Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Judy Green, THE LATEST........

We are now being told that Councilwoman Judy Green has voluntarily checked herself into an unnamed hospital with an unnamed "serious" illness that will linger for possibly weeks. So what is it then drug/alcohol abuse? Depression? Or is it perhaps a way to stall the hearing for an even longer time so she can collect some more paychecks before she resigns right before the hearing due to a "medical condition" that she believes will help her save face after promising not to resign.

Why are we the taxpayers paying her a salary at all, especially in lieu of the fact that she cannot perform her elected duties if she is hospitalized for an extended time. If it is mental that raises even more alarms.

The game from the outset has been to delay for as long as possible.

With the help of former U of L player and current 6th man to Judy Green, her attorney Derwin Webb should be accused of aiding and abetting in my opinion.

Looks like a page right out of Green's friend Councilwoman Mary Woolridge's playbook to many people. You may recall that Mary Woolridge went missing for a few months (March-July) using the same excuse. Private illness, assumed name at an undisclosed hospital etc.

Rumors abound that Woolridge was in rehab though no one has substantiated the rumor. Perhaps she is teaching Green how to get paid without really trying on our tax dime. As if Green needed any advice there.

I for one am sick and tired of elected members getting paid with our tax dollars and hiding behind the "undisclosed" and "unnamed" mystery illness garbage.

IF Judy Green has a serious illness I hope she is getting help I sincerely do, but her record of fraudulent activity and lies and deceit don't make me believe it for one second. Stay tuned on this one........

While many of us have been complaining about EMS for a long time now it seems we now may have one clue why they are messed up. Besides the obvious Abramson screwing them up so much before he left office. Jake Payne has a nice story on it here:

Senator Rand Paul made a visit to Kentucky yesterday and spoke to veterans with the VFW. I have to admit I thought he handled it well:

All this and more will be talked about tonight on the MyViewMatters Radio Show at 7 pm. Check it out at

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


You have to love the spin machine at work. According to a recent survey, paid for with our tax dollars of course, merger supposedly needs some work but most are satisfied. I cry hogwash! After polling 1,092 people in all zip codes we are supposed to believe that 71% of the people are generally satisfied with merger.

Wow I am convinced. Nah not really.

I have spoken with that many people face to face over the last couple of years and cannot find anywhere near that many who believe merger is successful and are satisfied. Though not a perfect poll, in my conversations I have found less than 5% who are generally satisfied with merger and that is alarming.

Read for yourself from the CJ here:

Public safety? Yep we generally feel safe in our homes. I have many doubts.

One need only do a real survey to reinforce them. Go to the streets and ask everyday citizens what they think. Most will tell you alarming stories I assure you.

I agree more with my friend, and sometime nemesis, Thomas McAdam's version you can read here:

Notice where he notes than only 18% of residents surveyed were highly satisfied with the City's ability to serve the needs of the citizens.

That is a closer reality to what many of us on the street have come across in our quest to better Louisville.

It is important to note as well that even the US Government considers Louisville/Jefferson County to be separate entities. There has never been a merged Louisville/Jefferson County only a merged Government. What have we accomplished with this?

We were promised so many things with merger yet none have become reality. The biggest promise was a more efficient less costly government and yet our government has grown since merger while the citizens have fallen behind.

It seems that we have a daily story of corruption in one form or another.
It also seems we have many that aid and abet in the coverup of such for many. That is why I do what I do. MSD, Judy Green, LMAS, LWC, and so much more that former Mayor Abramson has abused and used for his gain have hurt we the common citizen in more ways than one.

These issues remain because of the insider's loop that prevails throughout the partisan process here in Louisville. Merger has NOT been the success the CJ and the administration want us to believe but has instead been a dismal failure in what it could be.

Don't believe me?

The IQS research team concluded this in their own summary:

"the summary conclusions of the IQS Research survey indicate an “unusually low” level of public satisfaction with the results of city/county merger"

So much for Mayor Fischer's spin eh.
“There is an unusually large concentration of respondents (60%) who indicated a score of 4 or 5 on the satisfaction scale. Typically scores in this range are an indication of apathy or disengagement. Given the results heretofore in this report, this is not a large surprise. However, when compared with other satisfaction studies this result would be considered unusual.”
Take a close look at the results of this survey yourself and ask what would be gained if we decided to unmerge the Louisville government.

In many opinions that would be a great thing. Perhaps even mine included.


What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! So much has been made of the so called debt ceiling crisis, and the resultant last minute deal to avoid such a thing, it defies logic as to how and why these idiots in Congress continue to get reelected.

It is time to start gaining accountability from the status quo uni party and start holding ourselves accountable. Yep us.

We have allowed this monstrosity government to prevail at our expense. We have allowed ourselves to be used as pawns in the bigger game of manipulation thrust upon us by cowards that supposedly represent us, but who care only about themselves, and not the people they supposedly represent.

Regardless of your "party" affiliation each party is responsible for the fallacies of their decisions we suffer from today.

Republicans and Democrats alike.

I find it funny that the Tea Party is being blamed, as fast as the media can get it out there, for the problems we face today. I have a few simple questions for the people who buy that rhetoric.

Where was the tea party when we were accumulating trillions in debt beginning with Ronald Reagan? They didn't exist.

Tea Party had influence over George Bush? Sorry no one had ever heard of the tea party at that point.

Bill Clinton's fake balanced budget? No tea party person was heard of then.

Now the tea party has gained a couple of seats and it is all their fault we are in the mess we are in now?

Try again lame-stream media and kool-aid drinkers. I admit I am no fan of the tea party in many ways. Some things I like, some I don't, but that is common with anything I suppose. What I do care about is the fact that so many of us can be led down this path of lies and manipulation.

A $14.5 trillion dollar deficit did not occur in a year or two folks. It has accumulated over time. It did not accumulate just in the last few months since some tea partiers got elected.The fact that the status quo uni party in Washington have avoided this mess says a lot about their character. The fact that the real debt problem exceeds $100 trillion according to some economists is even more alarming.

We gave the banks over $1 trillion dollars and what did they do? Absolutely nothing except benefit themselves. Homeowners lose their homes to fraudulent foreclosures and what happens? Do the people who were victims of the scam get their homes back? Of course not.

But the government got paid billions in fines by the likes of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, GMAC (now Ally bank) and more.

So why was this money not given back to the people who were victims of these scams? Who knows. President Obama set up the HAMP program thinking that would appease we the people. Did it work? Of course not just another failure.

HAMP was supposed to benefit millions of homeowners yet has not. In fact in many eyes it has been a dismal failure though it was one of Obama's signature issues.

But hey the banks got theirs and the government got theirs. Who cares about a few million people who have lost it all thanks to illegal dealings. We will spend more time and money going after a pot dealer than we will going after the fraudulent banks and illegal white collar criminals.

New jobs? A growing economy? Sorry lies that did not happen.

Who benefits most from that arrangement? The elected elite. Welcome to America folks.

I say this.

It is OUR America and it is high time we change the rules.

An old philosophy I believe in is that people will only give you what you are willing to accept. My question to you is a simple one.

Do you really want to accept this type of behavior?

If you do then we have more problems than anyone can fix. Just sayin'

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