Thursday, August 21, 2014

Morgan v. Fischer is getting strange

Louisville, KY - As most of you know by now a lawsuit was brought against Mayor Greg Fischer, as an individual NOT in his official capacity as Mayor, for defamation of character against Jay Morgan back in December 2013. What most of you don't know is that Mayor Fischer has tried at least twice to have the suit dismissed and lost both times.

Mayor Fischer is trying for a 3rd time to have the lawsuit dismissed? Why? For the same reasons he was denied the first two times. 
What is the difference in this case?

County Attorney Mike O'Connell is the signatory on this 3rd attempt. 

Why is County Attorney Mike O'Connell's office wasting taxpayer money and resources defending Greg Fischer in a private lawsuit. The suit has nothing to do with Fischer in his official capacity. 

Is this ethical? We are looking into that. 

I have spoken to many attorney friends of mine and they all state the same thing. It is highly unusual to try a 3rd variation of a dismissal claim on the same set of facts. 

One would think the court Judge, in this case the Honorable Mitch Perry, would be highly offended at such a blatant waste of their time, and the court's resources, after ruling twice previously against them.

So why would Fischer and the County Attorney Mike O'Connell decide to go this route?

Clearly they are fearful of Fischer's testimony under oath before the November elections.

I can think of no other logical conclusion.

Fischer  would have to testify about a federally funded worker training initiative for Simmons College and JCTC in West Louisville that he abandoned. Learn more about the abandoned initiative in Part One and Part Two of the West Side Story we outed earlier this year. Good people working together to bring economic development to the poorest zip code in Louisville and shut down by Greg Fischer

His testimony from the complaint might expose political decisions based on  racial discrimination. A serious allegation? Perhaps, but in my opinion a legitimate fear for Mayor Fischer based on our previous reports linked above.

According to the original complaint Mayor Fischer, when approached by Morgan to discuss the location in West Louisville for a Workplace Training Facility, Fischer was 100% behind it and is quoted as stating that this project and location ‘would help my reelection.’

Fischer then went ahead in October 2012 and recommended the Simmons/JCTC partnership and gave the green light to seek funding at the West End location. Suddenly Fischer announced that Simmons and JCTC could not come to any agreement for the project.
Why was that?

In the complaint in July 2012 Morgan alleges that one of Ford's worker training experts was 
hounded at a workforce training convention about why Ford was partnering with a ‘two bit black bible college.’ 

Is this why Fisher pulled the plug just a couple of months later away from the West End? To allow his sister, in her capacity with JCTC, and her private business with worker development, to move it to the East End and solely under JCTC control?

Think about it. He gave up $50 million to build a Wal Mart that the neighborhood insists it does not want and yet given the opportunity to have federal funds pay for a facility that would train workers so they could make more money he declined.

Why would any rational "leader" do such a thing? Give up federal money that would benefit workers by helping them obtain skills that would make them more employable AND enable them to earn higher wages in a union town?

In favor of what? Spending $50 million for low wage service economy minimum wage jobs that no one wants?

Where were the unions who should have fought against Democrat Fischer?

What is Fischer so scared of testifying about and why prolong the inevitable?

Only one thing makes sense to me at this point. He is in trouble and knows it.

The delay response is typical for defendants in this situation. Delay and try to starve out your accuser. It is easy to do when you are using taxpayer money and have unlimited resources such as Fischer does.

Having to admit under oath a potential racist mindset would destroy him politically. Along with many others. Speculation? Perhaps but worthy of consideration.

Former Mayor Jerry Abramson found out the hard way with his poorer, blacker, older comments that potentially led him to decide against running for his final term as Mayor. 

We will look into the potential ethical violations County Attorney Mike O'Connell's office by using our tax resources on a private lawsuit brought against Mayor Fischer as an individual, who just happens to be an elected official. 

In the meantime though we should be paying close attention to this case.  

There will be much more to come I assure you.....

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