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For all the latest on Louisville, KY's only local hard hitting political show click here: Ed Springston Show. It has been an interesting week of discussions including SB 1867, Barney Frank retiring, Metro Council redistricting suit, and more.

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Judy Green fanatics are at it again and this time over redistricting. Seems the Judy Green support club in District 1 (all 7 of them) have decided to instill themselves into the redistricting recently done by Metro. Their problem? They don't like the fact that the African American majority in District 1 has dropped from about 71% to the new 58%. Courier. Perhaps they are worried the money they usually get paid for their votes will now be diluted? We shall soon see but all looks legal to me with one exception.

The whole incumbent protection angle the Council members actually even stated was their number one goal. For that reason alone it should be thrown out.

Council stupidity

Some members should feel pretty stupid about now. MaDonna Flood primarily. Flood decided to waste her time on a local ordinance to once again ban such fireworks as bottle rockets, M-80's, etc.Courier Part 1 After it passed on a 11-10 vote, with the other 5 members apparently too scared to weigh in on the issue, Mayor Fisher signed this stupidity. Of course the very next day we find that the issue is far from over with the Council now set to reverse itself rather quickly Courier Part 2.

Seriously? We have nothing better to do than argue over this? Even Flood agreed that there were no more injuries than normally reported, though she says the seriousness of the injuries is greater than before, so why waste our time on something so trivial. If the kids are getting hurt hold the parents accountable for lack of supervision. If the adults are getting hurt it is generally because they do not follow proper safety procedures anyway.

You just can't fix stupid and apparently this includes Council members like MaDonna Flood.

Speaking of the Metro Council

Since the Council seems to have plenty of time to work on non issues like the one above perhaps they should revisit their priorities. This next one falls under what I refer to as a no brainer. In short common sense rules here and we apparently lack much of that with the current Council. Take this for example Consultant hired . Do we really need to pay even more of our money on wasteful consultants to tell us what we already know?

Tax dollars can only be spent for a “public purpose,” which currently is broadly defined as any an expenditure that “confers a direct benefit ... to a significant part of the public.”

So what is the recommendation?

An accounting firm advising the Louisville Metro Council on its discretionary spending practices said Wednesday that the council should work with the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office or the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office to more tightly define the ways tax money can be spent.

Once again spending money for some outside consultant to tell u what we already know.

Yep business as usual.

LMPD Police Chief District meetings

Tonight at 6 pm there will a combined District meeting, sponsored by Councilman David James, with Metro Council Districts 1, and 3-6 to discuss the selection of the next Louisville Police Chief. It will be held at the NIA Center at 2900 W. Broadway. Contact Councilman David James office at 574-1106 for more info.

At the same time Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin will be holding her own District 2  meeting regarding the same issue at Newburg Community Center, 4810 Exeter Ave. Contact Councilwoman Shanklin's office at 574-1102 for more info.

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