Monday, January 31, 2011


As many of you know I am in South Carolina this week for a family wedding so posting will be light but there are a couple of issues that need addressed.

First from what I understand Representative Larry Clark is working once again to pass a law that would exempt family members from the $1000 campaign contribution limit presently allowed by law. This came about because of the charges I pursued for 2 years against Jim and Katie King.

Clark tried to get the exemption last year and failed. This year it has been prefiled once again. Check out House Bill 28 and call and let your reps know NO one should be exempt from campaign finance limits.

Additionally, HB 26 has been filed to try to force a regional wastewater plan on us all again. Last year legislation was brought forward to create a massive regional sewer district that would serve 7 counties with MSD being the head of it. MSD can't even run their own business here in Louisville so pay attention to the details folks!

Those around the State beware. If this passes you lose. Read all about the regional wastewater plan here:

For more on MSD stories just click this link.

See you soon!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


You just have to love this Democrat controlled Metro Council don't you? I mean while the rest of the community is trying to bring attention to problems and seeking help what does the Democrat majority on the Council do to help?

Spend their time whining about the media. Come on guys really?

Kudos to those at LEO such as Phillip Bailey for continuing to out the problems at LMAS. Throw Jake Payne in there over at thevillevoice as well with his recent addition of the LMAS Rainbow Bridge.

Check out Bailey's most recent article in this week's LEO and you will see what I mean:

It is pathetic at best isn't it? Tom Owen worried about being on the defensive. He should be. If the Council were doing their job correctly they would have nothing to worry about. Yep Tom has abused his position as well and will be outed soon ;-)

I love how Rick Blackwell, Abramson sell out and ethics violator himself is crying and going on the attack against Republican Ken Fleming over of all things ethics. Blackwell would not know ethical behavior if it slapped him in the face.

This is the same guy who threw out ethics charges against Bob Henderson even after federal court records proved Henderson was lying in sworn testimony during the whistleblower lawsuit concerning MSD filed by Sarah Lynne Cunningham. Search this site for more on that.

I mean how much whining can one insignificant self serving metro moron do?

From Leo:
In response to unflattering news coverage about the aforementioned issues, Councilman Rick Blackwell, D-12, called for more accountability from the local press, particularly from the C-J’s Metro reporter, Dan Klepal, whom he referred to as “the Republican writer” during the meeting, before launching into a missive about Councilman Ken Fleming, R-7, who co-sponsored the amended ethics ordinance and is often quoted in news stories as a result.

“We need to do some PR work. It frustrates me that Ken Fleming … is now the guru of ethics. Every article about anything ethical goes back to Fleming,” Blackwell said. “We got to do something to balance that a little bit as a caucus. I don’t think Fleming should have the reins on that.”

Um Blackwell Fleming co sponsored the bill and obviously as such should be asked questions about it. It is common sense and most people who are not teachers even get that. Perhaps you should learn to comprehend before we allow you to continue teaching our kids.

Additionally, Blackwell does not appear to have many friends at his school these days, as some have reported to me that many of his colleagues are getting quite tired of him ditching school lying about hiding behind Metro Council business. Of course many have told me exactly who he is spending his time with when not in class but hey that is another story as well. Seems he cannot do either job right but he sure is compensated well for substandard results eh?

Really $42,500 a year for a part time job that even today he still does not have a clue about?

Judy Green? What can be said about this train wreck. Someone who was outed right here because she doesn't have a clue. Someone who has some serious ethical baggage from her own self titled Green Team doesn't seem to get why the issues surrounding her are so important to us all.

Even Brent Ackerson gets that much “But I do vote on what’s going on with the Green Team and other things,” Ackerson responded. “And to not acknowledge it is kind of saying maybe it will go away. It’s not going away, and if it’s just empowering us with the knowledge, why not? If it’s out there, it’s out there.”

While Brent acts like he was blindsided with questions, we all know the Council members check the media daily, he is right that knowledge empowers all of us.

Besides why attack LEO's Phillip Bailey when I am the one who initially broke the story that Bailey latched onto without giving credit. Hmm ethics?

Are you scared Council critters that you can't hide anymore? You haven't seen anything yet.

Don't like it? Then quit, resign, leave politics, or maybe by some freak accident try and do the right thing for once in your miserable public lives and serve we the people fairly and equally as you promised to do.

If not I have some news for you that you already know.

Those like myself are not going away.

Whine all you want but no one will be happier than many of us when we finally run out of things to write about. And that is up to you. Do it right we shut up.

Do it wrong and you empower us. It is your choice but really do one thing.

Quit your own damn whining and be adults. Accept responsibility for your miserable failures and work to correct them. Crying about how unfair the media is only proves just how bad you are doing your job.

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The last few days at County Attorney Mike O'Connell's office have been interesting I am told but what I really like is his answer to Rick Redding over at Check this story out here: UPDATED: Pay for Play in O’Connell’s Office? LouisvilleKY. I love his letter to Redding.

The County Attorney’s Office has operated very effectively under my predecessors. I have made few changes.

A meeting on January 3, 2011, preceding the statutory swearing in of Assistant County Attorneys, was the ideal time to address my expectations to the attorneys who, by law, serve as my appointed assistants.

Those expectations include:

· Competence
· Diligence
· Intelligence
· Loyalty

When discussing loyalty, I explained that the County Attorney’s Office is elective. I do expect their support in carrying out my policies the public. That expectation of support extends to candidates whose political campaigns I support. Those will be candidates who support the mission of this office and enable us to maintain one of the highest DUI conviction rates in the nation, convict more than 80% of domestic violence perpetrators and collect more than $79 million in child support annually.

I explained all of this very directly for the benefit of my at-will attorneys, so that they had a clear idea of the standard for success in this office under my administration.

No one is or has been required to contribute money either to my campaign or to a candidate I support.

I will ignore the conviction of 80% of domestics for now, as that may be a faulty stat, but I love how he leads in with competence. Heck many question whether O'Connell himself is competent or not. Myself included.

Intelligence is yet another questionable trait. But what I really like is this sentence in his response:

I do expect their support in carrying out my policies the public. That expectation of support extends to candidates whose political campaigns I support.

Um isn't that part of what we have been saying here at Louisville News?

He just admitted that they are expected to carry out his policies that include supporting his candidates for office.

O'Connell perhaps you know online vernacular so figure this one out. LMAO. You clearly just inadvertently admitted one part of my allegations. Of course there is even more to his response as well such as the veiled threat against employees.

Reread and notice how he makes sure he includes the whole at will language about HIS attorneys being his appointed assistants.

The message from O'Connell with that statement is a simple one. In effect he is telling them through this publicized letter "you only have a job as long as I decide you do."

Keep dreaming O'Connell. For you attorneys who actually believe this rhetoric research labor law. O'Connell cannot get rid of you without cause whether he wants to or not without repercussions. If he is downsizing the office for example and eliminating jobs that's valid. He can not arbitrarily dismiss anyone without cause. There are many Supreme Court cases on record against folks like O'Connell who think they are above labor law.

This City has a history of losing when it comes to labor practice lawsuits. Think about it guys. You are smarter than to be "scared straight" by this agenda. Hell O'Connell himself helps pursue these idiotic labor lawsuits Abramson always fought that have cost we the citizens and taxpayers millions.

To date O'Connell has lost them all. So much for his knowledge of labor laws.

For any of you staffers and/or attorneys if you want help. Do one thing. Call me and go on record. No one should have to work in fear when they are doing their job properly. No one.

For Mike O'Connell? Quit worrying about who the leak is and fix the problems. The fact is a simple one. You are trying to plug one hole in a water bed thinking it will then keep you warm and dry. The problem?

There are multiple leaks and you can't plug them all.

Check out Rick Redding at and see if there are any more messages from O'Connell.

Somehow I almost bet that there will be.

Stay tuned folks.......

Monday, January 24, 2011


It is official. There is a new entry into the Republican primary for Governor and the name is Bobbi Holsclaw. Wow I actually typed that with a straight face. It seems Ms. Holsclaw thinks that by maintaining an office Rebecca Jackson transformed is qualification to be Governor. I disagree.

There are many people within her Department that have tons of stories to tell and now they will surely come forward. In the meantime what has Bobbi actually accomplished? From the outside looking in admittedly, not much.

We will get into a lot of this in the coming weeks and months but in the meantime the real question is does she have any shot?

In my opinion no. Holsclaw has not even been able to find a legitimate running mate being turned down by many people who feel she just is not qualified. That is alarming in itself. Add in the fact that she will make a total of 2 people from Louisville seeking the job and well you get the drift.

The reality is that even a strong candidate from Louisville has a major uphill climb much less someone who doesn't have a strong name or backing. So the real question is who does she hurt?

Phil Moffett is a major outsider who many feel does not have a real chance either but he does have tea party support. Holsclaw fares less support than even that. If Moffett has any shot, even as long as it is, it would require carrying basically all of Louisville to offset the advantage Williams has throughout the rest of the Commonwealth.

Holsclaw will take votes away from Moffett period and that can only help Williams in Louisville.

Many have been asking me where is the rant on Jim King now that the special prosecutor has declined to prosecute. Why rant?

I told everyone from the beginning that the plan was to wait for the KREF to rule making it easier for the AG's office to decline prosecution. They did and it worked. It was no surprise whatsoever and full expected. Plausible deniability at its best.

Special Prosecutor Hart Megibben told me at the very onset that getting an indictment based on the charges would be easy to do. It was in short a no brainer BUT he would not get one if he could not guarantee a conviction.

Of course I argued then about that scenario. I mean how can anyone guarantee a conviction in any case? Look at how many indictments get done and how many convictions there are. The number is small. Oh there are plea agreements out the butt but generally those are done because there is no such thing as a guaranteed conviction. As a prosecutor you take what you can get.

The law is clear on the point of contention and the acts committed were illegal. Period. Politics played the most important role in this from the beginning and the decision was made accordingly.

It is out of my hands. I sacrificed over 2 years, thousands of hours, and money from my pocket to do the right thing. I feel confident I have done all I could.

I suggest we remember these types of actions when we elect people to office in the future to avoid repeats. This applies to ALL elected officials.

Finally, just a reminder. MyViewMatters Radio will begin airing on February 7 at 9 am. A new daily show Mon-Friday and will continue to bring the open honest discussion thousands of you have asked us to bring back.

Until next time folks!

Friday, January 21, 2011


It seems the story I did yesterday on Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell has hit a nerve Louisville News and Politics: LMAS,COUNTY ATTORNEY MIKE O'CONNELL, AND 7 YEAR OLDS..... . I am being told by folks in his office he blew a gasket and is searching for the leak so he can fire them. Fire them Mike?

Um Mike O'Connell there are many leaks ;-). Multiple inside sources confirmed this. Unless you plan on firing the whole Department ease up. If you retaliate against employees for doing something to change an illegal situation in the County Attorney's office, where your job is to uphold the law no less, then you prove once again that your office is corrupt.

I will continue investigating and will out the other stories I have soon folks so keep your head up when working. Believe me I have much to disclose as it is. By the way use the whistle blower laws to help you. It would end this much quicker :-)

Early reports say that the Jim King case I have been pursuing for over two years is wrapping up. I am being told that Special Prosecutor Hart Megibben has finalized the report and will be forwarding it to AG Conway's office. After all this time and resources being spent, I am being told that Megibben will be telling AG Jack Conway that he does not believe he has enough evidence to secure a conviction.

What does that mean?

It gives Jack Conway an easy out to avoid prosecuting Jim and Katie King. It does not mean they found no wrongdoing.

Regardless of what Conway does, or doesn't do, I promised when I set out on this investigation that I would stay with it until its conclusion. At this point it seems we have reached that conclusion if my source is accurate and they usually are.

I have done all I can and the end of this case is near. Many thanks to all who have supported me throughout this with words of encouragement. Believe me there were many times I was overwhelmed and needed it to keep going with this. It is hard being a one man show on occasion.

In the meantime much was accomplished. My efforts led to the largest known fine in Kentucky election history to date totalling $30,000 combined between Jim and Katie King, and we forced the discussion into what should, or should not be acceptable in campaign financing.

This case was necessary to pursue and both sides suffered in this.

Jim King lost the Mayoral election due in large part to this case. I lost financially as well. Advertisers and others were reluctant to support someone as controversial as I am for standing up to politicians and involving myself in this process.

Yep I was flat out told I was being blackballed from very credible corporate insiders. King was not alone in suffering losses. With that said however, I have not, and will not give up on the mission I set out to do with your help.

We will continue exposing corruption and the MyViewMatters radio show will live on as recently announced to help us continue towards that end.

That's it for now and thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


For a couple of years now the problems at LMAS have been talked about, openly outed, and still nothing has been done to fix them. Recently there is yet another scandal about uncleanliness and animals dying of a parvo/distemper outbreak due to failed leadership. This is also happening at the Kentucky Humane Society as well but that is another story for another day.

Here is one story you will want to read from LEO on former LMAS Director Gilles Melloche and his buddies Jerry Abramson and Bill Summers.
Follow the money Louisville's Alt-Weekly LEO Weekly.

Additionally you should check out Jake Payne over at thevillevoice for his efforts to help LMAS. We disagree on much but Payne is doing a great thing here
Let’s Work Together In An Effort For Change.

COUNTY ATTORNEY MIKE O'CONNELL should be investigated, dismissed, and jailed immediately if the reports I am getting from some of his staff are proven true. While it is no secret, though it is illegal, that many elected officials require government employees to "donate" to their campaigns it is becoming blatantly clear that the Democratic power elite apparently are now open about this illegal method of gaining campaign cash without any fear.

Case in point?

According to witnesses, who prefer to remain anonymous, O'Connell told all that were sworn in to his office on January 3, 2011 that their job is a political one and they are required to donate money to political candidates and campaigns when and where he told them to as a condition of employment.

In the meantime rumors abound that there will be a lawsuit filed soon as at least one employee is rumored to have been let go when they refused to be extorted in this way.

Additionally, according to sources Mike O'Connell also took the 2% pay raises that were approved for his employees and stuffed them into some sort of a fund that only he controls. Where does he get that authority? Our tax money approved raises should go to the employees not the County Attorney himself to dole out as he sees fit.

I don't know about you guys but I would assume O'Connell as an attorney should know extortion is illegal. Just ask Karen Sypher.

Where are the feds at now?

Apparently even 7 year olds can get citations in Louisville according to this report Officer suspended for giving 7-year-old a ticket The Courier-Journal. It seems this officer was suspended for getting the child and the parents attention this way. I kind of like it myself.

I mean we gripe so much today about parent's not taking responsibility for their children, did this move awaken this parent to paying attention? Did it awaken the child to the fact there are repercussions for negative behavior?

You guys decide but it is very interesting.

Until next time...............

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We have been bombarded over the last couple of months wanting news on when MyViewMatters Radio will air again. Thanks so much for the inquiries and your patience. After much deliberation we have decided to relaunch MyViewMatters Radio as an internet radio show. Since the rules have been relaxed and we can now air ads it is a great fit!

As you know many of our competitors such as Mandy Connell at Clear Channel's WHAS 84 simulcast their show live which simply means you can hear it on the internet live. One of our hopes in relaunching the show was to compete against Louisville's premier AM radio. At Clear channel's WKJK there was simply no way that was going to happen.

That left us with a question. How do we reach our personal professional goals through traditional means?

From a cost perspective the dollar cost are simply too high to do a daily show to compete at this time over the traditional air waves. Unless we were in a time slot that would resonate with our audience and produce income it simply could not be done so we had a choice to make.

Do we continue doing a traditional once a week show and not be able to compete?

In order to bring you the best we put ourselves in a position to compete. In roughly 18 months we were able to take a weekly one hour show and make it a must listen for thousands of people in Louisville, across the State of Kentucky, and Indiana as well. We did this with no budget or marketing to speak of just word of mouth. We took the risk and you made us proud. We want to continue to bring you what you have come to expect from us. Quality programming with issues and candidates so you can hear the truth. All brought to you of course with our own unique no holds barred style.

Internet radio will allow us to go even further than we have before. Worldwide. Literally.

At final count, thanks to our friends at Ky Grassroots radio simulcasting our show, we were receiving approximately 50,000 listeners per show via the internet during our live shows. Countless others tuned in via podcast at this site. This has proven to be a valuable tool to giving you the listener the real scoop without sugar coating the issues.

You asked for it so here it is.

The official launch of the new and improved MyViewMatters Radio Show will be on Monday February 7 at 9 AM. It is planned to be a daily show Monday -Friday from 9-10 AM and will be in direct competition with Louisville's WHAS 84's Mandy Connell. We need you tuned in to make this a success.

You can link to the show each day at beginning February 7.

Anyone interested in advertising with Louisville's, and Kentucky's, homegrown radio contact Ed Springston at (502)417-5383 or write me at Our ad rates are drastically lower than our competition and we will do anything we can to insure your message gets heard to your audience.

Traditional ads, read throughs, or any variation is no problem. Get the most for your advertising dollar and help support real local radio with lifelong residents at the same time.

We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Much has been made over the last couple of days about a bill prefiled by State House Representative Lonnie Napier of Lancaster, KY. It seems everyone has an opinion but in my estimation the clear majority want this bill to pass and why not?

There is no doubt whatsoever that many receiving food stamps, and other government assistance, clearly use this money for their own gain whether that be drugs or some other thing of value to them. That has never been the intent nor should it ever be the intent of government assistance.

They are not wasting their money they are wasting ours. Money that I could put to good use for my own family and needs. Not to subsidize someone who for whatever reason chooses not to use the help properly.

Some have used the argument that this is just another step into regulating morality. Regulating morality?

How in the heck can anyone make that assumption. I am all for freedom myself. You want to use illegal drugs. That is your choice if you want to risk paying the price legally BUT when you use my money for such I am not regulating your lifestyle with your money, I am regulating the use of my money for its intended purpose.

Try going to get an auto loan on a car and tell them you are going to use the money to buy drugs instead. Think you will get the money?

When you sign up for food stamps you are saying I need help to eat and I will use this money for that purpose.

When you sell them to a neighbor, friend, or stranger for anything other than that you just said you can afford to eat on your dime. Many "sell" these food stamps, or lets be clear here use of their food stamp credit card, for mere pennies on the dollar so they can use the money for something else. Like drugs.

While they may get 50 cents on the dollar to feed their personal habits it still cost us a dollar and that is unacceptable.

That is a dollar that someone in real need could use for the right reasons.

Then there is my favorite argument from some. "If you are going to force everyone on welfare assistance to drug test than everyone who gets a government check should be forced to as well including elected officials and government employees."

NOW you are talking. I have advocated this for many years but the likelihood of it actually working that way is slim to none unless We The People demand such. It is high past time that we do so.

I know of at least 2 judges who would fail miserably if forced to take an unannounced drug test along with a whole host of lawyers. All on the public dime.

I also know that there are several products on the market that will help show a "clean" drug test if given any amount of time to allow it to work. Many people depend on them to stay employed or get a job since most private sector employees now require a drug test to get hired.

Believe it or not they actually work so how can you schedule a random drug test and expect a real result. You simply can't so the pharmaceutical industry wins because of purchases from the private sector and the drug testers win by selling more tests.

The solution is a simple one. After an immediate drug test for elected officials with no advance warning then apply the same to anyone asking for benefits. They have to do a drug test immediately upon signing up for benefits.

Right there at that time for an initial evaluation. Then they have to sign accepting a random unannounced drug test within 3 months of receiving benefits if approved. Up to 2 unannounced drug tests within year. Same goes for elected officials and government employees. Though it should be noted that government employees generally must submit to a random drug test as the private sector does in most cases.

Which brings me to this for those who keep using the kids as the excuse of why we should not. "Oh the kids will suffer and do without." Hogwash.

If the parents don't care enough about their kids that they sell their food stamps at a reduced rate for their own gain then the kids are doing without now because of the parents selfishness. That is on their shoulders not yours or mine.

If the parents cannot pass a drug test and are denied assistance then we now have an indicator as to what homes need their children put in foster care, or taken from their home, for their own safety and well being.

At that point at least the child would be getting fed and not used for drug money or other nonsense that the parent prefers over their own child.

Anyone who truly needs the help would understand this.

Harsh? Not really.

Throughout history we have always heard politicians use the slogan mentality of giving people a hand up but have ultimately turned it into giving people a handout. A handout simply makes one dependent over time and not able to rationally rely even on themselves to provide the basics for any standard of living for themselves or their families.

In short this dependency ultimately makes one a slave to that entity that provides for them and one loses the self esteem that any rational person would equate to understanding the simplest use of personal responsibility.

Have I ever used unemployment? Yep so have many others. Most understand that this is supposed to be a temporary hand up not a handout and are grateful when they finally get a job and no longer have to rely on someone else.

Unfortunately for some it is a way of life because they are too conditioned to believe that living off someone else is a way of life, or have become so dependent that they believe it is their "right" to not take personal responsibility for themselves, or their families including their children.

Anyone can make excuses for their failures and anyone can take action accordingly. The question is how do we gain accountability for using our money to help, not hinder, the progress of those who need it most.

Forcing this action, and including elected officials, is a step in the right direction.

Friday, January 14, 2011


The following is an op-ed piece by former Legislative Aide to Council District 25....

By Scott Harrington

Anti-second amendment legislators are once again taking advantage of a tragic shooting to rally support for stricter gun control laws. On the morning of the shooting, Jared Loughner left his house carrying his 9mm Glock and stopped by Wal-Mart to purchase ammo before attending a public meeting hosted by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Allegedly, it is believed that Loughner attended the meeting with the intent on assassinating the congresswoman. The mass murderer fatally wounded six people including a nine year old girl and wounded fourteen other people including his attended target.

My prayers go out to all the victims and survivors of those who were fatally wounded. My sorrow can’t comprehend what these families are going through and I cannot offer enough words to comfort their loss.

As part of the healing process, it is only natural for us to review the events of this tragedy in an effort to understand why this happened and, most importantly, what could be done to prevent such future tragedies. Inevitable, the focus will turn to gun control.

I must disclose that I am a gun owner and posses a (CCDW) carry concealed deadly weapon permit. I became a gun owner two years ago and assume the responsibilities that go along with exercising my second amendment rights.

Some lawmakers, in my opinion, are taking advantage of the Tuscon shootings to advance their gun control agendas. For example, Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth (D) in an interview encourages his colleagues to consider banning assault rifles. Loughner used a hand pistol, not an assault rifle.

Representative Darryl Owens (D) wants to ban individuals from carrying handguns in the state capitol building. Kentucky Revised Statute 527.020 already prevents concealing a weapon to “Any meeting of the governing body of a county, municipality, or special district; or any meeting of the General Assembly or a committee of the General Assembly, except that nothing in this section shall preclude a member of the body, holding a concealed deadly weapon license, from carrying a concealed deadly weapon at a meeting of the body of which he or she is a member.” In addition, persons issued a CCDW permit cannot bring a gun to a school, government building, courthouse or other buildings where federal laws prohibit carrying a concealed weapon.

Representative Jim Wayne (D) is considered one of the most anti-guns legislators who will surely use the Tucson shootings as a tool to gain support for his bill that mandates destroying firearms used in a commission of crime. Wayne has supported all anti-gun legislation and I foresee him introducing more limiting public policy in the months that follow.

On the other side of the debate, lawmakers are looking towards guns as a means of self-protection. In an interview with The Washington Post, Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz (R) and Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen (D) both are considering carrying a concealed weapon in light of the Tucson shootings. Ironically, Cohen added that he would not carry a gun to public events though. Virginia Congressman Morgan Griffith (R) is considering applying for his permit since he acquired his newly elected position.

Keeping the American public safe is a tremendous responsibility so I commend all legislators who are mentioned in my article for taking the time to carefully review this matter. No politician or their supporters should have to fear for their safety when exercising their right to assemble. But at the same time lawmakers must act accordingly to preserving our constitutional right to bear arms.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


By now many of you have heard Greg Fischer announce his task force (anyone else sick of these lame terms and committees?) on the effects of merger. The force is made up of 23 people and will include 4 "citizens" to review merger and come up with recommendations.

Yeah right.

Merger has been a failure since its inception and largely due in part to those who worked the original merger plan. So what does Fischer do? He installs basically the same group who screwed us in the first place. Yep I know I sound bitter but really aren't you?

We have spent 8 years in merger under Abramson and the Democrat insider machine and nothing has been accomplished yet. Well except the money grab and power play against the County residents. Yep I said County residents because quite frankly we still have Jefferson County.

Metro Louisville supposedly merged government functions but never merged the land areas. Of course Government grew exponentially though merger was sold to us as a way of saving money in this venture as well. What we have seen is an all out effort to rake the County of money.

Much has been said for example about the Urban Services District taxes. Some true some not true.
The Urban services tax district pays higher taxes that cover the costs of such things as say garbage pickup. We in the County pay a private contractor to pick up our garbage instead of paying the higher taxes. That is just one example.

Many have falsely claimed that we receive services from the City at no cost to us in the County such as storm cleanup the last couple of years. Not exactly true either. Most of that cleanup was paid for with federal dollars NOT City dollars. Additionally, snow removal is under contract by Metro with the State who pays Louisville to plow their roads for them.

Get it yet?

So what has merger actually accomplished? Very little seemingly.

Let's take a look at the real reasons behind Merger 2.0. It is simple really. For the oldest reason on record. Money.

The City of Louisville has made serious mistakes under Abramson and is now poising itself to make many more under his counter part Fischer light. While no secret I haven't exactly backed Fischer, in my defense the decisions he is making thus far with staff and "task forces" is one big reason why.

Fischer said fire protection is on the table in light of the recent financial struggles that have been highlighted in some departments, such as Lyndon where the district has been forced to shut down a station periodically to accommodate sick time and leave because overtime money is not available.

Keep this in mind. The City recently got stuck with a whopping lawsuit that gave the firefighters roughly $42 million thanks to lack of leadership from Jerry Abramson who could have settled this for a much smaller amount instead opting to pay his lawyer buddies money to force a losing situation.

When this was brought to light immediately Abramson started going after the largest fund for firefighters in the volunteer districts. PRP.

I first brought this to light in December 2009 I knew then that the groundwork was being laid out to take over the volunteer departments and now they are setting the stage.

What will happen when they get that control? The money will be pooled and services will suffer right?

Yep that is one thing that will happen but part two is even worse.

They will expand the urban services district to include the County residents who now reside outside of it. At that point we will all be forced into higher taxes at 36 cents per hundred dollars.

Think your property taxes are high now? Just wait until they reassess them. Tony Lindauer's office is great at reassessing property to a higher amount even though the rest of the Country property values have been dropping like crazy and assessments lowered to reflect them.

But not here by Democratic party insiders like Lindauer, Abramson, and Fischer.

While I actually like the idea of reassessing merger, I fully think it is necessary, we must have an independent assessment done bu outsiders or by an equal number of citizens only within the City of Louisville and the County residents. The ones who are affected most on a daily basis because of this merger debacle are the most qualified to identify the problems and work with Fischer towards solutions.

We certainly do not need the same old recycled party faithful screwing this up once again.

With roughly 12,000 signatures need to force a referendum on the ballot to recall merger really how hard can it be to get that? Is that an option we want?

Now may be the time to evaluate that idea as well to keep the cronies from screwing us further. Merger for many has proven to be nothing more than a power grab by the City to take resources from teh County to subsidize their losses. It really is that simple. And it will get worse.

There are even some early comparisons that Fischer reminds many of Harvey Sloane. How did that work out for us?

Either way one thing is for sure.

With the same old tired retreaded cronies leading the way we can expect a reaming when this fiasco is all said and done.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What can be said that hasn't been said already on the tragic shooting in Arizona? As most of you know by now Arizona Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords was the assassination target of a deranged shooter that left her in critical condition, killed 6 people including a federal Judge and a 9 year old girl, as well as injuring a dozen more.

Tragic is an understatement in my opinion.

While this definitely qualifies as a tragedy I would like to point out that another tragedy is forthcoming. No this will not include taking lives but most certainly would include changing many of them. As in most things I fully expect this Congress, and this Government, to use this case to gain even more control over our freedoms.

Why would I go in this direction after such an event? Simple really.

The cost of freedom is never free but we must fight each and everyday to maintain it. In short we cannot make laws that will take away the freedoms of the many because of the illegal actuions of the few.

We cannot and will never be able to legislate the actions of a mentally deranged individual such as the shooter Jared Loughner. You cannot regulate the actions of folks who refuse, or are incapable of knowing the difference, to obey the law. We will always have and have always had nuts like this.

JFK was assassinated, Ronald Reagan was the victim of an assassination attempt that left James Brady disabled, John Lennon and the list goes on and on.

Each act was heinous, but each act was done by a self self serving individual for their own gains.

The anti gun proponents will say "see this is why we must ban all assault weapons and automatic weapons etc." Yet this event was carried out by a lone gunman with a single 9 mm pistol. We cannot take away each and every gun in America and nowhere have I seen any assault weapon being used.

Outlawing guns would only empower the criminal element and make law abiding citizens an easier target.

Hell I carry a 9mm myself.

Loughner passed the background checks to own the weapon yet now we are getting stories from folks all over, including an ex teacher who said he was fearful everyday Loughner may have a gun, and yet nothing substantial was done about it.

The signs were there and noticed by those in authority over Loughner yet he still never had anything on his background check to show he was not able to purchase a gun. Someone failed the test here and this tragedy was very probably preventable.

This article has more on why: Gabrielle Giffords Shot.

My fear now is Congress and what their knee jerk reactionary response will be.This is where we are headed.

I have often wondered how Kentucky fared with other States, such as Arizona or say Texas, who are supposedly the biggest gun owners in the land so I decided to see just how many background checks are performed each year across the Nation. I wanted to see how Arizona and Texas, both known for liberal gun laws, fared in comparison to Kentucky. We are known for avid hunters you know. What I found in the numbers surprised me.

In the year 2009 Arizona shows a background check total of 215,379. Texas? 1,014,015. You would think they would lead the nation wouldn't you, based on preconceived perceptions right? I thought so myself.

Want to know which state has the most background checks?

Kentucky by more than double at 2,189,578

What does all this mean? Good question but for me it means simply that there are a lot of gun owners out there and more being purchased each day. For whatever reason Jared Loughner chose to create a tragic event. From all reports I have read it was an intentional and premeditated act of violence.

Loughner was the weapon, not the gun, and innocent people suffered for it. Trying to take away guns would only empower the criminal and not the law abiding citizens who take responsibility for weapons very seriously.

As we are finding more and more each day these tragedies are tragic mainly because they are done by sick twisted individuals. In this case the signs were so obvious and yet nothing was done to prevent it by those who saw the signs.

Until we as a people are willing to get involved and raise awareness to these possibilities we will continue having to face these type of events. The real tragedy is how far we as a people have fallen that created the opportunity for someone like Loughner to be able to pull this off. Hell he even posted it all on the web. People read it and looked at it.

Then they forgot about it.

It is time to change the moral culture of our America that would allow such an act. We must get back to the inherent trust, and mutual respect for one another. Our very future is at stake.

We must seek a better America. An America built on mutual respect and common goals. One that empowers each of us, neighbors, family, and friends, working together to protect and serve the greater good.


My prayers are with all who have suffered from this tragedy in Arizona.

Godspeed in your healing.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


For the last several days Louisville has been deluged with the massive Abramson send off. Never mind that other than Operation Brightside did he really accomplish anything worthwhile? Think about it. The latest reports show Louisville has declined over the last decade in jobs and growth. Abramson of course blames the National economy while other sister cities did not fare this bad even though they faced the same hardships.

Additionally, think about where we could be at if only mainstream news would have done the job that many of us are now doing today by outing the corruption and problems that they have covered up for so long. I mean how else does Abramson leave office a multi millionaire in far better financial shape then he ever was or would be without being Mayor?

Bad enough right?

It gets better because now we have elected Abramson light in Greg Fischer. What better way to prove it then to take a look at his "new" direction and administration. We all know now that Fischer has essentially kept the old Abramson folks in leadership positions. Even worse he actually has recruited more insiders such as Ron Weston. Don't worry Ron your affair isn't ready to be outed yet. Fischer even kept Bill Summers? I mean this guy is the maker behind the King Abramson administration and now gets to play with public safety as Chief administrative officer to Greg Fischer.

The CJ even dared ask the question of who is the most powerful person in Louisville and honestly did anyone not think of these people? More importantly is anyone actually satisfied that a group such as these idiots actually pull the strings. I mean other than their self serving egotistical lust for some sort of power, have they done anything meaningful for any of us?


Fischer thus far has proven that he really just does not get it. He shows his silver spoon heritage every chance he gets and in my opinion flaunting his ego at every turn. How else can you explain a $150,000 media circus event for an inauguration of a City Mayor?

Of course it was paid for with "private money." Want to bet on where the money came from and who will and has benefited from our City tax dollars accordingly?

I will give Abramson credit here choke if you want, but even though Abramson was always touted as King Jerry, and Mayor for life, I really don't recall him ever being so blatantly uncaring about the perceptions of these pseudo titles by actually putting on an egotistical display such as the one Fischer put on on Monday. No doubt Jerry is just as egotistical and self centered but he never had the audacity or the nerve to show that in such a public display. Even he knew you don't slap those you represent in the face TO their face.

I felt like we should have invited the Queen of England for the celebration of the next heir to the throne. Fischer needs to check his ego and quickly. Or maybe not. Maybe he can continue acting like a King instead of a Mayor and that will help him lose in 4 years. Unless of course he gets ousted before then ;-). One can only hope.

I already question the judgement of keeping some of the key players such as Chief White for example. All of a sudden we are going to get back to a gang squad/street crimes unit?

Never mind that it was a bad idea a year ago and no one was behind it. Well except Jim King who I actually agreed with on this issue. Since I had advocated much the same ting in 2006 as a Mayoral candidate myself it was only logical that I backed the proposal then and now.

So what is so majorly different a year later? The fact that Chief White just proved he was Abramson's lackey and not a leader or the fact that Fischer and minions lied all along.

Who knows but one thing is for sure.

It would appear that we have a New Year with a new Mayor but the same old screw 'em because you can leadership.

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