Friday, August 22, 2008

John Flood indicted

Anyone remember Mel Ignatow?

He got away with murder but went to jail for perjury. He lied under oath.

Perjury is a serious thing and brings me to this.

Thanks to a tip from an anonymous reader an open records request was submitted for case 08-M-018507 concerning John Flood. As you know I have pointed out that John Flood is a code enforcement officer and went public stating that indeed HE requires HIS inspectors to write 15-18 citations a day through IPL.

As part of the ongoing research I also publicized that John Flood was a convicted felon who falsely endorsed others checks for deposit into his account and got caught.

Of course John is also a political insider as is his
wife Metro Councilwoman MaDonna Flood.

Well thanks to diligence on the part of the LMPD integrity unit and our anonymous reader we now have the indictment of John Flood in hand.

Originally the case was sent through circuit court and a special prosecutor was to deal with it. All of a sudden the case remanded to District Court and is now handled by the County attorney's office. Of course we all know how impartial that office is with the City right?

In January I tried to get the media involved from the statements of John Flood himself (in front of approximately 40 witnesses no less) to investigate the Code Enforcement Division or at least report on the illegal quotas. Miraculously of course
no media has ever followed this story or asked questions.

Of course they were not interested. It would require showing the link to the party politics and leadership that may include Abramson. So no go.

Surprise, surprise.

Flood signed a written oath declaring he possessed the qualifications prescribed by law for the position of Code Enforcement Officer, knowing that he was a convicted felon and therefore NOT QUALIFIED under law for the position, against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Why would I mention Abramson here? Simply this. Rick Redding at got a bit involved with this issue in April while researching the District 14 Metro Council candidates and quoted me on the Flood statements. To date he is the only media type to even address it.

Here is the link:
Springston Shaking Things Up on Dixie.

Included was this quote: Chris Poynter, a spokesman for the Mayor, called Springston’s accusations about IPL “ludicrous.”

Funny with 40 witnesses my accusations were ludicrous. A letter was even sent to Rick Redding verifying my information from a couple of people who were in attendance. The Mayor and his pet spokesman never went on record other than that comment.

I also pointed out during that discussion with Mr. Redding that John Flood was a convicted felon and could not hold that office. The
Mayor's office even said they knew about that and that it was "old news."

Abramson and his staff admitted this knowledge which is why he is involved in these charges.

Of course get him on the record. Plausible deniability at its finest.

He knew it was against the law for a convicted felon to have a job as an enforcement OFFICER yet did it anyway for political payback maybe?

Now there are several questions to be asked. One that comes to mind is a simple one.

Is there evidence to suggest a class action lawsuit against the City on behalf of those who have been fined or cited for violations by an illegal enforcement officer?

This could be a serious problem for the Code Enforcement division and this Mayor as it should be for knowingly violating the law.

Flood's trial is currently scheduled for September 30. Make plans to attend unless of course they change it to hide it as they have kept it out of the limelight so far.

Of course he will probably be reassigned to a different job by then.

Stay tuned for more to come......


  1. Nice piece of investigative journalism. Well done! Now isn't this more fun than running for office?

  2. Great work Ed! I think this was the most emailed article throughout Metro Government yesterday.

    Schreck's argument that Flood was simply serving summon's is a total fabrication. Flood often does cite people and take out court warrants himself. Flood does all the hatchet work for Democratic Council Members (only the white ones, he hates the blacks) and he NEVER responds to a Republican's concerns.

    Go to the IPL website and look up the case on 2806 Newburg Road. Sure enough John Flood was the citing officer on 10-31-07 against Jim King's Neighbor.

  3. "Of course he will probably be reassigned to a different job by then"

    If you look at his email signature he has dropped "Chief Code Enforcement Officer" and now lists himself as "Executive Administrator"

  4. I cant believe i heard it here frist, this is real Hush Hush around Okolona, i wish more people knew


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