Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My apologies to you readers for the last couple of days I have been busy in Frankfort working on some legislation and doing some personal lobbying for others.

I am happy to say that SB 80 the named "Seum-Thieneman" bill for transparency passed the Senate and is now headed to the House. Senate Bill 80 as you know is a bill I have been supporting since its inception. The bill essentially puts the Louisville Metro Mayor under the same constraints as the Governor has.

You may recall this bill passing the Senate last year then died quietly in the House led by Rep Darryl Owens. The biggest concern was the Abramson machine did not want him so transparent (big surprise huh), however, with Abramson vacating the Mayoral seat and the next Mayor will be a new Mayor no matter who gets elected the time for this change is now.

It's a no brainer to pass it, however, the House Democrats will try to kill it led again by Darryl Owens. Please read the bill and support it by contacting your Rep today!

I am also happy to report that SB 53 sponsored by Senator Jimmy Higdon passed the Senate today as well. SB 53 is a bill making Kentucky a semi-open primary State and would join Kentucky with 33 other States who have a similar arrangement. This bill will allow Independents the right to vote in primaries and will bring us closer to finally allowing all an equal voice in the process.

We may be slow in getting there but the time is now to become inclusive of all taxpaying citizens who want the right to vote in every election. Welcome to the 21st Century.

Regardless of party affiliation we all pay taxes and fund elections and all should have an equal voice in who will run in November. This will finally help bridge that gap and make sure all voices are heard. Kudos to Independent Kentucky Chairman Michael Lewis and new Senator Jimmy Higdon for having the courage to stay with this.

After some grandstanding by Senator Julian Carroll on Friday tying thi ssomehow in his unusual way to Rush Limbaugh of all people, and his insane comments today to Independent Kentucky Chairman Michael Lewis, it really is obvious that his best days in elected office are behind him.

Senator Carroll actually stated that if you do not belong to the Democratic or Republican Party and don't believe in the two party system you should leave America.

Folks that is the most asinine ANTI-American statement I have heard yet from an elected Representative. It was certainly a statement I would never have expected from Senator Carroll who I had respect for at one time. Disappointment in him would be an understatement.

CNN was in town covering SB 53 for their show to air tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 8 PM. Listen in as it showcases the struggles for Independents to be heard.

Look for the House to try and stop this as well as it seems to be a serious concern to Democrats who are worried this will in some way unseat them. Power trips are a scary thing and this promises to be a battle. It puzzles me why so many Republicans are welcoming Independents to the elections and Democrats are trying to force them out. This cannot bode well for the Democrats of the future. Whatever happened to being inclusive?

I also met with Senator Gary Tapp who has sponsored SB 64 a bill I fully support as well. SB 64 will help bridge the gap for openness and transparency at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife I have been reporting on lately.

I have also been working on some legislation of my own in Frankfort with some Congressmen to be named later. Believe it or not we do have some good Congressmen who do want to help make changes. Sadly partisan politics destroys some of the good things that can be accomplished.

Even sadder is the fact that many of the obstructionist just do not care about getting things done only caring for who gets credit for it. It is a pathetic display by some and one reason I decided to run for the House of Representatives.

We must show these "powers that be" that representation is of the people, by the people, and for the people again. Our American way of life was never predicated on the belief of the party, by the party, and for the party. Help me send that message to them in May with your primary vote and your contributions.

There are many on both sides willing to help us get change but they are waiting for someone to lead the way. Leaders waiting for leadership just does not make sense does it?

I am not at liberty to discuss my situation yet but rest assured it will be outed at the earliest time possible and many of you will be surprised. Hopefully happily so.

In the meantime stay tuned I will update more when I get some free time......

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