Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LMPD's New Police Chief, Steve Conrad

As I predicted weeks ago Steve Conrad will be named Louisville Police Chief at a news conference in a few minutes.

What does this mean for Louisville and Kentucky?

First of all Steve Conrad is a firm believer in Community Oriented Policing, Statistical Analysis (CompStat) and firm but fair management. Louisville's Police Officers and civilian employees should see a return of morale, energy and enthusiasm as the tyrannical disciplinary practices of the Robert C. White administration are surely tossed out.

For the Public, expect to see a much more proactive and efficient police department that leverages the tools it has to maximize their results on the streets. With a return of a centralized Gang Squad and Street Crimes Unit Chief Conrad has put tools in his back pocket to address problems without waiting until the next staff meeting.

To those that will criticize this choice consider that of all the candidates Chief Conrad is the only one who runs a large police department, served as a Deputy LMPD Chief AND was the primary architect of the merger of LPD and JCPD into the LMPD.

Good Choice Mr. Mayor


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  1. Totally agree with you, Ed. I have known Steve personally for many years, and believe Mayor Fischer made a great choice.


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