Sunday, July 31, 2011


For a long time now LMAS has had serious problems. From Gilles Melloche to Wayne Zelinsky to Jackie Gulbe, no one could seem to get a handle on the problems. Of course it would have helped if they themselves were not the problem, but I digress. Greg Fischer runs a Mayoral campaign on working towards a No Kill goal at LMAS then does the unthinkable.

He hires a guy named Justin Scally who has not the relevant experience nor the goal of No Kill based on his history of associations. While many have been covering this story I had been reluctant to do so until a final decision was made on the direction of LMAS. I have to say I am alarmed at the choice by Greg Fischer and decided to dig further into how this atrocity could have come about.

For full dislcosure sakes I also have to add I grew up with Becky Reiter, the other finalist from Boone County. As kids Becky was always concerned about animals and worked even then to help any animal stray or otherwise she could. While I grew up with Becky I also have to say we lost touch over 30 years ago so from a personal perspective I would have no idea if she were qualified or not.

At least until now when I did the research.

By far Reiter's resume is one that should have easily landed her this job over Scally.

The basics?

23 years experience in animal sheltering and animal control, 16 years as Director of Boone County Animal Care and Control.

Areas of Expertise:

Animal Shelter Management
Animal Control Laws and Enforcement
Community Relations and Outreach
Animal Behavior
Animal Licensing
Volunteer Management and Development

As Director of Animal Care and Control Reiter established a multi-year plan focused on restoring public confidence through substantial employee training, improvement of animal care, customer service and positive effective communication with local animal groups, veterinarians and the community at large.

Additionally,Reiter is responsible for planning, organizing, evaluating, and supervising the activities of the animal shelter, field services and law enforcement for the cities of Florence, Union and Walton and the county of Boone. Duties include budget preparation, financial and operational oversight, supervising and evaluating staff and numerous volunteers, oversight of shelter health program, working with shelter advisory board, development and implementation of personnel training, maintaining and updating safety program and security programs, inventory of controlled substances, and other related duties.

Let's not forget Reiter is homegrown and a current member of the Kentucky Animal Control Advisory Board where she has been since 1999.

So much more I can't list it in one article but if you want a copy of her resume let me know. Use it to force Fischer to right this wrong.

By comparison Scally's biggest claim to fame is his association with the Humane Society of the United States or HSUS. By comparison there really is no comparison. Just look at some of what the leaders of the HSUS have stated as their goals.

Check out this link:


When asked if he envisioned a future without pets, “If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don’t want to see another dog or cat born.” ----Wayne Pacelle quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 266.

“ One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals.” ---Wayne Pacelle, quoted in Animal People, May, 1993

"If we could shut down all sport hunting in a moment, we would." ---Wayne Pacelle, Associated Press, Dec 30, 1991

"Our goal is to get sport hunting in the same category as cock fighting and dog fighting." ---Wayne Pacelle, (Bozeman (MT) Daily Chronicle, October 8, 1991

So what is the deal here by Fischer? The one thing that seems apparent and keeps coming up is he needed Scally because of his willingness to play ball.The game is to get Donald Robinson here and payback one of his biggest supporters Charlie Johnson.

Why would Fischer hire a guy who comes with an 85% euthanasia rate to his credit while touting the goals of no kill?

Johnson's and Robinson's names keep popping up as the reason Fischer hired Scally. Robinson could not get hired as Director because of no qualifications and so was installed by Fischer as Assistant for a short period of time until he can move him up or onto another Metro job to satisfy Johnson.

Charlie Johnson you may recall was once noted as one of the top 100 Black owned companies in America. That is until he bankrupted the Company in 2009 and liquidated its assets.

Of course he still received the Martin Luther King, Jr Freedom award in 2011. Yep you get rewarded with this fluff when you work with the Democrats in this town. And make no mistake Johnson is a player with democrats in this town.

Major donations to Abramson, Sadiqua Reynolds, Denise Bentley, Joe Corradino, Steve Beshear, and many more. He also claimed over $230,000 as unpaid rent for Immanuel Realty, LLC which was owned by himself as part of CW Johnson express during his bankruptcy filing in 2009.

And let's not forget that there were 92 former employees that asked the Kentucky Labor Cabinet to investigate unpaid wages and unpaid vacation time that they said the company owed them. The cabinet ultimately found that the company owed more than $295,000 to 153 former employees.

While all this was going on and he was broke he still was able to contribute the maximum campaign donation to Greg Fischer during his primary and general election. Wonder how that plays out for bankruptcy court?

So where did Johnson come from? Look no further than his ties to trucking with the CW Johnson Express Trucking Company where he moved vehicles for Ford before he fell from grace. Johnson previously was president of Active Transportation Co., which hauled trucks for the Ford Motor Co.

Johnson had formed the company with Alice Houston and Wade Houston, a former University of Louisville assistant basketball coach, but he sold his interest in 2001.

Johnson currently is the CEO of Immanuel Realty, LLC, where he is working with other groups for rehabilitation of the inner-city Central Area. He is operating several businesses, including GENESIS Beauty Salon and Barber Shop and GENESIS Beauty Supply.

How much or our money is funding these ventures today? We will soon know. I also have one other question.

Why would someone who holds a Doctorate of Law from Benedict College, a Doctorate of Law from Benedict College, a Doctorate of Humane Letters from Wilberforce University, a Doctorate of Civil Law from Simmons University and a Doctor of Law from Catherine Spaulding University, not be a lawyer but instead own a Beauty Salon and barber shop? There is more here than meets the eye in my opinion and part of the investigation.

Enter the new Assistant at LMAS Robinson who hails from a trucking company called Allied. Friends with Johnson and a political player well you get the gist. Robinson was brought in from out of town for a major role in Louisville politics by the Dems to pay back Johnson for his loyalty and support.

Of course don't forget Johnson also was appointed by Governor Steve Beshear to the Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority. In addition to maximum political campaign contributions as well. Stated by Beshear in 2009 when making the announcement?

“This is an essential step toward financing new bridges across the Ohio River, as well as other projects that are critically important but simply too large for our traditional system of transportation funding,” Gov. Beshear said.

At the same time Johnson was bankrupting his own company Beshear felt he was qualified for the position of figuring out financing for the bridges.

This appointment of Scally is a sham full frontal attack to a bigger picture here folks. There is more here than a simple idiotic move by Fischer. It is a lot larger than that. One that includes Robinson and Johnson and the bridges fiasco itself in my opinion.

Stay tuned this investigation is just starting.......

Saturday, July 30, 2011


For at least 3 years now I have been questioning the debt of MSD and challenging the structure they have set up that has led to annual rate increases for no reason. Admittedly, I am no accountant but if I could see this disaster looming why in the world could no one else?

This is the latest from the CJ:

SO why has the CJ continually ignored the problems at MSD until AFTER Abramson left office?

The facts are that MSD has been running a high risk gamble with our money for many years.

It first came on my radar when Bud Schardein continued to use Birmingham, Alabama as a model we would follow based on his EPA consent decree agreement. Since we were going to follow someone else, as usual, I decided to research Birmingham and see what they were doing that was so great.

What I came up with was nothing. As a matter of fact Birmingham has been in serious trouble thanks to interest rate swaps, and other gimmick financing, that our own MSD has followed.

That is unacceptable and the reason why I pointed these things out in 2008 and since.

Check out this link for more:

It is clear that once again a blogger leads the way, and mainstream, and Government, are slow to catch up.

In the meantime we have endured a 32% rate hike, with Council approval in 2006, and 6.5%, not needing Council approval, each year since.

SO here is the final question for now.

CJ and Metro Council, where have you been?

Friday, July 22, 2011


This week in Louisville area news and politics

First, due to some family issues that needed to be taken care of, and a mountain of research to get through posting has been light as you know. The upside? The much needed research has given me enough to write about for a long time so stay tuned.

In the meantime Katie King gets nailed by media again here:

So here is the question as I honestly am torn on this. Did Katie do anything wrong here? I know, big surprise me looking at it from that angle, but the woman was unruly in her courtroom and did not follow the rules nor do as she was instructed. So who in the Hall of Justice has it out for Katie to bring this issue to light for the media? In all honesty, if it was any other Judge would we even care?

Gatewood files papers to run for Kentucky Governor:

While Gatewood made his candidacy legitimate, finally, I have one question here.

Was it really necessary for WHAS11's Joe Arnold to turn this into the same old 30 year old debate on Gatewood's stance on marijuana? Even including old footage of Gatewood with a bag of weed? Whether you choose Gatewood or not, why in the world was this relevant to his campaign for Governor now. Gatewood has been an open book on his stances on everything from education to tax reform yet the mainstream continually tries to discount him because of a singular issue like medical marijuana.

HINT. If you guys want to continue down that road then perhaps we should have mandatory drug testing for all candidates for political office. Include the Judges races as well. Private employers require it for a potential hire and we the people are hiring these candidates to represent us. Level the playing field a bit and stick with ALL the issues fairly across the board.

We deserve it. These cheap shots are the biggest reason some mainstream news folks are now unemployed or on their way to be.

Judy Green finally has a hearing date before the Council Court. Why the Court decided to postpone it until September 12 is beyond me. This case can and should be tried tomorrow. Get it over with. At least they finally are moving forward though and for that we should be grateful.

The interesting part is the witness list presented by the prosecution attorney Greg Hovious:

Looks pretty complete to me and should keep Green's attorney's on their toes.

By the way mainstream you are welcome. I am tired of giving you guys all this great stuff to cover without credit. No biggie enjoy your unemployment checks. ;-)
Final thought for now. Valley Station is getting a great new store at the old Kroger on Dixie Hwy. Yeah right.

Just ask them what they think of their new flea market in a prominent location like that. Two Valley Station guys who run their corporation out of a trailer (no joke) have decided this is what we need on Dixie. Another flea market. Is it no wonder people don't take the residents out here seriously?

It is yet another pathetic display by leaders in our community like Democrats Bob Henderson, and his cronies Blackwell, and Vicki Welch. Oh yeah don't forget the newest member of the substandard club Democrat David Yates who took over Hawkin's seat.

I do wonder though. After getting over inflated media mega attention for a banner flying on the side of a building on Dixie, is this the type of business the Southwest Dream team is focused on? Have they done anything noteworthy at all?

Henderson, Blackwell, and Welch took a lot of credit for "working" with the Southwest Dream Team in attracting new business for this area but we have to be honest here.

The Southwest Dream Team and aforementioned Democratic Council members have proven to be a big fail at this point.

Surely we can do better.

See you next time folks.....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Today at 2 pm the ethics commission will announce their findings on my charges against Green for the fraudulent 100 Black Men grant. As if it hasn't been bad enough for Judy Green to date. There is more.

Green supposedly is set to start a radio show on Saturday July 9 at WLOU (big surprise). It is being reported by WLOU that Green is paying for her show with proceeds from her dental practice. There is one hitch.

I am receiving many reports that Green no longer has dental equipment to practice with. I am being told that Gus Goldsmith, who filed the foreclosure against the Green's was given the equipment as part of a deal to remain in their home.

With no equipment how does one practice dentistry?

It gets worse and here is the bombshell.

Ms. Green is, according to anonymous sources, under investigation for medicare/medicaid fraud from the AG's office.

I am being told that there was a procedural problem with the initial charges and that the complaints will be dealt with by the Department of Health and Human Services first since it involves children, then will be forwarded to the AG's office.

Considering I lodged a complaint against James and Judy Green about being foster parents months ago with no word on that I won't hold my breath on that Department.

However, it would seem there is more going on than meets the eye.

Time to pay the piper Ms. Green and I don't think this will end pretty.....

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Metro Council member pays ad bill before taxes

There is now a new twist to the Judy Green saga one which was predictable but very fishy at best. It appears Green now is in line for a 30 minute radio show at WLOU-AM. No big surprise as this station with their 10 listeners has been trying to help Green all along the way. You can read the story here:

The real story is why in the world would she do this now?

I love the spin from WFPL's Program director Bill Price who says "Green is paying for the show through her dentistry office, and had been negotiating a deal with the station for the past several months."

And pigs fly.


For starters let's recap a few things. Green cannot pay back her student loans totaling over $370,000. She lied and said she had a letter telling her she did not have to.

In a telephone interview, Stephanie Collins, spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney David Hale’s office, said the federal government is hopeful the IRS will receive payment for the back taxes. The student loan debt, however, could be harder to collect due to a statute of limitations that leaves little legal recourse to recoup the money.

This of course is another lie that involves the U.S. Attorney's office, whether intentional or unknowing, I cannot say. I wouldn't know the level of training in that office. However, according to research on the matter by yours truly there is no statute of limitations on federal student loan paybacks.

Check this one out:

Section 484A(a) of the Higher Education Action provides that no statute of limitations bars enforcement action to collect Federal student loans, including collection by offset, lawsuit, or enforcement on student loan judgments. 20 U.S.C. § 1091a(a).

State law that would otherwise limit these actions is superseded by Federal law and cannot bar collection action.

So much for that theory.

Then of course our tax money is paying for her defense. If she can afford to pay for a radio show, could she not save the taxpayers money and pay for her own defense? It is logical after all right?

Of course not.

Additionally, we must ask why she still owes an IRS lien (again our money) of over $55,000 since 1998, and cannot pay that either.

Of course WLOU's Price has this to say as well, "The show will include Green interviewing guests, discussing local issues and giving out awards to people who are active in the district. However, Price has discouraged the beleaguered lawmaker from discussing her brewing ethics scandal or upcoming removal trial."

Notice everything is District related? This of course is nothing more than an attempt to sway the proceedings before her and get the community to believe she is a stalwart person. I also don't see any language that prevents Green from discussing her case. If she is paying for her own show then WLOU has no way to prevent her from discussing it. Free speech you know?

It isn't going to work. Most of the people within her District, and the community at large, can see a criminal at work. Judy Green is one. Call it my opinion, call it what you will, but the facts of her fallacies are before us.

Want proof? Green, with the aid of Denise Bentley, has been trying to have these In support of Judy Green public happenings and no one shows up. Well except the 10 so called ministers who wouldn't know God or righteousness if HE himself showed up before them.

I have even more questions, big surprise right?

According to WFPL Green is paying for her air time. With what? If she is paying for her air time then we now have conclusive proof she has disposable income to pay back her federal debt (our tax money). Wonder how many kids that would enable to get help for school that are deserving of it?

And Green cares about the kids? Please.

If WLOU is giving her free air time then they are lying as well. Who is paying for the show? It certainly is not her dentistry office. Ask Gus Goldsmith how much dental furniture she has left. Rumors abound about that one.

WLOU has been biased in this case since the beginning. Never was that more clear than 2 weeks ago when they had Ray Barker on air. I was there, though I was barred from even sitting in the studio by DeVon Holt, with Ray as Ray had requested. It was an insult to any intelligent human being how this bias was carried out. Even when the show had run out of time they extended it to take listener phone calls.

Sounds great right? Let the listeners weigh in with their opinions? Only problem was no listener was allowed to. Even though the phone lines were full they only aired one listener.

Guess who miraculously got through first?

Judy Green's disbarred lawyer husband James Green who proceeded to threaten Barker on air. The same guy who got a $100,000 forgivable loan from his wife and the Council. The same guy who faced disbarment for theft. Thank Jerry Abramson for the loan as well.

No the people of District 1 know the truth. They, like myself and the rest of the community, know better than to trust a crook and are ashamed of Green. The majority are anyway. The ones who receive personal benefit from Green's illegal dealings only benefit if she stays in office so their responses are predictable.

Sadly, County Attorney Mike O'Connell, has proven to be inept, corrupt, or just plain dumb, and clealry cannot do his job. In this case Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel has proven to be the same. In my opinion anyway. Both of these guys should be under federal investigation. To me anyway.

I wonder what happens when we put other elected officials on the fence. Attorney General Jack Conway, Congressman John Yarmuth, Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul. Since Green has abused our federal tax money they should have a say in this. Ask them a simple question.

Where are they?

Since this involves our tax money and federal funds (student loans) their answers should be interesting....

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