Wednesday, November 4, 2015

KY DEMS GET HIT WITH A TKO AS GOP WINS BIG! - The Kentucky GOP won big in yesterday's state elections. How big? To quote a favorite word of Donald Trump, it was "YUUUUUUUGGGGEEEEEE." In many circles today in Kentucky, that itself could be an understatement.

Tea Party Republican Matt Bevin didn't just win the Gubernatorial election, he destroyed Democrat Jack Conway's bid for Governor. In a landslide. It was a knockout of epic proportions for Kentucky.

If you need proof of just how pathetic the liberal polling is in Kentucky look no further than the Bluegrass polls, the CJ led one, which had Jack Conway ahead by 5 points all the way up to the election itself. Many of us in Kentucky look at that poll as nothing more than a push poll by a liberal press. Once again this election may have proved many of us right.

They missed by double digits, even after the liberal press did all they could to prop him up for months. Again, YYUUUUGGGGGEEEE!

The liberal press and democrats were whining because the Republican Governor's Association spent last minute money on Matt Bevin. Even including the RGA spending, Conway and the Democrats outspent Bevin $8.75 million to Bevin's $5.5 million.

We expected those bastions of liberal democrats who believe in the "at all cost" approach that Democrats must be elected in Louisville. We were not disappointed. As usual, regardless of the failed Democratic leadership policies in Louisville, Louisville voted overwhelmingly Democrat and that probably saved Andy Beshear and Alison Grimes in those tight races.

What was surprising was that Jack Conway only got roughly 58% of the vote here. Typically we expected him to be much higher. Not that it mattered.

For those who worried about Independent Drew Curtis being a "spoiler?" Those concerns didn't materialize as Curtis votes would not have changed the outcome in any way.

There was much to be proud of for the GOP.

First, the GOP is not known as a party of diversity, and yet Kentucky just elected the first African American to statewide office in Kentucky ever. A GOP conservative tea party woman at that. Congrats Lt. Governor elect Jenean Hampton.

Secondly, Governor elect Matt Bevin becomes only the second Republican Governor elected in Kentucky in 48 years, the last being Ernie Fletcher. Fletcher lasted all but one term.

Third, this was a clear win not just for the GOP, but a win for the ANTI establishment wing of the GOP in Kentucky.

This could speak volumes about what is to come in next year's national elections. We will see.

Going into Tuesday's elections, the Republicans held only one seat in the statewide offices. Afterwards they held 4 seats.... and almost ran the gamut.

Democrat incumbent Alison Grimes, who lost in a landslide to Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in last year's Senate race,  had one hell of a fight to retain the Secretary of State seat. Democrat Andy Beshear, the do nothing follow in his daddy's footsteps establishment candidate, won the Attorney General race by less than 2/10's of 1% of the vote.

Amazingly, Kentucky has no automatic recount provision in the KRS to address these extremely close races so Republican Whitney Westerfield will have to request one. Oh yeah, he has to pay for the recount himself if he does.

This issue needs addressed and we should also look at having outsiders to the two party system machine be the ones who verify elections. More on that to come in the future.

Here in Louisville, democrat Todd Hollenbach got to keep his government pay by winning the Judicial election. On name only. He wouldn't know how to live without our government check.

In the District 10 Metro Council special election, Democrat Pat Mulvihill defeated Republican Bob Redmon. Relax folks Mulvihill will be outed soon enough for some questionable ethical, and perhaps illegal, behavior. It will be interesting to see if he can keep the seat until next November's regular elections.

Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, there were many musings last night post election.

First, it would appear that Greg Stumbo had to have some sort of substance problem last night. Make of that what you will, but never have I seen such a train wreck of a post election address by a leader in my life. Not from one sober and drug free anyway.

Watching Stumbo trying to talk about the bible and Christian beliefs, while admitting he hasn't read the bible, was, well you need to watch it for yourself.  Everything from Mary riding into Bethlehem on a donkey and it gets worse. It was the most desperate thing I have witnessed in some time from a politician.

Believe me, that is saying something.

The race for Auditor was one that I was surprised by personally.

Democrat Adam Edelen was the one race I would have bet the Dems would maintain. No offense to Auditor elect Republican Mike Harmon. Harmon is well deserving of the job, and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet in politics, but Edelen has been described in many circles in Kentucky as the Democrats "rising star," the "future," and everything in between you can imagine.

More importantly with all that support, the accolades that come with it, and the fact that he did a pretty good job overall, especially following former Auditor, and current Lt. Gov. Crit LuAllen, it would make the most sense that was the safest seat.

Not so as Harmon beat Edelen handily.

What does that mean for the Democrats future candidate to face Rand Paul? That will be determined going forward, but it would not appear that Conway or Edelen will be that candidate this cycle.

Finally, perhaps we have seen the last of Jack Conway running for office. At least for awhile, maybe forever, but I would not rule out Conway settling at some point for the Mayorship here in Louisville. He has failed miserably at the National level, losses to Anne Northup, and Rand Paul in a landside loss in the last US Senate race in Kentucky, and now at the state level for Governor.

The golden child has failed, it is time to let him rest.

What was interesting to me though is how Conway physically looked at his concession speech last night.

For the first time in years, I glimpsed the Jack Conway of old.

He looked oddly happy it was over, and finally looked........ at peace. It was strange but perhaps he finally is at peace. The pressure he has been under for so many years trying to live up to everyone's expectations appear to have gotten to him in this election.

What did we learn in Kentucky's election? We now know that we Kentuckians are finally sick of the establishment status quo.

Get ready Kentucky, next year we elect Senator and the President.

The next year is going to be a helluva ride. You up for it?

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