Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Kudos to Jake over at www.pageonekentucky.com for getting this story out. Seems Brad Cummings, Louisville GOP Chair has an interesting summary of the dismal failure that is Jerry Abramson. Well a failure for Louisville and leadership but VERY profitable for himself and cronies.

I mean here is a guy who has made a whole career of being a politician with a law degree and yet has lost more lawsuits for the City than he ever dreamed of even trying as a private practice attorney. You know Jerry Abramson well by now. Read throughout this blog and you will see failure after failure by this idiot costing us all jobs and income.

His failures include the Housing mess with Kimberly Bunton, who by the way had her unemployment approved by Abramson though she was let go for stealing. His answer for the approval? Well she deserves it after so many years of dedicated service.

Would you receive unemployment or any financial benefit after being terminated for theft?

The answer is an obvious no but not in Abramson's administration where theft is a guaranteed way of life and as long as you play the game his way you will be rewarded financially.

Or perhaps allowing convicted felons to get a high paying government job? One who stole money from the party itself that you purport to represent. Check out this blog and find John Flood. I was the only one who laid out the deal that got him off in advance.

Perhaps we should give a peace officer designation to a non US citizen? Abramson did that as well with the Director of Animal Services.

Or the Cordish financials and anyting else, insert problem here, and well you get the gist.

The list goes on and on but the bottom line is a simple one. It is time to rid ourselves of the pathetic abuser and financial burden on Louisville in Jerry Abramson. And pleas we do not need Tandy or Jim King, who is under investigation right now, as the heir apparent. Both are as bad or worse.

We need to look outside the traditional elected politicians and look for someone new who understand they do not have all the answers and are willing to accept that and ask for help. Through open honest communication by all sides we can truly attain the best for Louisville.

We need term limits.

We need someone elected who understands that they may serve only one term because the goal is to fix the damage Abramson has done and it will be political suicide to upset the status quo. So no Dave Karem either who has benefited himself tremendously from the system.

And please no lawyers they have screwed things up enough.

In the meantime check out Cummings statement. I personally agree with every bit of it.

Over the years, there have been many holes poked in the Abramson administration. But because of his likability and the fear of crossing a powerful Mayor, he continues to win reelection by admittedly large margins. But this brand of entrenched politics is precisely what is wrong with our government at all levels. I will present to you today many examples of poor judgment and wrongdoing during Jerry Abramson¹s years as Mayor of Louisville. Again, individually he has been able to shed these controversies. But presented together, they are not only shocking, but they paint a picture of a Mayor who needs to find a new line of work.

In his nearly 20 years at the helm of our city, have we become all that we can be, especially when compared to other cities of similar size and scope? The simple answer is an across the board no.

According to a study completed by Dr. Paul Coomes, an acclaimed Professor of Economics, Louisville falls short in nearly every measurable category when judged against 14 other comparable cities. When considering population growth between 1975 and 2005, we were 14th out of 15 and well below the national average. We experienced negative job growth in the housing boom years of 2000 and 2005 of -2.3%, ranking us 10th among the same group of 15.
Our jobs pay less. We ranked 13th out of 15 in average wages and salaries, below the national average by nearly $3,000. This dip below the average began in 1985, the first year Mayor Abramson took office. According to Forbes magazine in 2008, we now rank 72nd on a list of best cities for jobs behind struggling areas like Gary IN, Newark NJ and hurricane ravished New Orleans LA.

We also take home less from our paychecks. A family of three with a $75,000 income was hit with the 3rd highest tax rate among the list of 15. And among all cities in the US, we are the 5th most burdensome to families making $25,000 or less. That means our poorest citizens are more taxed than major metropolitan areas like Washington DC, New York City and Atlanta GA.

Yet our Mayor showed that he believes we should still bear more tax burden when he pushed for the library tax in 2007. No wonder this increase was resoundingly turned down by our citizens.

We are already taxed too much!

My mother always told me that she could tell what type of person you are by the friends you keep and clearly the Mayor does not pass that test. The mismanagement of those closest to him is reason enough to question his abilities in the future.

Let¹s start with John Flood. In 1997, this former Chief Inspector for IPL being paid $70,000 a year by the taxpayers was convicted on felony charges of check fraud, charges Gov Patton refused to pardon.

In 2003, Mr. Flood was hired by Metro Government after his wife Madonna was elected to the Metro Council. Unfortunately for Mr. Flood, he had to swear under oath that he was not a convicted felon in order to start taking a salary from the taxpayers. Undisputedly, he lied under oath and was facing misdemeanor charges of false swearing when he suddenly retired and all charges were dropped.

Dr. Gilles Meloche, the man overseeing the Metro Animal Services Department, has made an embarrassment of a community who very much love their animals. As an owner of two dogs, it sickens me to hear how low the standard is when our pets are concerned. According to a recently filed lawsuit The Louisville Kennel Club, v. Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government and numerous media reports, it is clear there has been much wrongdoing here.

At the Manslick Road location, Metro Animal Services was audited by the state government and found that 550 animals were living in a space made for 350. This is not an acceptable standard.
Under the leadership of Dr. Meloche, a man Abramson appointed and described as “the man for the job”, our city signed a contract with a disorganized and overpopulated AAA animal adoption service in a scheme to split profits without any oversight and without authorization.

Additionally, thousands of dollars in cash have gone virtually unaccounted for, much in the
same vain as the housing investigation.

A Canadian by birth, Dr. Meloche is not a US citizen. Therefore, by Kentucky law, he is ineligible to hold his position as a peace officer. But this sort of legality is not taken seriously by the Mayor and Meloche continues to serve in his position.

This is a man who has shown a severe inability to communicate. When defending the Animal Ordinance, he admitted in testimony that poor people shouldn’t own dogs. If Dr. Meloche held his job in the private sector, these sorts of thoughtless answers would have him in serious heat. But not in Mayor Abramson¹s administration.

And again, the Mayor chose to hire someone with a more than questionable background. Dr. Meloche was fired by the Durham NC government after only 10 months of working there. When employed by the Tallahassee-Leon County government, Dr. Meloche pleaded guilty to improper record keeping when 27 bottles of steroids went unaccounted for. On four occasions, employees wrote letters to officials citing mistreatment of animals. And once when he brought a dog home with him after work, it was soon found dead due to an overdose of painkillers.

He eventually resigned claiming political reasons. But with a record like that, it’s hard to understand why a first-class city like Louisville would hire Meloche. Since when has the trash of other cities been an acceptable game plan for our future? We deserve better.

Most recently, Planning Director Charles Cash and Regulations Director Bill Schreck were involved in a secret meeting of the Board of Zoning Adjustments, a meeting they knew was a clear violation of Kentucky¹s Open Meetings law. In an email uncovered by Rick Redding at The Ville Voice, Mr. Cash suggested the secret meeting and acknowledged they would have to hide it to avoid the public notice. Mr. Schreck in a later email agreed with Mr. Cash.

This zoning case was to help a former Metro Employee get the correct zoning after the fact for a building he built without approval. Mr. Cash’sdepartment incorrectly issued a permit when it had been previously denied.

As a result, the chair of the Board of Zoning Adjustments resigned and accused Cash of not telling the truth when he asserted the board knew about the building. Furthermore, Cash, appointed by the Mayor, was merely given a slap on the wrist for knowingly breaking the law. And just yesterday, a new zoning infraction was uncovered regarding these two loyal Abramson employees.

In a time when the Mayor has induced a hiring freeze and when many Metro employees are forced into taking furlough days, Mayor Abramson rehired two recently former employees in Jane Driskell and Rick Johnstone. Creating new positions for both of these former employees of the taxpayer, our city is now on the hook for thousands more dollars as we have to pay into both of their retirements twice according to state law. Were these two employees so valuable that they had to be hired despite the fact thousands of taxpayer dollars would be wasted? In a town of so many talented people, I suspect not.

Under the leadership of Kimberly Bunton, former Director of Housing and Family Services, and
her predecessor Melissa Barry who happens to be Abramson¹s cousin by marriage, $20 million in federal grants had been lost by the city. But as with many Abramson appointees, her shortcomings did not stop with incompetence.

It was uncovered by Dan Klepal of the Courier-Journal that Ms. Bunton had stolen nearly $2,000 from various funds, including the Children¹s Welfare Fund, to give to her mother for personal expenses. She stole money out of the taxpayer¹s pocket and only returned it once she was caught.

While the Mayor has an excuse for each of these hiring mistakes, it is clear with all of the facts laid out, this is a pattern of poor judgment and deceit that the people of Louisville do not deserve. Again, we can do better than this.

And finally, our Mayor has made business deals with outside corporations that are bad for Louisville and almost inexplicable in nature. For example, when dealing with the Maryland-based Cordish Company, the Mayor continuingly stuck it to the taxpayer.

We gave this out-of-town company a $1.8 million forgivable loan, originally intended for the Starks Building to expand 4th Street Live. When Cordish stopped paying their lease payment on that location, the money was allowed to be used towards what is now The Sports & Social Club and as long as Cordish operates a business in that space for 5 of the next 10 years, they never have to pay back that loan.

Additionally, we gave Cordish $2.5 million to plan the Center City project. While this money was officially intended to be used for marketing purposes, the parameters are so loose that the taxpayers of Louisville may be expensing Cordish plane flights between Maryland and Louisville and expensive client dinners. And worst of all, Cordish has the right to pull the plug on the project at any time and not be obligated to pay back a single dime.

We have also given Cordish $36 million in additional assets and loans towards the Center City project with no restrictions. While the original Center City claim was to make this a $435 million project, they have since cut that number in half and actually have no plan submitted as to what they intend to develop on this property, property they were given by Mayor Abramson for $1 a year over 149 years.

The parking lot at the Galleria was sold to Cordish for $2.7 million or $3,200 a space with no strings attached as to how they operated the garage. This is a garage we originally paid $6.8 million for and has been recently appraised at somewhere between $8 and $12 million. For those who would like to make the argument that we needed that money to help make up for a $20 million shortfall in the budget, they would have a point if the Mayor hadn’t turned around and bought another garage for $8.2 million at an astonishing $18,000 a space. Even in a good economy with budget surpluses, these two transactions make little sense and are extremely suspect.

But this is nothing new for our Mayor. During the first years of merger, Mayor Abramson made a reminiscently shady deal with Titan development, a former client of his when practicing law between mayoral terms. Another Maryland-based company, he gave Titan the former Naval Ordinance Station for $1 a year over 99 years with Metro Government only receiving 3% of the annual rental revenue, revenue Louisville owned 100% of before the deal.

Many other issues existed with this 2 person company in bad standing that could be detailed with more time, but to go down that road would ignore the principle violation. Mayor Abramson gave a very favorable business deal to a former client. This sort of ethical mushiness explains why the Mayor has been more than resistant to numerous good faith attempts by Councilman Ken Fleming, Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh and others to pass much needed ethics reform.
While this case against Mayor Abramson contains many examples of wrongdoings and poor judgments, it only scratches the surface and tells a small part of the story. Through his inexplicable actions, it is clear Jerry Abramson has taken his ³Mayor for Life² nickname to heart and whether it has been debris pick up after storms, road maintenance or cronyism, it is clear he stopped serving the interests of the people long ago.

We will have a strong and spirited debate next year about the direction of our great city. But there is one thing we should all agree on as citizens of this beautiful town. 20 years of Mayor Abramson is enough! Please Mr. Mayor, if you¹re listening, for the good of Louisville, step down. Don¹t let your ego get in the way of a better tomorrow for our citizens.

We deserve better than that.

Well said Mr. Cummings well said indeed.

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MyViewMatters Radio Show June 25, 2009

You asked for it here it is! The MyViewMatters Radio Show from June 25, 2009. Tonight we had on the show Dr. Eric Schanssberg Professor of Economics at IU. Great show.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


As many of you know charities are very important to me and especially when it comes to special needs kids. My Godson is a special needs child with cerebral palsy, and a few other things, due to a spinal virus he contracted at the ripe old age of 3 months old.

Downs syndrome is special to me as I have been involved with friends of children with Down syndrome for years. Essentially the bottom line is I kind of have a soft spot for those least able to help themselves.

I have been blessed to have healthy children who are now adults with little help on my part. I mean I fed them, clothed them, and provided a roof but essentially in the grand scheme of things most of who they are in regards to their health was largely not of my doing.

I try to stay involved and do my part to make this world a better place. Like me, love me, or hate me that is always the goal, but nothing in most of our lives can compare to the hardships that these special kids face everyday. And nothing can make you appreciate how little our problems compare to the ones these kids face daily.

When you see a child overcome all that life has thrown to them and then get up with a ready smile when knocked down as if to say, "hey relax this is nothing," then thank you in their own way for being there all the same? Well words cannot describe that feeling.

My Godson was supposed to die at 3 months old. Every expert doctor told us he would. They took him off life support he died. But a few minutes later little Devin decided he had other plans. He decided he wanted to live and started breathing on his own. He was supposed to be brain dead. In fact every brain scan done over the last 3+ years says his brain is not growing at all. He would never be able to eat, walk, talk, or have any understanding at all. All the experts said so. Thanks to the hardheaded Grandparents, and Godparents if I may, we decided differently. And so did Devin.

Here is a pic of this beautiful 4 year old today with yours truly at the D.A.D.S event today:

I was invited to an event today sponsored by D.A.D.S., or Dad's Appreciating Down Syndrome of Kentuckiana, to show my support of their work with these special needs kids.

It was a great honor to be there and to speak to those who attended. D.A.D.S. focus is in trying to help these kids be all they can be and bring out the best in them. The sheer joy from these kids to be able to spend an afternoon fishing at a lake or enjoying some of the things like the moon bounce, things most of us take for granted, was a sight to behold.

In many cases with special needs kids it literally can be a once in a lifetime thing.

The amount of volunteers who helped with this are too many to list. There were local folks who are heavily involved in charities such as Kaven Rumpol, owner of Highview Bingo, a recent guest on the MyViewMatters radio show, and tireless worker for the rights of charities and charitable gaming. Many thanks Kaven some of us know your dedication to the cause. We also had the corporate sponsors who I am sure I will forget one or two but notably McDonald's, with Ronald McDonald on hand of course, Wal-Mart, Bass Pro shops, and many others.

Here are a few pics from the kids day.

This is my new little buddy Charlie having fun playing with his dogs.

Or check the joy out on the face of little Brody below when he caught the first fish I saw.

Take a look at the lake and see all the kids, with their adult supervisors of course, enjoying a chance at the big one.

And oh yeah Ronald was on hand to congratulate each child when ALL children there received a trophy, a brand new tackle box, and a host of other things.

I would like to thank D.A.D.S. for all they do to help in their community and the work they do for these wonderful kids. I would also like to thank them for allowing Devin and I the opportunity to be a part of this.

In a word: Priceless.

Which brings me to this.

With all the idiots like Stumbo trying to sell us out to Churchill Downs these days trying to get a monopoly that puts charitable gaming out of business, it was a great reminder as if I needed one, of just how important these charities and events are to our community. More importantly how much it means to the kids.

I urge you guys to write me here at myviewmatters@aol.com if you would like to get involved in your community and work with these kids, or help with donations. Charity begins at home not the corporate box office.

D.A.D.S is having their annual fundraiser on July 24, 2009 at the UAW hall on Fern Valley Rd. They have 600 tickets for sale at $30 apiece and all proceeds go to these wonderful kids. The event will include free food all day and a silent auction. They are trying to raise $25,000.

A drop in the bucket to what Churchill is trying to take from us.

At the very least call Greg Stumbo, Larry Clark, and their pet cronies, and let them know we know what is really for the kids. And it isn't a Churchill Downs monopoly that will ruin opportunities like this for our kids.

Seems he and some other idiots need a reminder of that.

Friday, June 19, 2009


You know after tonight's weekly radio show I spent some time thinking about how we got to this point on casino's and where we are going wrong. In short, the big picture is ugly and brutal in some ways.

Some will call me a conspiracy theorist for writing this article. Some will say "I knew they were doing that." Still others will leave the blinders on and ignore the possibilities that this article suggests and call me crazy. No matter what one thing is for sure. In some way you are indeed making a statement that yes MyViewMatters to yourself and that is the goal.

To get you involved.

Casino gambling , or in this case video slots, is not a new concept. In fact it has been tried repeatedly since 1998 and failed each and every time. So I have to ask why does this time seem so much more important than any other? Surely we knew horse racing was a gamble in itself what with so many other avenues to spend your gambling dollar on in today's world and the negative press when a horse gets put down so readily available at this time.

So many options to choose from for your money and so ready a media to hurt you at all costs.

What a time to get rid of cigarettes and try to get rid of alcohol. With this economy, and these bozo's making it worse, seems now is the time when most of us need to raise a glass and light up to relax.

But I digress.

I believe the picture is broader than a simple fight over video slots. If you have followed the Cordish Group debacles over the last couple of years then you know Cordish essentially goes into a town with a new "live" venue, you know 4Th Street Live for example, then typically follow that by trying to get casinos which is where the real money is made.

In the case of Churchill Downs casino's would be a major competitor that they possibly could not overcome. In their minds anyway.

So what to do? Work together in some degree or another.

Throw away $121 million on a renovation that could have been cut in half realistically, destroy the ambiance that once was Churchill with the twin spires (that are now essentially hidden ruining the historical perspective), close a money making facility like Trackside Live at the same time in anticipation of getting video slots and failing in that regard, all while giving your leader a $7 million bonus.

Great remedy for failure to the stockholders in the short term. And Churchill has done a great job of destroying what once was a proud part of our community. At least to me. But look at the larger gain.

Short term losses for long term gains? That is corporate America and Churchill is part of it.

So now we have the groundwork laid for failure creating the illusions that we are far behind our competitors in purse size and losing our business. We cannot lose the signature industry of Kentucky. Poor us we are broke millionaire's. Blah, Blah, Blah , Blah.

It is not enough that you essentially work tax free here. No property taxes on an estimated value of your property at $100 million. No sales taxes on the millions made each year at yearling sales. But now we must "bail" you out even further? What do we have left to give?

So what happens now?

We have laws in place that would allow everything but video slots now and with an amendment would include them and make it fair across the board for people like charitable gamers who actually do give back to the community. Churchill says no we want it all and are so worried about losing the signature industry that a compromise is not agreeable. Yep they really care about horse racing don't they? Now they are facing the biggest gamble they have to date.

Betting it all that we are naive enough to fall for the garbage that is being spewed our way. So much for a signature industry right? That they can chance losing it for their own gain. And do not forget while Churchill made $22 million last year most other businesses showed losses every quarter thanks to a down economy.

What does all this have to do with Cordish or full casino's? Quite a lot actually.

As in everything when you want to get your way you take baby steps to set things up in business and government. In this case think about the steps.

Step one? Start squeezing charitable gamers out of business with unfair and undue burdens that no other business in Ky has to abide by. A profit law. Yep you read it correctly.

Lay a 40% profit mandate on all charitable gamers while at the same time NOT allowing normal standard business expense write offs as part of the balance sheet to get it at 40%.

Once you start squeezing these places out then that opens up the door for more gambling dollars to be spent elsewhere. And since many love the games of chance they want to go somewhere right?

Step two? Destroy the signature State business in Kentucky by a well thought out plan to force the hearts and minds of the people to believe we are in danger of losing it. Playing the heart strings by using our kids as blackmail so you can try to get a "new" bill passed that only you can profit from. Create a monopoly and this is not the board game version this is real life.

Step three? throw in a little money and claim it is for kids and education dividing the community so you can profit.

All three steps have been accomplished so far.

The plan has worked to perfection but everyone forgot about Cordish. By design.

What is the Cordish role in all this? Casino's of course. It is what they do. They start with a new entertainment complex, show a zero profit for a few years based on a "partnership" agreement with the City that they do not give ANY money to, and then work the system and play the game to get what they really want. Casino's and all the cash that goes with it.

The same arguments they made to force charitable gamers out of business by trying to regulate the cash flow going through them is the argument they will not make here.

That's what Cordish wants. The cash. Unregulated and hard to account for.

You see the real reason Louisville did not use the Water Co site for the arena, which made by far the most sense from any perspective you want to view it from, is that by leaving that property open they could slide Cordish in there right next to 4Th Street Live and funnel all the entertainment money there. What will Cordish do with it?

Build a casino. Deal made with Abramson to run their Louisville operations when complete perhaps? Who knows but it sure does seem likely considering the source. And that is the conspiracy theory I will be accused of. But add it all up and think about all the money that has been steered Cordish way and ask why?

The benefit? A simple one. By putting a casino at that location it is easier access on a daily basis to steer business to 4Th Street Live. Not just during arena events. So it stand to reason if you can force the entertainment dollar there on a daily basis, instead of an event related one, you can gain more revenue from the investment.

And who cares about the local businesses that drive our economy right? Abramson and cronies do not for sure as they have proven time and time again. Need proof? Ask the owners of the former City Block.

Think about all the available info we had at the time they decided to build the arena at an inflated cost we could not afford. We are paying for it right? We already know as of 2005 based on Abramson's own results posted within the Mayor's conference report at that time we had a financial problem.

So why push this down our throats?

The Master Plan.

Cordish gets to use Churchill to do the dirty work opening the door for casino's since they have already played this game. Churchill gets to do the dirty work of ridding the competition for the gambling dollar in the community. Both get to split and benefit from the proceeds when completed. easy compromise isn't it? And a very probable one given the fact that Churchill is not open to a compromise for the community with charitable gamers.

Abramson benefits by getting a cushy well paid job from his buddies at Cordish.

Win win in their eyes. Lose lose for us. Do not discount the game. They play with millions and can outlast most of us in the community.

Funnily enough they are trying to beat us with our own money. Of course that should be no surprise check out the State legislature and spending. Heck check out the millions Abramson has lost and wasted here for his political power and the friends of his administration.

And the biggest way they show us their game?

Resort to using our kids, as usual, against us for the sympathy. If they really cared about our kids we would not have problems with our education system and there would be jobs for our kids to look forward to down the road.

Shame on Greg "Shady" Dumbo for using our kids against us. yep that is Stumbo's new name. Shame on Abramson for allowing us to be used this way for his gain.

Are you tired of being the pawn yet?

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ah welcome to another week of the MyViewMatters radio Show on here. Charitable gaming was the topic tonight with Kaven Rumpol, Bobby Clark, and Dave Toborowski in the studio. Listen to it nothing was off limits including Greg Stumbo, and his save the kids hostage situation, Larry Clark and his ego trip, and a whole host of other things.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Just a few short years ago Abramson was singing the praises of the Brookings Institute studies and working on the Cornerstone 20/20 vision he was so proud of.

Essentially he has been proud of failure in my opinion.

Take this article for example from Business First: Louisville fares poorly in Brookings economic study - Business First of Louisville: essentially it states:

"The Louisville metropolitan area showed weakness in average wages and gross metropolitan product during the first quarter of 2009,"

But we already knew that didn't we?

As a matter of fact I tried to force these issues during the 2006 Mayoral race. But of course an outsider could know nothing about the economic indicators could they?

According to the article some of the things included in the study are: employment, unemployment rate, wages, gross metropolitan product — the total value of goods and services produced within a metropolitan area, housing prices and the number of foreclosed properties owned by lending institutions.

Of course no surprises here at all. In fact during the Mayoral election of 2006 I spent a great deal of time warning of the onslaught of foreclosures and the negatives coming from the Mayor's conference that year Louisville was headed down in livability.

You can read more about that here: Louisville News and Politics: ABRAMSON IGNORED WARNING SIGNS SINCE 2005. In fact when you read it I use the stats verbatim from the report.

It was obvious in 2005 we were going to have problems, agreed with by Abramson during the conference, yet publicly here where he figured no one would see his remarks or results, he cheer leaded all into thinking he was doing a great job.

Of course he also bragged about building new libraries with no new taxes then 3 short months after the election worked diligently to break that pledge. We knew as did so many voters that he just wanted a new tax to hide the money he kept misappropriating. I am glad we caught him myself yet this was just one more example of Abramson lying so that he could gain.

Of course since then we are seeing rampant mismanagement, mishandling of money, and excuse after excuse for the failures. We nail Kim Bunton for her financial fiasco and have to wonder who else is playing the same game. we continue letting insiders "retire" just to bring them back a couple of months later at an even greater cost to we the taxpayers.

These people are all recycles and we wonder why we cannot get ahead? New leadership brings new ideas and fresher approaches to governing. We do not need the same old faces and ideas. Nor do we need the same old people that only show up for elections hoping to get lucky while doing nothing in the 4 years in between to make a difference. Believe me we sure do not need a Jim King or even David Tandy IMO to take over either.

We need one of us everyday folks that feel the pain and know how the bottom half lives if we are going to rebuild the middle class and make Louisville vital once again.

In short? Abramson knows he has screwed up, simply doesn't care, and in my opinion has lied for years to our faces while gaining for himself and cronies the whole time.

The report goes on to lay these figures out as well.

Louisville near bottom for wage change

According to the study, Louisville ranked No. 95 out of 100 in percentage of change in average wage between the fourth quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009.

It had a 0.7 percent decline during that period.....

This statement speaks volumes as well: According to the Brookings report, average wages typically do not decline in a recession “because it can be difficult for employers to cut them.”

Good ole Jerry found a way to drop wages during a recession as well.

Let me be the first to say thanks for the low wage service economy Mr. Mayor. sarcasm purely intended. And we wonder why homelessness and foreclosures are up? Wonder why Abramson did not respond to this oncoming freight train in 2005, when he was well aware of the prognosis, since he reported it at the Mayor's conference?

He couldn't understand it or couldn't find a way to spin it and make money at it I guess.

Louisville also fared poorly in the gross metropolitan product category.

It was 86th out of 100 when comparing the first quarter of 2009 to the peak quarter. Brookings did not specify the date of the peak quarter, which was 5.2 percent higher than the first quarter of 2009.

When comparing the fourth quarter of 2008 to the first quarter of 2009, Louisville experienced a 2.4 percent decline, which ranked it No. 99 on the list, ahead of only Detroit.

Folks if I nailed it in 2005 then why didn't he and his recycled so called experts? If the Mayor wannabe's in King, Tandy, and a whole host of recycled insiders did not see this coming and work to counteract it then how can we believe they will do better? For me all I see is the same old selfish wants from the front runners today. And I have seen nothing from the ones who wanted their name on a ballot in November but have done nothing since just waiting to try and steal the next election.

That is selfish and not leadership.

The time to ask questions is now. The time to get accountability was yesterday.

We must start somewhere. Your thoughts?

Monday, June 15, 2009


Today Javanon was allowed to keep the illegal building and basically nothing changes. Oh of course the BOZA had all kinds of media friendly comments like we have to change the way this happened, or even though it was wrong it was unintentional, or a whole host of other garbage.

They did NOT make any changes in the way they do business at all to date. BOZA defied open meetings laws, allowed an intentional misrepresentation of the plans to continue, and wasted 13 months when notified there was a problem, to even begin to address it in regards to Javanon.

But we have come to expect no less from this incompetent bunch of nincompoops haven't we?

Attorney Stephen Porter, who represents the neighborhood association in this fight, sent this statement for your review:

"I would like to take this opportunity to explain and clarify the position of the Tucker Station Neighborhood Association and many of the neighbors who surround this Javanon building. We all know that the process surrounding this case has been flawed. But, the flaw did not begin with the illegal meeting of April 20, 2009. It began when a veteran Louisville Metro employee submitted plans for a parking lot change to a CUP that was previously approved with "no structures are proposed at this time". This employee was a city engineer who dealt with plans from developers on a daily basis, and who, whether he did know or not, certainly should have known that the plans he submitted to get a parking lot change were different than the plans that had been approved by this Board, and should have known that they were not enough in compliance with regulations to enable him to get a building permit, and should have told Mr. Hendrix that this plan included more than just a parking change, which, according to Mr. Hendrix, he did not.. In addition, he performed this act in absolute violation of a previous reprimand from his superiors in 2000 when he did a very similar act on behalf of Javanon, of which he is the founder, President, member of the Board of Directors, and General Manager. In that case, all he did was build a gravel driveway. In this case, he built a 23,000 square foot metal building in a single-family neighborhood.
The flaw continued after the neighborhood reported this illegal building in February, 2008. Between February, 2008 and February, 2009, we tried to get City government to do whatever was necessary to address this situation. Finally, on March 16, 2009, a first hearing was held, thirteen months after the City was notified. We do not know what took so long, but the public perception is that it was because a high City official was on one side of this issue. That may or may not be true, but the perception is strong and probably justifiable......"

You can write me at myviewmatters@aol.com for more of Mr. Porter's statement.

In the meantime I sincerely hope this matter does not go away and legal action is taken at the very least against the whole BOZA department including Bill Schreck, Charles Cash, all members who attended the illegal meeting,and even Bill Bardenwarper for open meetings violations.

None of Mr. Porter's motions were granted or listened to and the whole BOZA is in violation at this point.

Good luck.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


You know sometimes I could not even begin to make this stuff up.

Apparently the City of Louisville has made a series of videos to promote Louisville. Great idea right? Sure it is I totally agree with the concept really. BUT when you use a landmark that you have been fighting tooth and nail to get rid of the hypocrisy is so laughable I can not even imagine what the idiots were thinking.

The Pepper fish that was the cause of so much publicity last year and even propelled Mr. Pepper himself to run for office, though he could not figure out what he was running for, is now on the front page again.

Why you may ask? Check this small tidbit in the Courier: At the water cooler courier-journal.com The Courier-Journal

Seems the City does not mind using the image from Mr. Pepper's fish as part of promoting the City while trying to get it torn down at the same time.

Advertising firm red7e, which has a contract to promote Louisville as "possibility city," has a video showing sights of Louisville that includes a one-second snippet of the big fish (at the 4:10 mark).

Is this not so typical of this administration? Try to tear someone down but use them for your own gain?

Laugh with me folks this certainly deserves it.


You know vindication is a wonderful thing. I feel vindicated today thanks to a great story in today's Courier Journal. City official knew secret meeting on Javanon was illegal courier-journal.com The Courier-Journal Finally some real investigative work. It is about time thanks Chris Otts.

For over a year now and beyond I have been working to expose the lies, corruption, and general idiocy of those in government and Abramson's leaders. In this case IPL and Planning and zoning have been one part of the focus. I have been determined to expose this monstrosity of ineffectiveness and callousness of the so called leaders of this agency.

Today yes vindication exists. In my mind anyway.

According to this from the article:

Louisville planning director Charles Cash knew it was illegal to hold a secret meeting of a city zoning board in the controversial Javanon Soccer case, and he made arguments during the meeting that favored the soccer club, according to e-mails obtained in an open records request and interviews with members of the board.
When The Courier-Journal asked about that meeting later in April, Cash said there was "no intent" to violate the open meetings law.

But when he first proposed the meeting, according to the e-mails, he suggested splitting the board into two groups "to avoid the public notice question."

Ah and therein is the illegality. Cash knew it was illegal. So did Schreck as evidenced by his add on to the Cash email between Bardenwarper and Cash simply saying ok essentially.

Of course you then have to realize that Abramson would take this serious and assuredly would discipline or threaten to right?


His statement?

"I have personally spoken to Charles Cash about the issue, and he has acknowledged it was a mistake," Abramson said in the statement. "He has assured me it will not happen again."

Asked whether Cash or Schreck will be disciplined as a result, mayoral spokesman Chris Poynter said he would let Abramson's statement "speak for itself."

Yep I feel so much better that you are assured that Mr. Cash will not do this again Mr. Mayor.

One more idiotic pathetic display of cronyism as far as I am concerned.

Cash now acknowledges that he discussed the facts of the case at the secret meeting and even brought site plans. But he said he was only trying to provide context to help the board understand its charge in the coming hearing, not trying to influence the outcome.
However, the board's 2005 resolution approving the soccer fields notes that "no structures are proposed at this time."

Yep trying to provide context? Get real.

For even more hypocrisy check out the Chairwoman Judith Frances remarks:

Chairwoman Judy Francis said she "vehemently" disagreed with Cash's assertion.
"When Mr. Cash said that, I looked him straight in the eye and said that is absolutely not correct," she said.

She is as much a problem as Cash and Schreck are. You can reference the Morris dispute with Jim King and my rant on it here www.myviewmatters.org. Check out the January 27 rant you will find it amusing I am sure.

Apparently Judith is concerned about herself again since she is now throwing Cash under the bus to make herself look good. This is so not typical of her to go against the administration as she herself gains from the political ties.

And even more from the idiots?

In an interview, Cash said the board does indeed look at details like renderings before approving buildings, but he added that by approving the site plan in 2005, the board approved "the idea" of a building.

"It was always understood that at some point in time there would be a building. … The design review of the building itself is what failed."

Understood? What is submitted is what is considered period. To state that the board "approved the idea" of a building is about as asinine a statement you can get from a so called leader of this area.

Schreck by proxy since he approved the meeting Cash wanted, and knowing it violated open meetings laws, should go as well.

Time to clean house. Get rid of the bums who are either too incompetent to do their job or believe they can do anything they want as evidence now proves.

And do not forget one thing. These are just more examples of Abramson cronies getting caught.

The rot has set in from the Abramson top down and has hurt us all for too many years.

Time to clean it up.

Friday, June 12, 2009


As many of you are aware the Valley Station Post office is slated to close. The reason, as I am being told by insiders, is that the owners of the property are raising the lease payments to a price the Post Office will not agree to. Fair enough I suppose but what happens to those who use that Post Office daily?

A few years ago a new Post Office was built on Greenwood Rd in PRP and while I personally enjoy the convenience of it ( I live less than a block away from it) I questioned at that time whether it was cost effective. The branch on Greenwood Rd does do some business but when I compare it to the one in Valley Station there essentially is no comparison.

The Post Office in Valley Station stays busy period. I have never been in there when I did not have a line to deal with. While some would argue that the service is slow there and perhaps that is why, I would argue the opposite.

The need is there and THAT is why they have lines.

The property, based on my preliminary checks, is owned by Nicklies Company a local developer who specializes in retail space. Is this perhaps a chance to grab at better profits? We have a down economy and the government is printing money like it is going out of style throwing around bailouts and buyouts. Perhaps that is the logic behind raising the rates to the government. I mean when you see free money you try to get it right? Who knows. Nicklies is doing fine from that standpoint so what gives.

This directly from their website: "Being known for its commitment to quality, knowledge, and high standards, Nicklies continues to excel in the development industry. Nicklies also develops and redevelops land for residential use - including single-family, attached, and detached cluster homes - to meet the needs of property owners, builders and homeowners."

Perhaps they just forgot that one of the most basic things you can do for homeowners to meet their needs is ensure services are provided in the neighborhood that help fulfill that need. In this case the Post Office in Valley Station does just that.

So being the guy I am I decided to call around and see if there is suitable property in the area at an affordable cost that could be used by the Post Office for the neighborhoods.

One of my calls was to Chris Thieneman. As many of you are aware I have worked with Chris on some projects and though we stand apart politically we both ignore that reality and work in a nonpartisan way together for the betterment of our neighbors.

While speaking with Chris about the recent announcements I found out Chris was a step ahead of me. Nothing new there either.

Chris has already offered up 10,000 sq. ft. of space to the Post Office and thrown in a full first year of no payments. The location is at Valley Station Rd and Dixie Highway by the new GattiLand (behind the Captain D's). He has offered the property at a very reasonable rate and with a year's free lease he threw in certainly is trying to help the neighborhood folks who rely on the Post Office in that area.

I do have some questions. Why has Bob Henderson not gotten involved and tried to help this along? Isn't that why he was elected? Or perhaps the guy he always rubberstamps Jerry Abramson? Where are the people who show up for elections that have not done anything since the last election, but are sure to show up for the next one at?. Isn't this what we are supposed to be doing? Getting involved?

Maybe because they cannot profit from it or perhaps it is personal since Bob stole a cell tower deal from Chris Thieneman to bolster his image at the VFW.

Who knows.

Bottom line is this. If I found a place in a short few minutes of making some calls certainly our leaders could spend time helping the residents in this regard instead of harassing them with bogus IPL problems.

Just saying.

MyViewMatters Radio June 11, 2009

Here is the show from last night with Chris Thieneman. We talked about as much as we could during the hour. Everything from U of L to the library tax and beyond.

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Thanks for listening!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Make sure you tune in tonight to the MyViewMatters radio show at 7 pm on WKJK 1080 AM.

Tonights' guest will be Chris Thieneman and we will discuss any and everything around town including the U of L fiasco concerning the Mint Julep Ball!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


For months now Mayor Abramson has been avoiding a tipline to help aid against fraud, waste, abuse, corruption, and just about anything else. The Metro Council has not been forceful in trying to help attain this goal.

That goal has now been attained by a group of people belonging to STOP I.T. (Stop Invisible Taxes). President Ray Pierce has scheduled a news conference for Wednesday at 10 am at 527 W. Jefferson Street (the Old Courthouse) to announce a privately funded independent tipline.

I have worked with STOP I.T. for some time now on some projects and I am happy to say thanks to Ray Pierce, and Operations Manager Paul Holliger, the tipline is now operational effective immediately following the press conference.

The number to call is (502)410-1009.

Many folks have been concerned about government accountability and many more have been worried that a tipline run by the Metro Government would not be anonymous or confidential. Personally I agree with the concerns of these folks. That is why it is important to have an independent tipline that can help them achieve the transparency we all need and have asked for.

Here is a copy of the official release:

TO: News & Assignment Editors and Reporters, & other stakeholders in Louisville

FROM: STOP I.T. (STOP Invisible Taxes)

EVENT: Press conference for STOP I.T.'s announcement of Independent Tip Line for monitoring Louisville Government.

DATE: Wednesday June 10, 2009 - 10 AM

LOCATION: Old Jefferson County Courthouse steps, 527 W. Jefferson St., Louisville, Ky. 40202

SUBJECT: STOP I.T. is funding and currently operating an Independent Tipline/Hotline for monitoring Louisville Government. This tipline will allow Louisville government employees and contractors an alternative to the proposed tipline that will be operated and monitored by the City of Louisville.

National studies have indicated that a city-run tipline is the least likely source a government employee will use to report fraud, waste, and abuse. Any instance of fraud, waste, or abuse of the system costs all citizens and STOP I.T. wants our local government cleaned up.

Ray Pierce
President - STOP I.T. (Stop Invisible Taxes)
(502) 937-0584

Paul Holliger
Operations Manager - STOP I.T.
(502) 366-9897

Remember, the number to call for anonymous complaints is (502)410-1009.

Help make a difference by making a note of the number and use it.

Friday, June 5, 2009


You know I have been, and continue to be, ok with having casino's in Kentucky. We send $300 million a year plus to surrounding states each and every year. They reap the benefits of our money with us not receiving a dime back for services that most complain about like addictions blah, blah, blah.

I admit I do not mind it, however, I do have a major problem with approving just slots and only at Churchill Downs for the benefit of horse race purses.

Sorry it just does not add up. Churchill, if you will recall, was totally against ANY casino gambling in the State just a few years ago. They did not want the competition. All of a sudden when they ruin their business, and yes many decisions made by Churchill have hurt their business, new slot machines are the savior of their existence.

Do we not ever wonder why they changed their mind? Would it coincide with the KEEP project headed by ex Governor, and known horseman, Brereton Jones and the political insiders? I believe it is relevant to look at that in the big picture.

While we are looking at the big picture let's look at some more effects from Churchill being the only game in town.

First they are not the only game in town.

We currently have legal gambling available in this State in a couple of different forms. One is the Kentucky Lottery that was sold as the savior to education and has not delivered on it's promise. After all these years of wasting education funds with no results we now continue to scream we need more money.


Education in 1996 accounted for 60% of the total budget. At that time the budget was approximately $9 billion. Today education still accounts for 60% of the budget. Today's budget is now $19 billion! So in essentially 12 fiscal years we have DOUBLED the amount of real dollars funding education. We overlook that when we see the failures.

What have we gained? We have proven that throwing money at the problem does not fix it. Political cronyism and poor decisions do and we continue saying thanks to them for destroying us by reelecting them.

Which brings me to this.

The second legal gambling option for us is Charitable gaming. Yep the bingo centers and others.

When you compare a slot machine to charitable gaming most, including me, do not make one connection. Those little pull tabs that cost a dollar at a bingo? They are paper slots. Seriously, open the tabs one at a time match 3 cherries, or lemons, or whatever, and you win. They have a guaranteed payout percentage and you are playing essentially slots.

The proceeds go where? To the local charities who sponsor the games.

This money goes back to the local communities to those who need it most. Not to the corporate profiteers who need it less. The State has changed the laws so much to eliminate the halls that charities today are suffering worse than ever. Thanks to an undue burden of profit required by law now, and the bingo police that frequent the centers with badges and guns scaring the patrons, our charities are dwindling down and in danger of being gone altogether..

I personally respect a charity that tries to succeed on its own by working to fund itself versus coming to us for a handout of our tax dollars.

So here is my official quotable slant on the situation.

Open casino gambling in a full blown way for all, not just slots at Churchill that will destroy our charitable gamers, or allow slots only but open up the licensing for ALL charitable gamers to get.

The benefit? A simple one.

This would eliminate the need for a new department funded by our tax dollars and filled with the friends of politicians. It would also level the playing field for all that are working for charitable purposes.

Put Churchill Downs under the same auspices that the charitable gamers in town have to adhere to.

No new department is needed one already exists. The Charitable Gaming Commission.

If it's good enough for the "slots" now existing for charitable gaming then it should be good enough for Churchill.

Of course they do not want this option. Churchill would then be required by law to return the same percentage to charity that the bingo centers and their tenants do.

They do not want to share they want to dominate. We subsidize enough.

Time to stand firm when they spend our tax dollars.

Your thoughts?

Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is the MyViewMatters radio show for June 4. Gatewood could not attend due to the death of his mother yesterday. Dea Riley, Gatewood's close friend and political consultant, interviewed with us for now. We talked about marijuana of course. How could we not? We also addressed casino's, Charitable gaming, and a whole host of other stuff.

You will not be disappointed.

We will reschedule Gatewood at the earliest date possible. In the meantime thanks to Dea Riley for stepping in on such short notice.

Our condolences to Gatewood and the Galbraith family.

Please visit http://www.gatewood.com/ for info on his book, The Last Free Man in America, or use the email link on his page to pass along your condolences.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


According to this from CNN money, Big city taxes: Who pays what - Apr. 14, 2009 , Louisville is ranked 8th in the most heavily taxed Cities in America. Abramson continues to defy labor and blames Labor agreements for keeping business out of here. He just does not get it does he? As I have stated over and over again the pay to play schemes and high taxes are what keeps business out of Louisville.

According to this article I am right. It just repeats what I have been saying since 2005 when I decided to run for Mayor. Abramson just does not get it or does not want to.

The way Abramson and our elected officials keep going after us reminds me of this from the Family Guy. YouTube - Family Guy - Stewie Beats Brian

Don't you just feel like the dog?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


From Wikipedia:

A revolution (from the
Latin revolutio, "a turn around") is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. Aristotle described two types of political revolution:

Complete change from one constitution to another

Modification of an existing constitution.

Revolutions have occurred through
human history and vary widely in terms of methods, duration, and motivating ideology. Their results include major changes in culture, economy, and socio-political institutions.

You know I appreciate all the readers of this site and the email I receive. Some send compliments, some suggestions, some criticism, some threats (always laughable for me), and some just stuff that makes you think.

On occasion that mail is thought provoking and challenging. Today I received such mail.

I viewed this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeYscnFpEyA, sent from a reader, today for the first time. It says much of what I believe and agree with and I found it to be very challenging and thought provoking.

Einstein once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

With that in mind have we become so insane to allow the atrocities our elected leaders continue to bestow on us? We continue to elect the same elitist failures to office and continue to be disappointed. Is it time for term limits? Isn't it time to hold these so called leaders accountable to the same standard they hold us? Are they more worthy than each of us for an equal playing field to work from?

I am an old school traditionalist in many ways. I believe that each of us must work for what we get. There are no free rides.

I believe in unity and that together there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Not dividing us for selfish gain as we have become accustomed to.

I believe the United States is the greatest Country in the world. Not the one destined to become the weakest link if we continue down the path our leaders at all levels, including our local Mayor, have brought us to.

I believe people are inherently good when allowed to be. Not selfish lazy crybabies who only care about themselves and their wants.

After 9/11 we got that, if only for a short time, those who would normally not be seen in the light of day, with some of the folks around them working side by side, or consoling each other, because of the shared pain of what we as a Nation lost that day. Then the goodwill we gained around the world, and amongst ourselves, was shattered by idiocy and greed of the same leaders who "shared" our pain that day.

I believe here in Louisville we are calling out for a leader that gets what we are going through. Someone who has and is sharing the pain each and everyday of what our current leaders have led us to. Not an elitist group who has made a career of benefitting themselves at our expense for their own personal selfish gain.

I believe we can do better. The question is do you?

Remember this is our America, and our Louisville. We The People must remember we have a duty and an obligation to fight for our rights everyday. Even against those who are charged to uphold them.

Your thoughts?

Monday, June 1, 2009


You know folks I have not changed my mind about Jack Conway........yet. But I can see where it may come to that. As of now I support Jack Conway for Bunning's seat. I certainly would endorse him easily over Mongiardo but........

I have to ask myself why in light of all the problems we are having with Metro, and Jerry Abramson, why has he not investigated him yet? After the findings of none other than Crit LuAllen against Abramson and his machine Abramson still seems to get free reign.

Check this video out and maybe that will tell us why. Who knows what will happen but I hope Jack Conway does his job and starts investigating this train wreck called Abramson.

YouTube - Jack Conway Democratic Primary Candidate For US Senate In Kentucky, A James Pence Video

Your thoughts?

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