Monday, March 30, 2009


Ok it has been extremely busy the last couple of weeks thanks to some personal business that has been ongoing since the deaths of my mom and friend. For those who keep asking for updated info on the King travesty I apologize it has taken this long.

There has been no answer from the KREF as of yet for the complaint I filed. As you who have been following this story are aware Jim King has done everything possible to win this case, as I certainly understand that, including hiring former KREF Chairman Joe Terry to help. read more about that here:

Louisville News and Politics: KING UPDATES AND MORE!

In the interim I have received countless support from people throughout the community who want honesty and integrity in their officials asking me to not give up.

Do not be absurd. Of course I will not give up until we receive answers. I have reviewed what I have so far and what I can prove about this case and decided to go one step further towards getting answers. I have filed a complaint with the Department of Finance and Insurance (DFI) for the State, and a Federal Reserve complaint as well.

If indeed I am right that there have been lending violations these steps were necessary to insure an honest accounting to We The People who demand better.

It also ensures that if the KREF sweeps this under the rug we will still get answers.

CYA is what I say.

For copies of the complaints contact me at

The Internet and open records are a wonderful thing I say.

Stay tuned.......

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