wonder how "schooled" you were by these so called "journalists."

Granting softball interviews to these African American reporters after snubbing the caucasian reporters in Bennett Haeberle of FOX and Joe Arnold of WHAS11 makes one question who the real racist is. No if there is racism here it is on your part Judy Green.

In the meantime for those of you who are interested in "scoops" pay attention. CJ and LEO, among others, are the ones who are following the leader.

I must say, if imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery then these guys are making me a star.....

Thursday, March 3, 2011


What else can be said about possible felon Metro Councilwoman Judy Green? In my opinion there is no "possible" in this equation but very probable felon Judy Green. Take the latest for example from any media source you want.

What started as me questioning the Green's in December in regards to their financial dealings that included tax evasion, multiple lawsuits, disbarment of her husband, and foster parenting among other things, led to major stories by everyone under the sun including the Courier Journal, WHAS TV, FOX41, and many others. No matter your source one thing has become very clear.

Judy Green needs to go and preferably to a jail cell where many believe she belongs.

Thanks to the CJ we already knew about the shady business she calls the Green Team, and literally thousands in missing money of which she, her kids, and her husband benefited primarily. So much for helping the needy kids in the neighborhood many of which STILL have yet to be paid. This was the easy part.

The startling part was when we started researching and discovered a history of Judy Green and her husband and their financial malfeasance. What would happen to any of us if we were tax evaders and failed to pay taxes for many years? What if we forged an application and a signature for a credit card in someone else's name and ran it up $25,000?

Felony behavior? You bet, so why are Green and her husband exempt from prosecution. Would we average non elected citizens get away with this behavior?

There are many excuses but nowhere can I find any evidence of anyone else with even a sample of this level of illegal wrongful behavior not being in jail or on trial. It blows the mind.

Yet another sitting elected official takes a bribe? Say it isn't so! Accepting a bribe for $600 is a felony.

Green says she worked with LIFE Institutes Eddie Woods on the self titled Green Team and secured $55,000 in OUR tax money for the program. Problem? Eddie Woods said he was told in no uncertain term that GREEN and her husband would run the program and he would not.

Of course the Green's cannot account for almost $30,000 of OUR tax money, paid her own kids more than 10% of that, while other kids were not paid at all even now, and her husband got paid even though he said he was a volunteer. After their investigation concluded, the police said that LIFE institute did not run the program and that Green and her hubby did.

Woods also says his name was forged over a dozen times and maybe more. Hey Eddie give me a call at (502)742-8519 let's get you on MyViewMatters Radio and discuss this.

Judy Green another felony.

Former aide Melody Hill, who resigned after being questioned by police, stated maybe the money shouldn't have been approved basically because there were no checks and balances. Um ya think?

Current aide Andrea Jackson was asked if she knew Green got a credit card in her name without her permission. Her response? YES. When asked if she gave Green permission to do so she said NO. Of course even with her permission Green could not legally forge Jackson's name and get the credit card, but what's one more charge at this point right?

Jackson stated she didn't even know about it until she accidentally found it on Green's desk. Now the card(s) has been used and has a balance of somewhere around $25,000. Want to guess who will pay for that one?

We will I am sure.

Why would I say that? Because Green certainly will not pay for it out of her pocket, I doubt anyone would step up and pay it off for her at this point, and quite honestly I have major doubts that Jackson would pay for it even if it is in her name. I even speculate that she may be complicit in the card scam.

So why would I now question the integrity of Jackson and her claim to not know about this?

Because perhaps there was a deal between Green that they would split the money they got off the cards. I can come up with nothing else. What did Green or someone else promise Jackson in exchange for her loyalty?

The story itself makes no discernible sense at all. Someone illegally steals your identity, gets a credit card, runs it up to the max in the thousands, you know exactly who did it, and you don't press charges?

Jackson showed two cut up credit cards she said were obtained by the Green's and yet when the police suggested she file charges she never has and still works for Green.

I would speculate that leaves a bankruptcy option for Jackson, one can only speculate since it is in her name. Perhaps that is the untold agreement between them who knows. At this point I hope Jackson is getting good legal advice because bankruptcy fraud is a federal offense. IF Jackson chooses this route without charging Green first she will answer to the Feds and not Louisville politics.

By the way has the bank that issued the card(s) been notified of this fraud? I am sure they would love to know and they have the power to prosecute without Louisville's permission. Or the permission of Judy Green or Andrea Jackson. This could be an interesting pursuit indeed.

Why is it that Jackson admitted to police that Green did this illegally without her consent and they do not have cause to arrest her? When I started investigating I had less on Jim King. After investigating he paid the largest fine in Kentucky history with the KREF, and underwent a KSP investigation for well over two years.

Jim King even said it best as quoted in LEO:
“I think fiscal responsibility is critical if you’re going to be a council member,” Councilman Jim King, D-10, told The Courier-Journal in a March 2005 interview. “Certainly anyone can make a mistake, but if it’s chronic and they have a history, it’s a significant factor.”

This was in 2005 folks when they were appointing someone to fill the seat.

And Green essentially gets by with just ethics charges today?

Former aide Melody Hill tells the story of Green bragging about her $600 bribe from a liquor store, a story backed by current aide Jackson so now we have corroboration, and yet we have nothing we can charge her for?

Are you kidding me? We have all kinds of stories and convictions across the Nation for politicians accepting bribes and we in Louisville cannot do anything?

We have criminals in jail for less evidence than what we have now on Green.

She has screwed we the taxpayer for over a decade and owes the IRS over $50,000 and is now in charge of our tax money. We see how well that is working right?

Judy Green owes over $350,000 in student loans since the 80's, and they cannot collect as legal recourse is out the window, so we get stuck with that one too. How in the hell do you get that much in debt on student loans without someone stopping the gravy train until you can figure out how to pay for it?

It would seem to me that the feds certainly have enough evidence to come into Louisville and start with Judy Green in the efforts to clean up our politics.

Of course if they do, that would be the tip of the iceberg. The Democratic stronghold cannot afford a serious look into the state of things in Louisville can they? So much would be uncovered so why are they even allowing this train wreck to continue to serve herself as she has clearly shown she is not serving We The People.

Hundreds of thousands of our dollars down the drain by someone who appears to be illegal as hell is pretty much an accepted part of Louisville politics isn't it? Have we not gotten accustomed this type of behavior through the years?

I for one haven't and I never will. Time to clean house and rid ourselves of Judy Green once and for all. I would file criminal charges myself, after all it is MY tax money she is abusing as well, but would it matter?

Time will tell. I may do it anyway but we know County Attorney Mike O'Connell can't handle it, or won't, Commonwealth attorney Dave Stengel wouldn't as he is a Democratic hack in my opinion, and we already know Special Prosecutors through Conway's office stick to what they are told to do all for the sake of the party.

In my experience anyway. One thing is for sure though. I have to agree with Jim King on his 2005 thoughts:

“Certainly anyone can make a mistake, but if it’s chronic and they have a history, it’s a significant factor."

How true it is in hindsight with Judy Green eh?

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