Saturday, May 29, 2010


LARRY CLARK IS DONE: Clark has sponsored HB 5 which will increase taxes on employers and decrease benefits for jobless workers. Senate backs bill to shore up jobless fund The Courier-Journal. This guy is supposedly labor friendly? Clark get a grip. You cannot help anyone by making it even harder on employers by increasing their tax burdens. We are already one of the highest taxed States in the Country.

Furthermore decreasing benefits for jobless workers in this economy is a pathetic display of leadership. Work to aid business in creating jobs so the unemployment factor is lessened. Get a clue.

RAND PAUL IS AGAINST AUTOMATIC CITIZENSHIP FOR ILLEGALS BORN ON US SOIL: Way to go Rand Paul. I like this. Paul opposes citizenship for babies of illegals The Courier-Journal. Now let's get really serious and start holding employers accountable for using illegal immigrants. Start going after those like Catholic Charities who continue to flood illegals into the workplace and devalue American workers.

With some estimates claiming that the cost of illegals in America approaches $340 Billion dollars annually it would seem it is time to start working towards fixing this problem.

CATHOLIC LEADERSHIP REALLY THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK?: Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz is now leading a committee of the Catholic bishop's conference that opposes federal job protection for gay citizens. Make of it what you will but I find this interesting to say the least. Misguided campaign The Courier-Journal

According to the CJ:

Just last fall, the archbishop made headlines for lending financial support to the campaign in Maine against gay marriage. Now his target is the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA), which was first introduced in 1994 and is headed for reconsideration by Congress later this year.
In his position as chairman of the bishops' Ad Hoc Committee for the Defense of Marriage, the archbishop is publicly opposing ENDA on the grounds that it would "legally affirm and specially protect any sexual conduct outside of marriage."

Apparently the Archbishop DOESN'T have a clue. His own statement to protect any sexual conduct outside of marriage for most average intelligent folks would include those who are not gay. If he honestly believes that every hetero sexual couple that comes before the Church seeking to get married is virgin then I really do have some swampland in Arizona to sell him. With that in mind it seems very clear that once again the Church is trying to involve itself in State business in regards to equal constitutional rights.

If the religious leadership and churches want to continually play the role of law maker then I suggest they start being held accountable like the rest of us. Lose the tax exempt status. Yep you read it right.

If the church wants to be political than start paying your taxes like everyone else does.

Of course that won't happen because it would cost millions. And the Church does like its money.

Even more questionably, How can the Catholic leadership take any lead role in this issue? Were they not the ones who continued hiding gay pedophile priests by denying any wrongdoing and moving these priests around from Church to Church to do the same thing again? Where were they then?

They were doing their best to avoid any repercussions for their failures. At the expense of even more children. Sounds rather Godly doesn't it? How much did that cost the congregation of tithers to the Church. Millions with many millions more to come.

Wonder why I do not contribute through the Church anymore?

Archbishop I suggest you cleanup your own house of worship to God. Let ye who are without sin cast the first stone sound familiar? Let others take care of this house. It may not be a perfect house but it certainly has no lesser morals than you have proven yours are.

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See you next time folks.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today Mayor Abramson will announce his plan for funding a new library in Fairdale and updating the Shawnee library. Sounds genuine enough doesn't it? I as usual have problems with it. No surprise I am sure.

According to the Courier, Louisville plans new Fairdale library, upgrade to Shawnee library The Courier-Journal, has somehow come up with $4 million for these projects during a budget shortfall once again. The problem?

Abramson announced in March that we were moving forward with the Southwest library. Abramson was quoted stating:

Construction of the Southwest Regional Library might begin in two to three years, depending on economic conditions and the city’s financial situation. Read more: Louisville moves forward on Southwest library - Business First of Louisville

According to sources the library Master plan put a priority on the Southwest library and Shawnee was ranked #11 on the list. Why did the priorities change?

I will give you a few things to ponder.

Since the Southwest led the way towards defeating his library tax this is a payback.

It is an election year and both Democratic Fairdale Councilwoman Vickie Welch, and Democratic Mayoral candidate Greg Fischer, need the votes. By doing this now they can campaign using these new libraries to barter favor with the voters in these areas.

This is nothing new for the Democratic machine and Vickie Welch. Spend some money in targeted areas to gain favor from the machine using our tax dollars for votes. Sad but true. The question really becomes, will we continue being used in this way by the power of the machine?

Let's hope not.

Another question arises now, what does this do to the Master library plan now? If you are going to change the plan at will then the plan must have been flawed, or you just don't care about the plan as long as you get the votes.

When the Mayor states unequivocally that we do not have the money to do a priority library project, but then "finds" millions to help a lessor project, should be an insult to each of us. If the economics are not there for one how in the world can they be there for another?

It was reported this week that we have a budget shortfall again. Not as much as before but still around $8 million. Which is interesting considering the difference between the $12 million they say is needed and the $4 million Abramson says we have equals that $8 million.

Of course the argument will be well the Southwest library costs more so we have to wait and see.

Well $4 million is one third of the way towards what they say it will cost. Can't that money be saved towards this endeavor? I mean they set the priorities we didn't. If we spend the $4 million now when they admit we do not have the money then how much further back will that push the Southwest priority.

Common sense tells us that when we save some money towards something we need, and then spend it, the process takes longer since we now have to replace the spent money as well. Of course now they will "bond" it raising the true costs even more.

The people in the Southwest have just found out once again how much the Dimocratic machine of Louisville thinks about us.

For those in the Southwest who have stood up against this adminstration and machine it isn't very much.

Stay tuned for the Abramson spin........

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tonight's show was with Ed Martin, myself, and JT502. We discussed current events including the recent Rand Paul controversy, illegal immigration, and more. Next week we will have in studio the STOP I.T. boys, Ray Pierce and Paul Holliger. STOP I.T. is the organization behind the independent tipline and the recent MSD lawsuit.

Tune in below for tonight's show.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The boys from STOP I.T. are at it again. Many of you may recall that while the City was arguing over how to get a tipline the STOP I.T. group led by President Ray Pierce, and Operations Manager Paul Holliger, established the independent tipline at (502)410-1009 last year. Since then I am told many tips have come in and been forwarded to the proper investigative agencies.

I have worked in conjunction with STOP I.T. on many issues one of the biggest being MSD.

STOP I.T. has now went a step further towards working on behalf of the community by filing a lawsuit against MSD for illegal rate increases. You can read the Courier article about the rate increase here: MSD board favors rate hike The Courier-Journal

You can watch the story at WLKY here: MSD Sued Over Rate Hike - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville

The best line from that interview is this: "I think we're probably as transparent as anyone in the community," Schardein said.

Of course we all know how great our transparency in Louisville is but I digress.

For a copy of the suit you can write me here at

The suit contends that MSD has been illegally raising rates by using faulty logic that Shardein says allows him to raise rates "up to" 7% annually with no approval necessary. According to the lawsuit MSD is in violation of KRS statutes specifically KRS 76.090 (1) and (2):

(1) Prior to the final adoption or modification of the schedule for the district area, the district shall adopt a proposed schedule and publish notice thereof pursuant to KRS Chapter 424. The notice so published shall be dated as of the date of first publication thereof and shall state that the proposed or revised schedule of rates, rentals, and charges will remain open for inspection in the office of the district for thirty (30) days from the date of the notice, and that objections thereto in writing may be filed during that period with the district by any person aggrieved thereby. The district shall examine and hear any and all complaints, may modify the proposed schedule, and shall adopt and establish a final schedule within sixty (60) days after the date of the notice; the schedule, however, shall not become final....... within a city of the first class, unless and until it has received the approval of the legislative body of the city of the first class by ordinance approved by the mayor....

Still further the suit attaches an Attorney General opinion to backup their case.

The Kentucky Attorney General issued opinion OAG 97-8 on March 7, 1997:

“ … KRS 76.090 (requires) … approval of each of the legislative bodies for the areas within their respective jurisdictions. … Rate schedules of the joint sewer agency, to be effective, must be approved by separate actions of the city and the county legislative bodies. …” The intent of that opinion seems to be that KRS 76.090 mandates legislative and executive branch approval PRIOR to the implementation of ANY rate schedule change being sought by any metropolitan sewer district within Kentucky.

It would seem that MSD may finally be held accountable for illegal rate increases. The court case will be interesting to say the least.

Since the suit was filed and only addresses the last increase started which went into effect August 1, 2009 the amount of the damages will come to about $10.5 million. STOP I.T. has requested that all money gets refunded to every customer with appropriate interest.

Knowing MSD's history my bet is MSD will use the rate increase money to defend this as far as they can. Millions will be spent by MSD to avoid losing this case as is common for them. Look how much they spent against Sarah Lynn Cunningham from her whistle blower suit.

A case she won.

You can read throughout this site many articles detailing MSD problems and the enormous debt they carry for substandard decision making. You can also see how that debt will affect us all and put us on the brink of bankruptcy. One is here: Louisville News and Politics: JEFFERSON COUNTY MAYOR CONVICTED ON CORRUPTION AND FRAUD CHARGES OVER MULTI BILLION DOLLAR SEWE...

We must begin to gain control of our future and hold those accountable to illegalities in Government accountable. This is a start to doing just that.

While Bud Shardein and Jerry Abramson like to use the term "quasi-governmental agency," in regards to naming exactly what MSD is, the fact is that MSD is no different than any other governmental agency in reality and as such they are required to accept oversight for their actions.

No matter how this suit turns out one thing is for sure.

STOP I.T. has served notice that we the people are watching and have proven they are willing to do what it takes to gain accountability. Citizen involvement is beginning to take hold and I for one am glad to see someone standing up for us all.

For more on STOP I.T. you can visit their website at

Stay tuned this will get interesting............

Monday, May 24, 2010


Much has been made about Rand Paul since winning the primary last week. Much negative hype has been surrounding him because of an interview he did with Rachel Maddow. Google it there are plenty of websites showing the interview. From my perspective I can only use one word to describe the situation.


Does this mean I believe in racism in any form? Of course not. It amazes me that in the 21st Century we are still having these arguments. But let's break down Rand Paul's statements and history.

From the Huffington Post article:
Rand Paul On 'Maddow' Defends Criticism Of Civil Rights Act, Says He Would Have Worked To Change Bill (VIDEO)

Maddow: Do you think that a private business has a right to say that 'We don't serve black people?'

Paul: I'm not in favor of any discrimination of any form. I would never belong to any club that excluded anybody for race. We still do have private clubs in America that can discriminate based on race.

But I think what's important in this debate is not getting into any specific "gotcha" on this, but asking the question 'What about freedom of speech?' Should we limit speech from people we find abhorrent. Should we limit racists from speaking. I don't want to be associated with those people, but I also don't want to limit their speech in any way in the sense that we tolerate boorish and uncivilized behavior because that's one of the things that freedom requires is that we allow people to be boorish and uncivilized, but that doesn't mean we approve of it...

Maddow:... How about desegregating lunch counters?

Paul: Well what it gets into then is if you decide that restaurants are publicly owned and not privately owned, then do you say that you should have the right to bring your gun into a restaurant even though the owner of the restaurant says 'well no, we don't want to have guns in here' the bar says 'we don't want to have guns in here because people might drink and start fighting and shoot each-other.' Does the owner of the restaurant own his restaurant? Or does the government own his restaurant? These are important philosophical debates but not a very practical discussion...

Anyone who has followed Rand Paul understands a couple of things. Rand stands firm on States Rights and limited Government interference in private business.

If you believe in freedom of speech than you must understand that that freedom comes with caveats. One being that not everyone will agree with you on anything. With that said if I choose to exercise my freedom of speech, which I do with this site as one example, then I must allow anyone who opposes my speech the right to exercise theirs.

Read some of the comments throughout this site and yo will see many who disagree with me. All I can say is God Bless America.

Whether I agree with their point or not, and in the case of racism I absolutely abhor it, I must understand that the rights granted to me by the Constitution are the same ones granted to those I oppose.

That folks is America.

One of the best speeches I have heard in any movie comes from The American President with Michael Douglas:

America isn't easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, 'cause it's gonna put up a fight. It's gonna say "You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who's standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours. You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country can't just be a flag; the symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then, you can stand up and sing about the "land of the free".

Of course this actually makes sense doesn't it? Perhaps not to some of the party at all costs versus the people at all costs contingent. To copy even more from that speech on how to win elections? Insert any opponent's name in the blank below and see if you agree that is American politics today.

We have serious problems to solve, and we need serious people to solve them. And whatever your particular problem is, I promise you, _______ is not the least bit interested in solving it. He is interested in two things and two things only: making you afraid of it and telling you who's to blame for it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win elections. You gather a group of middle-aged, middle-class, middle-income voters who remember with longing an easier time, and you talk to them about family and American values and character......

We continue to be led astray by the divisive tactics of campaign strategists without ever considering what is being left behind. While we spend our time arguing over things that have already been hashed and rehashed throughout history we continue to fall further behind as a Nation. One Nation under God.

Still the greatest economic Nation on earth we now have serious problems of our own. While we have been led down a path of division these so called "leaders" have allowed history to repeat itself with mass unemployment and leaving even more of our citizens behind in the quest for the Great American dream. Look around you. Since the federal Government has forced its way into private business what has happened?

Does anyone see the small "mom and pop" business that used to thrive in our neighborhoods around anymore? They are falling further and further behind because they cannot pay for the costs of Big Brother. When once they were the backbone of our communities our communities are now being left behind. The backbone has been cracked.

While Paul's opponent Jack Conway has been busy chastising the remarks by Paul he has been able to avoid actually giving us solutions for the problems that lie ahead. Think about it:

He is interested in two things and two things only: making you afraid of it and telling you who's to blame for it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win elections.

Whether you agree with Rand Paul or not is your choice and yours alone. Just do not continue to allow these divisive tactics from those who want to represent us. Make them represent us.

Force them to answer the questions that affect each and every one of us. Economy, health care, safety, security and the list goes on. We can continue to be divided over the same old dog and pony show or we can stand united for a better American way of life. We have done it their way and look where we are.

We continue to fall further behind because we allow the issues to be lost in our desire to be self righteous. We spend our time fighting over who has more rights than the other. We continue being divided over something that is granted equally to each of us Americans.

I will fight against racism at every turn with every fiber of my being as I do daily. Like Rand Paul I abhor it. Period.

I will continue fighting and giving voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. We must stand up for those, for whatever reason, who cannot stand for themselves.

I will not, however, fight to destroy free speech in America no matter how much I may dislike the message or the messenger.

To do otherwise would be un-American.

Your thoughts?

Thursday, May 20, 2010


The MyViewMatters Radio Show focused on the winners and losers of this primary season. Looks like no big surprises were to be had and some races will be interesting to say the least in the General.

Tune in below:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have to address this sorry folks. For those who think I am shocked or saddened by yesterday's supposed "blowout" think again. I allowed Brewer to win that election. Yep you read it right. I was asked last November by Jefferson County GOP leadership and about 100 others to run in this race. I told them point blank I did not have the time or the inclination to run in another race at this time.

I explained that I am happy doing what I do now and was accomplishing more for all of us through this venture that a race right now was not one I had time for.

After practically begging me for 2 months to run I reluctantly agreed with the caveat that if I do they would have to provide people to run the campaign as I did not have time to. Running an effective campaign is a full time job. Seriously 40 hours a week or better is the norm.

Between my real job at the time, research required for this website, and the MyViewMatters Radio Show, there was just not enough hours in the day to run an effective campaign as well.

Of course that help never came nor did I expect it to. Since I always have to prove to myself the truth about anything I took a chance on the promises and proved once again I was right in the establishment philosophy. The establishment on BOTH sides needs overhaul and the local GOP leadership confirmed I was right.

Before I get accused of anything understand this did not involve current GOP Chair Shellie May.

With the promises made failing to be delivered, and the Democrat establishment with Bob Henderson's help working on behalf of my opponent, as well as Henderson working to stop Thieneman, I was not going to be drawn into the idiocy of that. Yep Henderson got involved because quite frankly he is a moron and we can't stand each other.

I worked as much as I could but admittedly was very limited. A little over 3 weeks ago I lost my job and unfortunately, as you can read in previous articles, I had 2 family deaths in the same week at the same time. My family comes first always. Priorities had to be maintained. Of course this meant campaigning would be very minimal. The most critical time in any campaign is the last 3-4 weeks. I simply could not do the necessary work.

While attending as many events as I could, maintaining my commitment to this site, the radio show, and speaking with about 400 people along the way I still received 459 votes. Since only approximately 20% of eligible voters turned out I can live with that.

Since I am considered a "lightning rod" politically speaking I never expected any different. It is hard for the establishment to stand up for someone doing things the right way versus someone who will tow the party line at all costs. It is hard for those who believe in party first to vote for an outsider who does not. In short I am an equal opportunity kind of guy. regardless of any party I will always fight against the bad seeds. Not a great thing to do when you want to run for office.

My loyalty has always been and will continue to be, regardless of any political garbage, to the people and community first.

Since I would not resort to the lies and illegal campaign activities like my opponent, and many other candidates for office did, this result was fully expected. I will not resort to illegal activity to win any election.

Those that do are not worthy to be elected and I would rather lose than to denigrate myself or the prestige of the office I seek to win. Integrity matters.

As I have stated before my ego does not require me to be an elected official. I will continue doing what I do and that is exposing the lies, hypocrisy, and illegalities of those who are elected. I will continue as I have promised to work towards the betterment of our community and the American way of life. I will work to better our elected leaders by holding them accountable to a higher standard than what they allow us.

I made a promise to everyone that I would continue to seek accountability and this venture has allowed me an opportunity to do just that. Not to mention I truly do love what I do with this site and the MyViewMatters Radio Show and I will continue to work towards profitability for both.

Between the two I have already accomplished more for our community than the candidates who want to win the elections. Incumbents included.

Many said I was off my rocker and dead wrong on Jim King. I was proven right in my allegations which cost him the Mayoral election and hopefully his career in politics as evidenced at the polls yesterday where he lost handily AFTER trying to outspend his opponents and buy another election.

The only regret I have is that I let you down. I just did not have time to run an agressive campaign. I put my name on the line but could not do the work necessary. My apologies to each of you for you deserve a better campaign. This is a first for me with that problem and it will be the last.

Because of my shortcomings Charlie Miller now has an easier ride in November. He beat John Brewer by 30 points last time and will probably do so by at least that much again. Given the choices between the two, Miller is the lesser of two evils. Through the work of this site and the radio show there will still be accountability.

Things are what they are. For those who supported me through this difficult time my thanks can never be enough. You truly are the ones who inspire me to make a difference. My promise to you today is a simple one.

IF or when I decide to run for any election again I will do so my way on my terms. Never again will I trust "leadership" to follow through on their promises. Every campaign I have been involved in before was run by me and me alone. This is one example why. This is the first time I have ever taken a chance on any help from a party and I certainly will not do so again.

Stay tuned things are just heating up and we will have a great time during this election season.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It is finally here. Today is election day and nomatter what happens by tonight we will have some idea of where we are headed. With this the most basic fundamnetal right we as Americans have I urge you to get out and vote for the candidate of your choice.

Our future is in our hands. Make the most of it.

Polls are open until 6 pm so.........


Good luck to everyone.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Tuesday morning at 6 AM the polls open. Are you ready? The course of our future will be decided and this is your opportunity to make sure you have a choice in it. For those of us in District 28 it is more important now than ever to get involved.

The South and Southwest have been forgotten under merger due to failed leadership by our current elected leaders including incumbent Charlie Miller. We will continue to be forgotten without someone strong in Frankfort fighting for us.

Tuesday you are faced with a choice between someone who has been in the lead fighting on our behalf or someone who has already lost an election to Charlie Miller by 30 points.

Throughout this website you can see what I have been doing and how I have worked for accountability on behalf of all of us. There is no record of any candidate that is this open or honest. Whether you agree or disagree with me on my stances I am an open book for you to read.

If given the opportunity by each of you to be your Representative I will lead from the front not play follow the leader. Each of us are equal under our Constitutional government and I will lead the way towards making sure those in Frankfort who have forgotten this will remember.

While many candidates resort to childish behavior during this time: Campaign signs put up illegally in road right of ways, or on abandoned properties trying to create an illusion of support, (check out some of the candidates signs including Jim King, Greg Fischer, and yes even John Brewer), stealing signs, and spreading malicious lies about their opponents, I have focused instead on addressing the issues and the future that affects us all.

While many candidates choose to try and win based on their lies and deception I have chosen as always to speak to you directly and address your concerns. Speaking with as many as I could one on one, in groups, or at scheduled events, I have spent that time focusing on what lies ahead. I have been very humbled by the support.

The issues before us are many. The economy, education, healthcare, openness, transparency, accountability, drainage, MSD, and the list goes on. We must have leadership that can meet these challenges head on.

I have taken the lead on my own on several issues that affect us all. I have also been doing what I do everyday. Bringing to light the failed leadership of those we now have. I will continue to do that regardless of any so called "political risk," because my objective has always been to fight for a better future for us all.

Whether that is an elected official or as a private citizen is entirely up to you on Tuesday.

Leaders identify problems and work to correct them. They do not resort to the typical continuous negative tactics unless they have no substance to offer. Below are some examples of my leadership.

I singlehandedly brought the charges against current Mayoral hopeful Jim King who illegally funded daughter Katie King's Judgeship. Against all odds, and arguably against the top attorneys' in the State, I won resulting in the highest known fine in Kentucky history with the KREF in the amount of $30,000.

The criminal investigation into Jim King continues with the Kentucky State Police today.

I led the fight against Planning and Zoning and their IPL division. This ultimately led to a plea bargain that forced Councilwoman MaDonna' Flood's convicted felon husband John Flood to retire. It also helped lead to the retirement Bill Schreck and his Assistant Charles Cash.

I led the fight for openness and transparency in Frankfort through SB 64 signed into law this year bringing the KY Department of Fish and Wildlife under an open transparent form of operating.

I led the fight for SB 53 which would open our primaries to ALL registered voters bringing a voice to the voiceless for our registered independent tax paying citizens who are denied their basic right to vote.

I singlehandedly brought Mayor Abramson under intense scrutiny by bringing to light his "poorer, blacker, and older" comments while he was in West Virginia.

I have led the fight and drafted SB 222 that will aid the charities throughout our community.

Where are the successes of my opponent?

I have received the endorsements of many throughout this campaign including the Teamsters, Councilman Kelly Downard, Independent Kentucky, Take Back Kentucky, Take Back Louisville, and yes even though I am one of their biggest critics the Courier Journal. The Courier even stated:

Ed Springston is a far more appealing candidate. He's no liberal on social issues....

More important, Mr. Springston speaks with depth and knowledge about the economy, jobs and government transparency.

From Councilman Downard: ... i have followed your enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication to your principles for several years.

Because of that, I have decided to give you my whole hearted endorsement in your primary race for the Kentucky House of Representatives.

I am very proud of each endorsement this campaign has received.

We need someone who has the knowledge and experience that can go to work right away. I am that candidate.

As an elected Representative the work ahead towards change will require a bulldog like tenacity. It requires someone who will stand up, regardless of any "political risk," and do the right thing no matter the personal cost. Someone who is strong enough to fight for what is right and smart enough to work with others. Someone who won't leave those we represent behind.

We need someone that can go to work right away. I am the only candidate prepared to do that from day one. I have worked to improve our Community for years not for months preceding an election only. I do not sit idly by and wait for changes. I lead the way towards them. I don't pretend to go to work because of any election. I do the work daily regardless.

Though the successes have been many, and those successes will continue, as a private citizen the process is a slow one.

I humbly ask for your vote Tuesday to aid me in helping us meet the challenges that lie ahead. I have listened to each of you, I experience the same hardships as each of you, I walk in the same shoes daily.

Please Elect Ed Springston in the Republican primary for House District 28 and prove that together we can make a positive difference in each of our lives.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


My apologies in advance. This article is long but political conventional wisdom says when you are attacked negatively you must respond. For three weeks now I have fought myself about writing this article but since Brewer decided to write about it in an attempt to disparage me I feel it necessary to respond. I told Brewer I would not write about this when he asked me but I would not promise anything if he chose to continue the negative road. That is why yuo did not read this 3 weeks ago.

Sadly, Reverend Brewer has not only lied in this campaign he has added blackmail to his negative campaign tactics. Here we go:

Reverend Brewer contacted me on Thursday night April 24 and begged for a meeting. After spending 10 minutes on the phone telling him no, yep there are witnesses to my side of that convo, I finally relented to shut him up. Against my better judgement we met on April 26 at Frisch's on Dixie. In my opinion after meeting Brewer for the first time I seriously believe he does have problems.

Brewer predictably tried to portray himself as the well funded candidate who had the only chance of beating Charlie Miller in November. He then told me he had 5 times my assets and had a better chance of beating Miller because he had the money. He went on to portray my union endorsement as unimportant and tried convince me I was being used by them. He openly told me, and still tells everyone he meets, that the unions endorsed me because I was the lesser of two evils, because they felt he could beat Miller so they needed me to win.

Obviously Brewer does not know me at all. I have openly supported organized labor essentially my whole life. I have never shied away from my organized labor roots and certainly won't now because I happen to be a candidate. I am who I am and I am honored they believe in me.

Since Brewer's claim that he had 5 times the resources was a bold one I checked it out. Another lie. A little over $2500 total included $1000 from Frank Simon, his boss, and a $1000 loan from his own high school son, $350 from himself. After all the "fund raisers" he threw for himself less than $400 was collected. SO much for being able to raise money.Typical spin and no big deal.

SInce Brewer lives in an apartment, has no accounts to draw on, no fundraising advantages as he has proven from his active money pursuit, where did he get this argument? Who knows it does not add up as usual. Since he is now making false claims about my efforts I must respond.

I have stated from the beginning that fundraising would not be my priority for the primary. Our people in District 28 just do not have the money right now for campaigns. In my opinion I was right in not trying to make this an issue. I respect the hardworking folks we want to represent. Brewer's "success" at fundraising just proved me right once again.

I chose instead to stay focused on the problems we have and how to fix them. Not throwing fundraisers was my choice. It was a tough decision but in all good conscience I feel now as I did then that money for most is too tight and the General election is when it is needed most. I decided NOT to ask people to give twice in this economy. I still believe with this economy it was the right thing to do. Respect those you seek to represent and share in the problems we all face.

Additionally, I decided long ago that though I openly address elected leaders for their shortcomings Brewer is not an elected leader. He has enough problems in the last year or two. Losing his home and other things he and his family have had to suffer through. I can relate to suffering and truly wished him no ill will. Call me crazy but I wanted to put myself above that garbage.

Unfortunately, Brewer chose a different path and I must respond.

Reverend Brewer believes an important issue is one because I decided against using a typical campaign website. Why? From a time and money perspective it was an added expense I felt unnecessary at this time. If I am fortunate enough to earn your vote and go on to the General election in November then yes I will have a need for one more website to manage.

A simple google search will tell you anything you ever wanted to know about me. This is untypical of most candidates simply because everything I do is on public display so I have a record and history you can draw on.

This website alone presents a clearer picture of who I am and where I stand on just about any issue you can speak of. It certainly will give you an honest, more in depth look at me as a person who seeks your vote than the typical fluff candidate website many put up. I have been an open public book for years. Whether you agree, or disagree with me as a person or a candidate, you certainly will see more of me than any other candidate ever. I am proud of this. Why run from who I am?

From Brewer's website statements:

"In all honesty, I met with this man privately one week ago to see if I could spare him some embarrassment. Even though his attacks have been quite vicious and totally without any substantiation, I was willing to come to the table and speak peaceably.....

Funny when I asked why he wanted this meeting he said he wanted to see if we could be friends. So much for no substantiation eh? He states he is trying to save me some embarrassment?

Brewer you lost your last race against Miller by 30 points running the same campaign and platform today as you did then. You should worry about that embarrassment not mine. If you truly believe, as you told me and continue to tell others you speak to, that you have me beat 2-1 why choose this path? In your statements I am beat anyway. Right?

Because Brewer's obvious lies on his robocalls had not worked. Public record proved him a liar.

Truthfully I don't worry about being "embarrassed" in an election. I am never embarrassed about standing up for what I believe is right and important no matter the outcome.

That is the problem with guys like Brewer. A professed Reverend who shows up for elections but has never accomplished anything nor done anything in this community. After wasting 45 minutes on his garbage I finally told him to get to the point I had other things to do. Since nothing else he had tried worked he decided to resort to a last ditch effort of blackmail.

Yep you read that right. Blackmail? A so called Reverend using these tactics? All for a paycheck and ego to be elected? Glad I don't attend any church he does.

The first attempt was to threaten me concerning the MyViewMatters Radio show I co host with Ed Martin. In his words I was "vulnerable" and if I didn't drop out he would file charges against me and the radio show for FCC violations claiming that I was illegally using my show for political gain in my race. Desperate measures I guess.

In fact from the very first show on May 28, 2009 before any primary race was a thought or consideration, we openly advertised that any and all candidates who were running in future races for any office were more than welcome to appear on the show and discuss their candidacies.

Of course Reverend John Brewer never requested any air time for his candidacy from our radio show ever. Every candidate we have had on the show asked for time and we accommodated. Want it in writing? No problem. He defeats his own arguments about equal time rules with the FCC. Strike one Rev.

In fact I had previously agreed to a debate with him that he demanded with conditions but clearly did not want. You can read that here: Louisville News and Politics: HOUSE DISTRICT 28: COME ON BREWER A DEBATE DEBATE?

How arrogant is that? But back to April 26.

After realizing his blackmail attempt against me on the show failed, Brewer then stated "well you may be right about the FCC but I can still advertise on your show and you can't stop me." Brewer had just admitted he played his FCC card without even knowing what he was talking about. Need I say more?

Thinking I would tell him no, I guess the truth caught him off guard. Legally we are required to run any candidate ads by anyone at an equal price. We must be fair and equal to all. I have no problems with that in fact I told Brewer I would give him a rate sheet but good luck on getting his ad ran. Frankly, I wish he could run an ad we can use the money. Why can't he run one?

Clear Channel, who owns WKJK, has refused to allow us to sell any campaign ads for our show costing us thousands of dollars in potential revenue. Their choice not ours. We have been begging Clear Channel to change their mind with no luck of our own. Brewer is more than free to pursue it if he wants. Of course he couldn't pursue it for free since lawyers cost money. So for John "if it isn't free it isn't me" Brewer that ended that.

I offered him contact info for Clear Channel so he could buy his own air time for his own show if he chose to, or get ad rates on other Clear Channel stations that were allowed to run them. He wasn't interested in that. No surprise. He wanted something for free and thought he could actually threaten or blackmail me to get it. Strike two Rev.

Then of course the predictable KREF threat by anybody running for office. I told him to please file the claims and I would be more than happy to deal with the KREF since I just won a 2 year battle resulting in the largest known fine in Kentucky history against Jim and Katie King. Strike three Rev.

Blackmail is the ultimate desperation attempt in anything. He played his "hole" cards and failed. Sad thing is I think he thought it would work. Does he not pay attention at all? Trust me Jim King and his water boys have been trying to shut me down for some time. They are not alone. I don't live in fear because I choose to live my life the best I can. You know like most people do.

Of course he now says he cannot file any charges with the FCC or the KREF for fear of backlash from Democrats in November that would use them as negatives against him in the fall. It is pretty arrogant thinking that he has this race won in the first place.

Typical Brewer and yet another excuse for his failure. Acting like he is the savior doing so for the sake of others. Yawn.

Why would anyone sacrifice their integrity for a few bucks or an ego trip is beyond me. That is what is so puzzling about Brewer in this election. Haven't we had enough of this mentality?

Win or lose this primary election is in your hands the voter. It is an honor to even be considered for such an important job. As a veteran I served to protect your right to vote.Please exercise it no matter who your candidate is. We deserve better than what we have come to expect from our leaders.

Win or lose I will sleep well knowing that my integrity is intact.

And oh yeah in keeping with Brewer's "free is me" philosophy I even paid the check...........Just sayin'

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Tonight we had our election edition show. Dave Toborowski was in studio and he, Ed Martin, and myself talked about as many races as the hour would permit. Many thanks to all the callers!

Next week we return to our normal time slot on Wednesdays at 7 Pm on WKJK 1080 AM. Tune in next week for the post election coverage!

In the meantime listen in below:


The MyViewMatters Radio Show was moved to tonight at 7 pm on WKJK 1080 AM due to another WKJK contractual agreement to air baseball last night. Tonight will be our election edition and we will handicap the races.

You can call us at 571-1080 with any questions or tell us who you are voting for in key races and why.

This is your chance to tell the world!

Tune in at 7!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It keeps getting worse for King. He is running a negative campaign ad against Greg Fischer claiming that Fischer donates to Republican candidates for office. While it is true that Fischer himself donated $600 to Anne Northup for a campaign the hypocrisy is that King of all people is trying to go negative against anybody.

Especially since he has contributed to Republicans as well. Look below.

LOUISVILLE, KY, 402050000
Occupation : CPA/PRESIDENT

INDIVIDUAL Contribution $200.00 on 10/27/2003

So much for that spin eh?

While no fan of Greg Fischer admittedly, the truth must be told. King is spending a bundle trying to manipulate us into thinking he will be a good Mayor. He has some doing everything they can online trying to spin him into a good light. They like to try and discount me by false accusations against me and those I support. Typical by some who just don't get it. There is no way to put King in a good light.

And that is his fault alone. While these waterboys and detractors will continue taking cheap shots with no substance against me we cannot afford to miss the facts. While they continue aiding and abetting this monstrosity we call the KINGdom I will continue doing what I always do. Lay out the facts and let you decide.

This election is too important.

Look at the failures of this man. He continually does things illegally and unethically just for the sake of winning an election? Apparently he does not need the money so what is to gain? Ego and power strokes. That is all.

I mean look at the evidence before you.

King just paid the highest known fine in Kentucky History to the tune of $30,000 combined for him and daughter Katie for his illegal campaign tatics during her Judge race.

King is under current criminal investigation by the Kentucky State Police.

He unethically tried to capitalize on ST. X logo for a fundraiser.

The Attorney General Jack Conway's own brother left the Katie King campaign because of ethical concerns.

Former campaign consultant Denise Bentley left for unethical concerns and was so concerned about it she wrote a book I outlined in a previous post. In fact here is another excerpt from it:

Amazing after bad press and bad polls, Jim decides that he must do whatever it takes to get Katie elected, or it would be a reflection on him and his future. (Yes he was running for Mayor at the time) Suddenly I wasn’t marginalized, it was an open checkbook and anything goes, just get Katie elected. Jim has a habit of doing things he knows is wrong only to ask for forgiveness later, he will remind you it is easier that way.

The amazing thing is that even after all this King still fells like he can buy the Mayoralship. He gave himself $760,000 early in the campaign and on April 30 gave hhimself another $100,000 Bringing the total to $860,000.

How much more will he spend trying to buy us off remains to be seen but this much is sure.

How can you tell when Jim King is lying?

Every time he opens his mouth.

He paints himself as this great CPA and yet even the PCAOB in Florida stated this just last year:

PCAOB Release No. 104-2009-074Inspection of King & CompanyCertified Public Accountants, P.S.C.May 21, 2009
Page 4 inspection team that the Firm did not obtain sufficient competent evidential matter tosupport its opinion on the issuer's financial statements.
9/ Those deficiencies were –(1) the failure to perform sufficient procedures to test the valuation andaccounting for stock options issued; and(2) the failure to perform sufficient procedures to support the Firm's relianceon controls at a service organization.

Really what more do we need to know this man is not competent or ethical enough to be the Mayor of our Louisville.

While the charges against Fischer may be true the messenger is not ethical enough in his own right to force the issue.

Make up your own minds on who to support as I am no fan of either Fischer or King for the job but please pay attention to the facts when you do.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


After all I have done and said in regards to Jim King it appears there may be even more. Take today's LEO story for example: Former King consultant writes “tell-all” book - FatLip. This could be the catalyst for even more charges against King.

It seems Denise Bentley, who I am no fan of assuredly if you read this website, has decided that King finally went too far and wrote a "tell all" book to back it up. Is she writing this for money, or for easing her conscience you can decide for yourself, but one thing is for sure.

The Kingdom is unraveling. Check out Bentley's King website at The Real Story.

Here is an excerpt from her website:

Working with Jim during his daughter's Katie King election to District Court Judge was more than a trip it was a journey! His goal was to get Katie elected, he didn't care how, he just wanted to get the job done. He tried to put together what he saw as the "Dream Team" but by the November election many of the dreams became a nightmares. Jim comes from the school of money can buy you happiness and he soon found out this race would cost him a lot. He didn't care what the cost, he had to get his Katie elected. This was the beginning of my journey through the Kingdom, from Katie's race to his own race for Mayor. You would not believe how this man operates and how he THINKS you can win an election. As I stated earlier he will attempt to win by any means necessary.

This has been known for quite some time as I have outlined repeatedly through this website the KREF violations I pursued that led to the highest known fines in Kentucky history. The ONGOING criminal investigation that he is still in and one that even Attorney General Conway will not make sure gets done in a timely manner.

Why would I say that about Conway?

Simple, in February Conway was asked, reluctantly at that, by County Attorney Mike O'Connell to assign a Special Prosecutor to the case I filed against King attorneys' Sheryl Snyder and Amy Cubbage of Frost, Brown, and Todd. I have written the AG twice to ask who the Special Prosecutor was or if it had even been assigned and both times with no response.

This creates a problem as AG Conway well knows there is a statute of limitations on this case and it expires in 2 months. SO the question becomes is this being avoided so they can lay claim that it has expired at a later date? Time will tell. I find it insulting though that he is running for Senate and he is not even doing his job as AG.

Meanwhile Bentley addresses the KREF fiasco in her book and now since she was a campaign insider to King, during Katie's race and Jim King's Mayoral one until recently, she has now made herself a witness that can be subpoenaed and may be able to tell even more than I have uncovered.

Bentley goes on further on the webpage:

The number one thing wrong with Katie is her dad Jim. Jim is the root to all of her problems, whether it is personal, political or professional. Katie is competent and confident, but whenever Jim gets in the mix along with Trish and her craziness all hell breaks loose.

The media have been very critical of Katie when in actuality it isn’t Katie it is her twisted dad. Katie relied as in the past tense on Jim for advice, after the whole Kentucky Registry Election Finance mess Katie decided to take charge and rightfully so.

In my opinion, all the negative things said about Katie, the drugs, the bad relationships, the attendance issues, the sale of her house, on and on are ALL bought on by JIM. And what Jim doesn’t mess up Trish will make it her business to get in the middle of and mess it up. This dynamic duo is extremely dangerous together.

I will disagree with her on Katie to an extent. Does Katie need help? In my opinion yes but I am no Doctor. Katie is an adult and a lawyer, prior to being elected Judge, and if she is not accountable to her actions than who is? If she cannot take responsibility for her part in this then how can she be trusted as a Judge. And one with low scores as reported previously.

And before anyone asks Trish is the woman who works for King that there have been rumors about for years as his mistress. Of course Trish has not been the only mistress with King, there have been others, and yes even at the expense of being called a liar I have interviewed them and they are scared to come forward.

I can understand that as many are scared of bullies like King.

Unfortunately, I am not one of them and perhaps maybe Bentley isn't either. Time will tell.

In the meantime I would love to see the texts, emails, and other evidence Bentley claims she has. Maybe it would answer even more questions.

Your thoughts?

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have tried to set myself aside in the Republican primary for Mayor because I have publicly told everyone I support Chris Thieneman in this primary. With the exception of calling out the Heiner camp for challenging my integrity, a situation we have spoke about and Hal and I are friendly, I have basically tried to remain neutral. Integrity matters.

Before I get the comments of "Hal Heiner didn't do this" let me assure you I in no way am accusing Hal Heiner of this. I only mention Hal in my attempt to explain why I am doing this article since I have avoided so many articles because of this race.

In the case of Chris Thieneman, however, there has been some media negatives concerning Chris claims regarding a $10,000 "bribe" if you will back in 1998. This is not a "new" claim used for election purposes as many are trying to spin it nor is it anything new.

Today this would be considered a "whistleblower" deal and would not be seen so harshly when brought out publicly.

If you read this blog where I have quoted land machine as a source,
Louisville News and Politics: Bomb Storage Shelter: The power of the administration, you will see just how corrupt things were under the reign of Jack Dulworth.

Thieneman admits paying $10,000 to get a zoning approval from Dulworth with Fred Cowan as the recipient.

The problem for detractors today is that Chris also took the unprecedented step of going public with it in 1998 and 2001, admitting to it, and filing charges with the Feds.

You can look at this video for proof as then WHAS 11 reporter Mark Hebert interviewed Chris when Dulworth got even back in 2001:

Chris was open and transparent then as he is now. Whether you agree with Chris and vote for Chris is your decision and yours alone, but it is important that the truth is known when making that decision.

During the years of Jack Dulworth you flat out did not get a zoning approval without paying for it. It was dead wrong to do so but in order to move forward and build it was required. Nothing has changed since then sadly.

Though now it is not as open as it was 12 years ago the game remains the same. The pay to play is alive and well until we sicken of it and elect new people to office. Frankly because of the publicity surrounding the charges by Thieneman back then the players started operating in a more secretive way to avoid being caught.

This issue is not an election year snafu or ploy to garner votes. This issue has been public for years. We should be asking who is the most qualified to end this corruption, and more importantly asking why no one did anything about it years ago when Chris brought it to light.

Fred Cowan is a sitting Judge. Sound familiar? Katie King is a sitting Judge too.

Both gained corruptly based on charges. Both score among the lowest on evaluations.

The game is the same folks and it is up to us to stop it.

Make up your own minds but now you know.


A couple of quick updates from the CJ. Today the CJ's Dan Klepal did an article on Mayoral candidate Jim King. I couldn't tell what I was reading. King embraces battle for Louisville mayor post The Courier-Journal. While it is very clear to followers I am no fan of King, for good reasons if you read this blog, I felt like Klepal was doing a soft piece and not exactly an in depth look.

No where was it mentioned that Jim King is CURRENTLY under investigation by the Kentucky State Police for possible felony behavior. Is this important to know when choosing your candidate for Mayor? I think so and so do most I speak with.

Read this blog for truth in this situation.

The CJ also gave me their endorsement for State House District 28 this morning. As one of the most outspoken critics of the CJ this came as something of a surprise but appreciated nonetheless. District 46 candidate Brian Simpson who we have featured on the MyViewMatters Radio Show was endorsed along with former Councilwoman Julie Raque Adams in her District 32 race. Editorial Three Republicans in state House races The Courier-Journal

Senator Dan Seum will be having a fundraiser tonight at Lake Forest Clubhouse from 5:30-7:30. It is an open invitation to all and there is no minimum donation to attend. In short come on out even if you don't give any money to show support for the Senator.

The MyViewMatters Radio guys, me and Ed Martin, will be in attendance so come on out and see us as well.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Kentucky has many problems obviously and one I focus on is education. There are 2 major problems we must correct and work towards. Economic recovery and education. In my opinion both go hand in hand in furthering Kentucky. Yesterday there was an article in the CJ about the State of Education and it is one of many reasons when I was asked to run for House District 28 I agreed. The state of our schools in many areas are in critical shape.

This article outlined 6.

I have major problems with these findings. For starters current District 28 State House Rep Democrat Charlie Miller has the supposed experience to lead us in bettering our education right? Look at his Ky State profile and what he does and his committees:

Interim Committees BR Sub. on Primary & Secondary Education [Liaison Member]; Education; Labor and Industry; Licensing and Occupations; Transportation

Session Committees BR Sub. on Primary & Secondary Education (H) [Liaison Member]; Education (H) [Vice Chair]; Labor & Industry (H) [Vice Chair]; Licensing & Occupations (H) [Vice Chair]; Transportation (H)

Why is this so important?

For starters Mr. Miller is a retired Principal and elected House Rep for the last 12 years. He talks about his experience and one would think that this experience would help better education in Kentucky right? Apparently not.

If these results are any indicator then we are wasting our time with this failed leadership at every level of State Government. The results simply do not add up to success with Mr. Miller's "experience." The alarming thing is that the schools listed are primarily in Southwest Louisville.

One would think Mr. Miller would be well aware of these problems and working diligently to correct them, or maybe, just maybe, should have been working to prevent these problems in the first place right? With the experience Mr. Miller has and his roles on education committees one would expect a different outcome would we not?

According to the CJ, State audit: 6 JCPS schools should replace principal, council or teachers The Courier-Journal there were six schools listed: Western High School, Western Middle School, Valley High School, Frost Middle School, Fern Creek High School, and JCPS. Notice the names of these schools and most are where?

In the Southwest and Mr. Miller's District.

So how well have the residents of District 28 been represented in one of the most important issues facing the State and Southwest Louisville? Couple this with the fact that even after 12 years in office Mr. Miller is part of those incumbents who still cannot get a budget agreed upon, which in my opinion and many others is a dereliction of the duty of our elected officials, we have serious problems.

This is just one example of why I am running for this seat and asking for your vote on May 18 in my District 28 primary. This is not leadership this is abandonment. Strong word? You bet. But when you do not use your experience to lead, leading to substandard results such as these, then you have abandoned the people you purport to represent.

We must have someone who has proven leadership through the years not someone who shows up for elections or pays attention only during election years. I fight for transparency and better government everyday with success. Where I stand and what I do has been public record for years.

When everyone said I couldn't get it to happen I helped get SB 64 signed into law bringing openness and transparency to the KDFWR in State Government.

When Jim King hired Sheryl Snyder and Amy Cubbage of Frost, Brown, and Todd, considered by many to be the best campaign finance expert attorneys in the State, to defend my charges against him and Judge Katie King I won resulting in the highest known fines in Kentucky State History for campaign finance violations to the tune of $30,000 combined.

This case is still being criminally investigated by Special Prosecutor Hart Megibben and the Kentucky State Police and yep I am still fighting for that as well.

I brought Jerry Abramson to his knees when I outed him for his "poorer, blacker, and older" comments in regards to Downtown's problems.

And I did this without a dime from anyone.

Why? Because it was the right thing to do and we the people deserve better.

My opponent in the Republican State House District 28 race has spent his time as a lobbyist in Frankfort preaching against abortion, against gay marriage, etc which may be a worthy goal for some, but it falls far short of what we need in Frankfort to fix this mess we are in.

I have spent my time working on issues to better our lives by forcing a more open, responsive, and accountable Government.

My successes are public record and have been done pro bono even though I have never held elected office. My opponent has never had a success in Frankfort though he is a paid lobbyist.

Even more importantly?

What has our current State Rep Principal Charlie Miller done lately? The results say not much.


First the MyViewMatters Radio Show will be pre-empted next Wednesday because of WKJK's contractual comitment to air a baseball game. This time however we were told our old time slot would be available on Thursday next week so we are doing our last show before the election next Thursday May 13, 2010 at 7Pm on WKJK 1080.

This is a one week change only and we will resume our regular Wednesay night slot on May 19 at 7.

With that said this week we decided to have Dave Toborowsky in studio with us and start the discussion on upcoming elections on May 18. Dave is considered by some to be an insider and is a wealth of information on local and state politics.

Next week's show on Thursday at 7 we will resume this discussion and hit more races in preparation for th eprimary. We ask anyone and everyone to call in next week during the show and let us know who you are voting for and why. If you are a candidate feel free to call in as well.

Listen in below.


We have an interesting situation brewing in the race for Jefferson County Coroner this year. While most don't really think about this race on a high scale level, as say the Mayoral one, this will be an interesting Democratic primary this year.

The two candidates are Ray Patterson and Barbara Weakley-Jones and quite honestly I already have reservations.

Ray Patterson is a Navy Vet, Deputy Coroner, and 25 yr police investigator retiree.

Barbara Weakley-Jones was appointed by Abramson in 2009, to fulfill the unexpired term of Coroner so naturally this raises red flags in my eyes, and is running to win the election in her own right.

Seems simple enough right?

Unfortunately it never is that simple with Abramson appointees and that is a serious problem when I look at this race.

Barbara Weakley-Jones, as our appointed coroner, has stated that the medical examiner’s office was short handed and she was being paid as contract labor to perform autopsies. This is clearly an ethics situation in my opinion.

The coroner's office is strictly administrative. The coroner in attempting to determine the cause of death, may order an autopsy, hold an inquest, and, when investigating a coroner’s case, request the assistance of the district medical examiner and the Division of Kentucky State Medical Examiners Office (KRS 72.410).

So as Coroner how many cases has Ms. Weakley-Jones sent to herself to do an autopsy thus padding her own pockets? Conflict of interest anyone? This is a major red flag as to how this office will be run if she gets elected on her own merit and sadly just another example of insider deals we continue to find in every branch of government.

According to sources she also stated Jerry was aware of the problem and was ok with her doing this. Double dipping with Abramson approval. Is this anything new either?

From what I am being told Ms. Weakley-Jones is doing autopsies on the clock. This is blatant double dipping.

Just one more example of our tax dollars being streamlined to line insider pockets with Mayoral approval. How is it that we continue to allow Jerry’s friends to be above the law? Appointments are made with Council approval and generally along party lines so where are they on this issue?

Believe it or not this race is just as important as any other we vote in and this is one more example of why we need insider deal makers out of Government.

It is time to root out corruption at every level and in my opinion double dipping and force feeding yourself business at the expense of all of us is as corrupt as it gets. As you can see the corruption hits every level and it is time to end it at all levels.

In this election we have a choice to end the hypocrisies, lies, and deception of elected AND appointed leaders. Get involved.

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Last night there was an open meeting for residents at Male High School to discuss the LG&E proposed rate hike, or as many call it the E.ON rate scam to drive up sale price.

Why would anyone say that? Because it may be true.

LG&E is a privately owned company and as such they have obligations. One of these obligations is to carry liability insurance. With storm damage costing millions of dollars does LG&E get reimbursed? You bet. If not then we have to ask why not.

With simple auto insurance in Kentucky if your window gets broken by a flying rock off the road it gets replaced through insurance without any cost to you. Even a deductible is not charged. SO what makes LG&E so different?

Is it not prudent to raise the value of your assets to inflate the price of your business when selling?

Anytime you are trying to sell a business you want it to appear as profitable as possible to a potential buyer. E.ON has been trying to sell LG&E for some time and finally got a buyer at over $7 Billion. How do you repay the loans it will take for this purchase?

You raise rates. What is the real value for LG&E? Well the Mayor offered somewhere around $4 Billion. That is a huge swing from the final offer accepted.

Check this article out from WFPL:
89.3 WFPL LG&E Customers Weigh In On Rate Hike Proposal

The utilities say they’re needed to pay for infrastructure improvements and for damage caused by recent weather disasters.

LG&E is asking for an increase of about 12-percent for residential electricity. It’s also proposing a monthly natural gas rate increase of about $4.65, plus a hike in its monthly gas meter fee.

The rate case is not affected by the companies’ pending sale to PPL Corporation.

Many tend to disagree and I am one of them.

There will be the same old arguments from some who claim "we have the lowest rates in the country blah blah blah" I just don't buy the argument.

If we use this mindset then go ahead and raise the cost of energy to whatever level you want why bother with a pretense of resident involvement? Why regulate at all? After all MSD and Louisville Water Co are unregulated and used as illegal taxes so why not LG&E?

Because we citizens have had enough of this game.

LG&E says they need the increase to pay for storm damage? Then someone dropped the ball on insurance that is their fault.

They say they need it for infrastruture improvement? Then someone dropped the ball on future planning.

Looks like any excuse for them will do.

Using utilities to get in our pockets even deeper is nothing new. Remember STOP I.T.?

This organization led the way to exposing the myths of unregulated MSD who tried to force HB 221 through this year which would give them even more unregulated control and power. They "stopped it." How did they do this?

Because each and every citizen got involved and revealed what a scam it would be. MSD raises rates about 6.5% each year the last couple of years AFTER being called out on their astronomical rate increase of 32% a few years ago.

The Louisville Water Co solely owned by Louisville Metro raises rates an average of 6.5%. Louisville News and Politics: ILLEGAL TAXES:LOUISVILLE WATER CO

Why would MSD or Louisville Water Co only raise rates at 6.5% these days? Because at 7% they must get Council approval. Yep that's right. Keep it below 7% and you can raise it at will. How does this happen?

Because neither are regulated by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

At least LG&E is regulated by the PSC so do not be fooled by this play to get in our pockets once again. Contact every legislator and tell them you do not approve of this rate increase..

Force LG&E to answer why they do not have the resources to pay for the damages or build new infrastructure.

Don't we pay enough right now for Corporate welfare?

Your thoughts?


This has been a tough week. Battling pink eye for the last week or so virtually making it almost impossible to see since it is in both eyes, the loss of my Aunt 2 days ago, and now yet another loss. Coroner: Man found dead after accident on Watterson Expressway did not die from crash WHAS11 Louisville, Kentucky and India...

I do not write this for any sympathy. Those who know me know better but what I want folks to realize is that life is short.

The story above is just the initial story and there will be more to come. You see Jones is the Grandson of one of my family's oldest and dearest friends. His dad Dwayne is one of the good people in this world. For this to happen to a 21 year old is tragic by any stretch of the imagination.

I have to ask how in the world was this allowed to happen?

While we await the toxicology reports, I decided to do what I do and research K2 a bit to find out if it could have been involved. What I found was alarming to say the least.

It seems K2 has become the new fake marijuana in many circles. It's allure to the young is an easy one to follow. It is bought over the counter and gives essentially the same high as marijuana. What is not as well known however is the fact that K2 mainly comes from China and is treated with Chemicals.

So you are not smoking something "natural" you are smoking chemicals.

Just last night WHAS news did a story on K2 Popular new drug just banned in Kentucky, easy to get in Indiana WHAS11 Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana News Top Stories

According to the story: K2 is legal in most states, including Indiana, but just a few weeks ago K2 was banned in Kentucky; although anyone, with a few clicks of the mouse, can buy it over the internet.

Poison Control Centers across the country, including Louisville, have been getting calls landing users, mainly 17-to-29 years old, in the hospital with scary side effects.

Marketed as many things: incense, plant food, animal control, it is amazing at how we have allowed this labeling and yet we sell it in smoke shops and according to the WHAS story...

It’s marketed as incense, promising to make your house smell better.
But stores aren’t telling people not to smoke it.

Our reporter asked, “But it’s incense right? You’re not supposed to smoke it?”

“You can smoke it; that’s what they do smoke it,” was the answer.

You can also read an article here on K2: US MO: Fake Marijuana Gets Attention of Police

Britain, Germany, Poland, France, South Korea and Russia have moved to ban the sale of synthetic cannabis within the past year. Kansas may not be far behind.

To quote words from my immortal friend Francene, "life is short so make the most of it."

I will be doing an in depth look into K2 in the immediate future but for now get the word out.

K2 is deadly. Period.

Make sure people know...........

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