Monday, September 29, 2008

House of Representatives

On occasion as I have mentioned before I will step away from local politics. Sorry folks this is one of those times.

Being election season, the talk of a bailout, and the utter division that is ripping this Country apart, I was talking with a friend and as we talked decided I wanted to review what our founding fathers decided on the House of Representatives. So on to Wikipedia I went for a start. Fascinating I must admit.

The only constitutional rule relating to the
size of the House says: "The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand."[2] Congress has regularly increased the size of the House to account for population growth; but Congress fixed the number of voting House members at 435 in 1911[1] The number was temporarily increased to 437 in 1959 upon the admission of Alaska and Hawaii (seating one representative from each of those states without changing existing apportionment), and returned to 435 four years later, after the reapportionment consequent to the 1960 census.

Now I am no mathematician admittedly, however, I do find that at a time when our Country had approximately 3.9 million people the Constitutional rule allowed that the number of reps SHALL NOT EXCEED 1 per 30,000 people. SO if we appropriate growth of citizenry and follow this rule our House could just as easily have over 10,000 reps today based on approximately 300 million people. Don't you just wonder what happened to NOT EXCEEDING 1 per 30,000. Where was the Constitutional amendment at that allows for what we have today.

Kind of makes you wonder just how much representation we get doesn't it? Today our elected Representatives actually average over 689,000 per Rep.

Congress has regularly increased the size of the House to account for population growth; but Congress fixed the number of voting House members at 435 in 1911[1] Based on our Founding Fathers design did Congress have the right to limit the House to 435 without approval by the voters? What happened over the last almost 100 years did the population stop growing?

Of course not and yet we keep adding to the number of people each Representative serves.

It really isn't hard to see why our voice doesn't get heard as much as we need it to does it? It is also easy to see why those with the bucks get to be heard. When you represent so many people you cannot possibly listen to them all so you go with who can help you keep your job.

Throw in the fact that our House is elected to 2 year unlimited terms, and they spend half of that campaigning for reelection, makes you wonder just how effective can the House be.

For myself, one way to offset the lack of representation and also enhance oversight is to amend the Constitution to allow an elected Rep to serve 4 year terms and set term limits at the House (and Senate) to 2 consecutive terms not to exceed 16 years total. Many have argued with me that it takes so much time to build up tenure to really be able to get the pork dollars back to the community that we have come to expect from our Reps that it would hurt us.

Nonsense. Think about how hard it would be for special interests and lobbyists to buy politicians when they are in their second term and a lame duck. Wonder how much actual legislation would get done. Would pork really be necessary? Without pork how much of our money would need to go to taxes? Would we not benefit from less taxes per person? Would you like having more of your own money to decide how to spend?

Personally I think most would say yes.

Perhaps we should increase the number of Reps in the House to a lower per person average say 1 for every 100,000 people. That certainly would give us better representation wouldn't it? If you increase the number of Representatives and put term limits on all, with NO automatic one term and out great retirement plan, perhaps we could get more people doing the job honestly and less worrying about how to keep their job.

Here is another interesting fact most do not know:

Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution sets forth three qualifications for representatives: each representative must be at least twenty-five years old, must have been a citizen of the United States for the past seven years, and must be (at the time of the election) an inhabitant of the state they represent. In Powell v. McCormack, the Supreme Court held that the constitutional requirements of Article I, Section 2 for election to Congress are the maximum requirements that can be imposed on a candidate. Therefore, Article I, Section 5, which permits each House to be the judge of the qualifications of its own members does not permit either House to establish additional qualifications.

Why would you not have to live in the District you represent. Shouldn't our Representatives have first hand knowledge of the area and people they represent?

Our founders believed in We The People and allowed for us to be represented fairly by people who knew us where we lived, knew what we wanted, and would do the job to the best of their ability based on a smaller number of people per Rep to speak for.

Seems it is a lot easier to buy 435 Representatives by the lobby and special money interest than it would be 10,000. It also is a lot easier to buy a career politician than one who is a sitting duck after 8 years. Either move up or move out I say. We do not need career politicians any longer. Look at where we are today because of them.

We need fresh faces and new ideas. Today the world moves at a faster pace than it did 100 years ago and we need people who can recognize that from living in it not those who have lived in the bubble sheltered world of Washington politics for many years.

And we wonder why so many things get passed without our approval.

Do we want leadership that reflects us or leadership that reflects the money that buys them off.

Your thoughts?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Flood update and Abramson exposed

UPDATE 2:15 pm

According to an anonymous source there have been many plea bargains offered in regards to this case. The most recent being that if charges were dropped Flood would retire immediately. Let's hope this does not happen. In the meantime I have been asked to implore that anyone who can please come to the Courthouse on Tuesday September 30 at 9 am to watch the trial so it does not get "swept under the rug." I urge anyone that can to please do so.

JOHN FLOOD case handled by special prosecutor

John Flood's upcoming case is so political even Dave Stengel will not touch it. According to information received Mr. Flood's case will now be prosecuted by Chip McKay of Nelson County. When asked why this is so the response was that County Attorney's office did not want to touch it with a 10 foot pole.

So much for an impartial legal department huh? Pathetic that now we will spend even more tax dollars pursuing a case against Flood for repeating the same behavior he was convicted in 1997.

Anything to save the Mayor.

Do NOT forget the case is to be tried on Tuesday September 30. Please attend if possible. The more people that show up that are outraged the better chance we have of justice!

The following is a copy of email sent to me by a concerned citizen and one I agree with. Get involved and please let Mr. McKay know we are not going to let John Flood and Jerry Abramson continue to abuse the residents of our City.

Hello Everyone -

To all citizens concerned about IPL misbehavior:

For those of you who are interested in the Criminal case involving IPL's John B. Flood Jr., it has come to my attention that an Assistant Commonwealth Attorney in Nelson County has been assigned to prosecute this case. According to sources, NO ONE in Jefferson County Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel's office was willing to prosecute this case!

Reason: Politics.

I spoke with Sgt. Pete McCartney of the LMPD Public Integrity Unit. He's informed me that there are already people lining up to tell the court that John B. Flood, Jr. is a "wonderful" human being, etc.

IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that we also tell the court that John Flood was given a tremendous "break" in 1997 and is now charged with the very same crime he was convicted of in 1997 by a jury of his peers.

PLEASE - send out a letter by FAX to the Commonwealth Attorney TODAY!
Mr. March "Chip" McKay
Asst. Commonwealth Attorney
(502) 348-0336 (fax)

BELOW are tools for you to use to SEND FREE faxes to anyone in the USA or Canada.No Cost - No sign up - No trial period.
Just validate Fax at your email account and FAX is SENT immediately.



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Jerry Abramson internal documents showing him taking care of "friends" he owes versus taking care of the job at hand.

I. The Jerry Abramson the public has never seen.

Time to get rid of the rot. Very informative.

As always I can be contacted at , (502)742-8519, or through this site.

Monday, September 15, 2008

HENDERSON Bribed?........

For quite some time it has been rumored that 14th District Metro Councilman Bob Henderson was offered a $30,000 bribe to use his influence to get a contract for the Providence Group of Mississippi for two low income apartment housing projects in PRP, one on Terry Rd and the other one on Moorman Rd.

Both projects have been halted for years because the developer skipped town, possibly with an unknown amount of our money, and then declared bankruptcy last year.

I have often wondered whether these allegations are true.

Then I was offered evidence of a tape recording involving Larry Mattingly, Henderson's Legislative Aide.

Rumors can apparently have some substance after all.

According to sources, Larry Mattingly talked openly about the $30,000 in front of at least 6 witnesses, one of whom is now deceased, and in all honesty I was even shocked by this info. To speak in a group, whether you consider it private or not, about something illegal is very brazen.

In this particular case, in my opinion, he was indeed very brazen. Normal behavior by Henderson and cronies.

The projects in question were to be done through a company named Kentucky Commons via the Providence Group run by W.T. Person. The Providence Group specialized in building low income housing projects, that is before they declared bankruptcy in 2007 (see: My sources indicated that Henderson actively campaigned for these projects in the Southwest and within government and the tape recording suggests that there was $30,000 involved in this matter.

Larry Mattingly ,Henderson's aide, has a history of questionable ethics himself, including him receiving many FREE truckloads of MSD dirt, the subject of Sarah Lynn Cunningham's Federal whistleblower lawsuit, which she won. (For copies of the testimony by Bob Henderson at the Federal trial click here, contact me).

It is time to let these guys know that we have had enough. We do that by voting them OUT OF OFFICE.

Henderson has had ethics problems, a federal lawsuit, now a tape recording from Henderson's number 1 guy, Larry Mattingly, regarding $30,000. What more do we need?

Time for change folks and the time is now.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


First, I must apologize for taking a while to write this second part. I have been awaiting information and some records via KORA (Kentucky Open Records Act) info. While Kentucky Open Records Law makes information avalable they don't make it easy. It does take awhile to sift through the info as well.

I said in the first part of this series I would talk about IPL inspector Michael Baugh next. This issue will deal with Inspector Michael Baugh and one question:

Why is this guy still an IPL inspector?

Upon receiving Mr. Baugh's personnel file through the KORA it is obvious Mr. Baugh has a serious problem in dealing with the public at large. He has been disciplined repeatedly since at least 1994 for conduct unbecoming and his behavior towards the public at large. Complaints from homeowners, letters, phone calls, etc because of his abrasive and unprofessional behavior have been an ongoing way of life for Mr. Baugh at IPL.
As a matter of fact the disciplinary offenses include everything from conduct unbecoming, failure to follow bosses orders, and the most obvious discourteous, impolite, and disrespectful with the general public. According to his file records he was ORDERED to alter his approach when dealing with citizens as early as 1998. Yes I know this predates merger but it shows just how long this abusive behavior has been going on from Mr. Baugh.

Finally by 2003 it was recommended he be reassigned to office work due to his communication failures. So what happened with the recommendation?

Apparently it was ignored since Michael Baugh continues to do inspections and deals with the public at large today 5 years later.

This has been a pattern of behavior by Michael Baugh since at least 1994. He has been reprimanded over and over and yet still allowed to continue harassing the public at large.

How is this possible? Good question. I mean seriously this guy in July of 2003 was found in violation of 3 IPL RULES ON HIS OWN HOME!
Additionally he was found in violation of IPL RULES ON HIS OWN HOME again in April of 2007!

If he doesn't even know he is in violation on his own home we trust him to inspect ours and say we are? If he does know then his arrogance means he feels he can do whatever he wants and has in many instances. We need these people doing this job huh?

Also after securing cell phone records his minute usage averages about 1800 minutes per month. This would include personal calls as well. Of course the City plan only allows for 1000 minutes so the other 800 minutes are billed at 45 cents per minute. This equates to roughly an additional $360.00 per month we the taxpayers are paying for.

According to the signed Metro agreement by Michael Baugh, and all others on a Metro cell phone, all personal calls are to be monetarily reimbursed to the City. Are the overages being reimbursed as agreed in writing? If he isn't paying for personal calls at the same 45 cent rate the City pays how much are we wasting in this City on personal calls? Since one reprimand concerned spending too much time on the phone not conducting business I found it relevant to seek phone records.

On a sidenote, I know this Mayor cannot understand communications, or fund them appropriately, but can we not get a better deal on cell phones? I mean mine is all inclusive unlimited everything for less than $100 a month. The overage alone on Michael Baugh's phone is more than triple that!

In all fairness though Michael Baugh is not alone in the phone overages I am sure. He just happens to be part of the problem with IPL and one part of my investigation. And do not forget that he apparently has a great rapport with District 14 Metro Councilman Bob Henderson. This was reported on back in April in the LEO by Rick Redding of

I mean it was kind of obvious since Redding was doing a story on me and my fight for the people of District 14 during the primary and Michael Baugh just "happened" to show up at lunch with Bob Henderson and basically verified the quotas I told Rick about. Even Henderson admitted Baugh was "aggressive" in that article. That is putting it mildly based on records.

It is time we started becoming aware of what our leadership is doing and allowing. Michael Baugh is a prime example of some seeming sense of power gone wrong. He has been allowed to continue in his capacity harassing the publci at large and has declared even recently that when he is on your property "I am God when I am here."

No power trip in that statement huh.

Based on his personnel records over a period of years, from at least 1994 to present day, it seems he might actually believe that. According to records his behavior has not only been unacceptable to us but to his bosses as well. Yet they have continued to allow him to remain in the capacity of inspector and dealing with the public. One thing is for sure.

This type of abusive behavior cannot continue unchallenged by the office of Code enforcement or any level of government at Metro.

In previous articles you have read where I have singled out John Flood, Bill Schreck, and even Abramson for abuses by Code enforcement. This further illustrates just how willing they are to allow abuse to continue at the expense of the citizens they represent. This information was based on public accessible open records and many anonymous calls. I still get anonymous calls over this and I am asked to keep them anonymous because my sources will lose their job or be severely reprimanded for speaking out.
It is obvious to me based on my research that these inspectors work in a hostile work environment and there are legal remedies available to force these so called "leaders," and I use the term loosely, to straighten up and quit harassing those that work for them for exercising their freedom of speech. Every workplace has rules and behavior that is acceptable or not including Metro Government as an employer.

For those that continue wanting to remain anonymous I will as always respect that.

We often hear of working toward change today during this Presidential election season. I have spoken for the need to change for quite some time. During my Mayoral campaign in 2006 I promised there would be change one way or the other.
It starts with one voice and it grows from there. And believe me based on the number of people who read this site we are definitely growing. And by the way the person that hacked into my comp?

Really that isn't going to stop me. More on that for you readers later.

I urge each of you to get involved and help us all get the change we need and stop the stranglehold and abuse we continue to endure from our officials. No it will not be easy and it is hard to stand up sometimes but it is necessary to effect change in many ways.

WE THE PEOPLE is where it all starts and I ask that each of you remember that WE THE PEOPLE have the power to change anything. We do not need to live in fear of our government they work for us.

Abusive corrupted power is not Democrat or Republican. It is a mindset that knows no boundaries nor is it divided amongst party lines.

Stand tall and stand proud. :-)

As always I can be contacted at the following:

contact me

or via phone at (502)742-8519

Keep the calls coming from every level and office at Metro. I appreciate them all and will continue fighting for us all.
Let's see what we can do together to improve your workplace and our communities at every level. As always it will be confidential if you want.

Monday, September 1, 2008

John Flood and Code enforcement again....

This story just will not go away. I am deluged with so many calls since I posted the original story that it is hard to sort through so much information. I thank each of you for getting involved and sharing your experiences. I am continually disgusted with just how bad this one Department is. If this one is so bad I can see other Departments probably are as well and I will get to them soon. I promise.

From anonymous sources I am being told more of the story and how John Flood and Code enforcement really is.

Let's go back a bit shall we?

Prior to merger those inspectors with IPL sent out what were known as a "friendly" notice reminder when someone was in violation. For example if grass was too high a notice was sent to a violator and they were essentially asked to correct the problems in a certain time frame with no repercussions if they did. Many inspectors just actually talked to the people and explained the situation asking them to help get in compliance to avoid repercussions. Working together was a great service to the people. A service we need more of not less.

In many cases some of these folks were elderly, or disabled, or had some other reason they could not comply. Know what some IPL officers did? They would actually load up their own lawn mowers, or whatever they needed, and assist those in need by doing the work for them. On their own time and out of their own pocket.

How is that for helping your community? Pretty good I would say.

Most of the IPL inspectors I have spoken with cannot stand the new gestapo way of doing business. They were proud of their work before and now live in fear of being hurt or killed doing their job. They now get written up or suspended if they do not meet the illegal quotas given them by John Flood. It is now all about money and not a better community. There are reports of at least 2 robberies and one carjacking of IPL officers apparently in retaliation for doing their jobs.

Of course this has never been mentioned in the media. Just one more reason you will only see these type stories online at outlets like this one.

Since merger and convicted felon John Flood came on board times have indeed changed. It was Flood's idea to stop using these letters and cite offenders automatically with Bill Schreck's approval to do so. This created an immediate disconnect between those in the IPL office and the community at large. Of course no one in this administration has ever cared about the people in this City. The IPL officers fought this change as they felt it would not allow due process for those in violation. I agree with their assessment.

This created an opportunity for Flood to use the power of the office for personal gain.

According to my sources for starters, during his wife MaDonna's Metro Council race, John Flood decided to harass those who opposed MaDonna by using his IPL position to issue citations and fines as a payback for not supporting her. Many businesses on Preston Highway became targets simply for not backing his wife.

Abuse of office? You bet.

Additionally when folks got sick of being abused on Preston Highway, and he was worried publicity was starting to mount, Flood decided to move on to the South end including the Southwest areas for further abuse and more money. He found willing partners in 14Th District Metro Councilman Bob Henderson and IPL inspector Michael Baugh. The Southwest has been abused through the IPL office for sometime now as I have made aware many times. This was surely a way to take the heat off for harassment of one particular area.

The old switcharoo.

Funnily enough the East and West Ends do not seem to have this type of problem. Why is that?

According to one source it is because Flood has stated he could care less about the West End further stating that he doesn't even know where Market street is. A joke? Perhaps but a telling one considering.

A source who happened to witness one example of Flood's abuse concerned a property on Lower Hunters Trace. A few signs were put out on Lower Hunters at a business there and John Flood personally decided to move them saying they were in violation. He chose to go on property and physically make changes without the owner's approval. That in itself is a violation of his office and powers. In the old days you would talk to the owner and ask them to move them.

Not anymore.

Flood decided he had the right to go take the signs down and when the business owner confronted him to ask him what he was doing John Flood's response?

"Get back in the store you camel jockey."

According to multiple sources this would not be the first racial slur nor the last by John Flood. Matter of fact it is told by more than one person that John Flood is as prejudiced as it gets and uses racial slurs as a common practice.

Even further abuse is being told to me by sources as well.

If you are a friend of John or MaDonna's no worries. I have been told John has pulled many cases out of court that concerned friends of his in violation and discarded the citations.

John was sworn into IPL on or about July 14, 2004 according to these same sources. He had full access to everything including Courtnet to see what violators were being brought into court so it would be easy to see how he could have cases pulled. Since that time he has lost that privilege I am told but no worries.

Sources say that his wife got MaDonna's friend Beth Bishop a job and now she works across the hall and allows John access to Courtnet. Great huh?

Also according to sources the reason BullDog cafe has so many problems with IPL is because of a friend of John's who uses John and that friendship to harass them. Reportedly because he does not like the type music they play or their patrons.

One more thing to add.

One other source claims that the Assistant Director Robert Kerstorfer is also double dipping as is Bill Schreck from our taxpayer money. He retired and was out 30 days before coming back to the same job with full retirement pay and his regular pay.

Illegal here folks.

Keep the phone calls coming folks at every level for every office of government. I thank you for them all.

It is time we gained accountability.


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