Tuesday, January 20, 2009


UPDATE: On occassion even I mess up admittedly. This story was reported in the CJ on January 12 and missed by yours truly. My apologies to the CJ and thanks to Mark Hebert of WHAS for letting me know.

I always brag about having the best and most alert readers for a blog in this City. This latest update on Otter Creek comes from one of such readers. It seems the closing of Otter Creek could be a problem since federal funds were used in 2005 for trails in the Park. The story is courtesy of the Mead County Messenger as sent to me by this reader.

Interestingly enough I have not seen mention of this in local news. Typical.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

Story - The Meade County Messenger


  1. There are subtle, yet telling, differences between the two stories, actually. The CJ was obviously trying to downplay it, but Meade County didn't, and spelled out in more detail how much it was going to cost to convert the grant to another location.

    Most interesting -

    And if the new site has never been disturbed, they will have to do an archaeological survey, which means more money,” she said. “It just seems like a waste of money for a $10,000 grant when all they really need to do is unlock the gate.”

    Note, all they have to do is open the park gates, make it accessible. They don't have to provide anything at all, just open the park, make it just like all the other public parks in Jefferson County.

  2. Maybe Mayor Jerry can hire Cordish to run it!!

  3. Maybe I'm a little stoopid on this subject but how does closing the park completely save money? Yes close the camp ground and cabin rentals, close the center, but why close the gates?

  4. I wondered that also. They aren't saving salaries, they didn't lay off anyone. Maybe a little in utilities, at most, if they choose to keep the employees on site.

    Open the camp grounds around April, see if you get some takers, were they simply not getting enough rentals?

    Oh, if we could get the books, we could answer the question, right?


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