Thursday, July 30, 2009


Tonight our special guest was State Senator Dan Seum. Great show in which we discussed the failed slots bill from the special session, Senate Bill 80 commonly referred to as the transparency bill, and oh yeah the question of whether he will run for Louisville Metro Mayor or not.

Click here for the whole show.


With all the talk of a possible Mayoral bid by State Senator Dan Seum now is a great time to have him on the show. After 26 years of public service and now Majority Caucus Chairman in the Senate the decision to run for Louisville Metro Mayor is a tough one I am sure.

Tune in to the MyViewMatters Radio Show hosted by myself and Ed Martin tonight at 7pm on WKJK 1080 AM.

You can call 571-1080 during the show and ask Senator Seum any questions live on air.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I could not make this stuff up if I tried folks really. Yesterday a site was set up on Facebook called Anti Katie King..the Honorable? the group was set up by a Southern Belles and Shea fan in Maryland who decided Katie was wrong.

No big surprise there really.

The real surprise is that Facebook deleted the page stating it was a TOS violation. The interesting thing is that in less than 24 hours they had already amassed over 300 members to the group. Facebook apparently received a "report" that this was harming an individual, in this case Katie King, and it should be removed. Of course the Maryland source who started the group did not even get notified of it.

She found out when trying to access it for updates.

Two guesses who sent an abuse report. It really is comical because there was no abuse. There were no threats involved, ALL informational links on the site were public domain including tv news reports during her election last year, Courier Journal reports, and bloggers like myself, Rick Redding and Jake Payne at thevillevoice and pageone respectively.

Hell google Katie King and see what comes up. This lady did a simple google and then followed the research. She has no dog in the Louisville fight but was simply a fan of Shea.

The site was the typical back and forth between fans and supporters that Facebook is known for in every other category. In this case the site was set up for angry fans and Shea supporters of Southern Belles.

Nothing unusual in this group at all when compared to any other group. So who got to Facebook.

Are they scared of a lawsuit perhaps or some other bully tactic used?

I do not have that answer but I sure do have suspicions.

The fact that Facebook now censors those who use their freedom of speech against a publicly elected official is what is alarming. You can go to Facebook and literally find thousands of people with pics of them smoking blunts or doing other illegal acts and Facebook does nothing about them.

Yet bringing a publicly elected official under scrutiny when the group used OPEN MEDIA sources for links well that is scary to say the least. King does not have that kind of power although he wants everyone to think so.

And that is how the bullies in this world win.

Since when did public elected officials based on open public records NOT be allowed to be scrutinized? Where do we live?

This is America. Americans have the right to speak against public officials. In fact, most of us demand scrutiny though admittedly we have had the wool pulled over our eyes for years here locally. Something that many are wakng up and getting involved in. Abramson is scrutinized today more than ever thanks to the internet and others finally asking the questions.

Our President is scrutinized every day and yes that indeed does include negative comments.

Even on Facebook.

Apparently whatever threats Facebook had, I assume they were threatened in some way with lawsuits or something, has shown us they do not have the guts or integrity to defend what is a common practice on their site when faced with adversity.

If Facebook wants to use censorship then own up to it and let's see how many people continue using their site while so many other options are available that allow freedom of speech regarding elected officials.

MySpace anyone? Yahoo? Both are free as well to the user.

If this is the best Facebook can do then they need to be left behind. There are serious abuses on the Internet concerning crimes against children, suicides, drugs. These are serious things to look at and hold people accountable to. Not public elected officials being hammered based on public info.

I hope the source in Maryland decides to pursue legal action against Facebook in this regard. Hell I may do it myself.

How could Facebook win when anyone can go to their site and find precedents for far worse behavior than holding a public official accountable for their actions.

Pssst Daddy Jim? Please keep it up.

This stuff just keeps getting funnier and funnier.


You know you have to just love Andrew Wolfson sometimes at the CJ. Really he is one of the last guys that actually still does some investigative work. I appreciate it many times like this past Sunday's edition for example.

Wolfson did a piece on Judge Barry Willett and the inefficiency of his court. A very solid piece of investigative reporting in my opinion and you can read it here: Jefferson Co. judge can't explain chronic delays The Courier-Journal#pluckcomments#pluckcomments.

It seems Judge Willett is the slowest of all Judges and he seems incapable of ruling in a timely manner on cases before his court. While he admits he is guilty as charged per se I find a couple of things fascinating.

One thing that comes to mind involves a case I have been following for over a year that involves the plight of the Morrises and their right to hold weddings on their property. Of course their next door neighbor just happens to be Jim King who swears he has no personal interests in this case and is only acting on behalf of complaints from other neighbors. You can read one of the stories here: Louisville News and Politics: Jim King vs. the Morrises: Power run amok


By now we know how Jim King plays the game and I have spoken with many people who know him personally and they all assure me he is no saint lol. But I digress.

In this particular situation I found it interesting that the City of Louisville brought about a temporary restraining order lawsuit against the Morrises and Jim King.

Guess who the Judge is?

Why none other than Judge Barry Willett. Seems he has been to busy to follow the 90 day guideline in his court for other, I would assume more important cases such as murder etc as evidenced in the Courier article, yet had plenty of time to involve himself in this idiocy.

In the article it states the procedures to be followed and of course mentions the Judicial Conduct Commission, or JCC, as one of the ones to be notified. Like that is a real organization that does anything in my opinion. But I digress.

In short, what does it take to be a Judge these days and how do we hold them accountable? A closed system that allows no oversight or transparency and this is what we get. Sorry folks Judge Willett is just the tip of the iceberg in some ways in a system that is flawed and has no to very little accountability.

But it does beg the question doesn't it? What is Judge Willett more concerned about? Life and death situations or perhaps what could be conceived as frivolous matters at this point in his court.

I do not know Judge Willett personally but I do find the article alarming if tis is indicative of what we perceive as "Justice" in our courts. I also find it interesting that King's name is popping up yet again when others cannot seem to get swift justice.

Your thoughts?

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I have been informed that an event has been put together inviting folks that want Dan Seum to run for Louisville Mayor to stand up. It is being held on Sunday at 3pm at the new Ernesto's restaurant on Dixie Hwy. in Valley Station (behind the Captain D's).

Anyone interested in helping make this happen is invited to attend.

Now is your chance to get involved if Dan is the man you want. It should be interesting.

I will be in attendance reporting on the event and will have pictures available on this site after the event.

And by the way I have eaten at Ernesto's a few times myself and the food is always excellent so go spend some money on his grub it is worth it.


Rick Redding over at thevillevoice has been following the Southern Belles occassionally this season and posted his last (according to him) post on them today. I never watched the show but knew Katie King was involved in it in some way. Of course that peaked my interest so I looked into a few things.

Funnily enough Katie was the "other woman" who screwed over Belle Shea by sleeping with Shea's then fiance Jeff. Of course now we are told Katie and Jeff are no longer together. Not that that would be a surprise given the history of Katie with rumors of drugs and apparently a temper according to a CJ article about a 911 call made against her trying to break into an ex's house.
But for fun I figured I would share this link to Shea's interview on SoapNet:

And since Katie took down the pics from the July 10 thirtieth Birthday bash for Brandon Jaggers, (Vice President of loans at King Southern Bank an interesting coincidence ;-) to say the least considering the investigation of the loans made during her campaign), of her and Jeff I figured I would share the copies I made before they disappeared.
Very trustworthy person isn't Katie? And we elected her judge.

Heck maybe Shea and friends could pitch in for legal expenses when I continue this lol.

Ya'll have fun.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The MyViewMatters Radio Show aired tonight with guests in studio Gatewood Galbraith and Dea Riley candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor. The economy and education were the main themes and many of you will be surprised. Gatewood laid out plans he believes in and was very open and honest. For fans of Gatewood this will reinforce that belief. For those who are not yet? Listen to the interview and start asking questions you may be surprised.

EXCLUSIVE: Gatewood also announced he wanted a moratorium on tuition hikes in Kentucky!

Yep you got it here first.

You can reach Gatewood's campaign at or use the link to the left on this site.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have had a couple hundred phone calls over the last month or so asking me when I will announce my intent to run and offering their support when I do.

At this time it is under consideration and has been for some time. Sounds like a cop out I know but last election I ran to try to make sure issues were discussed not the same old political garbage we have come to expect. It was important then to try and change the landscape and get real answers for all of us. Win or lose that election (and of course I knew I had no chance) it was the goal to get people informed. UNITY in the commUNITY simply meant all would be included in the process equally and fairly. We could work together for the common good regardless of party.

I made a decision going in that I would not make fundraising a priority because I respected how hard it is for the majority of the working class here in Louisville to make ends meet. They did not need that extra burden by asking to give more. I chose to sacrifice that need for the greater good.

Sad to say that running a political campaign requires a helluva lot of money which is why the poor and middle class typically get under represented. They simply cannot compete with the millionaires like Fischer, King, or the party machine. Sad but true.

From the 2006 race I learned one thing. There are literally thousands of us who believe the same thing. We need new leadership that will work for ALL of us not for their own selfish gains or intent but because they understand that a commUNITy encompasses everyone equally. We need someone who does not have an ego that must be nourished for their own gains, but one who has common sense and good judgement. Someone who will listen to all sides and know going in they do not have all the answers but collectively working together, even with those that would oppose you, can get them.

Since 2006 the doors have opened for me to other groups and other people who long for the same thing. UNITY in the commUNITY I have worked for years promoting.

Abe Lincoln stated "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Our house of Louisville is divided and continues to be by partisan politics. It is a sickness that is destroying the fabric of Louisville, our Commonwealth of Kentucky, and this other thing called the United States of America.

While I will be chastised by some and accused of being a divider not a uniter because of my views on this website nothing could be further from the truth. The goal has always been to unite each of us against those that would divide us for their own gains. Partisan politics is doing just that. Think about it.

How much has been accomplished for our betterment by our Council for example? The partisanship has hurt us as much as the Mayor has. How effective has the seemingly all powerful Mayorship been in accomplishing the betterment of our communities across the entire Louisville area. Do you feel you are fairly represented overall?

Even Abramson in his now infamous WV speech explained merger was needed for a consolidation of power. Of course the Mayor has all the power seemingly. Is that representative for all of us?

Since 2006 my circle has expanded to include thousands of people who are on board the UNITY in the commUNITy and My View Matters mindset. SO many have come forward and work diligently everyday to make sure they are heard and they make a difference in their own backyards. I commend them all for standing up.

I have been fortunate that these people come from all backgrounds politically. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents. All working together for one common goal. The betterment of our community for ALL of us not a select few. We do not argue over what color we are. We do not argue for the party mantras. We work together and listen to each other and realize that no one single individual has all the answers.

The old saying is it takes a village to raise a child. Then apply that equally here. What does it take to make a City?

We realize that alone we accomplish nothing but together we accomplish much. We disregard our problems and find a way to communicate our differences through discussion, openness, and learn from each other.

I have had the opportunity to work with other groups that I did not know even existed at the time.

Groups like the STOP I.T. organization who recently announced the creation of the independent tip line and who opened my eyes to the ongoing MSD fiasco that will hurt us all economically in the near future. I have been opened to the plight even further of small business and the hardships they encounter while we fund Cordish Group and outside interests to our City. I work with them everyday. Or my work for the long forgotten labor that continues to be ignored.

I could not name the dozens of people who help with research without forgetting someone. They know without them we could not have come this far this fast. We also know our egos do not need personal glorification. It takes a team of dedicated individuals who all know we have a role to play in the greater idea.

A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. No one, not even I no matter how hard I could try, could possibly accomplish everything we have together individually. It is the larger goal of accountability, transparency, and ethical behavior we want in leadership that unites us.

Simply put the citizens of our Louisville are finally realizing that yes indeed it is our Louisville, not the playground for the rich boys with ego trips to run, but our City to make of it what we collectively want it to be.

Our Louisville consists of roughly 700,000 people with different needs and wants but one goal.

Leadership we can count on and leadership that is responsive to us.

Have I been asked to run? Yes. More times than I can count.

Will I? At this point there is much to consider.

I owe an allegiance to all the people I made a promise to. The promise to effect change for the betterment of us all.

Can I fulfill that promise better through the use of this website or the MyViewMatters radio show with my partner Ed Martin? Are we able to make a difference in the lives of others better through these means? Will we get closer to accountability and transparency through here or through a race for Mayor.

Is it more cost effective to continue this way or spend money on an election.

Financially this is tough as well which is one reason I started asking for donations and selling discounted radio ads. Are we profitable yet? Nope but we are hanging on. That's why I work a night job as well. I am not an unlimited resource nor are those that work with me. We struggle everyday with the same problems most in our community face. Trying to survive. Much is sacrificed but so much more is gained. Freedom isn't free andnever was. Louisvillians understand that sacrifice is necessary when working for something greater than yourself.

Radio air time costs money. Open records requests cost money. I work for a living just like the majority of us do. I am no millionaire playboy like so many others who want to be Mayor for their ego. My ego does not require it. I will continue until I cannot. It really is that simple. While many continue to try and discount me personally many more work with me to make a difference here at home where we live.

I must be true to the people on my promise. It is a matter of integrity.

Have things gotten better or worse since 2006?

Is there anyone running who has the common sense and intelligence to actually LEAD us in a direction that will include ALL and not leave some behind?

Hopefully someone with the honesty and integrity we lack will step forward soon. If not then my course is clear.

I will say this. IF I decide to get in the race the announcement will come by mid- September. Certainly by then all the wannabe's will have stepped up and just maybe I would find one to work with and help elect. No one can be an official candidate until November 1 anyway. Anyone can file an intent.

In the meantime here is a copy of my letter to Louisvillians outlining my intentions last election that I sent out beginning in early September 2005. They are a simplified copy of my goals outlined to the media. Of course most did not ever see them. The paper and media outlets refused equal time for coverage until late in the race after I debated.

Check them out and see what you think. Have we addressed any of this yet? Will the "front runners" finally address it this election? Are the ideas or opinions off base and not workable?

Ask the candidates the serious questions and gauge their responses. This election is crucial to the future of Louisville. We do not need more millionaire playboys who want power for their own gain. We need regular people.

Let me know who you think qualifies and why.

If you have any relevant questions you think should be asked this election write me and let me know. I will be putting together a questionnaire myself for any candidates. If I choose to run obviously that would limit my ability to do this type stuff.

Let's open the discussion.

From September 2005:

Dear Friends:

As a candidate in the upcoming Mayoral election here in Louisville, I write today to seek your support. There are many things that we must address.

An issue long ignored by our current leadership is Public Safety. We need better police funding to include more officers and full funding of anti crime and anti drug initiatives. We also need to insure fire safety both in the City limits and the many volunteer districts that remain. MSD needs money to upgrade our pumps in case of flooding as stated by Bud Shardein. Our infrastructure is too important to ignore any longer.

Job Growth in our community does not allow for the diversity of our available work force. I will improve wages in this community by going after jobs that will raise the standard of living not lower wages and opportunity. I will seek financing for small business and pursue manufacturing jobs. Without a diverse work structure we cannot succeed long term. I will be pursuing a Southwest bridge to lead the way towards an economic recovery and jobs in the Southwest corridor that has long been ignored for overall growth potential.

I will also be focusing on a West End revitalization project. This area has been ignored for far too long.

I will overhaul our government spending by conducting audits using political outsiders, hired from within the City and State. We will look at all options to obtain accountability for spending including fraud, waste, and abuse as well as pork spending from within the City budget. I will install accountability for myself to include foregoing 10% of my salary as Mayor to be set aside until DEC 31 of each year of my Mayor ship as a "bonus" initiative. If the voter feels I have earned it I get the money, less any interest accrued (which will be donated to charity on a rotating basis), if not then that money will be donated.

Public Safety, a diverse job growth program, and accountability in spending and leadership has long been ignored. These issues have been a problem for years. When it has taken this long to respond to issues that affect each of us and make our City worse, then this is an unacceptable situation for all of us in regards to leadership and accountability.

I believe people will only give you what you are willing to accept. I hope to raise the expectations of all of us for a safer, more economically diverse community, and leaner government through responsible leadership as Mayor.


Ed Springston

Monday, July 20, 2009


Can the Democratic Party in Kentucky get any more comical? Seriously. I have been a Democrat most of my life (with the exception of 2006 when I went independent for one year to run against Jerry) and never have I seen such blatantly obvious piss poor leadership.

According to the CJ report here: Abramson to be Beshear's running mate in 2011 The Courier-Journal. Steve Beshear has announced Abramson to be his running mate. Of course as they are both part of the political machine for well over 30 years is this a surprise? Heck no it is the worst kept secret in Frankfort over the last couple of months.

Personally I told everyone Abramson would not run for Mayor in 2010 a year ago. No big surprise.

The surprise is that Steve Beshear actually followed through with this decision. Abramson has done nothing for Louisville period. They were in financial crisis pre merger and he has dragged down the rest of us with him. City/ County merger was supposed to help us all with combined resources in government and a whole host of other ways to get federal funding.

What have we gotten? The same government, fraudulent activity with federal dollars, and a Metro that has become a gestapo looking for more money from its citizens. Of course Cordish and Abramson's friends got their money didn't they?

Why in the world would we want him anywhere near the Governor's office? Because no one else would run with Beshear. It really is that simple. Beshear is the same hack he has always been. How we ended up with him is a mystery. He is spineless and cannot follow through with a decision to save his life. Bought and paid for by the lobbyist as usual.

Therein is the biggest problem. He now gets his number 2 guy who is bought and paid for as well.

Some will say great at least he is out of Louisville. I would disagree. At State level he is going to screw us all as well. With the State always having problems because of the same machine Abramson benefits from it will get even worse with both Beshear and Abramson.

Sad but true.

Some will say well we can finally get some new blood and make things better. With whom?

Jim King? David Tandy?

King is a parasite and will make Abramson look like an altar boy. He is as shady as they come, in my opinion, and one reason why he is under investigation now for possible illegal activity.

David Tandy fares no better. He is as gutless as it comes and has carried Abramson's water so much he will not be any different. Tandy has his own problems what with his own brother involved in bonding for the City so he gets a cut as well. As part of that machine that helps Abramson he is looking to get his "reward" for being a team player for Abramson's regime so he can profit even greater as well.

The same apple from the same tree essentially.

So far no Republicans have announced for Louisville Metro Mayor. Why is that? I have no idea but I can tell you this. There will be an announcement coming soon from someone for this race I assure you. A name that is familiar and always tells it like it is.

Bottom line Beshear I hope is done at this point. I am still waiting for part two of my prediction about Abramson resigning and taking over Lt. Governor early. That may have changed since the latest fiasco by him in WV concerning poorer, blacker, and older comments used in regards to pre merger.

Why do we continue electing the same old entrenched, get the same old results, and then gripe about why things are so bad? I have no idea.

I, for one, will be supporting Gatewood for Governor at this point.

We need outsiders to the machine at City and State level to make any significant progress at all.

The same old story by the same old players has hurt us all.

For Louisville Metro Mayor? I can promise it will NOT BE Tandy or King.

They remind me of algae that live in the river. It may be great for carp to eat but they certainly would hurt our stomach's digestion.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today when I read an article in the CJ I was surprised I found something that had been lacking for some time.


Read this article: Hundreds march for social justice The Courier-Journal#pluckcomments#pluckcomments#pluckcomments.

There were almost 300 people marching for "Social Justice." What is social justice? In the eyes of the marchers it is a right to housing, food, living wages, and education. Many do not realize that these simple necessities are hard to obtain for many poor. With a unemployment rate locally approaching 11% and rising across the Country as well one has to wonder when this will end and what is there to hope for?

From the article:

Khalilah Collins said participants were trying to showcase issues faced by low-income people, including a need for affordable housing, living wages and access to education.

In these trying times it seems like the right message and a worthy goal to me. Nowhere did I see anyone asking for a handout I only saw the protesters asking for help. Notice the marchers? There were representatives from all walks of life. Black and white, rich and poor, marching as one to bring a voice to the voiceless.

You see homelessness, hunger, poverty knows no skin color or divides at all. It can happen to any of us at any time. It can be caused to loss of job due to cutbacks, or downsizing. It can be due to an unexpected medical problem. The list is endless.

I saw hope in the fact that the marchers took it upon themselves to bring faces to the faceless in this regard. They stood together as one with no boundaries as to race, religion, or creed. I commend that. A peaceful demonstration gave me hope that perhaps the people could rise again and take back the power from the corrupt that have long forgotten there responsibilities to each of us.

Many detractors, and commenter's on the article at the CJ tried to turn this into lazy people not wanting to work and looking for handouts kind of demonstration.

Hogwash. Homelessness and hunger have been on the rise for a few years. Heck I reported on it in this website from the Mayor's conference in 2005. There is nothing lazy about losing your job and not being able to find work again. Most do not ask for this life. Most I speak with in this situation have came on hard times through no fault of their own and do not like the situation anymore than the self righteous who cast stones at them accusing them of being lazy and worthless.

Heck I have been close myself due to a medical problem and knee surgery. try missing almost a year of work thanks to that only to find the economy tanked and the good jobs in labor or management are dried up. How do yo think I ended up at Kroger against all my training and skill?

Judge not lest ye be judged. If you haven't walked a mile in these shoes then how can you sit in judgement of them? So many of us are just one paycheck away from being in the same situation today that it is incredulous to me that anyone can be so cruel or casual to the folks who are standing up for us all.

I have great hope when I see marches like this. I see great hope in a better future because of the involvement of the few to bring a voice to the many.

Like the message or dislike it be thankful someone has the courage and conviction to stand up for their beliefs. God knows we need more like that perhaps we would not be in this mess.

One more comment from the article:

"The people took back the streets," said Fairness Campaign director Chris Hartman, who came to show his support. "It was a moment of empowerment."

Great comment and perhaps just one more step towards taking back our entrenched political leaders that have caused most of this anyway.

Your thoughts?

Friday, July 17, 2009


Let the spin begin. According to this article from the CJ today Cordish spending records on club sought The Courier-Journal Bruce Traughber, our favorite son of Abramson, David Tandy, our favorite rubberstamp wannabe Mayor friend of Abramson, and City Auditor Mike Norman, what can we say, will be going to Baltimore to inspect the records on the latest $950,000 gift to Cordish.


This is the best we can do? Tandy you may recall went to Frankfort to fight SB 80, a Metro transparency bill, on behalf of Abramson stating that we do not need transparency. Come on we trust this guy to look after our interests? Politics as usual Jery says go fight this on my behalf and Tandy jumps. We suffer for it. Thanks david.

Bruce Traughber cannot answer any questions without deflection or ignorance in regards to spending so he is to be trusted?

Mike Norman, internal City Auditor has not raised one question in regards to anything financial whatsoever to do with Abramson.

So in short we have the usual. Insiders playing the game for their benefit and nothing changes.

Tandy has not done anything preemptive to aid this City while a Council rep or Metro Council President nor will he do so. He is proving time and again he is a political hack in the mode of Abramson. Traughber proved it long ago.

IF either were concerned with ANY situation involving OUR taxpayer money there has been plenty of opportunity to get involved and demand accounting for our money months in advance of this fiasco. Instead Tandy has even publicly stated that the Cordish deal is good for Louisville then went along with the Abramson game giving them money.

Only now after he is being mentioned as Abramson's replacement does he jump on board the bandwagon of accountability. And remember I am the one who exposed the rumor of Abramson resigning for Lt. Governor and Tandy his named replacement.

This should be an automatic red flag showing his true colors. Tandy is in it for himself not the people. This is the predominant trait of so many elected entrenched leaders today it is sickening.

Throw them all out with one or two exceptions. The next Mayor that gets elected should be willing to accept a 2 term limit, this should include any Metro Council person, transparency, and a forfeiture of the almighty power that this current government gives the Mayor. The power should be shared so that we get accountability of the Metro Council as well.

The system as set up makes it too easy for the wannabe Mayor potentials to lay the blame elsewhere, though Tandy would never do that to Jerry, and accept no responsibility whatsoever for the actions in anything. In short it seems in the accountability department the Council has very little.

Of course the spin machine of Abramson does not hold him accountable either.

Which of course is why Abramson has continued to get his way. You either play his way or he cuts you off so you play his way or suffer politically from it. When you suffer politically from it then you have no ego boost in your community, you cannot gain favors by giving jobs to your friends, and cannot be the end all be all in your own mind that many thrive on.

In short it sure would hurt the ego trip wouldn't it.

Do not be fooled by this ever transparent attempt by Tandy, Traughber, or Norman on behalf of Jerry to gain "accountability" in taxpayer spending with Cordish.

With these guys no such thing exists.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Unfortunately Rand Paul could not spend the whole hour with us because of campaign commitments. We did however have him on for the first half hour. We will be rescheduling Dr. Paul at a time that will work for him. Dr. Paul proved to be an open honest guest. Whether you would agree with issues or not he certainly has earned the respect of me for his honesty.

In the meantime the second half of the show focused on Ed and I doing our usual bouncing back and forth.

And yes I addressed the issue of being labeled a perennial candidate and the Abramson "racist" remark.

Check it out.


With so much going on these days with the Abramson administration and the party politics one has to ask the obvious questions.

This week I broke the story that the media has used all week concerning Abramson and his comments in WV. You can check out the clip here: Louisville News and Politics: ABRAMSON EXPOSED: WHAT CAN I SAY THIS VIDEO SAYS IT ALL. Essentially Abramson, every time he opens his mouth, proves exactly what I said in the last Mayoral election.

The City was broke and needed money. Whether he intended the remark as a racist remark or simply stating "demographics" he argued that the City was in great financial shape and the County needed the City to bail them out. Since these comments were describing pre merger that proves his argument was a known lie and as usual he lied for his gain.

Known behavior by Abramson.

Ask yourself who was in charge of Louisville during this time? Abramson of course.

Did he take any responsibility for the problems? Of course not. But he is quick to take responsibility for everything he says is good for us.

So the most obvious question of all is this: As a City overall, are we better off since merger?

Many think not I am one of them. For the record I voted against merger.

I admit it freely. Why did I vote against it? Simply because I knew Abramson would be the first Metro Mayor and merger would cause the problems we have today.

Have we seen a lesser consolidated government? No we have not.

Have we seen unaccounted for spending? Yes we have.

Have we treated ALL our citizens equally and fairly across the board? No we have not.

The problems of the old City continue today and now the old County suffers from the same disarray and mismanagement we came to expect from Abramson pre merger. Even Abramson, during the infamous interview in WV, stated that the County voted against merger because they did not want the same problems the City had.

And for good reason as many are finding out today.

Pretty damning evidence that he knew the City HE LED was in trouble. His responsibility and his fault yet nowhere have I seen Abramson take responsibility for the problems he created and still creates today.

Our problem today isn't City versus County, though due to the illegal harassment of IPL and others working for Abramson on a witchhunt for dollars there could be a case to be made, no our problems today are what can we do collectively to change the path we are on in spite of our political leader's and wannabe's.

By working together we can make changes.

All options should be on the table including looking outside the traditional "candidate" and seeking someone with common sense not a law degree that can relate to what the majority of us go through everyday.

While Abramson blames "demographics" for the problems, agreed with none other than David Tandy the next Mayor wannabe, yet his biggest failure is not looking in the mirror at himself. Instead he blames the people who live in the hell he created and he left behind.

The very same people he continues to leave behind today.

Take the West End for example. Have we done anything to improve the quality of life for residents? No we have not. Feel free to include Portland and other area West of 6th and Jefferson. All of these people are the forgotten citizens of our community left to fend for themselves with no help in jobs or anythng else to help change the "demographics."

Have we diligently worked for local small business growth and development to keep our dollars at home and aid our community? No we have not.

Is our financial stability at stake? Yes it is.

While Abramson continues to fight AGAINST labor, in favor of part time service economy wage jobs, and sends our money to outsiders like Cordish we continue to get further behind and our problems get worse.

One of the biggest problems is the rubberstamp Metro Council that always votes his way for their own personal gain. YES this includes the entrenched rubberstamps who want to be Mayor like Jim King (who is under investigation now by multiple sources for his involvement in daughter Katie's campaign), and David Tandy who sings Abramson's praises every chance he gets.

Are either of them worthy of the office? I think not. They are proving themselves to be the same old breed of politician that got us into this mess. We need leadership not the same old recycled entrenched party partisan politics. For people who are supposed to be so intelligent, how do they explain aiding and abetting this Mayor in this City?

The Democratic party today is all about backslapping good ole boy politics who take care of their own. No wonder why we continue to get liars and thieves in key positions. Think Kim Bunton if you will. Heck think Abramson at any level who believes taxpayer money should be used with companies like Cordish with no strings attached for accountability. This alone is criminal to me.

He is the steward of our tax money and gives it away with no accountability? Come on where is the common sense.

Think about the great jobs "friends" of Abramson get like Deputy Mayor Summers kids getting good paying government jobs and so many others I could not list them all.

Yes pay to play and good ole boy politics are alive and well and destroying every aspect of our government at every level.

When do we collectively step up and realize one thing. Abramson is going to leave and he is leaving us in a world of hurt financially. Think about the millions and millions owed to firefighters for example somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 million.

He will not have to worry about how to fix that mess he created now will he? Where we will get OUR accountability of him?

But of course his buddy lawyers got paid well by our taxes to try and defend his stance. Either they are incompetent, in my opinion since the bucks did not win them anything losing at every level, or this was just a way to pay them by Jerry.

That is just one example. Think of every board he sits on and benefits from. Every one of which fund him and his field of dreams further denying us fair taxation and opportunity.

The problems he, and his rubberstamps like King and Tandy, have created will last a whole lot longer than he will. How do we fix it?

Get rid of the partisan hacks and open our eyes to someone new. Regardless of party we need someone who can come in make the tough decisions and go home.

At the end of the day isn't that what we all do? Make the best decision we can tough or not? With all of the collective so called "intelligence" and degrees, why can't they?

Common sense and integrity is what they lack.

Do we?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


UPDATE: Apparently the backlash Abramson is receiving based on his WV comments Louisville News and Politics: ABRAMSON EXPOSED: WHAT CAN I SAY THIS VIDEO SAYS IT ALL are creating a problem for him. The announcement was supposed to be in 2 weeks but has been postponed to see if this will die down. Still plan on it by late August or early September though time is of the essence. Beshear has to name someone soon so he can start fundraising. stay tuned...

According to inside sources I am being told Abramson will be appointed Lt. Governor by late August or early September. The plan is to have Mongiardo resign to "focus" full time on his upcoming primary for Senate which will open the door to appoint Abramson Lt. Governor before the Mayor's race in 2010 and the Governor's next election in 2011.

This keeps Abramson in the Dem machine and gives him an out NOT to run next year for Mayor.

His replacement I am told will be David Tandy with the hopes being since Tandy will be a new Mayor filling the term they will peddle the notion that Tandy needs to be elected in 2010 to "give him time to get his policies in place" thus saving us all.

You know the old I haven't been in office long enough to make the changes necessary argument.

Yawn. The intent was always to have Tandy run and push him on people to replace Abramson. It really is that simple. Anyone wonder why NO ONE has announced yet on either side? This is why. Of course all bets could also be off if Abramson is considered too much of a liability since I broke the WV story out on him over the weekend.

The assumption is since Tandy will then be labeled an incumbent they will be able to keep the Mayor's seat away from anyone else because incumbents typically have the edge. Anyone else sick of these political schemes yet? I certainly am.

So since Abramson would be a liability for even dog catcher at State level this is the only way they can possibly get him the job. The party must prevail in their eyes at all costs. Always party first never We The People who deserve better. This is the crux of the problem here in Louisville, in Kentucky, and the United States.

In short, if this does happen as I am told you heard it here first. But more importantly we all lose. Start watching the spending out of Frankfort. Seriously, you will see money begin changing hands on a State level to Cordish and others as well.

No wonder we are always broke.

So to recap:

By late August or early September (this actually could have been postponed due to Abramson's exposure from my story from West Virginia but it cannot be now because it is getting late in the primary season for wannabe's) 3 things will happen:

1. Mongiardo to resign Lt. Governor spot to "focus" full time on his Senate bid (like he has a chance anyway)

2. Abramson to be appointed new Lt. Governor with the hope being his "sins" will be forgotten or forgiven by 2011 and Beshear will be reelected. Also relieves him of any responsibility for anything to own up to for the 2010 Mayoral race.

3. David Tandy (who will be exposed soon ;-)) to be appointed the interim Mayor of Louisville in the hopes that being an incumbent will keep the Dem power lock on Louisville.

I will be watching this one closely. The question is:

Will you?

Monday, July 13, 2009


For some time now I have struggled with a decision.

Simply, I have been a lifelong Democrat and have always been proud to be one. Traditionally labor Democrats have been the ones fighting for the rights of the workers and the middle class.

This has sadly not been the case for many years.

When I first felt that at a local level I left the party for one year, as I said I would, in 2006 purely to insure that Abramson, who in my opinion was hurting Louisville and all of us in it regardless of party, did not essentially get a free ride to reelection. He was destroying the middle class and labor in our community with pipe dreams of Cordish and an arena, things we cannot afford. He was hurting the working class that made this community what it was and what it will be again.

He sent good paying middle class jobs down the road with the lies that he was adding good paying jobs to replace them. Of course those good paying jobs are service economy jobs that do not pay enough for a family to afford more than dog food. he has fought and wasted taxpayer money to challenge contractual agreements with our police, firefighters, and voted against labor at every turn in contractual negotiations with the City.

He has hurt our neighbors by lessening their ability to provide for their families, has hurt our City by giving away money like it was his own to places such as Cordish, He has mismanaged our assets and our money by continuing to employ cronies heading departments that steadily show decline, mismanagement, and quite frankly theft.

There has not been one person who would challenge the status quo that allowed Abramson to do this to us. Where were the Republicans at when we needed them to counterbalance the ego and power of Mayor Abramson?

Voting yes on everything he put before them on the Council.

Surely we had a Democrat with morals, ethics, and integrity that would stop this madness right?

Nope we let them keep their jobs on the Council so Abramson could still get what he wanted.

Nothing ethical about being a rubberstamp for your own ego.

I felt obligated, since no one else would, to run in 2006 because it was time to force issues to the surface and let the chips fall where they may.

Never did I have any grand illusion of winning that race as an unknown outsider. I can say this though everything I stated then has come true.

No I am not bragging just stating the obvious.

Of course I knew there would be a price to pay for challenging Jerry. When I honored my word that I would rejoin the party immediately after the race I quickly came to realize that essentially nothing changed. The party and the rubberstamps in it would protect THEIR interests at the expense of all of us they supposedly represent.

I found this out during the Metro Council race in District 14. So many deals were made to pollute the ballot and let Henderson get voted back in with LESS than 37% of the vote just to keep me and my voice off the Council. No it is not delusional. That is what I have been told by multiple sources on the inside. Confidentially of course so I will not release their names. Make of it what you will.

I would not be a rubberstamp for the Abramson machine, nor would I be for any person or party, that could be controlled and they could not have that. As Jim King and others have found out I will not shut up for any of them. I will work to make it better and more ethical across the board for us all. We deserve it.

I would ask each of you to begin paying attention to the pretenders that show up for elections.

Ask yourself this.

Where are those faithful candidates at now after they "promised" they would work to change things? What are they doing for the community to bring changes? Where are Jack Wood, Rick McCoy, or Michael Bowman? They sit in Dem club meetings, or other meetings talking a lot but doing very little other than ensuring their party stays in control.

What is the price we pay for blind allegiance to a party doctrine and no allegiance to we the people?

That is the problem today. It is very real and we are suffering greatly for it.

I spoke with some Republican friends I know and of course the answer was come on board we would love to have you. Problem is I see the same thing with them.

The Republicans seem to be so disorganized they have no one that can stand up to be a leader today IMO. If they did they would have already been working to make changes and fighting the fight myself and others fight everyday. Instead they are now starting to mimic what many of us have been saying all along.

In short jumping on the bandwagon. We need no bandwagon jumpers we need leaders.

Partisan politics from both sides are destroying our Country, our State, and our Louisville. I can no longer align myself with either party that condones such behavior and flagrant misuse of power.

I am done with the partisan party politics. I have never been one to sit idly by and agree, like a brainwashed idiot, to anything that would hurt my fellow man. I simply cannot do it. While they are fighting each other We The People are being left further behind.

As always I will continue to fight for the unions and the middle class in our community, for the small businesses and fairness for us all. For those who are too weak to fight for themselves.

I will continue to do that proudly with or without the support of any of them, if I choose to run for an office in the future, because it is the right thing to do. For the people and our American way of life.

I will be working toward a way to get Louisville to change toward nonpartisan elections.

Yes we must forget the party mantras. A nonpartisan election would allow the opportunity FOR ALL who wish to run for office to get the chance. It would create opportunity more equal and fair across the board.

As a matter of fact we already have some that have these races. Lexington has non partisan elections, closer to home Mt Washington does.

So today I announce I am an independent for good. No one can save the parties from witin at this point. They have become so polluted and corrupt at so many levels that the only way to get them back in line is to make sure others eyes get opened.

While I will suffer for it politically I will not be brainwashed into swearing an allegiance to any party or entity that does not have the best interests in mind for myself or my fellow citizens at heart. I am an old school kind of guy that believse in the power of the people.

I owe no allegiance to either party or the entrenched faithful they represent.

My allegiance today, as it always has been, is and shall remain to the people who deserve fairness and equality in representation from leadership.

My fellow citizen.

I will continue to lead the way to truth and honesty through this website and my radio show, The MyViewMatters Radio Show, for all of us. And yes I will once again run for some future office if I feel the need arises. Believe me we have a need for someone to step up to the plate and lead the way back to what our forefathers intended us to be.

I don't care who it is. I have no ego that requires it to be me.

Like me, love me, or hate me we deserve better and I simply cannot stand with those who purposely divide us and oppose the very people they are elected to represent.

Just sign me a born again American.......


Abramson has always been a cheerleader and followed his own agenda at the expense of us all. Never have I heard be so blatantly honest about his real feelings as he was in WV this week. Essentially admitting everything I said in 2006 when I faced him about merger being necessary for the City at the expense of the County.

Then he goes on to say it was beause the City was poorer, blacker, and older? Racist? Showing his true colors? You be the judge.

This is just the beginning there is more to come.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


On Saturday the Republican Party, chaired locally by Brad Cummings, held their annual gathering at the Christian Academy of Louisville off English Station Road. As expected rand Paul and Trey Grayson were in attendance and spoke.
For the record Trey is in the race. He basically gave the same speech David Adams did on our Radio show MyViewMatters on Thursday essentially stating that an exploratory committee is just a formality by the FEC and he will announce later when the timing is right.

Rumors abound that Jim Bunning will be stepping out of the race and endorsing Trey for his seat. Seems to be a pretty good rumor since Trey has stated he didn't want to run if Bunning was and he is prepared to make an announcement in a few weeks.

Stay tuned for more. In the meantime my partner Ed Martin and I met many insiders and behind the scenes guys for previous candidates such as Dwight Witten, former candidate for Metro Council District 12, and Kelly Downard during his Mayoral race of 2006.

Witten's ex campaign Chair was speaking with us about issues, and divisive ones such as abortion, that are used to keep us apart and he, as a member of the Young Republicans, was quite outspoken on the topic essentially stating that young Republicans are growing tired of this type of politics as well. Suffice it to say if the young Republicans are ready to take a stand against this type behavior in the future and focus on issues that we can resolve there just may be hope in the future for them after all.

These are the future leaders of the party so perhaps they can finally start the party down the path to working together not apart. Who knows. But the conversation did at least give me hope.

That is all we can ask for at this stage right?

In the meantime Trey was as congenial as ever and an impressive figure no doubt. Not sure what I think of him as a potential Senator at this point but he is more than deserving of a look.

Rand Paul will be on our radio show this Thursday to discuss his issues so we can get them straight from the horse's mouth. Tune in Thursday night at 7 PM on WKJK 1080 AM.

Trey was also given an invitation to appear and he assured me his staff will contact us about it. We look forward to that as well.

In the meantime stay tuned and pay attention this could shape up to be a close republican primary race when Bunning drops out.


For those who have been keeping up with this case, and asking for updates, effective Monday KREF should have my motion to disqualify request to essentially recuse themselves from the King case and forward the case to court. The law is clear that they may be potential witnesses in any court action and therefore cannot rule on this case.

Simply, since King's attorney Sheryl Snyder publicly stated that King was in the right based on information he received from the registry, and they have provided no proof, the registry itself will be a potential witness in any charges.

At the same time since Sheryl Snyder and Joe Terry have both been integral parts of the registry by Chairing the registry or by representing them in previous cases we essentially cannot rely on what is to be considered an impartial judgement.

This is the simplest way to explain it. If you would like a copy of the request or any docs concerning this case write me and I will send them.

The King's and counsel have requested extensions that they set, were granted and ignored, and did not answer anything brought for by the KREF in regards to financial data concerning money given to Katie from her Dad Jim King. As of June 29, the latest extension granted by the KREF to provide the documentation they have requested on several occasions, I have no records indicating that they accomplished that to date.

Either way they have had more than 8 months, the original complaints were filed in December through the JCC and publicized, and have not fulfilled that obligation.

Does it take 8 months to produce documentation from a father to a daughter? This defies logic.

One can only assume that either the paperwork was not in order and had to be manufactured, or it took that long to come up with a good excuse. Of course this is my personal opinion and I am entitled to it by law.

Stay tuned when I get word you will too and thanks for all those who keep trying to get info. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Once again our illustrious Mayor is touting how great merger has been and cheer leading what a great guy he was in making it happen. Funnily enough he did a 49 minute interview with officials in West Virginia that was recorded.

Guess who has a copy?

Yep. Louisville News and Politics.

I will post the whole thing later but I found one troubling remark at the 11 min 30 sec spot I broke out for you. Seems during the Mayoral race in 2006 while I spoke with Jerry, after the WLKY debate, about merger he was bragging to me how merger saved the County because they were always broke and the City bailed them out.

Of course I told him he was a liar and that the City was broke and he needed the County to bail him out. I also spoke about how the promise of merger would not materialize because of the way the City was treating the County residents.

Funnily enough he actually used this as one of his statements which essentially backed up my point. He had to have the County to survive.

Check it out for yourself:

Additionally he spent a great deal of time blaming the County Judge Executive and the County government for holding us up on jobs and bragging about getting KFC jobs, Pizza Hut jobs, Taco Bell jobs and how he made it all happen. Bragging about hundreds of "good paying" jobs such as these.

Anyone think minimum wage, part time jobs for the most part, are the best we can do for our community?

I hope not.

Plenty more to come I assure you stay tuned........


Just when I think it is OK to move on to other things the idiot Mayor goes and proves his arrogance again. take this latest from the Courier Journal today:

Cordish mum on spending of tax money The Courier-Journal#pluckcomments#pluckcomments#pluckcomments#pl...

I mean come on really?

Here is the statement from Cordish in the CJ:

In a three-paragraph letter sent Friday, a certified public accountant for The Cordish Cos. wrote that he has reviewed the spending and that the money was used "in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement" with the city.

David Dzbinski, director of financial reporting for the Baltimore-based developer, said the money was used on "construction, fixturing, equipping and opening" of the Sports and Social Club, in one of the premier spaces at the entertainment district.

We have NO say so in how OUR money is spent? We have no authority to demand an accounting of it? Furthermore Abramson goes on to responds like this:

Mayor Jerry Abramson said Friday that the letter satisfies him that Cordish spent the city's money appropriately.

I didn't catch that Mr. Mayor what was that you said?

"It looks to me that their financial person is giving us a certified commitment," he said. "The loan agreement that they signed … doesn't require them to give the city a specific ... detailed report."

Can anyone think of anything other than huh! Personally for you naysayers who have doubts that Abramson is benefiting from his Cordish deal (among every other deal in Louisville) surely this has to make you stand up and at least wonder perhaps they are right.

Would you run a business without any accountability of where your money is going?

You would be broke in a year. You know like we are now.

The fact is this is yet another example of Abramson flying by the seat of his pants and daring anyone to stop him. Unlimited power by him has destroyed the financial well being of this City and the local population that wants and demands better.

Here is some more for you from the article:

When asked if the city can require Cordish to turn over spending records, Abramson replied:

"I'm unaware of any way to get those specifics. It is what it is. If you're looking for receipts for drywall, or how much they spent on tables, there isn't any and they're not required."

And of course the Traughber spin as well:

A few minutes after that interview, Bruce Traughber, the city's economic development director, called the newspaper and said he will personally inspect the invoices to verify how the money was spent "the next time I'm in Baltimore."

Asked when that would be, he said: "I don't know. We haven't set a date."

Of course you have not set a date you were told after Abramson conducted the interview, by Abramson probably, to call the paper and tell them that. No date has been set because Abramson was caught with his pants down, and this time I use that term figuratively not literally, and has to spin it.

I also love how Kelly Downard wants to investigate, which I wholeheartedly agree with, but wants Jim King to be with him. I would not trust King to do a better job at Metro Animal services than we have now. He may know how to fudge the books, just my opinion, but certainly trust would be a key issue here. I mean heck it has been 8 months since he was questioned about how much money he gave his own daughter to run for Judge and he cannot answer.

Seems pretty simple to me and if he cannot answer that easy one why would I trust him for anything else?

Time to rid ourselves of these millionaire playboys who continue to ruin our Louisville because they want to play politics for personal gain. Think about it Abramson has money to burn thanks to gouging we the people every chance he gets and people like King need to take a job at less than $100,000 a year for his financial windfall when he already is a millionaire?

Logic tells you hell no. The reason to get a job like this for guys like King, Abramson, and coming soon Tandy info, is so they can benefit themselves and their cronies. We have had this for 20 years isn't it time to demand better?

I mean Abramson is supposedly a lawyer, I say supposedly because his record would indicate not a good one, as such he certainly should know how to dictate contracts and make deals that protect his client. In this case We The People of Louisville, KY.

You know Basic Law 101.

Surely the great minds he supposedly has in Frost, Brown, and Todd, and his other buddy lawyers he funds with megabucks from our taxes to fight his battles, could have told him better. They certainly benefit from their good ole boy don't they?

But alas, Abramson's motto? "I do what I want and you can't stop me. Louisville News and Politics: MAYOR "I DO WHAT I WANT AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME" ABRAMSON LATEST FIASCO

We have to be smarter than that or at least smarter than him if this is what he does.

Have we had enough yet?

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