Thursday, July 9, 2009


As announced Wednesday Gatewood Galbraith will run for Governor in 2011 with running mate Dea Riley. Our radio show MyViewMatters radio had it first on June 4 with Dea Riley!

Yep we get exclusives too lol.

Gatewood at age 62 just may finally have the chance many of us think he deserves. While noting that the mainstream will continue to make Gatewood out to be a single issue candidate, and focus on his stance on marijuana, the fact remains that Gatewood truly may be the "last free man in America" as titled by his book.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gatewood at a couple of campaign rally events while following Ben Chandler's run for Governor and came away astounded at his knowledge of the issues and his forthrightness in presenting them. A single issue candidate from the fringe?

Not quite. Though I am a Democrat I also am independent minded meaning simply I tow no one's line for the sake of the "party faithful." I call it as I see it regardless of party. In fact I am shunned by my own party these days because I just will not shut up. You can reference Jim King, Ed Worley, David Tandy, and a host of local Dem "leaders" for reference.

By the way more on Jim King coming later this week. ;-)

When you are bad I will call you on it simple enough. Party comes second to the will of the people and we want better.

We want honesty, integrity, and ethics in our leaders. All of which lack today and the newcomers out there quite frankly are playing the same old game.

That is what is refreshing about Gatewood. It has never been about playing the game. It has been about being open and honest and let the chips fall where they may. I respect that. Heck I live by that code. Which from a political standpoint apparently hasn't gotten me far. Yet.

My radio co host, Ed Martin, and I had the privilege of having Dea Riley on our show, MyViewMatters Radio Thursday nights at 7 PM on WKJK 1080 AM, on June 4 filling in for Gatewood who had to cancel due to the death of his mother.

I must say Dea is very intelligent, convincing, and sincere. I came away thinking what a great idea it would be if she in turn ran for office somewhere. As announced on the radio show in June Gatewood is running for Governor. His running mate announced today?

None other than Dea Riley who had impressed me so much.

Bottom line?

It is time to quit letting the idiots in mainstream try to shut out a candidate by manipulating the whole package with a shallow rendition of just one issue they choose to bombard us with. Listen to Gatewood and Dea. See where they stand on the real issues that affect each and every one of us daily.

Whether you vote for Gatewood or not is your private personal choice and should be respected as such.

But do yourself a favor.

Research the candidates. Know where they stand on issues, and not the typical divisive crap like abortion that matters not to the job they are elected to do, but on the issues they can directly control like economics, healthcare, jobs, you get the idea.

After you have done that vote what your heart or conscience tells you to.

Knowing what I do about Gatewood, win or lose, he would appreciate that too.

Your thoughts?


  1. You had a hint but it wasn't final and said by Gatewood 100% until he said it 4 days before he filed but 24 hours after they wrote the letter of intent. That was July 2nd 2009 on WSKV with Karen Sebey, Gatewood himself said that it was no longer talk that they were indeed filing the letter the next monday and that 100% for sure what the platform was going to be.

  2. We had a hint? lol. Dea Riley one of his closest advisor, and if you missed it now his running mate, flat out said he was running. Seems pretty strong evidence since she is his running mate.

    The announcement later was just a formality that was necessary. thanks for writing Chief.


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