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Rick Redding over at thevillevoice has been following the Southern Belles occassionally this season and posted his last (according to him) post on them today. I never watched the show but knew Katie King was involved in it in some way. Of course that peaked my interest so I looked into a few things.

Funnily enough Katie was the "other woman" who screwed over Belle Shea by sleeping with Shea's then fiance Jeff. Of course now we are told Katie and Jeff are no longer together. Not that that would be a surprise given the history of Katie with rumors of drugs and apparently a temper according to a CJ article about a 911 call made against her trying to break into an ex's house.
But for fun I figured I would share this link to Shea's interview on SoapNet:

And since Katie took down the pics from the July 10 thirtieth Birthday bash for Brandon Jaggers, (Vice President of loans at King Southern Bank an interesting coincidence ;-) to say the least considering the investigation of the loans made during her campaign), of her and Jeff I figured I would share the copies I made before they disappeared.
Very trustworthy person isn't Katie? And we elected her judge.

Heck maybe Shea and friends could pitch in for legal expenses when I continue this lol.

Ya'll have fun.


  1. Of course that PEAKED my interest so I looked into a few things.
    The correct spelling is PIQUED! Just saying!

  2. I am so sad that a woman like Katie would do something like this. She is supposed to be a woman all of us look up to. She does not make a good role model for our city. This is horrible. This is the type of woman we have as a judge. This is not right. She doesn't make good decisions for herself. How can she make huge decisions about other people's lives while being a judge?

  3. I was forced to watch the show from day one. I learned to survive the hour even though I pity louisville for having someone like Russ as the town player. I also feel bad for shea. Jeff was obviously dishonest. I cant for the life of me understand why she expected him to be committed and her life long companion when she dragged him along all the while he was kicking and screaming. The whole trip to chicago via private charter could have paid for the ring she wanted that jeff never could have afforded. If shea watches the show she may see what myself and others were so obvious too from day one; which is Shea wanted what she wanted and was so focussed on those wants that she was oblivious to Jeff's indifference on everything. Even the whole housing conflict which may have been entertaining and seems trivial but in reality was a huge conflict. I was shocked and glad to see in the end she was willing to compromise and get the big house. In short no one deserves to be cheated on I am simply trying to state she could have seen this coming if shea wasnt so caught up in shea and a little more aware of others feelings and needs. all you females, please dont interpet this a justification for jeff's behavior, it just isnt so. He is liar and needs to grow up. He should also reimburse the lost wedding deposit being a "southern gentleman".

  4. anonymous #1 yep you are correct in the spelling. sheesh lol

    anonymous #2 a true "southern Gentleman" would have made his feelings clear and known not played the role. Honesty from the beginning could have avoided this whole affair yet Jeff apparently from what I have gathered watching (now) seemed to not be willing to be honest for fear of losing his 15 minutes of fame for him and rep with his buddies.

    As far as Katie being the other woman no one who knows this train wreck is surprised at all. She does have a rep just saying. Of course he should pay up but he cannot financically do that. Why in the world do you think he chose Katie? A leg up financially? Anyone who knows the Kings or looked at Jeff would see he is all about the money and himself. He is the money grubbing male version so many woman are accused of being.

    Funally,Shannon you are correct. Katie only got elected because daddy Jim King bought the election it really is as simple as that. The young guys voted for her because they thought she was "hot" Jim King spent tons of money making sure it happened and it did.

    We shall see next election if she can get reelected but daddy will make sure she has the money as usual. Unless of course the ones with the inside info that continue to call me will stand together and make her true faults ;-) public record. This would get her disqualified but so far I can only report they are "rumors" because people are scared of repercussions.

    Thanks for writing folks....

  5. Get a life you losers. Maybe then you would quit following the personal lives of others.

  6. Ah the old "anonymous" poster accusing others of being losers. Sigh it really is what we have come to expect. Katie and her dad Jim have worked hard to make themseoves public figures and have done so in shady ways in my opinion. If they do not want people to see them for who they are perhaps they should step away from the limelight they hold so dear.

    In other words. Losers are defined by the company they keep. Keep supporting these two then look in the mirror someday. You will see who I am talking about.

    Oh yeah thanks for the comments.

  7. This person is one of your elected Judges. The "loser" is not the one who keeps tabs on their elected officials. The "loser" is the one who doesn't know important facts about the candidates.

    As a native and former resident of Louisville, I have to admit that I am a bit ashamed of how my hometown has been portrayed.

  8. What a piece of work this "lady" is. For a judge, she sure is morally and ethically void. I read a blog that said she was a good catholic girl, etc.. I did not realize that being a dirty girl homewrecker is the Catholic way. What an entitled spoiled brat. I can't believe she is a Judge! Talk about DRAMA.

  9. It's really a shame what kind of people are running the city of Louisville these days. Even more pathetic is to have it spread all over the TV on a soap opera portraying women here as tramps and totally immoral. However, this once nice city is taking a dive into the dumpster in the last few years. Its not just crime on the West End or crime in other parts of the city, its just the type of riff raff that are running this city and even worse is the people that are voting them in. Shameful Louisville. I hate to see this place go downhill like this but its almost too far gone the way it is. Sad but true.

  10. Anonymous I still have hope for this City. Really I do. I was born and raised here and remember a time when we had something to be proud of.

    It is going to take some guts by the citizenry to elect outsiders instead of the same ole entrenched people who are in it for themselevs and have paid their "dues" to the party. It can be done.

    I received almost 5% of the vote in 2006 when I ran for Mayor as an independent and that told me if nothing else people were finally starting to wake up to the reality that we have been essentially bamboozled by insiders in the parties.

    Hopefully we can get someone with real life experience who struggles day to day as we all do that can understand the pain and make the difference we all seek.

    In all honesty though right now I do not see that in the people being mentioned for Mayor.

    We shall see. But get involved in helping elect someone to office that has ALL of our best interests at heart and that understands regardless of where we come from in this City we are all in this together and we can stand together to make a better City for us all. One in which we share the burdens and stand tall and proud of who we are.

    thanks for writing.

  11. The Shea interview is gone off the Southern Belle website. Coincidence?
    "Thanks Daddy!"

    --Anonymous in seattle

  12. Ed, just so you know, Brandon Jaggers is Jim's nephew, ergo Katie's cousin. Doesn't change anything, just wanted you to know.

  13. Yep the Shea interview disappeared but alas a copy will be showing up soon ;-)

    thanks for the update on Brandon Jaggers anonymous. I did not know anything other than he was a VP with loans at King Southern. Of course being Uncle Jim's bank may have helped that as well but nothing wrong with that.

    Or is there ;-) We shall see soon........

  14. Oh now.....all this shit is stupid. Okay....Shea got shit on....Katie was the other woman....Jeff was a transplant from another state. Who really gives a shit. Belles made Louisville look like all the woman were sluts, junkies, gold diggers and prostitutes. I am ashamed that these dumbass people actually think that Louisville is really like that. I was excited to find out that there was going to be a reality show done in Louisville until I began to watch it. The show has nothing to do with all the good that goes on here. If I were the King's.....I sue. If I were daddy Johnson....I wouldn't want to go out in public. He has a practice to think about.....and Shea acted like a complete gold digger with a brain the size of a pea.

  15. Thank you for posting this, something that should have been part of the shows ending. It's really sad to see,I feel like leaving some hate mail for both of the cheaters here. What a disgrace! At least we all know the woman involved, and the low life who seems to like women with rich daddy's. Maybe this is why he wanted a big house,because daddy would have pitched in at the end. Any one notice the real GOLD digger here? The x-man who was kissing up the entire time. Ironic that he was also cheating on Shea with another woman who had a rich daddy and some one to pay all his bills.

  16. Anonymous poster today: Jul/19/2010
    22:20:19 74-138-156-156.dhcp Safari Macintosh 1280x800 24 bit

    The pics came from Katie's facebook page. If you have any relevant info to share do so. I will not be posting your rhetoric as an insider playing "anonymous" though I may just go ahead and out you. If you want post use your name. In this case I will demand it.

    Have a great day :-)

  17. katie king and her dad are some of the biggest crooks in this small can a junkie (drug user) sat on as court offical. how can jimmy sat on the council and pay a fine for his actions in the campaign for his girl katie,loaning, giving, transfering, any form it is a crime with he bought as well as her judge seat. what a price to pay,


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