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First GOP debate tells us a few things

Louisville, KY - Watching last night's first GOP debate on FOX was an experience for anyone who hasn't watched debates before. It was also an experience for most of us who pay attention to them.
What was billed as a "debate" came off more like a WWE pay per view build up event.

Seriously the moderators were that bad. I think it was to be expected though. The Blaze told us that Megyn Kelly Says Fox News Hosts Have Secret ‘Plan’ if Donald Trump Doesn’t Play by Debate Rules

Megyn Kelly can now be referred to, and rightfully so, as the Candace Crowley of FOX news.

Chris Wallace became the Chris Matthews of FOX news.

And Brett Baier is now Geraldo.

There was no way this could be labeled a debate. It was an intentional, provocative, attack by the so called moderators to turn this into a gladiator match to the death. Particularly regarding Donald Trump. Think everyone isn't worried about the anti establishment Trump? Think again.

FOX should be ashamed of itself.

For years we have told you all that the two party system has been replaced by the uni party and the establishment included media who are in bed with them. Last night once again proved it.

There was no such thing as "fair and balanced" by the trio of buffoons moderating. None at all. It was a constant attack on Donald Trump at the expense of several other candidates. Brett Baier started the onslaught with the very first so called question of the night. 

Pretending like it was an open question to all the candidates, Baier told them to "raise their hand if they could not immediately dedicate themselves to supporting the eventual nominee, and not run as a third-party candidate."

This isn't third grade or preschool.

Trump of course raised his hand. He has not shied away from his stance in that regard and been very forthcoming about it. So what was Baier's intent? Simply to try and embarrass Trump. He wanted to send a message that he could control the front runner in the GOP Presidential race. It failed. As it should have. 

The fact that these so called moderators started the whole show by treating Trump,and all of the candidates, like third grade school children was a disgusting display of arrogance and not worthy of any of them.

He may as well have said, ok, before we start does anyone have to go to the bathroom? It was essentially the same treatment. Pathetic at best.

What if Trump had not raised his hand like a good little third grader? Baier would have followed up and said, Mr. Trump did you not understand the question? Didn't you say you would not rule it out just recently? 

Just so he could admonish him in front of the class. Baier needs to go back to journalism school and learn what being a non biased journalist is supposed to be about.

Again, it was by design by FOX to think they could control a candidate who has a right to be heard.

It was obvious from the very first question there was an agenda and it wasn't fair to we the people or the candidates themselves. Of particular note, Dr. Ben Carson was essentially shut out at every opportunity so the moderators could spend 2 minutes making accusations to set up a gotcha question against Trump.

That time should have spent on useful dialogue with the rest of the candidates such as Dr. Carson.

Takeaways from the gladiator WWE event billed as a "debate"?

Donald Trump won big. Not because of any particular substance in his answers but because he stood firm and showed leadership by not allowing himself to be bullied. That has, is, and will be his greatest strength to date. Trump is a leader and it showed.

Jeb Bush was, and is, clearly FOX news and the establishment candidate of choice, but for those who think he did ok, I disagree. He was not comfortable in that environment and it showed. More importantly, the political correctness of some of his answers proved Trump was right about PC destroying us. Bush is a product of it.

His answer on Planned Parenthood funding when he was a Director at Bloomberg Philanthropies was evident he has no clue. 

Stating he voted on every budget but didn't know Bloomberg was giving millions to Planned Parenthood clearly shows he doesn't pay attention to any details. Where was the followup on that one FOX? 

If he can't handle knowing where the money is going from a budget he approves that is a great example of failed leadership. How do you think we got to an $18 Trillion deficit in this Country?

Marco Rubio appeared to raise his stock but people will wake up soon enough to this faux candidate. Especially when they realize he was part of the gang of eight that favored illegals coming into the Country.

Scott Walker did absolutely nothing to impress and came off as an establishment guy. I still like him but he was boring and predictable.

Mike Huckabee as always is a great speaker but lacks in moral authority that he so desperately wants to act like he has. Google him and Josh Duggar. Ask about his son and animals.

Chris Christie and Rand Paul got into a heated exchange over the NSA and Christie proved he is no one to consider for President. He believes the government should have the right to harvest all of our communications without warrants. That is a dangerous step in America leading to the destruction of the constitution. 

Rand Paul was right. Get a warrant. 

Speaking of Rand Paul. 

He looked like he was entirely off his game last night. I have always been and will continue to be a Rand Paul fan but I expect better. He looked desperate from the outset to seek a way to reclaim his early relevance. He immediately went on the attack against Trump when it wasn't warranted. It took away from the Rand Paul most people know. Then attacking Trump again over health care made him look desperate.

Rand Paul should not be desperate. As he pointed out in his closing, he is leading against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 5 states that Obama won. Paul's campaign staff has dropped the ball and he is getting bad advice. It was obvious. 

Rand relax it is a long haul. get back to what you do best and you will be seriously considered.

Governor Kasich enjoyed home field advantage and it showed but really nothing impressive there. I would have a big problem considering Kasich anyway with his former ties to Lehman Brothers.

Ted Cruz? What can you say. Cruz showed restraint, intelligence, and he was direct in his answers. 

He may have been second best tonight. He deserves serious consideration for President. Like Rand Paul, Cruz is a Constitutional conservative and it is time to remind people of what that means.

Right now give me any two of Trump, Paul, Cruz, Walker, or Carson for a slate and I am in.

As for the rest, really you are just wasting our time.

Noticeable exception: I would also include Carly Fiorina in those choices. Fiorina clearly won the happy hour debate and deservedly so against people who need to fade back into the woodwork. I didn't like her attacking Trump because there was no need for her to do that.

The most interesting part of happy hour was the way that the candidates decided to make remarks about Trump who wasn't even on the stage with them debating. In their time to shine and show us what they have to offer they decided to play that game.

It showed how childish the GOP has become.

By the way I would urge everyone to boycott FOX news at this point as well.

They were the big loser of the debate and deservedly so. Hopefully we can expect better in the future but I won't hold my breath......

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