Friday, November 25, 2011


Louisville Metro Merger Success or Failure?
When merger was passed, though I have yet to find anyone who would admit to voting for merger, many things were promised. Primarily we were promised this would streamline the process for attracting new jobs, we would have a smaller more centralized government, and of course the whole transparent government as well.

Merger has been a dismal failure in ALL areas and the way it has been handled is exactly why I voted against it.

The democratic mafioso in this town would, I knew, take the potential benefits of what merger could be and use it to line their pockets. The sad part is Abramson as the biggest public face of this rape continues to get elected.

How dumb are we Louisville to elect this man to a Lt Governor job so they could try and install him as Governor in the very near future?

In 2008 I started outing the fallacies of merger and comparing us to another City with a similar land mass but 1.5 times the population. San Diego previous stories

Using this model I put out a basic guideline that would save $1.8 million of our tax dollars just by downsizing the over bloated Metro Council on salaries alone. One Council member and one aide I stated then would save this money.

The Courier Journal recently put out an article saying merger was a failure Courier thanks to a commissioned report by Darryl Owens. Admittedly, Owens and I have no love lost for one another and I rarely, if ever, agree with him on anything but this report is meaningful in many ways.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Another year gone by, seems like they fly by these days, and so much to be thankful for. On this day set aside each year to give thanks many things come to mind. Without further ado here is my short list of thanks, let us know what you are thankful for.

I can never give thanks enough for the blessings in my life and everything starts with God. While many of us pay lip service to this most basic thing I know I would be nothing without Him.

I am thankful for my family. My wife and my two kids are the bane of my existence, without them I would be wondering lost in this world. They brought me direction early in my life and gave me a reason to go on when things looked the dimmest.

I am thankful as well for my extended family. The in-laws, cousins, Aunts, Uncles, brothers, sisters, and everyone involved who had some small part in making me who I am today.

I am thankful that I am overall healthy.

I am thankful for the thousands each day who support me and look to me for information that may make their lives better. Without you LNP would be nothing more than a rant rag without meaning or substance.

It is because of you that we have been able to continue on and make a difference together by holding our leaders accountable to a standard we deserve.

Finally, I am thankful for our men and women who serve in the military. Though today is hard for so many of them being away from home and their families, as a veteran each of you are members of my extended family, I am thankful for each and every one of you who willingly serve to protect my way of life.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of your service and pray for a speedy return. You are the real heroes of this day and some of us remember that.

To each and every one of you from each of us at LNP have a very Happy Thanksgiving with many more to come.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tonight Ed returned to the air after a one day hiatus and hit the ground running. The bridges fiasco was discussed, Louisville attorney's, the Kentucky Bar, and the latest in the dismissal of the Chief Enforcement Officer of the KBA.

The closing of one of New York's biggest foreclosure mills and the repercussions of the illegal foreclosure scandals rocking the Nation were also on tap.

Tune in below.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Obama Ball" and the Super Committee Flops

Dale "The Truth" steps up and fills in for Ed on tonight's show.
In this episode Louisville's favorite team of truth seekers discuss:
The failure of the Congressional Super Committee to find any way at all to cut $1.5 trillion from the federal budget.
In Lexington do we have yet another State House member living out of their district?
Stadiums and Arenas, even privately funded facilities lose money.
Obama's NBA star re-election fundraising basketball tournament. $300-$5000 per ticket!!!!!! December 12th.
Ed challenges Chris Dodd to a charity rugby match. FTW.
How much money is an elected seat worth in annual revenue?

Leave Ed a voice mail if you have a tip, suggestion, gripe, complaint or accolade.......

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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Edited to reflect that Rep. Shaughnessy is vacating his seat at the end of term. 

The search for Louisville's new Police Chief is on and so far I can't say I am really impressed with the possible candidates listed here CJ. No names pop up as really worthy in my opinion and appear to be more of the same.

The article mentions that Kenton Buckner and Yvette Gentry are both "considering" applying. Mayor Fisher pay heed. If either of them apply and are considered, rest assured you will have your hands full trying to justify it.

I have to admit though I really don't see it happening. White's girlfriend Gentry is slotted to go with White to Denver in the near future, and Buckner is rumored to be negotiating a pension buyout so he can follow and not lose 17 years towards retirement.

Speaking of Chief Robert White, he is under investigation right now by yours truly about a possible sexual harassment charge brought against him a few weeks ago that was then, according to anonymous sources, covered up by Gentry. We will keep you informed if it pans out.

And then we have the whole Occupy New York scandals going on. According to Fox news FOX, ACORN is actually paying folks to protest in New York and is now firing and shredding evidence to prove it. It really is no surprise to anyone who has actually been following this lunacy. Great read check it out.

Additionally the 2012 campaign season is getting underway with at least two folks from the "Say no to bridge tolls" movement have announced their intent to run. Shawn Reilly is going to run for the Ky House seat being vacated by Tim Shaughnessy, and Curt Morrison will be challenging Metro Councilman Tom Owen.

Though I don't personally agree with these guys on many issues, I have to admit I know them both and have much respect for their passion and commitment to what they believe. Pay attention to these races as both Reilly and Morrison will bring much to the discussion. 

Finally, we have this about the GM bailout. GM Bailout costs billions. Apparently, as many of us already knew in the first place,  GM is set to lose money and cost us taxpayers more than what they originally planned. The key word here is planned. Though we in the public knew we would lose money on Government Motors they have not been willing to tell us that. Until  now.

Seems even the fed is tired of covering up the obvious anymore.

See you next time folks!

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Friday, November 18, 2011


Many stories have been coming to light over the last few days so we will use this space to outline just a few of them.

Constable David Whitlock is in trouble yet again. Thanks to a story by WLKY's Andy Alcock WLKY, Whitlock is now being accused of sexually harassing a Denny's waiter. We can't make this stuff up folks. Actually we could but the truth is oh so much more endearing. In fact this is just one sample of the many charges of harassment by Whitlock. Stay tuned for much more I assure you.

Seems Mayor Greg Fisher can't even keep his own insiders on board with MSD. According to this story his latest Board appointee has withdrawn from consideration because he is worried he may actually have to do some work on the Board of MSD. CJ

Real-estate developer Marty Cogan, Fisher's latest hand picked MSD Board member has decided to take himself out of consideration based largely on the fact that he anticipates the board will have extra work to do next year, after the release of an investigation of MSD management and governance by Kentucky State Auditor Crit Luallen.

So  what does he think does he believe he should be appointed to a Board without having to do any work? Well, yes probably since Abramson always told them what they will do and they really just follow directions.

So much for something different eh?

Finally, Occupy Louisville goes head to head with Light Up Louisville in Jefferson Square. WHAS.

Does anyone else have a problem with this? I certainly do. Jefferson Square is open to the public and I have a right to enjoy Light Up Louisville without having to deal with the chants and ignorance of Occupy Louisville protesters.

By all means guys have your protest, but do it somewhere else until after the ceremony. We just don't want to be bothered with your movement during a festive occasion. Considering stories like this one, Occupy Wall Street, I just don't think we really care right now about this. from the reports I have been receiving, and personal experience, it is time to move on.

See you next time folks.
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Stephanie L. Sandmann
Sort of anyway though few would want to be a star of this caliber.


Looks like Richie Farmer has been sowing his own seed with our money. Former Ag Commish Richie Farmer put his girlfriend, Stephanie L. Sandmann, a former low wage receptionist for a gynecologist in Louisville Ky, on the payroll as a non merit employee for $60,000 per year during the final days leading up to the General election.
So what does it take to qualify for a $5000 per month job with Richie Farmer? According to the CJ very little.
 Sandmann’s application for the Agriculture Department position said her last job was as a receptionist at a Louisville doctor’s office that provides gynecologic and obstetric care.
Before that, she worked as a title clerk for a title insurance company, as a real estate agent, a mortgage processor and a cellular phone saleswoman, according to the application.
Great creds eh?
In my opinion we now know just why it was so important for Farmer to pay for hotels on our dime at the State Fair and a few other places.
Of course they are both going through divorces and Farmer, and the GOP in general, continue to tout themselves as the"family values" party. Anyone else see the hypocrisy in this besides me?
But let me assure you that though David Williams and Farmer are from the perfect example of family values we cannot brush everyone in the GOP with the same stroke.
There are just as many hypocrites on both sides of the political realm and no one can be assumed to be guilty by association.
The real problems now are just what exactly will happen to Farmer from here?
There must be charges of malfeasance and/or misfeasance, dereliction of the duties of his office, and a whole host of others. Richie Farmer must be held accountable for the waste of our tax dollars or no one else can be.
That is the reality. Misdirecting our money for his own personal gain is akin to what Judy Green did.
We had her impeached for it, though we are still waiting on Dave Stengel to do his job and charge her, I won't hold my breath since it involves the Democratic mafia, we must be consistent and the actions of Farmer justify the same treatment.
Sandmann should resign, or be forcefully removed effective immediately, and we must be reimbursed for any and all money spent for her salary and other expenses of which she was involved.
Many believe it should be this way, as do I.
Charge Farmer and hold him accountable.
In the meantime Mrs. Sandmann?
The gravy train you thought you were"riding" just ended. Time to look for another job. One in which you are suited for.
You can figure out what "job" that is.....
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Ed Springston Show, Louisville Bridge Updates

Louisville Kentucky needs three local access bridges. Where is the plan?
Rob Chapman rants about local access bridges, KIPDA's failure to plan and Louisville's complete lack of political will. Ed and Ed get mad and throw down the gauntlet.
Will any of our local leaders take the lead?
Occupy Wall Street gets ugly and Occupy Louisville gets a new location.
Constable David Whitlock is facing sexual harassment charge from local Denny's employee.
Download the show here or listen below.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Occupy Wall Street Louisville wants what? 
Occupiers evicted... temporarily removed in New York.
Louisville Metro Council taking action against renegade Constable David Whitlock.
FHA needs bailout?
Interesting developments on Councilman Bob Henderson, and more from Louisville Kentucky's only hard hitting political and news talk show!
Listen in below.
Download Ed Springston and Louisville News here.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This article has been edited to reflect that Zuccotti Park is a privately owned park. My apologies to the readers.

First let me state I am all for peaceful protests. In fact I am very outspoken about the need for people to take to the streets in protest. The problems I have are not with legitimate protests but with the lack of consideration by some protesters themselves.

Take the latest out of New York for example. Typically the unions and others are jumping up and trying to denounce the move by Mayor Bloomberg to oust the occupiers from Zuccotti Park at 1 am last night. NYC ousts occupiers.

Seemingly this was by design to break up the movement itself right?



The Metro Council as we now know is taking as much action as they can against the renegade wannabe cop Constable David Whitlock. As we previously reported a resolution to the Ky House asking them to impeach Whitlock, and at least one ordinance severely limiting the powers of the Constable in our first class city, is just the beginning.

What many people are asking is, why did the Metro Council get involved now?

I can answer that one.

Since the first day of the shooting by Constable David Whitlock at Wal Mart sources have been coming forward with all kinds of evidence and alleged charges against Whitlock and his illegal deputy staff. Most of them came to me while the lamestream media, including the local news stations and the CJ, would not give them the time of day or follow up on the evidence.

Ed Springston Show, Louisville's Police Chief Search

LMPD's new Police Chief search begins,
Occupy Wall Street and Louisville means what?,
Constable David Whitlock vs Louisville Metro Council,
and more from Louisville Kentucky's only hard hitting political and news talk show!

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Monday, November 14, 2011


According to anonymous sources the Council is preparing a resolution to ask the State House to impeach troubled Constable David Whitlock. As many of you know by now by reading previous stories here David Whitlock, Whitlock has been a continuous source of trouble for citizens of Jefferson County and has his own questionable past.

Louisville Metro Council District 12 Rep Rick Blackwell will be the sponsor, and co sponsors will be District 16 Rep Kelly Downard and District 6 Rep David James.

Additionally, I am being told the first of two ordinances curtailing the duties of the Constable are forthcoming this week. It is an ordinance that would prevent the Constable's employees, or volunteers from possessing any badge, or any official uniform including ones that mimic LMPD, and the Sheriff's office.

Sponsored by District 6 Councilman David James, and co sponsored by District 16 Councilman Kelly Downard, and District 12 Councilman Rick Blackwell, it will be presented this week.

Stay tuned to Louisville News as more develops.

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We continue to read stories about "Occupy Louisville,"  which is nothing more than assuming the role of the original Occupy Wall Street movement. These "occupy" protests are cropping up all over the Country and we have covered them before. Interestingly enough even after all this time no one seems to know what they are occupying or what they are there for.

I have been by Jefferson Square numerous times on different days and typically see less than 7 or 8 people actually occupying anything. So much for the mass movement lamestream media keeps trying to convince us is happening right here in good ol' Louisville Ky.

I mean think about it. The thing that we continue being piped into our head is the occupiers want fairness. Seems like a great idea, but if it was so great why aren't over 700,000 Louisvillians involved? More importantly, fairness of just what exactly?

Nothing is free in this world so the whole concept of fairness is a moot point. How can it be fair that one guy has money and can go spend say a grand at the boat. Is it their fault an occupier does not have that disposable income? Does the occupier deserve the same money without taking in consideration of the work ethic involved?

Is it "fair" that one guy works his tail off, assumes all the risk of opening a business and someone else "deserves" equal money for having absolutely nothing to do with it?

What about my rights? What is fair about my rights being violated by walking through Jefferson Square and getting attacked by the 3 people that are normally there wanting to waste my time trying to compel me to join their fight.

Is it "fair" for these people to try and force me to listen to them when all I want is to sit in the park my tax dollars paid for in peace? My taxes paid for the public use of that park and I should be able to enjoy it without the vultures violating my privacy right?

We also continue to hear about how the occupiers want "free education, a living wage," and a whole host of other things no one seems to get but them.

So just why do these people think they deserve a free education? Teachers must be paid they depend on their job to support their families as well. Should I pay more in taxes so those that decide to stay n school as a career don't have to contribute?

A living wage? Define living wage. While I want people to get the pay they deserve there are many out there who just don't deserve to be paid.

Why would I work my tail off to separate myself from the rest, and deserve a raise for my efforts, when all I have to do is just show up and do nothing and get paid the same as the gung ho guy trying to do better?

Where is the incentive for the worker?

More importantly just why do these "occupiers" think they are entitled to something for nothing? Where did they learn that from?

That is just one of the most basic fundamental problems that concern America today. No one understands or knows anymore just what our fight is, was, and shall be as a Nation. Our Nation itself is as clueless when it comes to a direction as I believe these occupiers are.

We don't teach civics in school anymore so where would anyone learn? We don't believe in personal responsibility anymore and have created the whole, "it is someone else's fault" mentality that denies us true accountability for our own actions.

And of course our politicians love it because they can screw us all at will.

Here you go occupiers. Here is a plan.

Want a job? Go get one. It may not be the $100 an hour pay you want but you have to start somewhere. Are some of  you too good to work at a warehouse for $10 an hour instead choosing to take my tax dollars and not produce? 

If you choose to go to school? Know the market and trends. Study something that is marketable. Just about everybody has a degree in business management these days. Just how much do you think those degrees should be worth? Just how many chiefs do you think any company needs? Study a career that is in need not one that is overused.

Don't like Wall Street and the bailouts? Get involved in a political campaign and get rid of all the incumbents. They make the rules not Wall Street or corporations.

The only one who owes you anything is YOU. Period. The end.

If you truly want change then quit whining and get busy. Bring some solutions to the table that make sense and are affordable. All it requires is a one word concept. The word?


Go to work and earn your keep but quit whining about your plot in life. Your life is what you make of it not anyone else.

But for you 7 or so people who actually show up for the occupy events?

Please stay the hell away from me. I really don't want to listen to the whining or be included in your own personal drama. I raised my kids I don't want to raise you.

I have a real life. I work at everyday.

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Friday, November 11, 2011


Louisville, Ky's only local hard hitting radio show. MSD bankruptcy in Jefferson County, Alabama. Occupy Wall Street, and more on the Ed Springston Show.

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Springston on Denver's #1 morning radio show, the Peter Boyles Show at Peter Boyles show

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For quite some time now I have often wondered just why the CJ censors my comments or anyone else's. It seems they do this on a whim at will and generally because they feel threatened in my opinion. Sure I know bold statement but true nonetheless.

Take the David Whitlock stories they have been running for example.

CJ came to me months ago for permission to use my blog on their website under 502 blogs. Unpaid of course, but I gave permission freely and why not? If anyone was interested in what I had to say one more avenue to get my stories out sure could not hurt. Yet interestingly whenever there is a post in their own comments section that has a link to my site and stories they get deleted. They "violate terms of service."

Whatever that means.

I mean they have my site listed, though obscurely, on their own Internet site and still delete links to my site in comments? Kind of dumb if you ask me but I laugh every time they censor them.

Now apparently they have to use commenter's information to update stories. Yep I laughed when I noticed it this morning. For your review.

Posted yesterday at 11:56 am, CJ on VA Hospital #1, I decided to read the article then checked out what the commenter's were saying when I ran across this:

CTKGS 12:17 PM on November 10, 2011

BS The government owns the land the current VA is located. Now we have to spend money to buy up land. The Veterans that use and the people that work at the hospital are against moving the hospital, but what do we know and who cares about us.. We only use the facility and work at the facility. Wonder who owns these two parcels of land? How must have they donated to the political parties?

Following that was this one:

WATCHdogger 12:48 PM on November 10, 2011

CTKGS - "Wonder who owns these two parcels of land? How must have they donated to the political parties?"

4906 Brownsboro Rd

Owned by MIDLAND HOLDINGS, LLC - Jonathan Blue and David Roth


Political contributions by members of Blue Equity, LLC EXCEED $31,000 just since 2006, 90% to Democrats

(per KY Registry for Election Finance online records)

Jonathan Blue political contributions since 2002 EXCEED $34,000, 90% to Democrats.

David Roth's contributions (there appears to be more than one David Roth) cannot be reasonably estimated, but they appear to be similar to Jonathan Blue's..

13600 block - Factory Lane

The 2 largest Property Owners (per Jeff. Co. PVA office records) in this block are:

Louisville Water Co. - 79 acres
St. Joseph Orphan Home - 2 parcels totalling - 141 acres

Still with me? Notice the information included in Watchdogger's comments?

Fascinatingly this story was so hot and heavy the CJ decided to do another one just hours later:

9:51 PM, Nov. 10, 2011
CJ on VA Hospital #2

And if you notice this article mysteriously uses the exact info from the commenter Watchdogger from the original article. Minus the political contributions that of course favor Democrats.

Just how desperate is the CJ these days?

Who knows but one thing is for sure. It is time to start paying more attention to the bloggers with your ad dollars and visits then someone who professes to be a mainstream news source.

We don't let you down.

What do you think?

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Thursday, November 10, 2011


MSD More disturbing news

A story broke last night about Jefferson County filing the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. Jefferson County Alabama that is. Jefferson County Bankruptcy Why is this important?

Because we have been covering the plight of Jefferson County Alabama for years. They have been one of the models our MSD, led by Bud Shardein, continues to use when explaining the EPA consent decree and the money we in Louisville are on the hook for.

Just follow this link for more on this story. Springston and MSD Unfortunately, we are on the same path thanks to our leadership.

At last count at least 6 officials have been convicted and now serving jail time due to their negligence and illegal dealings with the same financing scheme we are now stuck with thanks to our leadership. Pay close attention to this story as it will hit home hard a lot sooner than we think.

Constable Whitlock story continues

Even more questions arise about the expungement of David Whitlock's felony conviction. The number one question at this point for me is, why did Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel allow this guy to be on the street?

Recently ( September 2011) Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel fired an Assistant Commonwealth attorney for expunging cases Illegal expungement. Felicia Nu'Man was terminated for expunging felony cases by Dave Stengel. Which begs the question, why was Whitlock's felony conviction expunged?

Stengel says that it is against state law to expunge felonies and fired Nu'Man because of it.

Since Stengel has been Commonwealth Attorney in Louisville, KY since 1996 we have to ask. Where was he during the Whitlock case? We can only wonder.

Stay tuned for more folks!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ed Springston Show; Dale, Ken and the Ed-Amigos on Elections

Louisville Ky's only hard hitting talk radio show.
Tonight we discuss election results with Dale "the truth" Gillespie, GOP Presidential hopefuls, and more! We only discuss David Whitlock for 30 seconds or so we promise. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen daily from 7-8pm at The Ed Springston Show. Also visit Louisville Politcs for more details and in depth coverage of local political and news issues.


Photographs of David Whitlock in action!!!
For those who think there is no evidence of Whitlock and his deputies think again... The following is just one sample of pictures that will be used as evidence against this criminal. There will be more to come.

In the meantime for you news sources that continue thinking you can do an end around and try to steal my stuff, yep you know who you are, be advised thes e images cannot be used withuot my approval. You can call for pricing......

For the general audience? Stay tuned there is plenty yet to come.

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For those of you who actually care about our Kentucky politics and voted thank you. For all you who did not, well I can almost understand. It seems in recent elections getting people motivated to go to the polls and vote has become a serious struggle. And why not? It continues to be a situation of a choice between either dumb and dumber, or as most people call it the lesser of two evils.

I, for one, was not surprised in the least by the final tallies last night.

I also do not believe most actually chose a candidate. I believe most used the straight party ticket to vote and that perhaps had a lot to do with the outcome.

In the Governor's race there was simply no way David Williams or Gatewood Galbraith could or would win. Williams and the Republicans took a shellacking last night because they still just do not get the public sentiment and what we want.

Any novice campaign manager could have put on a more effective campaign for Republicans and made it respectable.

Big words right?

Look at the reality. Steve Beshear and Abramson did not win because they had a better vision. In fact, they basically ignored we the people until the last couple of weeks because they knew they didn't have to. It was a good strategy. Give credit where it is due.

But why were they able to do so? Neither has been successful for Kentucky so far. Look at the Abramson baggage alone that he left for current Mayor Greg Fischer in Louisville. So how did it happen?

Because the Republicans had a weak candidate in David Williams due to years of baggage attached to his neck as Senate President. Whether true or not, there was just too much to overcome. Throw in the Dem faithful who vote with the straight party option most of the time and you have your answers.

The problem wasn't just the baggage Williams himself had, or the realization that his campaign gave the Richie Farmer name WAY too much credit throughout the state, no the problems were more straight forward than that.

In fact, I don't believe this was an election against the Republicans as much as it was against the poor Republican field itself. How else can you explain a sitting Governor being able to ignore the people, bring together no real plan, and lie about his achievements, and still get reelected?

It seemed from the very beginning that the overall Republican campaign strategy was to make every candidate run against Barrack Obama. You didn't go to any function and hear so much about what the Republicans would do as much as it always seemed to be "vote for me because I am against President Obama."

And that was the fundamental flaw with the Republican field in general. They just seemed too intent trying to focus on a predictable ultra right wing Christian conservative platform. The "I'm against Gays, for God and guns, and against abortion" deal, and trying to tie it around President Obama and by default Steve Beshear. This most certainly hurt every Republican candidate.

One exception. James Comer for Ag commish. Comer actually deserved this race and quite frankly should have a bright political future ahead of him in KY. As long as he doesn't blow it by listening to these old guard Republicans who have no clue about today's Republican party. Congrats and good luck Commissioner Comer.
These elections were for the people of Kentucky. They were not for or against President Obama, who will answer for his job next year, and yet the Republican leadership never recognized that reality.

At a time when the Country is falling apart at the seams, Kentucky is suffering as much or more than others, there was a real opportunity to separate the Republicans from the Democrats by focusing on what we can do better.

Instead they chose to use the same old tired ho hum campaign strategy that has failed continuously and will again if the direction is not changed.

Today people are more in tune with what is actually going on than ever. They are longing for real leadership and real solutions. Most are sick of the same old tired rhetoric of the GGGA, gays, God, guns, and abortion, they are also sick of the constant negative attacks and trying to be something we know these politicians are not.

People of virtue.

This election was a clear indicator of just why the majority choose not to vote anymore.

We the people are seeking leadership. Leaders that will actually move to the front and show us a better way.

We want leaders who are inclusive and who offer a real plan to move us forward.

Unfortunately when the Republican party had a real chance to bring about change in Kentucky this election cycle, against such weak leaders as Beshear and Abramson, they opted instead to prove they are followers by continuing to follow the same old tired way of campaigning that we the people have gotten sick of.

Let's hope they do a better job next time. I for one am no longer asking for a change. I am now demanding it.

Who will rise to the challenge?

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Ed Springston Show; Constables and Elections

Louisville, Ky's only local hard hitting political show presents election results and more evidence against Constable Dave Whitlock. Megan Martin may be joining us as well with her proposal for the State Legislature.
Do you have a tip, comment or opinion? Give the Ed Springston Show an earful at (502) 742-8519. 

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


You know you have to admire how the story continues to change in the case of loose cannon David Whitlock. First we were told that Wal Mart security stopped him and then he went after Tammy Ortiz, the unarmed female he shot for allegedly shoplifting.

Now he does an interview with the Courier saying he was called on his cell phone by Wal Mart security while he was shopping there.

He said he’d shopped and was on his way home when he got a call on his cell phone rang from security personnel in the store, who told them a lady was fighting them and they needed his help quickly.

Little problem? Perhaps to some, but in my opinion it raises just as many red flags as anything else this convicted felon Constable David Whitlock has ever said or done.

For starters.

Is it Wal Mart policy to call a Constable on the phone and request assistance? Somehow I doubt it. In fact I would bet that whatever the situation was with Tammy Ortiz policy would be for in store security to attempt to detain her or call 911 for local real police officer help.

Therein lies just one reason Wal Mart will be on the hook for a lawsuit for this wannabe cowboy shooting an unarmed civilian.

Why would Wal Mart in store security even have Whitlock's cell phone number in the first place? Was there collusion between Whitlock and in store security to call him first so he could prove his self worth? If not, why would he call a wannabe instead of the real police if Ortiz was such a threat?

Take this, for example, according to Whitlock's own statement from the article:

Whitlock said he did not make it into the store though and never saw Ortiz fighting with anyone. He said he confronted her in the parking lot, where the shots were eventually fired.

Can there be any doubt that what he did was illegal? No way.

Typical of Whitlock and his history of abusing his own perceived power in his mind, from allegedly illegally stopping motorists so he and his personal police impersonator Mike Stephens and crew could harass them, to stealing car keys. Denny's at Crittenden Drive and Eastern Parkway was a favorite place for them to do just that. Many reports concern the I-71 corridor as well.

We will get into that story in later editions and explain how the network that includes correections officer Donnie Miller, the Off Duty police security business, and much more is involved.

Not to mention the theft history of Whitlock himself.

The facts are that NO legitimately trained law enforcement officer can react the way Whitlock did in this situation. you cannot use second hand information and put yourself in this situation which is exactly what Whitlock did.

I know this first hand.

Without witnessing the event all any legit law enforcement officer would do is take a report and recommend what actions you could take. They would not be in a situation that Whitlock created. Period.

No Whitlock has always been a loose cannon to the general public and when all evidence is outed hopefully will be removed from office, convicted of a felony, and removed from ever putting we the people in this position again.

He took down all his websites yesterday to try and hide evidence but thankfully I have a copy of it all for the investigators to prove he used illegal deputies. He also tried to portray on his site (since removed I have copies)that one of the things they do is work providing gun safety for children.

This of course is laughable when you look at the previous video and pictures here on Louisville News and what his own deputies do in a home where children live.

Mark Handy, a deputy Jefferson County sheriff, who was in that 2008 class with Whitlock said it included firearms recertification and driving skills. But Whitlock didn’t get to the driving section because he failed the shooting portion and was sent home, Handy said. The certification included shooting at targets from various positions and distances in a set amount of time.

“He flunked shooting,” Handy said. “I was there. I thought it was an embarrassment.”

Of course this guy can't even qualify to shoot so how does he justify shooting his personal weapon in a public parking lot.

No folks, in my opinion Whitlock is nothing more than a sociopath with delusions of grandeur who feels the need to play renegade cowboy for his own self gratification. He only cares about having a badge, gun, and radio so he can feed his own ego of self worth and feel empowered over those he chooses to harass.

This attitude is what led to the shooting of Tammy Ortiz regardless of whether shoplifting is proven or not.

This is exactly why this guy needs to be off the streets and his buddies Michael Stephens, Cody Whitaker, James "Brent" Choate, and the rest need to be in jail as well.

More to come..........

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Louisville Election Eve 2011 with Ed Springston

Whitlock's Constable Command Post
Louisville's only local hard hitting radio show busts the Jefferson County Constable's Office Scams wide open.
Tonight we focus on "Stupid Cop Tricks" by Constable Whitlock's deputies and Whitlock himself. Louisville Attorney Maury Kommor who is representing David's shooting victim should add us to his Christmas List for this freebie.
  • Here is a photo of David Whitlock's Mobile Command Post complete with emergency lights, sirens and Louisville Metro Government Logos. Notice he refers to himself as Colonel David Whitlock and does not mention the other two elected county constables he must share power with.
  • Here is proof positive that David Whitlock is passing out Deputy Badges.
  • Retired LMPD Detective confirms David Whitlock IS a convicted felon. 
  • Visit our new website soon for a complete information dump on what we have been given about the Jefferson County Constable's Office and their scams against the tax payers of Louisville Metro. 
We also discuss tomorrow's upcoming election races.
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Unauthorized Jefferson County Constable Badge 2011

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


STUPID COP TRICKS courtesy Jefferson County Constable David Whitlock.

EXCLUSIVE!! The following video is dangerous, unsafe and could very well have killed this young man. This is not a stunt for Jackass, Scare Tactics or Punk'd nor is it a stupid human trick video from Youtube. This is actual video of supposed 'Police Training' conducted by David Whitlock's Constable's Office, aka "Kentucky Constable Association".

David Whitlock has a long and famous fascination with video and guns. This time it might be his undoing.

They take shots at each other with no fear of consequences. The following video is of Constable David Whitlock's illegal Deputy from Shepherdsville, Mike Stephens shooting Cody Whitaker in the chest for fun. Cody is only 18 years old and not eligible to be a law enforcement officer in Kentucky until he is 21 under state law. So why is Cody participating in LIVE FIRE training exercise that under any standard is inherently dangerous, unsafe and in no way conforms to any training standards observed by any police department in the nation?


From what I understand they took the load out of the bullet but as you can see there was still significant damage to Whitaker. But hey don't feel too bad.

Sources tell me that Whitlock actually gave Whitaker a badge at age 17 while Stephens supplied a Glock for him to carry and impersonate a police officer. Trust me there is more coming this week stay tuned!

The truly sad part about this situation is that even if David Whitlock is arrested, indicted and convicted of yet another Felony he will remain a Constable. As an elected Constitutional Officer he must be impeached by the Kentucky House with a replacement named by the Governor. So our only hope is that the Kentucky State Police take up the investigation and shut Whitlock down for the safety of the general public.

This Tuesday please remember this situation the next time you vote. Whitlock slid through on a Democratic ticket which in this state allows for "Big Lever" ballots.

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Friday, November 4, 2011


JEFFERSON COUNTY (Louisville), Ky Constable Whitlock has been known for years

There have been reports on Constable David Whitlock and his associations for years, which begs the question: How in the world was this guy ever allowed to be eligible to participate in an election?

You are all familiar with the story by now. Whitlock is shopping at a Wal Mart, a supposed employee tells him he witnessed Tammy Ortiz shoplifting, and Whitlock pursues. By the way Wal Mart has stated that Whitlock IS NOT an employee of their store.

That basically is the gist of where this all started. Ortiz attorney John M. Doyle says there is more to the story. He says Ortiz did not steal anything, had Wal Mart bags and her purse on her when a stranger at the door tried to grab her stuff.

Enter Whitlock who proceeds based on hearsay, not witnessing anything himself, to try and force Ortiz out of her car resulting in her trying to speed away, so he then opens fire.

Pretty good summary except that even isn't the beginning of the story.

History of David Whitlock

Louisville News of course outed the history of Whitlock leading up to these shootings yesterday. Complete with details of prior ADMITTED criminal behavior by Whitlock himself. The Ed Springston Show aired an episode last night detailing these events and joined by the original Detective, Robert Chapman, investigating Whitlock

A history of theft with basically everyone we know about him working for at the time to now this. According to a WHAS 11 story from 2009 Whitlock is described even then as a wannabe by Lt. Col. Carl Yates of LMPD.

He has for years tried to force legitimate law offices to provide him with free services and credibility. None will. The Sheriff's Office and LMPD have refused to allow Whitlock access to their radio channels or use of the county's e-warrant system, despite Whitlock's protests.

"I don't think any professional law enforcement agency is going to perpetuate something we feel is unprofessional. So we are not going to cooperate," explains Lt. Col. Yates.

Because the county received complaints about Whitlock's aggressive enforcement, the Metro Council took away his right to use blue lights and sirens.

Yet in a video news report showing Whitlock's car, he clearly has blue lights, of the visor kind, in his car even now. They were turned on during the interview.

Some of his current and former leaders on his self made "staff" include Brent Choates. A convicted felon convicted of stealing approximately $10,000 of satellite equipment from the National Guard. In 2009 during the WHAS 11 investigation Choates was listed as Detective Sergeant of the Internal Affairs Division and is even a state director of the Kentucky Constable's Association, an organization in which Whitlock serves as executive director.

Whitlock claims to know the law in regards to his duties yet self Deputized a convicted felon?

From his own list of duties at his website:

A person convicted of or under indictment for a crime involving moral turpitude is also ineligible for the position of deputy (KRS 61.300). Constables are liable for all acts and omissions of their deputies and may remove them by filing a written direction with the county judge/executive or by the mayor in a consolidated local government (KRS 70.320).


A mirage to promote self importance

The Kentucky Constable Association is by and large part of the Whitlock effort to create an image of self importance. The address goes straight to his office, he is Executive Director, and Mike Stephens, his so called Deputy Lt Colonel, is Professional Standards Director.

Professional Standards Director? There will be more on this in a later article.

And yet LMPD actually is scared to go against this guy and this organization. By using poor statements of he drew his "service weapon," it was not an issued service weapon of any kind it was his personal one, while explaining events on the tv news coverage, they make it appear he is legit and this is a normal police investigation into one of their own.

Is this the best LMPD spokesperson Dwight Mitchell can do? Seriously?

In 2007 WAVE3 had a report on Whitlock that included this

In January of 2007, we talked with Whitlock when serious questions came up in Metro Council about his work.

Whitlock was carrying a gun, pulling people over for traffic violations, was driving a car with flashing lights, and hiring deputies.

All of that was considered unusual for Constables in the Metro, and with little formal training in law enforcement.

Think about it

For those few friends he has shown how to use the internet and are now trying to defend him, I must say to the law abiding citizens of our City. In my opinion Whitlock should be charged. Period.

He was not an identified officer of the law, he did not witness ANY shoplifting whatsoever, admits he was not "on duty" at the time, and went after Tammy Ortiz based on hearsay from someone else.

There can be no question of this at all. The record is clear.

He violated every legitimate protocol from any official police officer who has been trained in law enforcement. David Whitlock has never received that official training. Failing at that as he has done in so many other ways.

With that mindset should every police officer just randomly attack people because someone said they did something? With that logic, perhaps I should just walk up to any officer anywhere and tell them I just saw someone do something and send them on their way.

No that is not the way our system of Government works. Thank God.

The way I see it the only justice in this situation would be the removal by impeachment of David Whitlock and perhaps finally send him to jail where he should have already been.

See you next time.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

David Whitlock, Felony indictments and a secret past

Walmart employee, also a Jefferson County Constable, shoots a fleeing shoplifter. 
Who is the real David Whitlock? Our special guest retired LMPD Sergeant Rob Chapman will clue us in. Hint, David Whitlock was indicted by Rob for various felonies and the search warrant discovered police uniforms, equipment and car stickers. Was, or is, David Whitlock a police impersonator? How did he get off?

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Whistleblower Eric Garrett case goes on

For those who have been asking about the status of the Eric Garrett whistleblower case, I have been waiting until this week to update. The case of Garrett was supposed to be heard this week from Nov 1- Nov 4 but has since been postponed until February 14, 2012 due to a vacation by the sitting Judge Shake.

Since this case began many things have been uncovered about the inner workings of the Public Works department under the gestapo reign of Betty Younis and Ted Pullen. Retaliation, lies, and misuse of public funds are but just a start.

Just how incompetent are these people

I have received reports from many sources about Younis and her ineptness throughout. I have also been told that Jennifer Maupin, legal; administrative liaison in HR who supposedly did this sham of an investigation, has been reassigned thanks in large part to her poor handling of this investigation.

Sources indicate that she was investigating Garrett’s legitimate Ethic tip-line against Betty Younis while at the same time, investigating Garrett for misconduct at the request of Ms. Younis.

While she was supposedly verifying Garrett’s complaints of public works fraud and waste, she was simultaneously arranging to have Garrett evaluated by a Forensic Criminal Pyschiatrist after Garrett filed his lawsuit. See any bias there?

Surprised that Garrett’s ethics complaint went unsubstantiated after he was suspended without pay (later overturned for lack of merit)? Sources tell me that Younis and others were literally caught in their own web of deceit during their testimony but we do not have them as of yet to confirm. The investigation was handled in such a retaliatory manner, that HR backed off completely from pursing Garrett and sources say HR Ast. Director Fleming pointed fingers at Younis for how this situation was so mishandled.

Though the case will be continued in February there are some things that need to be answered now. The biggest of which is since when did Betty Younis have permission to use our hard earned tax dollars for a personal security detail?

Our tax dollars at work

Yep this did happen. According to sources Betty Younis unilaterally authorized $4,500 a week of taxpayer money for “personal protection” because Eric Garrett put her in the center of a Whistle blower lawsuit. The contract was cancelled after Eric was reinstated and his name cleared in the middle of October (08-06-10 to about 10-10-10; so about $40,000.00 paid for younis’ private security detail). Ms. Younis was paying $4500 a week for off duty police officers through a security firm to provide personal security in front of her office. Their instructions?

To watch for Eric Garrett.

They were given a picture of Mr. Garrett and told to watch for him specifically. That was their job. Several officers at once, paid $25 per hour to be on the lookout for a person who filed a whistleblower lawsuit against her Department. For roughly 10 weeks.

Our cost? Approximately $40,000 - $45,000 of our tax payer dollars for a personal security detail.

Was this a unique request and expenditure? Yes it was. Never had this been done before or since. Upon Garrett winning his case, and being reinstated with full back pay, the security detail was disbanded a short time later.

There are many more things to report and we will as time goes on.

In the meantime Louisville News will be continuing to lead the way on this important story.

Once again, now it would seem we have other charges to bring against yet another Metro Department in which Younis and Pullen need to resign now.

Stay tuned..........

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why do corrupt politicians get away with so much? Tonight on Ed Springston

Tonight Herman Cain, Gatewood Galbraith updates, Ky Governor race, and more on Louisville Ky's own hard hitting political show!!!

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Rich white ANTIFA scores again

You are being played. Most know it and either A). they don't care, or B). they are too scared to stand up. The left has decided to creat...