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Constable David Whitlock shoots unarmed woman

Jefferson County Constable David Whitlock shot an alleged shoplifter at Wal Mart in Riverport Wednesday afternoon. According to reports, the suspected shoplifter was shot in the arm and hand by Whitlock when, after attempting to drive away, she allegedly ran over his foot.

Whitlock then used this as justification for pulling his own personal weapon and firing at her striking her arm and hand. Early reports say she will be fine, but how is it that someone with Whitlock's history is an elected Constable and assumes this authority?.

Why is David Whitlock not in jail

Whitlock himself is no stranger to illegal behavior having been arrested for theft in 2000 after being found in possession of stolen computer equipment. He also entered an Alford plea in 2002 in another theft case against him. This case led to a diversion program and ultimately an expungement of the record thus enabling him to qualify to run for office.

The office of Constable is one many feel we should do away with in the Constitution. I happen to agree. Constables are elected under the state Constitution and allows some arrest powers, such as enforcing traffic laws and serving warrants.

It does not give them full police powers as Whitlock apparently likes to think it does.

Whitlock's history of theft is one that boggles the mind of most of us. Why is he not in jail himself?

In January 2000 Whitlock admitted under questioning to stealing medical supplies from his then employer Yellow ambulance service. He stated he was using those supplies on behalf of Dixie Suburban Fire department.

By his own estimate he stole, or was connected to the theft of, approximately $1500-$2000 worth of supplies.

During the same interview Whitlock admitted stealing a radio battery charger from yet another substation in New Albany, admitted in February 2000 to stealing eight video monitors from his previous employer Sonic, a theft involved other items including Security equipment and cameras.

During the search of Whitlock's car he also was found in possession of firefighter id tags from other firefighters. He was even found to have a Ky Uniform Citation Book in 2000.

Personal handcuffs, mag light charger, arson investigator shirt, unidentified pills, satellite receiver.

This is just some of the stuff that was confiscated during the period of 1999-2000. Brand new intercom, Louisville search and rescue iron ons, and official uniforms to mimic different departments. Shively Police department, and LPD.

Abusing authority

At one point Whitlock went so far as to name swear in Deputies to help him in his job. No this is not a joke. Though these "Deputies" were of course unpaid and unconstitutional according to the Judge who revoked the powers of his sworn Deputies. Many feel this was a way of rewarding his friends, who had histories of their own, so they could abuse the citizens as well. One more example of overreaching in his abuse of authority. Birds of a feather.

Whitlock has been described as someone who has an egotistical attitude who overstates his abilities. This of course would fall in line with many stories of abuse by Whitlock. There have been stories circulating for a long time now about how Whitlock abuses his assumed authority.

Everything from "patrolling" in uniform, one that he purchased himself on his $100 per month Constable salary, pulling people over without authority or cause, and acting as if he has full police powers (he does not). Harrassing others who he disagrees with, and rumors of pulling over defenseless women for "other" reasons.

This is the norm for what most in SW Jefferson County know of David Whitlock.

Insurance scam

Whitlock has even admitted to filing false insurance reports after lying about stolen radios. Radios he himself had and lied about being stolen.

How could Whitlock still be free

That is the question of the day. Just who is Whitlock related to that could have saved him and allowed us to be in the position of having this embarrassment elected to anything?

Does Whitlock have ties to the LPD? His Uncle is/was a cop there. He also used an Aunt's printing company to make up "official looking" labels for his car to appear he was legit.

Perhaps District 14 Councilman Bob Henderson who supported Whitlock for Constable? Henderson knew about these problems with Whitlock. It has always been an open situation in Dixie area.

Why then would he knowingly endorse Whitlock? There have been questions for years about Dixie Suburban Fire Department and Henderson's involvement with them. Those questions will now become center stage.


David Whitlock is the last person who should ever be in any position of authority. Elected or otherwise. A primary job of security for a Wal Mart store does not qualify one to be let loose on citizens with a personal gun over a possible shoplifting charge.

We now have to do the investigation into Councilman Henderson and other alleged family members who may be with LMPD.

Many have referred to Whitlock as a "loose cannon." LMPD has known about and been worried about just such a situation involving this loose cannon for years. Unfortunately, they now will deal with the fallout either way.

Whitlock should have been in jail and never in a position to run for elected office. With an admitted history of stealing from every employer he has worked with, he should never have been free.

They say it takes a thief to catch a thief.

Whitlock certainly qualifies for that phrase.

But does it take a thief to shoot a thief?

Let's hope criminal charges are finally brought against David Whitlock and find out.

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  1. David Whitlock's family got his ass off on the charges with good attorneys. His "Deputies" have also been given access to "Court Net" and are randomly looking people up on it such as coworkers. I know people who worked on his election and he won by intimidation and removing other peoples campaign ads/posters. He needs to be stripped of his post and his "Deputies" have their badges taken away and everyone tossed in jail for a few years. They are playing at being cop's it is going to result in someone getting killed. And as for me had it been me and he pulled his gun out he would have been looking down the barrel of my own gun I have a CCDW and have been stopped by store security before. I was a mistake but still if someone pulls a gun on me and does not ID them self a a law enforcement officer ( As I under stand their is some question as to weather he ID him self.) I'm going to draw my own weapon and shoot them or at least try.

  2. Agreed. This guy has been involved in all kinds of stuff out in the SW. he has been rumored to be behind all the sign stealing for Democrats such as Bob Henderson while running for office to still today hiding stolen goods.

    Though rumors based on his history, and now recent shooting, none of it comes as any surprise.

    Intimidation tactics etc all by a kid with grand delusions of grandeur of wanting to be a cop and can't. All he ever wanted was a badge and radio so he could appear to be somebody other than an uneducated, thief, with no future because of his attitude.;

    Kicked out of other "explorer programs," and Volunteer fire departments this wannabe has beena problem for years and should be in jail. IMO anyway.

    Thansk for writing.

  3. I really don't understand why we still elect this position. I didn't know they did anything- the one out here in the East End I think directs traffic every now and then. I just assumed that they were people who just wanted a title and couldn't get elected to anything else.

    I guess we need to write our State Reps/State Senators and advocate for an amendment to allow counties to decide if they want to keep these positions or not, or at least limit their police authority. I mean, if they didn't have police power it would be one thing but, the fact that they have the exact same police authority as a sheriff is ridiculous. If the Sheriff's Assoc, the Deputies FOP and all the Police FOP groups throughout the state pushed for it, surely it would pass, especially if it were written to allow each individual county to decide, if they wanted to keep these offices. I mean we don't elect a Jailer here in Jefferson County, anymore-this should be the same thing.

  4. I have seen these wanna-bes for years. LEO's around the country deal with these everyday - most don't go around shooting people. He should he arrested for this. If you have noticed - almost ALL of these "Constables" are overweight guys who wanna-be LEO's. I don't think most could do one push-up! Get rid of the Constable laws!

  5. this is all bullshit i belive. honestly I once worked with david whitlock, he is a very sweet, kind, understanding man. just to say he has a bad past doesnt mean he cant have a bright future. People learn & grow fom there mistakes and become better. i belive his juggement was fair by shooting this woman, if she was in such a hurry to get away that she ran over his foot causing harm to another person. whats to say that if he didnt shoot her to disract & slow her down she might have ran over someones child. I belive Whitlock should get a gold metal & this girl should charged with theft & assulting a police officer

  6. Jacob I agree to an extent. yes inplaces such as Jefferson County the job needs to be eliminated. There simply is no need for a Constable here.

    However, in some counties across Kentucky they truly are a blessing.

    Thanks for writing.

  7. Anonymous I don't know what kool aid you are drinking but you may want to change brands. Whitlock has never been anything but a con man and thief. Many have fallen for his shenanigans and many more finally woke up to them. The only thing he ever wanted was teh radio and badge so he could feel like he had some power because he is clueless and powerless.

    You say you used to work with him. Was it Sonic, or perhaps Yellow cab? Were you investigated for the thefts from those places that he actually admitted to?

    Either way thanks for writing.

  8. "People learn & grow fom there mistakes and become better." - Anonymous

    Are you effing kidding me?

    Whitlock has already been cut a sweet DIVERSION deal from his other FELONIOUS "MISTAKE"!

    He obviously hasn't learned a damned thing with this kind of outrageous gunplay behavior.

    He, once again, has demonstrated POOR JUDGEMENT, and for this you want to cut him another sweet deal?

    NO WAY!

    Whitlock is suffering from a severe case of "arrested" development!

  9. I agree Ed, that's why the amendment would be written allowing, each county's voter to decide if they need to keep this position. I have a friend, who was the Constable in his home town for a couple of terms, it was super small and they needed him. I believe the legislation could be written to give the counties the authority, whether it be direct referendum or the local legislative body, to decide whether or not they needed it.

  10. Just so you know, elected SHERIFFS don't have to be trained either! And there are two sheriffs in the state of ky that are convicted felons! They just cant carry a gun, but CAN and DO arrest people! As I do believe several sheriffs just this year have been removed from office for illegal activity. Abolish the office of constable, then the sheriff office needs to be abolished too

  11. i worked with whitlock at walmart doing security many times. He was always a really good guy, always doing his job well, never once out of line & helped anybody in any way possible. i belive him shooting that girl was the right thing to do apparently she was out of line trying to run over a constable, what if thhat would have been a innocent child? think about it the shot probably slowed her down. Many people voted for him in his re-election back in 2010. even though he has a bad past of theft he know has his head on his shoulders straight and is on the right side of the law, he helped me many many time catch shoplifters & always talked to each one about how big of a mistake they were making, how they were going down the wrong path. all im saying is you can not judge someone by there past everybody makes mistakes & alot of people learn from them. his bad past does not make him a bad person now

  12. its all self- defense if someone ran over your foot being a shoplifter and you were a constable i belive you would probably shoot at them too. you werent there didnt know the surroundings, what if there were other people in the parking lot, what if there were children close by. being in his position his job is to protect & serve the community. i belive he protected all the people in the parking lot that day. & anyone wanting him in jail for defending his self and other people is freaking selfish & stupid

  13. This is just one in a bunch of things this guy is into. First, someone needs to investigate how these guys get off duty jobs anyway. As a taxpayer, i dont see how it helps us to have off duty police officers working at walmarts, traffic jobs for LGE and the Water company. The insurance liability has to be enormous. Why dont you do an investigation into all of the mess, starting with this fat idiot.

  14. a lot of anonymous posters. Thanks for the comments. I will say this to the one bragging about Whitlock at Wal Mart. He is good at his con and his shenanigans aren't just from years ago ;-)

    To anonymuos poster on how he protected everyone? You lose your argument when you mention kids or bystanders in the way. This shoplifter went to their car and tried to leave, Whitlock pulled his PERSONAL weapon and tried to stop them from driving off. He was in civilian clothes NOT a marked uniform identifying himself, and shot in a parking lot at an unarmed person.

    Kids and others in the lot were immediately in harms way as it could have been handled differently and would have by TRAINED officers.

    With one witness on the news carrying a 1 year old, what happens when Whitlock fires the shot that missed? He is not a hero and put more in harm's way then he ever "saved" that day.

    Would you change your tune if it were your child or theirs? HE created an unsafe condition and should be held accountable accordingly.

    Finally, anonymous concerning off duty police officers. Whitlock was not an off duty police officer. He is a Wal Mart security cop who happens to be a Constable. Police officers have mandatory training for situations such as this to PREVENT an incident like the one Whitlock created.

    Whitlock is NOT affiliated or associated with LMPD at all.

    Again, thanks for the comments folks.

    1. What if he had not tried to stop her and she ran over the kid. This thing could be looked at a 1000 ways. At the end of the day whether people like it or not, nothing will be done because he's elected. This is the people's fauld and the States fault for allowing this guy to carry a gun, but he does so legally. I think a lot of cops don't like it because they go through eighteen weeks of hell in order to get a badge and a gun and this guys spends 400 bucks on some yard signs and is good to go. If you don't like this guy, DONT VOTE for him. Otherwise unless there is a constitutional amendmant, and there won't be, he will continue to be in office.

  15. Let's not forget Whitlock's staff...

    Michael Stephens... Police Impersonator, wanna-be, washed out fire fighter. Runs around in a fully equipped Crown Vic with a gun and badge. He is also on the Constable's board which will determine if there was any wrong-doing with Whitlock.

    Brent Choate... Convicted felon. Yes, he's still around but under wraps.

    Cody Whitaker... Crazy, gun toting 18 year old kid running around with badge and gun.

    Eric Weller... Wasn't he confronted or busted for impersonating? Chasing someone down in a Crown Vic with red flashing lights...

    Frank Medeiros: Works at Off Duty Police Services and gives Whitlock and his crew jobs. This guy has issues himself and acts like he's a cop. Yelling and screaming at people while doing traffic or security jobs.

  16. Whitlock had his Explorer's Program disbanded by the Boy Scouts of America for allowing his Explorer's to carry weapons (guns, knives and badges) and not following the policies and procedures set into place to mentor young individuals. He would allow them to ride along and conduct law enforcement operations, such as physical use of force, taser, apprehension, etc..

  17. Whitlock is *not* an agent of Wal-Mart. He last worked for a third party firm to provide security of store during Christmas 2010 and has no agreement with Wal-Mart as a contractor, agent or otherwise. He would persistently hang out at the store and befriended LP staff and would take over all the apprehensions or cite and releases stating the does it because LMPD's response time is too high.

    This makes Whitlock no more of an agent of Wal-Mart than it makes any person an employee of Starbucks for stopping in there and hanging out drinking coffee each day.

    He has no support in the LE community at all, not any backing from decision makers. Steve Fein (Co Commissioner), Rick Blackwell (Council Member), Bryan Mathews (Judge Exec), Greg Fisher, LMPD, JCSO, etc... It's a huge list. Even MetroSafe would not allow him to use any of their radio channels, so he has no communication with any agency. If he needed assistance, he would have to telephone Kentucky State Police for assistance to run record checks, etc. There isn't a Metro or state agency he hasn't tried to railroad for equipment or assistance.

    All of his certifications and qualifications are issued by his own Constable's Association and pretty much just handed out at will.

    After contacting members of the Kentucky Constables Association, the only approved firearm the Constable's certify with and are allowed to carry is a Glock. One of his current flunkies stated Whitlock carries a used a Beretta, which doesn't even follow his own organizations policies and procedures.

    All of his guys are under the microscope and have been for a while. Brent Choate is a convicted felon still with his office; Mike Stephens was also responsible and almost indicted in the thefts that Brent took responsibility for. Stephens runs around in a Whitlock provided Crown Victoria in which Stephens fully outfitted with red and blue lights siren, radios, computer, etc. At last check he is unemployed and works for Whitlock and Off Duty Police Services using that car with those lights to make money.

    There are pictures and videos out there of Mike Stephens and others impersonating a peace officer.

    Whitlock's performance bond isn't going to take care of him on this, Metro isn't standing by him and his own Constables Association whom is performing their own investigation will find no wrong doing as Mike Stephens is part of the board and the rest are good ole boys who look up to Whitlock as he provides all their supplies when they train and provides them all with a training classroom to use.

    This guy has no credibility or integrity. He is a great story teller and exaggerator! He seems like a nice, sincere person; but that all shallow and just a front.

    At last report his foot injury was a bruise and hairline fracture. At least, most recently the JSCO Deputy was dragged half way down the street before firing his weapon; and not just bumped with a tire.

    It's time to shut down Whitlock and his posse; he is an embarrassment and a danger to the community and has been since elected in 2007.

    Impeachment process hopefully will be underway and an indictment in the shooting.

  18. Old Gomer Pyle looks like he's Full Metal Jacket material; or perhaps we shall call him Rod Farva (Super Troopers).

  19. SHERIFFS who are (alledgedly) convicted Felons:

    Names & Counties, please, otherwise your statements FAIL!

    "Just so you know", Anony-mouse, DAVID WHITLOCK IS a CONVICTED FELON who, thanks to political connections and numerous favors by his fellow DEMOCRATS, was allowed to go into a diversion program, which resulted in his CONVICTION being EXPUNGED, and that HUGE FAVOR allowed him to be qualified to run for public office in Kentucky.

    NAMES, please!

  20. David Whitlock is a dangerous person with serious personal issues.
    I arrested and indicted David Whitlock 10 years ago. Louisville Attorney Jack King (RIP) pulled a fast one while I was deployed and had the cases diverted. Several years later DW got them expunged. I did everything LMPD would let me do to keep David from getting a badge. We can blame the Commonwealth Attorney's office and the Board of Elections for this fiasco.
    He will never repent and never quit trying to be "The Police".
    Thanks for the interview Ed. Hopefully we can stop this felon.

  21. @RGC2005, I think many of us have tried to "rein in Whitlock" without success. He is slicker than a greased up pig (no pun intended). Would love to share recent knowledge of his activities, serious stuff.

  22. The Department of Criminal Justice Training ( in Richmond, Kentucky report Constable David Whitlock failed his firearms qualification and asked to leave the range in 2008.

  23. Thanks for appearing on the show RGC. It was an informative show that needed to be aired.

    Federal Agent- If you can share please feel free to contact me direct at (502)417-5383 or I would love to meet and verify some of the things I have been told about Whitlock recent dealings.

    Anonymus- No surprise WHitylock failed a qualification. From what I gather the only thing he has never failed is his ability to con and steal from people.

    Thanks for writing folks.


  24. Shocking information and pictures posted here. Lots of pics of his guys impersonating, etc...

  25. LOCK HIS A$$ UP.. he also lets support staff use his court net to look up co works back ground... something needs to be done!!!

  26. I am wondering about an irs investigation and maybe an audit of his office books. Are his five vehicles in the name of his "office" and with official plates insured?

  27. Why would anyone hire him? All they have to do is google his name and see all the stuff he's done. Who would want to expunge his bad record when there's other people who commit crimes don't always get off that easy. It's not right at all that he's even working at all. He was recently spotted working as a security officer at a downtown apartment complex for the elderly and disabled, I hope he doesn't steal from them.

  28. And now folks yes now he is in management at where? Oh you guessed it Chucky Cheese on hurstbourne.. Can you believe that? I won't go back there till he is gone You know I don't want him to shoot my kid for taking a balloon out the front door thinking they were shoplifting it....


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