Friday, December 31, 2010


First of all Happy New Year to each and every one of you! 2011 will bring many changes for each of us, though apparently not in Louisville looking at Greg Fischer's staffing. With that being said, however, a New Year always finds us looking forward to better things and here at Louisville News and Politics we look forward as well.

I have always been a firm believer in history. An old saying says that if you fail to learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. I agree with this so with that in mind let's recap 2010 here at LNP and outline what we hope to accomplish in 2011.

First of all as you know we have been first on many stories with some beginning in 2009 and some continuing on today.

Here at Louisville News we not only report news but we also get involved in trying to make positive changes. Here are some of the things we accomplished this year.

For starters we launched the popular radio show "MyViewMatters Radio" with partner Ed Martin. Though the show is on temporary hiatus currently, while we work on funding to switch to a daily format, we found out that there are literally thousands who are tired of business as usual and seeking a voice. We provided that voice for over a year and will do so again in 2011.

We launched the campaign against the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife and were instrumental in getting SB 64 passed.

We led the way in trying to bring leadership into focusing on food safety. Many of you were amazed at just how far behind the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the USA in general is when it comes to testing measures. Over 76 MILLION people get sick each year from food illnesses and 5,000 die annually. Local expert and tester Paul Ham made a compelling case on the MyViewMatters Radio Show.

We led the way in fighting for SB53, the semi open primary bill. Though the bill passed through the Senate easily our illustrious Democratic House refused to bring it to the floor. This fight made National news as CNN came in to do a story focusing on the plight of Independents being heard, led by Independent Ky's own Michael Lewis, and made a mockery of KY thanks to Senator Juliann Carroll's asinine comments.

This will be brought up again and we will fight once again to make sure all voices are heard in the Commonwealth.

We led the fight and will continue again in 2011 towards saving our charities with SB 222, a charitable gaming bill. Despite the lies and deception by KEEP's people in Brereton Jones and Patrick Neely rest assured we will continue fighting to protect those least able to help themselves.

We brought about the plight of Eric Garrett a whistleblower who was fired by Metro Government after using the Metro tipline. Of course Garrett was reinstated after his lawsuit, that continues on today, and paid backpay of course.

We were instrumental, and continue to be, in outing the fallacies of MSD. This story is one that gets national attention and will continue to be a thorn in our side left to fight for some time to come. Rest assured we aren't letting it die.

We worked with outside groups as well such as STOP IT leader Ray Pierce, and Operations Manager Paul Holliger in bringing the independent tipline online so no one would have to go through what Eric Garret has.

LNP, and MyViewMatters Radio has given a voice to anyone who sought it. We had literally every candidate for office on air that requested it. The list is long and includes everyone from Senator elect Rand Paul, Lt Gov. Dan Mongiardo, to local voices such as Jackie Green and Denise Bentley among others

We have given voice to all Democrats, Republicans, Independents. You name it we covered it.

Governor's race? Yep ask Gatewood we had the announcement live on air.
We have fought for inclusiveness such as those with the Fairness Campaign and Chris Hartman.

We covered National news such as the Arizona illegal immigrant stories and Obama-care.
Yep we covered the heartbreaking BP story as well.

We even fought against the asinine ORBP project and tolls. that fight will continue for some time as well I assure you.

We have called out political corruption at every level and even took on candidates. Jack Conway, Greg Fischer to name a couple. Lest I be told I am attacking democrats and not being fair remember the Todd Lally stories as well.

Kentucky's Passport scandal? Yep we had it here and Senator Julie Denton needs to go by the way.

Jerry Abramson? We outed the poorer, blacker, older comments that mainstream used. Most without any credit given. We have held this Mayor under the microscope more than any mainstream outlet has ever done.

We have outed the corruption in Louisville Metro Council members as well. Just ask Judy Green, Bob Henderson, and others

Bottom line? LNP reports the news, investigates, and even gets involved in the solutions. Whether that be outing corruption, fighting in Frankfort, or filing lawsuits our mission has been clear form day one. We will work to end corruption and bring integrity back into our lives through our elected officials.

Where others follow and gripe, we lead and get results. That is what separates us from the rest and what makes this venture so great.

What to expect in 2011?

Quite a bit. For starters we are now going to focus a bit on upgrading equipment and raising revenue. After funding this venture for 5 years solo to move forward requires funding whether through donations or investors. While I know times are tough, I'm a blue collar guy myself, there simply can be no other way. We have proven we are the best and now we need to move forward so we can get even more in depth and uncover even more.

While I have been beating up anyone who dares suggest I actually start seeking outside money, unfortunately we are growing faster than I can work hours to pay for it. 100+ hours a week is enough.

In the works are upgraded computer equipment, including a new laptop, better servicing for you the reader, and investors to bring the MyViewMatters Radio Show into a daily format. We are also looking at video equipment and some other things to bring you more video as well. We have already agreed on a contractual price with Clear Channel that is favorable and have lined up some exciting shows for 2011 once this is accomplished.

Our long range plans for 2011 include consolidating the MVM Media Group. The group will house all our ventures including the MyViewMatters Radio Show, Louisville News and Politics, and a local TV show that is in the works.

All I can say is thank you to each and every one of you for helping make us who we are. Without each of you getting involved we would literally be nothing. It is your dedication that makes any of this possible. Challenging me to do more, and each of you seeking the truth, has been a great thing. 

Though the 100+ hour work weeks get crazy sometimes never have I had one regret.

My allegiance to each of you is 100% and I am very grateful for the trust you have in me.

Get ready for 2011 folks it will be a doozy.

Happy New Year one and all!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


AP- Early reports tell us that after a shaky start Christmas came as usual this year. Fred Claus apparently did get to most kids and the ones that were missed will be made up later today. All indications are that Fred was 99.3 % effective in Santa's absence this year. This falls within the normal percentage of effectiveness by Santa.

Earlier this morning we asked Fred what he thought about being the official Santa this year and he stated: " I never knew how tough this job really was nor did I expect much from doing it but I was pleasantly surprised. The children were very gracious with their snacks and it was very humbling to visit so many homes that count on Santa for a real Christmas."

Fred went on further to say, "let the world know that no matter what happens with the current charges against my brother Santa that I promise them Christmas will continue each and every year. In future years we will grow it to be even bigger and better than before."

With the exception of the normal few who complain that they didn't get everything they asked for, at first glance it appears that this year's Christmas has been favorably received.

In many areas this year included a White Christmas that is not usual for some parts. Mother Nature sent a statement:

"With the recent problems associated with Santa and some of his staff I felt like it was more important than ever to lend a helping hand to all those who truly believe. With that in mind I decided to relax the rules a bit this year and allow snow where usually there is not any. I hope that this helps in some small way keep the spirit of a White Christmas alive in the hearts and minds of so many people."

The snow was well received in the communities and many were very thankful for the generosity of Mother Nature.

While the coming months will certainly be a bit tumultuous for Santa and friends it is very comforting to know that Christmas will continue in the tradition most have become accustomed to. The newly formed Elves Liberation Front (ELF) even had this to say:

"The events of the last few days have been disheartening to say the least. We have always only wanted what is best for the kids. It appears now that we may finally be able to relax and focus on that singular goal. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Fred Claus for his generosity in stepping forward to help the children. With such a huge undertaking we were unsure of how this would play out. Fred has done a masterful job of maintaining the excellence of Christmas.

A sincere thanks to Mother Nature as well for her role in helping keep the spirit of Christmas alive. We look forward to working with Fred Claus to address the concerns we have and help move forward to a new brighter future.

It has been a tumultuous year to say the least around the world and the thought of Christmas not coming would have been a major catastrophe to many. Thanks to the efforts of a few that has been averted.

This story should be an example to all of what can be accomplished by putting the needs ahead of selfish wants. Governments around the world...are you listening?"
Well said indeed........

Friday, December 24, 2010


AP- There appears to be more to the "Bad" Santa episode since our exclusive stunning news report yesterday. Authorities have now arrested and brought in for questioning the Grinch. You may recall the popular Christmas show "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." We are now being told that this show was originally put together as a slap in the face to law enforcement.

According to unnamed sources the Grinch and Santa have been friends for many years. While we revealed yesterday the many questions surrounding the funding for Santa Claus, it appears the elves are now coming forward in droves to fill in the blanks.

According to one elf, "Santa and the Grinch are business partners who enjoy sampling their own stock before they sell it. One night many years ago, when they were wasted, they came up with the idea of this Christmas show. The Grinch had always wanted to act but no one would hire him. I mean look at him where would he fit into a part?"

The elf went on to say, "with this in mind the Grinch and Santa decided since they had the best cover going with the whole Santa Claus racket they would snub their nose at authorities to prove they could get away with anything. That is how the idea for How the Grinch Stole Christmas originated. It was a cocky drug induced self promotion effort."

According to witness testimony Santa and the Grinch became greedy and devised a plan to not only put the Grinch on the air but to profit handsomely from the effort. While writing the script for the Grinch story they decided they would not only write the story but would live it.

The plan was a simple one and very easy to follow yet no one apparently did. Santa would deliver the gifts to the children and then leave a list for the Grinch who would follow right behind him and steal the merchandise back. Santa's accountant, Jack Frost, who released a statement yesterday saying everything was "aboveboard," was then used as the front man to sell the stolen items.

The money was then used to finance the intricate global drug trafficking industry Santa was arrested for yesterday.

We are learning as well that the money created from these illegal ventures was tucked away in multiple Swiss bank accounts and those were the frozen assets referred to yesterday. Reports indicate the amount of money frozen is equal to tens of billions of dollars. We are awaiting confirmation on those numbers.

Meanwhile, when the elf was asked why no one has spoken until now, he replied "we were scared. It's Santa who would believe us?" The elf also went on to tell us there are very many hidden meanings in the Grinch Christmas story that they were told referred to them.

For starters the anonymous elf has told us that Cindy Lou "Who" is actually Cindy Lou Grinch. Mrs. Grinch apparently was charged with keeping the elves in line. Like an evil step mother she was the one that enforced the 16 hour work day keeping the elves so busy they didn't have time to do anything else but work.

One of the hidden meanings occurs halfway through the story when the Grinch is supposedly talking to Cindy Lou Who about a light being burnt out on the Christmas tree. He states that a light burnt out on one side and he was taking the tree to his shop to fix the light and bring the tree back.

The elves were told that this was a reference to what would happen to them if they ever told. "We were told that our lights would go out and we would never be seen again. We were told that part of the story was a warning to us that we better heed."

And they did apparently for many years until now.

Another warning was when the Grinch stood atop the mountain peek and stated that "Christmas" came without boxes, packages, or bags.

"This we were led to believe meant that if we ever told anyone we would never see the hit coming."

So far there are many charges forthcoming including, but not limited to, drug trafficking, tax evasion, mail fraud, fencing of stolen goods, and more. Santa, Jack Frost, Mr Grinch, Cindy Lou Grinch, and many others are being held without bail.

While the World is waiting to see how Christmas plays out this year, Santa's brother Fred Claus was seen relaxing before tonight's marathon. After being fitted for a waterproof red suit at the North Pole tailor's office Claus took the sleigh out for a test run and stopped off for some quick water skiing. When asked what he was doing so far away from the workshop on Christmas eve he responded, "tonight will be very busy I am entitled to some down time."

Meanwhile, the world awaits tomorrow morning.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sad day folks. This just in.

AP- Santa was arrested last night after an anonymous tip was given to North Pole police about a drugged Santa causing havoc at a Christmas party.

Santa apparently attended a pre Christmas party with a few friends and things got out of control. Frosty the snowman was arrested for having hashish in his corn cob pipe while Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer, was arrested for snorting crack cocaine at the party. Details are sketchy but at least one eyewitness states "everyone always wondered why Rudolph's nose glowed. We could have told them this years ago."

We spoke with some elves, under condition of anonymity, and were told this is just the tip of the iceberg. They say more charges are forthcoming. They claim that some of the reindeer have substance abuse problems as well claiming that Blitzen "is always drunk which is why we named him Blitzen, Comet loves doing speed balls hence his name, Cupid is a pimp and Vixen is his main ho."

Never before has so much been shared about the inner workings of Santa at the North Pole.

According to one eyewitness, "no one knows what started this. Santa showed up his usual jolly old self, drank some egg nog and ate a candy cane. Within minutes, however, he was telling Mrs. Claus to get the hell away from him and screaming something about bringing on the ho's."

Meanwhile, details are now forthcoming that this is not the first time Santa has been in trouble. According to law enforcement officials Santa has been under investigation for months about possibly being the ring leader of a cocaine drug network that spans the globe.

One official claims that "Santa first came under suspicion last July. We were given a tip about a Christmas in July event and that automatically raised some red flags. Who would ever think of Christmas in July?When we asked Santa how he could do that since there would be no snow, traditionally associated with the Christmas season, he just smiled, winked, put his finger on his nose and said 'don't worry I'll supply the snow.' "

Additionally, the official stated that Santa's bank accounts had been frozen since September based on some faulty accounting practices. He stated "nowhere can we find receipts for any of the material used in the making of toys nor can we find any income paying for the items. This is an immediate concern. As this is not a government funded agency, nor has Santa applied for any US TARP bailout funds, then who is funding him?"

Santa's accountant, Jack Frost, has refused to be interviewed but did release a statement to the press.

"As Santa's official accountant I can assure you that everything is above board. I have done no wrongdoing with his accounts. Kids around the world depend on Santa to deliver their Christmas presents on time and on budget. How he pays for all this is no one's business."

But what is Santa's budget and how does he pay for it? According to IRS officials in America it most certainly is their business.

"Anything of value is taxable. The fact that Santa has no way to show his expenses or income is a serious concern. There are many questions to be asked and answered. One, how can Santa have access to so much equipment and materials that he can make toys for all children around the globe. Two, are the elves paid? If so we have no record of any income taxes, SS taxes, or any other form of compensation to the US government for this labor."

When the elves were questioned they had much to say about working for Santa. They claimed that working conditions are horrible and include 16 hour days, seven days a week labor. When asked how much they were paid and what benefits they receive they laughed stating, "what pay and benefits? Santa has always told us not to worry about it since he was investing our money for our retirement. He went on to tell us when we requested some personal days or vacations that he 'lets us sleep 8 hours a day and that should be more than enough compensation.'" When asked if they at least had basic medical coverage they stated that they now had dental thanks to an elf named Hermie who is practicing without a license.

Head of the US Labor Department called these conditions deplorable but said there is not much that they can do. "We always knew there had to be a problem, but we don't involve ourselves in the rights of private business. It is up to Santa to negotiate with the elves and come to some sort of agreement."

Meanwhile the AFSCME in Louisville has volunteered to represent the elves in these negotiations. "We are already familiar with the inner workings of do nothing leadership as we have been under the reign of soon to be former Mayor Jerry Abramson and soon to be his latchkey kid replacement Greg Fischer. We know very well about poor working conditions and lack of real leadership in the workplace accordingly."

While there is still much to be learned it is now believed that Santa uses the word "snow" and "candy cane" to reference his real business as a drug dealer.

With two days left before Christmas one option for delivering presents lies in Santa's brother, Fred Claus. It is widely believed that he will be the one making deliveries this year. Fred stated, "hey it's a huge responsibility and while I may not get to everyone I will try to get to most. Hopefully the kids will understand."

I guess we truly have to be good for goodness sake now.

Merry Christmas indeed...........

Monday, December 20, 2010


NBA AGAIN: Can things get any more incredible? Our tax money is once again going into the pocket of J. Bruce Miller in his latest attempt to get an NBA team to Louisville. Does anyone actually think we need an NBA team to subsidize with our tax money? Miller continues getting paid with our tax dollars every few years for the same old dog and pony show. Let the Metro Council know you have had enough with this frivolous waste of OUR money.

GET REAL BILL JOHNSON: Anyone remember former tea bagger and Republican Senate candidate Bill Johnson? Johnson is now running for Secretary of State and quite honestly I wouldn't vote him to be in charge of LMAS. IN short he isn't even good enough to hang with the dogs. This class act guy turns tail and runs whenever he can.

Case in point? Johnson was a featured speaker at former candidate Gail Powers fundraiser at the Lions Club off Cane Run Road. Of course Powers was disqualified the next day. When she contacted Johnson about possibly helping her he turned his back saying he couldn't be associated with her right now. He didn't mind the free publicity by being a key speaker but could not be bothered with someone that made an honest mistake?

Great guy eh? On top of all that he I would expect someone in the job of Secretary of State to actually care about ALL Kentuckians and not just a select few. Trey Grayson has done a great job in that role and Johnson would demean the office. Look for someone else in that race.

For more check out Curt Morrison
Louisville Courant: Will Tea Party Candidate get Kentucky SOS-office too?

JUST SAY NO TO THE BRIDGES AUTHORITY: Did anyone really expect that we would get a fair hearing from the Bridges Authority?
Bridges authority endorses toll-based financial report The Courier-Journal. Disregarding the fact that 70% of the people want an East End Bridge only option, one without tolls at that, the Authority approved a toll based report. They haven't even decided to tell us which bridges would be tolled yet either. Predictably Larry Hujo of the Carpenters Union played the jobs card.

How many jobs does the bridge create and for how long? That is the problem. The jobs created would be short term for the life of the project and the costs are astronomical. Hell give me $280 million and we can get an East end bridge now. Forget the rest.

Kudos to Shawn Reilly and many others for keeping the fight alive.

STILL MORE ON JUDY GREEN: There is a little more on the Judy Green situation as well. It seems theft may not just run in her extended family, as in her cousin Kimberly Bunton, but it appears that her husband James Green was forced to give up his law license because of disbarment proceedings in 1987. The case number is 87-SC-837-kb. I am also told that the charges involved theft. I am working on verifying that now.

Happy Monday folks see you soon!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Did anyone expect change with a Fischer Mayor? Seriously? I mean bad enough he broke the law in getting elected, (see the Jackie Green garbage), and yes I have not forgotten my promise to file a suit though I know I am behind the 8 ball on that issue right now. But really keeping the Abramson hacks?

The headline from the CJ says it all:
Mayor-elect Greg Fischer to retain most of city's top staff The Courier-Journal

Therein lies the problem.

We cannot move forward when we continually recycle the whole mess of people in the administration that have caused the problems. A Fischer Mayor has now proven that he is not intent on moving us forward but intent on keeping the same old tired status quo.

I mean his entire transition team is a who's who of insiders and his administration will be as well. Everyone from Ron Weston, yep Ron we all know about your girlfriend and why you really left State politics, to the incompetent Chief Robert White who, according to numerous reports to me, prefers drinking in Indiana to doing real police work.

So what changes can we look forward to? Absolutely nothing and that is pathetic.

We had a real chance at moving forward in this election but it just did not come to pass. Take a look at what he says he will do.

He will conduct national searches for directors of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness and for the Metro Animal Services Department, an operation that came under extensive criticism a year ago.

Um no brainer since Troutman announced he was leaving the Department of Public Health of course he will conduct a National search. MAS? Come on that was too easy to predict needing being done. In short no substantial changes. But wait there could be more right?

Fischer also said he plans a management audit of the Department of Public Works and Assets — not because of any major concerns or problems — but rather to make sure it is operating at maximum efficiency.

The top-to-bottom review of the works department, which has an $83 million annual budget and 728 full-time employees, will be the first by Fischer's administration, with more analyses of other city operations to follow, he said.

“Public works, perhaps more than any other city department, has a direct and daily impact on people's lives, because it picks up the trash and recycling, fills potholes and maintains and paves streets,” Fischer said. “I want to make sure the citizens are getting the best services for their tax dollars.”

In order to get efficiency of our tax dollars he needs to look at the management of that Department and make immediate changes. Remember the Eric Garrett whistle blower lawsuit? The idiocies of the management staff including Betty Younis is the reason we have problems in that department. Start there not the pot hole filler jobs.

Metro Council member Kelly Downard, R-16th, who was the Republican nominee for metro mayor and lost to Abramson in 2006, said Friday he is a bit surprised that Fischer hasn't made more changes in top-tier positions.

Kelly Downard is right with one exception.

Not many I talk with are that surprised by Fischer's approach to top tier positions. Most of us expected exactly what we have gotten from him so far.

Fischer said his transition team is completing a “holistic review,” —led by businessman Doug Cobb—, of the city's Economic Development Department before he appoints a new leader. He said his transition team will continue to work with Greater Louisville Inc., the metro chamber of commerce, to advance the many economic-development projects and initiatives that are under way.

Again using the same old insiders to decide the economic future. How have these people stacked up so far under Abramson? Are we ahead economically? Consider the recent reports that we actually LOST jobs over the last few years when even our comparison cities, the ones the Abramson admin always liked to use, grew jobs.

Abramson has blamed the National economy for the problem yet our "sister" cities were able to overcome that excuse making it quite obvious that the biggest problem Louisville faces is and has been our leadership. Fischer has now stated he is more of the same by his actions. How is that working out for us so far?

Another indicator? Unemployment actually just went up here when this is the time of year hat unemployment usually goes down what with seasonal jobs and all. Any questions yet?

If we allow for that comparison then we obviously have suffered from poor leadership in economic development as in every other category. Fischer has proven he is loyal to the old money special Democratic interests and NOT in bettering Louisville with his "new" management style.

I guess one thing is for sure though.

With this guy in charge I can rest assured I will have plenty to write about until he is gone.............

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Dave Stengel needs to go. Seriously. Now. This guy is and has been nothing but a political hack for years. There is not one thing to trust about him nor does he do his job effectively. Period. Needless to say I am not a fan and the Courier Journal just showed once again why.

Check out their story here
Dave Stengel reverses himself, says prosecutor Matt Conway was disciplined The Courier-Journal.

It seems in the case of Matt Conway, yep Jack Conway's brother, there was much abuse of official duties by the investigative staff with LMPD as well as Dave Stengel's office. Matt was tipped off by police about an investigation going on concerning him and drugs. You can read an earlier story here

Stengel has lied repeatedly about this situation and in my opinion has kept other cases from being heard by a Grand Jury all because of politics. Let's look at this case in more detail.

While Jack Conway was busy playing the "aqua buddha" game with Rand Paul he found time to contact investigators to ask if there was an investigation going on against his brother. In the meantime according to the CJ, Matt Conway failed at least 2 drug tests in March.

Stengel in October states that he cleared Matt Conway in the drug charges yet now we find out that Matt was put on probation for at least a year. So what is Stengel's response when caught in an obvious lie?

Stengel told The Courier-Journal Tuesday that he thought “all internal discipline was confidential. I didn't really realize it was subject to open records. If I blabbed it, then it wouldn't be confidential.”

Stengel also said he did not consider the probationary period he imposed on Conway to be disciplinary action.

This guy is the Commonwealth's attorney? He doesn't even know the basics of open records laws? He doesn't consider a probationary period put in place as a response to drug charges discipline? He doesn't consider that failing at least two drug tests violate that probation?

And why did it take until October to put all this info out? It happened in March.

Insider politics period. Stengel is part of the game and misuses his office accordingly in my opinion.

That is unacceptable to any of us.

To believe that Stengel is that stupid or naive undermines just how connected he is. If he is that dumb he certainly does not ever need to be placed in a position of power like Commonwealth Attorney. If he isn't then he is as crooked as they come. You figure it out.

And don't get me started on Harry Rothgerber his assistant. I spoke with him one time and I must say it wasn't pretty.

But his personnel file includes a memorandum, dated March 18, and written by Stengel's first assistant, Harry Rothgerber specifically titled “disciplinary action.”
Asked about that reference, Stengel said: “Well, yeah, it's called ‘discipline' by Harry, so it's discipline.”

So if Harry says something it must be true? Stengel isn't smart enough to figure that one out since according to Rothgerber “a decision was reached by Mr. Stengel to place Mr. Conway on probation for 12 months. His (Conway's) division chief will not be made aware of this, and I will continue to monitor his progress.”

The personnel file contains the results of two such tests, one of which was conducted on March 12 and revealed the presence of cannabinoids — a compound found in marijuana — in Conway's urine sample.

Stengel said Conway told him he was taking Benadryl, an over-the-counter cold and allergy medication, at the time of the first drug test, and that Conway's physician and others said that could be responsible for the positive result.

Folks this guy prosecutes drug cases!

Would anyone reading this not bother to verify with another source whether this is true or not?

I have talked with 2 physicians today both of whom I have known for years and they deny this would happen. I am told that Benadryl DOES NOT create a false positive for cannabinoids. Who is right and who is wrong is very subjective at this point but it is clear that Stengel did a pathetic job verifying.

Is it any wonder that so many of us are sick of the BS in the legal field.

Stengel himself basically said they didn't verify with this statement. “We believed everything he was saying, but we just wanted verification,” Stengel said.

Yet he never sought independent verification.

It is time for the good ole boy system to be gone. It appears to permeate every aspect of our elected officials including the legal.

I also think it is time to hold those in the court system accountable. Want to clean this up? Start with a mandatory drug test for ALL in the Commonwealth's Attorney's office, County Attorney's office, and All sitting Judges.

Then make them accountable by requiring them to submit to random drug testing like most of the private sector already has to adhere to.

If it is good enough for us, and upheld by the courts at that, that millions of Americans can be forced into this then it should be good enough for those who enforce the rules on each of us.

This is long past due and many of us demand it now!

After all we must start somewhere.

Monday, December 13, 2010


There is so much I am uncovering and I still haven't scratched the surface of Councilwoman Judy Green. That is saying something. This is one more part in the ongoing saga of our City Councilwoman. It appears Mrs.? Green uses several aliases when conducting business. I use the question mark after Mrs simply because of one nagging question. Why would a person having been married for 30 years to the same man continue to use multiple names including her maiden one when conducting financial business?

How many of us could do that without raising suspicion?

Ms. Green uses many names including Judith Green, Judith G. Green, Judith E. Greenwell (maiden name) and a couple more variations. Alarmingly no one has done any background checks on Ms. Green or her husband James Green.

After a quick search I found many things that cause concern.

First in the case of James Green there are at least 2 pending lawsuits against him and Judy Green, or Greenwell in at least one of them.





The et al portion of the Goldsmith case includes his wife listed as Judy Greenwell, the Department of Revenue, and Curtis Reynolds.

Apparently Gus Goldsmith, remember that name from the Wayside situation?, loaned the Green's $140,000 that they have apparently defaulted on. The suit involves the Department of Revenue perhaps because of this:

JAMES P GREEN $14,113.41 749 S 43RD ST LOUISVILLE KY 40211 JEFFERSON 542 741

JUDY E GREENWELL $14,113.41 749 S 43RD ST LOUISVILLE KY 402112776 JEFFERSON 542 742

Tax liens folks.

There was an order of sale rendered by the courts November 10, 2010 against the Greens. Was this their personal home or the Perkins property. If they owned the Perkins property then why are they being sued by Perkins?

I am working now on verification but it appears that Goldsmith lent money to the Greens and has a security interest in the old Perkins Chrysler Building at 2105 Dixie Highway which just happens to be the same address that James Green used for Green automotive.

Green was also approved for a $100,000 forgivable loan through Metro but I have not verified if it was ever collected upon or not.

Had enough yet? It gets worse believe me.

By the way does anyone know if Curtis Reynolds is related to Keith Reynolds, mortgage banker for First Commonwealth Bank? That could be interesting considering Keith is the husband of Judge Sadiqa Reynolds.

But I digress.

In the case of the Greens there is also an existing IPL Lien against their home and there have been charges, dropped as of this month, for false alarms stemming from their home.

It would seem based on the available evidence that Councilwoman Judy Green is no longer qualified to be a foster parent as well.

According to the website in regards to foster parent qualifications:

3. What are the qualifications for becoming a foster parent?

An applicants must be at least 21 years old with income sufficient to meet his or her family's needs. Applicants may be married or single and applicants and family members must be in good physical and mental health. Physician statements are required to verify physical and mental health status. Applicants must meet the requirements for housing safety and space, provide at least three references and authorize the release of criminal records to the Department for Community Based Services.........

It would appear that the income sufficient part is lacking at this point and that would not do justice to any foster child put in the home. Additionally, I have been told that James P. Green is no longer allowed to practice law in Ky. I am searching now to determine whether he voluntarily gave up his law license or had it revoked.

If it was revoked it would have to have been for criminal behavior even if it was part of a plea agreement.

These things are important.

Stay tuned folks this is just the beginning of yet another scandal of an elected official......

Sunday, December 12, 2010


You know I have been covering the Judy Green and what I consider to be her illegal behavior in her self titled "Green team." The Courier Journal's Dan Klepal did a good cover story on the basics and WLKY's Andy Alcock did an excellent interview with Green as well. After following these stories and doing my usual research it appears that Green and her family are very adept at gaming the system for their own gain.

Big charge I know but many questions abound about this situation so let's break some down.

First, according to the CJ article by Klepal
Judy Green's relatives got 10 percent of money from jobs program, audit finds The Courier-Journal makes some questions rise to the surface.

One, according to the article Green's husband James Green received a payment from the program but no one knows how much it was. How in the world can this program run by Judy Green make a payment to her husband and no one knows how much it was for? I call bullshit. Yep strong word but relevant in this case.

Additionally, Klepal outlines that 10% of the total monies went to the family of Judy Green. How and why is that?

Green supposedly has a practice worth almost a million a year
Judith Green DDS, Louisville, KY.

Since the program was touted as being for the poor children in her district then how would any of her children or family members qualify?

Of course the argument would be that Judy Green has foster children and they would qualify. Of course that leads to many more questions. First of all according to Green's own bio:

"A native of Henderson, Kentucky, Councilwoman Green has been married to James P. Green for 30 years. She is the proud mother of a very large and successful family, boasting of 2 biological children, and 11 adopted children. In the last two years, Dr. Green and her husband have been the foster parents of approximately twelve (12) teen-age boys."

WLKY's Andy Alcock had this story as well: Audit Raises Ethical Questions About Jobs Program - Politics News Story - WLKY Louisville

In this story Green said only eight of her relatives, including children and foster children, were part of the program, as well as her husband, who she said helped supervise it, without pay, when she saw problems.

Yet in the CJ story "Green's husband James Green received a payment from the program but no one knows how much it was." Contradictory? You bet.

The audit also found of the $55,000 of grant money, there was documentation for use of only $26,730 of that money.

The remaining $28,270, according to the audit, did not have sufficient documentation for its use.

I also want to know how can it be that Green has 11 adopted children AND 12 foster kids in addition to her own 2 biological children?

Foster children get placed in homes and the foster parents are paid a minimum of $700 monthly per child for their care. If we look at this in play, is Green collecting $8400 monthly from our tax dollars in addition to her half to one million dollar business?

More importantly how in the world does the housing authority allow so many people to live in a single household. Maybe her relative Kimberly Bunton had something to do with approving that one as well. I really don't know but the whole thing looks very suspicious.

Are the living conditions for these foster children meeting minimum housing standards? How does it affect the foster children. Are they being packed in like sardines for monetary gain for the Green's?

These are serious questions that demand answers.

I also have to ask how in the world does she have time to do anything on the Council? Running a practice that produces $500,000-$1 million a year sure would take some serious hours. Representing District 1 as a Council member takes up so many more.

Who is caring for the children?

Does she only take teenage kids as foster children as her bio states? If so, is it because she leaves them alone to fend for themselves while collecting our tax money for their "care?" This is not what the foster parent program is supposed to be about.

Is this conducive to helping our kids better themselves. Take them away from a broken home only to place them in a home with no boundaries or oversight? I don't have those answers but I do question it.

How many of you work a full time job, and in many cases two jobs, and have time to truly give your kids the attention and care they deserve.

And don't forget the police report stated that Green herself ran her own Green team program which takes many hours more. Of course Green now denies that one as well.

Seems to be a habit of hers to take the money and then deny, deny, deny.

I don't know about you but I am concerned for the kids and the District with leadership like this.

There will be more including the financial histories and why the Green's may be gaming the system. It will include at least 4 different variations of Judy Green's name and businesses.

I will be calling for some serious investigations into the behavior and family life of Councilwoman Judith Green and her husband James.......

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It is nice to know you are missed. Seriously. For the hundreds or so who have been writing asking where I have been I thank you immensely. It truly is heartwarming to know I make such a difference in many of your lives. For the record I took the last couple of weeks slow on this site intentionally. In short I needed some rest and time to deal with some personal issues.

My wife had a health scare that needed addressing and I adopted a new puppy who was sick and had to be put down Thanksgiving night. Zeus lived with us for two short weeks but had an amazing impact on all of us. Speaking of which the Kentucky Humane Society is knowingly adopting out sick animals which is against the law. That will be dealt with in a future article. With all of that and the 100 plus hour workweeks between this, and the real job that helps keep all this in existence, it was just too much and I needed to focus on my family.

I am working on funding to get the radio show back on air. For the thousands of you who keep asking hopefully I will have that in place by January and I will get back to doing this full time. We are working to turn the show into a daily format as well. I will keep you posted. In the meantime you can help by donating at the paypal link to the right ;-)

For now here are some updates. I will be back in full swing in the next week or two.

District 1 Councilwoman Judy Green has apparently dodged a bullet. According to reports Green will not be charged with any criminal wrongdoing in the case of her self titled "Green team." Green sponsored a youth summer work program to put kids to work cleaning up alleys etc in District 1. The problem?

None were paid. Their pay was held up due to an audit being performed on the accounting practices of Ms. Green's program. While finally paid in September the audit has brought much to light and makes us question if ANYONE in elected office will ever be held accountable.

After being investigated, one primary reason for that was because Judy Green had her own kids paid through HER program funded by our tax dollars (no one sees a conflict here right?), the LMPD Public Integrity Unit had this to say. From the CJ
Judy Green won't face criminal charges in jobs program investigation The Courier-Journal:

Louisville Metro Council member Judy Green will not face criminal charges in connection with a summer jobs program for youth that was funded by city tax dollars and employed several of her children or foster children, according to a case summary of the investigation by the Louisville Metro Police Department's Public Integrity Unit.

But the police report is highly critical of the program,
saying it was “extremely unethical in its design, control and completion.”

Metro Police have been investigating the so-called Green Clean Team's 2009 program since August, after the city's internal auditor, Mike Norman, couldn't account for $35,000 in spending.

In their investigation, police gathered hand-written receipts and canceled checks that the report said “seemed to account” for $34,735.

The police findings were reviewed by a special prosecutor, Commonwealth's Attorney Laura Donnell, whose office covers Shelby, Spencer and Anderson counties. A case summary of the police investigation was obtained by The Courier-Journal earlier this week.

While the report says there isn't “enough evidence of a crime or criminal intentions,” it also says the program “has the appearance that criminal activity could have been taking place in regards to the improper utilization of Louisville Metro Government grant funds.”

I love the hand written receipts thing myself. I mean how hard is it to go back and dummy up that evidence.

Of course Green says she did nothing wrong and plans on continuing the program next summer and why not? She just got away with this idiocy so what is to lose by padding her family pockets once again with our money.

Additionally I have received a few reports of Judy Green's husband receiving $100,000 for a cleanup project in the old Perkins Chrysler property on Dixie at Algonquin Parkway. I am researching that claim now but funnily enough I have not seen any clean ups or anything different on that property. At the very least it shows once again what I consider to be unethical behavior by padding the pockets of your family.

From what I gather Ms. Green is also the Aunt of former housing director Kimberly Bunton who is now being charged for criminal wrongdoing for taking money from the Housing authority for her family's gain.

Apple tree anyone?

Apparently unethical and borderline criminal is ok for elected officials that would put us in jail. Good to know huh? This story is not going away I assure you.

Meanwhile speaking of ethics. How is it that State Senator Julie Denton was not named in the recent audit of the Passport program? You may recall a CJ story back in July of 2009 that told us of Julie Denton being hired by MCNA Dental AFTER they received a $20 million contract with our taxes from Julie Denton.


MCNA Dental Plans, a benefits system based in Fort Lauderdale, wanted a $20 million contract from the managed care group that administers Medicaid spending in Kentucky. State Sen. Julie Denton, a former dental hygienist, wanted a job. They both got what they wanted.

As Chair of the Kentucky Senate's health care committee Julie Denton directly oversaw the Passport Health Plan which gave MCNA Dental its $20 million contract. MCNA then of course returned the favor by hiring Julie Denton. One more example of political patronage and unethical behavior by elected officials.

Alarmingly her own son filed suit against Julie for theft claiming she stole $15,000 from his trust fund set up by his Dad, and her ex husband, Tom Rose that she then used for her personal self.

Pattern of behavior? Who knows but there are many things not adding up with our elected officials at all levels and now is the time for each of us to stand up, be heard, and demand better including prosecution and forfeiture of office.

None of us would be exempt why should they?

In the meantime in case you haven't noticed. I'm back so get ready.......

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have many things to be thankful for as do most of us when we think about it. Each day we wake up we should be thankful. I know I am. Living is a blessing and it beats the alternative in my eyes. I am also thankful for the wonderful family and friends I have and have made through the years. I have been blessed in many ways and even in some of my darkest times I can look around and be thankful for something.

With that being said I have a question. Why do so many look to this one day of the year to give thanks for their blessings?

With this in mind I decided to do a quick check on what Thanksgiving meant from Wikipedia. Though there are many variations on when Thanksgiving began I prefer the typical historical one concerning Plymouth Rock.

While not the first thanksgiving of any sort on the continent, the traditional origin of modern Thanksgiving in the United States is generally regarded to be the celebration that occurred at the site of Plymouth Plantation, in Massachusetts, in 1621. The Wampanoag Native Americans helped the pilgrims who arrived in Massachusetts cultivate the land and fish, saving them from starvation. This harvest celebration occurred early in the history of what would become one of the original Thirteen Colonies that later were to become the United States. This Thanksgiving was modeled after harvest festivals that were commonplace in Europe at the time.

This particular passage was a reminder once again of all the sacrifices made from our forefathers that have made us who we are. It also is a reminder of how people who have nothing in common can work together in the interest of mankind.

The pilgrims in all their infinite knowledge would have starved to death had it not been the Wampanoag Indians who helped them learn to farm and fish. What would have happened if they had not intervened? Which brings me to this next question.

Why do we allow so many Americans to be in the position of facing this reality today?

Rampant unemployment, kids starving, communities in peril, and subtle indifference among many.

The Native Americans saved us and yet in many ways we do not work just as hard in saving our fellow man. We have corrupt politicians who benefit quite nicely from their separatists policies and an American citizenry that in many cases have grown indifferent to the challenges we face together. We have homeless on the streets, and many who are on the verge of becoming so, as well as starving children. I worry about those kids whose only meal in many cases is the one they receive at school.

What do they eat when school is out for the holiday?

So many questions need to be answered but believe it or not I am thankful even for that. Why you may ask?

Because today there is a movement afoot by many throughout the communities asking the question, why?

Why do we have starving children in the richest Country on earth. Why do we sacrifice our soldiers across the globe to help others face these problems at a time when we are ignoring our own here at home? Why do we as a citizenry not stand up and force accountability? Why do we continue to be divided against each other when we all share the same basic principles: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Each year I am reminded once again on this day of just how fortunate I have been. Yes there have been bad times, and there will be again I am sure, but in the end it is those challenges that we meet head on and face together that make us better persons, better neighbors, and better friends.

Today I am thankful for my wonderful family. My wife, my kids, and everyone else. Without each of them I would be nothing. I am very thankful as well for the wonderful meal that I will enjoy later today. I remember on more than one occasion a time in my life when I wasn't sure that a meal would be available.

I remember the sacrifices I had to make while serving my Country and those that my family was forced to make because of my decision to do so.

I also remember each face I have seen through the years when delivering food baskets to the needy, or working with those less fortunate. I remember every tear shed when they realized that they would not starve this day. I remember the children looking at me like I was Santa Claus at Thanksgiving knowing they had a bountiful meal awaiting them.

I am thankful for many things including you the reader who have allowed me a voice to challenge the problems we face together in the hopes of uniting us in a single purpose: making this world a better place for us all.

I may have had struggles myself in my life but God has always seen me through and blessed me in so many ways I could never imagine. My prayer is that He will bless us all though I know He already does.

So for today I ask of you one thing.

While remembering your blessings and being thankful for them also remember that there are others out there who are worse off than you or me. Count them in your prayers and make a commitment today to help make this world a better place. Get involved, adopt a family for the holidays, listen to a child that is hurting.

When that happens I will have one more thing to be thankful for but more importantly. So will you.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all and God Bless.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


During this whole Passport fiasco it seems some things have been ignored. It is pathetic that our tax dollars have been abused by passport insurance, but isn't it just as funny that no one is looking at all the players in the game?

Take a look back at this article I did earlier this year
Louisville News and Politics: WEDNESDAY UPDATES.

Long before the audit came out by Crit Luallen we were already asking questions about what was going on. As Chair of the Kentucky Senate's health care committee Senator Julie Denton, who directly oversees the Passport Health Plan, gave HER employer, MCNA Dental, a $20 million contract. That was very disturbing and an immediate red flag into political patronage.

Read more about that here:
Dental Damned: Lauderdale Health Care Group Puts a Senator on Its Payroll - Broward Palm Beach News - The Juice

It seems Jack Conway just loves campaigning and why not? I guess it beats good honest hard work for the privileged few. Conway has announced that he is seeking reelection as Attorney General next year. His presumed main opponent will be Republican Trey Grayson.

Jack a word to the wise. Get out of politics now. Seriously. You just got your butt handed to you on a silver platter. There will be a helluva lot ore coming out about your involvement in brother Matt's alleged drug case, and quite frankly sending out a recent email to everyone begging for money to retire your debt AFTER you have reportedly paid back hundreds of thousands of dollars to yourself from the campaign.

It's not like you are a pauper or have to worry about money. I would help anyone who actually needed it that I believed in but Jack you fall short in both categories. Maybe you should have rethought that idiotic aqua buddha ad and saved the bucks you are begging for now.

Take a few years off and regroup and be the man you you used to be. The Jack Conway of today is an embarrassment and needs to disappear.

Funnily enough and I do find it hilarious, the Democratic party continues to send me email from just about anyone who is a candidate, past candidate, or elected official though I have not committed to democrats in some time. I suggest you guys get updated mailing lists or something. lol. Meanwhile here is a copy of Conway's email blast for your amusement:


Our Senate campaign may have come to an end, but our work has only now begun. I want to thank our supporters for joining me in standing up for Social Security last week after the Debt Commission appointed by President Obama made a recommendation to raise the retirement age on Social Security to sixty-nine.

I need your help once again before we all turn our attention away from politics for a while and toward the holiday season where time with friends and family becomes our focus. Over the last frenetic week of our campaign, we were forced to spend a little more money than we raised. As a result, we owe debt to some of the folks who truly helped us, like the people that cut our radio ads and printed fliers for our Get Out The Vote efforts.

Will you help me today and give $10 towards our debt retirement?

Your contribution will help us turn the page on 2010 so we can keep fighting for the principles of our Democratic party in 2011. With so many serious issues still facing the Commonwealth and our nation, I plan to continue to fight for accountability and common sense government.

Send me your thoughts on what you think Democrats should fight for in 2011 and help me retire our debt from 2010 with a small donation.

Thank you for everything you have done, and best wishes for a great Thanksgiving.


Jack Conway

Finally, I have been trying to find time to do a story on the case of 3 year old Grayson Vaughn's adoption. You may recall mainstream has been following the adoption case of Grayson Vaughn who was ordered turned over to his biological father in Ohio a couple of weeks ago.

I will be doing a more in depth story on this situation soon but I have to tell you little Grayson is in a bad situation. With an out of control bio-father i really am concerned for this child. I also have to disclose that his Grandfather Ed Vaughn is a personal friend but that really is not the issue.

Coupled with the fact that this asinine Judge in Ohio made a faulty ruling, and yes I believe it was a poor judgement that she should be disbarred for, one has to wonder why Grayson was allowed to be in this position. Many records that were given to the court were not allowed by this biased Judge so some things were not even considered in her ruling, such as the biological father's background check that would have revealed over 40 encounters he has had with law enforcement as an adult, not including juvenile records. Encounters that include road rage, menacing, harassment, drugs, disorderly conduct, and assault.

Is this someone you would want with any child?

It is my opinion that this Judge ruled out of fear of repercussions, from either the bio-dad, or the people he surounds himself with like David Floyd Houston. Either way this Judge has now earned a complete investigation by yours truly and I will use every contact I have in Ohio to keep this Judge off the bench in the future.

This case isn't really about Grayson from the bio fathers point of view it is about money. The biological father and his attorneys are suing the Vaughn's for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Imagine that.

Couple that with the fact that the biological father surrounds himself with folks like felon David Floyd Houston. Houston is a persistent first degree felony offender who claims to be giving his experience as a paralegal to help the bio-father free of charge. Houston has had up-close-and-personal experience as a paralegal over the years, on our tax dollar no doubt, of his state pen incarceration.

For now you can read more on this story here: Robin Sax: Bio-Father Hysteria Versus Reality: A Child's True Best Interest

While I am a strong supporter of Father's rights there is a difference between being a father and being a sperm donor. A sperm donor does not a father make and in this case the latter is very apparent.

We cannot have our children harmed by being used as pawns in a game for a sperm donor to manipulate the system for their own greed.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Much has been going on the last week or so and I have fallen behind. A short explanation is a simple one. Family always comes first for me and always will. Right now my wife is going through an illness we hope will be over soon and we added a new puppy last week only to find out he has a major upper respiratory infection he got at the Humane Society where we adopted him. Of course that means major meds and force feeding so he doesn't starve.

We named him Zeus for a reason and we are confident he will be fine.

Between overtime at the night job, caring for my wife, and our new addition, I had to give up some writing time.

Don't worry all should be good by early next week (hopefully) and I will be right back on track. Trust me you will love what's coming.

In the meantime just a couple of things:

Newly elected District 6 Councilman David James was sworn in last night and will take office immediately. District 6 should be proud. James has a clear track record over the years in public service with LMPD, as well as across the Commonwealth with the KBI, and will bring a fresh approach to the problems plaguing not only District 6 but all of Louisville as well.

Good luck David and congratulations.

Many have been wondering why the lawsuit against Mayor elect Greg Fischer has not been filed yet. A fair question to say the least.

Unfortunately, I just have not had time to finish it yet with everything going on. Most of you know I always follow through, as I have a record of such, and I will in this case too. Hopefully, if things clear up with my family by early next week I can get back to finishing it and filing it right after Thanksgiving.

Sunday night the U of L Yearling series post election analysis was held at the Yearling's Club and as you know I was a guest analyst. I have to say I had a blast. It was a packed house and representative Reggie Meeks did a wonderful job presenting the panel. Of course it got heated once or twice, sorry Reggie, but the crowd was awesome and very informed.

It was an honor to be asked to do the event and I hope the audience got some great feedback.

There was one interesting question raised to the panel that asked if we should extend the Bush tax cuts. I was quite surprised to hear Democratic Chairman Tim Longmeyer say he agreed they should. Democrats typically have supported letting the cuts expire. Longmeyer did specify it was his personal opinion but it was an interesting one.

Republican Vice Chair Cordell Lawrence did spend some time talking about working together basically in a bi partisan way to address the problems we all face and honestly that was refreshing in itself. So many times we get lost in the partisan politics during elections that to hear one side actually speak candidly about bi partisanship and giving examples of how we could get there was a good thing.

Kudos to Cordell.

Finally, what can be said about LEO's Phillip Bailey? Phillip was part of the panel as well and I have to admit he made me more of a fan than I already am. Though we disagree on many things Phillip brings knowledge to the plate and a refreshing perspective when he speaks candidly. I thorougly enjoyed the discussion.

That's it for now folks.

I will be really light on here for the next several days because of my family situation but rest assured I will catch up quick :-)

Thanks for hanging in there.........

Saturday, November 13, 2010


As many of you know Eric Garrett was exonerated of any charges brought against him by his Managers in the Department of Public Works and Assets, and yet his situation is far from resolved.

In the words of Paul Harvey: Now for the rest of the story.

On October 19, 2010, the Department of Human Resources informed Union officials that Garrett was to return to work with all charges dropped, and with pay and benefits restored. But documents I have recently seen show that the effects of retaliation committed against him remain in the public record and the people responsible are not being held accountable.

For background purposes check out Part 1 here: Louisville News and Politics: METRO TIPLINE LEADS TO UNEMPLOYMENT WHEN USED

The Metro Council spent a couple of years finally putting together an ethics tipline for any citizen to report misconduct and/or mismanagement in our Government. It seems pretty straight forward does it not? With whistleblower laws etc there are to be no repercussions for making a call and complaint right?

Garrett filed a complaint through the Ethics Tipline and reported that Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) maintenance had been badly undermined by the combined efforts of Betty Younis and her boss Ted Pullen, an area of work in Facilities Management where Garrett was very much involved.

The TIPLINE report was made on 2/11/2010. Then the repercussions set in. Garrett was suspended indefinitely and ordered to undergo counseling and a psychiatric examination on 4/8/2010, about a week after he met with then Councilman Hall Heiner to discuss his report.

Meanwhile behind the scenes Younis, Pullen, HR, and Jennifer Maupin were busy doing such things as closing the investigation into Garrett’s report on 9/16/2010. I have a copy of the report from an open records request, including internal memos and hand-written notes that show, for instance, that the case was sent from the “investigators” in the Department of Human Resources to the Office of Internal Audit to be reviewed and dismissed on the same day that HR learned that Garrett’s request for a court order restraining HR’s demand for a psychiatric exam was denied.

Judge Shake ruled that the Government has the right to demand that Garrett (or any employee/citizen) submit to a psychiatric examination without cause, and as soon as they find out about it HR says close the investigation on HVAC maintenance in government buildings. But it really didn't matter since they had done nothing with the investigation for about 5 months anyway.

So what is the connection between a psychiatric examination and HVAC maintenance?

As I have pointed out previously, and as was testified to in court, the tag team act of Betty Younis (Facilities Administrator) and Jennifer Maupin (former Deputy Mayor Rick Johnstone's daughter and legal liaison at HR) included Maupin assigning Younis (named in the ethics report and responsible for Garrett’s punishment) as the sole source of information about Garrett for the psychiatric exam the government demanded.

As an attorney she couldn’t imagine how Younis would not be objective? Younis was the BASIS for the complaint and she is the sole person responsible for the Garrett psychiatric report.

Talk about in house shenanigans. As the assigned investigator (her own conflict of interest) into Garrett’s Ethics Tipline report against Younis and Pullen, Maupin once again astonishingly goes straight to Betty Younis and interviews her about the report Garrett made, showing her all of Garrett’s report and in clear violation of the Ordinance that established the Ethics Tipline and the policies and procedures that state Younis should in no way be any part of the “investigative process”.

Yep show the accused the report so she can decide what to do against the laws governing such actions. Typical isn't it?

That's just the beginning.

What is also clear when reading the report and the notes is that the TIPLINE is itself a tool of retaliation, and I would seriously recommend that no person should use it. The so-called “third set of eyes” in the Office of Internal Audit run by Michael Norman that is supposed to keep the TIPLINE on the up and up is a joke.

And folks wonder why the independent tipline was set up last year by the STOP I.T. group before Metro's.

Norman completely ignores the basic, clear violations of the Ordinance and declares the investigation into Garrett’s report “extensive and thorough” when no supervisor was questioned, no equipment looked at, no records examined, and not even a glance at any of the material generated by Johnson Controls, the Fortune 100 Corporation that just completed a thorough examination of the HVAC equipment in most of the major buildings referred to in Garrett’s report.

In the documents used to close the investigation, it is clear that rather than actually investigate the substance of the report, Maupin and Younis began to compile a list of shabby accusations attacking Garrett that they then used against him, which of course makes the investigation and the retaliation a joke. Michael Norman must have felt that since Garrett reported Younis, it would only be fair if Younis got a chance to report Garrett too.

Still with me? As this case unfolds, we are likely to see even more into how ETHICS (or lack thereof) has been understood by the Abramson machine.

Other, recent decisions in the Department of Human Resources by Ms. Maupin include the complete rejection of longstanding complaints by two veteran supervisors, with nearly 50 years combined experience, also against top Management in the Department of Public Works and Assets, yep I have those letters as well, the allegations are simply declared “unsubstantiated” and no real investigation is required.

Even on the theme of workplace violence, which HR and the County Attorney's office harped on when justifying the fraudulent campaign against Mr. Garrett, Metro Government has a wide variety of standards.

Timothy Robinson, a Maintenance Supervisor, reported a physical assault on 9/21/2010 by a recently appointed Manager, Dreco Adkins, that happened right in the offices of Facilities Management with numerous witnesses, including Betty Younis herself.

Robinson had to flee from the assault and went directly to HR where he reported, once again, to Jennifer Maupin. Robinson was so discouraged by Maupin’s response he made his report in writing on the same day to William Hornig, Director of Human Resources and sent copies to all members of Metro Council.

To date, Dreco Adkins, a manager appointed to his position by, yep you guessed it Betty Younis, has not been affected by Robinson’s report. In fact, the next day they put Adkins in charge of the whole department without one word from Metro Council or HR.

When a report is made against cronies in the machine and they come back unsubstantiated, we now know what that means. It means the inner circle talks amongst themselves and asks if they can ignore the report, or if they need to attack the person who made it.

It also means that some people who are sold to us as responsible, certified, and professional in the conduct of their offices, are actually just looking around at what their decisions might do for them or their allies. They could care less about the way government offices function.

Welcome to the game folks and stay tuned.

There is more to come I assure you...

Friday, November 12, 2010


Seems newly appointed State Rep Wade Hurt, his Democratic opponent was disqualified making him the only candidate, and former Jefferson County GOP Vice Chair Ellen Reitmeyer have decided we needed a Southwest Republican Club for the SW Republicans. They held a closed meeting on Sunday at First String. Sounds great doesn't it?

Not really because as usual there is a problem.

The idea was mine and working with others such as Republican Paul Hosse, a Southwest community activist and conservative strategist it is amazing that they would choose to have a "closed" secret meeting without including those like Hosse and myself who raised the issue and worked to help them in this year's elections. I told them my idea last March. They were shocked that no one had attempted anything like that yet. So what do they do?

After working to help them gain credibility after they were ousted from the County GOP they decide to hijack someone else's idea and try to make it their own. AFTER they also had the benefit of being a couple of people my group, that includes Republicans Paul Hosse and Ray Pierce to name a few, helped during the recent elections. Very telling I believe.

It is hilarious to say the least.

Funnily enough from what I am told happened at their meeting no one could even come up with a plan on how to start. It turned into a money plea as usual. How can you ask for money with no structure? Yep I know what they want the money for and they won't like it when I tell the world. Wonder what the Jefferson County GOP thinks about this?

Speaking of helping people many on the inside know that this year a local Southwest group started a candidates school to aid those seeking office on how to become better and more educated candidates.

The school was a non partisan school that included many such as Renay Davis, Mike Nemes, Brian Simpson, Wade Hurt, Gail Powers, and Michael Lewis to name a few. It was offered to all conservatives, regardless of political party, at no cost this year. Though Republican candidates and independents took advantage of it Democrats did not even though it was offered to all equally.

That wasn't our fault, but recognition must be given where it is due, and apparently there is false credit going around.

From the beginning Paul Hosse, Paul Holliger, and Ray Pierce designed, developed, and ran the school, which was designed to develop individuals as candidates and familiarize them with the issues affecting residents west of I-65. I was included as a consultant. I helped not only those in the classes but many candidates around town. I will not divulge them all at this time, but I have to say I am very proud of those that won, AND those that lost.

All worked hard to better themselves and that was rewarding in itself to see people improve themselves. Hosse and Pierce also were involved helping individual candidates, while Hosse was also advising several other candidates.

What I am disappointed in is some of those we worked diligently to help such as Wade Hurt and Ellen Reitmeyer. By their recent actions they are employing the same tactics we are accustomed to from politicians and political insiders in general. They are proving that they aren't interested in bettering the political process, or the South End issues, but in helping themselves only.

That is unacceptable.

Wade won by default as his opponent was disqualified from the election. The election totals will prove that and Wade may very well be a one term Representative. We shall see in two years.

In the meantime many are stating this was Renay Davis school and that is false as well. I have to say none of this came from Renay herself. Renay is a true champion and tireless advocate for community change. Whether you like Renay's politics or not she is a class act with a pure heart and would never take credit for someone else's efforts.

Renay was gracious enough to lend us the use of her home for the school, to save money since the classes were free, and we were and are very grateful for that.

Now that the record is straight I assure you this year we made a huge impact. We had some wins, and we had some losses, but even those losses were closer than anyone could have predicted.

Just wait it gets better going forward............

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Greg Fischer announced his transition team today and it includes 41 people. Why in the world would you need 41 people for a transition team? Political patronage period. But even more alarming is the fact that it was easy to predict who would be on the team as it includes insiders and hacks from the Abramson machine.

Yep business as usual. At least until the lawsuit is filed and ruled on anyway.

So who did Greg Fischer choose to head the team up? Why none other than Ron Weston whom I have reported on two occasions as being in line for the Deputy Mayor spot. Here is the latest one This is his way in. But I also see many other familiar names as well.

Bill Bardenwerper? Maybe you should give this a read and listen:
Louisville News and Politics: REALLY GREG FISCHER? THIS IS HUGE?. Or research open meetings violations where Bill Bardenwerper was involved. Yep the machine continues.

Or maybe pay attention to these names listed in the CJ
Louisville Mayor-elect Greg Fischer names transition team The Courier-Journal Fischer also named three vice chairmen: Mary Gwen Wheeler, who is a senior adviser to Abramson on education; businessman Doug Cobb, past president of Greater Louisville Inc.; and Merv Aubespin, a civil-rights activist and retired Courier-Journal editor.

Good to see someone from the CJ actually getting their back scratched for the hard work they have done in favor of the Democrats for so many years. Sorry ole Merv had to be retired first so they could act like this was not political payback. In my opinion anyway lol.

The bright spot?

Apparently now that the deal between Jackie Green and Greg Fischer has come to light, and will be pursued legally I might add, Green was not appointed to the transition team. Yep he most certainly would have been had the public not been privy to the illegal deal made. I love the wording that Fischer has "indicated" he would consult with Green on setting up an environmental office.

Of course it has been publicized that Green was promised something in exchange for his vote and endorsement which is clearly in violation of KRS 121.055 and should have the election thrown out.

And of course don't forget the obvious. Metro Council approved $50,000 of our tax money for the transition team expenses. How will that be spent?

Chad Carlton, Abramson’s spokesman, said the Metro Council has approved $50,000 in funding for the transition. Poynter said that money will be used, starting Monday, to pay him and four other people who served on Fischer’s mayoral campaign staff and will become his paid transition staff and work with the transition team.

Greasing the wheel. Abramson's favorite spin machine doctor Chris Poynter of course gets paid as well as 4 people who worked on the Fischer Mayoral campaign staff?

We are already paying Fischer for his campaign spending eh?

And of course the obligatory political patronage payback: Fischer said Leadership Louisville and the Bingham Fellows, a group of community leaders who study local issues, will help identify people who might serve in his administration.

I will just list these from the CJ for easier reference but notice it includes union paybacks to the UAW, Bardenwerper as referenced above, Middletown Mayor, Shively Mayor, and TARC President.

In addition to Weston, Aubespin, Wheeler and Cobb, transition team members include:

Gabriela Alcalde, public health consultant; Bill Altman, Kindred Healthcare executive; Muhammad Babar, physician; Bill Bardenwerper, zoning attorney; Erica Kellem-Beasley, bank vice president; Nicole Candler, owner, public relations firm; Byron Chapman, Middletown mayor; Tommy Clark, city disabilities program coordinator; Ann Coffey, president Women 4 Women; Sherry Conner, Shively mayor; Jose Neil Donis, publisher and leader in local Latino community; Jonathan Dooley, TARC transit union president; and SteVon Edwards, obesity prevention specialist.

Also, Bill Finn, electrical worker union leader; Jon Goldberg, attorney and arts activist; Eric Gunderson, communications company executive; G.J. Hart, president, Texas Roadhouse; Margaret Handmaker, retired human resources executive; Gill Holland, developer/film producer; Nikki Jackson, Kentucky Personnel Cabinet secretary; and Vince Jarboe, insurance executive.

Lee Lewis, high school computer teacher; Tomiko McDaniel, Ford truck plant assembly line worker; J.K. McKnight, founder, Forecastle Festival; Rishabh Mehrotra, president, SHPS Inc.; Lynnie Meyer, executive, Norton Healthcare; Larry Michalczyk, faculty, University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work; Charlie Moyer, dean, U of L Business School; and Yung Nguyen, president, IVS LLC.

Also, Kent Oyler, entrepreneur, investor; Djenita Pasic, owner, Brainswork USA; Ben Richmond, president, Louisville Urban League; Vidya Ravichandran, president, GlowTouch Technologies; Greg Roberts, president, Muhammad Ali Center; Ann Smith, executive director, Ministries United South Central Louisville; the Rev. Frank Smith, president, Interdenominational Ministerial Coalition; and Mary Ellen Wiederwohl, government relations specialist.

Yep sure looks like things will change huh?

Sunday, November 7, 2010


As you know I have stated that if the Republican party did not bring charges against Greg Fischer and Jackie Green for violating KRS 121.055 that I would. I will be doing so within the next week. My apologies for not doing it sooner but time has been a problem.

To support my case there is a Kentucky Supreme Court ruling from 1996 in Ellis v. Meeks that you can read here:

Ellis v. Meeks is a great example of voiding an election for violation of KRS 121.055. below is an excerpt from that decision.

......Kentucky's Corrupt Practices Act, as codified in KRS 121.055, requires the disqualification of a political candidate under the following circumstances:

No candidate for nomination or election to any state, county, city or district office shall expend, pay, promise, loan or become liable in any way for money or other thing of value, either directly or indirectly, to any person in consideration of the vote or financial or moral support of that person. No such candidate shall promise, agree or make a contract with any person to vote for or support any particular individual, thing or measure, in consideration for the vote or the financial or moral support of that person in any election, primary or nominating convention, and support of that person in any election, primary or nominating convention, and no person shall require that any candidate make such a promise, agreement or contract.

KRS 121.055 clearly prohibits a candidate from offering anything or promising any consideration, either directly or indirectly, in exchange for the support of a voter. The Court of Appeals' decision places great weight on the stipulation that Meeks did not verbally ask any voter to vote for him. We assert, however, that KRS 121.055 does not require a "verbal" communication. On the contrary, the statute contemplates that votes may be bought by gifts with no words spoken, and prohibits a candidate from even indirectly giving anything of value to a voter....

Of course the "value" here is Jackie Green, after being promised "significant input," withdrawing from the race and endorsing Greg Fischer. Jackie Green clearly received something in return for his vote and moral support.

Since there clearly was an advantage gained by a Fischer promise KRS 121.055 was clearly violated, and according to KRS 120.065, Fischer's candidacy should be voided and the nomination, and election, should be deemed vacant.

So what does this all mean?

Well it could mean a special election be held for Mayor. The Metro Council has the authority to appoint a Mayor to fulfill the unexpired term of the sitting Mayor in the event the seat is forfeited for any reason, however, there is no stipulation for the Council to have the power for this in the event of a Mayor elect who has not been sworn in yet.

When I file the charges according to KRS 120. 055 Fischer and crew will have seven (7) days to respond and then of course the appeals process. Given the nature of this complaint this should be decided quite quickly and prior to January 3, 2010 which will leave a vacancy in the Mayor's office through default.

In the interest of fairness to we the voter a decision should be rendered immediately nullifying this election and forcing a special election.

The Supreme Court decision in Ellis v. Meeks even includes language to protect the integrity of the electoral and judicial system itself:

Every candidate who runs for office is entitled to an even playing field, especially at a time when the electorate's confidence in the electoral process is increasingly diminished, as evidenced by the fewer number of voters who actually participate in the voting process. This Court cannot approve of or condone the conduct engaged in by Meeks at the polling stations in the 11th Ward. There was definitely not an even playing field in this case and if we were to leave this case as it currently stands, the confidence of the voters would not only diminish with respect to the electoral process, but also with the judicial process as a whole.

Consequently, based upon our decision in Adams, supra, and the law set forth in KRS 120.065, we find that the Court of Appeals erred in upholding the trial court's dismissal of appellant's election contest action and, thus, reverse their decision, finding that Meeks' conduct did violate both KRS 117.235 and KRS 121.055.

We have a case here and we the voters are entitled to fairness in elections as decided by the Supreme Court itself.

Now let's see if they follow through and do their job in a timely manner..............

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