Monday, April 12, 2010


Apparently neither mind ethics violations for campaign purposes. On Saturday Councilwoman Vickie Welch had advertised a coffee with her District. You know the whole it is an election year so I need to act like I am keeping in touch with those I represent game. All on our tax dollar of course.

Unfortunately, as is usual for Vickie, she does not care about breaking the rules to get what she wants.

Take the pictures above for example.

As a member of Vickie's District when you showed up to discuss issues relevant to the District, supposedly a non partisan open event for all members of her District, you were treated instead to a reelect Vickie Welch event which of course is against the ethics laws and is illegal. Vickie knows it and broke the rules anyway.

And she did it using OUR taxpayer funds as is typical with the elitist Democratic machine incumbents.

Does it matter?

Certainly not to Vickie Welch who is part of the machine insiders who believe they can do whatever they want. Want more?

Not only was this illegal and unethical but the list of guests in attendance was as well. Why exactly was sitting County Attorney, and candidate for the same, Mike O'Connell there?

Why as an officer of the Court did he stay there and do absolutely NOTHING to address this illegal behavior? Does he not have a duty and an obligation to uphold the laws? Is he now guilty of aiding and abetting?

Of course not if you are a sitting County Attorney who got the job by appointment and are a Democrat insider as well. At least that is the way these morons operate. His handling of the whole Jim King case was enough to prove to me what a hack he is.

He had to be forced to do his job AFTER allowing an asinine comment to be published from his office KNOWING it was a false statement to make. He allowed an Assistant DA to state apparently through Frank Mascagni Louisville News and Politics: YES IT IS TRUE: CRIMINAL CHARGES FILED AGAINST KING ATTORNEYS:

Mascagni said an assistant county attorney reviewing the complaint said he planned to send Springston a letter suggesting he go to the Kentucky Bar Association with his complaint.

Peas in a pod in Welch and O'Connell? You bet.

With Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel bought by Jim King and carrying his water, Councilwoman Vickie Welch a Dem insider who knowingly abuses OUR TAX funds for her reelection campaign, and now County Attorney Mike O'Connell being an inside part of taxpayer fund abuse and reelection violations with no repercussions, one has to wonder how in the hell do you get justice and fairness in Jefferson County elections.

We have a Judge who got elected (Katie King) by the use of illegal funds and still is on the bench, though criminal charges are still being investigated, her Dad, and illegal campaign finance aider and abettor unindicted co conspirator, Metro Councilman Jim King is trying to buy the Mayoral ship and now this.

Trust that someone will be filing charges against Vickie Welch in the near future.

Trust further that since County Attorney Mike O'Connell cannot and will not do his job that charges will be filed against him as well.

It is time to send a message to all the insider elitist that they better wake up and pay attention. Times are changing and We The People will not allow this "entitlement" mentality any longer.

I know I won't.


  1. Go get them Ed! It looks like the event was at First String

  2. My understanding has always been that you have to draw a line between your job as an elected offical and your campaign if you're running for reelection. The two should never overlap, otherwise, you run the risk of being sanctioned for an ethics violation.

  3. Your charge against Vicki (not Vickie) seems kind of dramatic.

    What makes you think that this is a taxpayer-funded event?

    Also, what makes you think that people aren't allowed to express their support of Vicki at an event like this? After all, she's running for re-election.

    How do you know that people didn't just simply ask for campaign paraphernalia?

    What a weak attack. And then comparing her to other people over entirely different matters. Anti-intellectualism at its best, typical for ripe new Republicans.

  4. In all honesty this is about as cut and dry as it gets. She advertised this event as a coffee for to meet with her constituents to address their concerns. Period.

    Making it a reelect Vickie Welch campaign get together was major. The fact that Mike O'Connell, current sitting County Attorney was there and allowed it was another problem.

    Nothing dramatic here but cut and dry. She knew better and did not care. The fact otrhers were involved is a major statement that they do not either.

  5. By the way Steve you nee dto ge over this partisan crap. This is not anti intellectualism it is fact. Period.

    And please spare me the new Republican line. Even the Republicans know what I am about so stick to the topic at hand.

    She committed an illegal act with a County Attorney in attendance. That is huge sorry man no spin can stop that.

  6. If you ever had the pleasure of serving in a seat, you'd do the same thing.

  7. Actually no. There is a thing called ethics. IF I ever get the pleasure of being elected I would not abuse the privilege those that elected me gave me. Period.

    That is the problem now.

    Thanks for writing.

  8. Magruder is the most partisan guy on these forums time in and time out. If you can't see that this was a violation, you don't really understand politics.

    Great job once again Ed

  9. Hmmm...I don't remember seeing you there Saturday. As I was actually there, and didn't hear Vicki Welch or anyone else say a word about elections or voting for anyone, I can't imagine what this rant is based on ... gasp ...surely not misguided partisanship based on a few photos. Ms. Welch did have a "re-elect" sign on her personal car. If this is an ethics violation, a lot of folks who park their cars in city lots (dems and repubs) are in big trouble. I did hear some people at the coffee saying they were going to meet up with Ms. Welch afterwards to get signs and walk with her. Hmmm ... are we to believe it's now unethical for citizens to participate in the democratic process? Geesh.

  10. Steve Magruder is a 100% Democrat partisan. He's also a bonafide liberal. Actively supports the gay movement. Actively supports the Obama health-and-tax plan.

    Some might even go as far as to label him a hack, which by definition is:
    One who undertakes unpleasant or distasteful tasks for money or reward; a hireling.

    But Magruder doesn't consider his tasks as unpleasant as he simply opines his partisan views for his own pure pleasure. (After all, what else would an adult male who lives at home with his mother in the Democrat enclave of the Scottsdale subdivision have going for him?)

    Ed, you almost single-handedly neutralized Jim King's candidacy by simply reporting the Kings' KREF violations and doggedly pursuing appropriate charges. Not a single one of those who are in the Steve Magruder partisan camp ever saw any problem with what the Kings did! Not one of them opined about how wrong the Kings were in their behavior! Why? Because they are 100% Democrat partisans, loyal to their own kind even when their own is 100% wrong! (If they were alive during the Jim Jones era, they would have drank the kool-aid like his followers did too!)

    But Magruder and his ilk NEED to be followers of something, as their lives are lacking things they crave, like attention and respect. Yet their Democrat brethren simply use them as mere pawns in a larger game of divide-and-conquer.

    But, hey ... this is America. Free choice and all. If someone desires to be used, they can have it.

    And that's why, Ed, you are such a threat to these people. Your willingness to take a stand and openly challenge the status quo is a real threat to Magruder-likes.

    Steve Magruder and those like him are followers, sheeple if you will.

    Ed Springston is a leader, taking risks and paving the way for a better tomorrow ... for everyone.

    Keep up the fight, brother.

  11. Thanks for the kind words anonymous #1 and Suoth Ender. I appreciate it. I will always work towards bettering our system and outing the hacks that continue to abuse the trust we gave them.

    Anonymous #2 nice try at spin. A sign on her car is not a violation. When she sent her people out to get reelect Vickie T shirts and bring them in and pass them out it became a violation.

    Apparently you weren't there or would not A)hide behind anonymity so it can't be verified,or B)made your statement based on the one pic that showed the sign on her car.

    Good try though.

    Thanks for writing all.

  12. Nice job typing yourself up under the anonymous name.

  13. This doesn't look like constructive dialogue. As for the situation at First String, I don't think it rises to the level of alarm you claim. That blurry damn picture doesn't show balls. If you have more, please share them. Or at least show us a signed affidavit from the pic taker stating this mandatory "shirting" of the crowd occurred DURING the event rather than AFTER.

    But keep kicking, Ed. I enjoy reading.

    Your pal,

    P.S. I don't think you should allow the type of attacks leveled against Magruder from other posters. It ain't real classy. But that's just my opinion.

  14. Sorry to disappoint you anonymous. I find it funny that you accuse anyone of typing their own stuff under anonymous and then respond as well anonymous. Kind of funny but hey have fun.

    Brian I appreciate the comments but in this case i will disagree. Since the event was advertised from her as the Council person for the district and not a relect Vickie Welch campaign event it is a violation.

    For me it raises yet another problem and shows how elected officials misuse their authority, and our tax money, to benefit themselves during campaigns.

    This is wrong on any level. As far as affidavits are concerned you know as well as I do sources are prtected when we do what we do if they request it. In this case it was requested and I must honor it.

    Thanks for writing.

    PS I do not edit posts or ignore them as a rule. Only one has ever been deleted because it contained a link to porn and that is unacceptable. Thanks again.

  15. OhMyGawd ... Brien Tucker criticizing Ed Springston for allowing blog comments that criticize those who post comments!

    This from a guy who writes and writes and isn't getting hardly any attention from those who actually are paying attention to things that matter. As I recall, Tucker at one time was all but banned from commenting over on Even fellow Democrat Jake couldn't stomach Tucker's sophomoric and insipid comments.

    Now I happen to know that Tucker has extremely THIN SKIN! Tucker believes that politically-correct statements are the only ones that should be allowed. He REGULARLY CENSORS comments about his own writing, especially if he is the one being criticized (so much for Free Speech!)

    Furthermore, look at Tucker's comments here: He demands a "signed affidavit" from the photographer? Who the hell does he think he is, Jim King?

    And while we're speaking of Jim King, as I recall, there were no "signed affidavits" when Jim & Katie King were cooking up their ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN FINANCE scheme. Tucker was totally SILENT on that political fiasco. Why? The Kings are Democrats. Gotta "protect" the Dem insiders, even as they proved guilty as sin! Way to go Tucker!

    Ed, you are head and shoulders above Tucker. Tucker (along with Magruder and others) is nothing more than another mouthpiece for the South End Democrats.

    Since it's the Democrats that have held power in the South End for more than 40 years, it then stands to reason that any problem that exists in the South End must be blamed on them.

    They've had ample opportunity to enhance the quality of life in the South End. But their only real accomplishment has been to keep the Democrat "machine" on life support for all those years.

    It's time for a change in South End politics. Let the south End Democrats have Obama. And the rest of us can reclaim the South End by electing Conservatives to local office. (Sorry Ed, some of those Republicans are not Conservatives.)

    Let see how fast Tucker (with his THIN SKIN) responds to this.

  16. Ok folks as is my custom I do not delete posts as a rule but I would ask that each of you please respond in a courteous manner to other posters.

    While I take the critical hits daily, it is expected since I do what I do, posters anonymous or otherwise, do not need to be criticized so harshly for disagreeing.

    Besides if we all agreed on everything where would the fun be in that?

    Thanks for writing.

  17. I'm flattered that my comments inspired such a tantrum. Thank you. If you would like to speak to me directly (off-line in real-life), you are welcome to contact me anytime. Having the guts to put your REAL NAME on something gets you to where Ed and I are today.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

  18. I only attended this meeting because of a drainage ditch issue. I had a few questions I wanted to discuss. I understand there is a line between her current office and the election. But this crossed the line in my opinion. I wanted to talk about a drainage issue and felt required / compelled to take yard signs to pass out to my neighbors.

    Not mixing the two should be something EVERY elected official should know better about...not just Ms. Welch. If I want to support someone in an election I will do that on my own time, as should the elected official. But if I have a concern about my district and need to talk to someone who represents that district, I do not want to see or hear about a campaign. This was advertised as a district event - not a campaign event.

    I am very disappointed in Ms. Welch.

    Thank you for posting this on your website blog. Now I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

  19. "A South Ender" is probably the same dude (and I know who he is, by the way) who continues to be upset about the Colonial Gardens matter. It's no wonder then that he continues to say things about my private life that he has no knowledge about. I will, of course, neither confirm nor deny anything people like this say. There is no answering the pathetic. After all, where is this coward's name? Should I divulge it? No. I'm too honorable to engage in adolescent behavior that brings me down to his level.

    The truth of the matter is that I am an independent and have been since the mid-1990s. When I support Democrats, I choose ones that I feel are independent-minded. And I also have been known to vote for competent Republicans from time to time.

    I support gay rights because I am gay (no secret there), and because all human beings deserve equal opportunity. Shocker. And I support health care reform because people are dying all over the place because they don't have access to care, and it's getting too expensive for many people to afford, no matter how hard they work. Call me crazy.

    Also, it is well documented how I have called out Jim King on various occasions. Just do a search on Louisville History & Issues, or other blogs where I have left comments not exactly flattering of King. Even Ed knows I have criticized King.

    But to the subject at hand, I am confident that Vicki (I'm not going to misspell her name because I think that is disrespectful) is being picked on unfairly. This is a council person who has delivered very well for her constituents and based on my knowledge of the event in question, the matter is being blown up out of proportion.

    It would be good to know what advantage anyone gains from attacking the honorable Vicki Welch in this way.

    I would also like to add that there are many honorable council members from both parties serving Louisville Metro.

  20. A recent example where I have taken on Jim King:

    Check out the LouHI topic entitled "Strong opposition to the two-bridges boondoggle spreading amongst Louisville mayoral candidates — and the C-J ignores it". Link:

    I say...

    "As part of this discussion, Democrat Jim King said something pretty outrageous: "If we are going to be a logistics hub in this country, we have to do the patriotic thing, and that is, open our lanes up to allow people to get in and out of Louisville". So, Mr. King, Louisville is America's caged slave who cannot determine its own destiny? Also, really, Mr. King, Louisville is merely a get-in-and-get-out city? — that, sir, is a big insult! Last, the current single I-65 bridge will be more than adequate for through traffic once the East End Bridge is online, as the stress on the bridge from east-west traffic will be greatly reduced. Why is this not obvious to you, sir??"

    Yeah, I'm a "Democrat hack" who is real sweet on Mr. King.

    Next time, "South Ender", when you make an argument, at least know what you're talking about.

  21. If Vicki Welch violated campaign law surely we would have a fair and unbias election law monitor to identify the transgression.

    Oh wait, I forgot I now live in the USSA.

  22. Hawkins misuses email to the max and we never complain

  23. I have to say that I am kind of shocked by the comments posted on here. There seems to be quite a bit of animosity between some people on here. When we stop listening for sake of our own agenda, we have a communication break down. We should all be open to others opinions and views and should be allowed to discuss them. Personal attacks and calling out is trivial behavior. We should practice being better listeners instead of better talkers. Isn't that what we want from our elected officials? Wouldn't it be better for an elected official to be a better listener than a better talker? I am new to this or would have gone through the process to use my real name instead of anonymous, but I have work to do. All, leave the personal attacks to yourselves. If you have a personal issue with someone, politics is not the forum to deliver these blows. Thanks all.

  24. Anonymous well said. Like I stated above. Hit me I can take them and since I write the opinion pieces it is my burden to bear. those that willfully hurl insults over substance at others do take away from the discussion so I agree with your post.

    Marilyn Thanks for a District person's view. I sincerely appreciate it.

    Thanks for writing folks.

  25. I enjoyed the comment about the fact that democrats have "had ample opportunity to enhance the quality of life in the South End..." BUT haven't. I agree. Born and raised in the South End. It's progressively got worse. Noise, boom boom stereo's, etc. make me crazy. Seems when "little" things like this aren't addressed aggressively, then the "big" things start happening more and more. Meth labs, drugs, murders, greater criminal activity.


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