Saturday, May 28, 2011


It seems a firestorm of sorts has been started thanks to a Denise Bentley post on facebook urging folks to contact her so they can "send a message" to Judy Green's accuser. Well naturally since I am the accuser I wrote on the post to contact me with any message she (they) may have. I back my charges 100%.

Of course it didn't take long at that point to be attacked for being a racist by Green's daughter Jessica. After pointing out the obvious that I actually do have a record of going after corrupt officials regardless of race (in fact Judy Green is the first African American politician I have charged with anything) then Bentley censors the comments and takes them down presumably to save Jessica Green the embarrassment of being caught playing the race card.

Of course now I am being told there was a meeting that took place involving Green, Bentley, and Mattie Jones that included a few local pastors at the Justice Resource Center to discuss what they can do to Ray Barker and believe it or not Jim King.

Whether true or not based on the whole facebook comment of "sending a message," and knowing how the game is played, I believe there is probably some truth to that meeting. We shall see quickly I am sure.

But with all that said some things must be pointed out. Quite simply by playing the race card herself, Judy Green and her supporters have proven who is the real racist in this whole scheme. I mean how can you justify the things Green has done?

Green is not the first politican to abuse her power, and undoubtedly won't be the last, but never have I seen someone so desperate as to play the race card against her own race in an attempt to get away with it.

Judy Green has tried that card already against those such as Phillip Bailey, a prominent reporter at WFPL who also is African American, Barbara Shanklin, Metro Councilperson for the Newburg District, and once again a prominent African American, all the way down to Ray Barker a retired police officer. Oh yeah African American as well.

The reality is that Green and her ilk have no one to blame for their fallacies but themselves and the race card is the only card they have left to play. Anyone who would say otherwise is in it for themselves not the people.

Not all of us, African Americans or white, buy into the whole race card mentality. No it would seem that those like politician Judy Green and those who benefit personally by playing the race card are the ones at fault here. They forget about the people they supposedly "serve." It is disturbing to see that gamne being played today. We cannot move beyond racism when prominent people in the community continue relying on it as a way for them to gain and maintain control.

How can you explain why so many within the community have turned their backs on Judy Green and Denise Bentley? I get calls everyday these days thanking me for doing this and holding Green accountable. Yep from those in her district and Louisville wide. It doesn't seem the race card is playing well and for that I am grateful.

For a racist I guess I should have never charged Council President Jim King, never challenged the likes of Council members Bob Henderson, Vickie Welch, or Rick Blackwell. All white folk.

Remember the Abramson comments concerning "poorer,blacker, and older?" I was the one who outed that against the former Mayor. Last I saw he was white as well.

There is no excuse for racism at any level or on any side of the equation. Holding political leaders accountable is not only a right we have as American citizens, but an obligation. And that folks defies any color barriers.

Sadly, the race label just won't stick to me nor should it stick with Ray Barker. Barker is a retired police officer, commonly known throughout the community for his "Sir Friendly C" persona as a rapper working with kids to stay away from drugs. White and black. He has proven to be a stalwart citizen in the community. He is a prime example of how each of us can succeed in life regardless of color.

When folks like Judy Green, Jessica Green, or Denise Bentley continue playing that race card they demean the intelligence of ALL of us white or black. And that simply is unacceptable. While that has worked in years past for the political ilk of those like Green, I have faith that most folks today are intent on moving forward not backward in our thinking.

Each of us share in this world and each of us have a duty to respect one another. Regardless of race. I spend my time with those of every creed, color, and nationality each and everyday without forgetting that we are all human. Color does not make us what we are our choices do.

That alone decides our fate so make better choices than to fall for this divisive idiocy that benefits the few at the expense of the many. The facts are simple Judy Green committed an intentional act for her own gain. She abused power for votes. She even admitted at the hearing that only a 501(c)3 could get a grant and admitted that the agencies involved in her scheme were not at the time 501(c)3 entities.

She even admitted there were other ways they could have received funding. Admitted, after initially denying any remembrance, that SHE presented the grant to the appropriations committee that SHE herself sat on. SHE also voted to approve the request never once alerting the committee of her plan to "pass through" the monies illegally to other entities.

Want a list of Judy Green's problems?

* took out a credit card in Assistant's Andrea Jackson' name without her permission running the total up to $25,000,

*Accepted $600 cash from a liquor store owner in her District according to witnesses Andrea Jackson and former aide Melody Hill,

*According to court documents, Green owes $55,411 to the Internal Revenue Service for taxes going back to 1998, $371 to the city for a civil penalty she has failed to pay since 2009, as well as an outstanding $374,896 student loan, stemming from a judgment that goes back to 1989,

*used the Green Clean team as a cash cow to pay her kids,

*illegally ordered a grant recipient (100 Black Men) to ask for more money than needed and redirected those funds to those who would not qualify for them on their own merit as a way to garner votes,

*after blaming aides for the "pass through" monies to the orgs outside of the 100 black men, Green finally admitted that she had directed them to do so after intense questioning to get at the truth,

*public statements by the 100 Black Men President himself, “It was made clear upfront that some of the money would be redirected … and that (Green’s office) would tell us where to redirect it,” Rob Jordan, president of 100 Black Men,

The arrangement also was confirmed to the newspaper by Charles Alexander III, who is the treasurer of 100 Black Men and Green’s political campaigns.

You can read most of this either here or at WFPL.

Folks I don't know about you but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

Quite frankly, this pudding is fouled and that is not a racist thing.

That's reality...........

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We have all heard of the Green "Clean team" by now so let's dub this one the Green "scheme team" shall we?

Apparently Judy Green does not know what goes on in her office as she is too busy working a "full time" job to pay attention. Or at least that was her testimony. Even going so far as to state that every council member prays that their staff knows what they are doing as they cannot oversee what they do. I'm sure they appreciated that analogy by Green at her hearing.

I mean, why do we pay them $42,750 a year then?

Green's new line of defense appears to be to try and make this an "unknowing" violation so the Council cannot proceed to kick her out.

There can be no other explanation for the idiocy and out and out falsehoods that she testified to. At least to me anyway.

According to Green nothing is her fault and all the problems fall on former Legislative aide Melody Hill. Green stated that Hill wrote the grant for the 100 Black Men that is in question and Hill was the one that did not write in that monies were to be redirected by Green's office.

Confused yet? You should have been there. The defense in closing arguments actually tried to make me the bandit. Yep I am not kidding. They stated that Green did nothing wrong and that the only reason she was there was because I was trying to use the press to make this an issue. Yep tis true. Like the press just does my bidding and is at my beck and call.

I laughed out loud even though I was supposed to be on my best behavior.

I didn't have the heart to tell them I am the press. I mean I have this website and a daily radio show that spouts my opinions on anything I find newsworthy so I just have to get more exposure by falsifying charges and calling the mainstream press to follow me around like a puppy dog to suit my ego. LMAO

A more desperate attempt to muddy the facts I have never seen. It was funny watching her Attorney Reid basically implode. Save your money folks if looking for an attorney and look elsewhere IMO. Speaking of attorney's, Earhart was brilliant. He laid it all out very clearly with facts not muddy water.

In February of 2009 the 100 Black Men submitted a request for $1900. That is not in dispute. After February 2009 Green's office told them they were going to inflate the money request to $7500 and the additional monies would be allocated per Green's wishes.

That is illegal folks no matter how you slice it. Green's legal defense team (a team our taxes are paying for) tried to portray Green as someone who honestly made a mistake but it wasn't her fault. Trust her. The problem?

While Green tried to deny any knowledge of the grant being redirected in later testimony she finally said she directed her staff to contact the 100 Black Men to pay some bills from those funds.

Additionally Green tried to act like she did not recall whether she was on the appropriations committee at the time of the request. Seriously? How can you not recall something as basic as that when the whole case revolves around a meeting you were part of as a member of the appropriations committee? How dumb does she think we are? Her whole career is on the line and she can't recall?

If you believe that line I have some great swampland to sell you in the Arizona desert.

Of course when confronted with the record that she indeed was on that committee at the time, well let's just say her memory got better. In fact while arguing all day that Hill was to blame, that same record from the appropriations committee meeting in August of 2009 clearly shows the first item on the agenda at that meeting was the grant to the 100 Black Men organization.

Again great job Mr. Earhart.

Who presented the grant request for approval? Judy Green herself.

Who lobbied for it? Judy Green herself.

As a voting member on the appropriations committee who also voted yes for funding? Judy Green herself.

Who did not tell the committee that part of the money was to be redirected? Judy Green herself.

So if Hill didn't fill out the paperwork correctly, and Green admitted in testimony that as soon as she saw the grant in February she knew that she would use part of that grant money for the organizations who received it after August of 2009. Or that is her testimony anyway to my understanding. So she knew more than 6 months in advance that she would be funding the organizations listed that she directed? Wow.

If she knew that in February, as soon as she saw the grant request per her own testimony, can there be any doubt that she knowingly and intentionally falsified this grant and withheld information from the committee she sat on when seeking approval of it? It is her obligation to divulge this information when she herself presented it. It is NOT the obligation of her former LA Melody Hill.

There can be no "unknowing" as there is now a smoking gun in evidence. Judy Green solicited the 100 Black Men to ask for more money for the sole purpose of spending that money to gain key votes to keep her elected.

West End political activist and "go to guy" Clarence Yancey was paid $2785 for "catering" at a senior citizens home? How many were in attendance? For that price they should have been served fillet Mignon and fresh imported vegetables.

Of course Green stated she would never seek endorsements from Yancey because she didn't need him. After questioning she finally admitted that she was on his voter list of endorsements he puts together every election. Make no mistake about it Yancey is very influential with his list.

Feel free to laugh now folks. I already did. Seriously Judy?

The grant request that Judy Green herself submitted and approved specifically stated that the funds were to be used solely for scholarships for the 100 Black Men organization. She then admits on record that the funds were not used for that purpose.

So much for her staff being responsible, primarily Melody Hill, and not Green herself.

Current appropriations Chair Councilman Dan Johnson even testified that this was not appropriate in his opinion. He also testified that full disclosure should have been made if Green was involved in the process as she clearly is. It is a requirement that Green, who has sat on appropriations twice now for one year appointments, certainly knew.

As a former Councilperson on the appropriations committee Green knew full well that this was wrong and did it anyway.

Unknowing? the only thing unknowing in this case is why exactly 100 Black Men President Rob Jordan did not show up to defend the organization. Why Charles Alexander III did not show up in his role of treasurer with the 100 Black Men, also as treasurer of Judy Green's campaign, though she now says he was treasurer in name only. Yeah right.

Though she may not have control over Jordan or Alexander, can someone please explain just why her legislative assistant Andrea Jackson, whose name appeared on several documents did not show up to testify either?

It would appear that Green is once again playing games to avoid responsibility.

The sad thing is she abused her office and those who need the help the most by using the 100 Black Men organization to try to pull this stunt for her political gain. By all accounts the 100 Black Men organization is a worthy one, so what do you do when you need the $1900 and your council person wants this scam as a condition to obtaining it?

You do what you must for the organization. Did Green tell them this was a legal way of doing tings? If so, then they are not responsible as they followed the advice of the Councilperson responsible for it.

Knowing that Green operated this way for her own gain should be an insult to all who have come before her seeking help from OUR Metro Council.

No this is clearly a knowing violation with a smoking gun to boot.

The only thing unknowing, after hearing Green's deceit in the hearing, is one thing. Exactly what are we paying her for anyway?

Hopefully this ethics commission gets it right and finds her guilty of knowingly and intentionally violating the trust her own constituents placed in her by electing her.

Time will tell................

Monday, May 16, 2011


With the story out last week by WLKY on JCPS and the $100,000 club WLKY Investigates: JCPS Super Salaries - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville it is now time to dig into what the numbers mean and the way JCPS conducts business. While rummaging through some of the data, with the help of my data guy as always, a couple of things surfaced immediately.

For starters the salaries between the JCPS staff don't quite add up and it appears there a myriad number of ways to pay someone more than someone else and it isn't based on seniority. That should be a problem for a union environment but that will come later.

In the meantime the first question I asked myself was why would JCTA President Brent McKim be listed on the JCPS salary base and his position is Union president.

Folks this is taxpayer money and quite honestly what are the membership dues to pay for if not the union governing body itself?

By comparison where does Teamster President Fred Zuckerman get paid from, or UAW President (former President) Ron Gettelfinger get paid from. They get paid from the union and the membership dues fund that. So why would the JCTA President get paid from our taxpayer dollars and not the union itself?

That question needs answers and we are on it as I write.

In the meantime I find the numbers and weighted averages of JCPS salaries to be, well, abused at best.

There are currently 18,461 total employees at JCPS according to records, and the total payroll equates to $641,177,461. That does not include benefits or any other perks assumedly.

When looking at these numbers and dividing them by the number of employees the average wage amounts to $34,731. Looks about average right?


In fact there are 3606 employees listed as part of the total that show a wage of $0. No that is not a typo. 3606 employees apparently work for JCPS for free and are added into the employee database.

With that said when you take those $0 employees out of the equation the average goes much higher. It jumps to $43,162. A huge difference correct? Wonder why people say numbers can be manipulated?

I am sure that JCPS can do basic math (well at one time they could I am a public school graduate and my math skills are fine) so why not just lay out everything we need to know and make this easy.

Because the hands in the cookie jar will be caught.

This is just the easy part folks and the rest will be much better I assure you but in the meantime start asking why our taxes are paying Brent McKim to be President of the a publicly tax funded entity called JCPS.

Until next time...............

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I can't help but wonder when the CJ will actually someday get back to being a reputable paper. With the latest article by Joe Gerth it appears not anytime soon. Take this for example: Gerth : Clarence Yancey a political throwback to earlier days The Courier-Journal

Joe Gerth apparently decided to do a fluff piece on longtime Democratic hack Clarence Yancey for getting the Crimmins award on behalf of the Democratic Party who apparently have no trouble rewarding felons.

You see Dear readers I did an article yesterday laughing at the appointments by Jim King to redraw the old County Commission districts and Yancey was one of them. Of course since Joe Gerth decided to such a fluff piece without allowing all the facts of Yancey's troubled career in Democratic politics I feel obligated to out a bit of it.

To continue down the path of rewarding illegal folks for working illegally on behalf of the party is well getting real old real quick. From convicted felon John Flood being in charge of the IPL division of Planning and Zoning, until forced to retire, to now Clarence Yancey being rewarded with BS for being a Democratic hack.

We can no longer stomach this type of attitude from the elected leaders of any party period.

As I outlined previously Yancey is a Democratic insider who has been rumored to be, and in my opinion there is some fact to these rumors, to be one of those who receive cash from candidates and then spread that cash around to buy votes.

Folks that is not Democracy.

Yancey openly bragged about his dealings in 2008 in an interview by election journal stating: "9 out of 10 people will vote the way I tell them to. Street Politics – “Kentucky Style” Election Journal An interesting statement to say the least. Additionally, according to the Election Journal:

If candidates are looking to pay workers on election day, then they come to Clarence. A big election like this primary typically runs for about $100 per person. With 500 people working for Clarence this election, our math says $50,000 deployed in the 43rd.

You can bet Clarence made out like a bandit. So how did he get the appointment from the Council? Perhaps because of his donation to Katie King last year. Time will tell. Of course Michael Mercer and Rebecca Lamb contribute to the King's as well. But that is a story on another day.

I would also like to ask Governor Steve Beshear how he justified appointing Yancey to the Kentucky State Board of Auctioneers considering that this appointment seems to go against KRS 330 the Kentucky Auctioneer Law.

Yep good ole boy politics and as usual concerning highly questionable individuals such as Clarence Yancey and previously Councilwoman MaDonna Flood husband John.

Trust me there is plenty more to come but it is time to rid ourselves of this thuggery machine in the Democratic Party here in Louisville.......

Saturday, May 14, 2011


FOX 41 General Manager Bill Lamb's wife was rewarded thanks in large part to Bill Lamb's friendship with Jim King. I can see no other reason. According to the CJ, Council President Jim King just announced the three person panel that will redraw the old County Commissioner's seats required by KRS. Jim King names panel to redistrict Jefferson Fiscal Court areas The Courier-Journal

Interestingly enough 2 of the 3 names listed jumped out immediately.

Rebecca Lamb for the "A" District just happens to be the wife of FOX41's Bill Lamb. Why would she be involved in the redistricting? Because of Bill Lamb and his abuse of his position as General Manager of FOX41 during his POV segments on that channel. In my opinion Lamb went beyond asking questions to openly supporting a Mayoral candidate, and using his position as GM to do so, during the 2010 Mayoral election.

I always thought Lamb was above politics until last year and appreciated his integrity. That changed dramatically during 2010. Want more? read here:
Louisville News and Politics: Search results for Bill Lamb

There was nothing "fair and balanced" in these POV segments and it seriously cripples the ability of FOX41 in that regard. Lamb has proven, to me anyway, that he will use his status for his own gain and not for the people of the community FOX41 serves. Stay tuned for his chastising POV on my view in 3, 2, 1.......

Clarence Yancey in "C" District is another hack in my opinion. Appointed by Governor Steve Beshear in 2009 to the State Board of Auctioneers only reinforces that. There is literally not one thing Yancey is not involved in when it comes to democratic politics and the West End of Louisville. So much for thinking we would move forward under a Fischer administration or a Council that finally is rid of the gestapo of Abramson.

Admittedly, the offices have no power, and no pay, but this shows once again political patronage is alive and well with more insider appointments. If merger does indeed get recalled this redistricting can be a major player in a new elected government.

The "B" District is represented by Michael Mercer. Is this the same Michael Mercer who was part of Stansteel corp, a corporation in Texas in 1978? Or perhaps associated with Louisville Dryer incorporated in Florida in 2005? Or is this the Michael Mercer of First Security Bank of Kentucky, or perhaps Community Bancorp of Kentucky.

We will find out but all appointees seem suspect politically because of the movement to end merger. If that movement is successful these "non" jobs then will have some serious meaning and redrawing the boundaries will be more important.

And of course Bobbie Holsclaw is the 4th person, though not a voting member. I'm sure because she is the current JCC. No problems on that front.

Speaking of Holsclaw would someone please stop the Bobbie Holsclaw email drive. Seriously. I have seen 3 year olds do a better job presenting a message than what Holsclaw staffers are putting out. I am sick and tired of the idiocy of this candidacy. Holsclaw seems intent on one thing. Berating Phil Moffett.

Seriously. She continually sends out email (like anyone even cares that she is in the race) and always beginning with an attack on Moffett. She even goes on the radio and does not even know 1. What she is for, or 2. the difference in something as simple as industrial hemp versus marijuana. Not to mention the mega stories I continue receiving about how the JCCO is really run under her.

67 years old making over $100k a year AND drawing Social Security. She doesn't need the money and if this candidacy is any indication she wouldn't know what it was anyway. No visions, no plans, constant negative attacks against not the front runner but a fellow Louisvillian as well. True indicators she does not have a clue and needs to go bye bye.

Give her a diaper and a baby blanket and put her to bed. Her staff needs the same.

Her running mate Bill Vermillion? Quit embarrassing yourself. Every cabbage head needs some dressing for Coleslaw and apparently she found her dressing in Vermillion.

On Tuesday do us all a favor folks and vote anyone but Bobbie Holsclaw.

Finally what does Frank Simon not get about removing me from his idiotic robo calls? Simon is a bigoted piece of garbage in my opinion and it is insulting receiving what seems like daily robo calls from his office. Simon cease and desist or there will be legal action period.

See you next time folks.......

Thursday, May 12, 2011


As most found out the other night on the MyViewMatters Radio Show MSD is set once again to raise rates 6.5%. As we all know by now, MSD has literally no oversight or allow any public input or questions at Board meetings without prior approval by Bud Shardein and the Board itself.

Want proof? Check this story out by James Bruggers at the CJ:
MSD board votes for rate increase The Courier-Journal As if that isn't bad enough, Larry Zielke, the million dollar MSD attorney continues to believe he runs the meetings by being the one to stand up against MSD customer Donald Olsen and yell at him that he was "out of order."

When Olson persisted, Zielke said: “You didn’t ask permission first. You will be asked to leave, sir.”

STOP I.T. President, and longtime MSD watchdog Ray Pierce, stood up and asked the obvious question of who was running the meeting as Zielke is supposed to be just an attorney. Of course THEN Chairman Celentano finally steeped in and claimed he was and agreed with Zielke. Big surprise there right?

Celentano certainly does not seem capable of being in the position as Chair when he has to hide behind the attorney to run the meetings for him. All illegally and against any established rules of order.

Zielke and this MSD Board need to come clean as to who really runs the show. Zielke is supposed to be there as an advisor if the board has any questions, but as we know he has run previous meetings, and now stands up against MSD customers who attend the meetings, and is the go to guy for all of MSD.

What gives?

Nowhere can I find any legitimate rules of order that allow Zielke this runaway ego trip. He and Director Bud Shardein rule MSD and it appears that the board is nothing more than a rubber stamp approval authority who works at the whim of Zielke and Shardein.

But of course we have known that for many years as we have outed the shenanigans of these two clowns ad nauseum.

MSD continues to erode our financial well being and will continue to lead us down a path we simply cannot continue. Need proof? Follow previous stories right here
Louisville News and Politics: EPA Consent decree: Bankruptcy near for Jefferson County.

Birmingham, Alabama, who has been not so conspicuously dropped from public discussion with MSD, and who at one time was used by Shardein as a model we should follow, is in bankruptcy and suffering for it. Why? Because their MSD played games with $4.3 Billion in debt and we will be right at that same number once the consent decree is funded.

Want more? St. Louis has sued and won when three ratepayers claimed that the new MSD fees needed voter approval under the state's Hancock Amendment. It became a class action suit covering all sewer district customers.

Judge Dildine in July invalidated the new storm water service charge, which based fees on the area of a property that cannot retain water.

Any of this sound familiar? How about the businesses and homes that are paying rates on property that cannot retain water here?

There have been arguments made about how much better we coped with all of the recent rainfall than we did in 1997 when we flooded. MSD of course is trying to take all the credit for this.

Put simply MSD is lying in my opinion.

Why would I say that?

There are many differences in the amount of rain we received now versus then. The biggest one is that in 1997 the rainfall we experienced was an immediate waterfall with most of the rain coming in 36 hours or less.

This time the rainfall came in extended periods of time over several days and weeks. No one could absorb the amount of rainfall we experienced if it had come in mere hours, as it did in 1997, but many can absorb it over time which is what happened with us and luckily so.

This wasn't because MSD was so great but because Mother Nature actually spread the pain out for us. Nice try at spin though.

For more check out the Maurice Sweeney feel good story on MSD in the Courier Journal reader letters: Reader Letters Setting the record straight on MSD The Courier-Journal

Of course Sweeney never mentioned he was on the preferred hiring list for minority contractors. Surely there could be no conflict in keeping that info out of the letter right?

I will leave you with this article for your review. Jefferson County vs. JP Morgan :: Alabama Consumer Law Blog

Think we don't have similarities? Think again.......

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Bud Shardein and Vicki Welch? According to a couple of phone calls I received last night anonymous sources are saying they witnessed Bud Shardein and Councilwoman Vicki Welch kissing at the Mayor's event. Anyone have any pictures to share?

Rumor has it there will be a summer wedding for District 6 Councilman David James and his fiance Michelle Meyers Gallagher who works in the County Attorney's office. Details will be provided at some point I am sure.

Apparently MSD attorney Larry Zielke thinks he is the Chairman of the Board for all things MSD. Zielke decided yesterday he had the right once again to tell an MSD customer at their monthly meeting to sit down and basically STFU by refusing to allow him to speak to the board members in a public meeting. Same old MSD it appears.

LG&E rate hike was temporarily put on ice by the Metro Council last night who have many questions about the increase itself. One of which is why are the 145,000 residents of the small cities left out of merger exempt from the franchise fee.

Tune in tonight to the MyViewMatters Radio Show on WXBH 92.7 FM live at 7 pm for these stories and more. Call in number as always is (858)683-1326, locally at (502)805-0334

Sunday, May 8, 2011


So much to do so little time. Posting has been light recently folks due to time constraints. With the daily radio show I do for WXBH 92.7 FM weeknights at 7 pm, and working a real job to fund this venture called MyViewMatters, well there just are not enough hours in the day to write as much as I would like.

However, don't be fooled into thinking I am doing less. The facts are that the same research and info I have always done are still being done, and in many cases even more of it. The other fact is that most of what I do now is outed on air for the radio show as it is a quicker way to get the message out than spending hours writing about it. Not to mention the time having to be spent at hearings such as Judy Green because, well, someone has to hold her accountable right?

Rest assured when funding becomes complete you will begin getting the daily content you know and love from yours truly on the website in addition to what is already being done over the airwaves. Know anyone looking to help send them my way. I will gladly take the funding and get back to doing this only. 100 work weeks are brutal at my age.

In the meantime. I have been accused, and still am daily, of being many things. A right winger, a left winger, a gun hater, a gun lover, a peacenik, a rabble rouser, an environmentalist, someone who wants to destroy the environment, and my favorite a gadfly, and an activist.

The point being everyone labels each of us in a way that tries to justify their mindset. It is fun for me actually.

So for fun I will say this for those who like labels. I can't be labeled. Why?

Because no party today represents any values that they are selling they do. Period. A liberal is a former conservative , and a conservative is a former liberal. Think about it.

It seems every ten years or so the party in the minority changes some part of their core to gain back the majority. If they were true to their values they would remain so. In good times and in bad. Politicians switch parties for their own gain look at Wade Hurt in State House District 46. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut and so on and so on.

For the party faithful they are being sold a bill of goods from elected leaders who spend millions trying to get elected to a job that pays practically nothing in comparison.

Don't believe me? Explain to me why someone like Barrack Obama spent $750 million to get elected to a job that only pays $450,000 a year for 4 years then goes to get more money than the $750 million he had the first time to get that job for one more 4 year term.

It defies logic but this isn't picking on the President it is asking a basic question:

Since when did the price of Democracy get so high?

As a person in business, would you spend $750 million dollars for a job that only pays a cumulative total of $1.8 million? It isn't good business is it?

That is the basic problem. Why do the politicians do it? Because they can and in most cases it isn't their money. It is yours and mine. It is all about thme not you or I. They beg you for a handout up to the maximum legal amount and then screw you with idiotic policies that are bankrupting this nation, thus ensuring the indentured servitude climate continues. they work to ensure that the majority of us will always be the "working poor" who depend on them to survive.

Think I am wrong? 44.2 million people are on food stamps today and millions are on some sort of welfare: unemployment, aid to dependent children, section 8 housing. The list goes on and on. And why is that?

A presidential candidate can come up with $750 million to run for a job that will never repay that to the same people who fund it. Yep we fund the elections with our donations but the corporations and special interests fund oh so much more.

Each candidate can be bought with enough money and all have a price they can be bought for. In my opinion anyway.

So why write about something you already know? Simple.

For almost a week now we have had the news full of information, or non information if you will, about the killing of Bin Laden. Great wish I would have pulled the trigger myself. I have no problem with that. But in the meantime while we have spent billions upon billions over the last decade to kill this one man, has anything meaningful been accomplished on behalf of the American citizen who pays for all of this?

The answer is an obvious one and that answer is no. While we have spent this money we have had to borrow it to do so. While 42 cents of every dollar we spend is borrowed money, we now are in a financial crisis and look to raise the debt ceiling once again to cover our butts.

All this while there is less money being paid into the tax base and less to spend. So how do we pay for even more borrowed money? We print more and that hurts us even further.

It is time to pay the piper and we are all pipers. This government owes us each better than what we have settled for and some of us refuse to settle any longer.

The politicians have made it all about them so I say its time to make it all about me. Me being an accumulation of each and every one of us Americans that deserve so much better. We need to stand together in protest of this shadow government that is the American way.

Stand in the streets and protest and send the message that we will no longer be relegated to an eventual third world country status and demand more from these elected leaders. Our forefathers envisioned just this sort of thing happening and our elected leaders and courtrooms have worked towards making a shadow government possible.

Americnas have the right to protest. Why do we not band together and do so? We see pictures of those in other countries going to the streets to make sure they are heard and all by unresponsive politicans in their countries.

Would ours respond? Only one way to find out. Make it all about me and start asking the tough questions and getting involved. MyViewMatters is the concerpt you need to repeat to yourselves everyday. It is all about you and what you are willing to accept.

Raise your expectations. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled by mediocrity any longer. Our future and that of our children, grand kids, and so on and so forth depend on it.

And by the way you can label me any way you want but here are some facts for those who want to use labels on yours truly to start you on your journey.

I am pro life, though I believe in abortion in cases of rape and incest. I also have no problem with the RU 486 morning after pill. I do not believe in abortion as a form of birth control. If you want to have unprotected sex deal with the consequences. This isn't the 1950's and there really are no excuses any longer.

I am for the death penalty which may be one reason I have no problem with the killing of Bin laden armed or not. I do have a problem with the hypocrites who stand in the streets happy to see an unarmed man killed then fight against the death penalty for a murderer on death row. A murder is a murder at least be consistent in your ideology.

I believe in God but thanks to pedophile priests, rich preachers, and many churches who lie, cheat, and steal from the parishioners, I have no faith in churches or man made buildings to worship.

I am pro gun period. If we take them from the good citizens the criminals will still have them. Laws are not recognized by the criminal element. I have no problem at all with shoot first and ask questions later if the situation warrants it. I do believe in responsible gun ownership however. There can be no excuse for an 8 year old having access to an Uzi. Shoot the parents for being morons.

I believe the USA is the greatest Country on earth. I was proud to have served in our military to protect freedom. I do not believe we are serving what our military is intended for by trying to take over every damn country that disagrees with us. Bring our troops home their mission is complete and has been for years.

See you next time folks........

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