Thursday, March 25, 2010


You know you would think by now Katie would realize she needs to change her ways and be you know more Judgelike, or mature, or at least responsible. Apparently she still thinks daddy's money will save her as usual. Rick Redding over at brought this story to light.
It seems Katie just cannot stay out of trouble and apparently Daddy Jim cannot keep her from it.

Monday night/Tuesday Morning at 1:11 AM Katie was caught at Cherokee Park in HER SUV with a guy named Benjamin Botkins. Supposedly Katie was in the back seat of HER OWN SUV while Botkins was in the front um yeah right.

1:11 in the morning on a worknight? In the backseat of her OWN SUV? With a guy who supposeldy has a girlfriend according to his facebook profile? A guy who lives nearby in an apartment? What prevented them from going there I wonder. Is this another lover, or dealer, or whatever going to take a fall for her.

The police filed a report. What the report does not say is that the officer was due in Katie's court the next morning. Rumor has it that Katie was caught in a very um public display of affection but this was changed to avoid embarrassment.

In defense of the officer this is common when certain people are caught in embarrassing situations in Cherokee Park eh Jerry?

But I digress.

What is interesting is that Katie already had been caught with drugs in her home previously in which an ex boyfriend took the fall to save her, she had a domestic case against her where she tried to beat in the door of an ex boyfriend, rumored to be the child referred to that underwent psychiatric evaluation during her Dad's divorce, knowing violated the law in regards to campaign finance regardless of the KREF findings and will pay a fine later today that her CPA dad says was his fault when his lawyer daughter did not know the law, and now this.

I cannot wait for the spin machine to portray this one. She already got the golden opportuity to be a Judge of others for things she herself is guilty of yet still does not get it. Spoiled would be an understatement. Katie's decision making seriously needs to be evaluated.

She really just does not get it and thinks she is above the law. It is time for Katie to grow up and take responsibility for her actions and time for others like her dad to allow her to do so.

As an adult and a Judge she should know better and hopefully the voters will remember these things when they vot ein the next election.

Your thoughts?


  1. Two things:

    1. As a judge and someone whe represents our fine city she should take her position (she obviously likes 'positions') more seriously and be a role model.

    2. I foresaw the train wreck when I voted for her and I love that she's a bad, bad girl. My hopes for good stories have came to be. Keep'em coming Katie!

  2. The kings are joke.

  3. Why was this not reported by the mainstream media here in Louisville? Do judges not have a standard of conduct that they have to follow at all?
    Katie King and her father, Jim King are two peas in a pod. Our community deserves much better than this. If Katie King is to be a role model for the bad apples that she is supposedly passing judgement on, well then I have a bridge to sell you in Alaska.
    Elections matter Louisville. Lets not make the same mistake with Jim King running for Mayor as we did with spoiled little Katie

  4. Judges are the least held accountable of all when it comes to these things. Ethics do not apply to them in most cases.

    Consider the Judicial Conduct Commission as one example. You can file a complaint with them and they literally do nothing. Each of the things outlined in the KREF charges were sent to the JCC who then did nothing.

    Protecting your own is alive and well within the judicial process and political leaders.

    This is one thing I am working to change and hopefully if elected to State House I can change it faster.

    Thanks for writing.

  5. Classic Katie. To all those that voted for her: Thanks! We have a classless hochie as a judge in our city. Maybe her fat cat father can join her and embarass us even further.

  6. She's a joke. I didn't vote for her because of the stories. And she is "judging" others!

  7. Jim King is an A** hole! Despise the guy! His arrogance exceeds all limits! No business being the mayor of Louisville

  8. The cop had to put this forward, FI cards aren't publicly disseminated. He COULD have cited them for trespass, after all, the park is closed although you are permitted to DRIVE through. He may have been dispatched there, too, and had to create a "stat."

  9. Do the people of Kentucky not see this. Yes, maybe Judge Green has had his share of problems, but he does not hide behind his daddy. He is honest and forthright. He has turned himself around and is definitely the better man for the job. Maybe is Katie had been as honest, it would be different. Judge Green got the bad end of the deal against Sherriff Green. let's let him prove once again, that he is the better man.\

  10. i guees all of you still want DAVID "THE CROOK" HOLTON..sounds like you have nothing else to do except dig up her personal you are getting the old political pay or is it a so called political favor

  11. lmao. Really? Maybe you should check and see but Katie King is NOT running against David Holton. Not tomention this article is like over 6 months old.

    Do you really want to act this way? LMAO

  12. I have personally seen Katie do drugs out on the ohio river in "party cove", what a loser.. Her superiors should run a random drug test on her but I guess daddy will cover up that too. She is class-less in every meaning of the word. If Louisville votes her again, I am seriously considering moving. The Kings are corrupt and everything we DON'T need in a position of power in this town.

  13. Whoever has even read this "article" with one bit of scrutiny would know that the person who wrote it is obviously an uneducated retard. I don't know Judge King, and ran across this article coincidentally, but give no credit to a person who can't even portray a point coherently and with some tact. I'm glad that your attempts to slay a person's character for the fact that they're human and make mistakes didn't sway the public opinion. He who throws stones...

  14. LMAO. Is that the best you have? Of course you know King and did not run across this "coincidentally." i love it when some of you hide behind anonymous without any clue that it is easy to find out who you are.

    Keep it up I needed the laugh.


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