Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Tonight on the Ed Springston Show we tackled the issue of a slanted MSM media and the tragic death of Daniel Adkins, a 29 year old mentally disabled white man shot by a 22 year old black man at Taco Bell. While the MSM continues slanting theTrayvon Martin case, the case of Daniel Adkins has been ignored. You can read here for more on the story: Daniel Adkins

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  1. Daniel is my cousin. We have put up a petition to the Phoenix Police and the DA. Any signatures we can get would be greatly appreciated.


  2. My sincerest condolescences to you and your family Victoria. I will continue to fight on Daniel's behalf. My prayers to you and yours.....Ed

  3. Here is a fb page for Daniel with links to the petition and the email for the attorney generals office in AZ. Victoria, I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Please let me know if there is anything I can do and if it's ok that I made the fb page. You can email me at brittanyrbnsn@gmail.com


  4. We received more information about Daniels murder. The police did forensics on the vehicle and Daniel never touched the vehicle. Also, the man that shot him did not get out of the car or lean across the car to shoot him. The man pulled up past him and turned the vehicle. The vehicle was 20 feet from my cousin and turned to where the driver side was facing my cousin. That is how the man managed to shoot him. We are now trying to get Daniels case broadcasted nation wide. The police have done nothing for my cousin at all. They have not arrested or charged the man and my cousin isn't receiving the justice he deserves. Please help us spread the word and get Justice for Daniel Adkins.

  5. Mainstream doesn't care anymore than Obama does unless its a black shooting by a white, or in the case of George Zimmerman, presumed white, shooter. I will continue outing this story and doing my best to ensure there is justice for Daniel. I will keep up the fight.....

  6. We finally got the shooters name. His name is CORDELL LAMAR JUDE. But there are still no charges. The DA handling the case told my uncle they dont know if they are going to press charges and to stop calling him. If he decides to charge then at that point they will contact our family.

  7. Today 3 months later,Cordell lamar Jude has not been charged with murder despite the the facts,police report suggests a charge of second degree murder,forensics prove no fingerprints on vehicle,no weapon found on victim or on scene. It is exhausting to know we have done everything but march in the streets to get justice for Daniel Adkins. My cousin did not deserve to die for words Jude did not like,where's the justice here? Can you imagine you have to watch where you walk & watch what you say in fear of losing your own life,if it was your own family wouldn't you fight for them,Jude may have silenced Daniel but he is alive in each of us. Please sign the petition at change.org justice for Daniel Adkins.


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