Tuesday, July 24, 2018

FBI and SEC tainted by Obama admin

For months now we have been hearing about disgraced FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Their illegal attempts to cover up information against Hillary Clinton, their working to undermine a Presidential election on her behalf, and so much more. It seems this all goes even deeper and I outlined a lot of the political abuse within the SEC long ago in another case.

This case is no different.

For anyone who has been hiding under a rock lately, the text messages between Strzok and Page included text about an "insurance policy" against President Trump during the election. What we now know is that this most probably was the fact that Peter Strzok's wife is SEC Director (Enforcement),  Melissa Hodgman, or AKA, Melissa Hodgman STRZOK.

According to this, "Melissa Hodgman-Strzok (Strock) was put in charge of the Clinton Foundation investigation three weeks before the last Presidential election. She has been blocking it ever since.
Mrs. Strzok, pictured above, is Associate Director of the Enforcement Division of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

She heads their International Division.

She reviews the evidence and determines what international securities, fraud, and other financial cases will be prosecuted by the Justice Department. 

And investigated by the FBI."

"She was appointed to her current position two days after her husband found out that the New York office of the FBI found 650,000 emails on a lap top in another criminal case.
The emails were from and to Hillary Clinton.

A press conference was about to be held disclosing the discovery of new evidence.

What effect would it have on Hillary Clinton's Campaign for President?

Nothing if Mrs. Strzok was promoted. Her husband, Peter Strzok, was in charge of the FBI's probe into the Clinton Foundation. He gets a second check working for the CIA."

The SEC IG, Carl Hoecker, appears to be corrupt as hell as well for allowing this to be  covered up. It is his job to oversee and identify misdeeds within the SEC, what has he been doing? Aiding and abetting of course, at least in my opinion.

Of course, this is nothing new from him either. The game was always and continues to be, to cover up anything that will make the people who own you get caught. In the case of the SEC that most definitely includes Obama appointees and the Clinton's.

This is not a new claim by me, in fact I have pointed out a current case that is still ongoing against Ford Motor Company and Insider Trading that was covered up by Didem Nisanci, former SEC Chief of Staff. It has been ongoing for over 5 years now.

Why would Obama care about an insider trading case against Ford Motor Company?

Because his appointee to the Department of Commerce, Bruce Andrews was a VP at Ford when the incidents occurred and apparently used his wife, Didem Nisanci, to bury the case. It is still buried.

Carl Hoecker knew all about it because I informed him, an insider source at the SEC has said the same thing. Hoecker knows all about it and has been worried about it for a long time, because of Andrews. Andrews of course is now gone from the Department of Commerce, but this has been ongoing since 2013.

I was also told that the FBI agent assigned to the SEC, agreed to bury it as well to protect the reputation of Obama.

And now the tale of disgraced, pathetic, FBI agent Peter Strzok and his wife doing the same thing to protect the Clinton's and everyone they own through the foundation.

The FBI now has a history of aiding and abetting for political purposes. 

Where is President Trump on this?

Where is Senator Grassley and Representative Jim Jordan?

Where is Jeff Sessions?

It is past time we gained accountability for Jay Morgan with Ford. It is past time we drained the swamp and brought back credibility to the FBI.

The vast majority of agents are good, honorable people. They are just as sick as most of us when they see corruption, especially within their ranks. Their jobs have now become harder thanks to the rogue antics of some leadership such as James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and miserable bought and paid for folks like Robert Mueller.

Agents like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are not accidental. They are created for the various illegal antics they just got caught doing. They are created by partisan political, criminal leadership within the Washington machine, by an agency that is supposed to be non partisan and focused on the law.

It is time we cleaned house and it begins with President Trump, the DOJ's Jeff Sessions, Senator Grassley, and Representative Jim Jordan.

They have the power and the onus of responsibility to bring justice for us all against the corruption that is permeating our most sacred law enforcement agency.

Maybe then Jay Morgan will finally get accountability and the Clinton machine will be held accountable as well.

But I'm not holding my breath..............

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