Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ford's revolving door and the myth of the auto bailout

Louisville, KY - We have been the only media outlet to date to write extensively on the apparent insider trading cover up, alleged by Jay Morgan against Ford Motor Company, that came to light during discovery on the current lawsuit against Mayor Greg Fischer for libel/slander.

There are still many questions to be asked and answered. The most basic one for Ford is, just how deep does the rabbit hole go?

We are about to find out......

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why is President Obama coming to Louisville?

Louisville, KY - President Obama will be visiting Louisville on Thursday for less than 3 hours in a last minute hastily scheduled event. He will appear at a closed function at inDatus presumably to talk about high tech and worker training concerns. Why inDatus, who really is not a big fish in the data collection pond, nor are they a new company having been in business since at least 1989? Their biggest claim to fame is they were given $1 million in our tax money to move from New Albany to Louisville.

We will delve into the land deal and the other arrangements regarding inDatus later. That deal is quite frankly normal procedure for us and nothing glamorous enough on its own merit to bring the President here. For his part, President Obama has not been in Kentucky since his 2008 Presidential campaign because he quite frankly doesn't care for Kentuckians.

So why a hastily arranged visit to Louisville? Why now?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Morgan v. Fischer: SEC cover up?

Louisville, KY - While we have been the only outlet reporting on the Morgan v. Fischer ongoing lawsuit there are still many questions to be asked and answered but two are simple enough. One, why is Mayor Greg Fischer delaying a simple deposition? Perhaps even more important is, why is Ford Motor Company interjecting itself into a case that they were not a party to?

We have outlined these things in previous articles but we must go deeper.

It starts with insider trading allegations against Ford and a litany of lies by both Ford and Greg Fischer. But how do we know the lies exist?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Fischer/Ford? LOSES appeal: Morgan v. Fischer moves forward

Louisville, KY - In baseball we all know that it is three strikes and you are out. In the criminal defense portion of our justice system it is three strikes and you are out. We as a people accept the three strike rule as a way of life seemingly, but when does it apply to politicians and big business?

Mayor Greg Fischer's latest shenanigans backfired once again in the Morgan v. Fischer lawsuit. The Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled AGAINST Mayor Fischer. Judge Mitch Perry has ruled against Fischer and his frivolous attempts to dismiss the Morgan lawsuit at least twice before and now the Kentucky Appeals Court has as well.

Apparently even Fischer attorney Joel Frockt's relationship with his former partner, current Appeals Court Judge Irv Maze, couldn't get the job done as Maze signed off on the Morgan victory as well which surely was a slap in the face of Fischer who relied on that connection to prevail.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

City of Louisville sued over March 2014 riots

Louisville, KY - The City of Louisville is being sued by alleged victims of the March 2014 mob attacks here in Louisville. Last week the City of Louisville agreed to pay an astounding $1.5 million settlement to 4 youths who were jailed as a result of the riot in March 2014.

Tyrone Booker Jr., 20, Shaquazz Allen, 19, Jerron Bush, 22, and Craig Dean were originally arrested on charges of robbing a woman at gunpoint during the March 22 night of mob violence in downtown Louisville.

They were immediately dubbed the "misidentified four" and a public outcry ensued. The question now is, were they indeed misidentified and is there a cover up going on?

You won't want to miss the rest.