Ed Springston is the founder and owner of MVM Media.

For advertising, speaking engagements, media consulting, or political strategy, contact Ed at louisvillepolitics@gmail.com or 502.742.8519 for scheduling availability.

MVM Media includes the Louisville News and Politics websites, as well as, the MVM Radio Group. The MVM Radio Group shows are as follows:

Ed Springston Radio Show Monday and Thursday at 7 pm.

All shows air live at MVM Radio and are available on itunes and stitcher radio. All shows are on podcast in their entirety.

The MyViewMatters concept, or MVM, is a mantra Ed has used for many years as a means of personal empowerment. It has always been intended to be a saying that empowers the individual to realize that yes we all have an opinion and have the right to be heard.

During the 2006 Mayoral election in Louisville, KY, where Ed was a candidate, Ed was inundated with requests from the citizens of Metro Louisville to promote transparency and effective government. Long an activist that serves the people of Louisville, Ed used the pulpit of the race to further the wishes of those people. While he lost the election Ed was instrumental in shaping the discussion and forcing accountability. He promised there would be accountability for all elected politicians and has fulfilled that promise by creating MVM.

As part of his efforts to fulfill his promises to the people, Ed has been a one man crusader who not only outs corruption by government officials but files charges, and defends them, to ensure they are held accountable for illegal actions.

Ed comes from a humble blue collar background and was raised by a single disabled father. Ed knows the problems firsthand we face and works on behalf of those poorest and voiceless amongst us. His never ending quest is to help others break free of the fear of failure.

Ed has spent the majority of his adult life in business management and ownership. From being a squad leader in basic training, an accomplished veteran as a Sergeant in the US Air Force, and a proven results oriented leader in the community, Ed has always led the way for others to follow.

Ed has appeared in the news dozens of times through his work with MVM, has led the way on exposing corruption with entities such as MSD, the Kensington financial scandals, the impeachment of a sitting Councilperson, was able to win the highest campaign finance fine in Kentucky history, has had many stories go National, and has been a featured expert analyst with the U of L Yearlings Club.

As an accomplished author, activist, media consultant, political analyst and strategist, Ed shapes the discussion of the future and forces the changes necessary to make a difference in our government.

A proud father of 2 grown men, military veteran, and called upon community leader, Ed brings it all to the table and opens up the door for discussion and debate. He is respected by people from all political parties, and the community as well, for his efforts to bring transparency to the table and issues to light.

Contact Ed Springston:
Phone - (502)742-8519
Email - myviewmatters@aol.com
Facebook - www.facebook.com/edspringston
Twitter - www.twitter.com/myviewmatters
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