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For Immediate Release
Sunday, January 31st, 2010
Contact: Preston Bates

Students and Elected Leaders Rally Against Mandatory Fees

On Monday, February 1st, 2010 at 11:00am, University of Louisville student and advocate Sana Abhari will hold a press conference opposing the imposition of mandatory student fees like the meal plan. “The cost of higher education is high enough, and students can’t afford another fee when many are working their way through school”, Abhari said.

Last year, University of Louisville became the first public university in the state of Kentucky to issue a mandatory meal plan. Current University of Louisville statistics indicate that less than one-fifth of undergraduates live on campus, but each is required to purchase a $350 meal card plan yearly.

“This plan was formulated behind closed-doors, and that’s why University of Louisville leaders rationalized their plan by push-polling students”, Abhari stated. “I think students want better food services, but they want open, honest, and sincere communication even more”, Abhari said.

Earlier in January State Representative Joni Jenkins introduced HB 305 to limit the power of public universities from imposing fees on students at will. Local elected leaders will join Abhari and other student leaders tomorrow to support students and rally support for HB305.

Honored guests include: State Representatives Joni Jenkins, Tim Firkins, Mary Lou Marzian, and candidate Donnie Adkins; Metro Councilwoman Vicki Welch, and Metro Council candidate David Yates.

“The Courier Journal article on Saturday was just the first step, at the conference we will highlight data, and raise specific concerns for this critical student issue”, she said.

The press conference will be held inside the 1st floor of the Swain Student Activities Center next to Jazzman’s CafĂ© at 11:00AM and is sponsored by the University of Louisville College Democrats.


As many of you know Senate Candidate Rand Paul was in town yesterday at the Ky Fair and Expo Center. The rally was slated as a "Rally for the Republicans" and though I generally do not cow tow to party mantra as a fan of Rand and his dad U.S. House Rep Ron Paul I could not resist the urge to go.

I was not disappointed. If you have never had the chance to listen to Senator Ron Paul speak I urge you to do so. U.S. Rep Paul is about as great a spokesman for individual liberty as anyone I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. To listen to him describe what we can be and should be was to say the least inspiring.

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree and in the case of Rand Paul that saying appears to be true.

Though I have attended other Rand events where healthcare was the focus this event I was able to see a different Rand speaking about America and who we are. I was able to see a guy who truly does "get it" and I believe will work to fix the problems we have.

I was very disappointed by statements made in the CJ, Texas congressman Ron Paul visits Kentucky to raise money for son’s U.S. Senate bid The Courier-Journal, quoting Trey Grayson's campaign manager Nate Hodson:

“Maybe Ron Paul’s skills as a career politician will help his son Rand explain to Kentuckians how closing Guantanamo and releasing the prisoners will make us safer and how a pro-choice marijuana advocate will best represent Kentucky Republicans as their Senate nominee.”

“The truth is that Ron and Rand Paul are not conservatives on national security and social issues and are completely out of touch with Kentucky,”

Mr. Hodson apparently has very little to work with in Trey Grayson if this was all they came up with.

In fact Rand has never suggested releasing prisoners. What he has stated was that IF they are released they should be released in their own Country not on US soil. Why would anyone not agree with that?

Marijuana advocate? Sorry that does not pass the smell test either. Paul is in favor of allowing STATES RIGHTS on this issue. Which incidentally is in touch with most Kentuckians.

It would appear that Grayson is the one out of touch. A Micth McConnell follower who cannot think on his own or take a stand that isn't approved. This represents exactly what is wrong with career politicians.

In fact Grayson was invited to be on the MyViewMatters Radio Show, among others, and has never responded to the invites. Why is that? If you have a vision and a plan then certainly you would want to promote it to get elected would you not?

I was very impressed with both Rand and Ron Paul, and the turnout of about 800 people, by my estimation, but I was disappointed at some of the candidates for office who left immediately following the opening before either Rand or Ron Paul spoke.

When it was announced that due to the interests of time the candidates for other offices would not be able to be introduced as they had hoped a few got up and left. They were given free entry as candidates and left because they did not get a personal introduction to the audience? To me that was a poor reflection on their candidacies.

Was this a "Rally for Republicans" where you would hopefully get inspired or was this just a stunt for free publicity by some candidates who then chose to leave. I just didn't get that. Additionally, while many of us consider ourselves Christians I also felt the prayers to start the event went a little overboard.

Yes I believe in God but He put me in this world and knows that I must do the best I can for my fellow man. Yes my faith tells me that I will be judged by that someday by Him. I do not have to be preached to about abortion (personally I am against it with some caveats), or gays (I believe in fairness), or a host of other things.

Our individual liberties must have no boundaries and must follow our Constitution. One of those caveats is separation of Church and State and in my opinion a Reverend preaching on a political stage somehow muddies that. I believe in having a prayer wishing us all well but not using the pulpit at a political rally for personal choice issues that are decided beyond the scope of our candidacies.

Meanwhile it is easy for me to see how Rand Paul chargd to the forefront and the last poll I saw had him leading by 19 points. Rand has spent his time being focused on the issues, he appears to have the same mindset in many ways of his dad Ron, and he believes in term limits. Get in, get it done, and get the hell out of the way.

It's kind of hard for me to vote against someone like that.

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


MyViewMatters Radio Show featured new to the political arena William Jaggers. Mr. Jaggers is running in the Republican primary against Patrick Duerr to try and unseat longtime Democratic District 9 Metro Councilwoman incumbent Tina Ward Pugh.

The show started with my normal rants and even my partner in crime jumped in discussing the recent SCOTUS decision with McCain/Feingold.

Senate Bill 53 the semi open primary bill was discussed as well since it will be on the agenda for vote tomorrow.

Mr. Jaggers focused on District 9 and what he wants to accomplish including term limits and bipartisanship. Informative and our thanks to Mr. Jaggers for coming on air. He really was a breath of fresh air.


Remember folks the MyViewMatters Radio Show airs tonight at 7 pm on WKJK 1080 AM. William Jaggers is the featured guest. Mr. Jaggers is a primary Republican candidate for Metro Council District 9 where he hopes to win the nomination over Patrick Duerr to get to face off against Tina Ward Pugh in November.

Should be a good show. Call ins are always welcome at (502)571-1080.

Don't forget you can also tune in live with Ky Grassroots Radio on the net. Click on the link to the left for Ky Grassroots and listen in!


Gubernatorial candidate Gatewood Galbraith and his running mate, Lt Gov candidate Dea Riley, have announced the following events please make plans to attend.

Monday, January 25, 2010


It is official: Election Candidate Filings - Edward W. Springston, Candidate for State Representative

For a long time now I have been asking, in some cases begging for someone credible to stand up and run for House of Representatives in my District 28. I stated I would not even think about the race if someone credible would just step up. It did not happen so as of today I am officially a candidate for the 28th District seat for State House of Representatives.

Many thought I would run for Mayor but I stood by, as I said I would, in hopes that someone credible would step up and they did. In this House race no one credible has and though time does not officially expire until tomorrow I went ahead and filed today.

The current Rep. Charlie Miller actually is someone I know on a personal level. A good person? You bet.

A good leader? Not so much.

Mr. Miller has been in office since 1998 and I have to ask one question. Are we better or worse off?

Understandably Mr. Miller does not work alone but I have seen no concensus building nor evidence of anything that has benefitted our District or our Commonwealth. While I applaud Mr. Miller for being involved all these many years, and think of him highly on a personal level, he just has not gotten the job done after 12 years in the House.

Education has gotten worse even with Mr. Miller's background as a Principal, jobs have been lost with none replacing them, and no one has stepped up to the palte to address issues that we all feel are relevant.

In keeping with my own personal commitment that term limits should apply equally, with a maximum of 2 terms or 8 years total in one seat, then it is time to run again.

Many of you know where I stand on issues and what I am about.

I understand there will be attacks agianst me and my character forthcoming. You cannot do what I do without expecting it it's just the way it is. In this case I feel it is critical to take the next step and run in this race regardless of the hits. We the people in District 28, the City of Louisville, and the Commonwealth as well must stand together now and unite against those that oppose the will of the people.

I have never run from the hits before and I will not now. It is that simple. I have stood tall against the machine and I am still here.

You will see throughout this website that I have not run from promises made. I promised to work towards cleaning up corruption and openness and transparency. I have embraced that promise and have worked diligently each and every day towards that end. Check out this website and listen to the MyViewMatters Radio Show for proof.

It is because of the many hurdles and hardships I have dealt with along the way that this run is necessary. The bureacracy and the power of those entrenched have fought against the very things that we the people have been asking for. It is time someone stood up and said enough is enough.

We will no longer be ignored. 

I have had to become a writer, an investigator, a spokesman, an activist, a researcher, and even a "barracks" lawyer, all in an attempt to bring the truth to we the people in hopes of changing things for the better. Instead I have unconvered layer after layer of bureacracy and red tape, and corruption that knows no bounds. The law and the machine have been slanted to ignore the will of the people in favor of the will of the elected.

It is time to end this.

It is my sincere hope that I earn the vote of each of you in District 28 in the Republican primary. Once that race is over I hope to continue to earn your vote in November to help rid ourselves of stagnant leadership and work towards a better tomorrow.

On with the race I look forward to meeting each of you.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


At one time believe it or not Kentucky was running short on deer and we needed to import some to fatten the landscape so to speak. This helped cervid farms, or "Deer farms," to grow or should have. According to Wikipedia "a deer farm is a fenced piece of land suitable for grazing that is populated with deer raised for the purpose of hunting tourism or as livestock. Similar species such as elk, moose and even reindeer may be farmed in this method as well, sometimes on the same land..."

The technique has expanded in recent years due to the rising popularity of venison.

Though not without some problems the importation of elk and deer brought new problems in Kentucky. The deer population was going through their own version of "mad cow disease" referred to as  Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). The potential spread of this disease to our landscape by imported deer and elk, and the great harm it would cause, forced Gov. Patton on November 12, 2002 to issue Executive Order 2002-1256 against issuing new captive cervid permits. It states that the department “shall not issue any new permits for the holding of cervids, nor shall it issue any shooting preserve permits for any species other than birds.” It is clear that Patton wanted NO importation due to the dangers of CWD, and clearly said no new permits. 
With this moratorium in place one would expect this practice to discontinue right? Wrong.
In fact 19 such special permits were issued AFTER the moratorium by Gov. Patton and continued through at least October 2003 clearly showing the intent to IGNORE this directive.
The Commissioner at this time was Tom Bennett who I am told actively sought the moratorium from Patton. If Bennett as head of the KDFWR was for the moratorium then how could 19 special permits be issued?
Because of his Deputy Commissionerat the time, and current Commissioner Jon Gassett.
Gassett was in charge of the big game project and had authority to issue these special permits and apparently felt he could do what he wanted without worry of oversight or accountability thus creating the potential for serious disease in our elk and deer herds. 
Why would Jon Gassett, as Deputy Commissioner, knowingly violate the law? Especially since his boss Commissioner Tom Bennett fought against importation? Well from what I am told by sources it all starts with elk importation and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation funds. Many believe their influence is behind tis debacle. I cannot do justice to the problems inherent with this belief in this article. It will be dealt with separately in a future article but from what I gather this group is against Cervid Farms and helps fund the importation of elk from the Western United States to the Eastern US.
I have openly admitted I personally am an avid gun owner, but not a hunter, I do enjoy deer meat tremendously. I have family who hunt regularly and can prepare deer meat that is just beyond belief in taste. 
So would I be affected by a CWD laden deer? From what I understand there is no harm to humans. 
CWD is basically harmful only to the deer and elk population itself not to humans nor can it be crossed to other livestock. Which begs the question.
Why then would the KDFWR kill animals that are being transported through our state and not imported here?
You can read here for the story:  Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources - Tennessee Man Charged with Six Felony Counts of Importing Elk and Deer
Apparently this happened when a driver was transporting deer and elk from Missouri to Tennessee in September of 2007. While filling up with gas at  a station someone called and reported the animals were being transported. Fish and Wildlife showed up and the man was arrested on 6 felony counts of illegal transportation of elk etc. According to sources there was actual legal paperwork that was ignored.
Though the State had an importation rule in place at the time there was not a transportation rule. The animals were killed and Cooper went to court.
And won.
The KDFWR decided to pursue the case on appeal and Cooper won again. The case, as I am told, has been decided by the Supreme Court and sided with Cooper. So how much did this legal play cost the sportsmen of Kentucky? Open records request will help answer this but in the meantime we must question the reasons why this was not handled better and why we would waste resources yet again.
As if this was not bad enough Governor Steve Beshear was asked to issue an emergency order against transportation of deer and elk into the State and he did.
He did so without any verification that this was needed. He did not even contact the State Veterinarian to see if it was necessary. It would seem like a logical place to start would it not? Why would anyone with the power of the Governor issue an emergency order without being able to justify why? That is another story as we get closer to the 2011 elections. In the meantime the emergency order was overturned by the Courts as it should have been.
Many believe because of these type of actions the legislature turned the matter of oversight of imported deer and elk to the Department of Agriculture who now require mandatory certification of any importations.
I, for one, can see why.
In the meantime SB64 is on the plate looking for oversight and accountability.....
Your thoughts?

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Many of you have seen the WLKY news story where I filed charges against Jim King attorneys' Amy Cubbage and Sheryl Snyder of Frost, Brown, and Todd. If not you can read about it here: Springston Files Complaint Against Kings' Attorneys - Politics News Story - WLKY Louisville
I stated a while back that criminal charges would be forthcoming against them and this is why I chose to go this route.

During the whole legal process with the KREF, Jim King, under oath of penalty of perjury, consistently stated he was told by his lawyers that it was ok to "gift" approximately $145,000 to candidate Katie King for her election.

The problem is this was knowingly and intentionally wrong. Each candidate is given a Candidate's Guide on Election Finance upon request from the KREF and this info can be found within that booklet. Check this out:

Page 29 says that any gift of money to a candidate is a contribution. On page 31 it clearly says that a family loan that is forgiven (i.e. a gift) is a contribution. Page 42 says that you cannot contribute in the name of another after you have exceeded the 1,000 max. Page 43 says you cannot circumvent the limits.

If Snyder, Cubbage and the Kings don't know how to read the KRS, they could have just read the candidate guide. The introduction says that “whether you are a seasoned veteran or are seeking office for the first time, please study this handbook carefully.”

The reason Amy Cubbage and Sheryl Snyder are part of the issue here is simple.

On September 24, 2009, the day before the KREF hearing that found King guilty, I was given an email exchange between Sarah Jackson and Amy Cubbage that had been hidden for more than a year. This was given to me by KREF attorney, Emily Dennis, after I had already been told by her that no more correspondence would be accepted and that the case stood as submitted. Honestly I do not blame her as Snyder was playing every legal game he could to get my case dismissed. Since he kept writing so did I in answer to the maneuvers of this "crackerjack" attorney. The email I received is listed below please click it for view:

You will note that Sarah Jackson clearly states that while candidates are permitted to contribute unlimited amounts of personal money to a campaign, personal monies of a candidate have NEVER been interpreted by the KREF to include the money of “immediate families”. The law was made absolutely clear to the Kings attorneys in no uncertain terms: Simply put, you cannot gift this money.

If that is not enough, Cubbage and Snyder were paid in excess of $100,000 in 2000, by our tax dollars no less, to not only draft HB 750 which would have given anyone permission to do exactly what King did, but they also presented the case to the House in 2000 for approval.

They were denied which brings up the very relevant point of this situation.

Since Cubbage and Snyder wrote the legislation that was refused by the House and NOT made into law then they certainly knew that the law was clear and these cash gifts were illegal. Since Jim King stated under oath they gave him permission to gift this money then they clearly solicited criminal behavior.

As evidence WLKY did a news story on September 25, 2009, the day of the KREF hearing, and Andy Alcock asked Sheryl Snyder specifically on camera if his law firm gave Jim King permission to violate the law:

Snyder's response? “No. Absolutely not.”

Is Snyder telling the truth? Which is it? Did Jim King lie under oath or did Amy Cubbage and/or Sheryl Snyder intentionally advise their clients to violate the law. There can be no other way to present this. It is clear cut.

Snyder and Cubbage meanwhile have hired their own crackerjack criminal defense attorney, Frank Mascagni, who stated this:

"I am shocked that a complaint would be levied about two lawyers of this caliber especially in a criminal nature," said Snyder and Cubbage's attorney, Frank Mascagni.

The attorneys "of this caliber" have some clear cut explaining to do but opt instead to hire a criminal defense attorney. So much for cracker jack attorneys' huh.

Mascagni said an assistant county attorney reviewing the complaint said he planned to send Springston a letter suggesting he go to the Kentucky Bar Association with his complaint.

This is simply posturing it can be no other way. They can try to suggest anything they want but that suggestion will be ignored.

Since these charges are CRIMINAL in nature the courts will be the authority NOT the bar. The bar has no bearing on this situation at all and as usual all the attorneys involved know that as well. They would love the bar to get this case to protect one of their own. Snyder is a past President there.

Yep more stalling and insider tricks to get away with something.

I will not allow the County Attorney or anyone else to push this aside and not do their job. Period.

I plan on taking further action including bringing County Attorney Mike O'Connell (and any assistants') before the Prosecutors Advisory Council. I may also bring criminal charges against them for abusing their office.

Either Jim King is guilty of perjury or Sheryl Snyder and Amy Cubbage are guilty of soliciting criminal behavior. It is that simple.

We are in the middle of a Mayor's race and Jim King is a candidate. Katie King is also a candidate for judge again. This means time is of the essence. If somehow Snyder and Mascagni could review these charges and force some BS letter from County Attorney Mike O'Connell's office in less than an hour (complaint was actually filed after 3 pm on Friday afternoon no less an hour before close of business for the weekend) then surely we can get the truth before May.

Since the primary election is in May in the interest of fairness we must have the truth now. If Snyder and his legal team are proven to be the guilty party then I will be one of the first to say so. If Jim King is cleared of campaign finance fraud because of his attorneys' I will apologize to him in that regard. Wouldn’t that be the right and honorable thing to do?

We need to know who is lying NOW so that we the voter can make our choice based on facts. If this continues to drag out because of posturing by lawyers and/or the Kings what purpose is served? If Jim King were to somehow pull off a primary upset only to be found guilty of perjury later then there will be no Democrat on the November ballot as King would be disqualified. If Katie pulls off the Judge race she will be unseated and disbarred creating a similar situation.

Worse yet what if it happened after November and Jim King somehow had won the Mayor seat?

He would be unseated and the Council would then have the obligation to seat any person of their choice. Considering they cannot even give us straight answers on Cordish, transparency, and accountability, Do we really trust them with that power?

Interesting to note as well how many attorneys' have been involved in this case.

Snyder and Cubbage are supposed to be the best in this area and they have to hire criminal defense attorney Frank Mascagni to represent them? Mascagni is supposed to be one of the best criminal defense attorneys around and he doesn’t even know that this is a criminal case and that the Bar is not the proper authority?

County Attorney Mike O'Connell, who is an elected official, though he holds the job currently because he was appointed to finish this term by Jerry Abramson, thinks he can dismiss this and not permit the special prosecutor to deal with Snyder and Mascagni?

Scott Cox is now representing the Kings and maybe trying to get them a plea deal to avoid anything relevant.

Notice the common link here? All criminal defense attorneys' and so called experts. Telling in itself? You decide but it sure looks like a lot of Goliaths to me. There is one underlying fact here as well.

They have lost so far and will continue to lose because many of us believe in an old saying.

"The truth will set you free."

It is high time these folks quit distorting it, and playing with it, and focused on delivering it for everyone's sake.

Your thoughts?

Friday, January 22, 2010


by John Springston

Okay, for those of you who don't know, let me explain exactly how temporary and seasonal jobs work.

First of all, I think it's very important to understand that temporary employees don't always come from temp agencies. Both seasonal and temporary employees can be hired directly through any company without the help of an outside agency. That being said one might ask, why would a business want to go through the trouble of setting up a whole new system of hiring employees? Shouldn't business only be allowed to hire temporary employees through other agencies? How are employees rights being treated in this new trend?

I will answer all of these questions and more but in the end it can always be explained by "following the money". It starts with a few downright sickening facts about the way major businesses are being run in today's workplace.

Say a business only needs on average 500 full time employees at all times (give or take depending on busy seasons and so forth). That's 500 employees making $10.00/hour..... 500 employees getting semi-annual raises.....500 employees recieving healthcare, 401k and stock options.

Now think what would happen if businesses found a legal way to add to their annual profit and not hurt their production both at the same time, while also being able to get rid of 200 F/T employees? Would they do it?

I believe that answer can be assumed YES. This is how it's done.

By firing 200 F/T employees, and replacing them with temporary and seasonal workers here is what is accomplished.


1.Seasonal/Temporary workers on the whole have NO rights. You can be fired for any reason whatsoever without cause at any time.

2.Seasonal/Temporary workers are not "required by law" to receive any healthcare benefits from it's employer.

3.Seasonal/Temporary workers are not "required by law" to receive the same pay-rate as full-time employees.

4.Seasonal/Temporary workers are not "required by law" to receive any sick days, vacation etc.
5.Seasonal/Temporary workers are not "required by law" to receive any days off. (Your employer can work you 7 days a week).

It only gets worse.
If a company fires 200 F/T employees, they need to find a way to compensate for their lost workforce, while keeping down costs. So they decide to hire 300 "temporary" employees through a temp agency at $8/hour instead of $10/hour for full-time. 100 employees per each 8 hour shift (3 shifts). They only pay $1/hour per person to the temp agency. In essence they gained 100 employees and are able to pay them all $1 LESS per hour. Instead of paying $2000/hour for 200 employees, your paying $2700/hour for 300 employees. So the employer is technically paying for 70 of the extra 100 "temporary" employees, and getting 30 for free. What does it cost the employer? Nothing. How is that?

Because there are no benifits, no paid days off, no sick days, no rights whatsoever. Some business can even get rid of their human resources department to save cost, because they are using only temporary employees with the only F/T employees being management.

Thirty free employees and no legacy costs. Can you see how these businesses are able to make money? What else is being achieved through this undermining of labor rights? This business was able to gain 30 free employees, and lower cost. How long could this last? Eventually those temporary workers will be full-time correct? Don't we have laws in place to ensure the rights of the employee?

I'm sorry, but yes and no. Technically, by law a "temporary" employee must be given the option of full-time employment after 90 days or terminated before those 90 days are up, that is if i've interpreted the state laws correctly. But after 89 days of working your ass off 6-7 days per week, without being allowed to miss any days, without ever being late, assume your even doing extraordinary work, YOU'RE FIRED.

NO explanations, NO accountability, NO rights. Why?

Because temporary employees have no rights; see number 1 on the list. This is obviously beneficial to an employer, and a travesty for the employee. Think about how many employees could be filtered in and out of a business anually. I also want to bring another point to the table.

Assume that the employer does want to keep you. Your one of the lucky few, congratulations.

By law an employer is required to make you full-time.......that is unless that business is on a "hiring freeze". Another loophole.

If a business is on a "hiring freeze" they are no longer required by law to hire you, and also no longer required to fire you. You are essentially in limbo. You can still be fired for any reason, but the employer still does not have to give you any rights as a full-time employee. And guess what, YOU ARE A FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE.

"Temp" title or not, you are working full-time and deserve the rights of an employee who is working full-time. Imagine close to 300 employees being fired every 3 months for all new faces to by-pass the rights of the employee that we've paid for in blood, sweat, and tears over the past 100 years. Then you apply for a legit full time job only to be denied because your "work history" is suspect from having to change jobs so much. I know we have short lives and short memories, but is it not important to ensure that our freedoms are protected?

Isn't it our responsibility? So why are we not fighting? What about those companies that want to utilize the opportunity of a "slave-labor" work force, but don't want to pay a temp agency $1/hour per head?

That's easily solved, don't use the temp agency and change the title of the employee to "seasonal". You still get to pay the employee shit wages with no rights, but now you don't have to pay their "handlers", you just hire them directly through your own company. You get to save (holding true to the previously assumed numbers, 100 employees for 3 shifts per day) $100/hour for 24 hours a day. $2400 per other words $876,000 per year. Now that's just the $1/hour not being payed to the temp agency. Plus the other $1/hour less they were already making. So they are saving $1,752,000 annually just by paying those "seasonal" employees $2/hour less than F/T. Over $1 million dollars being saved by employers annually, not to mention taken away from employees. Thats just from the designated payrate.

What about the unimaginable amount of money being saved by not offering healthcare? matching 401k? semi-annual raises?

There is one thing that we all have that works in our favor as employees to any company. Unions.

If 51% of the employees in any company sign a petition for a union, by law that company has to allow a union. So why aren't we fighting again? Because if 50 % of your workforce is seasonal or temporary, and they in turn have no rights and can be fired for any reason, there is a monopoly. Not only do they not have the right to vote for representation (even though they are full time in actuality), they are automatically fired for even talking about it. Just one more way to avoid employer responsibility. Additionally many of these employers openly threaten employees with the line " we will send our business overseas if you attempt to unionize."
Illegal to do of course but not talked about publicly. 

So to recap:

1.Our rights as employees are being violated.

2.Businesses are capitalizing on every loophole they can find.

3.It is our job as citizens to correct this mistake. Now I know some of you are asking, how much of this can be true.

So here's some free information from my own personal experience.

GSI 7601 Tradeport Drive Louisville KY 40258 (502)-955-0223 (I worked at this warehouse for two seasons) One supervisor at GSI who has asked to remain anonomys told me that on average they keep 300 FT employees annually. They also have close to 10,000 different seasonal or temporary employees annually. How many FT positions do you think they are saving money on?
When I set up a meeting with their human resources department to interview for this article, and ask them questions in regards to their seasonal and temporary workforce, they gave me an appointment. Yet when I showed up as appointed, I was refused any information, told to leave the premises, and after an immediate refusal had the police called on me.

I left before they arrived.

DJ Nypro 7301 Distribution Drive Louisville KY 40258 (502)-933-2525 OUT OF BUSINESS (I worked at this warehouse for 2 1/2 months) This place was filled with temporary employees and when we finally decided to try and get a union together we were fired a few days later without notice and without reason.

Cafepress, Guess jeans, GSI, DJNypro, you name it. All of these places hire seasonal and temporary employees. All of these places have temp workers who have been there longer than 90 days and still aren't receiving any full-time benefits. And yet CNN praises the work of the temp-agency's for doing such a good job in troubling economic times. I'd suggest they start doing a little research before they start clapping their hands about employees having their rights taken away from them so quietly.
Don't tell me that the economy is rebounding because a lot of rich people found a way to save their money.

Tell me what your doing to protect the rights of the real workers in this country.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


MyViewMatters Radio Show tonight was topic oriented for a change. Of course the beginning of the show inlcuded the normal banter from Ed Martin and myself but today was a great day politically to talk about!

Senate Bill 80 the "transparency" bill made it out of committee and will now go the floor for a vote. Led by State Senator Dan Seum and Mayoral candidate Chris Thieneman, along with Metro Council candidate Kaven Rumpel and myself, it has been a year in the making and about time it gets to be heard.

Additionally, Senate Bill 53, a bill that allows semi-open primaries in Kentucky, led by Senator Jimmy Higdon along with Independent Kentucky's own Michael Lewis, passed through committee as well. This needs to pass so all independents get an equal voice in primary elections as well.

These two bills will go far towards advancing Ky to the 21st Century for a change.

Oh yeah, I also announced my intent to run for the 28th District House of Representatives seat.

Tonight's guest was Mr. Paul Ham owner of the Professional Group.

Mr. Ham specializes in food quality testing and you will be amazed at just how far behind the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the USA in general is when it comes to testing measures. Over 76 MILLION people get sick each year from food illnesses and 5,000 die annually.

This is something that can be greatly lessened if we just work with modern technology and force the issue.

My thanks to Mr. Ham for bringing this issue to light. You can listen below.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Sorry folks I just had to write this since I have received dozens of calls about it. It seems FOX41's Bill Lamb has done his normal POV and suggested we owe Jim King an apology for bringing to light his illegal campaign finance violations.

You can read it here: Family Contributions Should Be OK (1/19/10) - Louisville News Kentucky Indiana News Weather Sports

I truly do think some of Bill Lamb's POV segments are good and agree with him in many of them. This is not one of those times.

It seems to many, based on the calls I have received, that Lamb is allowing his friendship with King to overshadow his judgement in this matter. You can see yet one reason why I agree with them here: Louisville News and Politics: FOX41 CENSORING ITS NEWS?

Lamb starts out with this:

Current Kentucky law prohibits anyone other than a candidate from spending more than $1,000 in a state election. But it doesn't specifically address whether a candidate may receive much larger financial gifts from family members and then apply that money toward their campaign.

The law clearly prohibits ANYONE other than a candidate as I have outlined numerous times on this site. Jim King was not the candidate, and clearly qualifies as an anyone like you and I, so how much clearer does it need to get?

KRS 121.015(6) ‘Contribution’ means any: (a) payment, distribution, loan, deposit, GIFT OF MONEY or other thing of value TO A CANDIDATE, his agent, a slate of candidates, its authorized agent, a committee or contributing organization…

The above clearly states that a gift of cash is a contribution period. It does not say except if it comes from a family member. The law is clear.

KRS 121.150(6) No candidate, slate of candidates, campaign committee, political issues committee, nor anyone acting on their behalf shall accept a contribution of more than $1,000…

This above of course clearly says a candidate cannot accept a contribution of more than $1,000.

It really is this simple. I have outlined why some like Larry Clark are trying to "change the law" that does not need changing. It is as simple as trying to save some butts: Louisville News and Politics: SHERYL SNYDER AND AMY CUBBAGE: LIES AND DECEPTION AT FROST, BROWN, AND TODD

In 2000 Snyder and Cubbage, according to sources, were PAID BY THE KREF in excess of $100,000 to draft HB750 referenced in the article above. This was OUR tax money paid to them.

Now why is this important? HB 750 did not pass thus negating any comments made by King, Snyder, or Cubbage in regards to this whole matter.

Another thing Bill Lamb mentioned in his POV strikes a nerve:

That ambiguity caused Metro Councilman Jim King a lot of headaches when he gave his daughter, Katie, a gift of $135,000 that she used in her judicial race, and he was subsequently fined.

The interesting thing in this statement?

Simply this.

King has not been fined yet. Though it has been reported that Snyder said they had reached an agreement on a fine, with no admission of guilt of course by King, there can be no fact in saying he was fined.

The KREF HAS NOT MET AND PRESENTED any proposed fine to the Board yet for approval.

So is this a done deal? What insider info does Lamb have from his friend Jim King that no one else has other than a Snyder statement? Does he have evidence of such a claim?

Sorry Bill but making this statement shows that insider info is alive and well or were you just stating what you believe. Either way you have now raised ethical questions in your POV.

Only one question from Lamb makes sense to me at this point and I agree with asking it:

Should the law prohibit the kind of contribution Mr. King made?

In my opinion it should. It should prohibit it because no one should be elected solely because they happen to be rich. If money can buy elections then why not just have candidates submit a 1040 and a financial statement and the one with the highest bank account automatically gets seated. Why go vote at all?

Is there a difference here in that example?

You decide but I certainly hope that Bill Lamb gets back to being what he used to be. Someone the community looked up to for fair and balanced POV's. The bias and abuse of power in this POV segment to seemingly help a friend is diminishing that ethical reputation we all know he had.

Just sayin'...........

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I was recently asked by some sportsmen why the Jim Strader Hunting and Fishing expo was not being held this year. Though I am an avid gun rights owner I am not a hunter and am typically a weekend fisherman at best so I had no answers. Since this involves literally thousands of people across the State, and avid family members who hunt, I decided I would do a periphery check on why.

Where to start? Why not Strader's website and see myself. Seemed simple enough of a task right?


After checking out Strader's website at I had to investigate.

Folks there is trouble amiss in the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.

While doing a search on pending legislation I discovered Senator Gary Tapp's SB 64 calling for transparency. Then curious I searched the leadership of the KDFWR and found that the Commissioner of the Dept, Jon Gassett is running a For Profit company in direct conflict with the public agency he is in charge of

Upon further search of the LLC admin finds that Deputy Commissioner Hank Patton has Wildlife Outfitters listed as a sponsor of NWTF and is using state e-mail to conduct his business

It seems that the KDFWR has decided it could do what it wants with no oversight. Yep a big surprise to be sure. I will be laying out a scheme over the coming weeks that involves the head of the KDFWR Jon Gasset, his family members including dad Robin Gassett, Deputy Commissioner of KDFWR Hank Patton, and yep Governor Steve Beshear himself.

Since Jon Gassett became the Commissioner of KDFWR there have been several complaints concerning misappropriation of funds, unethical behavior, and federal violations of law. Yes business as usual by the entrenched. No surprises here really.

Some examples that will be given more consideration in the coming weeks include how Jon Gassett issued multiple service permits for deer and Elk AFTER Governor Paul Patton issued a moratorium against them. They will include how Gassett has personally abused his position by doing business as "outfitters" for himself and Deputy Commissioner Hank Patton thus lining their pockets.

You can check out his LLC here:

Make no mistake about it the KDFWR apparently is as corrupt as anything else. What started as trying to answer a simple question from some friends is turning out to be a gross mismanagement and abuse of resources.

The KDFWR is now on the radar and it will affect hundreds of thousands of sportsmen across the State and it will not be pretty.

Stay tuned this is going to get ugly to be sure.........................

Friday, January 15, 2010


Francene Cucinello, known as Francene by regular 84 WHAS radio listeners, has passed away at the age of 43.

Francene had her own unique style on air and many including myself were huge fans. I met Francene personally the first time when running for Mayor in 2006. She was one that believed in equal access and was gracious enough to allow me equal voice.

From that began a friendship I cannot describe. Whether you liked Francene, agreed with her politics, or with her generally, one thing was for sure. She aways said what she felt and spoke from the heart. Off air she was as kind and generous as anyone I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Words cannot describe the sorrow I feel along with many others throughout the community for the passing of our beloved Francene.

From Chris Thieneman press release:

“I am deeply saddened by the loss of my dear and good friend Francene Cucinello. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this time of surprising loss. Francene touched the hearts and minds of so many in this community, and I hope each of us celebrate her life and dedication to Louisville. She spent her life bettering those around her, and her passion for life will be greatly missed. Many knew her as a radio personality, but I am grateful that I knew her as my friend.”

I am speechless. My prayers are with the Cucinello family and each of us that considered her a friend.

Thursday, January 14, 2010



When: Saturday, January 16, 2010
Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Where: 8118 Prestion Hwy Louisville KY 40219

We are having our first meeting of the year, coffee and sodas will be provided. This meeting is open to everyone regardless of party affiliation so feel free to invite friends or family to join us. We will be talking about SB 53 and other events that we have planned for the rest of the year. We will also have special guest speaker Lt. Governor candidate Dea Riley, and former Mayoral candidate, and current local radio talk show host, Ed Springston!

Please make plans to attend if you can.


When: Friday, February 5, 2010
Time: 7:00pm - 11:55pm
Where: River Ben Winery (120 South 10th Street, Louisville, KY)

Come one, come all to the Gatewood/Riley fundraiser to be held in Louisville, February 5 from 7 – 9:30 p.m. at the River Bend Winery. (120 South 10th Street, Louisville, KY). Our poor state is hurting; too many politicians will trade our rights and freedoms either for the special interests or the party that paid for their campaign.

We NEED a Governor that is independent and able to put our state, and not those that helped get him elected, first. In 2011 the Gatewood/Riley ticket will be the only option out there for true independence.

This event will be featuring music by local artists: Dale Ann Bradley, James Overbee and Lewis Mathis. The campaign is also offering the opportunity for citizens to become sponsors of this event for a mere, $100 buy in If you are unfamiliar with the policies of Gatewood and Riley, you are encouraged to come to the event, meet the candidates and learn why they are the BEST for Kentucky. There is a suggested $50 donation at the door, but the campaign is always willing to accept more.

This campaign cannot go forward with out the full support of the people crying out, “We will not be manipulated by our politicians anymore!” So invite your friends, family and political consorts and come out and show your support on Feb 5. We look forward to seeing you there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Tonight as promised we had Lt. Governor candidate Dea Riley on air with guest Craig Lee as well. We focused on Kentucky needs and industrial hemp as a source of revenue for the Commonwealth. You can read more about the history on this issue here: Louisville News and Politics: AMERICA UP IN SMOKE: THE POLITICS OF MARIJUANA.

Needless to say this topic is one worthy of discussion and Craig Lee fills us in nicely on the history of industrial hemp.

Check it out.


This from the Jefferson County GOP newsletter:


January 12, 2010
Contact - Jerry T. Miller

Louisville, KY - Fulfilling his four-month commitment as Jefferson County Republican Party Chairman, Jerry T. Miller resigned tonight upon the election of long-time Republican activist Shellie May as the new Chairman. Ms. May is the first woman to hold that position in the last 28 years.

Last September, Miller was asked by the Executive Committee of the Jefferson County Republican Party to become its Chairman following the unexpected resignation of Brad Cummings. "When I learned last September that my Councilman, Hal Heiner, would be running for Mayor, it was my intention to immediately announce my candidacy for his 19th District Metro Council seat", Miller said. "When asked to defer my personal plans until January, I was glad to do so, as it was clear that it was most important to get the Jefferson County Republican Party better positioned to win elections in 2010."

Miller appointed a search committee chaired by Councilman Ken Fleming to identify the best person to fill the remainder of the four-year term of JCRP Executive Committee Chair. Following their recommendation, Shellie May was elected the new JCRP Chairman at Tuesday night's meeting.

Miller focused on building party unity during his term and initiated a search for a new headquarters location for the JCRP. Under his leadership, JCRP made 2,000 calls last December on behalf of Jimmy Higdon's successful bid for State Senate.

The newly elected May will bring a wealth of experience to the Republican Party, including active participation in state and county races for over two decades. Chairwoman May stated

"Now, more than ever, Jefferson County needs strong Republicans and a strong Republican party."

As many of you may recall back in October we had then Jefferson County GOP Chairman Jerry "J.T." Miller on the MyViewMatters Radio Show Louisville News and Politics: MYVIEWMATTERS RADIO SHOW W/ JEFFERSON COUNTY GOP CHAIRMAN JERRY MILLER.

At that time we discussed whether Mr. Miller would run for office this year. Now it is official.

Jerry Miller filed his paperwork today to run for the Metro Council District 19 seat being vacated by Hal Heiner in his quest to become Mayor. This will make at least 3 Republicans in this race so far.

They are Republican Kaven Rumpel retired police detective, Small Business Alliance Vice President, Charitable Gaming spokesman, and lifelong resident of our area.

Daniel Osborne the Vice Chairman for the Jefferson County Young Republicans and a recent addition to the Louisville area hailing from Lexington.

And now Jerry "J.T." Miller, now former Jefferson County GOP Chairman, and ex Ernie Fletcher administration exec as well.

The race in District 19 is shaping up to be something to watch. While Rumpel is considered to be the front runner thanks to his lifelong local ties to the community, it will be interesting to see if Osborne and Miller can sway enough votes.

Keep your eyes open folks.


Tonight the MyViewMatters Radio Show will be hosting guest Dea Riley. Dea is the Lt. Governor candidate on the Gatewood Galbraith ticket. Tonight we will focus on the economic status of Kentucky and the use of industrial hemp as a way to save our farmers and our tax dollars.

Tune in tonight at 7 pm on WKJK 1080 AM. As always we are also simulcast with our friends at Ky Grassroots Radio. You can link to the left. Call in number is (502)571-1080.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Many of you recently heard about Democratic Majority Senate Leader Harry Reid's remarks during the Obama Presidential campaign but how many of you have given any serious thought to the comments. Personally, I think Reid was dead wrong in his comments and just shows how far we still have to go before we forget these racial divides.

You can read the remarks here and GOP Chairman Michael Steele's remarks as well:
GOP's Steele Calls for Reid to Step Down as Leader Because of Racial Remarks -- Politics Daily

It started with the book "Game Change." The book is a behind-the-scenes look at the 2008 campaign and Reid was quoted as saying that "the country was ready for a black President, especially one who was light skinned and with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

Racist? You judge it. Poor taste? Definitely.

Before anyone gets in a tiff let me say this. I do not believe in being politically correct so I am not a fan of "African American" terminology. An American is an American period in my eyes. I certainly do not go around portraying myself as a German, Italian, French, Indian American. Can you imagine someone going around portraying themselves as such? Whew.

No the questions I have are simple. Is this reflective of the Democrats real thoughts on Black America when they are behind the scenes? Democrats typically have carried the "black" vote in major elections and historically have been seen as being the ones who truly cared about Black America but do they really care?

With the advent of affirmative action, as one example, has Black America been able to achieve equality with White America? Many think not.

On one side of the equation people say that affirmative action discounts the intelligence of the black community and therefore inherently creates a divide. It's very nature is one built on division. Many people to this day believe that if you get promoted in the workplace as a black man it is because of affirmative action. Of course in some limited cases that is true, and necessarily so, but is there a better way?

This divide creates adverse reactions amongst co workers and business leaders as well.

Others state that without affirmative action Black America would not have been able to achieve anything of value in the workplace. Less pay, less representation, less promotions and very little that can be done about it.

Still others believe affirmative action has been a complete washout arguing that you cannot get the best quality employees based on race and not qualifications for a job.

Today we are as divided as ever on affirmative action and whether it is necessary or not.

Personally, I believe affirmative action was a necessary action when it first came out but could certainly be reevaluated strengthened or disregarded if necessary. The usefulness of this action has been exploited on both sides of the equation in my opinion.

Since the Democrats traditionally carry the black vote, and some would argue pander for that vote with false promises, one has to wonder whether Reid in essence got caught stating how the Democrats really feel. In short, have the Democrats been using Black America to further their own power and not equality across the board? Are they just acting like they care when in essence their real feelings are those of tolerance and not acceptance of equality?

It is my hope that Black America starts asking these questions today. The days of electing someone because of a political party have to end. We must begin anew to question each and every person who seeks our vote what they are about. We must not automatically assume that historically one party has stood up for one group of people while the other has not. The Democratic Party of old simply does not exist. Nor does the Republican Party of old exist.

We, as AMERICANS first and foremost, must start questioning ourselves and our mindset if we are to move forward.


Because for the first time in our history we elected a Black President (save the arguments of a mixed race family) and yet we still now have to address the issue of racism and on a much larger scale then ever before.

In today's America we are on the brink of becoming something greater or something much worse. It still is our choice though it seems that window of choice is getting smaller and smaller.

The measure of a man does not lie in the skin color he was born with that is absurd. The measure of a man lies in his thoughts, actions, and deeds in regards to his fellow man. Character and integrity know no skin color boundaries.

In my heart of hearts I believe skin color does not matter it is the character of the person that counts. The actions we as individuals take reflect who we are.

While we continue fighting and arguing over something like skin color, none of us had any choice in deciding anyway, we are being left further and further behind in the real game. The game of life.

This is a game that in the end we all lose so the real question is simple.

What kind of life do we want to lead? A negative one based on racism, hatred, and bigotry or a positive one of peaceful existence based on doing the right thing for our fellow man regardless of something as simple as color.

It's your turn to make a move in this game of life.

The choice is yours and yours alone. Can you handle it?

Friday, January 8, 2010


You know sometimes it is comical watching supposed top notch lawyers try to cover their butts when caught in obvious lies. Thanks to the spin in the Courier by Joe Gerth Bill would limit what candidate could spend The Courier-Journal I have to write this and lay it out.

Larry Clark being true to form has filed legislation without even knowing the law.

He has been led down a path of outright lies by the KREF assumedly initiated by their favorite son Sheryl Snyder. Clark apparently bought the lie without checking out the facts and put forth HB 214 a bill that would supposedly make the law clearer in regards to campaign gifts given by family members to candidates running for election.

He even used the King case as the reason why we need this unnecessary legislation. In fact he is wasting our resources in trying to help cover up a scam.

Apparently the KREF and Snyder are trying to cover their butts since they both got burned on the Jim/Katie King case I have been pursuing for over a year and found a gullible ready, willing, and able partner in Clark.

The KRS statutes already clearly address this issue. Read below:

KRS 121.015(6) ‘Contribution’ means any: (a) payment, distribution, loan, deposit, GIFT OF MONEY or other thing of value TO A CANDIDATE, his agent, a slate of candidates, its authorized agent, a committee or contributing organization…

KRS 121.150(6) No candidate, slate of candidates, campaign committee, political issues committee, nor anyone acting on their behalf shall accept a contribution of more than $1,000

The law is clear. The real problem is not the law it is enforcement of it. And that falls on the
KREF who is tasked with the administration of the law.

Why is this then a problem for Snyder and Cubbage of Frost,Brown,and Todd?

From the CJ article:

Sheryl Snyder, the Kings’ lawyer, welcomed the legislation, saying that it would have saved his clients time, money and trouble had the law been changed before the 2008 election.

“If the statute had been clearly written so people knew what the rules were, the Kings wouldn’t have made the gift, wouldn’t have had the ensuing litigation expenses, much less the criticism,” Snyder said.

Yet Snyder defeats his own argument again. The law is clear as shown above but Snyder himself had personal knowledge that it was illegal.

In 2000 Sheryl Snyder and Amy Cubbage argued on behalf of the KREF for House Bill 750. This bill essentially would have made allowable under law exactly what Jim King did. The problem is that the bill never passed.

Snyder and Cubbage LOST which proves that they KNEW what Jim King was doing was illegal.

Jim King has stated over and over that his attorneys advised him that he could "gift" this money to Katie thus setting the stage for where we are now.

The KREF itself acknowledged that King was openly trying to circumvent the campaign limits especially after Amy Cubbage contacted the registry in June 2008 a clear month prior to King's self serving email. So naturally they have some guilt by coming to the "non knowing" conclusion they used to take the easy way out.

The reason this case continues in the manner it is really comes down to this very simple problem.

If Snyder and Cubbage told King he could gift this money then they facilitated a criminal act knowingly and willfully. Using this logic King has grounds to sue the hell out of Snyder and Cubbage of Frost, Brown, and Todd and he should do so immediately. The innocent should never be treated this way. They should be disbarred over this fiasco they created.

If they did not tell King he could do this then King would also be guilty of perjury.

The KREF itself has loads of guilt here. They did not show supporting documentation in many of the things they disregarded and did a poor job overall of an investigation. Hopefully, the Kentucky State Police can do much better. The KREF is not a well equipped investigative agency with little to no training or oversight.

Either way at this point the KREF itself can bear no responsibility for the King's criminal behavior. That responsibility lies with Jim/Katie King and Frost, Brown, and Todd's Snyder and Cubbage.

Yes there will be charges brought against Sheryl Snyder and Amy Cubbage for criminal facilitation. I will file them myself including bar charges.

This has to be done to prove who is lying and get to the truth. There will also be additional charges against Jim and Katie King as well.

There have been rumors already being talked about that there was collusion in regards to Snyder and the KREF in this matter. They are being investigated as we speak with charges forthcoming if proven true.

The mistakes by these clowns keep piling up.

Bottom line. This will not go away.

Oh yeah before I forget. Larry Clark has got to be the dumbest Rep in the House for falling for this BS without checking the facts first.

Stay tuned...........


Ok everyone knows I am not Jim King's biggest fan. Apparently I am a hot topic for other bloggers as well. You can click here and see these comments for fun Jim King On Reporting $1 Million This Quarter.

With that said this is not my story but I wanted to pass it along to you the reader who keep demanding more on King.

Curt Morrison of Louisville Courant wrote this story and did the research Louisville Courant: Jai Alai History Day. It is an interesting story on how Jim King fits in to Florida crime and the movie The departed. In Curt's words:

Now, how does Jai Alai relate to the Banker Jim King, his bid to become Louisville's next Mayor, and even the movie The Departed? Ah, so glad you asked. Let's go chronologically and I'll let you draw your own conclusions even!

Curt also raises many questions some of which are:

1)Who did Jim King buy Peoples Bank from?
2)Why is it socially acceptable to be the CPA to a crook that owns the same weird gambling facilities that were previously owned by a mobster until they found him in a trunk?
3) W. Bennett Collett- perhaps King's biggest client? Want to know more about him-who remembers the 70's?

So dear readers who have been following the debacle that is Jim King go to and weigh in with Curt.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I was speaking with a friend today about the MyViewMatters Radio Show and my hopes for us for 2010. While speaking with him I was simply amazed at how far we have come since we started.

Most of you know that MyViewMatters radio show was launched less than 7 months ago with our inaugural show airing on May 28, 2009.

The show was launched by my friend, partner, and co host Ed Martin and myself as a way of giving a voice to the voiceless candidates in politics and providing you the listener with information. The idea was to ensure that each and every candidate would have at least one outlet where their voices would be heard equally.

We also of course blend in our own unique views on the political landscape and issues of the day throughout the City of Louisville, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the USA itself. We have been involved in issues that affect each and every one of us daily and bring those issues to light for the sole purpose of insuring each and every one of us is informed straight from the horse's mouth so to speak.

I was amazed at just how many firsts we have had on our show and the list of guests.

We were the first to carry Gubernatorial candidate Gatewood Galbraith and his running mate Dea Riley' s announcement of their intent to run for office.

We were among the first to get Republican Mayoral candidates Chris Thieneman and Hal Heiner on air and be heard. We also were the first to get Democratic Mayoral candidate Tyler Allen on the radio.

We were the first to give independent candidates a voice to be heard such as Mayoral candidate Nimbus Couzins.

We carried State news on air with Republican Majority Caucus leader Sen. Dan Seum.

First time candidates have been allowed equal voice as well.

On a national level we had current front runner in the US Senate race Republican candidate Dr. Rand Paul, as well as, former US House candidate Marilyn Parker.

First time candidates for State races included Republican candidate for KY House District 46 Brian Simpson and Democratic candidate for KY House District 41 Mike Slaton.

On a local level Republican candidates for Metro Council Patrick Duerr District 9 and Kaven Rumpel District 19.

We heard from former Jefferson County GOP Chairmen Brad Cummings and Jerry "JT" Miller.

KY State Libertarian Party Chairman Ron Seiter came on to discuss the party initiatives, as well as, Michael Lewis the Independent Kentucky Chairman.

We put ourselves on the line and got involved in issues with guests such as Dawn Tweed Wharton a local health care activist. We got involved in the whole debacle that is Louisville Metro Animal Services with Barbara Haines a local animal rights activist.

We got involved in the economy with Dr. Eric Schanssberg IU Professor of Economics. We addressed the education needs of Kentucky by tackling the issue of Charter Schools in Kentucky with expert Phil Moffett.

We helped bring the issue of fairness to the forefront with Fairness Alliance guest Chris Hartmann.

We took the lead in our community by fighting the fight on air for Charitable Gaming.

We dedicated a show to CrimeStoppers with David Yates and Kelly Fentress in our efforts to bring awareness and help clean up our streets.

We have also been the only radio show going locally today who brings this to each of you.

Our vision of bringing the issues to you the listener and allowing an equal voice to all candidates has been a huge success so far. Because of demand we added live simulcast via the net with our friends at Ky Grassroots radio.

We have tried our best to give you the listener an outlet for information that no one is accomplishing here in Louisville today. We have tasked ourselves with the responsibility of creating that outlet for everyone in the local community, Statewide, and with the addition of simulcast on the net worldwide as well.

Our goal for 2010 is a simple one. Add advertisers to help pay for the expansion so many of you have written and called asking us for.

The MyViewMatters Radio Show has exceeded our expectations so far and we will continually strive to exceed yours.

Without you none of this would be possible and we thank you immensely for the opportunity to serve you all.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Thanks to all of you for listening to us on our new night. I must apologize to our KyGrassroots radio followers on the net. I was not aware that we had worked out all the bugs from switching to a new night and did not know until after the show that you guys were linked in so I missed the mention of you guys tonight and my sincerest apologies.

Tonight's show featured Mayoral candidate Tyler Allen on air who was accompanied by one of his campaign managers Haven Harrington. Tyler proved open as always and did not disappoint. While we may disagree on some issues I fully respect Tyler Allen the candidate.

In my opinion he is the best candidate on the Democratic side and I wish him the best.

For those of you who missed it listen in below for the full interview. You will not be disappointed.


MyViewMatters Radio Show will be airing on Wednesdays starting tonight. The show still airs on WKJK 1080 am at 7 pm. WKJK had a contractual obligation to air basketball games on Thursday nights at 7 so we agreed to move to Wednesday until March. Sorry for the confusion on such short notice but we did not find out until late yesterday.

Tonight's guest will be Mayoral candidate Tyler Allen. Please listen in and as always the call in number is 571-1080.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You know I find it fascinating that of all people I am on Jim King's email list. Yep believe it or not Rob Hotzman or Jim King think i should be included in all their mailings. They check my site daily so I guess they consider me a serious media type anyway. Funny would be an understatement.

With that said I did find it interesting to see the latest release on King's fundraising efforts.

According to the campaign email I received King raised raised over $760,000 in the 4th quarter for his race. This number alone would make many believe he is a strong fundraiser with loads of support right?


The real number of donations is actually about $30,000 from outside supporters. The rest came from where? Why Jim King himself. He loaned himself $760,000. At least this time it was legal since it was his own money and he gave it to himself.

The Courier Journal already did a report online here: Personal loan puts King in lead for fundraising The Courier-Journal. You have to love this quote from the story:

From King himself, “I think I've proven that I'm the only candidate that has the resources and the organization to win.”

Gee think he may be full of himself on that one huh?

Basically he just said hey I bought one election now I'm gonna buy another. In my opinion anyway. The sad thing is I think he really believes it. King could only muster $30,000 from outside interests this quarter while Greg Fisher got $245,000 by comparison. Yep this could mean trouble for King.

He already has changed attorney's from Sheryl Snyder, publicly anyway, to Scott Cox a known criminal lawyer. Since Snyder lost, to a nobody like me no less, I guess he figures he better go with a lawyer who can deal. In fact Cox's main claim to fame apparently is that he is the guy who gets you a reduced sentence. Ask Steve Henry about the plea deal Cox negotiated for him. Ask Robert Felner about his deal after it gets announced on Friday.

I really do not know if King's campaign staff has any sense at all, or if he really is a loose cannon like everyone behind the scenes says, but one thing is for sure. He keeps compounding his mistakes with even more. And the mistakes get more brazen each and every time he does anything.

Folks pay attention. We do not need to see another election bought at our expense.

There will be more to come I am sure in the near future but I guess I should say thanks anyway to the Jim King campaign staff's Rob Hotzman for thinking I will in some incredulous way give them any relevance by including me in their mailers. lol.

See ya next time.

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