Monday, December 15, 2008


It is said that mockery is the sincerest form of flattery. According to today's Courier Report Council members want AG opinion on mayor's Center City deal with Cordish courier-journal The Courier-Journal I should be flattered as heck.

Sad thing is I am not.

The big story today is the Council asking the AG to investigate the deal with Cordish Group, a deal I have questioned repeatedly throughout this blog and I am glad to see they did this, as well as asking for a ruling on the Slugger Field rent going to the Downtown Development Corp (DDC) without Metro Council oversight.

I agree with asking the questions.

In fact I agree so much I asked the AG for a ruling on the conflict of interest concerning Slugger Field 2 DAYS SOONER then the Council on December 10.

This is a problem that has been ongoing since 2003 and I have reported on it here: Louisville News and Politics: ABRAMSON AND HIS CROWN

The questions were asked then about Abramson bypassing the Council in many regards. John David Dyche entitled his CJ article that led to mine Abramson's Lordly ways.

The Council does read my blog and I guess they decided to act AFTER I did. Interesting isn't it? That a lowly blogger can put enough heat on the Council to do what they should have been doing all along?

Come to think of it guess I am flattered after all.


  1. What happened with John Flood? Did he retire?

  2. The reality is, the AG won't respond to questions from just anyone. This one by the council does, at least, have a chance of getting a response, but who knows when?

  3. The question is will Jack Conway step on Jerry Abramson's toes. After all, the hard core Democrats generally stick together on all matters when it appears that one of their own is going to get exposed.

    The question is that we all need to ask Jack Conway if he is going to give us a true and unbiased opinion of the legality of this deal or is he going to give us the Jerry Abramson spin on it.

  4. I'm even a Democrat but the Abramson regime is appalling to me because they have forgotten the people that have voted them into power over the last 25 or so years. They've pretty much failed the community and left the community to its own peril based on the economic conditions, crime issues, and basic cleanliness.

    One wonders if the mayor ever sees what their politics and policies have done to the manufacturing base of this community as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. I would almost guess that Jerry has some nice rose tinted glasses in his sunglasses or some cut outs of his own picture in his sunglasses that way he can see how great he really thinks he is.

    Its atrocious that we have a failing sewer system with multiple financial issues including massive debt, a road system that is falling apart literally including places on the Outer Loop, Cane Run and Riverport, various city streets, etc. Yet meanwhile, we pay higher taxes than just about any regional city when it comes to overall taxes and yet the infrastructure hasn't been kept up.

    Yesterday on we had a nice political article about how Jerry will meet with president elect Obamas administration to urge for 607 million in funds to provide 18,000 jobs in reconstruction and infrastructure improvements. I wonder if he ever though of the lack of economic development that has occurred in this city for the last 20 plus years having lost 18,000 jobs at GE since 1973, all of the Ford jobs lost, the small spinoffs, the Harvester plant, all of the smaller businesses lost. And to tell me about economic development this mayor wouldn't have a clue but him and Joe Reagan to get up and make announcements and look nice in their suits.

  5. I agree with your assessment. I would point out, however, that I am sure they see what they have done but really care little about it.

    They have profited tremendously, and continue to do so, which tells me there is little will to do much to correct their mistakes.

    The people keep reelecting the Mayor because quite frankly the Democratic faithful are very unwilling to try someone else.

    Fear of the unknown is hard to overcome. I live by quote: "there is nothing to fear but fear itself." That's why I do not mind putting my name on this stuff.

    Think about it. If you are a betting person you always want to bet on the winner. In this case a bet on Abramson is a bet on the winner of the election. Human nature wants us all to be winners. No one will admit betting on a loser.

    As a democrat I am appalled as well but since I am an outspoken Democrat who will not blindly follow a poor leader I of course am an outcast in many ways within the party. Probably why I have not won an election.

    That is ok. I understand the game I just choose not to play the game by their rules that use we the people for their gains through any means necessary and hurt us all.

    I will continue to run for office when necessary if for no other reason than to hopefully make people aware of the issues and get them involved. I promised change one way or the other in 2006 as a Mayoral candidate.

    That mission continues whether within the office or outside of it.

    thanks for the comments.


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