Thursday, February 26, 2009


SB 80. Sounds like an experimental drug or something doesn't it?

Actually SB 80 is the Senate Bill passed that essentially puts Mayor Abramson on the same playing field as our State Governor in regards to budgetary concerns. I reported on this previously here:
Louisville News and Politics: STATE SENATOR SEUM OUTLINES METRO TRANSPARENCY BILL. It gives us greater transparency and oversight and works to help eliminate the dictatorship that ensued when merger was passed in 2000. The funny thing is not all like the idea.

The people like it. The administration doesn't. In fact according to the CJ article yesterday,
Senate OKs bill on Louisville budget data courier-journal The Courier-Journal, Senator Shaughnessy apparently thinks transparency is a bad thing. He even states this in the article:

But Sen. Tim Shaughnessy, a Louisville Democrat, protested that the bill conflicts with the form of government Jefferson County voters created in 2000 when they approved city-county merger.

Guess what Senator most of are disappointed because we were sold one thing about merger and delivered quite another. You know sort of like going to the store and buying wrapped up prime rib only to get home and discover someone lied and it was rotten hamburger instead.

Shaughnessy said such matters ought to be decided locally. "They do not need the help of the all-powerful Kentucky General Assembly," Shaughnessy said.

Newsflash Senator. We have tried to get transparency and answers. Guess what? Thanks to the way the merger was written Abramson and his cronies have avoided even the appearance of transparency. A merger you supported by the way, that transparency is not there. In fact, the way merger was written created the problems we have today.

Of course you know that KRS determines local government right? Surely you are aware that the State is the one that holds the power to correct this snafu correct? Or perhaps one of two things just do not add up in your case. Either A:) you do not know the laws you are trying to act concerned about, or B:) you just do not care about what the majority of the people in Louisville have been asking for.

If it is the former perhaps you should study up on how merger is regulated and who has the power to correct the problems. If it is the latter perhaps we need to start looking for your replacement next election in favor of someone who does care about the people they purport to represent.
Perhaps you are just doing what you have to do to protect your future within the power structure.

Who knows.

You were aganst elimination of the VET knowing full well that over 95% of all vehicles, thanks to today's technologies, did not require such a test. Surely you knew then that it was indeed a waste of our money to pay for that farce. In fact it would appear that your support of such a thing was nothing short of politics to ACT like you were doing something to help with clean air.

Yawn. Politics as usual and not unexpected from insiders.

In the meantime, State statute is where the authority for the Metro Government comes from. It is not within the local community's discretion or power to change the rules, THEREFORE, the issue of transparency HAS to be decided at the State level as Senator Shaughnessy fully knows. And if you do not know that then perhaps we can all understand why there are so many problems in Frankfort with leadership such as this.

The article goes on to state the following:

Chad Carlton, a spokesman for Abramson, said the bill would unduly tie the mayor's hands in dealing with economic downturns. "It's a flawed attempt by a devout opponent of merged government to rewrite the will of the citizens of Louisville and Jefferson County," Carlton said.

Yep Chad we know. We can relate. We are so sorry. Seriously whatever will we the citizenry do when Abramson is held accountable for his abuse of power and wasteful spending?

Give me a break. Typical response.

IF we would have had transparency and accountability we would not be in the shape we are in and the scandals that are now coming to surface, thanks to people like myself and others who question the status quo, could have been avoided.

This Mayor should have had his hands tied up long ago. I mean politically speaking of course. I would not comment on his rumored personal likes or dislikes.

Asked how the measure will fare in the House, Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark, D-Louisville, released a statement that said it will "pass or fail on its own merits."

This statement is telling in itself. I mean you would think the House would back such a proposal. If it is good enough for the Governor why would it not be good enough for a local community right?

Unfortunately, it does not always go that way. Louisville is the economic engine of the State and many insiders benefit from what Louisville does.

Transparency would certainly hurt a lot of people who benefit illegally or otherwise from our tax dollars. Remember folks they are all paid BY US. Why should they not be held accountable. Are we not held accountable by our employers?

If it is good enough for us it is certainly good enough for them. If Shaughnessy does not believe that then it is time for him to go. If the House does not believe that then we need to clean the House.

Thanks Senator Seum and Representative Jenkins for taking the time to let us know that yes indeed we do matter.


  1. If I recall correctly, Mr. Shaughnessy sits on the boards and has a lot of civic involvement with being Corporate Office with Jewish Hospital. Ironically, he is a Democrat as a well and most probably one of Jerry's friends. I find it very strange that some of these people come right out in the open and basically try to tell us that we are clueless or stupid.

    As if we don't know what is going on and what is best for us. What agenda does Mr. Shaughnessy have that keeps him from supporting a bill that requires officials to come clean about everything.

    Interesting that Chad Carlton commented about how the bill would tie his masters hands. Even more ridiculous is that the purpose is to keep the people from knowing what Jerry and his cronies spending our tax dollars on.

    Mr. Shaughnessy needs to go and its time for him and his handlers downtown not to mention the power elite to hit the road. We're all getting tired of their agenda and consistently lying and covering up everything. More and more people are seeing the light.

  2. It's too bad Bob Heleringer didn't win the election. I remember seeing a KET coverage of the General Assembly about ten years ago where Shaughnessy stated "I have no desire to lower taxes," in January, then denying he said it during the general election campaign and the media did nothing to show he is a liar.
    Unfortunately, not enough people are "seeing the light" at the right time.


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