Thursday, February 26, 2009


SB 80. Sounds like an experimental drug or something doesn't it?

Actually SB 80 is the Senate Bill passed that essentially puts Mayor Abramson on the same playing field as our State Governor in regards to budgetary concerns. I reported on this previously here:
Louisville News and Politics: STATE SENATOR SEUM OUTLINES METRO TRANSPARENCY BILL. It gives us greater transparency and oversight and works to help eliminate the dictatorship that ensued when merger was passed in 2000. The funny thing is not all like the idea.

The people like it. The administration doesn't. In fact according to the CJ article yesterday,
Senate OKs bill on Louisville budget data courier-journal The Courier-Journal, Senator Shaughnessy apparently thinks transparency is a bad thing. He even states this in the article:

But Sen. Tim Shaughnessy, a Louisville Democrat, protested that the bill conflicts with the form of government Jefferson County voters created in 2000 when they approved city-county merger.

Guess what Senator most of are disappointed because we were sold one thing about merger and delivered quite another. You know sort of like going to the store and buying wrapped up prime rib only to get home and discover someone lied and it was rotten hamburger instead.

Shaughnessy said such matters ought to be decided locally. "They do not need the help of the all-powerful Kentucky General Assembly," Shaughnessy said.

Newsflash Senator. We have tried to get transparency and answers. Guess what? Thanks to the way the merger was written Abramson and his cronies have avoided even the appearance of transparency. A merger you supported by the way, that transparency is not there. In fact, the way merger was written created the problems we have today.

Of course you know that KRS determines local government right? Surely you are aware that the State is the one that holds the power to correct this snafu correct? Or perhaps one of two things just do not add up in your case. Either A:) you do not know the laws you are trying to act concerned about, or B:) you just do not care about what the majority of the people in Louisville have been asking for.

If it is the former perhaps you should study up on how merger is regulated and who has the power to correct the problems. If it is the latter perhaps we need to start looking for your replacement next election in favor of someone who does care about the people they purport to represent.
Perhaps you are just doing what you have to do to protect your future within the power structure.

Who knows.

You were aganst elimination of the VET knowing full well that over 95% of all vehicles, thanks to today's technologies, did not require such a test. Surely you knew then that it was indeed a waste of our money to pay for that farce. In fact it would appear that your support of such a thing was nothing short of politics to ACT like you were doing something to help with clean air.

Yawn. Politics as usual and not unexpected from insiders.

In the meantime, State statute is where the authority for the Metro Government comes from. It is not within the local community's discretion or power to change the rules, THEREFORE, the issue of transparency HAS to be decided at the State level as Senator Shaughnessy fully knows. And if you do not know that then perhaps we can all understand why there are so many problems in Frankfort with leadership such as this.

The article goes on to state the following:

Chad Carlton, a spokesman for Abramson, said the bill would unduly tie the mayor's hands in dealing with economic downturns. "It's a flawed attempt by a devout opponent of merged government to rewrite the will of the citizens of Louisville and Jefferson County," Carlton said.

Yep Chad we know. We can relate. We are so sorry. Seriously whatever will we the citizenry do when Abramson is held accountable for his abuse of power and wasteful spending?

Give me a break. Typical response.

IF we would have had transparency and accountability we would not be in the shape we are in and the scandals that are now coming to surface, thanks to people like myself and others who question the status quo, could have been avoided.

This Mayor should have had his hands tied up long ago. I mean politically speaking of course. I would not comment on his rumored personal likes or dislikes.

Asked how the measure will fare in the House, Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark, D-Louisville, released a statement that said it will "pass or fail on its own merits."

This statement is telling in itself. I mean you would think the House would back such a proposal. If it is good enough for the Governor why would it not be good enough for a local community right?

Unfortunately, it does not always go that way. Louisville is the economic engine of the State and many insiders benefit from what Louisville does.

Transparency would certainly hurt a lot of people who benefit illegally or otherwise from our tax dollars. Remember folks they are all paid BY US. Why should they not be held accountable. Are we not held accountable by our employers?

If it is good enough for us it is certainly good enough for them. If Shaughnessy does not believe that then it is time for him to go. If the House does not believe that then we need to clean the House.

Thanks Senator Seum and Representative Jenkins for taking the time to let us know that yes indeed we do matter.


All of you know how closely I follow IPL, BOZA, and the other clowns involved with zoning so it will come as no surprise when ou read the following. I was asked to post this in support of this and get the word out. I am honored to do so. Please make plans to attend this hearing.

This case is one that is representative of the mockery of BOZA in regards to property. Your help and support are greatly appreciated. The email is below:

To All Friends of Historic Preservation:

First, please forward this e-mail to anyone interested in historic preservation.

Second, it is absolutely crucial that we have a full house for this hearing on Thursday, March 5, 2009, at 1:00 PM in the hearing room of the Old Jail Building at Sixth and Liberty Streets. If you have ever or never come to a Planning & Zoning Commission hearing, PLEASE come to this one, unless you don't care about protecting historic buildings or don't care about enforcing promises made by developers when they rezone property.

Third, there is a proposed "settlement" of this case which originates from a private one-on-one discussion between the owner, Michael Gordon (at his request), and Bill Schreck, the Director of Louisville Metro Inspections, Permits and Licenses (IPL).

No attorneys for either side were present.

In short, Gordon is proposing to pay a $25,000 amount to be used by the City for its ongoing identification of historic sites and is promising to preserve the stone springhouse on the property.

Remember, the fine amount originally proposed by IPL was $780,000. There is no promise to preserve the Peter Funk House or to restore it. It could be demolished.

Bill Schreck, IPL and Louisville Metro are recommending that this horrible settlement proposal be accepted by the Planning Commission.

There would be no further hearings, no evidence presented about the desecration of this 1803 building by Gordon, no calling of witnesses to testify that the actions taken were not necessary to preserve the building, no evidence that the previous owner was acutely aware of the restrictions placed on the property to preserve its historic integrity, no evidence that Gordon was warned beforehand his plans would destroy the character of the house as well as its historic value, no evidence that much of the work was done without required permits, no evidence presented about his promises to the Planning Commission to "restore the historic building and keep everything the way it looks; keep it the same as it is", no attempt to revoke his zoning allowances gained by that lie, no attempt to analyze the changes made to the building to see if they can be reversed, nothing, nothing.

On January 25, 2008, before Gordon began his destruction, we warned Louisville Metro that he was planning to do this. That was reinforced by the Louisville Historical League that same day.

Louisville Metro did nothing until much of the damage had been done. Even then, it did not stop Gordon from continuing with his desecration. Richard Jett, Louisville Metro Historic Preservation Officer, has said: "Short of actual demolition, this is the worst treatment of a significant historic resource in my professional experience." He rightfully called on Louisville Metro to "take the strongest possible actions both punitive and remedial in response to his destruction of a significant building that had survived largely intact for over two hundred years."

Is a $25,000 pittance what it takes to destroy a protected 200-year old historic building and to lie to the Planning Commission?

There are two huge issues here. The first is the promised preservation of an historic site and buildings. The second is the ability of a landowner to make promises to do something good in order to get a zoning change or amendment, violate those promises, and be virtually allowed to get away with those violations. The precedents for future cases here are huge. For IPL to recommend this settlement, or for the Planning Commission to accept it, is and would be a travesty both for historic preservation as well as for the entire planning and zoning process.


If you can't possibly attend and even if you do, send an e-mail to expressing your outrage at this proposed settlement.

And remember, forward this e-mail to all you know who care about these issues and give a damn about effective local government.

Stephen T. Porter, Attorney
OPEN Louisville, Inc.

2406 Tucker Station RoadLouisville, KY 40299-4529
502-297-9991 (office)
502-905-9991 (cell)
502-297-8007 (FAX)

Very compelling please attend if possible. Thanks. Ed


I have written many stories on this and laid out my KREF complaint for review as well. WHAS Mark Hebert picked up the story on Monday. You can check it out here:

Additionally WLKY's Andy Alcock covered the story as well. You can read it here: Activist Accuses Judge King Of Improper Campaign Finance - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville

The complaint says it all and lays out FACTS of this whole case that warrant investigation. Of course the King's attorney Sheryl Snyder, (interesting the King's need an outside lawyer for this yet did not need any "outsiders" for the whole fiasco that created this), claims that King could have just given his daughter the money and bypassed this whole fiasco.

Sadly, Snyder has his facts a bit wrong. Jim King could not give his daughter unlimited amounts of money to use for this race. He is bound by LAW not to exceed the campaign contribution limit as are us all. In fact, using the argument Snyder did why wouldn't anyone be able to give say $500,000 to anyone else to run for office? I can use $500,000 of my own money to run but I certainly cannot use that same money gifted to me by a relative. The law was set up to avoid this kind of behavior.

And most know this.

Great spin by the spin machine as usual. You may recall Snyder was Patton's attorney when he got caught. He knows how to spin it and some people will believe the spin as usual. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. Knowing that campaign contribution limits can not be circumvented, regardless of relationship to the candidate, there would appear to be only one option to fund the massive amount of money Katie needed to buy the election.

This is one way in my opinion and the reason I filed the complaint outlined with FACTS supporting the allegations.

Too many times we the people are cheated of honesty in politics and I, for one, have had enough of it. We deserve better. It is the reason I entered the political arena in the first place. To force accountability to us of the issues and to show that yes indeed there are many willing to get involved who have integrity.

Like me, love me, or hate me, as some of the "anonymous" emails I receive state, there are more of us who demand truth and honesty than those of you who project hate and lies to better yourself NOT those you represent.

On an aside, Jim King quit calling people who know me and giving them your cell asking them to have me call you anytime day or night to meet with me and see if we can settle this. There is nothing to settle. Really. What has transpired needs to be investigated for truth. That is all.

IF there is nothing to hide let nature take its course. Let the investigation finish and get buried like the John Flood deal did. Once the questions have been answered and the investigation complete we will all have the answers we were seeking. Then it can go to rest.

It really is kind of telling that you would continue to say there is no truth and yet continue to call others to try to get to me. Matter of fact you check this blog out frequently and there is an email link to write to me. Of course you could always do that from your kingsouthern email account so it would not be subject to open records request as you know.

Personally, I generally do not bring others into my situations.

We all know you were wanting to announce your intent to run for Mayor soon regardless of your public position stating that you will only if Abramson does not. Interesting that this story has no merit but you are so concerned with it anyway because of the hope of running for Mayor. Perhaps you know as many of us do that "King" Jerry may not be running in 2010.

You can call anyone you want anytime and ask them to have me call you. At this point it will not happen. Had you contacted me at the beginning I may have met with you to see what you had to say. That would have been honorable.

Hiding behind go betweens and others in my opinion is not.

I have no desire to meet with you privately. Money may motivate others, promises of preferential treatment and "jobs" may motivate still more. I could care less. This story will go away AFTER it is investigated and the facts are out.

I am not one who really cares about personal glory of riches. My goal is to eliminate the fraud, abuse, hypocrisy, and lies in our politics and leaders. In short, to give we the people what we need. Accountability from our leadership and a level of trust in them again.

With that in mind I assure you my integrity is sound. I have been through the gamut in this life to date and will continue to as will we all. Nothing will entice me to quit being what I was raised to be.

A man with integrity.

Stay tuned folks there is much more to come............

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A quick apology if I may. I know many of you have been waiting for updated reports on some stories I have been doing. Last week my mom died and I have been busy with family considerations as you can imagine. My apologies to you all. As of Monday Mark Hebert at WHAS11 and Andy Alcock at WLKY 32 started following the Jim King story with Andy following the Flood case as he has throughout this whole debacle. I will get into King in another article. In the meantime follow this on John Flood and his case yesterday.....

As most of you know by now I have been reporting on convicted felon John Flood and his sweet IPL job. I have been reporting about harassment and illegal quotas and abuse of power. As I reported in September a plea deal was offered that if Flood would resign by the end of the year charges would be dropped. Louisville News and Politics: Flood update and Abramson exposed

I hate to report that even with all the public outcry and emails sent to Special Prosecutor Chip McKay that this did actually happen. Sometimes I want to be wrong in situations like these because all of us deserve better.

Andy Alcock at WLKY 32 was the only local TV station to cover the story yesterday. You can see his story below:

Essentially Flood admitted probable cause to investigate him in exchange for dropping the charges. Pathetic display of justice.

Oh yeah he also agreed NOT to seek a job as a police officer, sheriff, or deputy officer as well.


From what I understand the original time for the case to be heard was 9:30 am. At that time those in attendance were told that the case would be heard at 1PM and to come back. Of course according to a reliable source who was there when they came back they were locked out of the Courtroom. Once allowed back in the ruling was that the KRS statute in regards to Flood charges did not apply to this case.

In short it appears their justification was that the charges were filed based on a faulty KRS statute.

Yeah right. If this is true, why did we not address that in September at the onset of the Court proceedings? Do we like wasting taxpayer money and time? Was the hearing done in accordance with established law? Do our Judges and attorneys need 4 different court hearings to say "oh gee this statute does not apply so we can do nothing?

This defies logic and reinforces what I said in September. Rest assured based on the feedback I have been given in regards to how this was handled we will be investigating the protocol and law in regards to how this went down. Just to insure fairness you know.

Flood did indeed retire from office and now the charges are dismissed. Too easy to predict sadly.

Bill Schreck was even quoted as saying he knew Flood was a convicted felon and had no problems with that in his hiring of him. Schreck of course also should know that convicted felons cannot have ANY police powers yet Shreck had Flood sworn in with special police powers.

On top of all this former Governor Patton was asked to grant a pardon for Flood during his final days in office. While researching Flood and his voter status I found that Patton did not grant a full pardon to Flood but DID restore his voting privileges.

Ah well all in the family right?

Stay tuned BOZA, IPL, Bill Schreck and the whole hee haw clan will continue to be exposed. The story is just beginning.............

Saturday, February 21, 2009


This story keeps getting better and better folks. I happened to be in the area near Katie King's supposed home (rumor has it she hasn't stayed there for months) and found it up for sale. This is a sudden thing that happened only after the previous report I did with the KREF. Louisville News and Politics: THE KINGS AND KREF COMPLAINT. It just happened to list on the multiple listing service on February 17.

Timing is incredible huh?

Even more fascinating is the fact that there has indeed been a mortgage release on the first mortgage with King Southern, formerly known as People's Bank in Chaplin Kentucky, that was filed on February 18 and backdated to February 12.

Why is this interesting? Because the complaint I filed with the KREF was received at 9:02 am on February 13. Of course they would backdate it to the day before my complaint was supposedly received. How obvious is that?

Also of note is the fact that the house is listed for sale at $245,000. Interesting that this house normally sells for around $150-$175,000 and with no noticeable improvements, and in a depressed real estate market, the Kings would figure they could over inflate this house to cover the mortgages on the books in my opinion.

Can we say straw man buyer anyone? In short it must be listed by a realtor and of course someone will "miraculously" come forth and purchase this overvalued home for a price in excess of the $209,000 on the last mortgage signed in October.

Confused yet?

It gets better the house is being listed by none other than Jim King's daughter in law, Cara King, for sale. In fact this raises even more suspicions notably because of some other info obtained in regards to Cara King.

Real estate agents have a very serious fiduciary responsibility to their clients that is not to be taken lightly.

Why then would Cara King, a fully licensed realtor give power of attorney to her husband Jim King III that allows him full control over any and all real estate transactions in Kentucky and Indiana on her behalf?

Would I be comfortable with a real estate agent who isn't trusted to handle her own personal real estate transactions?

I doubt it. Furthermore why would the King's need to take care of her real estate transactions for her when she is fully licensed to do so herself.

We now have a questionable mortgage, an overinflated price to sell in a depressed market, backdated documentation to try to cover it, and all in the family.

Almost looks like a mafia fiasco doesn't it?

Also of note is King Development and Realty Co. More on this to come later.

More questions and no answers yet. But we will get them.

In the meantime interesting to note that yet again all the players in this game are in house and all related to Jim King.

More to come as I get it so stay tuned........

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Crit Luallen today released the findings of her audit on the Louisville Metro Housing Department records and honestly there were no surprises here I assure you. The management of this City has long been under fire from myself, and many others throughout the community, so much so that in fact I personally feel vindicated to a degree knowing that the hours and requests to agencies to check things out have not been wasted.

According to the report from the CJ, (Audit: problems in Louisville housing agency serious courier-journal The Courier-Journal), LuAllen is quoted as saying: "...the mismanagement was so widespread that her team was unable to verify the accuracy of the department’s financial statements."

That is a very telling statement in itself and one that will be mirrored in future findings I am sure.

Welcome to the plight of most of us in Louisville. Folks, as you know I have been asking for an audit of the books for months now. I actually started trying to force transparency and openness during the Mayoral race in 2006 I was in. This is just one example of why we need the audit and we need transparency.

This is also just the tip of the iceberg IMO. In fact I wonder if Jerry's own arrogance is now his downfall. Kimberly Bunton was in charge at the time problems arose and were discovered. She was also appointed directly by Jerry Abramson.

She isn't the first, or the last, Abramson appointee that will be found guilty of gross mismanagement and being in "over her head." When the smoke clears, if the audits continue, we will see a widespread systematic failure of leadership on Abramson's part base don who the "yes" people are versus the ones who can do the job.

In fact I also wonder if Abramson blaming Crit LuAllen for the failure of having a CAFR yet perhaps made her look a bit more closely at the financials. Is the CAFR being delayed because Crit is doing a serious audit on it not a perfunctory one? Of course I am a Crit LuAllen fan and she has always been a person of integrity in my book.

Even with all the garbage going around during the Patton years.

Crit goes on to say "Any taxpayer ought to be concerned when we find an agency this large with a lack of competence, a lack of ethical guidelines and a lack of direction,” she said at the news conference.

You bet we should. After trying to force these issues to light and force someone to take a look at the way things are run here it is great to see that work coming to fruition. But again, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is just one indicator from the audit that should alarm each of us as it is system wide within the Abramson regime:

FINDING 08-HFS01-01: Management Of Department Of Housing And Family Services Lacked Basic Understanding Of Programs Within The Department And Did Not Provide Staff Proper Direction And Oversight Of Procedures And Processes, Increasing The Risk For Fraud Or Error

During our audit we noted, based on interviews with the Department of Housing and Family Services (HFS) staff, as well as audit procedures conducted throughout the audit, that those in management positions did not have a basic understanding of the programs within HFS, did not provide proper staff direction, and did not provide proper oversight of procedures and processes.

Several staff and managers interviewed could not tell Auditor of Public Accounts staff what job functions were assigned to them, to whom they were to report, or who they supervised.

How can you run any department like this? And there are more departments than this one like this I assure you. All with Abramson appointees.

Management regularly moved staff from one program or division to another and did not fill program manager positions, which are essential to proper grant administration. This resulted in staff working on and overseeing federal programs with which they were not familiar and without the benefit of knowledgeable management oversight.

Folks this is BASIC Management 101 stuff that severely lacks throughout Metro thanks to political appointments by Abramson. Let's not forget the whole Summers issue recently released where Deputy Mayor Summers has given his kids $64,000 a year jobs without anyone else being considered or applying. Also do not forget the involvement of Summers other son, Will VP of Chemical Bank, with the arena project.

With the recent disapproval of Abramson up to 42%, according to a WHAS poll, could this finally be the beginning of the end for the abusive, arrogant, power hungry Mayor Abramson himself? Many of us hope so. The blatant disregard for we the people of this Louisville and his continuance to believe he is above reproach has to come to an end.

Great work Ms. LuAllen and thanks from one citizen who is grateful this is finally being checked out.

Now let's all hammer the House in Frankfort and force them to pass the transparency bill they are wavering on (yes they are I spoke with a couple House members today) and get the accountability and transparency we deserve.

Stay tuned this will get better........

Sunday, February 15, 2009


As most of you know I have been following the whole Katie and Jim King debacle from the beginning and continue to uncover many things that must be asked and answered. The KREF received my completed 14 page KREF complaint on Thursday February 12 complete with attachments, for them to initiate an investigation into campaign loans and financing.

A press release was sent to media outlets complete with a copy of the complaint for their review.

I am of the opinion, based on my findings through open records, that campaign finance laws have not only been broken but disregarded entirely by the Kings. It has been a constant nag about how Katie could have loaned herself $50,000 during the primary alone based on her salary income. While researching the Kings it was discovered that Katie purchased her home with financing obtained from the King owned People's State Bank in Chaplin, Kentucky, that is now named King Southern Bank, but owned by King BanCorp at the time. I was curious to see why the loan had to be made outside of Jefferson County since her dad owned it anyway.

As you may recall I have reported on this issue for some time including having had some serious questions about this previously: Louisville News and Politics: JIM AND KATIE KING: Questions abound

The Katie King Campaign for District Judge was operated entirely by financially interested family members and business associates. Each loan submitted by Kathryn King to her Campaign Committee was addressed to and from King Southern Bank, the depository bank of the Committee, which is owned and operated by her father and campaign treasurer, James O. King Jr.

Furthermore, the dubious mortgage instrument dated October 27, 2008 was prepared by Raymond J. Naber Jr., a member of Gold-King Title Services LLC., of which Ms. King is a founding member.

To my knowledge Gold-King only does work for family members and King Southern Bank.

The Campaign Committee also employed the King family operated CPA firm for campaign bookkeeping and financial recording purposes. Multiple treasurers resigned from Katie King’s campaign, all within two weeks prior and one day subsequent to this financing, including Matthew Conway and James O. King Jr.

The $209,000 in financing was made available by King Southern Bank nearly one week before the election on November 4, 2008. Five weeks thereafter, the Kings refused to disclose this and other information through retained legal counsel.

It is interesting to see that Jim King essentially took over as campaign treasurer for about 8 days and on the day before he resigned gave his daughter a $209,000 loan on a 5 year note at an unknown interest rate.

Interestingly enough the original mortgage on her home was a 30 yr fixed for $130,500.

There has been no lien release on the original first mortgage on record and the house has shown no readily available improvements to warrant another mortgage of $209,000 on a home valued substantially less than that.

It would appear that currently the house is mortgaged for over $339,000 and is only worth roughly half that.

Would any other person qualify for a loan with that risk? With that salary history? Did this violate fair lending practices as set forth by the fed?

Though the cases are not identical, a similar case exists in regards to campaign finance co mingling of funds, fraudulent campaign reports etc. The case is one of Matt Kelty, a GOP candidate for Mayor of Ft Wayne, Indiana. You can read about it here: A synopsis from this is as follows:

Legal Issues

On August 14, 2007, Kelty was indicted on 9 charges relating to his campaign. Five of the nine charges are felonies for filing fraudulent campaign reports, two of the felony charges are for perjury, and the 2 misedemeanor charges are for co-mingling of funds.

Kelty's lawyers filed a motion to dismiss all charges on October 22, 2007.

On February 8, 2008, Kelty's motion to dismiss all charges was denied.

Kelty was scheduled to stand trial on October 20, 2008 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Prosecutor Dan Sigler stated it does not appear Kelty has any plans of pleading out. Judge Scheibenberger said he would accept a plea bargain no later than October 19th. Kelty's lawyers were granted a one day continuance on October 20, 2008 in order to look into new evidence obtained over the weekend.

Due to this Kelty's trial was pushed back to October 21, 2008.


On October 20, 2008, Kelty pleaded guilty to three of the nine counts against him. Due to his plea, Kelty will avoid jail time in which he was facing upwards to 20 years in prison. Pursuant to the plea bargain Kelty will pay a $250 fine for each conviction (total of $750) and serve 80 hours of community service. Kelty will also serve one years probation.

Two of the three counts Kelty pleaded guilty to were related to campaign finance laws. He also pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false informing, admitting to providing false testimony to the grand jury. The other charges, including perjury, were dropped. Kelty will be allowed to keep his architecture license despite the felonies, but they will prevent Kelty from being eligible to run for public office again at the state or local level. He may petition the court to have the felonies reduced to misdemeanor.

These questions must be asked and answered. This is why I submitted the complaint. We cannot afford for our judgeships to be bought and paid for by sleazy political means.

They must be above board for the integrity of us all.


Anyone care to explain why these backwards politicians continue to think we can tax our way to prosperity? I generally let others handle these types of stories due to limited time I have for research these days. I refer you to this article from Rick Redding: Tax Bill Passes. Drink Prices Rising.

Ever since this argument began people have been arguing about how pathetic it is to try to raise alcohol taxes and hurt our "signature" industry. Of course I agree that raising taxes in this regard is pathetic.

I also have been vocal AGAINST the arguments for smoking bans and increased taxes there as well. The so called "sin" taxes are an easy way to divide us all and allow pols to gain additional short term revenue. This is not a plan that works.

Funnily enough the same people who are decrying the higher alcohol tax are the same ones griping that the cig tax should go higher instead. In short, they want to pick and choose what sin taxes should pay more based on their own preferences of sin.

This is not freedom. This is idiocy. Seems the mantra is hey tax someone else's vice and sin just don't tax mine. Think about the argument. "hey I need to get wasted every night to relieve stress but those dang cigarette smokers are the real problem." Yep blame someone else for the problems great way to divide.

Pathetic isn't it?

I think so.

There are arguments against the alcohol tax saying that it will cause us to lose more good paying jobs etc. It very well may do that. Does anyone remember how many people were employed here through Philip Morris and Brown and Williamson before the State got hold of them and jumped on the money bandwagon?

Since Mayor Abramson himself admits that 60% of our revenues come from employee taxes, do we still wonder why we supposedly have a local budget "crisis."

Until these idiots get serious about using our money wisely such as stand alone bills, no added pork projects allowed, we will continue to suffer economically at times when we should be able to prosper.

Baron Hill of Indiana, while I understand he is an ass and a jerk for going on the attack immediately trying to lure our business to Indiana, actually is just showing what many States do not show publicly.

Simply that the way of States doing business is changing rapidly.

Remember one man's trash is another man's treasure (that would explain the money made at yard sales huh).

If we are going to continue treating our business people, who provide necessary jobs to our community like trash, of course someone will come in to try to buy it cheap.

Matter of fact why stop at this now. Horse racing is the real signature industry of Kentucky. Funny how many against casino gambling try to justify horse racing gambling. I say hogwash right?

Why not stop the subsidies they get and then go after the farms as well.

Think that would sell well? Nope not to the farmers and horse racing industry fans. Of course the City slickers will not care will they?

Better yet let's just consult all the ministers and Priests in the State and let them define every sin product we have, draft legislation saying it is sinful, and tax the hell out of whatever they say. Isn't that where we are heading anyway with this short sightedness? How long would it be before we were out of debt and the richest State! Wow great plan huh?

Let's work on ridding ourselves of the real baggage that is dragging down the State such as career politicians in favor of Junior Senators and first term House members for awhile. I personally cannot see where it would hurt any worse than these short sighted folks.

Your thoughts?

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Interesting week to say the least. Power outages (again), sunshine from Abramson, and the King story just won't go away.

KATIE and JIM KING: THE STORY THAT JUST WILL NOT DIE: So many allegations and no answers. This story just keeps getting better and better. Ask yourself these questions.

Have you not considered why Judge and Councilman King rifled through so many attorneys before settling on Sheryl Snyder? Of all the high priced Frost Brown Todd talent, why him? Isn’t he the former president of the Kentucky Bar Association and considered the state’s most renowned appellate attorney?

Isn’t he the same guy who once represented Governors Patton and Fletcher on high profile ethics issues? Have you not wondered why Snyder refused your requests for comment about Katie’s $194,000? What are they hiding?

You recall the billboards, signs, television ads, glossy fliers, negative robo calls, team of campaign consultants and handlers, etc. We all remember it as the most watched and dirtiest judicial race in Jefferson County history. But how was it funded? Was it legal? If not, what are the potential consequences? Just ask Indiana’s Matt Kelty. Once a mayoral candidate, he’s now a convicted felon.

More to come next week on this continuing story.....

ABRAMSON AT DEMOOCRAT MEETING: I really will not waste a lot of time with this story. For more check out Rick Redding's take here We’re Glass Half-Full People Too. Most notable is the fact that Jerry claims 18,000 jobs will be created if we get the stimulus money from the fed. Of course he doesn't mention these will not be permanent jobs and then goes on to talk about retraining etc because not everyone will want to learn how to run a backhoe. Yawn. Is this guy an idiot or what?

TEASER OF THE WEEK: Apparently those darn pesky smoking ban police from the health department really do not know the rules of their own ban. More to come on this next week thanks to an interview with HiView Bingo owner Kaven Rumpel.

INTERVIEW WITH MC PRESIDENT TANDY DELAYED: I had an interview with MC President Tandy scheduled for today at 1 but it had to be rescheduled for obvious reasons what with the weather related problems and City business taking priorities as they should.

The interesting part of this story is the fact that now it seems they want to reschedule my exclusive one on one with a panel of bloggers. Anyone curious why all of a sudden the one on one has disappeared? I know I am.

For the stories the mainstream media and some blogs won't cover there is much to come folks stay tuned......

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


As many of you may or may not know Francene of the Francene show on WHAS radio 84 has been using Fridays for a "job jam." Francene has taken the lead in trying to help people find available jobs and is picking up National recognition for her efforts. The next phase is a 1 day event francene is hosting at Bellarmine University on February 21.

The following is a copy of the press release sent to me by Francene to get the word out. Please make plans to attend if you are searching for a job or may be in the near future. It should be very informative. Thanks Francene.


Contact: Francene Cucinello
Talk Show Host, 84WHAS

FREE Seminar for Job Seekers
(And anyone else who wants a competitive edge in today’s workforce!)

Saturday, February 21st8:30am - 11:00amBellarmine University's Amy Cralle Theater in the
Wyatt Center for the Arts

"I've been laid off three times in the past three years. I’m 37 years old and I feel like the most worthless person. I look at my wife, who I love more than anything, and think how she deserves better."

"My brother-in-law lost his job of 23 years the other day. He's married with four young kids."

"I haven’t had to look for work since I got out of college. I don’t know where to start. Everything is so different now."

Staggering job losses dominate the news but what’s not being reported is the fact the vast majority of people unemployed today haven’t had to look for work in 10, 15, even 20 years. The last time they were job hunting they circled newspaper classifieds and mailed out paper resumes.

Attend Job Jam and learn …

· How to use technology, the Web and modern networking to land a new job

· Email, telephone and resume secrets that lead to interviews

· How to determine if going back to school will make you more marketable

· What prospective employers want and how you can stand out from the pack of other applicants

· Ways to manage money and mortgage while looking for work

· Where to find affordable health insurance when the boss is no longer buying

· Places veterans can turn for special help

· How to keep your chin up and self-esteem intact while on the hunt

Seating is limited

Register online at Keyword: Francene

Featured speakers include Kathleen Gosser, Director of Operations Excellence, KFC Corp.; Mark Lamkin, CEO, Lamkin Wealth Management; and Dave Stone, Pastor, Southeast Christian Church.

Seminar produced by The Francene Show, heard weekdays 9am – Noon ET on 84WHAS Radio, in cooperation with Bellarmine University.

*** If you can’t attend the seminar, starting Feb. 24th you can watch it FOR FREE on-line at - thanks to our friends at Kentucky Educational Television!

This event made possible by the unprecedented generosity and compassion of individuals and local businesses. Special thanks to: John Y. Brown III and JYB3 Group; Heine Bros. Coffee; Heitzman Traditional Bakery and Deli; Interstate Brands; Dean’s Milk; Taste Buds Catering and Events; and

Monday, February 9, 2009


I just got in from a press conference today at the FOP lodge on Price Lane. The press conference was called to announce a Metro Transparency Bill put forth by Senator Dan Seum and Representative Joni Jenkins before the State.

The bill goes a long way towards gaining the transparency and limiting the almost total power of the Mayor's office. In short, it forces the Mayor to include the Metro Council and forces transparency with our finances. The sheer audacity and unwillingness of this Mayor to open the books and help gain transparency has been an insult to us all and many thanks to Senator Seum and Representative Jenkins for helping us deal with this problem.

Many may not know that the powers of the Mayor's budgetary power is set forth in KRS 67C. The power to prepare the budget is vested in statute and IS subject to amendment by the General Assembly. In short the Mayor derives his power from State Statute leaving them the option to fix the abuse.

If passed, and it should since it mirrors the State's own requirements, it will accomplish four goals as outlined here:

Notables among those attending, outside the media of course, were Councilmen Doug Hawkins and Ken Fleming, Firefighters President Craig Willman, FOP President John McGuire, AFSCME Political Action Rep Wanda Mitchell-Smith and Executive Director David Warrick. Also mentionable are Chris Thieneman, Kaven Rumpel, and former Council Candidate Bob Heuglin.

Notably absent were the Courier Journal and basically all Democrats, except myself, who were invited to attend. I would have liked to see some Democrat Metro Council members attend to show bi partisan support on a local level for something that will greatly aid them in doing their job, but alas they either could not be bothered with something that will actually empower them to do their job, or decided it would not be politically wise to go against Abramson by attending this event.

Either way this bill goes a long way towards gaining the accountability myself and many others have been actively involved in pursuing.

Many thanks go out to Senator Dan Seum and Representative Joni Jenkins for making this a priority in such a short session. As many of you know Senator Seum has not been one to shy away from doing the tasks no one wants. He basically almost singlehandedly defeated the unnecessary VET program and has been actively involved in all issues concerning us.

Merger promised many things and delivered on very little if anything. This is a huge step forward to correcting the power abuse by this Mayor and all subsequent Mayors to come.

Congrats go to all those worked hard and continue to work hard for the betterment of us all.

Pics of the event will be posted soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009


A week without power then the day job working overtime. It has been busy to say the least. For those of you who were without power I can relate and I feel your pain believe me. But that isn't why you are reading this site so on with some news.

There is much to cover and over the next few days and weeks, assuming the power stays on, I will be catching up with some things. Hang in there.

According to my source that ran into District 14 Metro Councilman Bob Henderson today, Henderson claims that yes we do indeed have a rainy day fund of $68 million and it is sitting in Republic Bank in Louisville. Trust him it is there.

Sound familiar?

The only problem? No one has verified or went on record stating this. Including the Mayor.

Henderson is known to toe the administration line and often spouting about things he doesn't know to make himself feel significant. Abramson is known to use these puppets to spread information and plant the seed.

If this were indeed true then why has Abramson NOT shown this and proved it himself considering the backlash he is getting.

Why has he not shown any definitive proof that the money is indeed sitting in an account and not tied up in other areas as I reported here Louisville News and Politics: RAINY DAY FUND: FACT OR FICTION.

Typical Bob.

Of course he is also attacking the character of some people out here that disagree with him making false accusations of they "hang" with known pedophiles etc lies to keep people from taking some serious in their goals of a better Metro government.

You may recall for example the recent problems by Republic Bank as reported in the Courier Journal Republic Bank's refund loans challenged courier-journal The Courier-Journal

Republic Bank is the hotseat focus for the Refund Anticipation loans (RAL's) they do through H & R Block for quick tax refunds due to exorbitant fees charged. In short loan sharking in street vernacular.

So is the Rainy day fund money at Republic Bank? If so, PROVE it. I am sure the rest of us would like to know that it does indeed exist. I am sure the FOP and the firefighters would like to know as well. Perhaps by PROVING it just maybe they could all work together and Abramson would quit wasting our time and money defending lawsuits that could be avoided if he would just open up communication and be transparent.

But of course with his brazen "I can do no wrong mentality" and thinking that we will all trust him no matter what this would make too much sense.

In Henderson's case, at his age he should know you never put the cart ahead of the horse.

In short Bob quit spreading untruths or PROVE that what you say is the truth.

The lies and innuendo days are coming to an end fast. We will demand better from our leaders than falsehoods and rumors when it comes to OUR business.

Of course being a rubberstamp puppet on a string doesn't allow for that.

Stay tuned there will be more to come.......

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