Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Louisville leadership never changes

Louisville, KY - In Louisville leadership political connections are all that matters. From Mayor Greg Fischer to Metro Council President Jim King, from the Democratic mafia who cower in fear to the spineless Republican members who refuse to stand up, the resounding theme is always the same.

Who cares about the people.

Last week yet another high ranking Metro employee was arrested. In fact two of them were. Your tax dollars at work.

You may recall the case of Parks Director Mike Heitz who was caught drinking and driving in our tax payer bought SUV, on camera by a news crew, acting like it was no big deal. Until it was. Heitz claimed everyone does it and still has his job today. On our dime.

Guess who doesn't have their job. Joey Sears the whistleblower who outed him.

Finance Director Steve Rowlands is just the latest to get outed. These cases get covered up everyday by the administration who blatantly ignores the potential financial liability to we the taxpayer. When one of these drunken fools kills somebody, it will happen eventually, remember the total disregard for the public safety or families of citizens of Louisville by knowingly, carelessly, intentionally, and willfully allowing these atrocities to manifest by your elected leadership.

As the old saying goes, it is all about who you know and blow in Louisville government not who is best for the job.

Steve Rowlands was with Elizabeth Hoffman at El Nopal getting way too "friendly" inside the establishment and were asked to leave because of public indecency. They went to our tax payer provided SUV and continued what they weren't allowed to finish inside.

This isn't Hoffman's first dance. Her husband Don works for Rowlands and Hoffman has been Jim King's side piece for quite awhile. Or was.

That is how she got the job with the Democratic caucus in the first place so I am told by more than one credible source. I have known about the King-Hoffman connection for quite some time but never wanted to hurt her family. King's family simply doesn't care anyway because they have put up with his endless stream of bought and paid for girlfriends forever.

Don't believe me fine, but where there is smoke there is fire and when multiple sources come through with the same story generally there is truth to it. Make up your own mind.

Regardless of what Fischer says about Rowlands now, he even said he wanted him to stay on in his job, the truth is always different. He needs Rowlands because Rowlands knows things.

Hoffman's fate will rest with King. He used her to bully every Democrat on the Council to get his way. Now that she has been caught screwing around on not only her husband, but King as well, her credibility is shot. But King will not suffer.

I feel sorry for Hoffman. I wouldn't know if King threatened her husband's job and that is how she ended up with him, or whether she entered into a relationship with him voluntarily. I cannot imagine just how low of an opinion she has of herself to be in a situation with King, and now Rowlands. I feel sorry for her family for having to witness her public breakdown. Make no mistake this was a breakdown.

But it is just one more example of how the inner circle works. Use and abuse.

Fischer is doubling down as well. Appointing Daniel Frockt as interim finance director is just one more example of how inner politics play out.

We have been exclusively covering the libel lawsuit against Mayor Greg Fischer, Morgan V. Fischer, brought about by plaintiff Jay Morgan.

This lawsuit is against Greg Fischer on a personal basis and NOT in his official capacity as Mayor nor against the City of Louisville. As such he has no legal basis for using our taxpayer money for his defense.

In short, it is his personal financial obligation to defend against this suit. Instead, he has illegally, in my opinion, spent tens of thousands of our taxpayer dollars defending himself in his personal legal situation.

Why bring this case up?

Daniel Frockt, Fischer's interim Finance Director is related to Joel Frockt, Fischer's illegal defense council being paid for by our tax money.

Think it is such a small world? Think again.

Joel is an assistant County Attorney whose number one case is Greg Fischer's legal defense at this time. Daniel Frockt is now heading the Finance Department who oversees our tax dollar spending.

Coincidence? Not hardly.

It is the way the game is played.

And we pay for the abuse.

Greg Fischer and Jim King own their own businesses. They would never buy vehicles and give them to employees in those businesses knowing they have a drinking problem the personal liability against them would be way too much. So why don't they rid us of these problem children?

Because it isn't their money.

That is how they win.

The Democrats on the Council are owned by King and so scared of him they reelected him as Council President. They know all the illegal dealings. They know the dirty secrets but they are so scared of him they let him stay in power.

The Republicans on the Council may be outnumbered but they have an obligation to stand up anyway and refuse to do so.

They wouldn't even put up a candidate to oppose him out of their own fear they would suffer as well.
Greg Fischer who is about as incompetent and corrupt as any was even allowed to run essentially unopposed n the last Mayoral election.

The uni party is alive and well in Louisville folks. There is only one question left to ask.

How long will you allow it?

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