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I was recently asked by some sportsmen why the Jim Strader Hunting and Fishing expo was not being held this year. Though I am an avid gun rights owner I am not a hunter and am typically a weekend fisherman at best so I had no answers. Since this involves literally thousands of people across the State, and avid family members who hunt, I decided I would do a periphery check on why.

Where to start? Why not Strader's website and see myself. Seemed simple enough of a task right?


After checking out Strader's website at I had to investigate.

Folks there is trouble amiss in the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.

While doing a search on pending legislation I discovered Senator Gary Tapp's SB 64 calling for transparency. Then curious I searched the leadership of the KDFWR and found that the Commissioner of the Dept, Jon Gassett is running a For Profit company in direct conflict with the public agency he is in charge of

Upon further search of the LLC admin finds that Deputy Commissioner Hank Patton has Wildlife Outfitters listed as a sponsor of NWTF and is using state e-mail to conduct his business

It seems that the KDFWR has decided it could do what it wants with no oversight. Yep a big surprise to be sure. I will be laying out a scheme over the coming weeks that involves the head of the KDFWR Jon Gasset, his family members including dad Robin Gassett, Deputy Commissioner of KDFWR Hank Patton, and yep Governor Steve Beshear himself.

Since Jon Gassett became the Commissioner of KDFWR there have been several complaints concerning misappropriation of funds, unethical behavior, and federal violations of law. Yes business as usual by the entrenched. No surprises here really.

Some examples that will be given more consideration in the coming weeks include how Jon Gassett issued multiple service permits for deer and Elk AFTER Governor Paul Patton issued a moratorium against them. They will include how Gassett has personally abused his position by doing business as "outfitters" for himself and Deputy Commissioner Hank Patton thus lining their pockets.

You can check out his LLC here:

Make no mistake about it the KDFWR apparently is as corrupt as anything else. What started as trying to answer a simple question from some friends is turning out to be a gross mismanagement and abuse of resources.

The KDFWR is now on the radar and it will affect hundreds of thousands of sportsmen across the State and it will not be pretty.

Stay tuned this is going to get ugly to be sure.........................


  1. What do you know about anything? You're drinking the strader coolaid without actually doing any research. Do you hunt or fish? Tell us all, aside from what Jim pissed in your ear, what research have you done?

    Ed, you are out of your depth on this issue.

  2. lmao well if you could comprehend what you read you would see in the opening I admittedly am not a hunter.

    A family member asked me why the expo was cancelled so I told them I would check it out and the logical starting place was Strader's website. After reading that it became an interesting thing to research.

    So I guess you are drinking Gasset's kool aid then?

    I assume that would be an obvious counter claim since I have not spoken with Strader though I hope to soon in regards to his lawsuit. It will make a great radio show.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Wow. So did you ever find out why the Jim Strader expo is gone?

  4. http;//

  5. as well you should afford the same conversation w/ Gassett. You would have never found SB64 without being tipped off by the Lville crybabies.

  6. anonymous #1 The only thing I know about Strader's show being cancelled is what he has publicly put on his website. Apparently the cost involved with the litigation against the KDFWR is a major reason why.

    Anonymous #2 thanks yep ethics are a serious concern in this matter but ethics never mattered to those in government. Yet ;-).

    Anonymous #3 lmao on your comment. If you knew anything you would know that ALL bills are prefiled and found quite easily on the net since they are public record. SB64 was easier to find than you finding your nads in the morning I would imagine.

    Thanks all for writing.

  7. WOW! Most responses seem to not have a problem with someone who is in charge of state employees running a company that looks in direct conflict with the government job he is charge of!
    They seem upset only that you reported it!
    ...and we wonder why the state is amuck........

  8. Anomymous #3 calls BS!
    Speaking of nads, why don't you take them out of your mouth and speak the truth.

  9. Terry (aka daking) (what a handle) if you had been a commission meeting in the last three years you would know how commission member Doug Hensley has abused his set,by insulting the LKS and it's president. And making statements like we don't do business with people that don't like us. And by saying we don't want to go to the Strader Show. Those are just a few that comes to mind. Oh, yes, how about the lastest one, the league doesn't speak for the sportsmen on Kentucky anymore. Now I don't know if Jon has done wrong, but I sure would like to know for sure. And I would like to know for sure if our money is being taken care of. There is one thing I know for sure, Doug Hensley stop a boat ramp on Paintsville Lake because Nathan Frisby ran against him 8 years ago. Is that how Fish and Wildlife reacts when someone runs against them in a commission race? I don't think so. Now lets get down to why your so quick to support the department. You get perks, appointments to committees, etc. You've carried their dirty mail for several years. You better get on the side on this one, or you'll go down with them. Terry, what was released today, is just a piss in the wind to what is coming. If you couse to hold the line, get a good hold, and hang on, it'll be one hell of a ride. Ronnie Wells, Past President of the League of Kentucky Sportsmen. Hold on, because all hell is going to break loose.

  10. lmao #3 if you had any you would at least quit hiding behind anonymity. You know men usually stand up for what they say or believe in which is why I put my name on everything. Man up or keep shining the shoes of your boss ;-)

    With that aside show what lies are in the story. Otherwise you just keep giving me credibility with your insane lapdog attacks.

  11. Thanks for writing Ronnie I will make these other things a part of my investigation. By the way if anyone has any info they want to share feel free to email me direct at confidentiality guaranteed.

  12. I was an employee of KDFWR. I am personally aware of the abuse of power that this department seems to flaunt .Everything from shotguns pointing at employees with no acton taken, Fish and Wildlife fish trucks being drove overloaded, drove in unsafe conditions, not stopping at weigh stations, drivers driving more than 10 hour shifts with no time off,driving overloaded trucks on intersate highways with more than 95,000 miles on tires, hatcheries using chemicals on food grade fish that are not FDA approved, illegal dumpings, boosting harvest data to meet set goals, liiegal firings and hirings. his is business as usual for KDFWR.

  13. I would think that since a state government employee is using a state owned website on a national organization's place of business, there would have to be some federal laws being broken....

    Do you know if this is the case Mr. Springston?

    I would also like an opinion to this information and could you review this website link to the ethics board and determine with you experiences if you think there are some serious issues with this operation.?

    Thanks for bringing this to light......Corruption on any level is bad for any democracy!

  14. Only hunters and fisherpeople are allowed to have an interest in this pending debacle? Come on Terry, even you know that's an indefensible position.
    If everything is so cool with the dept why are you so out of sorts defending it? If there is nothing there you have nothing to worry about right?

  15. The simple fact to Ronnie Wells rant is that the LKS is a defunct org. mainly beccause of himself and the current crew of officers......they speak for themselves, not the sportsmen of the state. At one time the LKS had over 70,000 members, but because of the "easternKy. takeover" of a few years ago, they now speak for a few individuals and some clubs that are members just as a conveince. Total membership is below 5,000 and maybe even below 4,000. Moneis collected by the LKS from the license plate and dues is used for board meetings and paying the board to serve. That's why they all vote the same as the past president and president. They have been recruited and aren't free to speak what they feel the sportsmen in the prespective district would want. Most district don't even have meetings to gauge what is wanted and what isn't. SO, the LKS is why out of touch with the wishes of the sportsmen and sure as hell not a friend of the average sportsmen in KY, and needless to say, not a friend of the KYDFWR.

    IF you want to know why the Strader show has gone belly up, just go to and search the archives. You'll even see where D. Moutidier(maxcam) has wondered how to make it better himself on several occasions. I suspect that the KYDFWR lawyers have already made cpoies of most of the posts there, but it's an annual posting about how rotton the show actually was each year for the last few.

    You also notice the only support for Strader on that forum is coming from his hand picked cronies and bucket carriers, same as those who supported his show. Over time, there has been a lot less of them and the show went the why of the dinosour. Good riddence.

    Testimoney from "past disgrunteled employees" is always fun to read. Most can be taken as a grain of substance.

    SB64 as well as the authors of the bill are bad for the sportsman of the state. We have a great Commissioner and commission and the concept is fine. What we don't need is interference of the legislature into F & W issues. It's a shame the LKS would support this in any way.

  16. Let's let Ronnie explain how under his shaky hand on the presidential tiller how the League lost half of its members in 3 years. Yeah, that's right. Ronnie is president for three years and the League's membership diminshes by 1/2.

    Ed, you've done some decent work in the past. Perhaps it's time for you to look at both sides of this issue and not soil your reputation by listening to a couple of malcontents who are on the outside looking in because they have learned how to lose friends and alienate people. You are listening to people who are trying to further a personal, nasty agenda at the expense of the sportsmen and women of the state

  17. Bwahahahaha
    nice try. This aint about the LKS, jim strader, or the former or latter's failures or successes.
    It's gonna be about Gassett and the commissioners and how the dept is run in a corrupt state full of good ole boys, special interests and dirty dealin...and those who carry their water

  18. Thanks for the kudos Daking but rest assured my rep good or bad will be intact. Not sure why you insist I am "listening to people" when in fact the public record is all I have to go on at this point.

    Reread the article and you will see how I became involved in this mess to begin with. Trust me I was just looking for a simple answer.

    Rest assured BOTH sides have the opportunity to be heard my email is public and my phone is as well. Interesting that neither side's leadership has used it yet.

    Just saying.

  19. Did you bother to read the executive branch ethics commission's finding on this business? I suspect not.

    You are unwittingly being used by a bunch of malcontents who have spent the last six or seven years trying to take control of the Department. They've not had any success, so they are using the like of you and others to squirt their squid-ink into the waters. Don't be a sucker

  20. Once again Terry your comprehension skills are diminished. Yes I know you are Terry Sullivan because I read the website where this story apparently made it to.

    With that said I do not know which "malcontents" you are speaking of as I have already outlined why I got involved in the first place.

    I could care less who if anyone has been trying to take control of the KDFWR. That is not my concern. My concern as I have proven time and time again throughout this website is accountability and an end to corrupt leadership.

    Your continued insistence that I am representing anyone actually fuels me to look even harder than I already have and will so thanks for keeping me pumped up I appreciate it.

    And again if you or anyone wants to go on record with anything contact me I am not hard to find.

    Thanks for writing.

  21. Quote "Make no mistake about it the KDFWR apparently is as corrupt as anything else. What started as trying to answer a simple question from some friends is turning out to be a gross mismanagement and abuse of resources.

    The KDFWR is now on the radar and it will affect hundreds of thousands of sportsmen across the State and it will not be pretty." Pretty strong statement.....possibly slander if you can't prove that the statement is true. And you can't.

  22. Grouse(or the lack of), KALA (Deer and Elk Breeders), Lou Ortega, Ronnie Wells, Rick Allen, Lou Ortega, LKS from 2000 to present. Start your investigation there and you'll see one side of the conspiracy. I'll give you a hint, ask Wells why he hates Hensley and you'll have a starting point. As for mismangement, why not audit the LKS and see where the money is spent?

  23. 1) the Ethics board approved the private consulting business. its been in existence since 2007. Has anyone heard of it? No..means there probably hasn't been any clients or word of mouth that it even existed. Looks to me that it was created in case a change in governor equaled a change in commissioner. oh but that would make toooo much sense to the conspiracy theorists baying from lville.
    2) LKS resolution that was brought up on kyhunting and forwarded to all senate members by Tapp (who cosponsored the anti KDFWR bill 64) has an obvious axe to grind.
    4) Please also investigate the true membership of the LKS. I'd like to know how many people seek them out to pay dues each year versus how many people are members of LKS just because they are members of another local sportsmans club. for example you join Bluegrass Sportsmen and pay your dues yearly, within that is an automatic enrollment into the LKS. Its the same 4 individuals at every meeting, they accomplish nothing, and their opinion of the dept of f/w should be treated as such.

  24. Apparently, you don't want the truth or you would have posted the last two comments I sent you.

  25. Well considering you are anonymous I would have no idea what posts you are referring to as I post every comment and have never censored as many do. read througout tis site at some of the attacks against me to verify.

    For those of you who are just now reading yuor posts from last night my apologies. I have a regular job and other responsibilities besides this website so sometimes it may take up to a day before I get a chance to get back to this.

    Make a donation at the donate link on the top left of this site. One day if I get enough financial support (yeah I bet that happens) I can quit my other stuff and focus on reporting full time. :-)

    In the meantime thanks for your patience I do appreciate it :-)

  26. Given the number of 'scalps' that Crit has taken throughout state and local government for corruption and would seem that a bit of cynicism and questioning of the efficay and integrity of all that is government/bureaucratic is just what the doctor ordered.

    As the old addage goes; "Distrust in authority is the first civic duty."

    Lest we forget, those in government work for the taxpayers. That questions are asked as to how resources are allocated is completely appropriate and neccesary.
    I cannot understand the resistance to efforts seeking accountability and transparency.

  27. Here's an easy one for you to look up. Find out how Strader was able to purchase a lifetime INDIANA hunting license, yet he was a resident of Ky. at the time. Search the voting registration and home tax bills from KY. to see he never qualified as a Ind. resident. Daking can send you copies of the evidence on this one.

  28. I am curious why you keep trying to push Strader in this. If you read what I wrote you would see the only involvement with Strader at this point is the fact I was asked why his show was cancelled which led to this whole fiasco.

    Stick to the topic at hand. With the investigation ongoing it may well lead to asking Strader some questions but I will not let tis turn into a personal attack on a private citizen for some sort of personal vendetta.

    Terry Sullivan (Daking) can contact me at my email or post here as he has with any relevant information regarding the KDWFR. This is not about Strader but about the problems there.

    Thanks for writing.

  29. Strader's show was canceled because it was crap and has been in trouble for several years. You can search the archives of the Ky.hunting site and see the threads about the quality of the show the last 3-4 years and the number of people saying they won't be back. The show had turned into a flea market type show and not what the sportsmen of the state(area) wanted. Yet he is attempting to blame the KYDFWR on his failure to provide what people wanted to see. It's not their fault. None of the allegations posted by uou or Strader had anything to do with his show failing to make money.

    As for sticking to the topic, your brought that on yourself by bringing up unrelated issues within the KYDFWR. They have nothing to do with the Expo not being held this year in spite of what is on Strader's website. You are wrong to say it's not about Strader because it is.....along with the others mentioned on this site.

    As for a personal attack on a private citizen, that's what it is on your part....especially concerning Gassett, Orr and Hensley. Yes, it is a vendetta launched by the LKS, Strader, Moutidier and Rogers.

    As for the donation, once you uncover the truth and post it as a retraction to your original story, then I'll gladly throw you a few stones for your troubles. Can't wait to see it.

  30. No offense but this argument is going nowhere. Seriously. Strader was only mentioned as being the reason why I started investigating and only because I was asked why his show was not going on this year of which I had no idea.

    As far as the rest of the allegations I put forth in this article? They are true and illegal. You cannot run a business in direct competition with your job duties. By doing so and using a Government email address in doing so is dead wrong.

    I have no idea whether Strader was making money or losing money. I have no idea what other sportsmen thought of his show.

    Really not my problem or interest. My problem is corruption at any level with State resources and these allegations are corruption in my opinion.

    The truth is being uncovered and it isn't pretty. As far as donations are concerned of course I can always use them the stuff I do costs money period but I hope you could see the humor in the way I posted that in my last comment. I never expect a donation and quite frankly they wouldn't change anything I do.

    Thanks again for writing.

  31. You have posted slander. you have no proof that any of your allegations are true, with the exception of the email address which is very minor in the scope of things your alleging.

    As for the business, I believe you can find an opinion from the ethics board that Gassett can operate a business. You would have to show evidence that he used sate employees in his business or that he offered advice that could have been gotten for free from the KYDFWR to be in conflict of interest. You don't have that evidence because you've never hired him to manage your property or have evidence from anyone who has.

    You originally said you wanted to find out why Strader wasn't having a you don't want to know why????

    Beware of who gives you info, most of it will not be proven. These guys have been after the Dept. of fish and Wildlife for years now and have never proven anything.

  32. Alas this is your last post as "anonymous." Ethically for anyone to have an outside business that is in direct conflict with the duties they are charged with performing as part of their job is indeed wrong. There i sno spin nor is there any slander.

    You have a case then sue me. Seriously I will love getting paid on my counter claim.

    By the way the webistes were updated and removed the damaging information I do have in my possession. I love capturing websites before they are altered for evidentiary purposes.

    As far as Strader's show is concerned again you are a one trick pony and I have answered that question multiple times.

    Strader says on his website he couldn't afford t anymore due to his litigation with the KDFWR so guess what THAT IS THE ANSWER from Strader.

    As far as info from others I haven't received anything. Yet anyway.

    Care to share some documentation?

    No more postings from you you are wasting my time and resources now go back and hijack the Ky Wildlife site you usually do ;-)


  34. It amazes me at the number of blind followers there are in the world. Some people can see no wrong at all in someone they like or have dealings with. I prefer to draw my own conclusions.

    The fact that Jim Strader filed a lawsuit against the KDFWR, in and of itself, means very little. Looking at the items in the lawsuit however, if they are in fact proven to have some merit, then there are some significant problems within the KDFWR. If they are disproven, then it will only make the KDFWR shine even more. Time will tell what takes place.

    SB64 has some good points to it. But just as any bill that is filed, it will need some revising. Again, time will tell what the final revision should be.

    As for the side business of Dr. Gassett, reading the description of the business that was given to the Ethic Branch, and looking at the consulting firms web site, the two are totally different. This is not to say that at the time of formation of the consulting firm that the description wasn't accurate, and the company later evolved to something else. One would hope that that would be the case. One would also hope that Dr. Gassett would have enough integrity that once he saw this taking place (the evolution to something else), he would have recognised the conflict or interest.

    Currently, on the surface, their does appear to be some improprieties. If after investigations have taken place, it is shown that no breaches of laws or ethics have taken place by Dr. Gassett or the KDFWR (in either the Strader suit or the consulting firm), it will only increase the credibility of the KDFWR because they withsood the scruntity of the investigations. If however the investigations uncover corruption and breaches of laws and/or ethics, then the guilty parties should be held accountable for their actions.

    Again, only time will tell.

  35. All I can say is thanks Big58. Your post is very sensible and describes the situation aptly. This discussion I like.

    Thanks for writing

  36. Ronnie Wells still shows his face around a KY hunting post? He should be ashamed to even VIEW a post about hunting or ethics for that matter. Who would go to a man whose farm is worth thousands of dollars a year to lease, beg him to hunt and throw his then position with the league of KY around on him and swear he would use the farm to bring kids into the sport, then turn around and hunt himself and his friends 99.9% of the time? AQnyone in Louisville know the farm where the black deer are on the Gene Snyder. The owner was taken for a ride for years by Wells. The owner passed away and his children found out about it and stopped it. He then threatened all kinds of crap to get back on there, but to no avail. Ronnie Wells, you are a man of no ethics and your words should carry as much weight as your actions.

  37. Why is Strader no longer with Kentucky Outdoors Magazine or the gun show??? just sayin!!!


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