Friday, May 8, 2009


You know I get my fair share of naysayers. Probably deservedly so. This ongoing story is one example of why.

I have been called, threatened, harassed, and even followed. So be it. I do not live in fear. The one constant by the 1% who decide to stand up for King is simple. They continue to say I do not know what I am talking about and have no idea what I am saying or doing.

Fair enough I guess. To question one's intelligence as the crux of your argument is the biggest sign of the lack of knowledge by the questioner. In short if I am wrong prove it with facts not rhetoric.

Actually forget that. Keep it coming you make me feel smarter all the time.

In the meantime to answer these critics who continue to challenge my slant in regards to the King dynasty wannabe, here is the latest letter from the KREF.

Within the letter the KREF clearly states that the Kings have NOT answered the allegations and now are requesting relevant financial documents in this regard, as well as, telling both Jim King and Katie King they want a sworn document under oath supplied as well.
Am I right or wrong? That is up to the KREF and the federal authorities, who are investigating as well, to decide.
This much I do know. It is now on record by at least one of the investigating authorities that my FACTS have not been disputed or answered.
Interesting arguments from the 1% who have none.

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