Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Katie King update

In answer to a ton of mail I am receiving on Katie King this update is necessary. For those asking I am still awaiting a reply from the Judicial Conduct Commission on my charges against Katie King. I will relay the response as soon as I get it. I apologize for not having more info available at this time but it is in their court so to speak for now.

In the meantime check out Jim King's letter to Greg Dearing President of the Louisville Federation of retired firefighters just prior to the election. You will like that and Mr. Dearing's response.

Happy reading.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This whole Flood scenario is going about as expected from the onset. As I have reported previously a plea deal was in the works for Flood to resign and in return the case would be dropped.

Today his court date was supposed to do one thing plead guilty or not guilty. Simple enough right?


Today there was no plea because special prosecuting attorney Chip McKay and Flood's attorney Alex Dathorne, former Jefferson County prosecutor that I am sure is not relevant, said they believe a plea deal will be reached prior to the next court date.

As you may recall I pointed out the original deal would be Flood would retire if charges were dropped. Well there is discussion of a new deal now. The new deal laid out today is that if Flood retires by the end of year he will plead guilty but no jail time.

Sounds like our special prosecutor may be dropping the ball now. Typical political case. Give Flood the full 90 day jail term he deserves and quit allowing special consideration for political cronies. Flood is a convicted felon and charged with a repeat offense. Any of us would not be given this special consideration.

Write or fax Chip McKay and tell him once again we will not allow this to go unchecked.

Flood has abused us all through the context of his office and illegally so. Let McKay know this is unacceptable.

Mr. March "Chip" McKay
Asst. Commonwealth Attorney
(502) 348-0336 (fax)

Just say no. It is time to gain accountability.


The following is an op-ed piece I am proud to post here for your review.

by John Springston

What happened to this country? A country founded on freedom, as long as we do what the government tells us to do. I could be wrong but that's not the freedom I was told about when I was a kid. We're supposed to be the land of opportunity, and yet somehow we've fallen so far that opportunity only knocks on the doors of the rich. The middle class is slowly being erased, we give jobs to illegal immigrants and watch our own people live in tents on cnn.

We go to war with other countries not for self-preservation, but for distraction from the real issues. They turned Osama's face into Saddam's and the whole country sat idly by and let it all happen, while our so-called elected officials proved time and time again that they we're not competent enough to do the job that they deemed was necessary.

Last time I checked people who couldn't do the job they're paid to do lost that job.

Instead we pay these liars, and thieves, and pillagers of the American people with our tax dollars while they pass us back in blood from young kids who go to fight a war that has caused more problems than it's solved. I don't blame the American people for being uninformed, however, I think we are all acting a lot more dumb than we actually are.

We know the problems, we know the solutions, and yet we sit on our hands, close our eyes and spend all our time hoping that it will all go away. The government has been so successful at crushing the spirit of the American people, that all you hear anymore is that nothing can be done.

Well I'm here to tell you, or better yet to remind you of something you already know but you won't face, something can be done.

But the truth is, the American people don't want to hear that. We would rather remain ignorant than to make a valid attempt at getting our country back. That day will come, today, tomorrow, next week or next year, when we will have to fight for a better existence in our own back yard, against the very people who say that they are trying to protect us. And we can either walk into that battle willingly, with our heads held high and the whole spirit of the American people behind us, or we can be dragged in against our will, and watch our country falter and fall and the innocent bystanders, your children, your grandparents, your parents and your friends will suffer the consequences of idle indifference.

I've made my decision, and at 21 years old if I die tomorrow I die with the piece of mind that even if I'm the only person holding up that American flag I will hold it as high as my hands can reach, and speak in the loudest voice that this country has seen, and say no. We will not tolerate this non-sense anymore, we will not fear authority, we will not fold under pressure and we will make something of ourselves if we have to die trying.

The spirit of patriots have hit my soul so hard that my bones try to break under the weight that's on my shoulders and I will carry that weight proudly and never waver against the tyranny of a country that has forgotten it's own people.

Now is the time for action, now is the time for retribution, now is the time for the voice of the people to carry to the world that we do not fear, we persevere, we do not fall, we crawl and we walk and we run toward the fight of anyone who dares to try to keep us from living a life that every citizen, rich, poor, sick, or hungry deserves.

And we will do that not only for ourselves but to pay back the debt that our real soldiers and our real politicians and our real people have paid in tiredness, humiliation and blood.

It's time for a wake up call, so I say this to you, ALL of you, young, old, rich or poor, do SOMETHING NOW before our voices are ignored.


Congrats FOP! Thank you. I could go on and on. For those who do not know the FOP voted down ALL of the options Abramson laid out before them to cut costs. As I pointed out in my previous article the Police have been UNDER budget for years. $35 million under over the last 3 years alone.

Mayor Abramson has made a killing for himself and cronies as Mayor and to ask that we jeopardize police protection is absurd. Since the police have been under budget by $35 million REAL dollars over the last 3 years why should we citizens ask them to give up more. They have done a good job saving money and are already undermanned.

I keep hearing stories about "doubling up" in police cars allowing less cars on the road as an option. This is not a workable plan nor should it be. Police presence is a great deterrent to crime period. How many times have you slowed down when speeding for example because you noticed a police car? It served as a deterrent in that case as it does in so many others. Less cars on the road will lead directly to increased crime. This is common sense.

It is no wonder the police have morale problems with leaders like Abramson, and his hand picked patsy Police Chief Robert White, continuing to try to force them to do more with less.

I spoke in 2006, when a candidate for Mayor, about the need for a minimum of an additional 200 officers in our community. This has not been addressed so we are falling further behind in public police protection. One of the problems I identified then was one of "radio hopping."

Radio hopping
is a situation where an officer is responding to a call at one end of his district and even before he finishes that run is called to the other end. How effective can they be when forced into this scenario? Not very.

More importantly how much crime is committed in the district while he is busy responding from one end to the other that he flat out does not have time to see or take care of.

To eliminate take home cars or start doubling up without adding officers will hurt our community overall.

I, for one, am glad to see that our dedicated officers have not lost sight of that.

So yep thanks FOP. It is time someone told this Mayor enough is enough. You have done your part saving money in the budget now let him do his by getting rid of the cream he wastes on cronies.

Keep up the good work.

Monday, November 24, 2008


The Louisville budget all of a sudden is in trouble. The estimates of cuts range from $20-45 million depending on which report you listen to. Mayor Abramson has decided to take a 10% pay cut for the rest of the year, which essentially is meaningless considering there is only a month left in the year, but this is only from his salary from our taxes. Even if he is basing this cut on the Metro annual year which ends June 30 it really is meaningless.

Does anyone want to ask about his other pay such as from GLI or perhaps other board seats? His income is not just derived from a salary we pay him. Far from it. As Mayor he gets money from everywhere.

The facts are simple Abramson has squandered money from our taxes and needs to be held accountable. His personal field of dreams is making a mockery of prudent financial responsibility.

Mayor Abramson is on record as saying he will look to cut whatever is necessary and our public safety positions, fire, police, EMS, etc are not excluded. Seems times are dire indeed, but there is one problem.

Over the past 3 years according to budget reports,, our police alone have been UNDER budget by $35 million!

Where did the money go?

That is the real question.

When reviewing the budget there are tens of millions of dollars spent on "claims" against the City each year. There are also budgetary items for outside services in the millions. How much does Jerry pay for his buddy lawyers at our expense to keep them happy. How much do we actually pay for lawsuits against the City after Abramson spends thousands on legal fees to his buddies to exhaust all avenues including the Supreme Court, as in the case of the firefighters, that he knows we have to pay.

Does he intentionally run up the legal bills as patronage for his buddies at Frost, Brown, and Todd? It would seem so. Remember the internal memos from here:

There is an old saying in law that no one gets paid until the attorneys do. It would seem to be true in the case of Louisville Metro and Mayor Abramson.

When we look at the big picture, and we must in these trying times start doing that, we have to see the fallacies in our leadership and our money.

The Abramson machine is destroying the economic fabric of our City. We continue to lose good paying jobs in lieu of low paying service economy jobs. Of course this hurts our tax base from withholding taxes etc. That is common sense isn't it?

We give Cordish Group $37 million for a POSSIBLE investment, with no guarantees in our Louisville, that ties up land development for years whether they do anything or not. Immediately after railroading this financial package through then we say we have a budget shortfall and problem.

Not to mention that Abramson knew that the money to be paid to the firefighters from a problem HE created and continued to lose in the courts on was looming. This to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

How can you give away $37 million on a pipe dream with no guarantees knowing that we will have to pay at least that much on a court case he knew we would lose?

Now as a repercussion he wants to possibly cut these basic services that we deserve.

With the Police department, fire department, and EMS ALL coming in under budget year after year saving this government money each and every year this would seem just another fallacy of the Abramson gestapo machine.

It is time to get serious and check out the budget and ask questions.

With millions saved by our public safety departments it would seem they earn their keep and we do not deserve lesser service because the Mayor does not live within the budget means.

Check out the link provided above. Seriously. There are many questions to be asked of this Mayor.

The first is a simple one.

Where did our money go?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


A lot of people ask me why I continue to spend so much time on MSD. For me the answer is obvious. We are headng in a bad direction in this City and MSD is a major example of a financial crisis looming. Simply put MSD is heading down the road to financial disaster that WE will all have to pay for.

Take for example my previous story on Jefferson County, Alabama: Louisville News and Politics: EPA Consent decree: Bankruptcy near for Jefferson County . Birmingham, Alabama is one of the first Cities MSD director Bud Schardein always used in prior MSD open public meetings as a model we should follow and were. They have been dropped as a comparsion in recent months since my story came out for obvious reasons.

There is now more to the story according to a report from last month found here:

It seems the situation has gotten worse for Jefferson County, Alabama and warrants more oversight of MSD here. Interestingly enough Bud Schardein said that MSD debt was approximately $2 billion in a TV story by Dick Irby The actual debt at that time was closer to $2.8 billion a staggering difference of over $700 million. This is a major oversight by the Director of MSD wouldn't you think?

Accordingly in the most recent MSD meeting at the Southwest Government Center Bud Schardein admitted to $2.4 billion in debt service which is still contradictory to the evidence presented earlier this year. With admitted additional future principal debt of $840 million this would bring the debt service (principal and interest) of over $4 billion.

Jefferson County Alabama got in major financial trouble due to a series of financing gimmicks such as debt swaps, interest rate swaps etc. A quote from the article at CNN:

'Magical stuff'
Why punish yourself, local officials were asked, by paying off high-fixed-rate loans when you can lower your payment with auction-rate and variable-rate securities and hedge your bets with swaps? "Magical stuff," is how David Bronner, CEO of the $35 billion Alabama state pension fund, describes the financing, "You're telling everybody, 'Look how much money you saved,' and you forget the risk side of the equation."

Risk. It is all about the risk. As we are seeing now throughout the Country these shaky risks propositions are causing major financial repercussions not only for us as individuals but as a City as well. And remember when we suffer as individuals where will the money come from to bail out the City? Do we have more to give? I think not.

Another quote from the CNN article:

In the beginning, the people of Jefferson County weren't asking for anything special, just a working sewer system - one that didn't overflow whenever it rained, spilling raw sewage into the creeks that drain the Jones Valley basin where Birmingham lies. Lawsuits by environmentalists forced the issue, and in December 1996, Jefferson County signed a consent decree, agreeing to clean things up within ten years. Early estimates of how much it might cost ranged all the way from $250 million to $1.2 billion. In other words, no one had a clue.

As it happened, even the highest estimates were wildly low.

Sound familiar? You bet. And that is the problem. We must do better than follow the leader and seek new solutions to the upcoming crisis. I leave this for your review from the MSD financial report ended June 30, 2007:


Prepared by the Division of Budget and Finance - Marion Gee, Director

( MSD is a component unit of the Louisville, KY Metro Government )



Page 13
During FY 2007, MSD began offering free wastewater and stormwater service to the Louisville Metro Government. This free service amount to $1.45 million in FY 2007. (The Council approved a 32% rate hike for the rest of us. Free? Nope we pay through an illegal rate scheme to offset the costs.)

Page 17
Other Significant Matters
In April 2005, MSD agreed to enter into a Consent Decree with the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The agreement calls for MSD to design and implement projects within specified deadlines that will eliminate combined sewer overflows in its service area. The cost of the projects has yet to be determined but preliminary estimates range from $500 to $800 million over the next two decades. (Bud Schardein has stated the cost will be $840 million). On August 9, 2007, the Louisville Metro Council authorized MSD to add an EPA Consent Decree surcharge to its bills. Residential customers will pay a surcharge of $6.95 per month

Pages 29 & 41
K. Bonds Payable – (Continued)
MSD enters into interest rate swap agreements to modify interest rates on outstanding debt. MSD records the net interest expenditures resulting from these agreements and amortizes gains/losses resulting from the termination of these
(p. 41) The aforementioned swap transactions also expose MSD to basis risk, the risk that arises when variable interest rates on a derivative and an associated bond are based on different indexes.
(NOTE: interest rate swap)
The simplest interest swap is called the "plain vanilla" or "fixed for floating rate swap."
contract in which two counter-parties agree to exchange interest payments of differing character based on an underlying notional principal amount that is never exchanged. There are three types of interest swaps: (1) coupon swaps or exchange of fixed rate for floating rate instruments in the same currency; (2) basis swaps or the exchange of floating rate for floating rate instruments in the same currency; and (3) cross currency interest rate swaps involving the exchange of fixed rate instruments in one currency for floating rate in another. (Source: Dictionary of Banking Terms -

Page 39
The current year retirements of MSD Revenue Bonds totaled $17,250,000.
Amortization of loss on prior refundings totaled $1,420,000.
A schedule of future debt service requirements after June 30, 2007 follows:

Principal Interest Total Year Ending

June 30, 2008 $ 18,190,000 $ 68,923,000 $ 87,113,000

2009 20,825,000 67,890,000 88,715,000

2010 21,795,000 66,898,000 88,693,000

2011 22,770,000 65,892,000 88,662,000

2012 23,815,000 64,824,000 88,639,000

2013-2017 136,950,000 305,702,000 442,652,000

2018-2022 174,665,000 268,935,000 443,600,000

2023-2027 224,835,000 220,880,000 445,715,000

2028-2032 292,450,000 156,533,000 448,983,000

2033-2037 351,635,000 67,607,000 419,242,000

2038 57,355,000 2,845,000 60,200,000

TOTALS $ 1,345,285,000 $ 1,356,929,000 $ 2,702,214,000

$2.7 BILLION Before the Consent Decree is ADDED!

It is interesting to note that in Jefferson County Alabama there have been several indictments over waste and corruption as well. Wonder if the Metro Council and Abramson himself would be indicted since they approve the astronomical rate increases for MSD (32% last year alone!). Could get interesting if no oversight is done soon.

Any questions yet?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It is high time we started seriously looking at what Jerry Abramson has done to our City. Many people throughout the community have worked hard, and continue to do so, to make it a better place for us all. To see what has happened with our great City is a mockery of what we were promised and what we can achieve.

Take the most recent financial crisis we face. Abramson now says we will be $20 million short on our budget and this will require layoffs or "furloughs", another name for temporary staggered layoffs, to balance it. At the same time he just force fed a package to his Metro Council rubberstamps to give the Cordish Group $36 million dollars for a Center City project that does not even have to be complete for up to 13 years.

We all understand there has been a financial decline Nationally, and it will affect us locally to a degree, but to continue spending money we do not have for money we will not get, based on previous history like the Cordish Group, we must start asking the tough questions and get involved.

Anyone see the problem with this besides me?

According to Abramson we need the Center City project to become a first class city yet by all public accounts Cordish has done nothing to aid us in this venture other than getting free money from the City and the State. There is enough negative stuff on Cordish to discount anything they say they will do. Louisville News and Politics: CENTER CITY: A WASTE OF FUNDS .

Not to mention the good paying jobs that have hemorrhaged from our City in favor of low paying service economy jobs Abramson favors.

Take 4th street live for example. According to thevillevoice story on the subject Things We Don’t Know About 4th Street Live#more-1896 they have NEVER paid ONE DIME to the City in lieu of the contract they agreed to. So, according to Cordish accountants 4th street live has not made a penny in profit yet they continue to brag about it being a huge success. For who? Certainly not us.

This is pathetic and one more reason Abramson and cronies prove they live in their own field of dreams and uses us as pawns and a bank to make it happen.

Our reality is simple.

While we continue to spoon feed Cordish group, and other Abramson projects, our money for no benefit our City continues to fall short of its financial obligations to we the taxpayers. Abramson has done an effective job in one way only.

He has turned our once proud blue collar community that provided living wage jobs for families into a low wage service economy structure that will continue to lose money in taxes. Our jobs keep leaving and we do not replace them with anything substantial.

Unemployment is at 6.5% and rising and Abramson has this quote in his letter to staff:

"Because personnel costs are two-thirds of our budget, we must consider many of the options that cities across America are facing – including employee layoffs and/or unpaid furloughs."

Wages have gone down dramatically for the majority of us and the Abramson machine complete with his rubberstamp majority on the Council, (yep Bob Henderson and Rick "flip flop" Blackwell this includes you), are continuing to give money away to out of state investors for no return on our investment and at the expense of government services.

Adding to layoffs for an empty promise by Cordish is one more example of faulty leadership. It makes you wonder just how many layoffs we could avoid by doing the right and responsible thing with OUR money.

It is a pathetic example of power gone amuk as I have alluded to in previous articles.

Abramson started on his trips to New York a few years ago and some of us know why and what he really does when there ;-). If he wants to be like New York then he should resign immediately and move there. Take the Rubberstamps with him.

It is time to rebuild our City in our image. One that we all can be proud of and offer opportunity to our families and neighbors.

Not the one Abramson buys recognition for at our expense.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Thanks Dick Irby. Seriously. Dick Irby did yet another investigative piece on Planning and Zoning in regards to Michael Gordon Pop Up Video. Check out the story in the link. Planning and zoning headed by Charles Cash whose boss is, once again Bill Schrek, actually tries to defend the actions by Michael Gordon and even tries to smugly act like it is no biggie when Richard Jett raises concerns about it.

The response by Cash "Richard Jett works for me" then he smugly uses a little inside laugh like he is somebody. Hey Cash here is one for you. If Jett works for you and you knowingly ignore multiple violations of planning and zoning for months on end then really who do you work for?

Oh yeah Bill Schrek and by proxy Mayor Abramson.

Planning and zoning, IPL, and Code enforcement overall is in serious need of a new direction or more importantly new leadership. The thug tactics they use, their blatant disregard for legitimate offenses, not to mention illegal violations themselves of the law ( Louisville News and Politics: John Flood, Bill Schreck, and Code Enforcement.....), and the idiocy that Cash displays truly should amaze each and every one of us about the Gestapo that is Louisville Metro Government and the supreme ruler Jerry Abramson.

Michael Gordon agreed to a set of rules to abide by in this property. He violated those rules knowingly and willfully. He was allowed to continue this abuse for over 6 months AFTER being cited by Charles Cash office. This is a problem for most people.

The question is why was he allowed to do so?

Well for starters it would be awfully hard to make him change this historic building back to its original shape after the massive demolition done to it.

Friend of Charles Cash? Bill Schrek? Jerry Abramson?

We will soon know.

In the meantime ANYONE having problems with planning and zoning, IPL, or code enforcement, stand up and be recognized! Fight against this abuse. We do have the right to be treated fairly and by allowing the abuse of people like Gordon and Amadi (Louisville News and Politics: CODE ENFORCEMENT: JAVANON ARE WE SURPRISED?), Planning and zoning has effectively said they will treat us anyway they want without regards to law or equality.

I cannot wait to see the discrepancies in court when they are found guilty of it.

Want more on how things really are for these guys? Check out this previous article and then check out Land Machine. Louisville News and Politics: Bomb Storage Shelter: The power of the administration

Get rid of the machine that is Abramson's buddies in Government capacities. We deserve better!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


For those of you following the stories of IPL abuse this is another good one. Code enforcement is finally getting called on the carpet by the mainstream media. Take a look at Dick Irby's recent investigation into JAVANON. Pop Up Video. What makes this story fascinating is it shows yet again how Code enforcement really either has no clue what is going on or simply does not care.

Ali Amadi, the self described grandfather of Javanon and top City engineer in Public Works, has skirted IPL rules to build a complex for his soccer club. This issue has been going on since 2005. In 2007 zoning finally approved the outside field portion of his plan and construction was to begin. An indoor facility was to be added later and not approved by Code enforcement. So what does Amadi do?

He began construction on the outdoor facility AFTER Code enforcement approved a revised plan.

The plan they THOUGHT they approved was for parking changes. The one they actually approved was allowing the indoor facility. How do you make a mistake like this? Amadi also said on air that they do not use the facility yet film clearly shows it is used regularly. A lie by a top city engineer who knows the rules.

According to the report Charles Cash says they have been trying to get Amadi back before Code enforcement since March and he has not shown up yet. As a top City engineer knowing the rules he essentially has blatantly ignored his responsibility. Would any of us be able to get away with ignoring a request to be back before BOZA for over 6 months? I would say NO.

Bill Schreck actually says Code enforcement was wrong. Thanks Bill. So what does Charlie Cash have to say about the mistake he made?

Cash thinks Public works should discipline Amadi for flaunting the law. Interesting Cash did not say what discipline he himself should have for not following procedure and allowing this to happen. Nor did he address why, since this has been an issue since 2005, he has not done his job and made sure his staff or himself knew what they were approving.

Public Works did not approve the plan BOZA and Charlie Cash did. Why pass the buck? Because that is what they do. Why has Schreck not disciplined Cash? Apparently there is even less oversight of Code enforcement than even I have exposed.


If this has been an issue for this long why did Schreck wait until the FOX41 story by Dick Irby to give the ultimatum that Amadi has until the end of the week to appear. This could have been done sooner but wasn't. Of course it wasn't known or reported on by the media until now either. Great coincidence huh?

Yes it does appear there has been special treatment in this case and only after being exposed by Dick Irby are they willing to say "we were wrong." I am curious if BOZA will now have a special meeting for this since they only meet on set days. Would this mean more special treatment? Will taxpayers have to pay for a special meeting because of political crony favoritism?

Of course that would further the speculation that Javanon has received special treatment wouldn't it?

Now perhaps we should investigate even further and see what controls Bill Schreck actually has over his own department, what Charles Cash primary role really is and what other favors may have been done by his office, and perhaps we should finally let this Mayor know we are sick of the game of cronyism.

It is time to end political appointments and cronyism in favor of getting people in place to actually do their job and at the very least know how to hold people accountable for doing their job.

There will certainly be more to come on this case and Code Enforcement.

By the way do not forget the John Flood plea hearing is set for November 25.

The Code Enforcement show has to go. Stay involved. Lets hold these political cronies accountable to a fair legal standard.


WLKY 32's Ben Jackey did an excellent piece on the Louisville Water Co and the 5.5% rate increase they just approved. Video. It raises many great questions about how this Mayor runs this City and gains revenue from sources outside of taxes. Some will argue that it amounts to only a buck and change each month but that is not the essence of the problem.

Consider MSD had a rate increase last year of 32%, and raises their rates annually with no accountability by the Public Service Commission (PSC), as one example. The Louisville Water Co raises rates every year. Include every service we use, do not forget LG&E or $4 gas, and the annual rate increases over time, this adds up to substantial costs for the average household and affects the budgets of each of us. When you consider taxes always go up not down and add in an illegal tax scheme we have serious problems with our City government and Mayor Abramson.

The City of Louisville owns the Louisville Water Co and collects 100% of "stock" dividends paid from profits each year. What this essentially means is that Louisville Water Co is a for profit agency who sends those profits to the shareholders in this case the 100% shareholder is Louisville Metro Government.

What it also means is that all profits do not go towards improved water functions but instead to the City of Louisville to use as they desire.

The most interesting thing to note from the story are the comments made by a Water Co spokeswoman Barbara Crow. Spokeswoman Barbara Crow states that this money from our water fees is spent on services such as police protection, fire protection, roads, and parks.

Funny I thought that's what we paid taxes for. When did the Louisville Water Co get elected to provide these services? If Louisville does not need our taxes and is using these dividends for the public services we pay for then give us our tax money back. We can all use it right? We pay rates for water usage to improve our water services NOT PAY for public tax funded services.

The Mayor is spending a bundle on parks projects. Apparently we are paying double for them as well.

Is this an illegal tax scheme? I believe so. Government is not in the business of for profit and certainly should not have the authority to use "rate" increases for additional tax dollars without accountability. An interesting piece in the video includes an email bragging of how they were able to keep the rate increase out of the media for the month of October. How pathetic is that?

Being proud of the fact that you were able to screw the public without their knowledge? Pretty responsible leadership we have isn't it?

Notice in the graphs provided on the video how much money has been generated since merger (2002) and Abramson has gotten total control. Oh ask the Mayor who appoints the Board of Directors at the Louisville Water Company as well.

For those why say the Mayor has nothing to do with MSD, Louisville Water Co, or a host of other areas that are stealing us blind, remember he appoints the Board of Directors at each and every area. Political cronyism for good paying jobs allows him to do what he wants when he wants and at our expense. It is almost impossible to find any organization affecting the City that Abramson does not appoint the members to. His thumbprint is on every head and that is the problem.

It is great to see the mainstream media finally taking up the fight and doing investigative pieces against the City and this administration. I hope it is a sign of things to come. We deserve accountability and transparency at all levels of government.

The illegal taxing by the Louisville Water Co should be investigated and Abramson held accountable.

Of course, here again, don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Make plans to attend a new hearing on zoning changes to be made on property close to the Greenbelt on Monday November 17 at Johnsontown Elementary. Time is 6 Pm.

As many of you know Bob Henderson has not seen public housing project he does not like for District 14 and on Monday there is a meeting to discuss a zoning change on property owned by James Jones and Peggy Rigdon who I am told by sources are friends of good ole Bob. The zoning change is to be changed from R-4 residential to R-7.

The zoning change requested would allow, you guessed it, even more low income subsidized housing to be built in District 14 by friends of Bob.

Remember the last friends of Bob projects? Louisville News and Politics: HENDERSON Bribed?........

The 3 photos above represent a couple of Henderson's low income projects. Projects still sitting for years not completed, a public eyesore, and a safety hazard for residents in the area and their children. Not to mention numerous subcontractors who were not paid for what work was completed thanks to The Providence Group Henderson backed for the project.
Attend the meeting and JUST SAY NO to any new subsidized housing in District 14. We surely cannot trust Councilman Bob Henderson to do the right thing for us so let's do it for ourselves.

Monday, November 10, 2008


FOX41 Report:

I attended the MSD meeting at Southwest Government Center tonight. Local developer and Southwest resident Chris Thieneman attended and passed out literature concerning the MSD project allowing sewage to be piped from J-Town into the Derek Guthrie Waste water treatment plant in the Southwest. Chris also paid for robocalls to alert the neighbors of the meeting.

Thanks to an aggressive campaign by Thieneman, Councilman Doug Hawkins email blast, and the help of some of us local bloggers, the meeting was attended by approximately 200+ people. Anyone who thinks Robo calls are not effective needs to think again. At least half of those I asked how they heard about the meeting stated from the robo call Thieneman sent out.

The literature passed out was a breakdown including quotes from Mayor Abramson on April 5 in the Courier Journal, and a copy of my latest blog update on this MSD issue. Thanks Chris!

Bud Shardein started the presentation by attacking Thieneman on the flyer's and said they were full of untruths. Only problem is he did not address what he felt was untrue about them. Of course by starting the presentation in such a challenging manner it did not take long for the residents in attendance to stand up and be heard. I applaud each and every one of the residents who attended.

It was great to see so many people get involved for a change.

Interestingly enough, WHAS11 and FOX 41 carried a news broadcast on this meeting but guess who was conspicuously absent? The Courier Journal of course.
Abramson's long time media ally and ardent supporter.

On to content. The flyer's passed out tonight were true and the quotes from Abramson on record.

The real question for Bud Shardein at this point is this: Why did Abramson set him up? Seriously. Abramson made his remarks back in April and now Bud Shardein has to defend the position of MSD with this background. I kind of feel sorry for Bud. Really. He says there has been no decision and yet has to withstand attacks against MSD based on Abramson comments.

Bud informed us that Abramson and cronies would have nothing to do with the decisions on what MSD will do. MSD's Board of Directors would make the recommendation. When asked who appoints the MSD board Bud Shardein admitted Abramson did with approval by the Metro Council. Abramson's rubber stamp Metro Council of course. Check out the recent Centre City decision by this Council based on party lines. Check out Henderson and Blackwell for how they vote with the Mayor on everything. This is the major problem. These Council members do not look out for the best interest of their constituents but for the best interest of Jerryville. So yes I believe it is safe to say Abramson will have something to do with it. He has all the power.

Bud also stated that MSD was still looking at all options in regards to alleviating the J-Town waste problem. He next went on to detail how when the Southwest treatment facility was built in 1986 there was a series of pipelines started that were never completed and were built for just this purpose. Moving sewage from J-Town to here. I am of the opinion that this had to do more with the fact that we did not have merged government then and it would be harder to pass this kind of stuff on from the City to the County residents. Since merger, and the Mayor's complete control of appointments there is no check on power to prevent him from doing essentially anything he wants regardless of what end of town it affects.

While the Metro Council is supposed to be a check to this Mayor the Democrat majority has proven over and over again that they cannot be bi-partisan and continually support everything Abramson says to do.

With that being the case then is it reasonable to assume that this plan has been in progress for at least 22 years? If so isn't it also reasonable to assume that based on the long range plan that this is a done deal and the meetings are for show? I believe so.

We were also informed that the references to 40 miles of pipeline were indeed way overstated. The current pipeline ends at Jefferson Mall and would only need to be routed to the treatment plant which would be approximately 6-7 miles not 40. In this instance I agree with Bud Shardein. 40 miles of new pipeline does not add up.

J-Town's biggest problem is they are landlocked and cannot expand thus making it necessary to do something. Fair enough, however, land can be purchased in J-Town so they can take care of their own needs. Land will need to be purchased to expand the pipeline and hook it up so either way there is no land available at this time for the needs of J-Town.

J-Town created this mess themselves before MSD took over. J-Town chooses to remain a separate incorporated City from Louisville. J-Town should be responsible for cleaning up their own mess. Their short sighted thinking, pre-MSD, has created a long term problem but a problem the rest of the City should not have to endure.

According to Bud Shardein there is approximately 12 million gallons excess capacity at the Guthrie Treatment facility today. When asked by a Valley Station resident how much would be left if Valley Station goes to sewers the response was somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-8 million left. When you factor in J-Town sewage that number drops lower. With this in mind as the number drops that most certainly affects whether the Southwest can grow and prosper and to what degree they are allowed to.

There will never be another situation where growth is allowed at the expense of overcapacity for drainage. The EPA mandates have made it clear this is not acceptable.

With this in mind is this just another Abramson way of deciding who can grow and who cannot?

What gives Abramson the right to DICTATE who can prosper. That is not what leadership is about in government. Equality and fairness is essential. Opportunity is all anyone asks for and this Mayor is stifling that opportunity for a portion of our community. In this case sacrificing the Southwest opportunity for growth for J-Town's future opportunity for growth.

Of the People, By The People, and For the People. The people of this community deserve better and from the looks of those in attendance tonight they are finally demanding it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

MSD Wastewater Plan

Some of you may not have read the Courier article in regards to MSD wastewater treatment plants on Saturday April 5, 2008. To summarize the wastewater treatment plant in J town, and others, is overwhelmed and cannot handle the flow it was designed to. In short it is overloaded and has been for years according to the article. This has created a limited amount of growth potential to J Town and is a serious problem for them.

Why is this relevant to our area?

Simple Mayor Abramson is quoted as talking about one option to eliminate their problem. To quote from the article:

"Metro Mayor Jerry Abramson said he's been told that issues involving the plants are being worked out. One potential remedy to the Jeffersontown plant situation is to turn it into a pumping station and send its sewage to the newer, bigger West County Wastewater Treatment plant on the Ohio River in southwest Jefferson County.

"We want to ensure the infrastructure exists in the community for planned residential, retail, commercial and industrial growth," the mayor said."

Of course Henderson and Blackwell will support whatever the Mayor decides as they always do.

One question though.

If we allow all the sewage to be force fed here, what does this do for SOUTHWEST residential, retail, commercial, and industrial growth?

Are we not allowed to grow and prosper? We have been forced to the wayside as a favorite dumping ground and low income housing area over the last few years since merger.

Do we have to continue being used and abused with our council reps approval?

The Southwest has the largest percentage of homeownership in the City that is being destroyed by this Mayor and our Councilman daily. We are not allowed to grow and prosper because the seemingly big picture is to make the Southwest the dumping ground of this administration and Council leadership needs for the inner City of Louisville. Thank Bob Henderson and Rick Blackwell who rubberstamp Abramson.

In short they need a place to dump on and they decided it was the Southwest.

We need a place that can grow economically with new retail, commercial, and industrial growth.

We want a leader that will work with us, not against us, to make that happen on the Council. Henderson still continues approving astronomical 32% rate hikes that our older poorer neighbors have to pay from their limited income and uses IPL to harrass them when they have a problem.

Without these type of rate increases perhaps their would be more money in the pockets of our neighbors and they would take great pride in buying a gallon of paint for their home. No one likes being dependent on anyone else. Maybe we should work to help them keep more of their limited income so they can afford to fix up their home. They worked their whole lives for it and deserve better.

Then we allow this mindset by this Mayor of pumping more sewage into our area with no renouncement from Henderson, or Rick Blackwell, against this possible plan of sending waste our way limiting our growth and potential even further than he already has.

The only sewage that needs pumping is on the Metro Council. Pump Abramson out of office in the next election, and please keep Jim King out of the Mayor's seat. The rubberstamps will follow their leader automatically out of office. The dogs always follow the one pulling the leash.


I have been busy wrapping up some commitments since the election so this is a couple of days late. Quite honestly this election has been one for the ages. Some of the people that won quite honestly shouldn't be dog catchers in my opinion. Seriously.

District 14 for example. Bob Henderson has so many ethics problems and has proven to be the best rubberstamp Abramson has bought and still got in. How is that you ask? Thank Jack Wood and Norman Pepper who both knew that the more the vote got divided the better chance Henderson stays in.

Even Henderson gives them credit for the assist.
Henderson edges Republican Heuglin to retain council seat courier-journal The Courier-Journal

To quote Henderson from the article: "No question, having the two independent candidates in the race did help me," Henderson said."

What deal was made? Who knows. Though it is mysterious that Pepper's fish story died the last few months.

So for those in District 14 who will continue to be screwed by this rubberstamp Bob Henderson remember to thank Pepper and Jack Wood.

Please contact them at the following and let them know how you really feel.

Norman Pepper 933-3454

Jack Wood 935-9190

Tell them thanks for screwing us all and remember them in the next election when they promise to save themselves at our expense again.

On to the Judges races.

What can be said. Katie King's daddy bought her the election because she is to immature to do her job and cannot stand to be held accountable from bosses. Now she has no one to answer to. Well yet anyway. The complaint against her with the JCC has been filed Louisville News and Politics: COMPLAINT FILED AGAINST KATIE KING FOR VIOLATIONS

This is just a start. In the near future there will be other charges brought against King that may lead to sanctions and/or off the bench. One can only hope. Stay tuned.

David Holton should have won this race but just couldn't compete based on the money King was pouring into his daughter's race to buy name recognition. Holton took the high road and did not campaign negatively. King violated every ethic that judicial elections are supposed to stay away from.

So many young people voted for her and the reason given? She is hot so why not.

I really hope we do better in the future educating these young voters so they vote on issues not looks.

If not we are in sad shape.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Like many of you I am really sick and tired of the pathetic campaigns being run this election. Katie King trying to buy an election with her daddy's money is just beyond belief for me. With this in mind I did research on judicial conduct expectations of both those who currently are elected and candidates for the office.

Based on my research there are several violations by Katie King and her dad Metro Council president Jim King. In short, they have truly undermined the faith and trust we should have in our elected judges and the system in general. Katie has proven she will be biased, which is a no no according to the rules of the Judicial Conduct Commission (JCC).

On Friday October 31 I decided to file a complaint with the JCC for known violations by Katie King and Jim King. This includes inappropriate conduct on behalf of her campaign by herself and her Treasurer Jim King.
The complaint is 24 pages long for anyone wanting a copy write me as always at Please include an email address to send to.

In the meantime click on the pic above for more info.

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