Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Thieneman lawsuit filed

Local developer and activist Chris Thieneman has filed a lawsuit against the City of Louisville, LMPD Officers, and County Attorney Ingrid Geiser for malicious prosecution among other things. As I have mentioned previously, I have a personal relationship with Thieneman and chose to NOT be the lead on this case to avoid any claims of impropriety or bias. I think it was the right decision......then.

With that said, in lieu of recent events at LMPD it is time to get this story out. Mainstream has refused to report on this issue, even after the CJ's Joe Gerth implied that when Thieneman  filed the suit that they would. Is anyone really surprised that they did not?

Friday, May 26, 2017

Is Justice in Kentucky blind or is it bent to fit an agenda

Recently, more reports have come to light regarding bad arrests, cover ups, and more within our police departments and judicial system itself.

Case in point?

In a sensational lawsuit, a defendant jailed for nearly five years on a murder charge before he was acquitted says he was framed in part to protect a sheriff who was being paid off by one of the actual perpetrators.

"This manifest injustice was not the result of flaws in the judicial system,” the suit says. “Rather, the defendants conspired to take his liberty by knowingly initiating false charges based on evidence that they fabricated.”

The 38-page lawsuit accuses former Knox Sheriff John Pickard of protecting a man who should have been charged as an accomplice because he was paying Pickard $1,000 a month to be allowed to commit crimes in the county with impunity.

The suit also names five Kentucky State Police detectives, including one, Sgt. Jason York, who was accused in a lawsuit last month of framing a pair of cousins in another Knox County murder. Pickard also is a defendant in that suit.

Let's not forget this one either.

Two Pineville, Ky., residents have filed a federal lawsuit accusing Kentucky State Police and other officers of attempting to frame them for the murder of a Knox County woman in 2010.

Cousins Amanda Hoskins and Jonathan Taylor claim officers from the state police agency, the Barbourville Police Department and the Knox County Sheriff’s Office “knowingly initiated false charges” based on fabricated evidence.

Hoskins and Taylor spent a total of eight years in jail in connection with the murder of Katherine Mills of Flat Lick, Ky., before the charges against them were dismissed, according to the lawsuit.
They allege in court documents that the officers who investigated Mills’ death “conspired to frame” them despite evidence that implicated two other people, including a police informant.

The lawsuit outlines wide-ranging allegations by law enforcement officers to connect Hoskins and Taylor to the murder instead of other men who failed polygraph tests about their role in the murder. In one instance, the lawsuit claims, officers promised the informant , Allen Helton, that he would not go to jail “as long as he agreed to go along with the false and fabricated statement that they manufactured for him.”

And of course we all know about the ongoing LMPD Explorer investigation in which two former officers, Brandon Wood and Kenneth Betts, are accused of rape. And Major Collin Flaherty has some serious explaining to do about what appears, at least to me, his involvement in the cover up. Wonder why he was just removed as a commander?

The truth will out.

But finally, all these questions are being asked and investigations are underway. Why now?
Simple, because it went public and could not be ignored any longer. It appears to be a systemic way of life for some in our legal system today. From officers to prosecutors, we have lost integrity, or at least it appears that way.

For the record, I know several officers and still believe that the vast majority are good police officers, but when you continue to see this stuff played out publicly, then we must ask what gives. Being victimized myself by a couple of bad cops, Brandon Wood, and Dustin Henke, I know full well the feelings involved when you want and deserve justice. Being falsely accused by those who are supposed to be in seek of the truth is hell I assure you.

We have yet another example playing out now but the media is ignoring it. The case of Chris Thieneman.

After being allegedly falsely accused of several crimes including a felony, based on what appears once again to be yet another example of faulty investigations, or outright collusion to make the crime fit the victim by our illustrious legal system, no one has even tried to allow him to tell his side of the story.

Yet all were quick to report the charges and make it appear that he was guilty. When the courts decided otherwise? Crickets.....

According to Thieneman;

I had a lying prosecutor (ingrid Geiser) and a corrupt detective (amy phelps).

It is hard to argue with that assessment after seeing all the evidence reading testimony from this case.

For the record, I intentionally did not report on any of this after Thieneman filed his lawsuit because Thieneman is a personal friend and I do not want to appear biased. Thieneman did all he could and at one point was told by the CJ's own Joe Gerth, "file the damn lawsuit and we will do a story." Or something like that.

The reality is, as usual, the MSM does not want to do a story that may counter the BS they try to push on us. If it doesn't fit their agenda they don't want to do a story. I waited for almost 6 weeks to allow them time to do their story AFTER the suit was filed by Thieneman.

They still haven't so I have no qualms or feel the need not to share with you now.

There will be a few segments to this over the next couple of weeks and I will include testimony that is on the record for your review to back up my assessment.

One interesting one is the following where Thieneman's accuser, April Smith, tries to say he forced her to do things sexually she didn't want to. Yet when asked if he physically forced her she said no. I warn you now a lot of this may be disturbing to some and I admit I have a problem to a degree even reporting on this story because of my friendship with Thieneman. However, at the end of the day what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

We will tell why everything you have heard is wrong, why I believe there was collusion between the County Attorney's office own Ingrid Geyser, and Detective Amy Phelps, and why I think they decided to attempt to frame him.

Stick around the story is just beginning........

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Stock Yards Bank, FBT, and Steve Pence have some explaining to do....

Folks this will give you some idea of what we have been working months on regarding Stock Yards Bank, Frost, Brown, and Todd, and more. Check out the website at the link below.

For Immediate Release

As a Registered Advisor with the SEC and member of the CFA Institute as a Charterholder, complying with Reg FD, I present the following:

Investor alert: Stock Yards Bank and Trust (Nasdaq: SYBT) Chairman David Heintzman and President James A (Ja) Hillebrand appear to have lied to Federal Bank Regulators, the U.S. Treasury and Stock Yards Bank shareholders in an effort to escape the added regulatory scrutiny associated with TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program). 

The center of the corruption in Kentucky, which ranks 2nd most in the Nation according to a 2013 Harvard Study, appears to be Frost Brown Todd law firm. 

Evidence strongly supports collusive relationships with Banks, Developers and other attorneys who collectively focus on New Market Tax Credit projects (NMTC). It also can be shown that during the 2008 Financial Crisis, local publicly traded bank, Stock Yards Bank and Trust NASDAQ:SYBT seems to have misled the Government into thinking they were more solvent than reality can now prove. It can be shown the Bank and Top Client/Developer reported having collateral on a project which was issued “an event default”. The collateral was knowingly accepted without proper authority, to trick HUD and others to appear legitimate.

The law firm illegally assisted their client Stock Yards Bank and Trust (Nasdaq: SYBT) in attempting to cover up the wrongdoing.

FROST BROWN TODD, The largest law firm in the State, has a footprint eight state footprint to include Washington, DC with political ties to both State and National officials, along with Federal Judges. The firm’s potential power within the Judicial and Enforcement system appears to be protecting both them and their clients throughout the State.

When victims started finding incriminating patterns of corruption with individuals involved, they were told by many to “be careful, you are taking on the establishment.” They found themselves at the center of systemic corruption supported by the nepotism created by Federal politicians of Kentucky,. Many former employees of Frost Brown Todd, previously Brown Todd Heyburn, are now assigned to key public positions that control law enforcement investigations. U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell has suggested yet another current Frost Brown Todd employee to be the next US Attorney of the Western District of Kentucky.

After 5 long years we have collected over 4,000 pages of documents with confirming evidence of criminal activity.

In addition, secret but legal recorded conversations, court proceedings used to hide the truth and deposition material from a current Federal Bankruptcy case has allowed us to complete the story. In addition the bank Chairman raised capital by falsifying documents to entice shareholders into investing in preferred securities to avoid being forced into taking TARP and its increased scrutiny.

The full story can be seen at www.myoldkyswamp.com

For inquiries:

Contact Steven Weyland, CFA or Mary Jean Gandolfo for more information at myoldkyswamp@gmail.com 502-802-6055

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ford steals from U.S. Taxpayer

Louisville, KY - Much has been going on lately regarding Ford Motor Company. In a stunning move, Ford announced that they will be moving all small car production to Mexico. This creates many problems and we the people should be demanding answers. Forbes has done an updated article on the bailout money that Ford got and this raises all kinds of interesting questions.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Morgan v. Ford Motor Co. heating up, look out Louisville!

Louisville, KY - We have been the only outlet for well over two years now that have been reporting on the allegations against Ford Motor Company and Mayor Greg Fischer by former Ford employee Jay Morgan. The allegations regard an illegal termination of Jay Morgan by Ford, aided and abetted by our own Mayor Greg Fischer. We have told you and brought to you our evidence as to why we believe it to be so.

Read here for a refresher on some of the previous stories.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Council District 16 Republican Primary:Choose Sobel

Louisville, Ky - Elections have consequences folks and this year is no exception. I have to admit that outside of the Presidential races it is hard to get excited on a local basis. Why? Because we are faced with the same old garbage as usual. We will discuss some of that on the next Ed Springston Show on Monday May 16. There are a couple of interesting races though and the Republican primary in Council District 16 is one of them.

In the interest of fairness I have to point out that I know District 16 Republican candidate Chip Sobel on a personal basis. Make of that what you will, I also know many establishment Republicans on a personal basis including Ken Fleming, Kelly Downard and a whole host of others.

Thieneman lawsuit filed

Local developer and activist Chris Thieneman has filed a lawsuit against the City of Louisville, LMPD Officers, and County Attorney Ingrid...