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Effective January 2, 2012 MVM Radio will use the following format:

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We will be using this site for my personal blog opinions and LP for the hard hitting stories we are used to covering. We are also adding an array of writers from different backgrounds to add to the discussion.

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We hope you enjoy the changes and continue to be a part of the MVM family that includes MVM radio,, and Adding MVM TV will make a great addition to the lineup as well.

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Have a safe and very Happy New Year all!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


#4 Louisville just lost its first game of the season to #12 Georgetown by a score of  71-68. With this loss comes many observations and questions. The most obvious question being, how does this loss affect Louisville going into their rivalry game against Kentucky on Saturday? That will be decided on the court then but in the meantime I have other questions.

Has Coach Rick Pitino lost the "fire" in his belly that has propelled him to so much success throughout his career?

I am not writing this from a Card or Cat fan perspective but from a Coach Pitino fan perspective.

It seems to me that Pitino is basically going through the motions these days and has lost some of his competitive spirit. Many will argue and say I am wrong, or that I'm a disgruntled fan, or insert your thought here, but I believe I am right.

I have been a fan of Pitino's for many years going all the way back to his Providence days. I remember seeing Pitino work a sideline like no one's business and work his players even harder throughout the game. When he was hungry none could compare to Coach Pitino in my mind.

Pitino has been through a brutal few years now personally and perhaps that has taken its toll.

From the Boston Celtics, loss of his brother in law Billy Minardi in the September 11 attacks, and to the most shameful public lashing in the Karen Sypher case, Pitino has had his hands full dealing with personal crises. Is this why he seems so distant to me in his job as coach? Has Pitino the man's personal life finally hurt Pitino the legends professional one?

Coach Pitino was the standard others measured themselves against. He was wanted by every major program in the Country while at UK but decided to go the Boston Celtics and coach in the NBA. This proved to be disastrous as well. Though Pitino was well paid his players were as well and that clashed with the expectations and style of Coaching by Rick Pitino.

Eventually forced out of Boston he returned to Kentucky and took the UL program amidst great expectations and has yet to deliver on an NCAA Championship most expected would come by now. While Pitino has grown stagnant in many ways other programs seem to be developing quite nicely with inferior talent and lesser known coaches.

And that is part of the problem. Look at game film from his days at Providence. Look at film from his days at Kentucky. Check out the body language and facial expressions during interviews of that time. Look in his eyes then and now.

I see a different Coach Pitino then what I have seen through the years. I see a man who has announced he will retire at the end of his contract and is showing he may be ready to do so now. I see a man who was given a technical in this game for talking to his own player yet didn't seem too fussed about it.

The younger Pitino would have never been so calm about that. Perhaps he was thinking about Kentucky on Saturday and didn't want to chance ejection. I don't know.

I also saw his players slamming into the lane out of control praying for foul calls instead of running the offense or dishing the ball. Louisville looked lost in the final 2 minutes. They looked lost in much of the second half period. I didn't see Pitino get angry about that either.

I am not knocking Rick Pitino I have great respect for his coaching ability. I am not knocking UL they have great potential if they will come together. I am asking only one thing.

Does Rick Pitino still have the desire and heart to win?

I hope so or it will be a long day Saturday for the Cards.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Was RACE a factor in Dec. 15 stabbing of a Teacher by a Teacher?

The following is an op-ed piece reprinted by permission from the author and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of  Louisville News and Politics or Ed Springston. All credit is to be given to the author of this article.

On Dec. 15, 2011, Poughkeepsie HS English teacher Ronette Ricketts stabbed her fellow English teacher Cynthia Glozier 16 times in a one minute span with a Phillips screwdriver, and is only stopped because of one courageous HS Senior football player who tackled the attacker!

The names of those involved are:

Ronette Ricketts - 40 - who is black.
Cynthia Glozier - 52 - who is white.
Justin Richardson - 17 - who is black.

Both teachers were well respected.
  • And it was well known that there was some "bad blood" between the two.
  • HS Football player Justin Richardson is credited with saving the life of the teacher who was attacked and is properly being hailed as a HERO because he absolutely did the right thing at great peril to his own safety. (See VIDEO (3m 3s) of his account here)
BUT ... there are hints that this was not simply a case of spontaneous rage brought on by some random triggering event.

For example, according to Teachers World website,

"Ronette Ricketts allegedly showed up at the district office asking for a personnel action sheet because, according to District Superintendent Laval Wilson, “Somehow she was under the impression that she was being terminated.” Wilson said he didn’t know why she thought she was losing her job, and I confess that I don’t know what, if anything, this visit may have had to do with what happened later that morning. (Makes you wonder if she had planned the attack ahead of time, and knew she would be terminated as a result…Just makes you wonder.)"

And then there's this story from Rivals website with the HS Principal's description of the attack:

"It wasn't two teachers arguing, it was one attacking another," Poughkeepsie principal Edgar Glascott told WPIX 11.

And here's a local TV news VIDEO report (2m 29s) from WABC-TV, NY with a distinctively local reaction to this attack. The anchor first stated that is was a "fight" but then seconds later called it an "attack." So make up your mind already: which one it it, a fight or an attack? (Note: There IS VIDEO of the attack from the school's surveillance system. I'm sure it will be released one day down the road.)

In the Original Dec. 17, 2011 story from Gannett-owned Poughkeepsie Journal, Glozier's attorney stated: "It was absolutely not a fight," Tom O'Neill said. "It was a vicious, unproved, premeditated attempt to kill her." (Sheesh, Gannett used "unproved" when "unprovoked" was more appropriate. I wonder what else Gannett got wrong!)

However, none of that info was mentioned in a follow-up story published on Dec. 24, 2011.

Hmmm ... makes one wonder what's going on here.

So, was RACE a factor?

The MSM (main-stream media) in NY have failed to mention the race issue. Does that mean that it was not a factor? We all know that the MSM slants and spins the news to fit their agenda. And for this to happen in NEW YORK, the bastion of racial civility, is unthinkable! How embarrassing it would be for a NORTHERN city to have a race-based attack happen within its boundaries. Why, this type of stuff supposedly only happens in the South, y'all!

The MSM almost always makes a big deal out of any event whenever white folks attack any person of color. In fact, that typically becomes national news. But when the roles are reversed the MSM goes silent. And their collective silence is deafening.
Here are just a few examples of the MSM's double standard:

See if you can locate a timely story on this teacher attack from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, or NPR. Not one of these so-called "major" news networks covered this story. Students attacking teachers is, unfortunately, an all too common occurrence these days. But a Teacher attacking another Teacher in the hallway of the local High School while school is ongoing? That's an extremely rare occurrence!

Yet the MSM have collectively failed to run ANY story about this NEW YORK teacher attack. (Fortunately, a few sports websites have properly picked up on the Hero's story. Good for Justin!)

Nearly all the MSM saw fit to run a big story when the incident involved WHITE teens attacking a BLACK man in MISSISSIPPI. Oh that's right, these kind of incidents are noteworthy only if they occur in the SOUTH! Typical MSM agenda-driven reporting!

It's nearly impossible at this point in time to KNOW for sure if race was a factor, but with the "powers that be" always finding ways to keep us divided along many different lines, one has to wonder if this attack occurred because of some deep-seated resentment constantly exacerbated by the MSM and its habit of highlighting "race factors" in its agenda-driven reporting. The national MSM bears some responsibility for aggravating race relations in the USA. Let's see how this teacher attack gets updated and reported on down the road. I'll bet that it will be "sanitized".

© - Paul R. Holliger, Sr.
Freelance writer
All rights reserved.
Contact author for publishing rights.

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Friday, December 23, 2011


Ed Springston lashes out at the latest lawsuit by Constable David Whitlock and his unknown Kentucky Criminal attorney, Guy Hibbs.

What is the cost of the Occupy movements? Are they illegal?

Who benefits from the East End Bridge conspiracy?

For more on the Occupy lunacy check out Springston's article today. Occupy doesn't represent me

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Constable Whitlock suing Louisville Metro Government

Whitlock sues Metro Council for limiting his duties and powers.

David Whitlock has filed suit against Louisville Metro Government for interfering with his duties as an elected Constable. Whitlock is also suing the Louisville Metro Police for not following an expungement order regarding two felony convictions in the early 2000s. The news story does not indicate who the attorney is that filed the suit but as of this posting nobody in the suit or Metro Government has actually received official service of the suit.

It should be noted that Kentucky is a Commonwealth state and individual citizens are able to file criminal complaints and civil suits directly to the courts without an attorney or investigation.
Ed Springston of course will always stay on top of this story and the subsequent Dismissal.

Constable Who Shot Accused Shoplifter Files Suits - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Tonight the Ed Springston Radio Show discusses John Yarmuth's plan to overturn the Citizens United decision by the SCOTUS.

Ed Martin and Springston discuss the corporate mindset in political donations and take on the issue of voter ID. Unions require ID to vote in their in house elections, so why would they side with Democras and deny Ameican citizens the same right in political elections.

Ann Coulter likes Ron Paul?

The last 10 minutes get heated between a caller and Ed Martin.

Check it out.

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MSD Louisville Ky corruption or incompetence?

Tonight on the Ed Springston Radio Show, Springston claims vindication against MSD for his work over the last 5 years.

STOP I.T. President Ray Pierce, and Operations Manager Paul Holliger, joined in the conversation discussing their work over the last 7 years.

Springston takes major issue against mainstream media and what he feels is their failures while protecting former Mayor Jerry Abramson. Why has Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway not done his job investigating?

Springston also points out the long list of Lt Governor Jerry Abramson's failures in Louisville.

Springston calls out Louisville Water Company.

President Obama's hand picked Attorney General Eric Holder plays the race card, and more!

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Louisville Ky MSD, Audits and Indictments?

Sometimes you have to take credit where it is due because no one else will give it to you. Yep pretty egotistical statement and in this case I will be a pretty egotistical guy. Thanks to Kentucky Open Records Laws we can find out a lot more than we ever have.

For years now we at LNP have been reporting on the fallacies of MSD, including the shenanigans of Attorney Larry Zielke, the incompetency of Director Bud Shardein, and a whole host of other issues. Today we are vindicated.

Why would I say that? For the last year or so the CJ, and others, have been finally reporting somewhat on the problems at MSD yet they were silent throughout the years in many case in order to protect the former regime leader in Jerry Abramson.

There can be no doubt about that now as the problems at MSD have been talked about for years in the public domain by yours truly. Why were other media outlets ignoring these problems when Jerry was in charge? While I thank Crit Luallen for finally doing a complete audit, why would she wait until the end of her term to do so when info was provided long ago about MSD and an audit requested by yours truly as well?

While there certainly are many questions to be asked, and accountability for all who helped hide this to protect the Democratic mafia with Abramson, it is indeed a great day to finally be proven right so thanks to Crit and her Department.

You can read the findings here from Crit’s office.

Mayor Greg Fisher announced at Noon today that Bud Shardein will be replaced as Director immediately. Unfortunately, though I agree with ridding Shardein 100%, the direction he is taking is suspect.

For starters, allowing Shardein to remain in any capacity until the spring is wrong. He has proven to be a dismal failure, a liar, and a thief. You don’t reward that behavior by allowing him to stay on so he can pad retirement.

You fire him immediately and deal with it. To allow him even so much as an advisory role is an insult to each of us who have been screwed by wrongful rate increases and faulty management.

Fischer also announced that three long-serving board members — chairman Arnold Celentano, Doyle Stacy and Jerome Clark — will shortly retire from the board as soon as replacements are found. Fischer asked them to stay until replacements can be appointed to maintain a level of institutional knowledge during the interim. There are eight board members, four of whom have been appointed by Fischer and have served fewer than six months.

Good to see Doyle Stacy being replaced as he was nothing more than a political hack appointment to appease the UAW for his work gaining an endorsement of Jerry Abramson in 2006. His work in that fiasco was rewarded so good riddance.

Another interesting twist to the story?

Greg Heitzman, Water Company president, will also assume the title of executive director of MSD starting immediately. Heitzman will be a loaned executive to help lead MSD during its transition toward compliance with the audit findings as well as a possible new business structure. Current executive director Bud Schardein, a 28 year MSD veteran, announced today that he will retire in the spring but will remain with the agency in an advisory role until then to help ensure a smooth transition.

I have problems with Heitzman being interim for MSD. Why? Because I believe that the Louisville Water Company is the second biggest scam against us ratepayers.

LWC is 100% owned and operated by the City of Louisville itself. Its purpose is to provide us with safe affordable drinking water. Period.

So why then can LWC continue to raise rates and post a profit that goes straight into the Louisville General Fund?

Is this not a form of illegal taxation since the Government owns it? Making a profit by raising rates is exactly one of the same scams MSD has been employing. Using a government agency for profit is, well, not exactly acceptable is it?

Greg Fisher you need a new Board Chairman? I volunteer. In the meantime.

There are a lot more questions to be asked and answered in the short-term but today, after years of railing against the illegalities of MSD, is as good a day as any to sit back, reflect on the fight, and say……

I told you so.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011


On tap tonight on the Ed Springston Show the GOP Primary continues.
President Obama decides not to veto the Defense Authorization Bill.
Ron Paul surging.
Soldiers returning home from Iraq.
Ed Springston outlines a plan to protect our borders.
A great discussion with callers about the state of the GOP.
Dale Gillespie gets excited and more!
Check it out folks!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The latest edition of the Ed Springston Show is one you don't want to miss!
Springston taes aim at California State Senator Ted Lieu on his illegal threat against Lowe's for pulling their ads from the All American Muslim Show on TLC.

Radio show host Michael Savage offers Newt Gingrich One million dollars to drop out of the Republican Presidential primary and more!

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For more of the latest on Senator Ted Lieu click here Senator Lieu's fake outrage.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Senator Ted Lieu needs to go

I read an article today that includes a letter sent from Senator Ted Lieu D-CA which really should have come as no surprise from this liberal but did nonetheless. It seems Senator Lieu has taken offense at Lowe's Home Building for pulling their ads from a TLC show on cable that no one watches calling Lowe's un-American, bigoted, and shameful. Sen. Lieu is un-American

What is Lieu's problem?

The show Lowe's pulled its ads from was the All American Muslim show on TLC. Lowe's had apparently gotten complaints primarily from, according to Lieu, the  Florida Family Association that apparently believes that “All-American Muslim is propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.”

So think what you want about the Florida Family Association. Personally, I can't stand the ultra right either.

With that said however, there is something inherently wrong with a sitting Senator like Ted Lieu who believes he has the right to threaten ANY business for pulling their ad dollars to spend elsewhere for whatever reason they so choose.

The All American Muslim show does not have any exclusive rights to ad income from any source no more than I do. If Lowe's felt they would receive backlash because of their ads on that show they have every right to pull the ads.

That is about as American as it gets in a free market society to react to your customer base to insure your business does not suffer.

For Lieu to play the, "I am a State Senator and you will do what I say or pay the consequences game" is about as un-American as it gets and he should be impeached immediately. Seriously.

From Senator Lieu's email to Lowe's, that he presumably put out publicly himself:

If Lowe’s continues its religious bigotry, I will encourage boycotts of Lowe’s and look into legislative remedies.

Lieu tries to justify actions

It further goes on to state the following:

I previously served on active duty in the United States military to defend our cherished constitutional rights, such as freedom of religion. As a veteran, I find Lowe’s action not just ugly, but intensely anti-American. As a Catholic, I find Lowe’s religious intolerance to be dangerous. As a consumer, I find Lowe’s bigotry to be nonsensical.

I urge you to use common sense and rescind Lowe’s bigoted action. You also need to apologize to Americans, especially those who are Muslim.

I served as well MR. Lieu and I find it very disrespectful and insulting to have someone who is supposed to be an elected Senator engaging in this type of behavior. I served to preserve freedom and our American way of life.

I would not assume any higher moral authority by hiding behind your supposed Catholicism either. Judge not lest ye be judged. Where were you when the Catholic hierarchy was hiding pedophile priests? That was an illegal act you could have gotten involved in and chose not to.

No. You sir are what is wrong with America today. Lowe's did what any company would do when faced with a potential downside to their business. They chose to go a different direction.

That is AMERICAN Lieu. Your version of nazism to deny a public business the right to spend their money where they choose to, totally legal at that, in advertising is un-American.

It is not up to you or any member of Congress to dictate to them what direction that would be. They are a consumer driven business and have the AMERICAN right to decide just what base they choose to appeal to. Within the law.

Lowe's has done nothing illegal OR un-American in this case.

Sen. Lieu commits illegal acts

You threatening legislative action because of your personal bias is illegal, however, and I would expect that the ethics commission would look into this matter immediately. I won't hold my breath waiting for it.

In the meantime I would hope that your constituents would now see you for who you are. An UN-AMERICAN Senator who feels that your power supersedes that of each of us real Americans and vote you out accordingly.

I will be working on that issue for you.

We real Americans deserve to see those like you gone.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011


Ingram Quick named permanent City internal auditor, Andy Hodges joins us, Jim King likely to be Metro Council President for 2nd year in a row, Jerry Abramson, and so much more! . Louisville, KY's only local hard hitting political radio show.

Ed Springston goes on his usual rant this time against Abramson!

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Ed Springston show from Tuesday. Louisville, Ky's own local hard hitting political radio show. Rod Blagojevich gets 14 year sentence, President Obama says limited government in free markets doesn't work, China urges Navy to prepare for combat.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Reposted from

One of the political races I will be following next year rather closely is the race for Commonwealth’s Attorney right here in Louisville, Ky. As many know, and/or believe as I do, Dave Stengel has been nothing more than a political hack who protects his Democratic buddies at our expense. We need a Kentucky criminal attorney to investigate him.  Need proof? The King case is one example, and there will be more forthcoming in that case soon, Jerry Abramson fallacies, and so on.

That’s my opinion and I am sticking to it.

While Stengel has always preferred going after cases he didn’t need to, remember the Stinson case at PRP?, in favor of using his office as a political tool by not pursuing anything against his Democratic colleagues, we have a chance now to correct that injustice.

With all this in mind I decided to start looking into this particular race a little early, even for me.

Enter Former Judge Stephen Ryan.

Ryan stood out on my radar for an obvious first interview for many reasons, but primarily because I have followed Ryan for years through the media and the courts, and have found myself siding with him more often than not. The smoking ban debacle and the Mel Ignatow case came to mind immediately.

Judge Ryan’s ruling on the smoking ban was dead on in my opinion thus denying Churchill Downs an unfair advantage. Why was this case important overall?

Because by making the ruling he did, he upset many status quo politicians such as former Mayor Abramson, and a lot of Democratic mafia hacks such as the horse industry and Churchill Downs folks. Knowing how his ruling would be perceived by the powers that be and still following the law proved much about the character of Ryan himself.

This case alone set him apart from the status quo political line we have become used to under folks like Dave Stengel. It is a sign that perhaps we may finally have a true candidate that does not put politics first for a change.

That in itself is refreshing.

I interviewed former Judge Ryan today and came away thinking that we may finally have the real deal for the office of Commonwealth’s Attorney.

I first asked Judge Ryan why he is interested in this job now after a long distinguished career of his own. Ryan explained that he feels there is much that can be changed within the office today citing one major example as the way we use the current diversion program. Ryan says the diversion program has been overused by the CA’s office and in some cases he himself had to deny diversions.
One example cited was a case he had where a defendant was recommended for diversion even though they had felony convictions from other states. Stengel’s office should have known that before even recommending diversion.

Ryan raised the issue that even though it may be a bit more costly in the short-term, doing a simple pre sentence investigation (PSI) could have saved time and money for the courts and eliminated this type of fallacy. Ryan also believes that the current Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office could aid in the overcrowding of dockets by being prepared for trial immediately thus eliminating long costly delays that tie up the dockets.

Additionally, Ryan says many judges are complaining that the diversion programs are overused. I would agree based on my own internal investigations.

Ryan also cited many things about his background that make me believe he could be the real deal as well.

When I asked why he felt the most qualified for this office his answers were immediate. Citing many examples he told me of his time as an MP in the Army, a probation officer while working his way through law school, a former Asst. Commonwealth’s attorney, and former District and Circuit Judge.

He also cited his good working relationships with the Judges and others within the system that will be beneficial to him if elected as our next Commonwealth’s Attorney.

I have to admit when listening to Ryan explain his history it is very impressive. He has the experience to see things from beginning to end and it creates a level of understanding we just aren’t used to from political hacks like Dave Stengel.

What was more impressive was the non assuming, matter of fact, non egotistical way he presented it. There were no “airs,” just facts and that was unique in itself.

I came away with some things about Judge Ryan that I did not know such as the fact that as a District Judge, working with the then Commonwealth Attorney, Ryan suggested the idea for the diversion programs currently used today. He also suggested the fast tracking program, commonly called the “rocket docket” by insiders.

Ryan also as Chief District Judge, working in conjunction with Judge Henry Weber, came up with the current drug court of which he was Judge for more than 10 years. When asked about the results from this Court, many believe it is not that effective, Ryan stated that of those who graduate from drug court there is less than a 20% recidivism by offenders.

When compared to those who do not complete the program those results rise to over a 60% recidivism rate.

Ryan believes that the drug court should be expanded with more focus being put on treatment and rehab versus incarceration. Ryan believes this will free up jail space, reduce our costs, while at the same time better utilizing our existing facilities.

All of which ease the budget pressure for the Commonwealth’s Attorney office.

Ryan pledges, if elected, to work closely with his attorneys, and the courts, to ensure that the laws apply equally to everyone, and that his office will be an open transparent one.

We hear that a lot from candidates who lie about this, remember Mayor Fisher‘s promises?, but in the case of former Judge Ryan, I actually believe we may get it.

Your thoughts?

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LMPD's interim Police Chief Ishmon Burks WTF?

Ed Springston Show

Monday night the two Ed's, Springston and Martin talked about the Social Security nightmare, 9 yr old suspended for sexual harassment, Nancy Pelosi and her whopping nepotism, and LMPD interim Chief Ishmon Burks.

Of course Springston went on his usual tirade. Tune in below

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For more on the happenings around town including the latest on the Louisville merger check out Merger and Darryl Owens.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Louisville News and Politics is upgrading and improving for each of you. Today we launched the official new website for LNP at

We will still continue to bring you great content here on the blog but it will now be used for basic updates etc instead of a general list of everything imaginable. The new site at will focus more on the actual in depth stories and less on the fluff. Doing this allows us to use the blog as a personal site and Louisville Politics as a news site.

We will ensure that you continue to get the same old news you have become accustomed to getting right here at Louisville, Ky's #1 political blog but hope you will tune in as well to the new website for news. For most of you there will not be a noticeable difference, but for us on the business side there will be a huge one.

There will be links to both sites on each site as well as the standard links you have become accustomed to other blogger sites of interest as well.

Don't forget to join our twitter feed at myviewmatters and our RSS feed as well for all the latest up to date info.

Coming soon is our own youtube channel as well for the rants many of you have asked for.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy the new layouts and content!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Ed Springston Radio Show

For all the latest on Louisville, KY's only local hard hitting political show click here: Ed Springston Show. It has been an interesting week of discussions including SB 1867, Barney Frank retiring, Metro Council redistricting suit, and more.

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Judy Green fanatics are at it again and this time over redistricting. Seems the Judy Green support club in District 1 (all 7 of them) have decided to instill themselves into the redistricting recently done by Metro. Their problem? They don't like the fact that the African American majority in District 1 has dropped from about 71% to the new 58%. Courier. Perhaps they are worried the money they usually get paid for their votes will now be diluted? We shall soon see but all looks legal to me with one exception.

The whole incumbent protection angle the Council members actually even stated was their number one goal. For that reason alone it should be thrown out.

Council stupidity

Some members should feel pretty stupid about now. MaDonna Flood primarily. Flood decided to waste her time on a local ordinance to once again ban such fireworks as bottle rockets, M-80's, etc.Courier Part 1 After it passed on a 11-10 vote, with the other 5 members apparently too scared to weigh in on the issue, Mayor Fisher signed this stupidity. Of course the very next day we find that the issue is far from over with the Council now set to reverse itself rather quickly Courier Part 2.

Seriously? We have nothing better to do than argue over this? Even Flood agreed that there were no more injuries than normally reported, though she says the seriousness of the injuries is greater than before, so why waste our time on something so trivial. If the kids are getting hurt hold the parents accountable for lack of supervision. If the adults are getting hurt it is generally because they do not follow proper safety procedures anyway.

You just can't fix stupid and apparently this includes Council members like MaDonna Flood.

Speaking of the Metro Council

Since the Council seems to have plenty of time to work on non issues like the one above perhaps they should revisit their priorities. This next one falls under what I refer to as a no brainer. In short common sense rules here and we apparently lack much of that with the current Council. Take this for example Consultant hired . Do we really need to pay even more of our money on wasteful consultants to tell us what we already know?

Tax dollars can only be spent for a “public purpose,” which currently is broadly defined as any an expenditure that “confers a direct benefit ... to a significant part of the public.”

So what is the recommendation?

An accounting firm advising the Louisville Metro Council on its discretionary spending practices said Wednesday that the council should work with the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office or the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office to more tightly define the ways tax money can be spent.

Once again spending money for some outside consultant to tell u what we already know.

Yep business as usual.

LMPD Police Chief District meetings

Tonight at 6 pm there will a combined District meeting, sponsored by Councilman David James, with Metro Council Districts 1, and 3-6 to discuss the selection of the next Louisville Police Chief. It will be held at the NIA Center at 2900 W. Broadway. Contact Councilman David James office at 574-1106 for more info.

At the same time Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin will be holding her own District 2  meeting regarding the same issue at Newburg Community Center, 4810 Exeter Ave. Contact Councilwoman Shanklin's office at 574-1102 for more info.

See you next time....
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