Sunday, December 7, 2014

Morgan v. Fischer lawsuit: Why Ford is worried

Louisville, KY - We have been exclusively covering the lawsuit filed by Jay Morgan against Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer for some time now. We have been trying to figure out why Ford Motor Company has intentionally tried to interject themselves into this case, and why Greg Fischer and Ford are so worried they keep using every play in the book so Fischer does not have to go under oath and be deposed.

In our last article we told you something did not smell right because Ford's Group Vice President of Government Operations  and Community Affairs Ziad Ojakli flew into town for such a meaningless GLI event.

There is a personal history between Ziad Ojakli and Jay Morgan that involves alleged illegal insider trading with Ford executives and Morgan was the whistle blower.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson thugs could care less about Michael Brown

Louisville, KY - Ferguson "protesters" could care less abut Michael Brown. Bold statement to be sure and I will be called a racist, or worse, but the fact remains the statement is true. Ask yourself a simple question: Is Ferguson better off after last night's lawless thug party in the community?

The answer is a resounding no.

What did the whole world get to see by the actions of these lawless thugs in response to the grand jury decision in the death of Michael Brown?

Monday, November 24, 2014

MORGAN V. FISCHER: How worried is Ford?

Louisville, KY - Over the last several weeks the case of Morgan v. Fischer has been allowed to continue forward quietly. While local mainstream media continues to ignore this important story we at Louisville News have not. Our first bit of concern came when Ford Motor Company, who has not been named as a party in this lawsuit, decided to interject themselves in it by arguing for a dismissal of it. Why would Ford try to intervene in a case that they are not even named in?

It becomes a case of David v. Goliath, or in this case Fischer/Ford v. Morgan.

On top of all that Fischer has wasted the court's time and resources, along with Ford Motor Co aiding and abetting in my opinion, to delay the case as long as they could presumably until at least after the most recent elections were over. It worked, however delays are now over thanks to an order by Judge Mitch Perry finally. 

Note that in Judge Perry's ruling he points out that this is the second time he has ruled against Fischer because Fischer tried the same set of facts. In short? Waste of his time.

Is Ford working in collusion with Greg Fischer? For me the answer is yes.

Perhaps this link will help you understand why. Of course there is always more. You can also read here for background.

Ford is very concerned and sent in a heavy hitter this week to Louisville to meet with Greg Fischer. Need proof? Here you go. 

Ziad S. Ojakli, Group Vice President, Government & Community Relations, Ford Motor Company - See more at:
So why send Ziad S. Ojakli, Ford's Group Vice President of Government and Community Relations to such a meaningless event? An event thrown together during Thanksgiving week to "honor" elected officials? Seriously it is an elected officials Appreciation Dinner.

Ojakli has not been to Louisville previously for any reason that we know of. During the whole workplace training facility program Morgan spearheaded, that Ford supposedly wanted him to do, or for any other reason.

So why now for such a meaningless reason?

Because Ojakli and Ford are scared of what Morgan knows and what Morgan may out. But their fear is of their own doing and here is why.

Ford entered into a non disclosure agreement with Morgan regarding their termination of him and an undisclosed sum was involved. Every agreement like this involves money. Since it is an undisclosed sum and there is a non disclosure agreement does this preclude Ford from speaking with Fischer about the settlement?

Of course it does. There is no way in hell one can seriously believe that Ford had its own attorneys working with Greg Fischer in this case and it has not been discussed. It defies logic. And that is a problem if Ford violated their own agreement. The agreement is null and void at that point and confidentiality no longer applies.

Morgan can say or do whatever he wants in that scenario and Ojakli and Ford know it. When did a private employer ever spend so much time working with elected officials on a former employee matter? Think about it.

There is also no way one can seriously think that Ford, who would typically send a flunkie to a GLI event such as this one, seriously folks, a thrown together event to "honor" elected officials, and expect anyone to rationally believe there isn't something else on the agenda.

Especially during Thanksgiving week which typically is a slow news week and the opinion would be that no one would notice.

Sorry Mayor Fischer. Sorry Ford Motor Company's Ziad S. Ojakli some of us do pay attention. 
Ziad S. Ojakli, Group Vice President, Government & Community Relations, Ford Motor Company - See more at:
Ziad S. Ojakli, Group Vice President, Government & Community Relations, Ford Motor Company - See more at:

In our opinion Ford has been in collusion with Greg Fischer and his legal team period.

On a sidenote, the GLI event today is just one more indicator of the fallacy of GLI. An entity that exists to aid business interests is  now honoring elected officials?  Any business associated with GLI should be questioning the loyalty of the people running GLI and collecting their dues.

But taking the obvious aside, for Ford's Ojakli to be here now, after all this time, for such a meaningless event, during Thanksgiving week, and only after Judge Perry's order moving Morgan's case forward, the logical conclusion, for me anyway, is that Ojakli's mission is not to honor elected officials but to speak with one in particular, Greg Fischer face to face, and personally express Ford's concerns over Judge Perry's ruling.

Ford and Fischer are scared and scrambling.

Based on everything that has been uncovered and known, in my opinion they should be.

We did reach out to Mr. Ojakli seeking comment. According to his rep he would be "unavailable." No I didn't expect anything less.

Morgan may not realize it but he may hold the keys to bringing down the Kingdom here in Louisville.

Personally I can't wait.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Desperate Obama once again chooses "B" lister in Jerry Abramson.....

Louisville, KY - Mark Twain famously said, "When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Kentucky, because everything there happens 20 years after it happens anywhere else."

Based on Tuesday's elections Twain's words have rung true once again.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Denise Brown unfit for Judgeship

Louisville, KY -  We expect someone who is seeking a Judgeship to respect the law and honor the nature of the office. We expect it, but the last few years have seen an incredulous amount of disrespect of the law shown by these candidates just to get elected. If they are willing to break the law to get elected how much respect can we have for them once they are on the bench Judging others? The answer is zero. Nada. Zilch. In many cases it is rare to actually get evidence of the 2 year old candidates in action. Rarer still is actual video of them caught in the act
of illegal activities during their election cycle.

Today that is not the case.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dave Stengel helps drug dealers

Louisville, KY - Former Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel, and current candidate for Kentucky State representative District 29, released a scathing radio commercial today that accused his opponent, incumbent Kevin Bratcher, of essentially aiding drug dealers in Kentucky.

Attorney Dave Stengel has a long sordid history of his own in that regard and has just revealed one more reason why he should never be considered for public office again.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Democrats war on women hits Kentucky

Louisville, KY - In this election cycle in Kentucky the evidence is clear. Democrats have no love for women and their hypocrisies are an attack against the women of Kentucky. You need look no further for proof of that than Democratic Senatorial candidate Alice "in wonderland" Grimes, or Kentucky Democratic candidate for the 32nd District Kentucky House of representatives, Ashley Miller.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Metro Council pandering is disgusting

Louisville, KY - We expect our politicians to lie, cheat, steal, and blatantly abuse to a degree their authority, and power. In fact, we have come to expect it from many as sad as that may sound. Yet somehow things stay the same and we continue to allow it. Last night's Metro Council meeting was about as blatant as it comes to pandering for Jim King's personal ballot choices.

I know many will find that offensive but I cannot rectify the obvious.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fischer burns GE and Larry Clark can prove it

Louisville, KY - Mayor Greg Fischer may be the single reason GE will lose 6000 Louisville jobs and Representative Larry Clark inadvertently told us why. We have been reporting on Fischer's incompetence, and willingness to sell Louisville out for his own family gain, and have used the now defunct Workplace Training facility project in the West End as one example. Now it turns out that he has possibly intentionally helped rid us of GE as well.

Big words I know but you will want to see the rest.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Exposing the game Morgan v. Fischer

Louisville, KY - In December of 2013 Mayor Greg Fischer was charged in a lawsuit by former Ford employee Jay Morgan of libel and slander that resulted in the loss of Morgan's 24 year career with Ford Motor Company. We have covered this story continuously and outed exactly what led to the lawsuit with our West Side Stories Part 1 here and Part 2 here. But there is much, much more.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Council Democrats acting illegally

Louisville, KY - It would appear that Louisville Metro Council Democrats are acting illegally in regards to open meetings laws. In my opinion the County Attorney's office just confirmed it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rep. Dennis Horlander in trouble?

Louisville, KY - The 40th District State House Representative race just got interesting. Current 40th District Democratic State Rep. Dennis Horlander had a lawsuit filed against him today by his Republican challenger Ron Seiter. The suit alleges that Horlander is not a current resident of the 40th District. 

According to Seiter's complaint Horlander currently resides at 715 Dublin Circle, Hillview, Kentucky 40229; which is in Bullitt County, Kentucky, and not in the 40th House District.

Section 32 of the Kentucky Constitution sets forth minimum qualifications for the office of State Representative as follows:

No person shall be a Representative who, at the time of his election, is not a citizen of Kentucky, has not attained the age of twenty-four years, and who has not resided in this State two years next preceding his election, and the last year thereof in the county, town, or city for which he may be chosen.

Horlander has multiple addresses and Seiter's complaint contends that Horlander, who filed his candidate paperwork showing he resides at 1806 Farnsley Road, Suite 6, Louisville, Kentucky 40216, is being used for a real estate business.

He further contends that Horlander has resided at the the Bullit County address and shares taht residence with Patricia Diane Krauth, and her minor son, S.K.

Seiter's complaint

Seiter is asking that Horlander be removed from the ballot or at the very least any votes cast for him be tossed out.

The case is set to be heard in Judge McKay Chauvin's courtroom at 8:30 am, Oct 17.

We will update you with any new developments.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Glenmary, Greg Fischer Updates

Louisville, KY - Investigations take a hell of a lot of time folks especially when you are investigating the continued shenanigans of the local Democratic mafia in power here in Louisville. With that said here is a quick update on two of our most important current investigations.Glenmary
As you are no doubt aware of by now the Glenmary case we have been diligently reporting on continues on. What started as a simple report continues to grow. An old board of directors versus the new, soon to be old board of directors, in a fight over an unsustainable golf course in their neighborhood. Should have been a simple story right?
As usual nothing is ever as simple as it seems on the surface. Our other reports right here have outlined and detailed much of what the fight has been about but yet there is always more.
While investigating we have now uncovered emails sent by one of the former Board of directors, Scott Kennedy, who works in the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) using our public paid for resources to argue about his personal property and fight against Glenmary. 
Can we say once again unethical? How many more of our tax paid employees continue to get caught in this situation.
It makes you question even further the integrity and honesty of  those involved. We will be doing an in depth story with copies etc in the near future. 
No wonder current President Ron Huff has his hands full.
Hang in there...
Greg Fischer lawsuit
In the meantime, one of my current investigations is set to get crazier late this week.
As everyone knows by now, even mainstream has followed my lead and reported on this story without credit once again, but I digress, Mayor Greg Fischer has been sued by former Ford employee Jay Morgan.
In July we let you know that Greg Fischer and his legal team, which apparently includes Ford Motor Company, who was unnamed and has no relevance to the case at this point, was attempting for the THIRD time to have the case dismissed essentially over the same arguments they had previously used. 
These feeble attempts at avoiding answering the charges against Fischer will be heard in a full hearing once again this Friday at 1 PM in front of the Honorable Judge Mitch Perry.
One would think Judge Perry will finally put an end to these ridiculous, expensive, waste of the court's time, and our tax money pleadings before his court. How much more money will we the taxpayer be forced to shell out on this Mayor's legal expenses based on a private lawsuit brought against him?
Ford's local attorney in this case, Thad Keal, was present once again in today's quick hearing sitting with the Fischer legal team. A simple hearing to determine a date for a full hearing regarding Fischer's latest attempt to dismiss.
We have to ask once again. Why is Ford involved in this case at all?
Just who is calling the shots here anyway? Fischer tried to involve Ford in this suit, they were not named as a party to, and now Ford is apparently collaborating with his legal team?
IS there something both Fischer and Ford need to hide?
Hopefully, Honorable Judge Perry will finally put an end to these shenanigans on Friday and we will be able to finally get at the truth.
This is the tip of the iceberg folks on these stories.
Stay tuned.......

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Morgan v. Fischer is getting strange

Louisville, KY - As most of you know by now a lawsuit was brought against Mayor Greg Fischer, as an individual NOT in his official capacity as Mayor, for defamation of character against Jay Morgan back in December 2013. What most of you don't know is that Mayor Fischer has tried at least twice to have the suit dismissed and lost both times.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Louisville on pace for record pedestrian deaths

In all, 73 people on foot were killed in automobile collisions in Metro Louisville during the last four years. On average, nearly 16 pedestrians have died annually since 2010, according to a WDRB analysis of police reports.

And a review of crash data through July 3 shows Louisville is on pace for nearly 20 pedestrian deaths this year -- the most in four years.

Analysis: Louisville on pace for most pedestrian deaths - WDRB 41 Louisville News

Friday, June 13, 2014

Drones Over Louisville

There is a new flying club over Louisville. "Drones Over Louisville" is a Youtube Channel dedicated to RC and UAV aerial photography and videos from around the Metro area. Membership is free. All you have to do is promise to fly safely and legally with the permission of property owners if the video is filmed below 83 feet. Check it out.

Rich white ANTIFA scores again

You are being played. Most know it and either A). they don't care, or B). they are too scared to stand up. The left has decided to creat...