Monday, September 19, 2011


For years now I have been writing about MSD problems, debt, and how they are going to ruin Louisville accordingly. Finally, it looked as though we might be on the brink of getting some sunshine with MSD and maybe some way to hold them accountable ala Judy Green and the ethics commission.

I may be wrong.

On the surface the ethics commission is saying the right things about MSD. Read more here

"Call me suspicious, but I think they want us to do the grunt work and provide an opinion - and they’ll cherry-pick what they want to keep," said commission member Gus "Skip" Daleure. "I don’t want this commission to be used." 

But there are many questions coming to light such as why Deborah Kent was given a $50,000 no bid contract to sit as counsel for the ethics commission.

While I believe the ethics commission did an excellent job with the Judy Green scandal I also believe that they now must make sure they pass muster as well. 

Why is this contract a problem now?

Simply because Ms. Kent was an attorney for Larry Zielke for 3 years AND an attorney for MSD for six years. Should she be involved in any way, shape, or form with anything ethical or otherwise regarding MSD? I think not and so do most folks I have spoken with. 

How can the ethics commission judge anyone from an ethical standpoint when their attorney is compromised?

And that's the rub. Much more will be coming out about Deborah Kent very soon I assure you but for now pay close attention to this developing story and call your Councilpersons to ensure we don't make a laughingstock out of our ethics commission after they have done such credible work to date. 

Until next time folks......

Friday, September 16, 2011


It is not often I would agree with Judge Rodney Burress in Bullitt County. In all honesty I am in the middle of an investigation of him as I write. With that said however, I have to say he was correct in overturning the unconstitutional smoking ban in Bullitt County brought about by the Health Department.

Why did he do so? Because the Health Department overstepped it's bounds. Period.

As reported in the CJ,
Attorneys for Bullitt Fiscal Court and the county’s eight cities argued that the county Board of Health overstepped its authority by enacting a far-reaching policy that could only be legally passed by city councils or Fiscal Court.

Margaret Miller, one of two attorneys who represented the health board, cited Kentucky Revised Statute 212.230, which she said specifically states that health boards “shall” adopt, implement and enforce regulations necessary to protect public health.

In Burress’ ruling, he said the health board’s justification of the ban would open the door to health departments banning candy and deep-fried foods, or limiting the consumption of red meat.

And that is the rub. The Health Department itself cannot pass laws that affect the citizenry. They can enforce existing laws or regs that are put upon them, but cannot make law for us. That is why we have elected leaders.

Judge Burress got this one right.

In other news, Phillip Bailey has a copy of Todd P'Pool's latest campaign ad in his race to unseat Jack Conway and I have to admit one thing.

It is this kind of asinine thinking in current Republican campaigns that will make sure the Democrat incumbents keep the Governor's mansion and the AG's office.

Guys we get it. Obama bad.

Hell I can't think of one thing Barrack Obama has done that I can agree 100% with since he was elected. I bring these issues to light each night on my radio show, BUT if this is the best the opposition Republican Party can come up with than they are further out of reality than one can possibly fathom.

AG Conway has so many things he can be attacked for, Aqua Buddha, his brother Matt's drug situation, and so many others it defies logic that some idiotic campaign manager actually thinks the spot is a good one.

Conway has not been a good AG choosing instead to take on easy stuff and ignoring the tough choices. That does not mean he isn't electable as the latest polls show. He is electable only because of these type candidates and efforts.

We the people are sick of these campaigning efforts. They do an injustice to each and every one of us by thinking we are so dumb, and having the audacity to treat us as if we were, that we would actually vote for you based on these type ads.

Todd P'Pool listen closely.

THIS is an example of why you are trailing by 27 points and why Jack Conway will win easily in November.

Republican Party of Kentucky take heed. If this is the best you can do for candidates that include the asinine attempts by you and KC Crosbie to rid a Libertarian off the ballot in Ken Moellman, you will never be taken seriously for the biggest offices in the State.

The Dimocrats are a ridiculous bunch of thugs who have no vision and have destroyed Kentucky.

The way you guys have campaigned the last couple of cycles clearly show why they are able to do so.

Finally, for all things bridges check out last night's Ed Springston Show here:

Until next time folks.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me down. When I look at this whole bridge fiasco I am reminded of this line from Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge over troubled water." And why not? At the rate we are going we will have no bridge at all.

You may wonder why I am so negative. Quite frankly I think in the case of the bridge we are all negative. We have been told for years that we would get one. Anne Northup told us she had the funding and we would start construction. She even went so far as to have a major photo op in the East End with Jerry Abramson, and other so called leaders with shovels in their hand, turning dirt to symbolize the beginning of the construction.

7 years ago. We still have not started. When Northup lost to Yarmuth we "lost" the funding. Of course the funding was never there, or we would not be where we are today.

There have been known cracks in the Sherman Minton for years now as we are finally being told. Could we have avoided tis fiasco by doing more maintenance when the problems began?


There are also cracks in the Kennedy in the same T-1 steel that is the problem with the Sherman Minton. Of course Kentucky leaders say it is ok and no big deal. Never mind that they are adding more weight to the bridge and more traffic to a bridge that is outdated and overused anyway.

We are to believe in our leaders right?

The Minneapolis bridge that collapsed in August 2007 was rebuilt in 339 days folks. That is no typo. 339 days. Predictably, the CJ started with their spin of how this can't be done here in an article today.

Of course, the CJ has been on board protecting the Democrats thoughout this community and certainly River Fields who are the true obstructionists.

So what happens now?

The Kennedy was built to handle a maximum of 100,000 vehicles per day and has exceeded that for many years with the most recent numbers I have looked at showing 120,000 daily. Of course this adds more stress to the bridge itself which would surely be a warning sign when cracks are found there right?


Kentucky says it is ok to add another 80,000 vehicles potential to the added stress (80,000 from Sherman Minton per day). We are now to believe that the Kennedy can handle the strain? Common sense dictates the answer is a resounding NO.

So here we are. The Sherman Minton is shut down by Indiana due to a critical failure in T-1 steel beams. Indiana says close it because they are the authority on the SM. Kennedy, however, while showing the same cracks in the same questionable steel stays open with new added volume and that is ok.

You guessed it Kentucky has the authority for the Kennedy. Where is the FHTSA?

The Federal Highway Traffic and Safety Administration surely would agree that this is a transportation crisis thereby negating the arguments from the CJ right? Being a crisis and an emergency River Fileds could be avoided correct?

Is no one paying attention to the fact that I-65, which includes the Kennedy, is THE major interchange to get from Florida to Detroit? Would that make it worthy of emergency federal funding?

We can give banks trillions of dollars due to their own illegal dealings and cannot find a way to fund an immediate bridge? Hogwash.

It is past time for so called leaders like John Yarmuth to call off his dogs in River Fields and say yes to an East End bridge and now replacing the Sherman Minton. Forget the fact that his home sits right in the way of the exit from the East End Bridge, which of course would be acquired through eminent domain, and perhaps the real reason he is using River Fields to obstruct this project.

As we learned from Minneapolis we CAN achieve results when there is the will to do so. Do we need more lives lost due to KNOWN faulty construction on our aging infrastructure?

I think not. Tonight on the Ed Springston Show at at 7 pm, I want to know if you agree.

It is time our "leaders" actually led.

Otherwise, our community is held hostage to a Bridge over troubled water.

That is not acceptable.........

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Judy Green was ousted from the Council after a unanimous vote

Shortly after 6:30 PM the Metro Court reconvened after deliberating for more than an hour and a half. Their conclusion? Judy Green was ousted from the Council after a unanimous vote on both counts against her. The first by Ray Barker in regards to the Green Clean Team, and the second by yours truly for my charges against her in regards to the 100 Black Men organization.

Citizens of Louisville Metro and Jefferson County, Kentucky... You are welcome.

I don't say that because of some perverse need to self gratify myself. No I say that because this case was absolutely necessary and literally thousands of Louisvillians got to see justice finally being done.

With the conclusion of this portion of the case (and believe me there will be more I am sure) one wonders what we can look forward to now that we have precedent set first by citizen involvement, secondly, the ethics commission, and finally the Metro Council.

Let no one think by a long shot this is over. It has only just begun.

For starters, after Green tried to act like she was some concerned Council member with her stunt last week of resigning, (yes it was a stunt or she could have done it 6 months ago), do not forget. Former Metro Council member Judy Green still has a pending appeal with the ethics commission. Her defense is STILL being paid for by your tax dollars though she stated when she resigned she was doing so in part to save the taxpayer expense. Right.

It will be interesting to see if she tries to appeal the Council Court findings since she would have to pay for that defense out of her own pocket.

As much as we learned during testimony over the last two days we now have even more questions, and potential charges, against some of those involved.

One of which is Charles Alexander, her former campaign treasurer and treasurer of the 100 Black Men or?. The most logical question is who committed perjury under oath?

Was it Melody Hill who testified under oath that Green talked with Alexander and convinced him to do the grant this way, or was it Charles Alexander who claimed he only worked with Hill on this even after admitting he was a friend of Judy's for over 28 years.

Even Rick Blackwell who I am always critical of did not miss that one.

Of course Alexander talked with Green and worked their stories out. Why would he not ask his friend of 28 years if this was ok if he had reservations? To think otherwise defies common sense.

So that is one avenue I will be pursuing. Perjury charges.

Another aspect that raises questions is the testimony of Clarence Yancey. Why is it that every witness was questioned ad nauseum by the Louisville Metro Council Court, and Yancey received a free pass. There are pics of Yancey at events with a Green T shirt on, Yancey distributes flyers with endorsements on it every election, and yet no one dared ask him about any of this.


Perhaps, but Green presented the need for overkill based on her actions over the last several months and this was one avenue to make sure everyone knew how things really work in elections and was a missed opportunity. This could have helped lay out the game for everyone so we don't revisit this later. Many questions on that one for sure.

The best thing about all of this was that we now have a precedent and a path to sunshine. This does not bode well for some other Metro Council members in the future. I can assure you that at least one, perhaps two, Council members will now have charges brought against them and this case sets precedent for the outcome.

This is one more reason why this case needed to move forward as it did.

The Judy Green precedent was a test for the Metro Council, and a test for "We the people". We set the stage for the future accountability we will now demand from Louisville Metro Government.

Judy Green made a mockery of her reign as an elected official and a mockery of the system itself.

She has tried everyting she could to avoid responsibility for her actions, even lying to the people she purported to represent. The folks in District 1 should be ashamed of her, not rallying for her.

The Rev's who decided to get into State affairs from the pulpit should lose their tax exempt status and any other perk they get from the Government. That will give us a true test of separation of church and state, but doubtful it will happen.

For some Council members this was a warning, for others it was the first shot across the bow as now some will be working OT to protect themselves from future charges. Some in the South end need to be very wary of the ongoing investigations that began before this started.

Some will be losing their jobs or resigning for various other reasons, insert excuse here: health, family, etc. The real reson is they don't want to deal with what Green just had to. Judy taught them the value of overestimating their importance.

I am very proud of the way this hearing was conducted openly.

Many props to Councilman Downard for the way he handled this whole thing. What could have become a circus stayed far away from being one. Councilman Downard ran a great 1st Metro Court and set the standard for others who may be in his position to follow.

In the meantime for today, I am very happy with the Council overall for having the fortitude to realize that since Green decided to play this as a publicity stunt we had to move forward with the entire process to ensure we the people knew the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help us God.

Pay close attention Reverend Elliott. You decided to play in this game and assured that the "Supreme Power" is the only one who would judge Judy Green has now done so.

HE did so by proxy through the Metro Council Court.......

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Passion for Freedom

I gave my speech this morning at the 9/11 Passion for Freedom event at Jefferson Square brought about by Sir Friendly C Ray Barker. I have to admit there were some good speakers there including, to name a few: Mershon Daniels, Andy Hodges, Peter Hayes, Erica Prentiss, and Ray Barker. I also have to say that while many points were brought home this morning one stuck out in particular to me.

According to Peter Hayes, we lost approximately 3000 people to the 9/11 catastrophe. While we continue to grieve this tragic event brought about by terrorists on American soil, Hayes pointed out that there are over 12,000 murders a year in America by Americans against Americans.

Though we lost 3000 on 9/11/2001 what does this statistic say about us as Americans? 120,000 lives lost right here at home in American crime against American people in the 10 years since 9/11.

Maybe we need to stand against that and take the time to repair that bad side of us.

In the meantime I was asked to post my speech on the website. I don't normally do this but here it is for your review.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the worst foreign led terrorist attack on the United States in our history.

Thousands lost their lives and families were destroyed in an instant. Thousands more have been destroyed in the 10 years since. This attack was not led against white or black citizens it was an attack against American citizens and our way of life.

For 10 years now we have heard the call of 9-1-1 from our leaders in Washington to right here in Kentucky. It seems everyone loves to shout 9-1-1 in the hopes that we forget or at the very least quit paying attention to what freedom really means. For myself we have devalued the honor of freedom and what we learned in the days after by standing together.

While we are here today supposed to be honoring our fallen heroes of 9-1-1, I ask you to reach beyond that call and think about what we have lost. Our brave men and women in the armed forces and we the American people have lost more than we can ever gain if we do not stand together as we did after that tragedy.

What has 9-1-1 cost us as citizens of these United States?

We are continuing to fight wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and others that continue to cost us lives and destroy families. While the industrial complex in Haliburton, Bechtel, Carlysle Group and many others, all of whom have corporate board members in George Bush, and Dick Cheney as examples, have gotten rich, they have done so by bankrupting America.

As a military veteran I understand the needs of war when necessary yet today there are not many who can present a justifiable argument to continue this travesty of poor decision making.

From George Bush to Barrack Obama we see no end in sight towards the endeavor to bring our troops home.

What is the cost? Families forever altered by lost loved ones. Fathers, mothers, grieving their children's loss.

Children grieving the loss of their fathers and mothers.

A national debt that is so huge our children and our great grandchildren will have to pay for it. If it can be be brought under control at all.

What else has happened?

Freedom in America itself is under attack not by outside forces, but by our own government leadership. They continue to use 9-1-1 as a way of forcing upon us unforeseen ways to control us and watch our every move.

Think I am wrong? Think about freedom here at home since 9-1-1.

The Patriot act has allowed the government to come into our homes via the internet, our personal phones, even cameras at street intersections to watch all that we do. All legal with no probable cause.

I ask you today, is that freedom?

As a veteran I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign, and domestic. It is an oath I still adhere to today my friends.

For 10 years now we have allowed the mantra of 9-1-1 to be the focus of our behavior. It has been used to lie, cheat, and manipulate us into a false sense of well being while the leadership continues to dismantle us all.

Is this what we the people are now standing for?

I, for one, sincerely hope not. While we have allowed the call of 9-1-1 to give us some false sense of duty to invade other countries we have sat silently aside as America itself is being invaded from within.

We are being destroyed by greed of the rich and powerful and our own elected leaders.

From Republican President George Bush to Democratic President Barrack Obama, from Republican Mitch McConnell to Democrat Nancy Pelosi, this greed and undermining of America knows no political party boundaries and we are led as sheep to slaughter.

Look around you today and ask why you are here? While you are looking around remember that on average 2 out of 10 of you do not have a job and cannot feed your families, or provide a lifestyle that they deserve.

Ask yourself why? Why did the rich bankers get over $1 trillion of our money to use against the least wealthy amongst us. Could that money have been used to help business create new jobs so we could be proud once more?

Why did they get bailout money for filing illegal foreclosures and continue to use that illegal practice against those who need the help the most?

More importantly, Why have we become so complacent in keeping our mouths shut and allowing this to happen?

I am reminded of two great leaders in our history. You may have heard of them.

President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. Both were killed for daring to stand up against the machine.

John F. Kennedy uttered these words in his inaugural speech:

Now the trumpet summons us again -- not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need -- not as a call to battle, though embattled we are -- but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, year in and year out, "rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation," a struggle against the common enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself.

I say to you today that those trumpets are sounding again. The common enemies of man that Kennedy spoke of are more prevalent today than ever. tyranny, poverty, and war itself.
Can there be any question of that?

Dr. King was able to unite millions both black, and white, in the quest for freedom and equality in America.

Were his efforts in vain? I hope not.

But even in that effort we have continued to allow our so called leaders to keep us divided almost 50 years later. Using race, abortion, anything they can to keep us from standing together and opening our eyes to what is wrong with America.

Dr. King stated in "I have a Dream" that:

...we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. And so, we've come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice.

Though Dr. King was speaking of the freeing of African Americans I urge you today to consider that ALL of us regardless of color are indeed slaves and are being left out of the great land of opportunity we call America.

Have we achieved the riches of freedom as Americans? What about the security of justice? I think not.

Both parties have let us down but only because we have allowed them to do so. Yes we share in the blame but more importantly we can share in the fix. Hold our leaders accountable to what we elected them to do.

We owe it to our families, and more importantly to each other. United we stand, divided we fall.

We have been divided long enough.

John Kennedy said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Do not let that fear destroy America but allow it to motivate each and every one of us to make a stronger America so we no longer have to live in fear.

It is only then that we will truly be free and the many lives lost during and since 9-1-1 will mean something other than a rallying cry.

I say to you today my fellow citizens, Let freedom ring.

Thank you and God Bless America.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of the worst known attack on US soil in our history. Hardly anyone cannot remember what they were doing when the attack hit the airwaves that fateful morning. As such tomorrow will be filled with remembrances across the City, State, and indeed the Nation.

One local event I will be attending is the Passion for Freedom event presented by Sir Friendly C Ray Barker at Jefferson Square from 9am - 11 am.

Below is a copy of the event please make plans to attend if you can:

To remind all people that the Spirit of America still lives.
To ignite the message of Love, Hope and Community.

9 -11 Passion For Freedom
Memorial Program
Sunday – September 11, 2011
6th & Jefferson (Jefferson Memorial Square)
9:00am - 11:00am

Look forward to seeing you there folks.

Friday, September 9, 2011


As I have stated over and over Green would resign at the last minute. 
I even told you last night on my radio show. Is anyone surprised? Certainly not me. What can be said about Green that hasn't already been covered in this whole fiasco.

Of course she also used the predictable "health reasons", and spending more time with her family, as I also said she would months ago. Funnily enough she even mentioned wanting to save the taxpayers money.

That was the most laughable part of all. She has already wasted over six figures of our money defending herself on our dime. To think with her history she actually believes anyone thinks she is worried about saving our money is absurd.

I will give her an easy out though because I am such a nice guy.

Judy Green if you are worried about saving our tax dollars then drop the appeal.
We, the taxpayer, are paying for your attorneys in Wicker and Reid from the ethics findings.

This resignation, though predictable, will surely leave a lot of questions unanswered and justice will still be denied to an extent.

For example, even if the Council Court continues with the hearings on Monday, does anyone honestly think it will be a full blown hearing that will include testimony from Andrea Jackson or Melody Hill? Both need to be heard under oath to see the real scam that is/was Judy Green.

Doubtful we will get there though now.

Will Dave Stengel finally do his job and bring criminal charges against Green for her criminal behavior without a full accounting from the Council court?

The answer is no. This protects his office as well. 

So who finally got Green to resign and what was the deal? 
I am not sure if any deal was made but Green literally had no defense. She had no records and no witnesses to vindicate her side of the story and quite frankly the only defense she could use was the same one Wicker tried at the ethics commission.

The old I am a good person and it was everyone else's fault defense.

Which of course means she had no defense at all. So why bother with spending more of our tax money on appeals. Because that is Judy Green and she doesn't care as long as it isn't her money.

If Judy cared one bit about we the taxpayers she would have finished this long ago. If she cared today she would stop spending our money immediately.

Sadly she just never got that. Even sadder still is the fact that this fiasco will go on until she does. 

So for now goodbye Councilwoman Judy Green and good riddance.

At least until we have to deal with part 2............


What more can be said about this train wreck called Louisville Metro Council Member Judy Green? Well plenty actually.It seems while Judy has been playing the medical card, with no proof to back up her claims, even going so far as to say she may have to show up at Monday's hearing with an oxygen machine, she has had no problem breathing apparently while boxing up her stuff in her Council office and removing it.

Meanwhile, she has been working behind the scenes trying to get support to keep her district unchanged so she can run for office again later contacting every African American on the Council for support. From what I understand the only one showing that support is Mary Woolridge.

Yep peas in a pod but that is a story for another day.

Additionally, after saying she would never resign the County Attorney's office mysteriously had to issue a ruling saying the Council could continue with the hearings even IF Judy Green resigned.

We call that fishing folks.

Why would O'Connell have to even consider that right now unless something came to his attention from Green or others wanting clarification. None of it matters anyway.

No matter the outcome Green will continue the legal challenges because quite frankly she has nothing left to her. After stating over and over again about all the stuff she knows on everyone she has mysteriously remained quiet about the alleged info.

After being subpoenaed for records she could not produce them.

The plan was to resign late in the game so she would not be impeached and therefore be able to run in 2012 for her seat. Then of course, I told the world on my radio show, MyViewMatters Radio that Green would be out of a job anyway after redistricting because the new district alignment would certainly put her in Cheri Bryant-Hamilton or David Tandy's District thus, for all intents and purposes, ending her Council career as no one would vote against either in favor of Green.

Wonder why redistricting became so important to her when she was supposedly off for medical reasons? Any wonder why she is now reportedly emptying her office? Do we wonder further if anyone has been checking what she is removing?

With her history we do not know and that in itself is alarming. I can't believe no freeze order or anything else has been put in place on removing potential evidence from that office.

Then of course after all this time and Green and her friend Denise Bentley practically begging for support, only 40 people showed up last night to listen to the racist taunts by Green and her followers.

Indications are that 7 were speakers so the number of actual listeners is even lower.

Continuing to use the race card Green, and those few so called Reverends that benefit from her, are still trying to divide the community for their own gain. Thank God no one is listening.

While Green has used racism to attack throughout this ordeal, let's not forget who she is taking it out on. Phillip Bailey prominent reporter for WFPL, Ray Barker, known as Sir Friendly C who filed the original charge against the Green Clean team, and Barbara Shanklin, one of the most well known politicians in Louisville.

Oh yeah all are African American too.

So who exactly is being the racist here Judy Green?

You and your husband are.

On top of all that, as a good faith gesture, I use that term loosely we are paying her after all.

Green should have attended the Metro Council meeting last night
We pay for her representation and what does she do? She arranges and attends a "rally" in one more weak effort to keep her job.

One more example of taxpayers being screwed by you.

Um Judy, just exactly what does that boneheaded decision show to any of us taxpayers? You skip what we are paying you to do for your own personal benefit once again? Considering the weak turnout, once again you do not have the support you continue to want to believe you have.

You have never shown any remorse or taken any responsibility whatsoever for your actions and decisions. Hell most people in this community are forgiving by nature. We have had to be because of all the garbage the so called leaders we elect continue to pull.

You have not given anyone a single reason to work towards forgiveness instead deciding to forge ahead and blame everyone but yourself.

So here are a couple of easy questions for you.

Who has been robbing the taxpayers blind Judy Green?

You have.

Louisville Attorney James Green himself lost his law license due to theft charges years ago and perhaps that is where Judy learned the game from. I don't know.

Who has steadfastly declined to do the right thing?

You have.

Who has stated they don't have to pay back over $350,000 in defaulted student loans?

You have.

I could go on but you get the point. This lies squarely on the shoulders of Judy Green and no one else. Don't continue acting like the victim when you yourself are the perpetrator. It is called responsibility. Though you may not know what that word means look it up.

The only color involved here is the color Green. Money. Moolah, and your abuse of our good faith and our wallets.

From my perspective it is the single most reason Judy Green needs to go and not soon enough.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, JR gave a speech that would electrify millions and solidify his place in history for the march towards freedom and equality in America, both white and black. Commonly known as his "I Have a Dream speech". King's legacy was forever cemented.

In the years since in the quest to honor Dr. King we have done many things but this latest one defies logic and would have King rolling over in his grave.

The new statue in honor of Dr. King was approved and partially paid for ($10 million federal dollars) under a black President, Barrack Obama, made of white granite, and by a Chinese sculptor resulting in an uncanny likeness to an Asian version of Dr. King from a communist Country.

"The decision had been made, even before Lei was chosen as the artist, to use a certain white granite, unique to China, for the statue," Podas-Larson said. "He carved it in China, and it was then taken apart into 158 pieces, like a jigsaw, and transported on a ship and brought to the National Mall, where it was reassembled." (
Lei brought his own team of Chinese stone workers.

Does this not fly in the face of exactly what Dr. King was fighting for? Freedom and equality in America?

How can we have a Country in shambles pay a Chinese sculptor in a communist country to come up with this version of Dr. King AND bring his own team of Chinese workers over here to help assemble it?

Of course lest we forget MLK III says it is a good job. Why wouldn't he?

His family was paid $800,000 for permission to use the likeness of Dr. King for this project.

Yes Dr. King would be rolling over in his grave over this as well I am sure. As a public figure in the fight for equality to pay his family for his likeness would be a further embarrassment to Dr. King himself in my opinion.

From the most famous speech ever given by Dr. King:

"....... When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.

This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the "unalienable Rights" of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note, insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked "insufficient funds.""

I have to ask, have we given the African Americans a bad check for this likeness of its most famous leader?

I say yes we have.

Dr. King stood for the embodiment of being American. An America that was free for all. An America that would stand united tall and proud. That was his dream. The American dream.

I can't help but think that he would be insulted when the most powerful and influential African American of our time in Barrack Obama would have the gall to help fund this work to a communist, or to have it made from a white stone, or even further to bear little resemblance to the Dr. King that most would recognize.

As an American I feel insulted. We have spent almost 50 years trying to honor Dr. King in an attempt to placate the African American community, yes I said placate, in the same way we have always done in this regard. It is almost like the old saying "throw the dog a bone."

It seems as if as long as it appears we are doing something that everything is ok in America.

It is not.

We continue all these years later allowing, yes I said allowing, a few in the African American community to benefit and live the American dream, yet in many ways we continue refusing to allow real progress for All of us regardless of race to have the opportunity to.

There are some within the African American community who continue to play the race card for their own benefit just ask local Councilwoman Judy Green. She will now and forever be used as an "example" of what is wrong with black people who get power. Nothing could be further from the truth as the mindset of Green is not a white or black thing. It is a money thing.

There are just as many in the white community who continue using this placating mindset to convince others that they truly care as well. Yet we will continue putting dressing on the problems and continue ignoring the basic reason the problems exist today. Poverty, lack of inclusion, and basically everything King fought for is alive today though not as public as it once was. We continue using race as a dividing tool, behind closed doors mostly, but there nonetheless.

Placation is not inclusive folks. That is the reality. The perception of this farcical endeavor belies what many of us are fighting for today. The legacy of Dr. King and freedom. This is not a white or black problem, it is an American problem.

When we have a President that argues he is trying to help us in job creation then allows $10 million of our tax money be spent in a communist country for an American job that is alarming.

Does everything America has have to come from China? It certainly appears so.

Is there anyone qualified in America to do the honor of this statue of Dr. King? Of course there is. One that comes to mind is local sculptor Ed Hamilton right here in Louisville.

Would it have been a fitting tribute to have a black President contribute $10 million of our tax money to a black internationally known sculptor to do a piece honoring the most famous black man in America in the fight for civil rights?

I think so and I am not alone. From a story this summer in Your Black World:

There are also some who would argue that Dr. King, a man who fought for the rights of American workers, might be concerned about the exclusion of black and white American workers on the project. Bringing Chinese workers across the world to work on a King memorial is an interesting reminder of corporate globalization that is taking place in America today. Throughout the economic recovery, American workers have been the least to benefit, while the wealthy and corporations have done quite well. Part of the reason for this division is due to the fact that wages are kept low by using workers overseas.

Well stated if you ask me.

We should all be insulted by this travesty. To honor an American of Dr. King's caliber we must always remember that we are Americans first and foremost.

To do otherwise is UN-American in the eyes of many, white and black.

That is the greatest insult of all to Dr. King.

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