Sunday, February 14, 2016

SC GOP post debate takeaways

Louisville, KY -  Anyone who watched this so called debate should ask for compensation for wasting their time. I would have expected more from kindergartner's at recess. It was pathetic at best but there were clear signs of desperation from a few candidates mainly Bush, Cruz, and Rubio. For anyone who thinks Trump lost they better think twice....
Each candidate on that stage went after Trump and came off worse for the wear. How so? The hypocrisy is not lost on most. While screaming and yelling for all this time that Trump was childish they all tried to out Trump, well, Trump himself. It will backfire as usual but shows major desperation. Trump wins because he just proved leadership. Just like the kindergarten game they are playing follow the leader.

Cruz has shown he is a lying piece of garbage who will say or do anything to get elected. Guess what folks. That is an establishment career politician trait, so tell me how he would be any different from anyone else? Not exactly a ringing endorsement of his so called Christian values.

Rubio? Seriously, I can't wait until he is done. After getting embarrassed by Chris Christie just last week he was true to form tonight. Rubio is a great debater, rehearsed or not give credit where it is due, but Rubio couldn't lead his dog outside to potty. He has proven time and again he will do or say whatever his financiers tell him to. We have had enough of someone who can orate well but have no substance, just pay attention to the last 7 years and you will glimpse a Rubio Presidency.

Bush as usual was a disaster. Yes some will disagree with me because they saw some "energy" tonight. Laughable at best. All Bush could say was don't talk about my family and then invoke Ronald Reagan. Get real. Your family Jeb includes 2 former Presidents and they are not off limits. I am no fan of the Clinton's but you have brought up Bill Clinton in regards to Hillary, so how is this any different?

In fact you accused Trump of going after your mom, former first lady Barbara, and that was a lie. Trump even stated Barbara should be the one running for President. That was a compliment, Barbara is probably the only one who has any brains left. God bless that woman. Seriously.

Kasich simply is done. He can't get any real support and honestly he needs to go.

Carson was fantastic but too little, too late.

Some of my personal peeves?

Everyone is making a big deal about 9/11 comments between Bush and Trump. Many are acting like some line was crossed. I disagree, Trump was right whether Jeb likes it or not. His brother WAS President when the towers came down. You can't have it both ways.

You cannot take credit for how you handled a problem that happened under your leadership without taking credit for the problem when it happened under your watch. 

Responsibility works both ways and that is what a leader does. They take responsibility for their mistakes and then work to correct them. By the way, there have been many reports that your brother ignored warnings from field offices that this would occur. Do the research folks. That IS a failure of Georgie whether anyone likes it or not.

Did he do a good job after the towers fell protecting America? You bet, but given the severity of the situation couldn't we reasonably assume that any President would put the full weight and power of the US government behind keeping us safe in that environment?

Of course they would.

Ronald Reagan was not God. I am sick of everyone acting like Reagan was and invoking his name as if any of them could compare to being Ronald Reagan. Or God. In  fact, Ronald Reagan is not the Reagan each wants to pretend to know and emulate. None could lace up his boots, thank God.

On the heels of the Watergate scandal, that led to the misery of a Carter administration, any GOP'er could have come in and done a better job. Reagan was an actor and had a skill accordingly that worked for him. He had a good poker face. You never knew if he was bluffing and that was a huge advantage, especially in foreign policy. But did he deliver? Where is the Star Wars technology?  Make no mistake, Reagan did fine at that time but life under Reagan was not all wine and roses. 

Bigger government, tax hikes, and much more occurred under Reagan. Hardly the work of a "true conservative." Deficit spending rose under Reagan exponentially and led to the run away deficit spending burden on our grandkids that is a way of life today. And today we gripe about what we were smiling about then. Reagan and his poker face sold it all to us. Reagan is what we needed at that time but he wasn't the greatest thing to ever happen to this Country.

They all want to be Reagan then they must be held accountable to his failures as well. Fiscally he was a nightmare.

Reagan was no hero. Keep it real. Let him rest in peace.

If, as most of America believes, the government is the problem then how do we miss the obvious? If you truly believe that government is the problem then, based on the available candidates, your choice is clear. You must vote for Trump or Carson. ALL of the others have contributed to the mess we are in. On both sides of the aisle.

I find it laughable that everyone on that stage is an establishment welfare recipient, with the exception of Trump and Carson, and yet they think they know what is best for growing this Country.

Each of them have spent their careers on the government dole as politicians or government employees. Yes including Cruz and Rubio.

Since the majority of Americans believe our government has failed us, then Bush, Kasich, Cruz, and Rubio, are all part of the government we are sick of right? They are the problem not the solution right? Are we too stupid to get that basic point? 

Some will be sadly.

Bush, Kasich, Cruz, Rubio, have any created a job for anyone or ran a business of their own? Never. Without skin in the game they have never had any incentive. So tell me how that will be any different as President? They can't fix the problems in this Country for poor people because they depend on the government dime for their own benefit and that of their sponsors, er, donors. They are OPiuM addicts (Other People's Money), so how can they pretend to know how to create jobs or spur the economy. That is why they chose government as a career. It is also why we need term limits. 

Rubio and Cruz love to tout how their parents worked so hard to live the American dream. I am sick of hearing that same old garbage. Great for them, but what have you built that you can be proud of? Your parents are not running for office. By the way, Cruz and Rubio quit pandeirng to me because you are parents yourself. Millions of us are, we know all about raising kids.

Jeb? You are not your brother or father. Quit playing that idiotic I am hurt card. It is childish and you project yourself as a child when you do. Seriously, I am waiting for you to say something stupid like "oh yeah? Your momma wears combat boots!"

If you can't stand on your own merits then you aren't qualified to be President. They did their job. The feigned anger because someone spoke ill of your father or brother is pathetic. They were big boys then and they are now. Just like Bill Clinton, whose failures you like to tie to Hillary, they most certainly can and should be scrutinized and held accountable for their actions as President. You would be too if you ever got the job. You won't this time around.

Every President's record is fair game. By the way, Rubio are you so desperate after the shellacking you just took that you now have to pander to Jeb and his family for votes? Seriously, your whole "thank God Bush was President after 9/11" was a pure pandering desperation move and most knew it. 

Don't hold your breathe for anyone on the stage but Trump or Carson to actually do anything different. They are the only ones who would know how. It is becoming obvious why Trump has been leading this long, and why Carson hangs on.

The establishment is shaking in their boots. There is no other way to explain what the hell we watched tonight. The establishment fell apart out of their desperation to be relevant. Including the after debate media circus at CBS with their so called "experts."

They are all following Trump's lead and that should tell you all you need to know. If imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery, Trump wins on that point alone.

What we were forced to witness tonight was a great example of just why the establishment should fail.

But I must apologize to the kindergartner's I mentioned at the beginning of this. Kindergartner's may have more to offer than what we saw tonight. I didn't mean to offend them.........

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