Thursday, April 9, 2009


This falls into the category of Kentucky's worst kept secret. Conway announces bid for U.S. Senate The Courier-Journal . Like anyone did not know Conway would announce his intent for the Senate seat. Oh well on with the rant.

I have to admit I have been a fan of Conway's in the past. I saw him as a young eager guy who could and would willingly help make changes for the better for all of us. I saw him as someone who would do the right thing and work diligently for we the people. I felt he would work to insure the integrity in elected officials, would help work towards tougher crime laws, and would make our Cities throughout the Commonwealth beetr communities for we the people.

As of now I am rethinking that process. Is Jack Conway the same guy I had hopes in previously? Has he now become the one thing I feared? Is he now just another political hack with ambitions that are bigger than he can or will handle?

I honestly do not know. On one hand I like some of the things AG Conway has tried to tackle. His work on computer safety and the internet in regards to children are but one example. A tough stance on prisons and prisoners are yet another. I am not impressed with a lot of other things though.

AG Conway has been sent evidence and asked to investigate a few noteworthy things on our behalf in Louisville. Noteworthy to mention are MSD, or the conflict of interests between Abramson and the DDC, or the whole King fiasco I have outlined many times on this site. These were snet by me and the Metro Council jumped on board the DDC complaint a few days later. Considering the Metro Council also has some of the same concerns I do you would think it would be a relevant investigation to have. I have seen no evidence to date of any investigation even being considered much less being done.

These things are important overall to maintain the integrity of the electoral process, the spending of our public dollars, and the accountability of elected positions. Not to mention getting involved with streamlining transparency or making it easier to obtain open records for our review.

These are just some of the issues I feel are important. If we cannot get integrity into these how would I trust him in the Senate to do anything better. Considering that most of these issues involve prominent Kentucky Democrats has Conway become just another part of the machine that believes in party first people second?

Many believe so and that is part of the problem. Conway has impressed me in the past, no small feat I assure you, but he has also left me feeling like he just isn't willing to do the hard work necessary to fulfill that promising "young Jack" I once saw.

Take care of home first then show me what you can do beyond that.

Sadly, these questions go unanswered for many of us today. But I do have to say this much.

Anyone could be better IMO than Bunning or Mongiardo.

Just saying.


  1. Considering that you are being spoon-fed all the information regarding the King debacle, & all your complaints ghost-written, I find it absurdly funny you criticizing Jack's work ethic. Trust me, he knows the King saga well & despizes them. He's on YOUR side. Don't bite the hand feeding you. Remember, Jack doesn't need this seat. He's doing it because he cares & wants to help. KY has numerous issues that need addressing, not just the ones you cherry-pick. This article wreaks of self-serving hypocrisy.

  2. lmao. Seriously. Another "anonymous" poster making allegations about my integrity. Anyone with integrity would not hide behind the screen. I certainly do not.

    For the record I am a Jack Conway fan and have voted for him each election he has run in. I will also be casting my vote for him and campaigning for him in this election. So I am on his side. As far as critisizing is concerned if you cannot take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

    Yes even though I am a Jack Conway fan he still is an elected rep and should be held accountable.

    If you actually paid attention to the post you would see that I gave credit on some things he has done, while at the same time questioned some things myself and others believe are important.

    Oh by the way. Ghost writers? Talk about conspiracy theories. lmaooooooo


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